Aggregated reviews for Uncover

Uncover is an investigative series from CBC Podcasts. Season 6: Satanic Panic. Season 5: Sharmini. Season 4: The Cat Lady Case. Season 3: The Village. Season 2: Bomb on Board. Season 1: Escaping NXIVM.

Dead Wrong Excellence   (5/5)

Season 7 of UNCOVER is nearly a perfect telling of the Glen Assoun wrongful conviction. Hosted by Tim Bousquet, the storytelling is succinct, engaging, and layered. No missteps here. I listen to a lot of podcasts and this one stands out as one of the best I've ever listened too. So very good.

Incredible   (5/5)

Absolutely amazing investigative work. Worth listening to.

This needs a public inquiry!   (5/5)

The levels of corruption deepen with each episode. Where is the accountability?

Season 6   (3/5)

Satanic Panic series was very good but focused way too much on the effects on the police and less on everyone else involved. It would’ve been nice go get a fuller picture of the situation without relating everything back to the cops.

Season 7   (5/5)

Episode 7 is very strong! What's great about Dead Wrong is how it manages to surprise... crying out for help for a tragedy which hunts for justice.

Season 6...   (1/5)

With certain things coming to light recently, Season 6 is highly problematic. Many, many people have come forward about child sex trafficking, SRA, etc... I have a feeling those involved with producing this season will eventually have some serious regrets about this “reporting”.

Great except the narrator...   (2/5)

On season 4, I really appreciated the research and the story. It brought me in, but I had to give up on episode 2 because I just can’t keep going with the narrator’s voice. It’s much too slow, and he sounds like he’s trying too hard to speak slow and low. This makes me fall asleep and I kept on having to go back 30 seconds because my brain can’t simply follow it. Listening at work, during walks, and while driving a car, I need something that doesn’t make me sleep. I know it’s not the story. Unfortunately I’m just going to have to google the story and/or find a YouTube doc about it......

podcast good - glen bad   (5/5)

love the podcast BUT screw glen im glad he got beat up in prison because he didn’t have an issue beating up women.

Reason to care?   (2/5)

Why should we care that an abusive ex-boyfriend is wrongly accused of his ex-girlfriends murder? The prevailing injustices are that the real killer is not pursued and law enforcement are so proudly incompetent.

Really liked the first season...   (1/5)

It was engaging and every episode brought in new and interesting info. But the latest seasons have been SO boring and repetitive. Especially satanic panic, which used the same information over and over and over every episode. I gave all seasons a try because of the first one but I’m gonna have to give up on this show.

Bored to death   (2/5)

This season is so boring I keep finding myself not paying any attention at all, then I restart, then it happens again, I’m giving up.

Well Done   (4/5)

I like how respectful they are of victims and ongoing cases. The only issue was the narrator for the Cat Lady season. It’s like he is talking to a child. Also, I really dislike how Sara is made a victim in season 1 when she recruited thousands into a cult she full well knew was corrupt.

Great job neighbors   (5/5)

At first I thought that Canada besides having a disproportionate amount of famous comedians also has a lot more murderers and wild true crime stories than many of the other countries in the world . But after throughly enjoying 7 incredibly well done seasons of Uncover which should be considered a “prestige podcast” along with the other 2 dozen or so supremely produced podcasts created by CBC it is obvious that Leslie Merklinger has put together a team that continues to create audio content that is head and shoulders above the rest of the world. Look forward to continuing the to enjoy your guys content, thanks CBC! Best, Mike in 🇺🇸

Anyone else feel like he’s whispering??   (3/5)

Somehow I feel like the story is being whispered and not spoken the entire time (season 4)

Psychic   (2/5)

Why??? Why does any podcast have to give BS from a “psychic”? You know if psychics were legitimate they would just give you the name of the murderer. Come on people it’s 2020, time to let go of your fairy tales. The only good thing about a psychic is they’re incredibly intelligent and masters of manipulation. Dont be so gullible and naive. Sorry-pent up from so many podcast.

Great podcast   (5/5)

Well researched, well told

CBC podcasts   (5/5)

Love them so well done! Learning lots about Canada. KG

Season 1 got me hooked   (5/5)

Love the storytelling and how learning about these people’s stories have got me interested in doing all the research.

Season 4 is backwards   (4/5)

I keep having to go to the episodes list and click on the next episode because it keeps playing the previous one instead.

SRA is REAL   (1/5)

No amount of podcasts/documentaries on catchy phrases of days gone by(satanic panic) will negate the fact that it’s mathematically/statistically impossible for Q Anon drops to be a “coincidence” Before lumping Q research into the “conspiracy” category, read it for yourself - research yourself (much like those professing Christianity/Christ/the Bible being an “opiate for the masses” - they are the precise people whom haven’t read the Bible in its entirety)

Hm   (1/5)

The fade over your voice interviews is a bit messy. It sounds like you are making up new words for the interviewed person and it feels disrespectful a little

Mostly good   (3/5)

Season 4’s narrator speaks unbearably slow!

Please lord adjust the mic   (4/5)

My only complaint is that the mic is too close to the mouths of some of the people interviewed. Hearing Jen tell her story in the season 1 bonus makes me want to rip my ear drums out.

Season 1 is very good   (3/5)

Season 1 is great, the rest of the seasons are hit or miss. The host changes each season, and there are a few hosts with really annoying voices. You never know what you’re going to get.

Very good, but...   (3/5)

The seasons are uneven. Each season could be shorter, actually. I get the feeling the information is stretched thin to make a longer season out of each story. The hosts are also uneven. Would be better with one experienced host, and guest journalists each season.

Great podcast if you’re canadian   (4/5)

I’ve listened to tons of true crime podcasts. This podcast goes in-depth to topics/events that I’ve heard the an abridged version of other places (leaving our astonishing details and facts). If you like well researched and thorough breakdown of true crimes, this is a great podcast.

Season 1   (1/5)

Season 1 was the best. Not a fan of all other seasons on this podcast.

Outstanding   (5/5)

Extremely well produced and narrated, stark reminder that the criminal justice system is often blind and hardly just.

Each season is different and compelling   (5/5)

Season one was so incredible and I couldn’t stop listening. Each season after that was as compelling and so thoughtfully created to tell a story and keep you invested. One of my favorite podcasts out there. I’ve recommended it to others who also love it. Can not wait for the new season.

Ok   (3/5)

Some of it got boring I want a podcast that I will be of the edge of my seat begging for the next one Other than that it was good

Meh   (3/5)

It’s okay. Got kind of boring and repetitive.

Fantastic reporting   (5/5)

Every single season of this podcast has been so very well done. The writing and reporting are tasteful and the stories, heart wrenching.


Each season and episode of this podcast are very well done. The listener gets well informed by the presenter. It is well worth the listen.

Season 6 is terrible   (1/5)

Narrator is not objective and snarky. Tries to discredit all existence of satanic ritual abuse. She needs to do research and get educated.

Not bad; not great   (3/5)

Nothing spectator here but worth a listen.

Absolutely wonderful   (5/5)

I just want to say, I’ve seen the documentary. This podcast definitely went into more detail than the show. It was for sure skin crawling and hair raising interviews, details and narration. I have enjoyed listening to this story and I am subscribed to this particular channel. Well done!!

Outstanding   (5/5)

I never write reviews despite being an avid podcast listener but this podcast is one of the best I’ve ever heard and deserves a review. I’ve only listened to the most recent season on satanic hysteria and the development of the story is incredible. The finale episode is particular is powerful and as someone else has mentioned courageous. I would absolutely recommend this to anyone.

Season 6: Trash   (1/5)

If you’re going to promote a statement as strong as invalidating children’s reports of abuse, at least have some proof to back that claim up. This season is deeply problematic with its claims and without having concrete evidence. Dangerous season.

Weel Done   (5/5)

A very careful, thoughtful, and well researched true crime audio program.

What’s with dudes creepy voice   (3/5)

Why does he whisper everything? Not a fan. Excited to listen to other narrators

Awesome!!!   (5/5)

I love every season! Please don’t ever stop!

Amazing   (5/5)

Really great and thought provoking series!

Brave   (5/5)

The final episode is among the best and most courageous I’ve ever heard. Even if you only have time for one episode, don’t miss the finale

Satanic panic - excellent   (5/5)

This season was so well done. From the storytelling to the editing, the sensitivity with which the subject matter was handled. Just excellent.

Incredible   (5/5)

Might be the most well-done podcast I’ve ever listened to. Writing was extremely compelling and Lisa knocked it out of the park in her delivery. Absolutely loved it.

Careful, thoughtful presentation of a sensitive subject   (5/5)

This podcast is simply the best produced, written, researched, edited. The interviews are carefully conducted in a way that gives perspective to all the people in the story. The interviewer gives voice to so many people who didn’t have a voice. Who were silenced by public hysteria. This was the Salem witchcraft trials and she leads us gently and carefully in examining something dark and ugly that victimized so many innocent adults and children.

Season 6 - Be Aware of Manipulation!   (3/5)

This is a review for Season 6. This Podcast is very well researched expecifically as to the case in Martensville. The production is not a basement podcast production but, professional resources and host. My problem arouse on episode 5. Many reporters, this one is no different, resort to the tactic of building up a case with solid facts and then pile up conjecture on top of it hoping that the solid foundation holds up their agenda or speculation. It was proven that what happened to the people accused of heinous acts, in fact, did not comit these acts. Even though the podcast starts off telling the audience about the incompetence of the investigators and their lack of proper resources, they use this specific case to plant the seed of mistrust on so many cases across the country and how maybe we shouldn't believe children. Well, we must believe children but we also need to investigate with people prepared and with the knowledge to investigate such sensitive cases. There is plenty of evidence about children sexual abuse and the trafficking of children for sexual abuse. Their are websites, dedicated exclusively, to provide despicable human beings with the abuse and torture of children for their sexual gratification. Do believe the children! This was one of the few exceptions, not the norm!

Great story but...   (2/5)

Compelling story but the narration could had have been better. Some times I just wanted to turn it off bc of the narrator but story kept me powering through it.

Great show but I do not feel bad for cops I’m S6   (4/5)

I do not feel bad for Canadian cops in S6. Yea the prosecutors did their job- you were accused of a crime - you had to go To court and be tried. I wonder if the indigenous community in Canada gets this sort of sympathy for being marginalized, ignored, targeted , and wrongly accused of crimes

Another CBC hit   (5/5)

Loved this podcast, I learned so much about this dark time in history, despite the subject matter being sometimes hard to listen to. Appreciated this podcast’s storytelling and ability to shed light on the satanic panic.

Really good - could be great   (4/5)

I could not listen to seasons 2. The story wasn’t that compelling. I’m sorry but the narrator for season 4 was horrible 😔 The over series is good.

Chuck❤️   (5/5)

During the interview with Chuck in S2E1 is the first time I’ve ever cried listening to a podcast!! 😢So powerful! It’s so clear how much trust Chuck had in Johanna to be able to feel secure in opening up, and the care and support she showed him throughout the interview was really quite a beautiful moment of genuine compassion.

Great for while walking the dog!!   (5/5)

My dog walks and time in nature are longer thanks to this great podcast!

Organization   (3/5)

Can’t stand the way the narrator says the word “orginization”. Other than that, decent story.

Sensitive, deeply perceptive reporting   (5/5)

Absolutely riveting stories, skillfully contextualized into Canadian history. The journalists make very clear their own positionalities and relationships to the communities they are reporting on, which helps emphasize their credibility. These stories are tough to investigate, but the reporters’ compassion shines through.

Season 6, episode 5 is excellent   (4/5)

Episode 5 makes the entire season worthwhile. Excellent!

I wish I could unhear episode 8 from season 1   (3/5)

I know we all have to be personally responsible for what we search on the internet, watch on tv, and listen to. There are awful things you can find out there that you can never forget once you see them. This is how I feel about Season 1 episode 8 - Fright Experiments. The purpose of this episode is to highlight the disturbing misogynist leaning the NXIVM group was leaning to, and that is important to hear about. What I didn't need to hear about, at all, was the third film Jenn watched. I don't think something that ugly needs to be out in the universe; and while I am sorry she and the other participants had to see it, this podcast is just spreading that poison. Those were people's family members. It's not right.

