Aggregated reviews for Under The Skin with Russell Brand

My new podcast 'Under The Skin' asks: what's beneath the surface - of people we admire, of the ideas that define our time, of the history we are told. Speaking with guests from the world of academia, popular culture and the arts, they'll help us to see the ulterior truth behind our constructed reality. And have a laugh. This show is now on Luminary! For more, go to

Dear Russell, (5/5)

It’s been brought to my attention that certain foods can curb your libido. Graham crackers being one of these foods. My wife’s closet and our cellar is stock piled with these crackers and no milk. 🕯I enjoy oysters on the half shell🕯 -Les Couchon-💄🐷🍒👠

Don’t slow down... (5/5)

And don’t stop interrupting! Your stream of consciousness style is engaging and thought provoking and makes this podcast compulsive listening! Even episode #58 with Candace Owens- what an obnoxious harpy! But you gave her space to lay out her awful dystopian vision of a bleak, dog-eat-dog world while I wanted to reach down the phone and punch her in the throat! Thanks for your candour, vulnerability and bravery and if you’re ever in the Atlanta area, you can come round ours and I’ll make you a nice cuppa! ~~Mrs Overall.

Episode 77 love Russel’s daughter (5/5)

Loved hearing Russel’s daughter’s commentary, what a doll! Of course I loved the whole episode with Karamo Brown. Huge fan! He is a beautiful human inside and out.

Enjoyed! (5/5)

Deep and informative!!

One of my favorite podcasts! (5/5)

Interesting, thought-provoking content. Thank you for being here for our enjoyment and learning!

Great Stuff but... (3/5)

He has an awful habit of interrupting his guests when he gets angered or doesn’t agree with them. It gets very very annoying.

Discussions of ultimate importance (5/5)

The discussions had in this podcast are discussions everyone should have introspectively and with others. Please spread this discourse.

Slow down (5/5)

Love you and your podcasts but slow down a bit.

Exactly what I needed! (5/5)

Thank you for being genuine and helpful. I love this podcast!

Alright (4/5)

Decent analysis on a wide range of topics and seems to be well meaning. Don’t like the politics but I like the effort

Excellent pod cast (5/5)

One of my favorite podcasts jumps in to all kinds of subjects. Reminds me of the JRE podcast

Great Podcast ! (5/5)

Great podcast! Love it so much-thank you. Could you please please discuss Veganism on one of your episodes? Suggestions for guests: 1)Sharon Gannon & David Life (veganism, yoga and spirituality), 2) Ed Winters (Earthling Ed): empathy, societal misconceptions on eating meat and environment; 3) James Aspey: the absolute truth on what eating meat actually is... Thank You!

Sponsorship vs. ads (4/5)

Although I do not like ad interruptions during programming I do believe a wider audience would be reached and exposed to your guests if this podcast went away from sponsor based funding.

Suggestion (Hope you read this) (5/5)

Hi Russell I absolutely love your podcast and your short videos. I also read your book, Recovery. Like others here have said, I come to you to learn and I feel I’m becoming a better person because if you. Thank you! I would very much appreciate if you could consider making an episode or more on Islamic spirituality and philosophy. I feel that an exploration of this topic would be complementary to an ongoing theme of yours on spirituality, consciousness, justice, change, etc. A few suggested names include Hamza Yusuf, Dr. Tim Winter, or Dr Seyyed Hussein Nasr. Thanks!

Swimming with sharks (5/5)

Fantastic podcast. Russel is incredibly smart , and even though I feel like an intellectual guppy swimming with sharks, I keep coming back to learn as much as I can. Love it!

Disappointed (1/5)

I can’t stand to listen to Brennan interrupt callen anymore and not be funny. Unfortunately cant listen anymore.

Prepare to be surprised (5/5)

There are no words for this podcast - one word I could use is ineffable which is a word meaning there are no words - some feeling words I could pull up are awe, amazement, joy, relief - there is something you need to learn in one of these episodes to improve your quality of life and the words will resound across the decades and you will say Russell Brand! Of all people to change my life! My God!!

Thank you! (5/5)

Russell! Thank you so much for giving me something positive and optimistic to enjoy in this world that’s so often seen as all doom and gloom. I’m a mom of two little kids and this podcast recharges and refreshes me! Thank you!

Thank you Russell 🙏 (5/5)

The things you say...they come directly from your kind, sensitive heart. I’m uplifted when you speak. I once thought you were too weird, and just hilarious, but as I’ve listened to you in recent years, you sound like a poet/philosopher/teacher...a prophet. Russell, you are a lyrical soul, and I feel so lucky to be alive during a time when I can hear voices like yours broadcast in such an accessible platform. Keep speaking to us. Keep reminding us of our humanity. ❤️

Fascinating & Inspiring Conversations (5/5)

This podcast has changed the way I perceive the world, other people, and myself, for the better. There is something significant to ponder in every single episode. Thank you for your work, and for making these ideas widely available and accessible to people.

Amazing (5/5)

If you’re a curious person, this podcast becomes extraordinarily hard to put down. The Wendy Mandy episode is nothing short of life changing. It’s a real shame that current episodes are no longer found here and instead are behind a pay wall. Gobble up the episode you find here as if they’re the big chocolate bars found on Halloween night; you won’t regret it!

Brene Brown Episode is EPIC (5/5)

Thank you

Insightful, thought-provoking and funny! (5/5)

An amazing podcast. Every minute of the Brene Brown episode challenged me to grow and re-examine how I interact with my perception the external world and my consciousness. First rate!

#58 (5/5)

The best political conversation I’ve heard in a very long time. THIS is how to have public discourse. Thoughtful, intelligent, constructive and challenging. Kudos Russell and Candace!!

Refreshing - finally (5/5)

I choose to hear positive outlooks. Just like I choose to live a life that looks inward for answers for a volatile, hateful, shock news and media. This is now a part of my daily ritual. Thank you Mr. R Brand!

Great until Political Opinions Overshadowed info (3/5)

One of my favorite spiritual authors is Marianne Williamson. To hear her disrespect our country's leadership created a disharmonious vibe to your podcast. Our spiritual journey is to become more compassionate, less ego, less judgement. I would never want to be a leader of a country because no matter what the leader will say or do, that leader will be judged. Leaders do their best and the media will incessantly harass and try to destroy a person's dignity and character. As spiritual leaders, we are one and everyone is the same, no one is better or worse. There is no us and them. We are one. The media and so called liberalists are trying so hard to make the president look bad. This is exactly what happened to President Bush. Unless we wear their shoes, can we know what they are going through? Peace and love.

So good (5/5)

A new favourite


Update: Please come out from that Luminary paywall. Yours is one of my very favorite podcasts, and I will NEVER listen as long as it's on Luminary. Thank you. Exciting, engaging, hilarious, challenging and humane. Fantastic! Where does Brand find all these folks?? Terrific.

Plant medicine is not a drug (5/5)

In order to treat addiction, childhood trauma must be addressed. The quickest way there is through Ayahuasca.12 steps since 1989, and 1 Ayahuasca ceremony, I completely worked all 12 steps. Ego was smashed. A complete 7th step realized. I know in my soul that I will never pick up a drink again. Ayahuasca is 20% of the work, and integration afterwards is 80% of the work. I continue self care, meditation and a few 12 step meetings. I no longer have defects of character, and I am finally free to raise my consciousness on a daily basis.

Brene brown Interview was amazing (5/5)

Thank you for such an amazing thoughtful podcast. I learn so much listening to it and it really put my brain and my spirit to work

Russel Brand is a stupid man (1/5)

Listened to #71 to Russel Brand babbling on, interrupting the person he’s interviewing (Theresa Cheing) playing Devil’s Advocate. God this man is so annoying. Wanted to learn more about what this author on mysticism had to say, interrupted over and over again by this dumb man child Russel Brand. Unsubscribing. God he’s annoying.

I love this podcast. (5/5)

I live in Nebraska in the United States, which is a very red state under a very conservative, very rich (inherited money) governor which John Oliver has most astutely called a “dollar store Lex Luther”. I had the privilege of running the grassroots campaign for Bernie Sanders in 2016 and winning the state for him in the primary, but along the way, saw a lot of corruption and witnessed many of the things being talked about on this podcast. Years later I’ve slowly began to unravel what I’ve seen and have many ideas about how these things SHOULD work. Community and a sense of belonging is a theme I come back to over and over, which I love to hear about in these podcasts, but I would also love to hear more about the function of how grassroots politics could look in not just our country, but others as well. At any rate, thank you Russell for your dissemination of ideas that we need to hear as a society. Thank you for your thoughtfulness and your love of LOVE. Bless you friend from afar and keep up the good work!

Thank you for using your power for good (5/5)

Thank you so much for this podcast, Russel. I’ve always looked up to you as a sort of mentor, starting from when you did the Trews, which was a great guide when I was in my early 20’s and feeling lost and disillusioned with the world. I grew up in California with a Guru from the Hindu traditions, and have always felt a bit ostracized and have watched the community of devotees feel the same way. So I also want to thank you for highlighting spirituality in the way that you do. To hear the things I’ve grown up with spoken about by people I look up to means the world to me, and helps me to validate my own upbringing instead of trying to conform to American cultural normalcy. So great to hear that David Lynch is a devotee of the Maharishi. I love to hear all the familiar language in a podcast between two such influential men. It’s really amazing. Thank you. Grace

Another one lost to VC money (5/5)

I've been listening to and loving this podcast for two years now. Thank you Russell for the great guests and your own insights and humility about your journey. However, I can't help but feel betrayed by the fact that you're going to Luminary, taking that VC money and putting your content behind a pay wall. Maybe you're just going there to "speak truth to power" from behind enemy lines. Fingers crossed!

Wit and Wisdom (5/5)

Dude cracks me up. Love his guests and love the guest cameos by Mabel.

Great listening/it’s on Luminary now btw (5/5)

I stumbled upon Russell’s podcast after his recent Joe Rogan appearance. Great insight, ideas and just a fun listen as well. Check it out for yourself.

One of the best! (5/5)

Russell and his enlightening guests make one of the best combinations for a podcast ever. Can’t get enough! Absolutely fabulous and keeps me thinking about the topics long after the podcast if over. KUDOS Russell!!!!

Very favorite podcast! (5/5)

Absolutely amazing; this podcast is such a gift. I learn so much every time I listen to an epsiode. Additionally, I have never listened to podcasts more than once until now. I'm getting my husband into it to and he is equally loving it; we listen and then come together to discuss and it's been so fun/enlightneing/educational for us. So thankful that Russell Brand decided to take us along on his personal journey for higher understanding. He's the perfect host -- He's obviously incredibly intelligent but he's also hilarious and not afraid to ask questions. I think this podcast is especially perfect for those with a sense of humor looking to expand their personal/intellectual/spiritual growth.

Loved the Byron Katie interview! (5/5)

Russell was perceptive and brilliant in his ability to understand her concepts and work with them authentically. Byron Katie’s work has changed my life. Thanks for this excellent interview!

My new favorite podcast! (5/5)

The topics are thought-provoking in a way that makes you reconsider what it is to be a human being living today’s world. Russell’s captivating charm and compassion are to be admired.

Surprising, Intellectual & Approachable (5/5)

Dang it!! I’m sad you are you leaving the free podcast system. I won’t be going to Luminary as I cannot justify the expense in my budget. Thank you for all you’ve given!! Best of luck! It was a thrill to listen to the "terror" first pod and hear the play between the staid and respected author/professor and the curious student, Russell and their unique perspective which rose above the divisive rhetoric of late and touched on the spiritual, human and practical politicts of this topic. The coverage was as vast as the differences in personalities and used examples from history around the planet. Just start a listen; you won't be able to stop... and if you must stop... you won't be able to wait to return. I loved every uplifting hopeful and educating minute! Thanks Russell!

Love (5/5)

Russell's podcast is fantastic, love listening to it at work!

Amazing (5/5)

Russell Brand’s eloquence is unparalleled

Polite conversation (5/5)

Thank you Great British Baking Show for leading the way in polite behavior. Always enjoy this podcast and his polite guests.

Great show! (5/5)

Brother Russell, love the podcast and your energy.

Delicious! (5/5)

The convo with Derren Brown was such a treat. I so look forward to Under the Skin and all of the insights, asides and amusements it provides. Thank you so very much.

Illuminating (5/5)

Russell, I adore your podcast and encourage you to continue down this beautiful path. I for one will be following from itunes to Luminary and am excited to experience what is around the corner.

Food for mind and spirit (5/5)

Russell, I look forward to every podcast and your incisive, curious mind and kind, playful spirit. Your guests are excellent, and each week I feel myself expanding, even when I don’t always know what to do with the brilliant content in a world with such enormous growing pains. But I feel less lonely after listening. Love and best wishes to you and your beautiful family, from an American mom of a teenage girl—it gets really fun with each new stage of their growth, and I mean that! Teenagers are the best—maybe have some on your show sometime for their own brand of wisdom and perspective?! ❤️

A light shining on modern shadows (5/5)

Fantastic content. I love the crossover between this podcast and so many other podcasts that are influencing a new paradigm of human consciousness, centered around union between body, mind, self, and other. The world thanks you for your efforts Russel. Cheers

Always a good listen (5/5)

It’s Russell Brand. What more do you need to know?

For research.. (5/5)

Russell, I think it’s very obvious at this point that taking plant medicines (legally) is not going to negatively affect your addiction problems, I also know that you have known this for years but I suspect you feared some Daily Mail headline about how you’ve fallen off the wagon because you did Ayahuasca/ DMT. Pretty sure you don’t care about that now and I would love nothing more than to hear you’re poetic description of meeting the machine elves and the insights you downloaded on the astral planes. I know Terence is tempting you.. Thanks for everything you do. (I’m not a doctor disclaimer etc)

Let’s hear it for cottage industries!! (5/5)

I was so thrilled to hear Douglas talk about this as a solution. Let’s earn a living wage from cooperating together rather than making rich people with capital even richer. Love you Russell, thanks for everything.

Disappointed (5/5)

Been listening to your podcasts for a little over a year now. Disappointed to learn you are moving to Luminary. I am a poverty wage worker and therefore I am not able to afford to pay for a subscription service. I was nice while it lasted. 🙁

Awesome (5/5)

Awe inspiring in the truest way. A wonderfully led path to discovering the awe in oneself and in others. Humanity is our greatest feat, and Iv greatly enjoyed the mix of humor, curiosity, love, and hope represented through Russell and his delightful guests. I’m so glad and so proud, keep thinking, keep questioning, keep connecting, and keep laughing, damnit! :) Thank you, I love you, look for the others.

Why do I need a review title? (5/5)

Listen to one, not what you might expect. My new favorite podcast.

Russell Brand is a genius (5/5)

I have learned so much by listening to Russell Brand interview a diverse array of guests on this podcast. Brand is incredibly intelligent, honest, witty, knowledgeable on a number of topics, and, of course, funny. Keep ‘em coming!

Well done sir (5/5)

You have once again outdone yourself Russ !!!! I’m literally ,metaphorically, picking up pieces of thought from my subconscious... completely mind-blowing podcast . Finally , someone not trying to convince me I’m a complete idiot financially and mentally . Instead, you have taken life and thought to a new level 💯 absolutely love it mate 🙌🏼 wish I could be a fly in the room !!

Much needed nourishment (5/5)

In a world of division and fluff in the USA, this podcast provides the nourishment my souls needs. Thanks, Russell!

Love this show!! (5/5)

Thank you for having Megan on the show!!! She’s amazing, her book is amazing, great conversation. Get Tess Holliday next!

I love you Russell Brand (5/5)

I listen to your podcast while doing housework which makes it more readily into an act of love for my family when I have your kind voice in my headphones. Thank you so much! Xx

Narratives (5/5)

Russell, your podcast with Brad and Henry uncovered so many important ideas about the stories we’re told and tell ourselves. My mind was blown so frequently that I started to worry I wouldn’t be able to remember any of these ideas because they’re so big and don’t fit in neatly with my existing narratives. This is the kind of podcast I want to listen to over and over again and share with my loved ones. You asked us to tell you where we are listening to your podcast, and today it was snow-blowing in Central Wisconsin. Thanks for using your voice, whenever I listen to you I always feel the love.

Extraordinary (5/5)

This podcast is excellent, and episode 69 is one of the best eps I’ve ever heard on any podcast. At one point he joked about listeners having to listen at half speed because they were talking so fast but I actually had to do that!

Russell Brand is doing the world a great service. (5/5)

‘Finding Joy Amidst Fascism & Violence’ is one of the best single conversations I’ve ever heard among public intellectuals. Brilliant.

My new sensei (5/5)

I love everything about this podcast and Russel is my new sensei. Namaste 🙏🏻

Absolutely wonderful (5/5)

This is the first and only podcast I’ve ever listened to. I’ve just discovered it, and it is such a perfect way to start and end my work day while commuting. Russell has great guests on the show every time. He is an excellent interviewer and always asks such thoughtful questions prompting them to expand in such an interesting way. I am definitely recommending this to anyone I know, well done ❤️

Take it in (5/5)

It’s rare for someone to shed light so effortless and feeling like after conversation the world is seen more clearly. Thanks Russ. I’m now looking at all your books to buy. Glad you’re here.

Great! (5/5)

Listen to in the mornings with my coffee in LA :) look forward to all episodes.

Love love love (5/5)

Amazing listening!! Thanks for putting out content that is good for the brain and soul. Keep it coming xx

Brand’s transformation (5/5)

I’m so impressed, to see Russel’s transformation, from comedian, to intellectual, from Alcoholic, to sobriety. I’ve been a recovering alcoholic, for 8 years. Good job, you’re an inspiration. I hope someday you will have Sadhguru on your program. I can only imagine!

Humor & Insight (5/5)

What more could one ask for?

Phenomenal (5/5)

This podcast is incredible! Touches on a lot of important topics from a comical yet intellectual standpoint, well done Russell, well done indeed. 👌🏽👏🏽

We love you Russell! (5/5)

With love all the way from South continue to enlighten, make us laugh and blow us away with your compassionate, kind and insightful pearls of wisdom. Keep doing what you doing!

Great show. (5/5)

So far I have only listed to the first episode but it is a intriguing and provocative show for the mind and soul. I was wondering if you could do a episode on porn addiction and maybe how men and women can understand each other better in a relationship.

Awake in an unawake take (5/5)

This man is the real deal. Don’t expect to be swaddled. Eggshells are walked on, he treads heavy, he is who he is, and it is what we need. Vocabulary goes a long way. And he shows us why. His fortunate yet unfortunate experiences in life have gifted us with a great and United outlook on our related experiences. His deep thought, and non judgmental stance and genuine perspective based on nothing less than personal experience brings such a great comfort to a community of humans who lack the same structure that he does\ or did/ so to speak. He expresses symbolic harmonies and forms in ways that make you think about one-ness and the idea of us all being a whole and being in this together and basically I just love his open consciousness , and we all have one and we all need to focus on that instead of tangibles and palpable’s.

Conversations with systems level change makers like you’ll hear nowhere else (5/5)

I’m especially appreciating Russell’s (may I call you Russell?) conversations with people who are questioning our culture at a fundamental systems level: Yanis Varoufakis, Carne Ross, Naomi Kline, Jack Monroe and more who have liberated themselves from the toxic myth, “That’s just the way it is.” And are questioning the assumptions that this is the best system there is, so we’ll have to figure out how to make it work. No, instead these thinkers and Russell himself are imagining new political, economic and social systems. My colleagues and I who work in the realm of collaborative governance based on the principle of Consent have similarly questioned and imagined systems change. On a personal level I appreciate the conversations about recovery, and our relationships to one another, the creation and. All That Is. I really appreciate your work in the world, Russell. From my heart.

Life Online and Death in Reality (5/5)

Just finished listening to Life Online & Death in Reality with Laurence Scott. This might have been my favorite episode so far! How can we interact with the importance of myth in a healthy way? I have been very interested in the remarkable significance of stories, language, and narration on our lives, our beliefs, and how we interact with one another. Contrasted with the problem of distortion in language - Mr. Scott’s insight into the etymology of the word Obscene was absolutely fascinating! Has the break down or distortion of our language/ communication (with each new age of culture or generation) been acting along the lines of Freud’s view of the unconscious exerting a distorting force on certain elements of our consciousness? I very much relate to Laurence’s quote of “death being like the radioactive iodine contrast helping you to see life more clearly” since my recent identification with Christian atheism I have awakened to experience this quote. I love your podcast

Easily My Favorite Podcast (5/5)

Gritty content, extraordinary depth, and real af, this podcast immediately rose to the top of my favorites unseating ones I’d been listening to for years. Expect to learn, be challenged, laugh, cry and find your purpose.

Favorite Podcast (5/5)

The wide variety of ideas introduced here makes this podcast a must listen. There is always something new to learn and consider. At times, Russell Brand's long-winded and self indulgent rants are annoying, but there's usually a good point being made, and he acknowledges his faults, so it's all tolerable. Can't get enough of Under the Skin.

Russell Brand is the Cool New Oprah (5/5)

Always insightful, brutally honest about his own issues and shortcomings leaves me inspired to be & do better in the world. His in depth conversations with international thought/spiritual leaders thought provoking yet accessible. Mr. Russell Brand is Quite a master communicator :)

You are the best Russell (5/5)

We need more voices like Russell’s to challenge our unjust systems that cause so much pain and suffering. Thank you Russell.

Insightful and Mind Opening! (5/5)

Russell Brand is on to something. The interviews on this podcast dive deep into important topics and don’t hold back. Brand is an intriguing conversationalist and chooses interesting guests every time. A must listen for anyone interested in politics, psychology, and spirituality. Thank you Russell Brand!

Highly Recommended (5/5)

My 24 year old daughter and I (56) have been listening on our road trip. We are learning, debating and laughing our way across the USA. We’ve read the works of some of Russell’s guests, others we’ve not heard of, all are worth the time, because Russell asks great questions, contributes thoughtful insights and is very funny. These podcasts tackle big ideas and problems, they are provocative and often moving.

Best podcast I've come across (5/5)

All in the title. Well done Russell 🙏🏼💛

Stimulating conversations!! (5/5)

Just listened to your chat with Gábor Mate = awesome 👏 keep these coming. Thank you

Beautiful (5/5)

An awe inspiring, daily reminder to think more, not immediately ingest what you are fed & remind you that acting out of love instead of fear is not a “hippy mentality that doesn’t belong in adult conversation”, but a verifiable change in the paradigm. Whether you agree with the views or methodology or not, it is a way to see a different perspective and give your mind an exercise with which to start off your day, at the very least. At its best- it has the power to put to words what you know or feel is true but haven’t yet had a way to either verbalize it yourself or haven’t yet found a platform that speaks to it. This is that platform.

Incredible listen (5/5)

The interview with Tony Robbins was absolutely amazing. Truly it was like you were able to peel back the curtain so you could see inside his psyche. Learned a lot in one podcast.

Bloody brilliant. (5/5)

Tough questions. Tough answers. Not afraid to have intelligent debates/discussions without the boring echo chambers of one point of view. Brilliant and more of what we need in our world.

Gabor Maté & NDE (5/5)

Frequently, I find myself thinking about other aspects of your conversations. I have watched documentaries about DMT & I have had 5 near death experiences. The descriptions are extremely similar based on my experience. Are you aware of how many DMT experiencers versus NDE experiencers change their addictive behaviors? Perhaps a question for Gabor Maté. Thanks for all the wonderful insightful videos & podcasts you make. Sharing your thoughts helps so many to think outside the “box”! 😁

Under the skin (5/5)

Russel brand is a genius disguised as a comic ... one of the best podcasts out there.

The Candace Owen episode is great. (5/5)

The Candace Owen episode is great.

Contemplative and Universally Reflective (5/5)

Love this podcast! If you're looking for something to evoke healthy critical thinking about the world in which we live and all that that comprehensively entails then this podcast will definitely be helpful and encouraging to you!

LOVE YOU RUSSELL - and your podcasts Too! ;-) (5/5)

Thanks for the thoughtful insightful podcasts. All the best to you and your family. - Also- my apologies to those who were upset by my “idiot comment on this YouTube show”. I was emotional, but FRANKLY, we Progressive peace warriors sometimes NEED TO BE FRANK, becuz dumb people don’t understand the subtleties of polite dissent. Honestly, Progressives and Democrats NEED TO BE MORE CLEAR ABOUT THEIR VIEWS. I was merely pointing out that your guest had theories that are based in lunacy and personal experience NOT Factual evidence, (much like FOX NEWS). The left needs to be frank on occasion becuz politeness does not work with stupid people and hateful Nazi types. See what I meAn?? Just sayin.... Russel, I am like your twin but in a female form. I love the spiritual side you bring to these discussions. Keep up the brilliant work. You are an angel.... