Aggregated reviews for True Murder: The Most Shocking Killers

Every week host Dan Zupansky will interview the true crime authors that have written about the most shocking killers of all time.

Wow! Just Wow!   (5/5)

After listening to Susan’s story I am sitting here completely shocked. I’m definitely getting her book. Such a great interview

The absolute best true crime podcast   (5/5)

The best for real true crime fans.

Good Topics   (5/5)

This podcast has some great authors who have written a true crime books. Dianne Fanning, Kathryn Casey plus many more.

Great Interviews   (5/5)

Dan knows his stuff , great questions !!! Even the authors are sometimes stunned by his knowledge of the cases they wrote about . If you want details and info about historical cases or fresh facts on current ones , you’ve arrived.

Great   (5/5)

Go listen to Small Town Murder

bad audio and meh performance   (2/5)

not a lot of personality from the interviewer and terrible audio quality. I’m very tolerant of/used to poor audio quality, having been a fan of underground music for over a decade, but this it’s just lazy to not adjust the huge volume’s impossible to listen to an episode without riding the levels the whole time. it’d take maybe 15 min an episode to fix these up...

Borrring.   (2/5)

Great stories, just SO boring

Host and sound quality ruins show   (2/5)

I’m sad that there’s been no improvement in the sound quality of the show. There is so much ambient white noise that is sounds as if the host recorded the audio in his car using the car’s Bluetooth microphone. You can also hear the guest and host breathing into their microphones when they are not speaking. Finally, the host stumbles as he frames his questions. One can almost hear him overthinking the question. “Well, now, he — he— or— uh — and — and what — uh — what — or why did he ...” It’s so irritating. Just ask your question. Are you worried about your grammar? Don’t overthink it. Just ask what you’re interested in knowing, and then allow your guest to speak. Please stop talking over your guest. You’re not allowing us to hear the end of their sentences. If possible, amplify their audio. Your audio volume is louder than your guest’s audio You need to normalize the volume. Your show has such potential. Your topics are interesting, and your guest list is impressive. Please invest in a noise-cancelling microphone. Please boost the volume of your guests’ audio. Please work on your stop-and-start questioning style.

I Like It   (4/5)

Dan Zupansky’s great! The show is great! I would expect the interview questions to be scripted so I didn’t notice that they sounded “scripted”. He gets a boat load of info from the authors that I don’t hear so much on similar podcasts. No off point chatter among hosts. He sells me on a book from time to time too! It can be tuff listening to a cell phone call sometimes.

Dreadful   (1/5)

We're these recorded in the 1930's? And why so catastophically boring? On one, the author spent 20 minutes describing his OWN childhood. Huh? Who could possibly care? Just awful.

I like it!!!   (4/5)

I like how the host interview in a calming way. He let’s the authors talk and when they gets stuck he ask good question to get them talking again. The host sits back only adding in when needed and lets the person he interview paint the picture.

Henry Cordes   (1/5)

Never air a mumble mouth like this guy. You should pay me for listening to his ums and uhs and ers. I have listened to many of your podcasts. Authors are sometimes awkward speakers. I have enjoyed every other episode, but this was painful. A good story was murdered by his mutter mouth. Be more selective.

Sound up!   (4/5)

I really enjoy the podcasts and only wish they were recorded a little louder.

A nostalgic gem   (5/5)

One of my favorite podcasts. Dan is endearing and genuine. I enjoy the simplicity of this show and the absence of production gives the show an ambience of nostalgia that adds an element of horror. Top notch. Keep up the great work!

concept great, sound not so great   (3/5)

i love the topics and stories but the sound is just awful. it puts me to sleep even though the stories are compelling.

Og true crime   (5/5)

Dan Zupansky hands down the best. I listened to every single episode and from other podcasts as well. Best insight ever.

Brilliant!   (5/5)

This podcast and the host are fantastic. He asks poignant questions, and has a wonderful speaking voice. My only criticism is the podcasts featuring Harold Schechter. Though he is a great writer, his interviews are painful in my opinion. The fact that every sentence sounds as if it’s a question, is a difficult listen for me.

Dull   (1/5)

Once you’ve listened to a podcast like Dr. Death, others that aren’t as well produced. I wanted to enjoy it! Couldn’t get past the guy saying ‘uhm’ umpteen times.

Best true murder podcast   (5/5)

Got me through many days on the production line at work

Too many   (4/5)

Good cast. But already listen to too many. Think I’m losing my mind and don’t want to be featured.

Please improve audio   (2/5)

I really wanted to listen, and think your content is great but you need better audio. I couldn’t listen due to the audio. Try zencastr.

Fred Rosen   (5/5)

I love this pod cast but I hate when Fred Rosen is the featured author. He goes off topic. Rambles on and on. Never answers the question. Body dump was so disappointing. This last pod cast was awful too. Stop having him on. But other then him I love this podcast

Ugh.   (2/5)

I really wanted to like this podcast, but only a half hour through Deacon of Death I was done. The author being interviewed was constantly laughing and he couldn’t focus on the questions at hand. In addition to this poor interview the audio is always horrible on all the episodes due to interviewing by phone or Skype.

Caitlin Rother   (3/5)

Good episode and interview....until the political editorializing by your guest. The Trump administration did not start the killing of unarmed black men by police. If you do your research, you will also see that most of these shootings occur in "Democratic" cities.

It’s ok......   (3/5)

Good stories. But host keeps asking same questions 3-4 times before letting guest respond. Plus I believe he should stick to more modern stories

sad.   (2/5)

The topics would be great with some improvements to the show. I suggest increasing the quality.

My first   (4/5)

The first TC Podcast I listened to good but I wish Dan would challenge his guests more especially the ones that are obviously full of it

Love it   (5/5)

I really enjoy this podcast because of the interviewer Dan. You can tell he has read the books recently. His questions are compelling and produce very interesting responses. Enjoy the frequency as well. He just gets better and better.

Awesome   (4/5)

I love this concept and the scope this podcast has. Dan invites interesting, thoroughly researched, and well spoken authors to his show. I enjoy true crime quite a bit and he airs many cases I was unaware of. I totally love the campy recording and intro music, it’s similar to hearing the audio from Dateline in the 90’s.

Interesting concept   (2/5)

I like the concept and find it interesting, but the sound quality is not good at all. I would listen again if the quality was improved.

Buttermilk Mountain   (4/5)

Story was great but dude peed while on the phone

Too difficult to hear the conversation.   (1/5)

I found the episodes I could understand interesting but often the sound quality is so poor I have trouble hearing the interview.

Sound Quality Issues   (3/5)

BIG TIME sound quality issues. I understand these are recorded phone interviews but the sound is atrocious! You need to require the person being interviewed to have some sort of apparatus (blue tooth ear piece/mic) to improve the sound. I’m not up to date on tech but there has to be something that can help. And for gods sake please ask the person being interviews to sit still! I just tried listening to the Fish interview and although I found the content fascinating I just could not deal with all the noise. It sounded like he never stopped moving around! I had to turn it off like so many others 😣 I’m going to have to unsubscribe until this issue is fixed😩

Buy better audio equipment.   (2/5)

It’s like a tape recorder held to the receiver.

The best!   (5/5)

I’ve checked out several murder podcasts and no one covers true crime quite like Dan and his guests. None of the other podcasts cover the gruesome details that only the authors who have personally spoken to and written about the killers and their families would know. Best true crime podcast around!

Meh   (3/5)

Found myself getting hundreds of episodes behind before finally just unsubbing. I don’t find talking to the authors interesting.

Great show   (5/5)

Great show

Will try again   (2/5)

Today was my first listen? It was very frustrating and tedious to hear? The episode, Hell’s Princess, could have been shortened by half had the phrase, “Ya know” been deleted. Additionally, the upturn of the voice was distracting, as if the interview was a constant barrage of questions? I’ll give it another try and alter my review if it seems appropriate?

piss poor production and performance   (1/5)

The host of the show has an unprofessional regional accent, he is an unbelievably poor reader, and when the interviewee is speaking on the episode I listened to, I can hear The interviewer breathing into his microphone. It really is like this show is a joke. I don't understand at all how it is rated so high in the popularity list. 03/31/18 Just listened to the episode titled “in plain sight“ about a mass murder. It literally took an hour and 20 minutes to finally get to the point of the story.

My absolute favorite, thanks Dan!   (5/5)

I listen all the time. And re-listen, I love to hear the authors talk about their work and the strange people they’ve met. Sometimes I cringe, and sometimes I feel sad. Totally wicked as awesome job Dan.

There but for the grace of God...   (1/5)

The guy talking about his book seems drunk or something. He can't seem to put two words together. I can't listen to his babbling anymore. I'm out.

Fred Rosen   (2/5)

Good Podcast except when Dan keeps brining Fred Rosen on. He is the worst guest.

Love the show   (5/5)

Dan remains one of the most prepared interviewers out there. The Johann Hari conversation was exceptional - even though it was outside the true crime genre. But then Dan follows that up with the unlistenable babble of Fred Rosen - "you know, you know, know what I'm saying...." I can only imagine that Rosens book sales could only be helped by his staying off the air and let Dan do a book review. Keep up the great work Dan.

There but for the Grace....   (3/5)

Can’t listen to this anymore, is this guy drunk?

One of the Great True Crime podcasts out!   (5/5)

Dan ensures that he takes Control of every episode keeping it on task and to the point of the actual crime and or topic which I appreciate. Even when the connection is poor, or guest speaker doesn’t join on time, Dan takes the lead and keeps you listening. Great content and stays true to real crime!

Deadly Betrayal   (3/5)

Only listened to this episode. Definitely should’ve done more research into Asian culture and how these first generation immigrants are raised. Many Asian parents are strict and these expectations are not uncommon.

Episode 1 and 2   (1/5)

I have been listening to crime podcasts for quite a long time now. Some good, some not so good and some completely riveting!! I just was introduced to yours and thought I would give it a listen. I truly am sorry to say that it is very hard to keep attached to the stories. The narration is very slow and you almost tell the whole situation that you want the guest to tell us while you present your question or directive to them. I have tried but find it very frustrating to listen to. I’m sorry I am not trying to be mean or degrading but I do tell the truth as I see it to a fault. I hope you can take something from my review and spice up your show. I will check back in a time and see if I can enjoy your stories. Again just telling it as I see and hear it and not trying to slam anyone. I couldn’t do what you do, but I do listen to them. Good luck in the future Mark Brown Ontario Canada

Interesting Podcast   (4/5)

I enjoy listening to the podcast, but the audio is weak. This issue is magnified by the fact that the podcast’s guests are usually interviewed over the phone, which makes it even harder to hear.

Pretty good, but do 1.5 speed   (4/5)

I like it now that I succumbed to using 1.5 speed. I don't know why both the interviewer and the interviewee talk soooo slow and haltingly. If you speed them up a little, it's easier to listen to.

Great host   (5/5)

I’ve really enjoyed this podcast for about 3 yrs now. The host actually reads the books and you can tell. With so many interviewers skimming or browsing for key points this dude gets you more information. Also he gives the authors a great platform to be themselves and man they don’t disappoint! They are some real characters and it makes for a fun way to learn about some DARK stories. I do miss the old days when their were consistent audio difficulties. They always lightened the mood before evil stories began.

Love this podcast   (5/5)

Great true crime stories!

The best   (5/5)

Great in depth crime podcast.

Very Enjoyable   (5/5)

I’ve been listening to True Murder for a bit over a year now. If you’re a true crime fan, there is a lot to love about this podcast. It doesn’t try to be anything other than what it is- a platform for a true crime author to provide a deep dive on a case they’ve researched. One thing I greatly appreciate is the host letting his guest tell the story. He never makes the interview about himself and only chimes in to help keep the interview on the rails. The sound quality here is far from perfect and under different circumstances, I’d dock a star from my rating for it- however, the low average for this podcast is absurd and I’m not about to contribute to it. I have a lot of love for this podcast and would suggest any true crime buff search thru the episodes, pick one they’re interested in, and dive in.

Subject matter and guests are interesting but the terrible sound quality makes listening unbearable   (2/5)

There are 7 years worth of reviews on here and it seems like every other one comments on how hideous the sound quality and production value is. Doesn’t the podcaster read these reviews? Why can’t someone do something to improve the audio? The great stories and usually interesting authors are totally lost in the fact that listening to this is like being in a car that is trying to start but the engine won’t turn over. I’ve tried several times but I’m going to have to delete this one from my podcast subscriptions. If those two beer drinking guys over at True Crime Garage can have studio quality sound, this one should be able to.

We do need more like this   (5/5)

I like listening to the interviews. It is well done, super interesting! I usually read the books after listening to the podcast.

I’ve Heard Better   (2/5)

This podcast is one I had hope would get better over time, however, my hopes have been dashed. Dan Zupansky is definitely a big name when it comes to true crime books and journalism. He seems to be an intelligent man but one thing I just can’t get over is how he pronounces words incorrectly. Time and time again. Even simple words, such as, “necklace” and “project”. In the Aileen Wournos episode he consistently and blatantly pronounced her name incorrectly even after the interviewee kept correcting him. Dan also consistently interrupts or tries to talk over almost every interviewee he has on the show. He always sounds like he’s uninterested. He’s probably the most dull and monotone podcast host I’ve ever listened to. The sound quality of the podcast is very bad. For an author/journalist of Dan’s magnitude you’d think he’d have the money to invest in decent sound and recording equipment. There’s also been a handful of interviewees that should not have been recorded. In one episode the interviewee literally sounded like he was dying. You could clearly hear him loudly vomiting. This podcast really needs a lot of work. If Dan could learn how to pronounce words correctly, not sound like he loathes his job as a podcast host, and stop interrupting show guests, the rest of the podcast’s downfalls wouldn’t be so bad.

Great Stuff!   (5/5)

It has all the facts that you desire to have when you want to dig deep into the mind of a killer! Host is great at what he does by sticking to the story and keeping the guest from getting off topic. Just a side note of praise, thank you for choosing not to discuss political views on your show! I’m tired of tuning in to podcasts thinking I’m going to be listening to one thing and they end up making the whole episode about what they think about our president and society.

Don’t change a thing!   (5/5)

Don’t change a thing! Let haters go somewhere else. I enjoy the content that is being provided and always look forward to the next podcast!

It’s good.   (4/5)

Let’s get you a new mic./recording equipment.

Almost a 5 star podcast   (4/5)

The sound quality needs to improve and one of the regular authors is just annoying. Ron

MurdercastQueen   (5/5)

Great show. Always in my lineup.

Awesome Podcast   (5/5)


Figure out how to avoid interruptions   (4/5)

Great podcast. Great guests. But the host and the guest constantly talk over and interrupt each-other like there is some kind of time delay (but I don’t think there is). It’s very distracting and it takes away from the flow. Happens more on this podcast than others. Fix that and it’s 5 star all day.

Classic   (5/5)

Great reference for true crime books and background! Love this podcast

Do your job!   (1/5)

The host needs to do a better job pre-screening your interviews! The OJ Simpson one was a giant waste of time! You should have talked to the author before hand, you should have known that he couldn’t talk about anything and pushed the interview back! You clearly just wanted to use the “OJ Factor” to get listeners, but all you did was waste our times! DO BETTER!!!

True Murder   (1/5)

Excellent content but recordings are poor quality so hard to listen.

Audio is of Poor Quality   (1/5)

Ok Dan, you have been doing this for years . Please do something about the audio production quality. It is really frustrating to be listening to a very interesting guest and have theirs or your phone connection go in and out at key points in the interview. Please hire someone to consult you on a fix. Very frustrating!

Particularly interesting   (5/5)

I do have a very mixed crime and murder podcast list. This is a very colorful and dreadful interviews and insight from people that have really done their research.

My First Podcast   (5/5)

Always a treat. Dan is a true born interviewer!

Look forward to it every week   (4/5)

A good interview show that takes the time to showcase the authors’ research. It’s how I learn about some really great true crime books.

Dan is the man!   (5/5)

I LOVE this podcast! Dan always does the best interviews with amazing authors! He is always so gracious too! One of my favs!!

Horrible   (1/5)

Host may be an author, but he’s a terrible interviewer. His questions are so bat & at times I don’t think he’s even listening to his guest’s answers. Much better podcasts are available- I unsubscribed.

Real and worth a listen   (4/5)

I discovered true crime during bike commuting and I love listening to a person just talking while I go to sleep. Now that Jon Stewart is no longer available I've turned to podcasts. 😊 This podcast is rough around the edges, the host can sometimes be awkward, the sound quality is not stellar...BUT the interview is authentic. I feel like the authors are being so genuine because it's so relaxed. I feel like Dan has such a passion for the genre and each interview. I love that it's stripped down. Plus, the amount of hours he's puts out is amazing. You can tell he puts a lot of hard work into his research and questions. So Thank You Very Much and Good Night 😁

Excellent   (5/5)

Old faithful

Meh   (3/5)

I do listen to some episodes of this podcast, especially if I want to read the book from the author being interviewed. Dan is just a terrible interviewer though. He reads from a list of questions and there is absoolutely no segue from one question to another, or from one comment to another. This makes it disjointed and screaming for cohesiveness. The sound quality is also a huge issue, with some episodes wrose than others. I find myself skipping more than I listen to these days. Sorry, Dan.

Needs work   (2/5)

While I enjoy the subject matter, the quality of this podcast is lacking. Sound quality is terrible and there are a lot of issues with the phone connections. The host interrupts the interviewees while they are talking, and seems to be disinterested and in a hurry.

Bored   (2/5)

Ok I only keep this in my que because once in a while there's a really captivating episode. But Dan how long have you had this podcast? Upgrade to some better sound quality and editing equipment. Also, enough with inviting Fred Rosen on your podcast- we can tell you're bored with him and annoyed with him the way the listener is.

One of my favorites   (4/5)

Wasn’t sure about this show when I first started listening, but a few shows and I was hooked. Hearing the story from the author’s mouth adds a dimension that keeps my interest.

well researched   (4/5)

the host is one of the best interviewers i have listened to. he takes his time with the guests, clearly having read and researched the various authors work. it is a straightforward show. there are no bells and whistles, this can make the enterprise seem dated but it is not. the host is careful and through, and given the subject matter that is important.

Blah blah blah   (1/5)

Egotistical. Not well prepare on host's or guest's behalf. Only true crime here is the assault on the listener's ears and souls. Would rather bang my head up against a wall than to listen to anymore droning on by host and his lackluster guests. Not engaging or entertaining.

Excellent   (5/5)

True Murder is still my favorite true crime pod. Dan earns his title Godfather of True Crime with his knowledge of the topic and his excellent interviewing technique. Highly recommend

First   (5/5)

First podcast I listened to of any type. This is the best. I'm a reader as well so your podcast is a perfect fit. Thanks so very much.

Sound quality   (2/5)

I can't get through a whole episode because every one sounds like it was recorded in the 1940s.. definately not the best podcast.

The Grim Sleeper Interview   (2/5)

The Grim Sleeper interview caused me to write this review. It was god aweful. Hopefully that so called "writer" doesn't do audiobooks, because she will say "you know" in every sentence, or every other word, will be "you know". I think the host of this podcast needs to upgrade the show ASAP and get these terrible writers off ASAP. Once you listen to the entire podcast there is no need to go out and buy the book. I'll definately not buy this Grim Sleeper book.

Ya know   (4/5)

This woman is an author?!!! I hope she can say more than "Ya know, I mean". Help! Sends me right over the edge!!! Vet these people please!!!

Not Mr. Zupansky's best - terrible connection   (2/5)

I've listened to many of Mr. Zupansky's interview podcasts and enjoy them, but the quality of this episide due to cell phone connection is awful. I struggled to listened to it, and actually stopped it 1:52 minutes from the end because I couldn't take any more. I think that this one may have been better left in the file, or at least a notation made in regards to the poor quality. If a first time listener choses THIS episode first, it will probably be their last.

Boo to the naysayers   (5/5)

I really enjoy this, and, as a fairly new listener, have enjoyed listening to all the back episodes all day long. I am dreading when I catch up. Like Dan, I am particularly interested in the psychopathic/sociopathic crimes, so I have definitely skipped some of the mob topics, etc. I like the conversational tone and have found out about some great books here. But then, my favorite true crime show is the original Cold Case Files on A&E; I could watch that and only that if they made enough episodes. Perhaps it is a style preference. People get so critical on these reviews, and I have to marvel at armchair critics who aren't having a go at anything, just talking about how much better someone else's work could be. I have tried and dropped off from many other true crime podcasts because they just didn't hold my interest and were of much lower quality.

Worth a listen   (4/5)

The host Dan Zupanski interview style is akin to a reporter, not a storyteller. Many crime podcasts have hosts with velvet voices who tell a story beautifully; this podcast is not that. This podcast is interview style between a crime writer and an interviewer. What I like about it is that the host always prepares himself by reading the complete book, and being prepared with valid thoughtful questions. The crimes covered in this podcast are thoroughly researched by the crime writers; they do their homework. Most of the time the stories are so unforgettable, that the host style or technical difficulties are forgivable. Worth a listen, especially the older ones.

OJ   (1/5)

Well it didn't take much research on your part for this one. I listen to hear about crimes that aren't on tv 24/7, that everyone else has done and I think most people have had enough.

The O.J. Interview   (1/5)

What in the hell did this idiot agree to an interview for? Does he not realize laughing at the fact that he can't talk about anything is not an interview? I'd NEVER buy his book after this. Already having a horrible interviewer, having a stupid interviewee is just ridiculous

This podcast is breaking the bank.   (5/5)

I love this podcast . I am going broke buying all the books by the true crime authors he interviews. A+++ for the content. HOWEVER, the production quality is lacking. The interviews are done by phone and there's a time delay such that the host and interviewee often talk over each other. And Dan....I absolutely love you but PLEASE work on your interviewing technique. You ask the same convoluted questions six times before you let the guest answer. Maybe write down what you want to ask so that we don't have to listen to your VERY tortured questioning. ( I listen to you every friday night at work and its a lucky thing I am alone because I often end up screaming at you to "JUST ASK THE QUESTION!!!!!"). Still, much love to you because the authors you have on are fabulous. -5 for production, +10 for content! Keep up the better work? And thank you for making a boring job something I look forward to.

Fantastic   (5/5)

I've listened to every episode. Always very interesting authors and topics. No frills, just true crime.

Awesome Podcast   (5/5)

Thank you for one of the best true crime podcasts. I look forward to every podcast. Keep up the great work.

Hard to Hear   (1/5)

Either the host cannot afford decent pod equipment, or the “guests” have such a low opinion of the show that they don’t care if they are heard or not. This last guy sounded as if he was lifting weights while recording the interview. The over-all quality of the sound of this pod-cast makes it just too hard to hear or follow. There are options. af

True crime book reviews   (4/5)

I like the content and I find the content, reviews and interviews very engaging (especially since I'm true crime bookworm). However, I really wish they would upgrade the audio equipment because it is difficult to understand sometimes. Otherwise, the show is great!

Terrible host   (1/5)

Like many of the other reviewers, I see the promise in this series, but can't get past the hosts disinterested interviewing style. I couldnt get through one episode it was so bad. Tips for the host: gain a better understanding of the English language, pay attention and engage intelligently with your guests, at least pretend like you care about the subject. I'll stick with Sword and Scale.

Very good content but...   (4/5)

I really enjoy the podcast, Dan is one the first in True Crime. The only irritating thing is the sound quality and the delay between Dan and the caller. The talking over each other is ridiculous...two cans and a string would be better. C'mon man, it's the 21st century!! I would easily give 5 stars if the phone lines were modern.

I love Dan!   (4/5)

I've been listening to True Murder for years now, and have learned a lot about cases I never heard of, as well as differences between the American and Canadian justice systems. Every episode is not for me, but many of them have been nothing short of riveting. As a true crime journalist and author himself, Dan Zupansky has a lot of understanding of what goes into researching these stories, and you can tell he takes the time to read every book he covers.

Very enjoying   (4/5)

I like this one for my commute to work. Engaging and interest true crime stories. The frequent pauses between host and author can be rather awkward, though.

Great topics, terrible audio   (2/5)

I wish I could listen to this podcast. The topics and info are always great, but the audio is unbearably bad. If I'm listening on headphones, I routinely screech and rip my ear buds out because suddenly there will be a sudden burst of volume. I had to give it up.

This is what you listen to when you catch up on everything else   (3/5)

I tried really hard to get into this podcast. I love true crime. I love true crime books. I love the lesser known cases that don't get all the media attention. For me the biggest problem is that the host is a journalist and has very little knowledge or respect for the legal/justice system. The love/hate relationship between law enforcement and the media truly stands out in the show. Some of the authors that were interviewed have a legal background and you can hear the annoyance in their voices during their interviews. This cast would be better if there was a little more working knowledge of how the justice system works.

Wait of time   (1/5)

Reviewer should have read the script before recording it. Sound like a kid trying to read for the first time. Mispronouncing words and names.

3 Samsung galaxy commercials back to back   (1/5)

Do you really need to play the same Samsung commercial 3 times back to back at the start of your show? It is absolutely obnoxious. Other then that it's a good show.

As good as it gets.   (5/5)

Great interview format that starts via the author giving their own interest as to the subject matter, before getting into the case and keeping us on the edge of our seat.

Good job   (5/5)

Excellent content, background information on the books and authors. Keep up the great work.

Authentic   (5/5)

I love how real this podcast is. Dan has a great mood throughout his interviews.

I wanted to like it   (1/5)

If you like long, awkward pauses, the host constantly interrupting the guests, unnecessarily long episodes, low quality audio, lots of technical difficulties and low-energy discussions of what could be extremely interesting cases, this is the podcast for you!

The original.   (5/5)

The first and the best.

Bad podcast   (1/5)

The voice is awful. Get someone new to do the podcast.

So Awkward!   (2/5)

The stories are very interesting, but the host is so awkward and the podcast is not edited! Willis Morgan was belching, wretching and I dare say FARTING during his interview! SERIOUSLY!

Great Podcast, Bad Audio   (3/5)

I do like this podcast, but the audio is bad. Sometimes I can barely hear.

Host needs to practice   (1/5)

Seriously. Read your script prior to recording. Stumbling through phrases and questions ruins the conversation. Interrupting the guest is also just annoying and confusing for both parties.

Frustrated Listener -Witness   (4/5)

Please don't complete an interview with a person who is in that much pain. The excruciating noises he continued to make were disgusting and took away from what would have been extremely interesting content. I gagged a few times! Otherwise I find the interview content of this podcast interesting. However I wish the interviews were more about telling the story than trying to sell a book.

Hard to finish   (1/5)

Listened to 1 episode. The author sounded like a crazy person. He was also retching throughout. It was also a completely unprofessional interview. I don't know why the host even bothered posting this.

Wake up!!   (2/5)

I've been listening to this podcast for about 2 years and have stuck by to listen painfully while Mr. Zupansky asks monotone questions and does not seem to be interested at all in any of these stories. Are you falling asleep?? Today I listened to the Frustrated Witness by Willis Morgan episode. Willis stated that he was ill due to a hernia in the very beginning of the episode. I could hear him dry heaving throughout the episode and then about halfway through he started throwing up!! Really Dan?! Why would you continue to ignore that and keep asking your monotone questions? Willis at one point was really have a hard time throwing up and had to ask for a break. This one was a complete disaster. Dan should have ended it when Willis was dry heaving in to the phone! I think im pretty much done with this podcast. It could have been a very successful show if the host was actually awake and interested in the content of the topic. Maybe you need a co-host who can liven things up.

Fred Rosen   (1/5)

I just listened to the podcast about Lawrence Singleton. All was OK until the author actually stated, I suppose with a straight face, that "god" was with the 15 year old victim. What a complete idiot, to think that this "god" of his was fine sitting by while the girl was raped, mutilated, and left to die in the middle of nowhere. Whatever you do, don't allow this "person" (I use that term loosely) on your show again. Complete idiot.

Best True Crime Podcast.   (5/5)

I'm subscribed and look forward to weekly new shows. As soon as they come, I listen to them immediately. I have bought several of the books that have been discussed on the show. Great interviews and very interesting discussions take place. The host of the show reads the books prior to the interviews and I've heard more than one author remark how good the detailed questioning is. It's become my favorite Podcast!

Just okay   (3/5)

I'm subscribed to this podcast but I don't always listen to the weekly shows. The podcast has major sound quality issues and the host and the guest often talk over each other. The cases covered are generally good but again, sometimes I can't take the sound issues and don't finish a show.

" Ladies & Gentlemen , it gets worse hahaha haha , shall I go on ?"   (1/5)

No , please don't Fred Rosen . ( author interviewee ' mad chopper ' ) I can't imagine the books are much better .

So interesting!   (5/5)

Love this podcast. I enjoy the interviews of the actual authors of the books. It's cool to hear their insight on the stories. It gives just enough to hook u but not to give the whole story away!! U must listen. U will be hooked.

Best true crime show!   (5/5)

I have and still do listen to many true crime podcasts and this is one of the best. Yes, the production could be better but I believe that Dan brings us a free, high quality, content show. He interviews true crime book authors. His interviews give us the "why" the author choose to write the book (some are a story unto themselves), the victim(s) story, and interesting questions and facts about the crime told in the book by the author. My favorite was Devil in the White Castle. Keep up the good work Dan. I look forward to your podcasts and am grateful for your dedication and expense to bring these true crime books to the public.

Great   (5/5)

Dan Zupansky is a great interviewer. Great podcast

Boring old men   (1/5)

Boring old men, stories not that interesting. Seem to be more about the author than the story. Yawn. Delete.

Amateurish   (2/5)

I gave this podcast a good try. I suffered through dozens of episodes until I remembered that I didn't HAVE to listen. The books and subjects sound fascinating, but the host is so wooden and inanimate that it becomes laborious. The host simply reads questions from a list and has no response to the authors' statements. This encourages the writers to babble endlessly about their true crime stories, making it totally unnecessary to actually read their books. It’s possible that the podcast would be palatable with a different host who is more engaging. I'm genuinely sorry Dan. You seem a decent and intelligent man. But maybe you're better suited to writing. I had to unsubscribe. :-(

Meh   (2/5)

Stories are interesting but are terribly executed. So terrible I had to unsubscribe and stop listening.

Legendary   (5/5)

I love this podcast. It's the only one to feature authors of true crime books exclusively. It's a rare and exceeding interesting look behind the scenes of how these books come about and the cases they feature. Dan's been doing this a looong time. Production is nil practically but the content, for me is worth the patience. I've bought many books I would have never read if not for this podcast. If you can hang in there, it's worth the listen. Great 2017 season so far! My applause for landing such interesting and unique stories! Also of note is how well Dan knows each book. A new episode every week, he must be reading like mad, he often knows the content of the books better than the authors. I don't know how he does it!

Pretty good   (4/5)

Entertaining podcast

Eh...   (2/5)

I like when the ad starts playing right in the middle of Dan's sentence on a few of them to open the show. Also, this Kevin Sullivan's obsession with Ted Bundy is kind of weird. The podcast is a recording of a phone conversation-I mostly use it to fall asleep.

Poor production   (2/5)

Poorly produced and the host sounds like he's reading a newspaper clipping (uninterestingly)

One of the best True Crime podcasts   (5/5)

Interesting cases, and I've found some great True Crime books from this podcast. Some authors are better at being interviewed than others, but that's not the hosts' fault - he tries to help them along the best he can when that happens.

Great Podcast   (5/5)

Just found your podcast. I love it! So interesting to hear the author of true crime tell the story. I really like the actual recordings of interrogations and court room recordings. I'm listening to them all. I want to hear about one of your books. Thank You. Kim

Dan is great   (5/5)

This pod is interesting and insightful and I find Dan to be unpretentious and endearing. Good job on a great pod!

Want to love   (3/5)

I want to love this, but Dan makes it really hard. The sound quality isn't great, the editing is terrible, and some of these interviews are difficult to listen to. Most recent thing that made me want to reevaluate if I'll continue listening - at the end of the Spiral Notebook episode, you can hear the guest complaining about how Dan told her that this call would only be an hour, and it went on for an extra half hour. It was super awkward to listen to, and totally could have been resolved with a bit of editing.

Love & Hate   (2/5)

This was the first true crime podcast I started listening and I really liked it. But it has problems. The audio isn't great and sometimes it's horrible!!!! I guess it's recorded live so it's not edited and put together. I listen to podcast when driving and walking my dogs and I'd say more times than not I start an episode listen for a few minutes then have turn it off and delete because the audio is so BAD. I host Volume is loud but not really clear while the guests volume is low and sometimes inaudible. If I turn the voice up the host is screaming in my ear and I still can barely hear the guest. It turns me off and I've stopped going back to listen to old episodes now. PLEASE I'm begging fix the audio!!!

Just AWFUL   (1/5)

Zupansky is awful at interviewing and to add to that, the connection quality is always garbage. You might as well have a robot conducting these interviews. JUST GARBAGE!

Great!   (5/5)

Love this podcast!

Boring and slow:   (1/5)

I am a fan of true crime, so I tried to get into this podcast. But every time I listened to an episode, I was struck by just how incapable the interviewer was at telling a compelling story. I just listened to: A Daughter's Deadly Deception, and was astounded by how "deadly" boring it was, despite the potential of a story about a daughter's plot to kill her parents. Unenlightening details are described, ad nauseam, while the interesting questions about the dynamics of the relationship between the daughter and her parents are never addressed. And since the author goes on and on describing the most boring details (about cell phones and SIM cards, etc.), there isn't enough time in the interview to cover anything that goes on in the trial. The interviewer should find a professional radio person or storyteller to help him improve his podcast, if he has any intention of competing with all the great true crime storytellers out there!

Detailed   (4/5)

This podcast is very in depth and takes you through the crime giving you many vantage points.

Would give it a zero   (1/5)

Love the content of this podcast, but the voice of the podcast, Dan, should be replaced. In one episode, it sounded like he was texting on his phone during the interview. He is rude to the authors and when he messes up, he always tries to cover his back and blame the author. I only listen to it for the content and to hear more about the authors, but Dan is so arrogant and his English needs some work. If they replace Dan, then I would definitely recommend this podcast.

Not good.   (1/5)

Very bad actually. Really, really bad.

Nice idea but just wayyyyy toooo longggg   (2/5)

There is no keeping of interest. Poor sound quality, way too much wordy content, mono-toned speaking, no segways, 2 friggn hours of this!?! No just no! I gave 2 stars bc I appreciate the content, but there needs to be a bit more effort on delivery improvements.

Love your show!!   (5/5)

Absolutely love it!!!

Audio quality   (2/5)

Get a better mic. It sounds like I'm listening to AM radio.

Infuriatingly unprofessional   (1/5)

Obviously unedited, poor sound quality, last week he even made a mistake during a pre-taped commercial without fixing it.... The -content- is really good, interesting book reviews and the host does ask good questions. However it is quite hard to make up for sloppiness at every possible corner. If you have advertisements then you have at least a modicum of money coming in. Please pay someone to assist you in buying a decent microphone and editing out mistakes.

A real shame   (2/5)

The authors and stories on this podcast are great, but the audio is so poor and grating that it nearly ruins the podcast. Dan is not particularly engaging or articulate so his inability to manage the microphone and sound absolutely ruins the podcast. If Dan improved his interviewing skills and sound quality it would have the potential to be a 4 or 5 star podcast as it is a very cool concept.

Don't be put off by other reviews!   (5/5)

This show is fantastic. There are the occasional technical difficulties, however Dan is a class act, asks good questions, draws out the best parts of the story. While there are a few episodes which I had to delete due to graphic content, for the most part the podcast is done with just the right amount of detail to make you feel like you get to know a little more than the average person, about each case. This show is not for people who want easy entertainment with special effects, but for those with grit, who care about the real stories, rather than ear candy.

True Crime books and the authors.   (5/5)

I love this Podcast because Dan interviews the author. Each week you get to listen to another voice who knows the facts if their books.

Great podcast!   (5/5)

I really enjoy this podcast. I love the concept of interviewing the authors about the books they've written. There are so many fascinating episodes. I know some people don't like the format of this podcast, but I actually like the fact that he sticks to the topic and presents the story and there's no nonsense. This podcast is a great platform for authors of true crime. I've listen to every episode so far and I plan on continuing to listen as long as this podcast is out there.

A prettty good podcast   (4/5)

The host of the show is a bit dull and the authors are ok speakers. It is just interesting to hear these crime stories and the psychology of the mind of a killer. Since the topics are so serious, that could be why Dan the host is probably more serious than dull. Also writers may not speak as well as they write. Anyways it fascinates me how people can be so evil and to go into their mind to know why they are so evil

It's ok   (1/5)

Can't stand the host. He needs to listen to the people he is interviewing he just reads off a sheet and you can tell the authors get annoyed. I also can't stand how there are so mAny tech problems it's a podcast edit them out!! I just can't stand his voice.

Could be so good   (1/5)

I really want to like this podcast but it's just bad. The interviewer stumbles over all his words and most of the time whoever he interviews says Um about 1000 times. I think this could be good he just really needs to work on it and get the right people to interview or at least try different format. The last when I listen to it sounded like the woman had the microphone in her mouth I stopped five minutes in. I guess I'll just stick with true crime garage

Love!   (5/5)

If you want true facts about the crime with awesome interviews- this is the podcast for you!

Hollow in sound and interviewing skill   (1/5)

Nope. Just nope.

Thank you   (5/5)

Love this podcast, love how raw it is.

Boring delivery   (2/5)

I wanted so much to love this podcast & gave it at least 5 different tries, but it's just so BORING. The material is very good, but the speaker's voice is so monotone that it could put me right to sleep.

Ms   (5/5)

This has been a favorite podcast for years. Some interviews offer an in depth views of psychological, sociological and the criminal justice system. I like that the interviews are recoded live and not overproduced.

Pretty Good   (4/5)

Some of the episodes are fascinating - others less so. It can be hit or miss, depending on who the guest is. I find the episodes where Dan reports on his own writings are often the best. The audio quality needs improvement though

Stop having Fred Rosen on   (1/5)

Fred Rosen is an obnoxious human being and an even worse guest. I literally cringe every time he begins to talk. From him interrupting nonstop to his use of the word "dude," I just can not take it. Stop having him on. Fred, if you see this, you are a toothache personified.

Enjoy it   (4/5)

I like this podcast. It took a little getting used to but I've been pleased overall. There are some really great episodes with good subjects and authors who are engaging. There have been a few duds tho.

Loyal   (5/5)

Loyal fan to Dan & this show! Lol so you always get 5 stars in my book!

It's OK at best   (3/5)

I love ture crime, but this show could be much better. He needs a sound person, and better mikes. I was listening to 10-19-16 podcast and the writer was laughing though much of the podcast. Dan never got her to be more aporriate, I would not want to be a victims family member listening to this. This could be a 5-star show, too bad its not.

Binge Listening!!   (5/5)

I just started listening today, and I'm at the episode about Jennifer Cave. I went to high school with Jennifer in Corpus Christi, although I didn't know her personally. After hearing about this tragedy, I wanted to learn everything I could about it. There really wasn't a lot about the subject. Thank you so much for shinning a light on this case.

Great Questions   (4/5)

Dan asks some great questions and draws out his guests to talk more about the subject at hand. It is obvious Dan has read the book and done his research for the interviews and I really appreciate it! Sherry Johnson

Got me hooked on true crime   (5/5)

My gateway podcast that got me hooked.

Awesome Podcast!!!! One request....   (5/5)

Please have on James Kolar, author of Foreign Faction- Who Really Kidnapped Jonbenet Ramsey. No one knows this case like Mr. Kolar, and I would love to hear you interview him. Keep up the great work!!!!!!

Can't get past the quality issues   (2/5)

I want to like this podcast, but I just can't listen to the sound quality or the pacing/direction from the host.

Still the best.   (5/5)

TM with Dan is still the best podcast in town.. and I listen to almost all of them but they can't interview like dan does. He is Unpretentious, Intelligible and welcoming. I wish the sound quality was better but the context of the program makes up for it.

Well Informed, No Nonsense Host with Amazing Stories and Authors to Share!   (5/5)

It could be that a first love is always hard to forget, but True Murder, after all these years and newer, fancier true crime podcasts, is still my very favorite. I am an advid true crime podcast listener and was so well before Serial introduced America to true crime podcasts. Sorry, this isn't a fancy production with sound effects or lots of editing. There are other much more well produced (sound wise) true crime podcasts than this one (sorry Dan)! However, the focus of this podcast is the story, not the sound. I love that Dan interviews authors of true crime books because they know the history better than most. I often hear inaccurate information from other podcasts about the same crimes. Dan is also always so well informed about the subject and asks great questions. I appreciate that he spends time to go in-depth with every author and tries to cover as much information as possible. I appreciate the no-nonsense format of this podcast and I applaud Dan for sticking with old-school ways. Plus, he just sounds like a nice guy! Keep up the excellent work. I can hardly wait to hear your latest! Let the haters go ahead and hate, they are in it for the frills, not the true substance of these incredible stories.

Interesting stories   (5/5)

One of my go-to true crime shows!

A no go for me   (1/5)

I couldn't get into it due to the quality and the host just a very poor job at keeping me interested, it sounds like he's stumbling all over a poorly written script and just winging it as he goes

The most is the best.   (5/5)

My favorite. Consistently well done. Good stories. Great interviews. A little rough at times. Just the way I like it.

Can't take the radio quality   (2/5)

Love the content but I honestly cannot listen to the poor sound quality. I wish I could get past it, but unfortunately it detracts so much from the listening experience that I no longer listen to the show.

Reedeemed by the guests themselves   (3/5)

Dan Zupansky's real success is providing a platform for many of these authors to promote their books. The downside to the show is the self-importance that Zupansky exudes. He hasn't seemed to learn that asking three part questions really doesn't work, and seem like a middle-schooler trying to show off in class for doing his homework. At best, his guest will answer the first part of the question, and use that as a jumping off point. At worst, he confuses his guest--who will then go on to discuss the topic in the fashion he/she sees fit, until Zupansky decides it's time to ask another overly complex question. If the narrator was not quite so formal, this would definitely be a 5 star podcast.

Poor sound + uninteresting content = unsubscribe   (2/5)

I listen to many true crime and interview style podcasts and this one just doesn't hold up. My biggest peeve is the sound quality. If I listen really intently at high volume I can glean some interesting content, but most isn't very interesting to me. I found myself turning it off and researching the cases on other podcasts or the internet, so why sit through this? I really tried - subscribed a few times to check if there was improvement but unfortunately, not enough. I will keep trying because I appreciate your intent and love the genre. Thank you for your effort!

Informative but needs work   (3/5)

Great content, research, and guests. However, this podcast is in DESPERATE need of some narrative scripting and post-production editing. It's such great material, but I struggle to pay attention because of the rambling, the uhs and ums, the monotone, and the wandering tangents. The host often delineates into the banal for upwards of five minutes, at which point you stop caring about the meat of story that has yet to come.

Trump ads!?!   (1/5)

I've finally given up on this podcast. Nothing to take away from the authors, but the host's stilted, scripted style and lack of technical know-how is incredibly detracting from the subject matter. Additionally, I don't mind ads--I understand the need to keep a podcast going--but agreeing to a Trump ad was the last straw. I don't want your politics with my true crime.

Decentish but..   (2/5)

I love the topic, just with he didn't bash us over the head with Trump love. Unsubscribe.

Boring and biased   (1/5)

I'm a white law enforcement officer. I've been subscribed to this show since it's inception, but I find this show to be so socially out of touch that it's difficult to listen to any further without constantly wondering what century the host and his guests are from. I'm just glad that Jim Simone's story was told alongside that of other serial killers, as it should be.

Dan is the Man   (5/5)

The King of True Crime! This is the podcast that started it all.

No fluff   (5/5)

Just plain stories

Nikki Buccolo   (5/5)

Love this podcast. Always interesting to here. Great show.

Great show   (5/5)

Love the show great materiel never boring can't wait for the next episode.

Seriously...   (1/5)

I'm pretty sure if they recorded this on a 1997 Nokia phone it would have better audio quality than it does now.

Finally.   (5/5)

Finally a podcast that's not in love with itself and gets down to business. The host stays on topic and asks intelligent questions of articulate and knowledgeable guests. Recommended.

The Godfather of true crime podcasts!!!   (4/5)

Dan is not the best interviewer,but he gets to the point!! Love the guests!! Editing needs some work. I still enjoy the show!!

Subject carries this cast   (1/5)

Have listened to nearly every episode. This pod cast has numerous technical problems in nearly every episode. The host who is an author and journalist has great difficulty with pronouncing and enunciation of words as well as often times forming a sentence. The host also at times sounds as if he has lost all interest in the interview and despite several pod cast's has yet to master communication time delay. Most of the guests know their sfuff, however two of the most frequent Rosen and Barer are seldom preped and have difficulty answering the most remedial questions about the books they authored. Add to that the egotistic and cavalier attitude Rosen especially has and these things all make for a painfull experience for the listener. A little advice, move this podcast out of the basement, get some decent equipment and spend a little time on prep and polish.

Dan, thank you.   (5/5)

I love this podcast, you got me into the true crime genre. Before now I was only aware of (and therefore stuck with), fictional crime dramas. I have always been interested in this kind of thing, not as someone who would see harm done, but as someone who aplaudes the hard work and efforts of the police forces around the world that solve these crimes and catch these harmful members of society to stop them from further bad actions. Thank you for your tireless research and professional journalism. You are a true historian of our time.

Very cool guests!   (4/5)

This is really a great podcast. Honestly, I would give it 5 stars, except that it obviously doesn't have the production budget of say, an NPR podcast, so just to orient people for what they can expect as far as that goes, the sound quality and editing isn't quite at that level. One other thing as constructive criticism I will add, although I'm sure you're probably aware of it and I know it's hard to avoid with guests, some of the best guests content-wise can be really distracting adding "you know" as a filler. I would maybe try to have them listen to some of the awesome interviews, like the Jack the Ripper one, and have them see how AMAZING content with a top-notch interviewee can even be detracted from by those distracting speech patterns. The interview was very informative, fascinating, and he came off as knowledgeable and intelligent, but it was hard to tune that out, and I kept having to rewind it and repeat parts because I would realize that I was so distracted by it. Regardless, great job! Keep up the good work! = )

Consistently Good Guests   (5/5)

Dan's latest interview about the Rolling Stones and the Hell's Angels got me to buy the audiobook.

Sadly not very good   (1/5)

Ads are repeated several times in a row, this demonstrates the host does not listen to or care about the production values of his podcast. On some episodes the sound levels are not balanced between the host and guest, making it difficult to choose a good playback level on my listening device.

True crime   (5/5)

Great job! Great one of my favorite podcasts!

Dan! 👌🏽   (5/5)

Great at choosing books and authors, great at interviewing, great at reading books in a timely manor and providing details, great at relating to your guest, Amazing podcast.

Generally good content   (4/5)

Don't believe the interviewer when he says, "now without giving it all away..." - great introduction to a lot of books, some big names, some not. Most Blog Talk podcasts suffer from the same problem - ads dropped in at bizarre or intrusive times.

Drunk?   (2/5)

My husband and I listen to this podcast when we travel to hockey and back. The latest podcast about James Garfield caused many questioning looks between us and comments about exactly how drunk Fred was during this interview. I'm pretty sure that you can hear the ice clinking in the background a couple of times. Maybe next time someone calls in intoxicated you should claim technical difficulties until they can do it sober.

KaterinaMermaid   (5/5)

This is an amazing podcast. I have really enjoyed the interviews and the knowledge that both Dan (host) and the author have. I appreciate the detail that goes into the answers and how the host makes sure to cover everything in a well put together timeline. I have enjoyed the interviews so much that I have purchased books of the authors. Great podcast for any true crime follower.

Boring   (2/5)

The topics are interesting, but the host and his guests are boring. There are awkward pauses and you can hear him taking gulps of his drink. Not professional. Needs improvement.

I want to love this podcast...   (2/5)

The premise of this podcast is stellar but the execution is poor and disappointing. The host is just not good at what he does. The questions are awkward,you can tell he didn't do much research because a lot of the time he is corrected when his facts are off and the awkward,long pauses are painful. Some of these authors also just don't interview well - I had to stop listening to so many episodes because of all of this. The host just really needs to work on his interviewing style and how to have a conversation. He needs to be able to go with the flow and discuss things - not awkwardly cut off the author with a question that has absolutely nothing to do with what was just said. He also should give the author some questions or format beforehand, give the author direction on what will be discussed so they aren't interrupting each other constantly. This podcast could be so amazing but right now it's just painful.

Compelling true crime stories   (4/5)

This podcast is great for people who love true crime stories. The interviewees are very knowledgeable on the crimes they discuss so you get to hear in-depth stories with lots of details. I'd say the only major drawback is the poor sound quality, but the storytelling is so good that I can overlook it.

My first true crime podcast find...   (5/5)

This was my first find on my own of true crime and I love it. I enjoy the interview style and hearing different people each episode. I appreciate the work the host puts into his interviews with authors so much. It's clear he has taken the time to read each book and prepare notes. Sometimes so much so that the author gets stumped!! Oops!!!!

Love it!   (5/5)

Really enjoy listening to this podcast at work. 5 Stars

Great concept with poor execution   (2/5)

I stumbled on to this podcast and was instantly addicted to the stories, but certainly not the host. I decided to start from the beginning, which meant there 5.5 years of podcasts to listen to. The authors, for the most part, do a great job of telling their stories in a succinct manner of 60-90 minutes. There are some that just aren’t good speakers, and then there is Fred Rosen (a show regular)… Fred goes off on so many different tangents it doesn’t make sense or isn’t even relatable to the book being discussed. Fred is just plain annoying!! The host, Dan Zupansky, is a horrible interviewer. He says he’s a journalist and author, I’ve not read any of his books, but am astounded that he managed to get this gig. He does NOT know how to ask a single question!! He literally ask the same question in at least 3 different ways within the same breath. I have a hard time even understanding some of his questions as they are presented in such an odd fashion. My frustration is that it feels like he just wings it, rather than having his questions prepared and succinct. It should come off as a conversation or an interview, but each podcast sounds like it’s the first interview Dan has ever given. As a host, Dan should keep his guests on track when they go off topic/ on tangents (Fred Rosen). Dan DOES get into the nitty gritty, sometimes gory, details, which is one of the few reasons I still listen. He isn’t squeamish and allows the listeners to really dive into the stories with the author. The audio quality is horrible with issues almost every podcast (i.e. dropped calls, bad connection, background noise, host’s audio being much louder than caller, etc.) I’m almost caught up to date and it’s astounding that the same issues from 2011 podcasts are still an issue in the 2015 episodes. Except now, Dan has advertisers he reads a monotonous script for. In summary, the show is a great concept with poor execution. Have Dan take a speaking class or step it up on the host side while figuring out a way to get the audio issues handled. It’s 2016 folks! Maybe if enough people review it, someone somewhere will make some changes.

Very Interesting and Enjoyable   (5/5)

I love listening to Dan's voice and his conversations with the various authors. Have found some great new books to read by listening. The editing is a little rough sometimes but, for me, that just adds to the charm of the raw and brutal nature of the crime topics. Thanks Dan - looking forward to more.

HATED IT!   (2/5)

Hash words I know, but seriously listening to this guy drone on & on about ANY subject is like listening to the teacher from the movie "Ferris Buller's Day Off" At one point I really did dose off!

Wanted to like it   (1/5)

But the low quality of production (and I mean LOW) makes it impossible to listen to at times. Additionally, he doesn't seem to think that Battered Woman Syndrome and abuse other than physical abuse are a thing which leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

Striving for Mediocrity   (2/5)

Seriously -why not hire a team to polish this up? There is literally no editing. Random background noise and awkward pauses abound. Why not do it well? It's good material but a seriously amateur production.

Great Idea, Awful Execution   (2/5)

The topics for this podcast are incredibly interesting and have the potential to be absolutely enthralling. However, the poor audio quality and poor interview quality just kill it...and not in a good way. The interviews have a lot of awkward silence and a lot of times the questions don't seem very thoughtful or intuitive. Zupansky doesn't seem all that interested in his interviewees. It feels like he's not even listening to them sometimes, like he's just reading off a list of questions. Also, technical issues happening even up to now (I've been listening to the Dahmer episode from just a few weeks ago)... An annoying beeping sound randomly starts happening? Lord. Get a new host and some actual recording equipment and this would be 5 stars easily.

Narrator is awful   (2/5)

Very unnatural flow of conversation. The narrator is obviously reading from a script and constantly interrupts his guests to ask questions the guest was about to divulge the answers to on their own. Interesting content, just a bad host.

FANTASTIC!   (5/5)

I cannot live without this podcast. The host, Dan Zupansky, does an amazing job with his interviews. How pleasing it is to hear an author interviewed about their book when the host has actually read the book! What a concept!!! It truly makes for a compelling and fulfilling experience for the listener. If you want to delve into the most interesting cases in modernity, listen to this outstanding podcast. Bravo!!!

I give up   (2/5)

I can't even listen anymore. I've downgraded my rating. Nothing has changed, no attempt has been made to improve production. Dan is as cold as the criminals featured on the podcast. He has no personality. When authors try to insert the least bit of satire his response is awkward if any. Everyone's talking over each other, stumbling and mumbling. I can barely keep my eyes open never mind pay attention to the subject matter. I'll check back in a few months and see if anything has improved but for now I have no choice but to unsubscribe.

Stories are great   (5/5)

Podcast recording and editing def needs improvement. Dan asks the right questions.! Lov it

sound quality   (2/5)

The information is good but the sound quality is awful. And the host is so monitone.

At the top of the pac   (5/5)

The best true crime podcast out there. Love Dan, he's a great interviewer and has interesting discussions. I wish the audio was better but it isn't horrible and the content is worth it. Give it a try.


OK if you miss UHF, a.m. radio and public access cable then this is a show for you! production value? Who needs that when you have Dan Zupansky. this is unintentional comedy at its finest! the best part is listening to him mutter through "Loot crate" commercials lol listen to the "ice and bone" episode @ 32 minutes. Is absolutely priceless you're going to think this is some mockumentary but it's not, he's actually serious. imagine if your father bought a mic @ radio shack and started a podcast... so good i cant even tell you

Love this podcast. Wish he'd get better gear though.   (5/5)

I've been listening to this podcast for a while. One thing I do actually enjoy is hearing the authors perspective of how they delve into the story learned all the characters personalities. The gear used to record this podcast can sometimes be glitchy or have echoes which can be annoying. But I think folks need to give it more credit. It kind of reminds me of old timey story telling which I enjoy. Thanks Dan!

Terrible Sound Quality   (2/5)

I really want to like this podcast, but it has such terrible sound quality, I never get past the first 10 minutes. The latest one cuts in and out so much that you can’t even understand what the guest is saying. Maybe the content is compelling (?), but I don’t know how any listener is making it through an entire episode.

Weird?   (5/5)

Not going to argue with all the comments about the sound, it is very strange but I have come to appreciate the sound almost like a character all its own. I find Dan's introductions stiff and awkward because its clear he's trying to get through in one take but it also adds flavor to the show. Content is great and subjects are very knowledgeable about the cases. Don't listen to just one and be put off, listen to several and learn to appreciate what is unique about it.

Great content audio needs work   (4/5)

This a great podcast if you can handle the not so good equipment that is used. I can take it so I will continue to listen to it.

Best podcast!   (5/5)

This podcast is the first that got me hooked on true crime podcast or podcasts in general! Dan does a great job interviewing his writers to get the best story. I have heard a lot of reviews that can't stand the sound quality but it doesn't bother me because the content is amazing!!! My fav are the interviews w burl bearer! I have listened to those interviews a couple times! Great job!

True Crime FAIL   (2/5)

I love anything to do with true crime: books, shows, movies, podcasts, etc. So I was super excited to tune into this show after Dan made an appearance on an episode or two of Sword and Scale. What an epic disappointment! The crimes, victims, and perpetrators are all stories I really *want* to hear!!! The only reason why I gave this show two stars is because I wanted to hear about these events in an informative, colorful way. Unfortunately the sound quality is epically bad; even with the volume turned all the way up it's are to hear. There is no editing done whatsoever... A ton of dead air as well as mumbling and stumbling especially by the host. He's terrible! Sounds senile at times. I also don't like that it always ends up being a shameless plug to sell a book. Super disappointing

Great show, ditch blogtalk.   (5/5)

I like this show, and I personally don't mind blogtalk level production, but the show would do much better if you put some more work into sound quality. I rate it high because the content is really good, and as I said I don't mind AM radio sound quality as long as the content is good.

Disappointing   (2/5)

I really use this podcast to fill in the time between new Sword and Scale episodes. I usually don't write reviews but I just attempted to listen to the Sophie Lancaster episode and was so disappointed to find that the audio of the author just kept cutting out. Some of her sentences were completely unintelligible and it was mind boggling that this wasn't fixed. I don't mind Dan as a host, however it is odd to me that he's a journalist and author and yet he can't seem to read a sentence aloud without stumbling like a 7 year old. Some of these episodes are great where the author perfectly runs you through the story and the people but some episodes are just intolerable when all the authors want to do is talk about themselves and their future books. I really don't care about the past of the author or the author's next project. You're on this podcast for this one story so tell it and be done. This podcast has a great concept behind it but it falls so horribly short of my expectations. Probably will stop listening and just listen to re-runs of Stuff You Should Know while waiting for Sword and Scale. If anybody is looking for a great true crime podcast, Sword and Scale is the place to look.

Great stories, poor production   (4/5)

Just minor editing would improve this podcast so much. The amount of long silences that go unedited are quite annoying. Just put a little effort into editing please.

Love the topics, sound is awful   (3/5)

I loved this podcast, but I had to stop listening because the sound quality is so awful. Numerous podcasts have spotty sound so bad that you can only catch every other word. Too bad, could be good.

Great content, poorly executed   (4/5)

The podcast itself is excellent. The true crime stories are fascinating but I find myself just googling the story itself while the podcast goes on. Dan is a lovely host but it is true that there is often technical difficulties which aren't edited out so you're sitting there listening to dead silence while a connection is trying to happen. I think he does most of these over Skype and it's just not a great way to record a podcast. I have read several books that the authors have written. He really does have some great people coming on! Unfortunately there have been a few episodes that I just had to completely skip over because of the poor sound quality. I work in an office which is quiet 99% of the time so that should give you an idea of just how bad the sound quality is. But it is a good show if you are just looking for bits and pieces to take away and dig through later .

Needs better audio.   (3/5)

Stopped listening because the recording quality was so poor. Really tried to hang on, because the interviews are great and I like the format, but sadly, finally gave up.

June 18 episode is the worst!   (2/5)

I get so frustrated with the poor sound quality. It makes it all. It impossible to listen sometimes. The episode from June 18: about Sophie is just the worst ever. The authors voice cuts in and out so much it's completely unlistenable. Most episodes are decent.

Awful quality   (1/5)

At least 50% of the episodes are unlistenable because the sound quality is dreadful. Another 45% are poorly hosted therefore you tend to tune out and it's just background noise. So disappointed.

True Crime, man   (5/5)

At first, I was somewhat put off by the sound quality of this show. However, I found that I'm looking forward to it every week. I think that the poor sound quality actually lends to the mood. Most of the time, it just sounds scratchy. A few of the episodes are totally awful because the interviewee is breathing loudly or the connection is bad. Usually I really like it and think about the stories throughout the week.

The Lancaster story   (5/5)

This story has bad sound quality for the author, not Dan the host though. Not sure if you can reload this because u miss over half the conversation because her phone call recording is spotty at best for reception.

Broadcasting from tin can studios   (3/5)

This podcast is always on my play list and I do find the stories and authors perspectives interesting. However, sometimes I find myself growing impatient less than halfway through a show because of the lower quality audio. It reminds me of what old talk am radio sort of sounded like. Just hoping the future will bring a much needed sound quality upgrade because I do like this show.

Sound so bad you can't understand it!   (2/5)

This last episode had a guest whose phone line was so bad. It kept breaking up. I checked, and it's not my earphones- it's only the guest, the host you can hear clearly. Never heard of Skype? So disappointing

Love it   (5/5)

I love this show! He picks great stories, and asks all the right questions.

Great subjects, poor production quality   (3/5)

As many other reviewers have stated, the production quality of the podcast is very low. At times it appears that that the interviewer is apparently unaware of the low quality of his end product. Often you hear phones being hung up, or dialed. The interviewer is oblivious to his microphone levels and often blasts your ears by leaning too close. He also would do well to learn how to mute the recording on his side so that his coughs and throat clearing are not part of the final recording. All that being said, he gets pretty good interviews and does ask relevant questions. I do get frustrated with the quality at times, but I continue to listen. I recommend this podcast and hope that his production skills will improve.

terrible   (1/5)

just loads of right wing anti democratic propaganda, do not listen to this terrible podcast

Best of true crime!   (5/5)

I really love this podcast. You can tell a lot of care and hard work go in to making this and I think that host does a fabulous job of keeping the interview moving and making sure the story gets told in the best way. I have spent many hours listening to this and have enjoyed every episode!

Love it!   (5/5)

Dan is a great interviewer. Although most of the stories are new to me, I really appreciate the additional details that I learn when familiar stories are covered. Dan's voice is soothing and easy to listen to. He has occasional technical difficulties but they aren't a big deal. I appreciate this FREE podcast!

Travel back in time   (1/5)

Like, to the 50s, when there was widespread ignorance and bigotry. And really bad production quality. Check out 'Abomination' episode, and listen to William Ramsey explain how the public is still being duped in 2016 by celebrity Satanists like Johnny Depp, Peter Jackson, Eddie Vedder, Marilyn Manson... And hear Dan invent a new word- triology? It's trilogy, Dan, you were so close.

5 Stars!   (5/5)

Great work keep up the good work you are doing.

Don't waste your time.   (1/5)

Great concept, extremely poor execution. The host has no interview skills. Consistently stumbles and asks the same questions repeatedly. He does not listen to what his guests are saying. The audio is horrible and there have been podcasts that abruptly end without a conclusion. Dan should listen to Sword and Scale and take notes. That is a podcast well done.

Fascinating!   (4/5)

The crimes are shocking, but to hear these authors share the stories makes it even more interesting.

Pulling teeth   (2/5)

The podcast has one thing going for it, interesting topics. Otherwise hanging on each word and question of the host is like pulling teeth. Painful and unnatural.

Jumping ship   (1/5)

I've tried to stay on board with this podcast because I enjoy the true crime genre, but the creator has obviously run out of authors to interview if he's stooping to the level of William Ramsey. Ramsey is an idiot who overlooks actual evidence in order to sensationalize an already gruesome case. I am unsubscribing and will never listen to another episode.

Blood Stain with Peter Lalor--Recommended   (5/5)

So, Dan is the host and has a most unusual and unique manner in which he interviews his guest. This is just 'his way'. I suggest, if you love learning about serial murders, get past that and listen to every episode! So many of these stories I wasnt aware of as they happen outside the US and aren't publicized here. Give this podcast a go! The information is worth it :)

Want more   (2/5)

I would like to see him be more informed and aggressive in his interviews. It mostly comes off as a hour and a half promo for the authors interviewed.

Horrible   (1/5)

I wish I could give 0 stars. I'm a huge true crime fan so when I found this podcast I was excited. I've tried multiple times to listen to this crap, but it drags its boring the host sounds forced. Maybe with better equipment and a much better host this podcast would be so much enjoyable.

True Crime   (4/5)

Excellent show! Dan Zupansky is one of the best interviewers!

Really enjoy the podcast   (5/5)

It's very interesting show.

Needs better production/sound quality   (3/5)

I like listening for the stories and interviews, but the production and sound quality need improvement. I was listening to one episode & the quality was so bad that the story could not even be finished so you were left hanging (the Lululemon Murder episode). I imagine there's no post-production to delete or fix mistakes, improve sound quality. It is sorely needed. Otherwise, I like the podcast for the stories and Dan seems like a nice guy.

Like the reviews   (5/5)

The interviews of the authors who wrote about a certain murder is great. I like listening to each episode.

A great podcast   (5/5)

and interviewer. There are times I have to turn it off only because some of the authors either interrupt too much or go way off on tangents of their own. And I appreciate the patience Dan has with them. Thankfully, there have been only 2 or 3 of these. I like the pace of the show and the helpful information given. Thanks!

Solid and entertaining   (5/5)

The host has a passion for what he does! Basic yet fun delivery. Unique and worth the try

Falls Short of Expectations   (2/5)

This podcast has the absolute best guests and topics, but the worst host imaginable. He sounds like he is reading from a script and does not interact with his guests - he only asks the exact same questions to each one and does not respond to them in any way. This is how each episode is structured, but it doesn't make for enjoyable listening. The guest authors, however, are wonderful. I recommend this podcast simply for discovering the true crime books that are covered; reading them for yourself is better than listening to this.

Want to love it but...   (3/5)

Good content, poorly delivered. Needs to work on sound quality and post edit.

The GodFather of True Crime Podcasts   (5/5)

We are LIVING for Dan Zupansky! When I first got into this podcast, I ended up blowing through every single back episode in one weekend. There are occasionally some minor delays and audio problems, but Dan acknowledges and adjusts them right away. He makes an effort to cover cases that other true crime shows neglect in addition to the old standards you'd expect to be covered, resulting in a nice blend of sharing new information about highly recognizable crimes AND fascinating coverage of crimes which are lesser known outside of the locales in which they occurred. The coverage of the Gitchie Girl was inspired! Keep it up! You are truest the OP - Original Podcaster - of True Crime podcasting!

Eh   (2/5)

I used to really love this show and I want to keep loving it but it's really hard to listen to after a while. Most of the time it seems like the host is uninterested or annoyed with the person he is interviewing. There are a lot of irrelevant tangents that make it hard to keep paying attention.

Comedy   (5/5)

This is unintentional comedy at its finest. listen to the "gitchy girl" @ 32 min. He stumbles threw a "Loot Crate" commercial it's priceless.

Disappointing   (2/5)

Audio is poor and the host is mediocre. Such a good premise though.

Boooooooring   (2/5)

Want to like it but it's so dry and sounds like rambling..

Worst podcast EVER!   (1/5)

The sound quality is more murderous than the stories being told on this podcast. The host sounds disinterested and seems to space out quit often throughout the interviews. I don't know if I heard him snoring at one point or if that was part of the horrible sound quality but I wanted to cut some Z's myself just listening to this.

Awesome podcast   (5/5)

Love this podcast and love ole Dan. It has some hiccups but for the the most part a great show. Would love to hear a show about the lake Waco triple murders. Keep up the good work and I will always be a loyal listener.

One of my favorite podcasts   (5/5)

Dan is a great host and he always has the most interesting topics. Currently working my way through the backlog and trying to catch up to the new shows. The only bad thing I would say is sometimes Dan tries to talk over the guest too much but it certainly doesn't ruin the show. One of, if not the best, true crime podcasts out there!

Favorite   (5/5)

There are new true crime podcasts popping up out there that I enjoy but this is still my favorite. I can't wait for each new episode. Keep up the good work of entertaining and informing.

Not very interesting   (2/5)

Although the topics sound very interesting, the interviews are always very dry and ramble. The audio quality is also not great so it sounds like you're listening to dry radio from a different era.

Great concept, Poor Host   (1/5)

I found this a few months back and listened to most of the shows. At first, I thought he was just getting into the swing of things, learning the ropes and all, but the show progressively got worse. From tech issues to just plain giving the wrong time or number to the author he's interviewing, it's just one issue after another. He also gets impatient with some of the people he interviews (you can tell which guests he likes and who he doesn't like), the questions can be very off the wall, he's incredibly rude, laughs at tragedies, and the tangents he gets off on that sometimes have nothing to do with the current show are all so aggravating. I kept trying to give it another chance all due to the amazing authors he has on, BUT he started blatantly complaining about the reviews he gets on show. Most podcasters try to fix their issues. He, instead, essentially tells people to deal with it. Fair enough. None of us have to listen, but one should be careful not to alienate an audience like that.

Great but needs Production clean up   (4/5)

In depth interviews with authors of true crime cases, long and interesting, however difficult to understand because the interviews are done on the phone and the quality is sometimes so noisy it’s difficult to hear. Gets good guests and the interviews would be excellent except for the difficult listening conditions.

I'm hooked!!!!   (5/5)

This is such a great podcast!!! Truly fascinating stories that will stick with you. The only thing that could use improvement is the technical stuff. Sometimes the volume of the interviewer is a little low but Dan is often doing phone interviews with people from all over the world so I'm sure it's no easy feat! He always seems well versed in the books of topic to the extent that he knows details that even the authors have forgotten!! Lol. I love it and I'm totally hooked!! Thanks Dan for keeping me entertained during my commute!!

Great Idea, Horrible Execution   (2/5)

Although I truly want to love this podcast, the quality of the audio and interviewing disappoints me. The interviewer seems distracted and uninterested, even though the stories are usually quite interesting. I would love to see this done well with new audio, a vibrant host, but with the same concept.

Dan is Great   (5/5)

I love this podcast. Some might think its "dry" but I love it! I've bought many books because of this podcast. Thanks, Dan!

No frills, straight to the point podcast   (5/5)

This podcast might not be everybody's cup of tea but it's become one of my top 5 favorites for many reasons. Dan Zupansky, the host, actually reads the whole book each week and asks intelligent, probing questions, while managing to remain polite and professional. The cases are always fascinating and compelling. The major drawbacks listening to this show are the sometimes poor quality of the audio and the awkwardly lengthy pauses between the end of the guest's response and the next question from the host.

I am hooked   (5/5)

I love this man's dry humor and narrative and find him extremely fun to listen to. He also picks the greatest and most interesting true crime stories. He cracks me up because he can come off so dry, like not too humorous, but I LIKE that about him. He’s the real deal. Keep it coming please!

Great Podcast   (5/5)

I enjoy listening to this podcast. I always look forward to the newest episodes. The topics are very interesting. If you like true crime I would recommend this podcast.

Great format…   (5/5)

I have become hooked on this podcast because of the Interesting Way, Dan presents the topics. It is fascinating to hear the actual authors of the book as they are interviewed in depth. The host is always prepared with relevant questions. This podcast has become one of my regular listens as I go on my morning walks.

Topics are great but host isn't.   (2/5)

I'm not trying to be rude, the host clearly does his research before the interviews but during the interviews, he seems uninterested and at times seems like he's trying to show up his guest. It's uncomfortable to listen to. The topics are great though.

Great podcast.   (5/5)

I'm a huge fan of true crime and I love this podcast. I listen every week.

Just great   (5/5)

Nothing fancy. Just a great podcast that looks at crimes we know--- and lots we don't. I look forward to it every week.

One of my favorites   (5/5)

I read some of the reviews and I disagree with thoughts on Dan. I love the show and I think Dan does a great job. I've listened to quite a few true crime pod casts and this is one of three that I really look forward to hearing new episodes. Great way to make my hour and a half commute to tolerable. Keep up the great work. Thanks- Candi

Love it   (5/5)

Wished there was more!!! I'm addicted

Great topics horrible recording quality   (2/5)

I love the topics of the show but the recording quality is so horrible and not edited, I eventually unsubscribe from frustration. There were episodes where he would try to call the interviewee and not get through. Yep that was the entire episode!!

Needs updates   (2/5)

I hate that if I don't finish the episode in one sitting I can't go back to where I was. It always starts over.

Great Podcast   (5/5)

I started listening to this podcast in September. I just finished all episodes today! Great Stuff. Some of the episodes with just Dan are a little Dry, but still great stuff! Keep up the great work!

Poor production   (1/5)

Up the production value. It sounds like a bad phone call.

Love it!   (5/5)

Although it has a few bumps in the technical road, the interviews, old style recordings and host are addicting to listen to. Great job!

Interesting content BUT..   (2/5)

The narrator should stick to writing books, as should many of the contributing commentators. The monotone and almost bored speech by one or both just ruins the material they're talking about. Don't even get me started on the poor sound quality.

I'm such a fan!   (5/5)

I love this show! I love the different books and authors selected. I work overnight and this is perfect and interesting to put on. The episodes are long so I don't have to keep changing them constantly. I like how Dan lets the authors speak and doesn't try to take over. I also enjoy how polite he is and how much respect he has for these guests. If a guests appears rude to him (not often) I always take it personally LOL. This is my go to fave podcast! Thanks and keep it up!!!

Love the Stories   (4/5)

I really enjoy the stories, ad hearing from authors that really know the story. I wish the sound quality was better-I have to turn the volume up much higher just to hear everyone, but it's worth it! I like that it's not simply 30 minutes, they take plenty of time to explain everything.

Excellent Show   (5/5)

A great true crime podcast. True murder explores so of the most interesting literature of the true crime genre, with each episode featuring a guest author who is interviewed regarding their book (the story behind their book is explored in detail throughout the episode). The host is a great interviewer and asks great questions providing a detailed account of many of the most frightening crimes. One of my favorite podcast. I highly recommend it to any fans of true crime or non fiction literature in general. 5 stars...

I like it   (4/5)

I see where other more critical reviewers are coming from (sound quality isn't great, good author =/= good speaker), but it doesn't bother me enough not to enjoy & recommend the podcast. I like the host and think he does a good job of leading the interview into a nice narrative format.

Good true crime podcast, but could use some improvements   (4/5)

Overall the content is good, sometimes great. But occasionally you get audio quality issues. Sometimes the volume difference between the host and the guest is huge. You have to turn up the volume to hear the guest, then get ear-blasted when the host speaks. Sometimes there are audio dropouts and so on. Also on some episodes, the guest did not show up, or show up really really late. Perhaps this should've been edited out and not included in the podcast. Also, Dan, could you please include the episode number in the title of the file? That would help to sort out the order of podcasts chronologically. You have great content, just need to present it in the best possible way. Otherwise, keep up the great work, I really enjoy your show!

Great Concept and Stories..High School Production   (4/5)

At first I was annoyed by the poor quality and poor interviewing skills of Dan. However, this podcast seems to grow on me. I do like that the topics and some of the authors are very enjoyable and comfortable discussing their book. I do not think Dan is a bad guy, these authors seems to give him lots of respect. Dan is just not the best at interviewing. Those awkard pauses when discussing the gruesome murder of someone should not be comical, but I get amused by Dan's seemingly disinterested responses. If I did not listen to this podcast at work, I would make it a drinking game. A shot when Dan gets caught off guard. Another shot when Dan says "incredible". Two shots for audio difficulties and of course a shot taken when an author is eating chips or drinking water. I am waiting to hear the toilet flush in the background. Despite that my 7th grade godson could crank out a better production, it is fascinating and these stories are truly (to quote Dan's favorite adjective) incredible.

Professional Interviewer   (5/5)

Really look forward to the weekly podcasts from ‘True Murder”. What i like is how he systematically tries to get the the ‘why’ of the crimes. What makes these people do these crimes. Excellent podcast.


I feel like half of the reviewers are just being mean. Yes, Dan makes me a little crazy with his technical issues (edit, Dan, edit) but he pumps out a solid interview every week which feeds my need for true crime nicely. He produces well conducted interviews with pretty insightful questions. It’s like reading a true crime novel in an hour and who wouldn’t love that? Don’t try to compare it to S&S, it’s not even the same format. This is an interview with an author and sometimes they write better than they speak but the content is spot on. Keep it up Mr. Zupansky.

Great Podcast   (5/5)

I think this is a great true crime podcast. I feel that Dan does a good job with it and out of all the true crime podcast it's my favorite.

AWESOME!!!!!!!!   (5/5)

Awesome show, love Dan he's great. Show is filled with nothing but facts and has little tidbits and insights you won't hear or find anywhere about different murders unless you listen to this show!! Not one episode in havnt liked yet. KEEP IT UP DAN!!!!!!!!

Hard to listen to   (1/5)

This podcast is very hard to listen to. The sound quality is horrible and the people sound stiff, uncomfortable and like they rather be somewhere else.

Favorite Podcast   (5/5)

This is my absolute favorite podcast!! Dan does a great job for a one man show and I'm always excited when I see a new episode has been published. Keep up the great work, Dan!

Has Potential   (2/5)

I wish I could give 4 stars for content and 1 start for production. I tried listening to this podcast about a year ago but could not get past the very bad production. With the upsurge of true crime podcasts, I thought maybe he worked on his sound quality and other never ending glitches and tried listening to his recent MAM episode. While I find the subject fascinating, I simply cannot listen to such poor sound quality. Get some help with this and even with the monotone voice, you might have a hit! That said, I won't try again. It is like finger nails on a chalk board trying to follow.

Interesting Cases   (4/5)

I had issues with the speed at first, but when listened to at 1.5 speed it was a very comfortable listen.

Great Premise   (5/5)

Ok so yes some of the audio and production are a little off, but this is a very good podcast. Sometimes the writers can be a little boring but most times they tell awesome and intriguing stories.

Disappointing   (1/5)

This really could be a great podcast. The topic is great, the concept is great. But I have to agree with so many of the other comments: the host sounds disinterested, as if he's reciting rote questions, and that even he falls asleep during the interviews. Some of the authors are awesome, however most do not seem prepared and are frequently as disinterested as the host. As if these things were not bad enough, then there are the poor production issues. If possible, I would have given this a negative 3 stars! I find it not only disappointing, but extremely irriating and frustrating... because it has so much protential to be a great podcast. Sorry guys, I'm no longer listening.

I'm addicted!!   (5/5)

This is by far my favorite podcast! I love true crime books and this show has all the great writers. I also love the way Dan Zupansky hosts. He really knows his stuff. You can tell he has read the books and has followed each case. Just a really great listen!

Superb Podcast   (5/5)

I'm very bewildered by some of the comments which are so critical of this excellent show. Dan is a superb interviewer, and the audio is very clear. He and the author he's interviewing set a pace that moves the story along and which establishes tension. Dan asks questions which clarify the story as it progresses. Above all, he lets the guest authors speak! Some return as guests, which clearly shows their respect. They obviously like Dan, and he and the guests have great rapport.

cold, lumpy oatmeal   (1/5)

The content would be OK if the host had even the slightest personality. Pass the mic to someone more engaging.

Snooze fest   (1/5)

This podcast could be amazing, but it is poorly produced, the host is disengaged, and the authors tend to drone on. I feel asleep during an episode...about a gruesome murder? I'm sorry, you're doing it wrong. More production and better story telling would make this a much better podcast.

Annoying   (1/5)

Some of the authors are interesting but the host is super annoying. He constantly interrupts his guests and brings up the same topics every week. The sound is also horrible sometimes.

Poor Audio Quality   (5/5)

Love this podcast but needs better sound quality!

Wasted Opportunity   (1/5)

Between Dan's inability to ask coherent questions and the wildly bad sound quality, this podcast is unlistenable. The content, while fascinating, does not out weigh the host's flaws.

I really really tried...   (1/5)

I've downloaded and tried to listen to this podcast multiple times. I think the subject matter is fascinating. But I can't listen it. The ads even interrupt each other. The host has awesome ideas and brings on some really interesting authors. It's just so hard to listen to. I really wish there was a transcript option to subscribe to.

Good   (4/5)

I have listened to nearly all of these, the ones that are good are pretty darn good, the ones that are bad are SO frustrating. I can handle the pretty common technical issues, but here is what I cannot handle with this podcast: The echoing in some episodes makes it unlistenable, the conversations where the host and the author are talking over each other is infuriating and I turn them off. Also, there are a few authors that sound like they are eating while speaking and I just can't even handle it... some potentially great stories were ruined by these things but overall I do like this podcast.

So close but yet so far   (2/5)

if the definition of insanity is doing something over and over again and expecting a different result then I may be insane. This podcast is a great idea but withconsistently mediocre to awful execution. On its best day the recording quality is mediocre - more often than not I just can't bear to listen. I would like Dan to take a class, buy some decent equipment, give up on Skype, share his questions with the guests so they can practice, know that IT'S OKAY TO EDIT. Just because someone wrote an intersting book doesn't mean that they should be asked to participate in a 1+ hour interview. Many of these authors don't review their book before the interview and thus can't even make reasonable citiations about their own material. Remember... just because you can doesn't mean you should. I really like true crime and I want to like this podcast but I can't recommend it. I keep downloading episodes hoping the last badly done episode is an anomoly but ... it's not.

Equipment   (2/5)

I'm so interested in these stories but I'm having a hard time listening because of a terrible equipment. I'm over it. It's sounds like it was recorded in the 50s..

Zero stars, host Dan Z. Is Awe-Full!!   (1/5)

Great idea. Terrible terrible host, bad audio, stupid questions, way to many "ummmm's", I mean really? Why are you even doing this podcast? It is such an embarrassment to the podcast industry! Anyone who says they LOVE this podcast is an idiot, or a family member of Dans because this is the worst podcast EVER! I want to like it, I want to listen to it, but it is so completely unlistenable, it's so extremely poor done that I seriously can not even listen to the dang podcast! Such a waste, such an embarrassment for Dan. Please just pass the podcast to someone else Dan, PLLLLEEEEEAAASSE!!

Good concept, mediocre execution   (2/5)

I wanted to like this podcast. I gave it several tries but couldn't stick with it. The topics are interesting and generally well-researched. But the podcast could benefit from editing and improved delivery. The host often clumsily reads from a script or seems bothered to engage with guests.

Great story, bad speakers   (2/5)

Even some of the best stories cannot be overcome by the horrible guests. I have tried over 20 episodes. Today I listened to "Mother's Day", a fascinating topic, but the author could not even remember his own book. The host had to remind him of facts and the author actually yawned three times while speaking. The 90 minute converstaion could have been covered in 30. I am forced to unsubscribe and a m trying Sword and Stone. This feels like a ppor attempt at covering crime, with monotone voices, ramblings, and way to much time spent on irrelevant parts.

Great podcast   (5/5)

There are quite a few different true crime podcasts out there and Dan's is among the best of them. Although he may not be Larry King when it comes to interviews, he makes it work and it always ends up being enjoyable. Keep up the great work!!

My favorite podcast   (4/5)

If you like true crime it's for you ... Interviewing authors and getting great details about the cases

True crime at its best   (5/5)

Very interesting and captivating guests.

Great true crime!!   (4/5)

Love this podcast but the production value needs work!! The host says he'll edit things out but never's frustrating, I just skip the episodes that are bad sound value, overall love this podcast!!!

Terrible Sound Quality   (2/5)

This podcast has horrible sound quality. I have to turn it up all the way to hear it at half volume. Some of the topics have been interesting but I've been pretty uninterested after listening to most of them.

Needs an upgrade   (2/5)

I love true crime and ran into this podcast and got super excited, only to listen and find out that the host was so incredibly dull and the authors were just as dull as the hosts. I do enjoy learning about all the murders and evidence and facts that the authors present and each crime is very interesting. This podcast just needs a little pick me up. Maybe a new host or a new set up!

My Favorite Podcast   (5/5)

I'm an avid podcast listener and also a huge true crime fan. This ranks as my top favorite podcast, second being This American Life. Dan does a great job interviewing and really keeps the listener intrigued. I look forward to listening to this podcast every week. Keep up the great work, Dan!

Want to like this!   (2/5)

The content of this podcast is very intriguing, but the drone of the host and bad audio make it very difficult to listen to. Could be much better.

Learn to read!!   (1/5)

Great idea. Horrible host. It's extremely hard to follow along because host can't seem to figure out basic reading. He's awkward in a bad way and asks stupid questions. At one point I even tried speeding it up, because I really wanted to enjoy the story. Impossible. Sir, please learn to read so you can see what we are all saying here! 📖📚☠🎙


Like many others, I was drawn to the podcast due to be the the subject matter and the guests, but I am so constantly frustrated that the interviews are so badly done that it just ruins the whole podcast. Dan: PLEASE learn HOW TO CONDUCT AN INTERVIEW. It’s not easy, but it’s not that hard. You start and stop sentences, you don’t have a cohesive idea that generates a question, these are Interviewing Basics, 101. You owe it to your guests, whose frustration we can actually HEAR when you don’t follow up on a line of thought (as others note here, you seem totally tuned out, as if you’re not bothering to listen!) and then you ask questions that are not even of interest, or are tangential at best. And it’s not like there’s no way to learn! LISTEN to good interviewers. PRACTICE questions. ASK people you admire. YOU CAN DO THIS, but if you don’t at least TRY….. buh-bye. :(

Great interviews and discussions   (5/5)

Thank you for a great show.

Has to edit   (3/5)

Reallyyyyyy has to work on editing but most authors are very good.

Host Ruins It!   (1/5)

This could be a good podcast. Typically the authors are top notch with good topics. The problem is the host... He is a terrible interviewer... Stilted and awkward leading every question with "tell us about..." Come on.. Listen to good interviews... They carry a conversation! It is so bad I deleted the podcast... A shame!

Riveting and real!   (5/5)

Dan does a GREAT job talking to the authors and getting the parts out that REALLY make you want to read(or listen to) the book! Highly recommended!!!

Not quite polished   (2/5)

This show has potential with true crime fans but the host just doesn't keep me interested. I found myself zoning out. The host needs more enthusiasm or needs to ask some better questions. Check out Sword and Scale for a better true crime experience.

Good topics. Bad presentation   (2/5)

The cases that have been selected for discussion are usually interesting. On the other hand the host is not comfortable being on the radio and sometimes he skips all over the place when talking about a case. One case in particular stands out. It's the case of Kendrick Johnson the teen who was found dead in a rolled up wrestling mat at the school. Even though there is overwhelming evidence that this kid fell into the gym mat and was asphyxiated the host repeatedly refers to this as the "Kendrick Johnson murder case". Neither the host or his private eyes working for the family present one ounce of evidence that this is a murder case. They claim that the surveillance tape from the gym is missing yet I've seen it on TV and YouTube. The host is incredibly irresponsible and naive to refer to this as a murder case if he doesn't present any evidence about who may have killed Kendrick. His guests, usually the authors of the books, are frequently hard to understand and some mumble when answering questions. I got tired of the tedious flow of the podcasts.

Poor audio quality   (2/5)

I keep coming back to this show, hoping the audio would be improved. After over a year of trying, I'm throwing in the towel. Figure out you ones and twos guys.

The most prolific and probably most widelt listened to podcast. Yeomans work Dan!   (5/5)

This podcast is really great for a guy like me. I enjoy having the authors be able to be themselves and not be coached or rushed through the interview. The authors voices really get a chance to be themselves on this show. He uses a service to talk to the guests which sounds like skype, and which is not my favorite, but he is doing yeomans work. Not only does he seem to be reading all the books which come on his show (many see the archive) but he really tries to put his personality and agenda to one side which I like. He is an expert on the subject, but doesn't use his expertiese as a flail like some really smart people do. So you get one hour of uninterrupted author time, for free, and plenty of episodes. I would trade audio quality for quality of show and quantity of show anytime. Keep up the good work Dan, and thanks for the hours of entertainment.

I love this podcast!   (5/5)

It's honest, gory and finds the most fascinating stories. I like the idea behind the interviews with authors. I wish the authors would re-read their books before coming on sometimes but Dan does an awesome job helping to tell the story. And actually, his podcasts of his own books are my favorite!

Awful production value   (1/5)

Why does this podcast sound like it was recorded on a telephone?

Torn   (3/5)

Content is great. Dan is either a narcoleptic, or he has absolutely no interest in what those being interviewed have to say (and must be juggling the interview with a game of solitary). Every once in a while the guest will say "Hello?" I'm guessing they all know he's still there, just kind of a "hello, you even listening to me?"

Host is terrible   (2/5)

Cool premise but the host is terrible. It would be easier to listen to if a six year old was hosting. I believe he thinks he's a little too smart for his own good.

My all time FAVORITE PODCAST!!!   (5/5)

I love the host. He asks all the right questions and knows what the listener wants to know about the authors book. Makes me want to buy every audio book he covers. Hands down the BEST TRUE CRIME OF PODCASTS! Audio and recording is a work in progress over the last year. But I have faith he will figure it out. Stay with us Dan!

Murder of True Crime Stories   (2/5)

Pros: - the intriguing nature of the crimes themselves - insightful guests Cons: - the host's inability to pull a cohesive story out of the guests - the host's annoying guessing game approach to asking questions of the guests

Good content, NEEDS better producing   (3/5)

Like many of the other reviews, the podcast premise is great, but the sound quality, interviewer attentiveness to the interviewee (maybe he's just not that experienced as an interviewer?), and just overall podcast producing needs a vast amount of improvement. Is this entire podcast (including opening and closing music) recorded on a phone from 1989?

Good topics, but a total train wreck otherwise   (2/5)

Technical difficulties that should not occur, and if they do, could easily be edited out of the final product, host sounds like a robot speaking into a 10 dollar microphone, and seems like little work is done before the episode on the hosts behalf.

Good Podcast   (4/5)

OK, so this is not at the level of Serial or This American Life, but this is a fascinating podcast. Zupansky does not have a polished style, but it is somewhat endearing. A suggestion for Zupansky is to have a 15-20 minute pre-produced introduction segment, which would remove most of the awkwardness of the beginning of each show.

Great interviews   (5/5)

I really enjoy the host's style and think he leads the conversation well. I love hearing from the authors and have liked all the books I've read from the shows recommendations.

Hit or miss   (3/5)

Fascinating information presented by authors who sometimes have no speaking skills and varying sound quality leave something to be desired.

Terrible production   (1/5)

This is terrible - the production is awful - endless beeping, the sound drops in and out. You do realize you are creating an audio program, right? Then it should be listenable!! On top of that the host has zero interviewing skills. Also the one I listened to - the authors seem unfamiliar with their own stories and ramble out of order and are very confusing. You are better off reading an article about any of these stories!

Awful   (2/5)

Everything about this podcast is awful. Audio is terrible! Dan is rude and dismissive to his guests. I can't understand why this show is rated so highly!

I can't make it through an episode.   (1/5)

The audio is crazy bad.

It's Ok   (3/5)

This podcast could be better. The stories are great but the interviewer talks over the interviewees, interrupts them, and will ask another question when the interviewee has finished their sentence but you can tell they are about to say more. It just doesn't seem interested, like he's trying to merely "get through it". For a 5 star true crime podcast check out Sword and Scale.

Good. Solid.   (4/5)

I think Dan does a good job. Interviewing skills take time to perfect. I don't have a podcast. I've never interviewed anyone for podcast. As much as folks complain about long winded questions etc. Dan does a good job. He's consistent and he's gotten better. Keep up the good work, Dan.

want to like this...   (3/5)

I'm really trying to keep listening, but this is incredibly boring - the host messes up a lot/gets his words out of order, sounds like he's just reading off a list while interviewing, and then the authors aren't interesting either. Maybe it's because there are no sound bytes or other things in this podcast that make the others more interesting? I don't know... I love the idea of this, but...

Until Someone Gets Hurt - Loved This Episode   (5/5)

Amazing stories. There have been a few episodes where I struggled to stay tuned in because the author's strong suit was more researching and writing and not talking. I like the host and appreciate the effort that he puts into it. It can't be easy working with different personalities with varying degrees of technical equipment and/or expertise in operating said equipment.

Better alternatives out there   (1/5)

I held out for so long before writing this review! I think I had several red flags throughout, but what finally made me write this was having listened to several other (more contemporary in style, better researched) true crime podcasts, the. I actually dropped this one altogether. The host is slow, I excited about his interviewees, and never probes anything beyond the most superficial. The Holmes interview was insane. You have a chance to ask challenging and interesting questions to someone making an enormous (and possibly ridiculous) claim, and you lay down and accept it? This seems counterintuitive to the nature of the genre. Points for getting this genre going on this medium, but I'm done listening.

Could be 5 stars but..   (4/5)

Could have been 5 out of 5 stars but, 1. The audio is pretty bad. 2. Needs editing. These are simple to fix. I love the guests, good host, great books.

Needs work   (2/5)

Love the topics but Dan needs some work with his style. He comes across as bored and monotoned - and it seems as though his authors aren't well prepared either.

Great show - sometimes poor audio quality   (3/5)

lots of great episodes, really like the show. but the audio quality can be super distracting which is unfortunate.

My favorite podcast   (5/5)

I've always been fascinated by the psychology of serial killers and this podcast definitely delivers. In addition to the more famous names, the host encompasses a prolific variety of perpetrators, titles, and authors that I had never heard of. He is one of the best interviewers I've ever listened to. He asks the most interesting questions and expertly steers the conversation to keep the listener hooked. You can tell he reads each and every book featured. I just started listening last month and I've become an avid listener.

Great podcast but.....   (4/5)

This is a really great true crime podcast. The host Dan Z. does a great job however, some of the authors that come on the show seem very uninterested in their own work.

Puts you to sleep   (1/5)

Seriously couldn't get through a single episode. These people make murder boring. The audio quality is laughable, the people speaking are SOO monotone, and the questions/details are just BORING. I wanted to learn about small time killers, instead I got a nap.

Painful   (2/5)

I love true crime and was excited for this show. I listened to the latest episode, "mother's day" and the author was absolutely painful to listen to. As if the million "ums" after every word wasn't bad enough, he was putting me to sleep with his somber, melancholy demeanor and yawning in between sentences. I couldn't finish the episode

Oh what could have been....   (3/5)

As far as content, it's one of the best around. But the audio and makeup of the podcast are horrible. One tip, at all costs, avoid episode #8. The audio is by far the worst and the interviewee is very frustrating. It's about the Night Stalker, which is amazing but the author talks in such a manor that is just maddening.

Pretty good   (3/5)

Some of these are entertaining and informative ., although there is one guest on here sometimes that I cannot listen to at all., he keeps saying "umm" ,"ummm". And it goes by so slow., this guy might be good at writing books but he should not be on this podcast.

I like Dan but not most writers!   (2/5)

I like how Dan tried to engage he listeners. Sometimes I am baffled by the writers. They can't remember their own books or talk so SLOW and seem so careless and bored. It's very disengaging. The ones who are passionate about their story are the ones whose books I want to read. All others need to be NOT invited back on the show. Dennis McDougall was the worst writer/speaker to ever be on this show. Keep yo your hard work Dan!

Great Podcast for True Crime Fans   (5/5)

I really love this podcast. I'm a really big fan of True Crime & this podcast is a must have. I have several books on my to do list that I have discovered via this podcast.

No more Stephen Williams or Dennis McDougall   (2/5)

I can’t tell you how lame a speaker Stephen Williams is... Maybe he can write books but story telling is not his forte… It is painful to hear him talk - the guy can't get out one coherent sentence… If he isn’t stuttering he loses track of what he's saying... God I was so excited for a new show and to find out its him again - and it’s still the Karla Holmoka story!!! Ugh - no more - be done with him for a very long time - he is not easy to listen to!!! Seriously!

True Murder Podcast   (5/5)

Best true murder podcast there is is in the Internet! But I'm still hoping for a show on one of my favorite books from Dan! In Cold Blood by the late great Truman Capote! Hopefully soon, great show and for any armchair Detective or true crime reader look no further! Thanks Dan!!

Boring   (2/5)

I tried so hard to like this since I'm a true crime fan. It has a good idea/topic but it lacks entertainment. I could listen to this if I need to be put to sleep.

I so wanted to like it...   (2/5)

I cant follow the story because the audio is so terrible. The questioning is so random seeming in some cases. I love the concept.. I just feel like it needs some more effort, higher quality equipment; something. I really really wanted to love it.

Professional and Informative   (5/5)

Recent audio discrepancies aside, this is THE definitive true crime podcast. People criticizing the quality of the mic used, and/or leveling unfair judgment on the overall audio quality of this podcast need to see how difficult it is to maintain podcast. If it’s not the faulty overpriced equipment that provides obstacles, it’s Skype, or more often than not: ITUNES is at the root of most of the audio issues!!! It is arduous, time-consuming, and often thankless to produce a podcast. Instead of the criticism, why not donate to improve the situation? Those that can not do…criticize unfairly. Dan has written a book…can you say the same? Anyway, I for one have a deep appreciation for what Dan Zupansky is doing here. Not only is he an expert when it comes to drafting quality questions, he is also adept at filling the quiet lulls that arise in all interviews from time to time. Additionally, I have to say Dan is able to corral an impressive list of names here for your interviewing please. He has prosecuting attorneys, best selling authors, lawyers, and all manners of trustworthy sources. All the infamous cases are covered and then some: Gacy, Bundy, etc. they’re all here. Go back and start from the beginning and enjoy-because TRUE MURDER is about to drop a plethora of knowledge on even the most seasoned true crime enthusiast. At the center of it all is Dan himself, who equals, if not surpasses the knowledge of even the most celebrated of crime authors. He is the right captain for this ship and has really put together an exceptional podcast here. Are there a few audio issues out of the 75 or so episodes…let me ask you…what podcasts don’t? There is no major studio here, thereby this is Dan’s baby in every which way, and this only adds to the feats that are accomplished here. Download and bulk and listen to them all. They are quite addicting! Thanks Dan for all that you do!!

Good subject   (2/5)

This podcast is interesting, but I find the advertisements interrupting the opening of the show. The podcast would be great if the authors could be heard better.

Good podcast   (5/5)

Some audio issues occasionally, but it is almost always interesting.

Get your act together   (1/5)

This podcast is great in terms of the wide range of true crime authors that Dan interviews--you get a short version of some really interesting books on provocative topics, and some of the guests are great. That said, I find this podcast incredibly obnoxious from a technical standpoint. Every single episode opens with Dan fumbling and mumbling as he attempts to connect with his guest in the midst of technical problems, and some "podcasts" are nothing but several minutes of him trying to unsucessfully contact his guest. Despite repeated apologies and promises to edit out these moments and get the problem fixed, it's been the same thing for years now and only seems to be getting worse. He frequently interrupts and talks over his guests, which is also annoying to listen to. As much as I want to like this podcast, I'm ready to trash it and move on.

Such a waste of good subject matter   (1/5)

I love true crime, so I thought for sure I would be enthralled when listening to this podcast. Boy was I wrong. I have attempted to listed to five different episodes from all different points in time of this podcast’s production, and each one is just as unlistenable as the next. Dan sounds uninterested, stumbles on his words several times throughout each episode, and is possibly the most boring person to listen to. He should not be a radio host. What a waste of suspenseful subject matter. The episode about the greyhound bus is literally just listing off times and facts from a sheet of paper in a completely monotone voice. I’d rather listen to someone describe paint drying than listen to another episode of this garbage.

Interesting   (4/5)

I am fascinated by some of the stories and there are some very interesting authors on here. I've started listening maybe in the past 6-9 months and listen almost daily on my commute.

Oddities   (3/5)

I generally don’t mind the audio and I find the host sincere and seemingly well-prepared. It’s the authors who leave me scratching my head. Granted, I’ve only listened to about ten episodes, but I surprised that one author admitted to having not read his book in several years, so he seemed to rely on guidance from the host. Another author kept making comic book references that detracted from an otherwise potentially interesting story. Other authors I found fairly inarticulate with regard to setting a nice scene for the listener. In fact, several of the authors sounded as if they were, if not creepy weird, harmlessly weird (but not in an endearing way). I guess if you go around making your living off the misery of other people you might have some quirks :-)

Love the show   (5/5)

Yes there are problems with audio sometimes. I don't care! I'm always on the edge of my seat! Thanks Dan Z and keep it up!

Addicting!!!   (5/5)

Love it. Eagerly await each new cast!!

Authors ramble too much   (2/5)

My problem with this show isn't the host being boring, it's the authors RAMBLING! Please just tell the story! It's like they just love to hear themselves speak. I am bored to pieces. Such a great concept, but the authors should be edited to exclude the excess!

Very interesting but the sound quality is almost unbearable   (2/5)

I really which they would clean up the sound on this podcast I'm about 5 episodes deep and it's so interesting, but at times the static makes it impossible to hear. I can look past the host being less than average because the authors tend to have such interesting things to say. If the sound was crisp i'd give it a solid 4 stars.

Unlistenable   (1/5)

I was looking for additional true crime podcasts after loving both serial and sword and scale. But this podcast is unlistenable. The sound quality is so bad it's hard to understand what's being said. The audio is quiet and the host constantly stumbles over his words. He sounds like a nervous third grader reading a script for a school play for the first time. The sound quality is far worse than a Skype call and even worse than a cellphone conversation. While I might have been able to tolerate the deplorable sound quality, the constant mistakes and stumblings of the host are too much. There was a point when j honestly thought the sound quality and host mistakes were some kind of meta-joke because I didn't believe something of such poor quality would be released. Stumbling on your script isn't a crime, but failing to pause, and re-record that segment of the script error free is lazy at best.

Change format   (2/5)

At first, I liked this as it got me through work. More and more lately, I stop listening. The host consistently interrupts. The authors are dry. There have been a lot of technical difficulties. There hasn't been a lot about the crimes but more about the authors' exercise in writing the book. Yawn.

A waste of good guests   (2/5)

I'll agree with much of what other reviewers say. Many of the topics and guests hold much promise. Then two things happen: 1) the audio quality is unlistenable - imagine a ham radio broadcast from Fiji being picked up in the Arctic Circle, and 2) the host doesn't listen to what the interviewee says. He waits for a pause, then reads his next question, never mind that the guest just made a statement that absolutely screams for follow-up. Zero rapport. Someone with these social skills should not be hosting. A shame, because I really wanted to listen to some of these interviews. I simply couldn't.

Would be great w different host   (1/5)

Terrible terrible reader!!!

The content is great, the quality of sound not so much   (3/5)

Great content and well spoken guests, but the technical glitches make it extremely difficult to listen to. Dan always mentions that he will edit things out during the podcast, which I think points to the fact that he does not in fact know how to edit things out. I really enjoy the topics but this podcast needs to be finessed before it can be great.

Production value is a big problem for this otherwise interesting podcast   (3/5)

I like True Murder. The subject matter is interesting, the books in question seem REALLY interesting, but it’s like my fifth choice of crime podcasts for a couple of reasons. 1) I think my single biggest problem is just the sound quality. I’m not sure if it’s the sound itself or the sound editing, but this has been consistently awful. The Homolka episode in particular — a recent episode, not an early episode — was one of the worse offenders. While the podcaster was at full volume, the interviewee was so quite that I couldn’t hear him unless I turned the volume up all the way. Which, of course, killed my ear drums whenever the podcaster started talking again. I found the subject matter very interesting, but the podcast itself was unlistenable. It seems like this would be something that could be easily fixed with proper sound mixing. And it is by far the biggest problem I have with the podcast. 2) The interviews sometimes lack narrative structure, and often spend too much time focusing on the writing/editing/publishing process, and not enough time delving into the details of the crime, or giving a more dynamic overview. Maybe doing some interview prep would help? Editing down parts of the conversation that get super long winded? Maybe start with the case and then transition into advice for new authors and thoughts about the writing process? I don’t know. These people all have really interesting stories to tell, but some are much better told than others.

THE Absolute Worst!   (1/5)

I am with the many others who really wanted to like this podcast because the premise is so great, but the production level of this show would be better executed by a tech-savvy six year old. I mean, this is really awful. I really wanted to get into these compelling stories but there is just no story telling at all. In what world does a story about rape and serial murder come off as dry, boring, and just plain dull?

Poor production quality   (1/5)

Most episodes make me feel like I'm listening in on a bar room conversation. There is really no format to speak of.

Production Quality is Lacking   (2/5)

That is putting it lightly. The stories and guests are great and this podcast could be great. Listening to the INVISIBLE DARKNESS episode, the volume on the recording device is clearly down the entire time. It really is basic production quality that would make this a can’t miss podcast. Do you wanna be good or great?

Good idea, falis in excecution.   (3/5)

As a criminal justice major, I've been looking for a good podcast pertaining to the subject. While I enjoy the subject matter, I must say the quaility of this podcast needs an overhaul. Compared to other podcasts on itunes this one falls way behind. The narrator is also nothing to write home about, I'm sorry to say.

Was Fred Rosen Drunk?   (4/5)

I love your podcast but Fred Rosen was all over the place in the latest episode. I couldn't follow the story.

Needs a lot   (1/5)

Host is too dry and flat to listen to. Sorry but that's the truth.

Would it hurt to learn Audacity?   (4/5)

Great content, but in 2015 you can edit podcasts, taking out extra detritus, before sending it out. It's embarrassing hearing the host and guests butt heads.

Poor quality :(   (2/5)

I so wanted to like this but was put off by the things everyone else seems to be noticing - distractingly bad technical issues (host fades in and out of earshot, static, vocal distortion) and lack of production value (why not edit out the host and interviewee repeating questions or discussing the many technical gaffes?) - all of which might be worth soldiering through if the interviews weren't so badly conducted. Half the questions are worded like, "so this happened next. Tell us that" leaving the poor interviewee with no choice other than to repeat the exact same thing he was just asked. The two podcasts I struggled through were both bogged down by a barely audible host narrating half the story and no special insight into the authors expertise. How can you make true crime so boring?!

Topic fine, politics need to go   (2/5)

I have listened to almost ALL the podcasts from this series. Overall the topics are really interesting and the stories and authors’ takes on their writings are fantastic. My issue is that this podcast has sort of turned into a Nancy Grace-like show. Many times Mr. Zupansky and the authors will bring their own politics and opinions on the subjects into the stories - none of these people, with few exceptions, are legal experts or medical experts. It’s annoying and has caused me to stop listening.

Good subjects/Poor quality   (2/5)

When technology and good audio equipment is so affordable, there's no reason why a podcast should sound this muddy. I don't necessarily believe it's the host's microphone or the subject's phone connection, I think the show is uploaded at such a low bit rate that all clarity is lost. Just compare the sound quality of Sword & Scale vs. True Murder = this show sounds like it's under a blanket.

Always interesting   (4/5)

The host always prepares thoroughly for each show, which makes for a great interview. He could use more technical assistance or knowledge to keep episodes from abruptly ending or never starting, but I find these mishaps just as compelling as the subject matter. You can sometimes cut the tension with a knife when things go wrong. The listener never knows what to expect: it often feels like we've time travelled to the early days of broadcasting. I find the host's tenacity strangely endearing and appreciate his knowledge and dedication to the genre.

Do any of the podcasters read the reviews??   (2/5)

This is a good podcast but could be better. The host is not very engaged with guests & seems to only be reading off a list questions.

Sadly, I Can't Listen Anymore. Moving on.   (1/5)

As I write this review, I wonder if it will be read by Dan? Does he read these reviews? Does he care what his listeners say? Sadly, I don't think he does. The fact that the same problems still exist in this podcast, after they have been reported in numerous reviews, for FIVE years, smacks of arrogance to me. This podcast is now five years old and basically the same problems exist - 1) dead air; 2) poor audio quality - the last one I listened to (2012) had echoes after each statement. I couldn't take it anymore, so I went on to the next show. 2) repetitive statements -"Thank you for agreeing to this podcast." Then restating it again a few seconds later. It makes me what to scream! Please connect with the author before the show begins and get the formalities over with then. We know you are grateful. We heard you mention it ad nauseam in past interviews. 3) Asking a question of the author, THEN instead of being quiet, continuing to ask multiple questions, many of them incomplete sentences. It becomes confusing/distracting that I forget the original question. 4) 'Umm' and 'you know' spoken by some authors is maddening, sometimes repeated three or four times in one sentence. 5) Authors voices going 'up'at the end of sentences. Don't they listen to themselves talk? What is that all about? Do they live in Calif.? I can't take it any more!!! I stopped three shows in a row, mid-way through, because it was so distracting and unpleasant. I'm done, Dan. I bet you are a nice guy, but the fact that you don't correct these issues, smacks of arrogance and disregard of your audience. I'm a small business owner and I would be out of business if I disregarded the feedback from my clients. Shame on you for not making these improvements. I'm done wasting my time. I'm moving on to better quality shows.

Great content!   (5/5)

Love the idea! And quality has really improved. Look forward to it every week

Dan is a class act!   (5/5)

Great podcast. Each ep. is Dan interviewing an author about one of his or her true crime books. You get the full coverage of each case. Some guests are better than others and sometimes the sound is rough BUT Dan is an excellent host and knows the books better that the authors do.

bleh   (1/5)

I really really wanted to like this podcast, but just couldn't. The stories are good but not well organized so I would find myself thinking more than listening. I think a big part of the reason I couldn't get into it was the sound quality. It's abosultely horrible. It just sounds like a crappy phone recording or something.

Okay podcast   (2/5)

It would be a good podcast except for bad editing and poor interview skills like others have said. It gets to be very annoying when listening. Good premise but doesn't really work with this interviewer.

Great Idea - Painful Audio   (2/5)

Like so many others have said, the premise for this podcast is great but the audio is seriously painful. The volume changes from loud to muffled at random as if the person speaking just covered the mouth piece with their hand, there are constant glitches that break up the audio so you have to “fill in the blanks”, and there are sounds of paper shuffling or cords sliding across the receiver that often interrupt the interview. I love true crime and want to love this podcast but listening to these episodes is a chore. Please improve your audio quality - take some notes from Mike at ‘Sword & Scale’.