Season 6 is so good   (5/5)

Fantastic job on this ! So insane. Exactly like 17th century witch trials . I remember these cases but not this one. Insane

The Cat Lady Narrator   (3/5)

His voice drove me crazy won’t listen again to him. Every other show I binge listened... great podcasts other then him

The narrator’s voice...   (3/5)

I listened to the season about the NXIVM cult and loved it! The narrator in that season was great. I am currently listening to season 4 and although the reporting and the story is presented well, I cannot get over the narrators voice! He speaks so slowly and almost seductively. It borders on creepy. You can tell that it is not his natural speaking voice he’s using, which is annoying. If you’re going to change your voice, please don’t make it sound like a phone sex operator!

Zander makes it tough   (3/5)

Although I enjoy the story lines, I just can’t take Zander’s narrating. It’s over dramatic and pretentious, like a wannabe NPR reporter.

Fascinating   (4/5)

I found the story fascinating, that smart adults fall for this craziness. I thought it was well told and I binge listened to it whenever I could. Thanks!

Season 2 Very Unsatisfying   (1/5)

There is absolutely no doubt that everyone involved worked very hard on this but save yourself multiple hours if you’re looking for a solid wrap up. Count me disappointed

Season 4 narrator   (3/5)

Decent podcast but season 4 should be redone. I couldn’t make it through episode two bc of the narrators voice.

Great interviewing   (4/5)

Seriously a great podcast. Except the season 4 narrator! Hi voice is so annoying and overdone- stopped listening after the second episode.

Season 4 narrator   (3/5)

Season 5 was good, but season 4... I just cannot with that narrator’s voice.

High quality   (5/5)

Canada seems like it can be as brutal and dumb as anywhere else

True crime addict? MUST LISTEN   (5/5)

I have my favorite True Crime podcast and this has shot to my favorite. So detailed and interviews that go in deep. This podcast will leave knowing the true story!

The voice 🥴   (2/5)

I like the info and story but geeeez the voice for the Cat Lady season is a so overdone podcast voice that I don’t know if I’ll make it past the first episode. SERIOUSLY I DIDNT KNOW A VOICE COULD MAKE ME THAT CRAZY. I’m getting mad just writing this review.

Cat Lady Season   (2/5)

I’m interested in finding out what happened to Joan, but I can’t get past the fact that the host keeps whispering! It’s driving me absolutely insane. Speak like a normal person. Why are you whispering? It makes me physically angry and I cringe as I’m driving home from work. I don’t think this host has a voice for radio. Let’s go back to whoever it was in the previous seasons.

5 stars for the Sharmini case   (5/5)

The Sharmini case was excellent and I also really enjoyed some of the others.

S4 Narrator!!!   (3/5)

I wanted to hear about the cat lady but the guy is so annoying!!! Why the hell does he sound like salad fingers!? This isn’t supposed to be ASMR. The interviews are the only thing making it bearable. Poor cat lady. This guy isn’t doing you justice.

Highly recommend   (5/5)

Amazing, so well done!

Do I care?   (2/5)

You know I gave it a listen for 3 episodes. I didn’t gain any deeper understanding than I didn’t already have. It’s disturbing to realize how people fall for cults. Not something I want to devote a lot of time too.

So intriguing!   (5/5)

So close to making the responsible people pay the concecuences for the demise of the lovely poet and cat lover,.... well done Sanders...

Can’t listen to it?   (1/5)

Used to be able to listen to this podcast. Loved it. It always says this episode is currently unavailable and will not play anything. All CBC podcast are doing this. I tried Stitcher and Apple and nothing!

CBC Podcasts/Uncover   (5/5)

I’ve yet to find a CBC podcast that I dislike; they are well researched, produced & the content is well chosen in order to tell stories so in-depth they leave me feeling like I personally know the people investigating and the people whom are connected to the cases, from witnesses to the victims’ loved ones. True crime podcasts are ubiquitous often covering the same cases but CBC brings cases that have been lost in a dusty corner out into the light seeking answers and justice for those left behind.

Great podcast but BOOORIIING   (1/5)

Can’t even get thru season 2! Need better producers and narrators to keep the listeners intrigued!

It really depends on the season   (3/5)

It’s hard to give this podcast an overall rating because my feelings about it vary WIDELY with each season. I’ve decided on an overall ⭐️⭐️⭐️, but I’ll break it down below. Season 1: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Engaging, compelling, fascinating. I was hooked by season 1. I had heard a bit about NXIVM when the Allison Mack trial was in the news, but there was so much more I didn’t know. Every episode had new information and felt necessary and interesting. Granted, this season has a leg up over the others because it covers the most recent events (the rest are cold or old cases), so it has the most firsthand information, the interviewees have the freshest memories, and new information was becoming available all the time. Season 2: ⭐️ I couldn’t finish this one (although I made it nearly to the end). I understand wanting to tell the story of this unsolved plane crash, but on the heels of season 1, which set the podcast up as investigative journalism, season 2 felt flat. The hosts were not able to come up with any new info that the investigators hadn’t already used, and in the end the hosts were trying to use that information that the police had to try to decide who was guilty, even though the police hadn’t been able to do that (???). I had to stop listening during the final episode because I find that ridiculous. You’re not a judge or a jury, and if the authorities couldn’t make a conviction with this information, neither can you. Season 3: No rating. I didn’t even make it half way through this season. It wasn’t really true crime, it was more a sort of documentary into the culture of The Village and the intersection of that culture with the investigation into a series of murders in the community. But, again, in the four or five episodes I listened to, it didn’t feel like true crime. Not that the story it did tell isn’t important (it is), I just felt that it wasn’t what was advertised, which is why I declined to give this season a rating. Season 4: ⭐️⭐️⭐️ Back to true crime! It started off pretty slow, but got more interesting and compelling as it went along and more and more of the suspects’ horrible conduct was discovered. However, I struggled to feel drawn in by the narrator. Season 5: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Still not quite at the level of season 1, but definitely closer than the others. I felt more compelled to keep listening than I did for seasons 2-4, but I was also glad it wasn’t longer because I don’t think there was more material there. I think starting this series off with a modern-day case and then following with only cold cases made it so there was a tone switch after season 1 that can never be reversed, and I think it does a disservice to the rest of the seasons. No matter what, they can just never feel as immediate and compelling as season 1, and that’s a shame because they are important stories too.

Thumbs down overall   (2/5)

There are better podcasts in this genre.

Narrator on S4   (4/5)

Like the stories that are being reported on; however, the narrator for Season 4 (The Cat Lady) is horrible. Voice and mannerism in which it is being told is not good and almost had me wanting to quit listening to the story.

His voice   (4/5)

Xander’s voice is the reason for 4 stars. When interviewing people he sounds normal and when he’s doing voice overs it sounds fake, uncomfortably seductive, slow with weird pauses and just irritating!! Seriously almost stopped listening for these reasons alone (but didn’t — cool stories)

I liked the way the narrator narrated!   (5/5)

Love every season!

Enjoyable   (4/5)

Have listened to seasons 1,2 and 5 so far. Would be nice if you posted the date that this was posted. Will there be more NXIVM updates?

Depends on season!!!   (4/5)

Hard to write a good rating and review because it varies so much from season to season. 1 Escaping NXIVM: AWESOME ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 2 Bomb on Board: didn’t listen 3 The Village: Awesome so far ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 4 Cat Lady: unbearable to listen to, feels purposeless (what is narrator’s connection to story like in 1 and 3?), boring ⭐️ 5 Story not well told, slow ⭐️⭐️

GREAT podcast   (4/5)

I absolutely LOVE the Uncover podcast! However, I cannot give it 5 stars because the narrator of season 4, Zander, is so hard to listen to. It’s a great story, but the way he talks is so annoying! He basically whispers and pauses at weird times. I don’t know if he was trying to make it suspenseful or what, but it didn’t work.

The Cat Lady   (3/5)

The story is interesting but I just can’t get past the narrator’s whispering, low voice and the ominous music playing constantly in the background. It really ruined the story.

The Cat Lady Narrator   (5/5)

Yikes. So hard to get through this story. Not a great season content wise because there wasn’t much information to give... it became very repetitive. My biggest gripe is Zander’s voice! He emphasizes the wrong words, pauses at odd times, and sounds like he’s whispering.

I like the reviews of season 4 more than I like season 4   (2/5)

Zander Xander? Idk. I cannot stand his cadence. He emphasizes too many words. I want to finish the story but can’t stand another moment of his voice. I guess I’ll always wonder what happened to the cat lady.

NVIXM   (3/5)

Sarah is full of so much self pity. It gets so tiresome listening to it. So she had to change her life. Wow. Also. The brand. I mean seriously? It’s not as if she lost a limb. There is real and true suffering in the world. I had a hard time listening to her lament this lame group over and over. She should have been more embarrassed about have fallen for something so stupid and status oriented rather than crying victim, etc. I think focusing on her so much was a mistake. It took away from a pretty interesting story.

NXIVM - wish you could re-record pronouncing Albany correctly   (3/5)

Interesting look into the story. I remember Keirh trying to hook me into his consumer warehouse scheme years ago. Really wish that Josh Bloch was more of a journalist so that he would pronounce Albany correctly. Quite distracting.

For the love of God, ALL-bany not AL-bany!!   (3/5)

That is all

The tone   (5/5)

Season 4 is very interesting, but Xander sounds like he’s recording the podcast secretly in his cubicle when he’s supposed to be working. 😂

Season Four and Five   (1/5)

Season Four didn’t go anywhere even though we learned a lot and met a lot of people it just didn’t really end. It was left open. I didn’t enjoy the cadence or tone of the narration either. Season Five, the journalist is so aggressive! Should she be? I don’t know. Does it come across as unprofessional? Absolutely. Does it move the facts forward or help the narrative? No. All she does it exploit a child who has been murdered. I ended up hating the journalist.

Story content is all great   (3/5)

I’m enjoying how much detail these podcasts hold. True crime is always interesting and heartbreaking. My only reason for 3 stars is because a lot of the time I feel like the narrator whisper talks and I absolutely hate that. I feel like the story is good enough to distract from the voice of the narrator most of the time though.

Season 4   (2/5)

The season 4 narrator is TERRIBLE. Wow I can’t stay awake. Snooze.

Some seasons are better than others   (3/5)

The cat lady case was interesting and could’ve been so much better if not for the reporter. I couldn’t tell if he really spoke like that or if he was purposefully trying to talk super slow and quiet. I couldn’t make it through the whole season. Overall, it’s ok.

Interesting Mysteries   (5/5)

All the seasons are awesome, though season 2 is the weak link (the CBC made a TV documentary on the 1965 bombing of Canada Pacific Flight 21, watch that instead). The latest season is a fair examination of the 1999 murder of 15-year-old Sharmini Anandavel. Each season is very different, though they all feature interesting mysteries. Great podcast.

Well Done   (5/5)

Good stories, told well. You know an investigative podcast is good when people create dummy accounts just to rate them poorly. (Season 5... Sharmini.) The one star reviews all suspiciously seem to be upset at the “wrongful focus” on Tippet. Just wondering how one can focus on alternative suspects or theories that don’t exist? (Great job Michelle.)

No closer to the truth   (1/5)

I thought the podcaster went too far in trying to get Tibbett to confess. The podcast went straight to him and never seemed to offer up an alternative to him. Not a lot of useful information. Very disappointed in this season. I hope they redeem themselves next season.

Interesting cases!   (5/5)

I love the deep dive into different types of true crime, from a sabotaged plane to a cult to exploiting the elderly and homeless. I’m from the US and have not studied journalism, so I do question some journalistic ethics used in here (but very rarely) and they’re most likely above board even in those few instances. Tied with Female Criminals for favorite true crime podcast!

Season 1   (4/5)

I really like the host’s presentation and the story is definitely unique and interesting. The main protagonist, Sarah, though...I just can’t with her. She takes no accountability for her role in the cult, and while I realize she herself has been victimized from the cult, she herself was part of the problem.

certain episodes unavailable   (4/5)

It’s got to be a technical thing so are you smart tech people get on it!! S3 E6

Overall good, latest series pointless   (3/5)

The series started strong with most seasons featuring a reporter connection to a true crime story. The last two seasons devolved, though, with the Sharmani story scraping the bottom of the barrel - exploiting a child death where there was zero new information or light that could be shed on the case.

5th season   (2/5)

I'm not saying Tippett's not guilty for any or all of the crimes he's associated with -- but this reporter's aggression and complete lack of balance in her story made me body-cringe. It's a shame bc I was really loving season 5 before it started to seem like the reporter was only going after Tippett -- a balanced view of the possibilities, or even a cursory investigation into what Tippett claimed (like it defffffinitely would have been less unpalatable had the reporter even attempted to show how she came to her own conclusions that Tippett is lying, instead of repeating what judges and investigators have already concluded about him being a liar/dangerous -- she never really explains how it is that they know this with such certainty?) would have made this feel less exploitative. "Show, don't tell," you know? I've literally never given a negative review to a podcast, but s5 was so aggressively biased in favor of the government, which, despite all of its resources, and despite literally having Tippett currently in prison, still hasn't made a case against him for Sharmini. In short, I would rather listen to a podcast that punches up, not down. This podcast punches way down. kthxbai.

Uncover continues to impress   (5/5)

After several seasons, Uncover manages to change stories, hosts, and storytelling style while still upholding a sense of justice and quality. Great work, CBC.

Season 5   (5/5)

So haunting. So...beautiful, somehow. This story was told with such heart and respect. Wow. Well done.

Exceptional   (5/5)

I believe you did the victim and her family justice! May you be blessed!

absolutely incredible reporting   (5/5)

The story is told with full respect and honor to the victim.. a rare feat in this genre! This is such a touching and sad story. Thank you for sharing it.

Season 5 Fell Short   (3/5)

I really enjoyed the first four seasons (although particularly seasons 1 & 2). Unfortunately the most recent season (5) was deeply unsatisfying—it felt like virtually nothing new came to light; sad to say, I’m not sure what the point of making this season in the first place was. The interviews with Tippett were perhaps the most frustrating aspect, as they were conducted so poorly. The interviewer was so unprepared for the possibility that he would lie to her that it derailed the entire interview. At bare minimum why on earth didn’t she bring the audio recordings, a transcript, anything to drill down on the lie—and then if it’s clear that he’s unphased at being caught in it (do we not live in the era of Trump?) figure out how to pivot and catch him on something. But yeesh, it was a frustrating centerpiece in the final episode. Hopefully the podcast brought Sharmini’s family some sense of comfort to know that their daughter is not forgotten, but if that was the main objective the framing of the season ought to have been different. Perhaps this is why it was released so quickly (2 episodes at a time).

S5#5!!!   (5/5)

Wow girl excellent job with that interview!!! I wanted to hi-five you right then. What a freaking psychopath that guy is. RIP SHARMINI💫

Season 5 is wonderful   (5/5)

I have only finished one season of Uncover, 2-4 I just couldn’t engage with. Michelle, the host of Season 5, is wonderful and should teach a masterclass on investigative journalism.

Is the host of Season 4 okay?   (2/5)

He sounds sickly and close to death.

Season 5   (1/5)

I wrote a negative review of season 5 and my review was deleted. My two star rating is now a one star rating and I’ll skip over the positive stuff I said. Essentially I was (am) disturbed that the podcast would give a CONVICTED kidnapper and CHILD rapist a platform to spew his lies. It was extremely upsetting to hear him try and defend himself and get additional attention for his crimes. I’d rather hear about the case and Sharmini than the sensationalism of allowing a convicted child rapist and likely murderer bask in the attention he craves. I’m out.

good! just out of order   (4/5)

All the episodes are out of order so it’s hard to tell what episodes come next - especially the bonus episodes. Otherwise the stories are great.

Mostly good, but cringy voice   (4/5)

I devoured NXIVM and am current with season 5, both quite good, but I’m about to give up with season 4 because the host’s affected voice is awful. There really needs to be some tough love oversight. Not every journalist has a narrative voice. A director would have helped here to stop nip this ridiculous vocal styling in the bud. The over annunciation is bad enough but why is he whispering??? It’s super weird. Please re-record. It’s worth it to the listener.

so, so good...   (5/5)

excellent podcast...all seasons...

Season 5 is the best of podcasting   (5/5)

Sharmini’s season is a must-listen for anyone that appreciates true-crime reporting.

Episode order!   (1/5)

The episodes were posted by the creator out of order and though they appear in order they NEVER play in order regardless of any setting change. I don’t have this issue with any other podcast. Content and production deserve five stars and I will be happy to change this rating once this issue has been resolved.

Plz fix!   (2/5)

Episode 3 only plays halfway

Each Season is a Hit or Miss   (3/5)

I wish I could give this podcast a 5 star review, but each season is vastly different from the next! I quite enjoyed seasons 1 and 2. The subject matter of season 3 is very important, but I feel that the narrative was all over the place. It could have flowed better between the stories of the murderer and the underlying issues being faced by Toronto’s gay community. Everyone is right about season 4 - the narrator’s tone is like nails on a chalk board. Literally the worst podcast narrator voice I’ve ever heard. Can’t fully evaluate season 5 yet, but the story is so far well told.

Ethical Crime Podcast   (5/5)

The CBC makes so many stellar productions, Uncover is just another to add to that list. Detailed reporting, ethical journalism, professional quality, and important stories that say just as much about the crimes covered as they do about Canadian current events and history. A must listen!!!

Brilliant podcast series from the CBC. Season 5 is smashing.   (5/5)

I highly, highly recommend any of the CBC broadcasts; they are beautifully produced, feature intelligent and mature hosts, and they cover incredibly interesting and heartbreaking cases in detail. The hosts conduct their own interviews, and they speak to police, family members, witnesses, etc — anyone with knowledge of the victim(s) and/or the crime itself. The CBC productions NEVER resort to the mindless plagiarism afflicting other true crime podcasts as they produce their own original content including their own interviews and don’t need to steal another journalist’s article without credit. This is the real deal. They represent the very best of *real* journalism As a yank, I especially appreciate the “Canadian” approach to true crime, and I love to learn about cases I’ve never heard of vs. the extremely overdone cases that litter U. S. true crime, such as yet another account of some serial killer like Dahmer. Ugh. Season 5, so far, is a tremendous piece of work — the victim is lovingly humanized (I will never forget the sound of Sharmini’s father’s voice in an old television news appearance as he pleads with her abductor) and easy answers are avoided. I agree with a few other posters that Season 4 was a low point but Season 5 is right back on track. Bravo!

Great podcast!   (5/5)

I’ve really enjoyed all of the seasons of Uncover to current! Binged the first 4 and the first two episodes of Season 5... anxious for more episodes. Well done, Uncover!

Narrators voice   (1/5)

Are you trying to seduce me, in the creepiest way possible? I want to throw my phone every time I try to listen. I just can’t do it.

Interesting   (4/5)

I’m still on season 4 but I’m struggling with the hosts narration style. He over-pronounces his words, hisses, and talk-whispers to the point of aggravation. The stories are interesting and I do enjoy the show, even though this guys voice is killing me slowly lol

Narrator speaks in a vocal fry voice   (4/5)

I do love the podcast but the narrator’s voice is horrible. I’m really trying to get past it but he sounds like he’s in a closet whispering in a low deep voice. 😑 Just speak up in your regular voice not a vocal fry voice.

Great podcast.   (5/5)

Awesome story. listen at 1.5 speed your welcome

What’s up with Cat Lady guy?   (3/5)

My dude, why are you whispering like we’re laying in bed together while the sun creeps up over the horizon? Is this ASMR? Was there a sleeping infant in the studio while you were recording? Were you sneaking in takes during a heated match of hide-and-seek? Well I hope you won so it’s all worth it. The other seasons are good though.

CBC Podcasts are the best!   (5/5)

CBC podcasts are the best! They are fascinating, heartfelt, great reporting, great investigations. I love all of the reporters — each story has been fantastic. I am really looking forward to this new season about Sharmini. It sounds like a case that really needs the light shed on it. You are doing great work!

Good show ruined by style over substance.   (2/5)

The way they take forever to start the show is extremely irritating. But what is especially maddening is their tendency to have people speaking constantly fade off. Stop that crap already.

Clever!!!   (5/5)

I want more!! Really well done.

Mastering needs work   (4/5)

Great stories but I am constantly adjusting the volume for different voices.

Enjoyed Listening   (4/5)

Looking forward to future seasons. The variety of stories between seasons is great and I really enjoyed “The Village” and how it was tied into larger and current issues.

Where is the cat lady? Where is her body?   (5/5)

Love this true crime podcast. The mysterious disappearance of elderly cat lady. Told by the investigator who has crafted a haunting account that has listeners hanging onto each twist and turn. Presented by the investigative journalist who has the perfect voice. Great production.

Season 4   (4/5)

Good story. Sad story. I wasn’t a huge fan of the narrator’s voice. He spoke very slowly and softly.

New season   (5/5)

Can’t wait to hear the new case about sharmini with Michelle Sheppard. She has got have the best voice I’ve heard on any podcast. Thank you.

Almost skipped season 4   (4/5)

The narrators voice is unbearably hard to get through season 4. Season 1-3 was great!!! If he does season 5 I’m not sure I can continue to listen to this podcast. And after reading the reviews I hope Uncover takes notice.

Season 4   (1/5)

I generally love this podcast, but season 4 has driven my bonkers. I cannot handle how slow the narrator speaks. This is clearly not his regular voice, as he speaks normally in interview played intermittently. Unfortunately, I had to stop listening after just two episodes because it was completely unbearable.

Narrator sounds like he's hiding in a closet   (1/5)

It makes listening untenable. Shame. Sounds like it could have been an interesting series.

Good podcast, bad detail indulgence, and even worse narration   (1/5)

I love everything about this show! Except the narrators willingness to depart from the obvious questions a listener will have in lieu of actually answering said obvious questions. Season one seems to be decent. I listened to season 4 - yeah, you will never be getting me to listen to you. Very sad to see y’all lose a decent product/show that we all would have enjoyed. I would normally say try again next time, but whoever attempted to direct the later seasons needs to be fired. Let them do an education video series on how to pronounce via the English language. Because anyone who has been here more than two years can understand this and will be upset about it. (Clearly. Read your reviews. Good lord.)

Narrators voice!!   (3/5)

Great podcast with interesting topics. But the narrators voice got on my nerves!!!! He tries to sound mysterious and dramatic. But when he speaks or interviews someone his voice is normal!!! So this makes the podcast awkward. Throughout the podcast I keep thinking....use your normal voice!!!!!

What’s with the narrator!!??   (2/5)

Great story but my gosh the narrator makes it impossible to enjoy. Somewhat bearable if you speed it up...

I’m uncomfortable   (1/5)

There’s a time and place to try and sound seductively mysterious. Describing a urine soaked cat lady shed is not one of them.

Interesting but...   (3/5)

Season 4 is interesting but it sounds like the podcast is stuck on slow speed...can’t listen. Or maybe he thinks we’re all a little slow, who knows!

Can’t get past the narration   (1/5)

I tried listening to season 4, but couldn’t get past the beginning of the 2nd episode. The narration is too slow and unappealing for me. Couldn’t go more than a minute or two without tuning out and having to rewind.

interesting plots, but...   (3/5)

who picks the narrators?! the guy doing season 3 gives me the listening version of road rage.

Season 4 Zander fake voice   (4/5)

The season is interesting thus far just had to leave a comment on how Zander’s commenting/narrator voice has some weird vocal fry that he doesn’t have when he’s just talking to people. Listening with headphones makes more noticeable.

It’s okay   (3/5)

Interesting content... somber and monotone though, hard to get interested with the voice tone

Intriguing   (5/5)

Unlike others his voice doesn’t bother me at all- it sets the tone of the podcast.

Dear Podcasters, DRINK WATER!   (3/5)

Good content but the narrator’s voice is BEYOND hard to listen to. Along with the fact that his mouth is dry and you can hear the remnants of saliva smacking & stretching desperately around his mouth; his attempt at this monotone, dark, intriguing voice & is almost unbearable. I struggled to get through 3 episodes. The producers need to go back to the drawing board. The content is too good to be wasted on such a subpar presentation.

Season 4   (2/5)

Narrator: whatever you’re trying to do, it’s not working. Makes an otherwise interesting podcast very hard to listen to.

Host   (3/5)

The subject matter kept me listening but the host’s voice is toooooo slow and whispery. Found myself tuning out. It also really had no resolution so if you’re looking for something tied up in a neat bow this is not it. I did enjoy it but took one star off for narrator and one off because it wasn’t especially compelling. Could have been told in fewer episodes.

narrator   (3/5)

i would give 5 stars... good storyline however the narrators voice is so slow and somber.. the key to a great podcast is a great voice. i highly doubt that’s how he speaks normally

Promising, But Couldn’t Do It   (2/5)

I was legitimately intrigued by this story, and I think it’s put together well, but the host’s slow, sleepy, whisper-narration was ultimately too distracting to enjoy. I cannot imagine why this choice of delivery was green lit. Couldn’t get past the middle of the second episode before quitting entirely. If someone using their full voice led me through this tale, I would’ve probably kept listening.

melancholy but compelling and well done   (5/5)

Very well done although it's a biy low paced and somber, still I like this podcast and they usually cover everything very well. I also like listening to shows from outside the US.

Season 4 host   (3/5)

I Couldn’t tell if he was trying to put me to sleep or hypnotize me. I couldn’t listen to him past ep 2

His Voice   (3/5)

Why does his voice have to make me feel like someone is talking to me slowly for my comprehension, while I’m laying in the hospital in a coma. The podcast is okay, not as good as some true crime, but better than others.

Pretty good overall but each season varies in quality   (3/5)

I was a very big fan of season one. The story of escaping a Scientology-like sex cult was interesting and kept my attention. One thing to not though, the reporters/narratives change with each season. The second season though, dealing with a forgotten plane bombing, never reaches season one’s level on interest. It goes on a bit too long and never really presents any information you couldn’t find in a Wikipedia article. Third season was better, dealing with a serial killer that targeted gay men in Toronto as well as other murders and the general history of gay Toronto. It did go on a bit longer than it needed to though. As for season four, it’s a great story dealing with a missing, possibly dead senior citizen and branching into the killer(s). The big issue is the reporter, Zander Sherman, when he is talking to someone he has a very normal voice. Yet when he is narrating he puts on a strange/dreamy/creepy/ASMR-like whisper. It will cause you to daydream and stop listening or just turn the podcast off.

Investigative journalism at its best   (5/5)

I love this podcast! It's amazing. Love the details and storytelling.

An easy listen.   (3/5)

This [edited to add: Season one] was an easy listen from a presentation standpoint (minus some jarring grammar, e.g. "Where her and others were brought"-- *she* and others. Remember that the sentence needs to make sense when you remove the other party/parties.), but was definitely skewed in favor of Sarah, who doesn't claim any responsibility for her involvement in the group. She knew the things she did were wrong way before she came out. Where's the line where a victim becomes a perpetrator? Because it seems quite clear from information that was conveniently left out of this podcast that she crossed that line somewhere along the way. Edited to add: This review is about season 1. I wasn't interested in the other topics to continue beyond one.

Narration is HUGE in podcasts   (3/5)

Narration is HUGE in podcasts and in Season 4 or is so infuriating. His voice is painfully slow, too quiet and sounds like he’s trying to narrate while someone is sleeping in the room next to him. I utilize podcasts while commuting an hour one way; his narration voice was not sufficient for me. Pulled me to sleep despite a good story

Speak normally!   (3/5)

The podcast is interesting but it’s hard to listen to the guy’s voice - he sounds like he’s trying to whisper to make it more suspenseful- but it just sounds like he’s out of breath or staining Also - all these people knew of Joan’s struggles and not one did anything- way to go Canada!

Try 1.5x   (3/5)

This is an alright podcast. The story drags out a little but otherwise it’s intriguing. I too have some issue with the narrator’s painfully slow pace, but once I ran the episodes at 1.5x speed, the pace is normal. It makes the interviewees a bit fast, but I picked my poison 🤷🏼‍♀️

Great podcast, don’t believe the haters   (5/5)

I enjoyed learning about Joan and the other characters. Zander has a soothing voice and manner. Excellent production overall.

LOVED season 1 & 3!   (4/5)

Season 1 was easily the best! Season 4 had a great story to tell but unfortunately I had to work so hard to get over the narrators voice. For whatever reason he chose to tone down his voice so much that it was almost comical. You can hear him talking normal in his interviews so I’m not sure why he chose to do that.

Season 1-3 (5*), season 4 (1/2*)   (4/5)

The stories are touching and unbelievable, still shocked they are real. Giving ***** to season 1-3, narration, story.... kept me interested every second. The season 4 --- such a sad story and for years I wanted to know what had happened to this case, but the narrator killed it for me. I struggled listening to it. It was so disappointing finding out that during interviews his voice was fine. For God's sake why would you use whispering, hypnotic almost degrading voice. I hope you can re-record this narration so future listeners don't have to be driven crazy and miss very important story.

Love-highly recommend it   (5/5)

Absolutely well done, so glad I found this podcast!!!

Season 2 - Waste of Time   (2/5)

This is a classic example of journalists pretending to be intrepid investigators, determined to uncover the truth behind a fifty year-old case. An entire season devoted to speculation based on interviews with surviving family members, specious and precipitate conclusions, and highly inadequate analysis and investigation. The initial investigation fifty years ago was Cro-Magnon by today's standard. The case is closed for a reason. Wanting it to be otherwise won't change that. Let it go.

Good podcast except...   (3/5)

Holy crap the bell on the dogs collar is intolerable!!! The incessant jingling is driving me absolutely insane. There must be a way to adjust the audio lever to make this more bearable. Good podcast otherwise

Almost gave five stars   (4/5)

I would have given this podcast five stars if it weren’t for the narration in season 4. I find myself rewinding over and over because Zander’s almost hypnotic narration causes me to daydream instead of pay attention, even though I am interested in the case. Zander aside, this has been an excellent podcast with great narrators in seasons 1-3.

Incredible story and very well told!   (5/5)

This is an amazing podcast. The story gets you from the very start and is one that needs telling—the cries for justice need to be heard. Highly recommended!

The Cat Lady Whisperer   (1/5)

I started this podcast at Season 4 - Big Mistake. Zander is a terrible narrator. His loud whisper I found to be annoying. What bothered me more is when he would switch between the interviews he recorded to his narration - his voice was different. The long pauses (possibly for drama) did not help the whispering narration. The cat lady case itself was interesting and definitely scratched a true crime itch. Just wish it was narrated better.

Binge listened   (5/5)

I binged all the seasons. This podcast is extremely interesting and well written.

Disappointing   (2/5)

Very interesting until the disappointing final episode. Heading into spring, the host has two promising sites to search for human remains. One is made off-limits at the direction of police, but the remaining site is never mentioned again. Didn’t fit his narrative? The discarding of this obvious path of investigation made me doubt the host’s intentions as much as those of the police officer he was questioning. Very dissatisfying.

Cat Lady season’s narration is unlistenable   (2/5)

Loved seasons 1, 2, and 3, but I can’t even listen to the story in 4 because Xander’s narration is so god-awful. I don’t feel bad saying it because it’s not his natural voice - when he’s speaking in the interview clips, he doesn’t sound like that. So it’s clearly a choice - an off-putting, melodramatic, bizarre choice. Why the producers didn’t step in and tell him to knock it off I will never understand. Hopefully S5 will get back to the quality of previous seasons.

Cat lady   (2/5)

I loved all of the other seasons of Uncover, but I cannot listen to this one. I am so interested in the story, but the weird slow whispering is the strangest thing about it. I have no idea how this was allowed to happen. What a bummer because I really enjoyed the series.

creepy narrator   (1/5)

whyyyyyyy why why would you hire this person to use THAT voice to narrate a show?!? It’s like he’s, well, ironically for a true crime podcast, it sounds like he’s about to murder me. Get a different gig, bro, this is not your forte.

Ugh.   (2/5)

Story is so interesting, but can’t stand the podcaster’s voice. Couldn’t listen past first episode....

Worth a binge   (4/5)

I didn’t catch the whispering 😒. But I loved season one. Season 4 made me sad. But all well put together.

Snoozed   (3/5)

I am very interested in hearing the cat lady story however the story teller is putting me to sleep..

Cat Lady Podcast hard listen   (5/5)

The narrator is horrible. It sounds like he’s in pain as he’s reading. He’s almost whispering most of the time. I kept thinking, “Wake up, dude!” It’s ok to actually speak normally. The story itself is worthy of telling but by a better narrator, please.

Uncover: Cat Lady   (2/5)

Story is good but the narrator’s whisper voice is creepy and annoying. Couldn’t listen past episode 1.

Potential   (2/5)

Started to listed to this podcast but the journalists voice is so dull, slow and boring. Worst story teller. Hard to continue on.

Season 4 The Cat Lady   (2/5)

I was really interested in this story, but the narrator makes it near impossible to listen to. He seems to be whispering and stretches his speech in a way that just makes it boring! It nearly killed me to sleep. When there is a recording with him talking to other people, he doesn’t sound like this. So I’m sure it’s for some kind of effect. But it doesn’t work!!

Peaked at Season 3   (3/5)

What happened to the narrator from season 3? I’m too creeped out to listen to season 4...

Narrator voice   (3/5)

The narrator voice is too much. I really want to listen to the story all the way through but his voice is awful.

Like nails on a chalkboard   (3/5)

I really wanted to hear the story, after all of the media hype. I’m always blown away at people who can actually fall for the “cult trap”. Anyway, it was an interesting story but my misophonia was on overdrive with Sarah’s vocal fry and the constant use of the idiotic name “Nippy”. For that reason alone I couldn’t get through the entire podcast. Not to mention that she just sounded like an impressionable moron who is complaining because she didn’t see the obvious red flags. Sheesh. Why are people so dumb?!!

(Season 4) The narrator’s whisper is unbearable   (1/5)

Loved the story, but the narrator’s voice is super creepy and whispery. Hard to pay attention and stopped listening after 3 episodes. I just read a longer review for the story.

Interesting/sad story   (4/5)

I like the podcast but why is the narrator “whispering?”

Bomb on Board   (5/5)

I just finished listening to Bomb on Board. Ian and Johanna were amazing story tellers and their compassion for the families and the story was evident. I got goose bumps on top of goose bumps at then end, with the necklace. Thank you for telling this story.

The Cat Lady   (4/5)

Season 4 is a fantastic listen & Zander does a great job I have no problems with his narration

Season 4   (3/5)

Zander Sherman speaks too low. He is hard to hear, and hard to listen to. This seems to be a voice he affects for the narrative, as his regular speaking voice is much easier to listen to. It’s like he’s podcasting in a library, or telling a secret/gossiping; he sounds like he’s trying not to be overheard. All the previous seasons were really good, especially the first - they were 5-star seasons. And Season 4 is definitely interesting subject matter, just hard to listen to.

The narrator’s fake slow speaking voice ruins this podcast!!!   (3/5)

I like the story, I like the podcast in general. However like all other podcasts the narration is the most important piece aside from the story being told. This narrator purposely speaks extra slow,... for what? Is he trying to add more drama effects and epically failing at it? It sounds very unnatural and annoying! This ruins the podcast for me. Just narrate in your normal speaking voice and this podcast can get 5 stars.

Out of order   (5/5)

The reason I gave this 4 stars is because they’re all out of order. They play out of order I have to physically search out the next episode to play in correct chronological order or else it’ll play some random episode. Out of all the podcasts I’ve listen to so far this is the first I’ve had that issue with. Boo. Please fix.

Season one was Amazing, S4 ruined it   (3/5)

Season one was one of the best investigative podcasts I’ve listened to. Then I feel each season went down a little bit more each time. Season 4 was where I gave up. The hosts voice is unbearable and I couldn’t make it through the first episode.

Unbearable Voice   (1/5)

I love Cbc podcasts and was really exciting to begin Season 4 but I couldn’t get through listening to 1st episode...... Unfortunately , the narrator’s voice kills it for me ...its an unbearable creepy whisper. I thought it was me at first but im definitely not the only one...

SEASON 1 is BOMB   (5/5)

I cannot say more about season one. It is SOOOO GOOD! He does a great job of giving you facts as well as a story along with various points of view. I devoured season 1!

So much vocal fry   (4/5)

I like this podcast but the host’s voice in season 4 has so much vocal fry it distracts me from the story. I got through two episodes and stopped listening because it felt like he was whispering in my ear the whole time. The story is also a little slow to develop and doesn’t quite peak my interest like the first two seasons did. Still a very well done podcast though!

Fourth season a bummer   (2/5)

The first three seasons were well written and produced, but the fourth went nowhere and was exceedingly repetitive.

Tragic story about pathetic witnesses   (5/5)

I hope the people who knew Joan and ignored the danger she was in can still live with themselves.

Hard to follow... Had to speed up playback   (2/5)

Immediately turned off by this guys voice. The only way I could get through the first 3 episodes of season 4 was by speeding up the playback to 1.5 Also I found this story hard to follow. Names, dates, places all just seemed jumbled together. I was intrigued by the story of a missing cat lady but it felt like too many other incidents were thrown into the mix which I'm sure are important in the investigation but it was not told in a clear concise way. Not so interested in finishing season.

Creepiest narrator ever.   (1/5)

Very creepy, and not in a good way. Weird.


This podcast is a waste of time with no resolution. It’s called UNCOVER, but the listeners are just left hanging with nothing important uncovered.

Creepy voice   (4/5)

I can’t Thoroughly enjoy listening to this podcast because Xander’s voice is so creepy.I don’t know why he is forcing himself to sound like that because when he interacts with other people he sounds normal but as he is narrating it sounds like he’s a sociopath who keeps women in his basement. it’s very disturbing and cringe worthy.

Zanders Voice Ugh!   (2/5)

I don’t know why the narrator is talking in this weird sleepy voice. It is like nails on a chalkboard and I don’t know if I can listen to the rest of the episodes. I am really interested in the story but it’s just awful.

The host’s voice makes me want to stick a knife in my ear   (1/5)

Title pretty much captures it

Great reporting but rough narration in season 4   (4/5)

I love this podcast, but the narration in the latest season is almost unbearable. It’s so clearly unnatural and forced.

Plodding narration.   (3/5)

The story is interesting enough, but the narrator’s sotto voce and glacial speed is hugely distracting.

Joan   (5/5)

You get to love The Cat Lady. My heart breaks for her. Story very well told and love your voice.

Ughhhh stop!!!   (2/5)

His voice is driving me crazzzyyyyy!!! I can’t.

Voice?   (4/5)

Is he kidding? It sounds like a mockumentary. I’m sure he can redo the voiceover without the shmaltz. A new narrator or normal speaking voice (like in the interviews) would make this story easier to listen to and I would add a star.

Ugghh...the mouth sounds!   (2/5)

If you have any sound sensitivities (hey all you fellow misophonia sufferers,) do not listen to season 4. It sounds like the narrator is recording his lines at his mom’s house, but she has to get up early for work, so he has to keep his voice down - in the most obnoxious way possible; all while putting his severely parched mouth right up on the microphone. It’s unfortunate, because the story is important and should be told.

Terrible narration   (4/5)

Great story but horrible narration. Why are you whispering?? And why does it take you 10 minutes to spit out a sentence?!

Long time listener throwing in the towel   (3/5)

I’ve been listening since season one and with the exception of season two, I’ve loved every second of this podcast. I am so intrigued by season four’s story but I can’t get through the first episode. The season four narrator sounds like he’s trying to make an ASMR video and those make my skin crawl, so I can’t listen to this. This is clearly not his regular voice but a weird voice he put on for the voice overs. I am really bummed because the story sounds so intriguing but I just can’t do it.

Interesting story but...   (4/5)

Why are we whispering the entire podcast in a creepy voice? Ugh. Zander seems to be trying for a scary sounding affect and failing miserably. He sounds like he is trying waay too hard to make everything sound overly dramatic and creepy. Instead he just sounds contrived and ridiculous which detracts from the story - which is plenty creepy and compelling without an amateurish effort at atmospheric narrating. Just talk like a normal person dude.

Narration is sooooo slow & sleepy   (1/5)

Season 4 might be an amazing story, but I couldn’t make it through the 1st episode due to the strange tone, cadence & speed of the narrator. Even looked to see if I had accidentally switched to 1/2 speed. I feel bad leaving a negative review, but I seriously can’t understand why the producers didn’t address this.

3 of 5 Stars   (3/5)

This story is great. But Zander is awful to listen to. He sounds like he’s trying to be dramatic & whispery while enunciating every syllable & it comes across as grating. It’s very difficult to listen to. He clearly doesn’t speak this way normally as you can hear when he’s talking to others. Why tell a story in this manner? Find another narrator please. I’m sure he’s a great guy but he’s not cut out for this type of work.

Great stories   (4/5)

Season 4 the narrator is really difficult to understand and he sounds like he is whispering half the time. Really bizarre choice and disappointing since the story is so interesting. Not sure I’ll make it through. But the other seasons have all been very interesting. Season 1 has been my favorite and is a great place to start if you’re looking to get into this.

Good but narrator is cringe and annoying with his overly sensitive voice   (3/5)

See header

The Narrator.... really????   (2/5)

The narrators voice is awful and I can’t get through the first episode and the music is creepy and not needed. The narration is slow and his voice sometimes sounds like he needs to clear his voice or he needs water. Whatever the case I’ll skip this.

Why is he talking like that?   (3/5)

Literally all of season 3 is done in like a weird slow voice... it’s hard to listen to and takes away from the content.

Why?!   (2/5)

I am interested in the stories included in this podcast, but I just can’t listen. I’m so distracted by the narrator’s voice and overly dramatic and slow delivery that I can’t enjoy the rest. Bummer.

I heart Zander!   (5/5)

I love his sweet whispery voice and wept openly during episode 6 when Joan’s poetry was read. Great series!

Season 4 narrator is awful   (2/5)

The first 4 seasons were great, the 4th season is unbearable to listen to. Why is the narrator whispering??? Couldn’t get past the 2nd episode.. I tried 😞 so disappointing because I loved this podcast up until this season

Horrible narration   (1/5)

Why so breathy and tortured-sounding?? It’s so unnecessary and takes away from the story. Zander speaks in interviews in a great way, but as soon as the story is narrated, something horrible happens. Please just speak in your regular voice.

Narrator needs help!   (1/5)

Great story but why does the narrator speak in that strange, unnecessary, overly-dramatic voice! Ack!

S4: Compelling Story, Unbearable Naration   (2/5)

Season 4: A story in which I would normally be SO intrigued to listen to, but unfortunately I cannot due the narrator’s unbearable, ridiculous voice and style of story telling. It’s almost comical. Makes me so uncomfortable and pains me to listen.

Good story; reporters voice is awful!   (4/5)

Season 4’s story is totally engrossing, but the reporters voice is so grating! When he interviews people it’s fine, but his narration is so slow and has an almost forced quality. It’s hard to describe but I find it very annoying and distracting.

The Narrator, though!   (2/5)

I’ve never reviewed a podcast before but I was so disappointed I needed to say something. I normally love this podcast and the storyline for season 4 is intriguing but I only made it 3 episodes because I can’t take the narrator’s voice. He sounds like he’s trying to put a baby to sleep. There’s no inflection in his tone- completely monotone. I had to stop listening!!

Great series.. however   (4/5)

Everything about the stories are amazing and keeps you coming back for more. However, the actual stories aren’t the most disturbing part of these series.. it’s the narrators voice. I’m not sure if the microphone is in his actual mouth but I literally can hear and see the thick saliva strings connecting the top and bottom teeth. And the way he loses his breath towards the end of each sentence makes me want to rip out my ear buds out. All in all, great stories, just wish the narrator had a little more self awareness of his voice effects.

Great!   (5/5)

I’m having a hard time understanding Zander and his voice is terrible for this type of podcast. Im sure his talents can be used elsewhere but not for hosting future seasons in this podcast. Im giving this podcast a 5 star because I love the stories and so far it has been done very well!

Season 4, best by far!!!   (5/5)

Just finished season 4 and it’s definitely the best out of all the seasons. Super interesting case and real time developments.

Season 4   (1/5)

Lord Jesus... Please someone tell this guy to just speak in his normal voice... I'm intrigued by the story but this dude's voice is making it hard to keep listening.

Sad story   (4/5)

My only beef with this podcast is the host says Joan’s name but sounds like he’s saying John not Joan. Took me an episode of being like who the hell is john?! Lol

Thoroughly enjoyed!   (5/5)

I binged this series and thought it was a well-told, interesting story. I really enjoyed the host and was surprised to see so many bothered by his speaking voice. I have no complaints. Another great listen!

The narration on season 4 is bad.   (2/5)

This story is interesting but good god the narration is horrible. It’s distractingly bad. The voice is scratchy, halts often and is so quiet and monotone. I am trying to put it aside but it almost feels like the narrator is talking this was purposefully and for some sort of effect. Speak up, you aren’t whispering a secret to us!

Ugh his voice and the music   (2/5)

I DEVOURED season 1. Seasons 2 and 3 were fine. Season 4 however...jeez. I've never left a negative review...but I can't listen to this season. His narration style and the background music is so horrible. Had to end this midway through episode 2. Can't listen.

What Happened?   (2/5)

Seasons 1 and 2 were really great. Season 4 is a mess, mostly cause it's posted in the Apple/Itunes feed backwards. The host's tone while intentionally flat, is just unfortunately so flat that it's disaffecting and downright cold towards his subject matter. It's too bad, but CBC has a lot of other great podcasts.

Interesting season 4 but narrating is terrible   (4/5)

The narration is unbearable. The story is interesting but I can’t get past the narrators tone. I loved all the other seasons but I can’t get past the third episode on season 4.

5 Stars for season 1 and 3   (5/5)

Season 2, I skipped and Season 4’s story teller is very hard to listen to.

Season 4 love   (5/5)

This was another great season that I binged. I see a lot of comments about the narrators voice and I don’t agree. I like when the narrator/journalist is switched up a bit because it gives new voice and perspective to the existing podcast layout. Although his voice is different I got used to it and actually appreciated the care in his cadence. Listen anyway! It’s great journalism :)

Who made this decision?   (3/5)

I normally love this podcast, but the narrator of season 4 is TERRIBLE! Who made this decision? Can we get one of the previous reporters to come back? If it wasn’t for the narrator, I’d give the podcast 5 stars.

Sleepy Narrator???   (1/5)

Not one for writing reviews but holy hammer! The narrator on Season 5 is killing it for me. It sounds like he’s whispering while feeling the effects of a sleeping pill. I can’t continue.

Outstanding!   (5/5)

CBC always has the best podcasts, and this is no exception. Riveting podcast for us in the US who don’t know this story. A star us born with Zander Sherman, I hope to hear more from him.

Season 4- interesting content, horrible listen   (3/5)

Season 1 was great! Season 4 however, has great content but I couldn’t get through it because of the narrators voice. I hate leaving a review like that, but the whispering was like nails on a chalkboard. It sounded like an odd ASMR video. I tried but I just couldn’t listen past episode 2

Oy   (2/5)

Anyone who still thinks that vocal fry is only something women do should be forced to listen to all of season four.

Messed up play schedule   (1/5)


Painful to listen to   (1/5)

Like other reviewers noted the first 3 seasons are very interesting and well produced. Season 4 is unbearable. I couldn’t complete listening to the first episode let alone listen all the way through. His voice and inflection are terrible and frankly, irritating. So much so that I couldn't pay attention to the story- which sounds compelling. We’re not all meant to be podcast narrators and that’s ok.

Season 4   (3/5)

The story has so much potential. But I cannot for the life of me understand how the host’s delivery style was allowed. It’s such a distraction. Beyond that, the first two episodes are compelling but then the podcast loses organization. It’s all over the place. By episode 4’s conclusion, I’m not sure if I’ll finish the remaining episodes which is a shame given the importance of the topic.

Great journalism   (5/5)

I really loved Escaping NXIVM because I had heard about NXIVM on the news. I skipped season 2 and I now listen to season 3 because it was on the news and picked my attention. I hope it’s good as season 1.

Amazing and thought provoking   (5/5)

This is by far my favorite podcast. I binged all three seasons within a week. The hosts are all incredibly talented and easy to relate to, and the research done on each topic is incredible. Season one was fascinating, season two was intriguing and haunting, and season three has been frustrating and heartbreaking. I can’t wait for season four to see what they “uncover” next.

Heartbreaking, but important   (5/5)

The village is so well put together. It makes me so very sad, but it is so important to listen to it. These things happened and they happened fairly recently. It is important to listen to what these people in this community experienced and honor the victims with a voice. This happened and it should not be forgotten or swept under the rug.

Great Podcast!   (5/5)

Well researched and balanced viewpoints. They didn’t just speak to one side, in most cases they were able to interview or they at least reached out to both sides, no matter how crazy either seemed. They had heart and compassion for those people affected.

The Village   (5/5)

I haven’t listened to S1, was interested in S2, but S3, The Village has me hooked. So much good journalism and podcasting. Thank you telling an important story and doing an excellent job.

First few episodes were interesting but...   (2/5)

It seems to me that the narrator/writer is too personally involved in the case. Also, I’m a realist and know that pretty much all media is shaded in some direction/want to have their point come across. Its just the degree to which their view point affects their reporting/storytelling. Its a compelling/tragic story with which I was not familiar. And very sad of course. But unfortunately not overly uncommon. True crime fascinates me and I have consumed a plethora of cases through various media types. That being said, I can think of a significant number of times when the guilty party/murderer was interviewed early in an investigation and not charged. And went on to commit additional crimes before finally being apprehended. These other cases had nothing to do with the gay community. And I’m not typically a defender of law enforcement...but they have difficult jobs. What I took away from the 3 episodes I listened to was that the narrator/producer let his personal involvement/viewpoints/agenda affect his storytelling way too much.

Honoring People and Their Stories   (5/5)

Love this podcast. Thoughtfully created, and honors the value of people and their stories.

Amazing   (5/5)

This was a great and informative podcast. Thank you and Sarah for bringing this to light.

Excellently done podcast!!   (5/5)

So well researched and delivered. 5 stars!

Great podcast   (5/5)

Very impressive journalism brought to podcasting. Really hope they do updates on Season 1

Great job   (5/5)

Great job investigating NXIVM

Compassionate investigative storytelling   (5/5)

I just found this pod cast and began to listen to season 3. I am already engrossed in the stories of these men gone missing, and the community around them who loved them and fought for them. I can feel the desperation, the anger, and the loss from the friends who give beautiful, human descriptions of these men and what their lives meant to them and their community as a whole. I can feel the anger of WHY DID THIS HAPPEN? Why did it continue for so long!!! Thank you for telling THIS story, and we’re only on episode 2, but Love that the victims and their loved ones who are searching for answers are the fore front of this very important story. I have subscribed and look forward to catching up on the seasons I have missed.

Content is really good but narrator distracts   (3/5)

I think this could be a 5 star pod. The topic is fantastic, the content is great but the narrator is so distracting. His tone is often condescending and he makes these crazy leaps in logic. I wish there was a way to reign him in as he is really killing this for me. I want to know the story but so far every episode I want to turn it off because of some smarmy off hand comment that just kills it for me.

So underrated   (5/5)

Uncover is one of the best investigative true crime podcasts out there, and it deserves so much more attention. Great storytelling, thorough reporting, thoughtful and compassionate treatment of victims.

Riveting content   (5/5)

Now I understand how “cult life” can easily happen to people. Terrifying to consider. We all want to feel a sense of purpose, belonging, and safety... cult leaders exploit this need.

Perfectly Excellent   (5/5)

Anything that CBC puts out is Fantastic. I love The investigative podcast.

NXIVM Really well done   (5/5)

I listen to many podcasts . The NCIVM podcast was excellent. I would not change a thing . I need to look/watch for updates . I will listen to everything that this group puts out.

Skip season 2   (2/5)

Why spend a whole season on a cult member who kept other women as slaves and became rich by taking advantage of others? The only upside was the they presented a great case against Sarah in case anyone ever wants to prosecute her. But we have enough oh poor me victim mentality sobs stories in the world already... no need to let cult leaders throw pity parties. That’s not journalism.

Meh   (3/5)

In season 1 I had to stop listening at episode 5. I have very little sympathy for Sarah, and I feel like the narration doesn’t question her at all. From my perspective it seems like she wasn’t in a sex cult and although I like the recordings and backstory it seems like she did more harm to other people than she was harmed herself.

Tinnitus   (5/5)

Fascinating stuff. What is with the music/sound though? Every few minutes there is a feedback microphone sound that is part of the soundtrack. Beyond annoying.

Season 1 is great. Season 2 is the worrrrrrst   (4/5)

By which I mean Johanna is the worst. She’s fake and annoying. Ian is pretty decent and the story is really interesting, but god I just don’t LIKE her. Season 1 is great though and I love Josh

Loved season one...   (4/5)

But season 2 didn’t catch my interest in the same way. Willing to give them another chance in season 3!!

Don’t waste your time   (1/5)

Sad. And Boring. 2 episodes in and I’m done. Over it. And I don’t feel sorry for stupid people that knowingly join a cult sorry not buying the “victim story”.

Very unsympathetic “victim”   (2/5)

Listened to the first episode and I found Sarah to be a very unsympathetic and unlikeable “victim.” I’d be interested in listening to more episodes if she weren’t involved.

Season 2 doesn’t uncover anything   (1/5)

Don’t waste your time on season 2.

Very interesting topic   (5/5)

I liked the cult season, very interesting to hear from an insider, whether you think she should be punished or not. It’s interesting to hear how someone is drawn in and how she got lost in something she thought was higher, and outside of herself. We all think we would be above being “conned” into cult/group think, but hearing her talk about it all, and her husband, it’s very interesting to think that maybe that could have been me or a friend of mine.

Season One: On the Fence.   (3/5)

I’m on the fence on this one. The reporting is really well done , and the supplementary interviews with people who also left MXVIUM add credence to the story. Like a lot of other listeners, I have little sympathy or connection with Sarah, and at times, listening was cumbersome. But the story is interesting and shocking g.

Great!   (5/5)

Pretty sure all of these bad reviews are from NXIVM, I mean, isn’t that obvious? I love the show, only wish the first season would be reorganized on the app because they’re in reverse order, making it harder to binge listen :D

Shady.   (5/5)

I knew about this going in and was totally thinking NXIVM was at fault. After listening...these were all “educated grown ups”! Have some accountability. You can say no to people. Sarah and Nippy are looking for pub to help her career. Take your dumb loss and move on!

Lotta drama with no conclusion.   (1/5)

This was a waste of time. A lot of manufactured drama.

Big nothing   (1/5)

No resolution. Nice lead up to that, but nothing.

Not the stuff that binge dreams are made of   (2/5)

Wanted to like it because it seemed right up my alley. In the end I asked “Is that it?” Not much of a story here in my opinion. Paled in comparison to The Dream, a very intriguing podcast about MLMs.

Unrealistic listeners   (5/5)

Whenever I read the reviews of investigative podcasts, I get the feeling that people do not understand the difference between investigative reporting and true crime, and fiction. If you want to know who did and why listen to a murder mystery or a detective novel.

Season 1: great; season 2: less great   (3/5)

In season 1, I enjoyed hearing a first-hand account of what was essentially a breaking, ongoing news story about a cult. In season 2, I just couldn’t get into it. Perhaps because it was something that happened decades ago and therefore the personal accounts felt less compelling, perhaps it was just that cults are more interesting to me than mysterious plane crashes. It’s also possible that the main “character” of season 1 was dynamic and charismatic (a clear choice for a cult recruiter!), and there wasn’t really a main character of the second season. Meh, who knows. I recommend the first season, and I wouldn’t blame you for listening to the second season on 2x speed.

Such an incredibly insane story   (5/5)

We often forget that smart people are susceptible to the allure of cults...and the tragic difficulties in disentangling. A very interesting story.

This sounds familiar   (4/5)

Does no one, including the “cult” members, not see the similarities between this and scientology? I think a podcast should be made comparing the two! But nonetheless entertaining!

Excellent Programme, Illuminates That Far Too Often Held In The Dark   (5/5)

I wish that I could write that I am shocked by the number of people who utterly fail to comprehend the horror of what befell this victim, yet instead I am merely saddened profoundly by it, as I ever am by the especial lack of comprehension of crimes of The Mind & of The Imagenational Domain, of crimes of the gravest of all violations, of crimes of coercion by the shattering of the will of another, of exogenous seizure of control, of psychological torture... {There would appear to be a willful denial a/o ignorance of the reality & fact of such forms of abuse amongst the general population in The States particularly, though not in my experience among officers & agents of law of that nation, who are well aware of & often witness to such phenomena & are perpetually frustrated at the lack of established standards of defense against, treatment & justice for victims of, & prosecution of perpetrators of, such dire malharmonic acts ...perhaps this is due to the fact that laws & policies expressly against such dread forms of torture are very lacking in the homeland of this radio programme at hand, the homeland of the featured victim & victimizors, & like with so many nations the homeland to many other victims & victimizors in all manner of parallel cases of cultic, ritual, & intrafamilial abuse}.

Anyone else   (5/5)

Suspicious that all of the vitriolic reviews of this podcast were written by NXIVM followers?

Season 2   (1/5)

Season two was so boring. They didn’t uncover anything new. The storytelling made an interesting story incredibly uninteresting.

Ehh   (3/5)

Started out good but went off in a different direction that got a little confusing and not as interesting.

Great Season 1   (5/5)

I only listened to season 1 and thought it was a great well informed series. Not a fan of the main character but it doesn’t take away from how informative and well produced this show is. If anything, I think it says a lot that it made me feel anything about the people covered.

S1 - Great S2 - Terrible   (3/5)

I thought the first season was fascinating and compelling, but season two was such a letdown and waste of time. I kept thinking they would “uncover” something, but nope. Agree with another reviewer that this could have been condensed into one episode (unsolved mystery style) rather than dragging it out with no real conclusion.

Season 2: Do Not Listen   (1/5)

I’m not Canadian so this story may not resonate with me but I AM a journalist, and this story takes twice too long to tell. At three episodes, it would have been fine. At six? A Repetitive and ultimately a go-nowhere story. Too self-indulgent.

So interesting!   (5/5)

This is a great pod cast. It is worth a listen!! I am suspicious that the negative reviews came from people within the NXIVM organization.

Outstanding!   (5/5)

Very well made podcast. I especially like season 2, Bomb on Board. I wasn’t aware of the Canadian Pacific crash prior to this podcast. There are touching accounts by surviving family members. Reverence and respect is maintained throughout.

It’s aight.   (3/5)

The first few episodes are intriguing however as the podcast goes on it gets repetitive.

Scientology Connections?   (5/5)

Besides all the personal attacks on Sarah-probably from cult members-this is a quality podcast and is well done. Sarah owned up and took responsibility and admitted her mistakes. She is credible. Wish they had delved into Nexium connection to Scientology. Everything about this cult screams Scientology and I had read the Scientologists had high ranking members in Scientology board-like getting career ruining information on members and using movie stars and spokespeople and never quite made it but attractive charismatic people to attract others. Even having cult members spend days on line leaving bad reviews-so very Scientologist. And the use of Supressives???? Scientology 101 down to the same language. Since Lisa McPherson and several docos on Scientology, they had been anxious to reinvent themselves and I wonder if Nexium was it. Good listen.

Season 2 - Complete Waste of Time   (2/5)

The first season about escaping NXIVM was quite interesting, but it’s a shame that they completely tainted the ‘Uncover’ brand with season 2 which is a complete waste of time. They essentially uncover nothing!

Season 1 is great, not so much season 2   (5/5)

I loved season one so much, could not stop listening. That’s what my 5 star review is about. I reallllllly tried to like season two but it drags and is monotone and I couldn’t pay attention. I gave up after episode 4.

Phony   (3/5)

On net Looked up Sarah and “Nip”, now I know where he got his nickname. Face is shot full of filler. What a bunch of empty vessels these folks are. What I find amazing is that this fraud held together as long as it did. Keith is old, probably couldn’t attract the girls like before and DOS proved his undoing. Don’t blame Sarah, someone had to turn state’s evidence, may as well be her. Lock ‘em up.

Both rivited and disappointed   (4/5)

Decided to check out this podcast after listening to other interesting ones from the CBC. Have to say, I was rivited by the first season, hearing how one becomes tangled into joining a cult along with the almost unbeleiveable experiences when getting more involved. The second season was somewhat disappointing to me. Did not care for the female host and her interview style. The story started fairly slow (even though I'd never heard of this incident before) and overall didn't connect with me as much as the previous season. However, it did get slightly better as the season went on.

Merry Christmas!   (5/5)

For Christmas, I’m gifting all my favorite podcasts a 5 star review! Thank you for having a great podcast and keeping me company all year! Keep up the good work! 💛

Nothing is uncovered in season two   (3/5)

This was six episodes of nothing. I really wanted to like this because season one was good, but it just seemed so pointless and boring. I forced myself to make it to the end thinking: there’s no way they wasted all of the time, resources, and hopes and dreams of long-grieving families without contributing to the investigation. Spoiler alert: they did.

Interesting storytelling   (3/5)

I enjoyed the storytelling more than the investigative element and feel that this podcast would’ve been more dynamic if it had been created to be the former than the latter. This is an incredible story, with a look into the beautiful people who were so affected by this tragedy. I did find Johanna’s repetitive and incorrect use of “sort of” to be a frustrating and unprofessional distraction from her reporting.

Really interesting   (5/5)

Regardless of whether or not Sarah is likeable, I think the situation and the relationship between the host and Sarah is really interesting and gives the podcast a unique and authentic angle. I feel like I had an in depth experience with NXIVM after listening and I think the complicated nature of the people involved makes the show especially good.

Season Two. No   (1/5)

Six episodes leading absolutely nowhere. This could be condensed into one episode of unsolved mysteries. No new information to be had.

Really good!   (4/5)

I’m assuming some of these super negative reviews for Season 1 are being left by members of NXIVM lol. Season 2 is definitely confusing though. It’s hard to keep track of the people in discussion.

The defense episode!!!   (5/5)

Simply amazing how his attorney has twisted this, and sounds like he drank the kool aid. How I wish the attorney would check in with psychiatrists about Keith’s presentation (probably has and doesn’t care). There are so many things he reported about his interactions with Keith that absolutely DO NOT point to him being some off the charts intellectual. They are symptoms of mental illness and antisocial and narcissistic personality characteristics. Also, no such thing as brain washing anymore??!? It goes by many different labels, but yea it didn’t magically go away because we live the 21st century. In fact I think we are in a time with a massive increase in narcissism, populism, greed, and individualism. Take a second and google it and there are droves of books written about why this is on the rise. Love this series and thank you so much for your work!!!

Listen to this podcast!   (5/5)

Well researched and thoughtfully presented. This topic is interesting and keeps your attention throughout the season. The negative reviews seem to focus on a single player rather than the podcast as a whole. Production is on point and the storyline is crafted with authenticity and focus. Fascinating insight into the topic- definitely recommend!

Season 2 blah   (1/5)

Idk what that podcast was about other than that signet ring. That woman should have protected and preserved that ring as she received it, like the previous owners had done. That wasn't hers to wear, especially to the point of having it repaired. That's not how you proceed with gravesite belongings.

Good story but that’s all   (2/5)

It’s a great story and very informative. The only problem is you don’t actually “uncover” anything as the title suggests. Nothing is solved regarding who actually committed the crime.

Intelligent, Riveting & Insightful Journalism   (5/5)

I’m a fan of Podcasts almost since their inception. “Uncover” is one of the truly intelligent, newsworthy podcasts featuring.topics born of real experiences and the people at the center. The profiles taken are from various points of view and shared with disturbing directness. Its not shock radio, but it can be shocking! I love it.

Fascinating   (5/5)

The irony of these comments are not lost on me. Would’ve loved more detail, if others were willing to talk.

I’m going to have nightmares   (5/5)

Great show. So scary.

Season 2; Bomb On Board   (5/5)

This story is sadly mesmerizing. Gripping reporting of facts and circumstances.

B.S Sarah   (4/5)

I absolutely love this podcast. Very Intriguing! Oh Sarah! Not fooled one bit. Your acting skills are being put to great use!

Intriguing Podcast   (5/5)

I’m not sure why all these reviews are so against Sarah. Sure, she sounds a little ditzy but she also sounds incredibly embarrassed and ashamed about her involvement in this cult. This is a great inside view into this disgusting group.

Sarah’s emotionality is why people don’t leave cults   (3/5)

I read a lot of reviews going endlessly long about Sarah. She was a recruiter. Lots of people involved in cults do recruitment although maybe not on that scale. It’s hard to leave when you’ve already put so much in and taken in so many. It’s hard to look back and see that you were wrong in a colossal way. But it’s important that we be allowed to do it. It’s fine to think she’s not wholly a victim but she also wasn’t a Manson disciple, out killing folks. She’s definitely a victim of her own belief.

Great listen   (4/5)

The first season was interesting but the second season will get you hooked.

Dang, was I listening to the same podcast?   (5/5)

I thought this podcast was amazing. Sara seemed a little dramatic but she was an actress correct? I just kind of ignored it, but I see some people really let it derail their experience listening to this podcast. Weird.

Loved Season 1!   (5/5)

Catching up on Season 2 now, which I’m enjoying as well.

Intense   (5/5)

Season 1 blew me away. Sarah’s story is heat breaking. I look forward to Season 2

Enthralling   (5/5)

Season 1 provides an incredible inside view on a pyramid business gone cultish. Powerful, enlightening, and impressively objective. The 1 star reviews are a bit scary - since the podcast is so well done -

Amazing Exploration of Stories   (5/5)

Both seasons are amazing explorations of the two very different stories. Great investigations that also show the human side of these events. Definitely recommend!

Season two is riveting every single second.   (5/5)

I did not listen to season one but have just started listening to season two: bomb on board. It is now my favorite podcast. Riveting, well organized, well told. I can't wait for the next episode.

Audio   (2/5)

The audio on the interviews is terrible, and I cannot hear a word they’re saying, even with my volume turned up.

Enjoyed the podcast, but hated the end of episode 7   (5/5)

Gratuitous nose blowing during an interview. Whyyyyyy?!?

I liked it up till the whole   (1/5)

Presidential building crap. Can something please not have a political bias these days? The podcast was great up until you had to bring in our president. You conveniently skimmed over the Clintons like they were innocent in this and are using this as a bashing platform of our current president. I’m now just turned off.

LOVED IT   (5/5)

The bad reviews on this are so bizarre. Clearly, Sarah made a lot of mistakes through what she admits several times was foolishly, willfully turning a blind eye to things that seemed off. That’s what happens to people in cults...this is not unique nor does it make her different from other people who have left other cults. I honestly didn’t care that much if she was “likeable” - she’s just another person who fell into something and valued the wrong things, like many others before her and many who will come after. I really enjoyed this podcast. NXIVM members leaving bad reviews - you’re embarrassing.

Wow!   (5/5)

Crazy!! Hard to believe this stuff goes on but also interesting to understand how cults prey on peoples vulnerabilities and then trap them especially when a lot of money is at their disposal. I’m glad the people came forward to tell their stories and stop others from getting hurt. Power of the media works!! Great reporting too! Hoping for Justice, orange jumpsuits for sure!

I don’t hear a story here   (1/5)

The story sounded interesting in the trailer, but I just didn’t hear facts that made a compelling case for the stated premise—namely that Sarah was a victim of coercion and sex trafficking. I have no doubt Sarah was pulled into and then became an avid member of a group that is cultlike for a really long time. But her teary claims of having been coerced, exploited and “branded” seem based on wishful thinking. No doubt she feels duped and has regrets about her involvement in the group. But I just don’t hear a fact based assertion or investigation here.

Bad reviews are not to be trusted   (5/5)

Pretty sure the people giving bad reviews are cult members. All of their criticism attacks Sarah. Regardless of what they think of her acting career or whether or not she was naive is irrelevant to how good the podcast is. It’s well produced and interesting. Any other criticism is irrelevant to the quality of the work.

Great!   (5/5)

I felt compelled to leave a review because the negative ones are clearly NXIVM members out to ruin a victim’s image, as cults do. Don’t believe the naysayers.

Best podcast I've ever listened to!   (5/5)

The content is current and WILD, the audio and production quality is top notch.

Yowwwza   (5/5)

I liked this pod cast. It was interesting. And the reviews on here are like...freaking WEIRD! Seriously! People are nuanced. And it’s clear this while not having the member numbers of Scientology, it certainly has money. So I’m guessing the personally bad reviews are probably paid to be that way along with members...spooky.

Season 2 is so different   (3/5)

I actually liked the controversial season 1, but season 2 is more like someone knows something. It lacks narrative direction.

Loving this podcast!!! Season 2 is captivating!   (5/5)

This has quickly become one of my favorite podcasts. Season 2 is even better than Season 1!

Sarah   (5/5)

The portrait painted of Sarah did not one way or another have any effect on my enjoyment of this podcast. I was already aware of Nexium after seeing a news story about it on television. As far as Sarah is concerned, I could have cared less about her ,I just really enjoyed the story telling.

Loved Season 1   (3/5)

I lived Season 1. Great pace and interesting. Season 2 is slow, not interesting. I keep waiting for it to get better. It hasn’t yet.

Nicely Done   (5/5)

I really enjoyed season one. Intriguing and well organized. I binged it in one day.

PLEASE   (4/5)

Please work on wet, spitty, saliva ridden voices when you’re recording interviews. Can’t even focus on the story, which is very interesting. Edit them out.

Helpful   (5/5)

I was in a therapy cult for 7 years and it’s helpful to hear about how hard it is to recover from crazy things like this. When you are brainwashed you get manipulated into the crazies thing.

Doth protest much?   (5/5)

I find these bad reviews embarrassing. I listen to a ton of podcasts and this one is brilliant! It’s kind of obvious that many of these bad reviews are coming from the cult members. Like another cult I won’t mention, once you leave there are members designated to try to destroy your reputation by childish name calling and other juvenile tactics. This podcast is so fascinating I binged the entire thing in one sitting. Keep up the great work and don’t listen to the haters.

Season 2   (2/5)

The podcast itself is fine. Nothing super interesting. But DeeDee is creepy to me. Her father was in the plane crash. She spent years trying to locate the crash. Now she wears and obsesses over plane crash victims items. It’s almost like she fetishises the items and the crash. Her voice turns dreamy and aroused when it talks about the topic. Its healthy to display some interest, but DeeDee is full on immersed in a very creepy way. Not sure I can listen anymore. Gross.

NXVIM members in reviews   (5/5)

Beware the NXVIM members who are giving reviews on this podcast. It's pretty easy to spot them. Sara is a complicated figure, but overall the exposing of how manipulative Keith Raniere has been throughout his life and how intelligent people can be lead to do bizarre things is well worth the listen. Slef-help pyramid schemes and 'cults' need to be exposed.

Interesting topic, but some major flaws   (4/5)

Cults are such a fascinating topic, and this is one I hadn’t heard of before. I’ll pretty much listen to any story about cults and be interested, because it’s such a study in human behavior and the nature of the mind. I do wish that this was investigated by someone who did not have a personal relationship with Sarah. He was not able to see this objectively and push for real answers. I believe there is something major that we are missing that happened here and that Sarah will not volunteer to share. We needed to hear more dissenting views for a less biased history of events. Sarah is such an incredibly unlikeable human and completely lacks self-awareness, so relying on her for the majority of the details leaves me feeling like we are really missing some other voices and perspectives based in more maturity and wisdom.

Profoundly disturbing, well-researched   (5/5)

Whether or not you personally like the protagonist (Sarah), this is a terrifying and thought-provoking dive into how susceptible all of us can be to charismatic leaders/groups with wicked intents. They know exactly how to prey upon even the most world-weary and intelligent among us, and it’s truly shocking to know this was happening beneath the world’s nose.

Rapt   (5/5)

Not sure what the low ratings are about except maybe they are members of the cult trying to tank it. I was fascinated and couldn’t stop listening. I binged straight through and wishes there was more at the end.

Love it - one of the best series ever   (5/5)

Riveting and insightful into how cults work!

Who Knew?   (5/5)

Not familiar with bizarre cults and this was all interesting and crazy. I think that Sarah is affected and who wouldn’t be. Brainwashed is brainwashed and I hope she gets help and helps those that are getting out of this organization. Perhaps some that she brought in. All of the negative reviews seem like a lot to me and I am betting they are from supports of the group.

Interesting   (4/5)

Interesting topic. I’ll be anxiously awaiting future episodes.

Interesting   (5/5)

I honestly liked this podcast. What’s crazy are the 1 star reviews that are most certainly followers of this sick cult. I will wager that there are a few that probably didn’t like it. The amount of complaints against Sara is kinda weird to me too. I don’t think she acts like she is innocent in all of this. She did leave and tried to get others to as well.

Interesting but obnoxious   (3/5)

The subject matter is fascinating, hearing the behind the scenes inner workings, the rise and fall of NXIVM is intriguing. Unfortunately the victim that tells her story is beyond insufferable. The thing is - the journalist hosting this podcast has been friends with her since they were 2-years-old. He’s biased to her character and attitude. He doesn’t realize he’s not doing her any favors by letting her tell her story. It seems that she is a bad actor trying to dupe the audience into believing that she was preyed upon when that actually may not be the case.

Strong feelings?   (4/5)

I have to wonder reading some of these reviews if some of them are left by people involved with NXIVM. I mean, some of them seem incredibly invested in Sara and her story and these people are “disgusted” by her. I mean, really? Yes she seems like she’s playing this whole thing to her advantage, but who cares? She’s just as bad as the rest of the NXIVM members. And I don’t see people knocking them as much as they are her in these reviews. Being that I live nearby to where this happened I found this extremely interesting. I am always intrigued by people who get caught up in cults, whether it’s because they haven’t got a strong character or whether it’s because they’re drawn to the promise of money and power. Or both. I was fascinated by this podcast.

Hm.   (3/5)

When I was 19, I worked for a man who used similar manipulation techniques, and taught them to us. When I used them, I KNEW it was wrong, and I genuinely felt badly on the rare occasions that things didn’t end well for the other party. Again, I was only 19. My point being, Sarah seems to have very little guilt or shame over those actions. Being 30, I find it difficult to believe that she didn’t understand exactly what she was doing. It seems as though she was fine with it until SHE was in too deep, only then it became a problem. There is just so much wrong with her judgement calls, I don’t even know where to begin. I’m giving this three stars, because it is an interesting podcast, however if I had to base my rating on her believability and sympathy factor, I’d give it one star.

Excellent!   (5/5)

Great work on this podcast. I can’t wait for more.

Interesting it left with many questions   (3/5)

This podcast held my attention and was easy to listen to. But, it’s has to sympathize with Sarah, she spends every interview crying and playing the victim but I think she knew exactly what was going on.

Interesting topic   (3/5)

I just started listening to the 2nd episode and I’m not sure if I can finish it. Sarah’s incessant overuse of the word “like” is extremely distracting.

Great podcast   (5/5)

Unbelievable that so many people bought into this BS.

Binge-ish   (4/5)

Very good reporting good sound and editing and finally an announcer without hideous vocal fry!

Fantastic listen!   (5/5)

In short, the series is detailed and provides enough information to paint the picture of NXIVM. The story is well told and the interviews are conducted well. This podcast is a fantastic listen! There are a large number of NXIVM members who jumped onboard to discount the investigative process and the interviews and this is reflected in their reviews. Much like Charles Mason and the “Family”, who followed him to the end.

Fantastic   (5/5)

This podcast is excellent ...a very well told and riveting story. I’m very surprised by the bad it’s one of the best mini series podcasts out there.

Narcissism   (1/5)

This cult was all about preying on narcissism and greed. Depressing that the people involved portray themselves as victims rather than the perpetrators they became. It is important to look at what drives people to join cults which is typically to feel that you are superior to others and have exclusive insight. Cults prey on people who are arrogant and contemptuous. This should also be explored in a podcast about this subject

Awesome   (5/5)

Insane story and well told and produced.

Good podcast sad people   (5/5)

The reviews here are mostly about the people in or just out of the cult, and basing their ratings on that. The review process is about the podcast itself, silly people. Anyhow, some of the people interviewed are annoying, and seemingly idiotic, or at least gullible, but the podcast itself is well done.

Simply amazing.   (5/5)

I wish it was longer. This is one of the best podcasts I have ever heard. So good, that it had be investigating the topic, and I am not staying up-to-date on the case. I highly recommend it to anyone!

Disturbing AF   (5/5)

Combining the glassy-eyed greed of an MLM with a misogynistic religious cult, this podcast had me binging every episode because the story is just so effing bananas. The most recent bonus episode took it up several notches. This was the most nail biting podcast experience I’ve had since “Dirty John.”

Scientology?!   (5/5)

I’m assuming someone has made the connection that this cult sounds like a smaller version of the “religion” Scientology. I love the CBC podcasts and appreciate them covering this topic - and hopefully Scientology will see a similar fate... yet it’s most likely too large and has too much wealth invested into it, though it’s built off of the backs of those who have nothing but their livelihoods, to give. This man is a narcissistic sociopath who has manipulated so many good people.

Rich and unexpected   (3/5)

We’ve been spoiled in the podcast world with great, powerful voices like the woman from Serial and the woman from Criminal. The narrator’s voice here comes off a bit amateurish by comparison. This and the fact he is friends with the main source, Sarah, made me squirm a bit personally. But that’s my only gripe, this story works very well and honestly I’m not exactly sure why. Cults aren’t news. Duping everyday people into doing profoundly stupid things happens all the time. I think perhaps this works because Sarah was a master manipulator inside the cult and she’s still one outside the cult too. As listeners we’re both targets of her manipulation and able to witness it at the same time.

Fascinating   (4/5)

I could not binge this podcast fast enough. It was incredibly fascinating. It actually touches on two things that I find so interesting and incomprehensible: cults and multi-level marketing schemes. That’s a weird thing to say but, really, it’s so hard to see why people fall for either of these scenes, yet of course they do. My only quibble is that there are a few aspects of this story which I wish they had explored further. For example, they talk to a woman who left NXVIM way before others, named Toni, who was one of the first women who felt the wrath of the organization through intimidation and lawsuits. But they don’t seem to ask her or otherwise explore why she left. Also, they touch on the fact that some people feel like the main woman profiled is viewed by some as complicit for years in the harm caused by the organization, but I think they could have explored that a whole lot more. But overall this podcast was excellent.

Conflicted review   (3/5)

I just completed all the episodes for this extremely informative podcast. In general, I liked the podcast, but I’m very disappointed in how some of the content was presented. Essentially, I wonder if the interviewer’s long-standing friendship with Sarah compromised his ability to ask probing questions. Keith Raniere is garbage; essentially, he is a self-aggrandizing con-artist. In this podcast, Vanguard’s fellow con-artist, Sarah, gets a free pass. At the end of the day, Sarah is a D-list actress (I’m being extremely generous) who thought she had found the path to wealth and influence through recruiting for an MLM. Since there is significant crossover between the self-help industry, The Secret cultists (Sarah knows the producer of The Secret and claims that he got her into NXIVM) and Multi-Level Marketing schemes, an extremely relevant question to have asked Sarah would have been if NXIVM was her first MLM scheme. One only has to look at similar scams in Avon, Scentsy, Amway, Rodan+Fields, Younique, ad nauseam, to see that they all operate with the promise of fulfilling hopes and dreams for the desperate. It’s a classic pyramid scheme and it makes Sarah’s assertion that she sometimes paid the fees for recruits seem extremely self-serving rather than altruistic. You see, these MLM scams link the compensation package to the upline with the number of recruits they can scam to be part of the pyramid. Also, it is extremely telling that Sarah’s “morality” forces her to leave NXIVM only after her participation in the scam becomes less profitable. More than that, I’m grateful this is over so I don’t have to endure the whining of Shallow Sarah because her “perfect, unblemished body” now has a brand she willingly received. 🙄 As a woman, I found her claiming the mantle of victimhood to be especially egregious. At no time did Josh confront Sarah with any of the dupes she brought into her NXIVM downline and she hedges on the suggestion that she owes compensation to those she fooled. Furthermore, given Sarah’s outbursts toward her mother, exploitation of others in her downline and failure to accept personal responsibility, one is left wondering if Sarah is in need of intensive mental health intervention. I asked myself, is she merely running a con for monetary compensation and fame while dodging salient questions through her emotional manipulation of her childhood friend?

Amazing podcast   (5/5)

This is sooo good! It is so fascinating to hear Sarah recount her story, it is so raw and honest. Also, it’s so eerie on how similar it sounds to Scientology!!

Holy HANNAH!!!   (5/5)

Hands down favorite podcast!! Narration is amazing!!! Sara could use a few less F-bombs. Take this sexual predator down!! Even his attorney is a sexual predator. Men don’t sometimes respect or listen to women like they should. Some woman call wolf I get that. But these woman are not!! His attorney is steam rolling everything that is said instead of having a heart because he wants a pay check. Ugh!!!

Crazy Story. Great Reporting   (5/5)

I was sad when the season ended. This was great reporting on a bizarre and distributing cult/MLM.

How do more people not know about this?!   (5/5)

I'm a hardcore true crime fan and was skeptical of this podcast at first. But I am obsessed. I listened to the entire series in one day, it is so riveting that as I type this I am pushing past my usual bedtime to soak in the last 17 minutes of the final episode. Amazing storytelling, lots of ambiguous heroes and villains in this tale and I think Josh and the other producers did an amazing job navigating blurred lines.

👍🏻👍🏻   (5/5)

Absolutely loved this podcast. Great piece of investigative work. Well done!!

Great look at a complicated issue   (5/5)

Hosts and subjects do a great job and the host asks super tough questions of the sources against the cult. Overall, I was hooked on each episode and anticipating the next. It’s going to be interesting as the case heads to trial.

Wow....   (5/5)

I can't stop listening. Great production. I can totally see people I know getting roped into this. I'm glad the leaders are getting what they deserve!

I’m intrigued but i also hate the primary source   (3/5)

It’s super interesting but I find Sarah Edmondson so annoying and self-obsessed. I want to know more about the cult but I also want her to be accountable for what she did as a high ranked official. Maybe she takes some responsibility at some point? I’m only on the second episode, I keep stopping because I want to smack her

Well done   (5/5)

Very fascinating topic, well paced podcast. Would like to hear follow up on the legal developments going forward. Would highly recommend

Binge worthy   (5/5)

I listened to this in under 24 hours. Couldn’t take my headphones out even at work. I was so curious to hear more about this group when I read about the leader and the celebrity, Alison Mack, being indicted. I heard she tried to recruit Emma Watson even. This podcast nails it! Best I’ve heard all year.

I like it   (5/5)

I ain’t even Canadian and I like it. S’creepy.

The con continues   (2/5)

The person who is the focus of this podast - the cult escapee Sara - is an impressive con artist. I do not believe for one minute that she is a hero. This is a very one-sided presentation. All from her point of view. She flipped the script to her benefit. This podcaster fell for her con (they are childhood friends) and put it on tape. Do not waste your time on this self-serving podcast. Wait for a true investigative piece that does not rely on only one point of view.

AMAZING!   (5/5)

This Podcast was good, but once I hit episode five, it became GREAT! Sarah is brave and forthcoming in telling her story. I gave my five star review to help Sarah continue to blow it up!

Triggering and completely worth it.   (5/5)

I knew nothing about NXIVM prior to this podcast. I found this podcast through a rabbit hole of other podcasts. I binged it in two days. I cooked dinner with my headphones to get through it. I was invested. I relate with Sarah. I left Mormonism 4.5 years ago. The pain and horror she felt when the bottom dropped out made my bones hurt. I felt her pain. I feel her pain. Exactly what Nippy said...... it’s hard to separate the good from the bad. I know what that’s like too. Thank you for your time and effort to make this series. You shined a big fat light on cults, and the grip they have on intellectual, intelligent, confident people. We can all be fooled. Every one of us. 🖤🖤🖤🖤

Like a car crash...   (5/5)

I could not stop listening to this podcast. It's fascinating to see how this cult started, who its leader was as a child, and how so many smart, kind, and ambitious people got caught up in it.

So drawn in!!   (5/5)

Can’t stop listening to this podcast!

Love it!   (5/5)

I LOVE this podcast! I’ve been listening everyday at work and in the car since I’m binging.

Amazing   (5/5)

Great content, put together very well!

My opinion   (5/5)

Great podcast but the woman whose story this is about and who is being interviewed is odd. Her demeanor seems strange and I can picture every weeping outburst is without tears. Very insincere imo. I think in ep 1 she sd something that didn’t ring with me, something abt it couldn’t be a sec cult because she wasn’t approached! How narcissistic. She also seems to be responsible herself for scamming others to some extent.

Too scared to ever join a cult   (5/5)

This podcast was so insightful and riveting. I could not stop listening! Well told and I loved the interview showing the other side of the story. Great job!

Totally engrossing   (5/5)

Binged the whole series. If you've ever wondered how people can be sucked into a cult, this can answer some of those questions. Great in depth reporting on the NXIVM cult exposed last year. More than just a reporters view, as a friend,Josh struggles to understand how Sarah was drawn into this cult. A must listen!

Loved it   (5/5)

What a fascinating story. Can’t wait for season 2. Please someday tell the Trump Cult story

Underwhelmed   (1/5)

Im not sure what this has to offer in the way of anything original regarding the behavior of people involved in Cults or those at the helm....More annoying is the friendship between the narrator and the main protagonist who seem like they share no warmth or understanding; Sara seems like an over-indulged spoiled child who made a lot of bad decisions and now needs someone to shoulder the guilt. Honestly, Cult activity and behavior can be fascinating depending upon the investigation and reporting. Not this one.

Very binge-able   (5/5)

Very engaging and interesting. Great for people who are interested in cult and true crime type podcasts.

Transfixing and complex   (5/5)

I just zoomed through this show in under three days. It haunted and frightened me. Incredible how people so like myself can be drawn into something so dangerous.

Riveting   (5/5)

Josh is an amazing interviewer, and his real connection with Sarah comes across in their discussions. One of the best things about this podcast is that he asks the follow-up questions that I am thinking in my head. Brilliantly done work here.

Sad actress   (3/5)

Non-successful “actress” Sarah makes me crazy. I really think she is using this for the fame the cult couldn’t give her. What normal human being joins a cult that makes you strip down and get branded. How much does it take you to be like ummmm no this isn’t normal? I feel for people born into crazy cults and don’t know any better, I don’t for idiots who get themselves in these situations. She got out before she could get in trouble. Convenient. Well done podcast tho!

Crazy   (5/5)

Weird gullible people. The leaders of this need to be strung up. This Sarah woman sounds sooo morally bankrupt too. She should go to prison.

New favorite   (5/5)

Love the writing, the host, and the style of this podcast! Even the music is great!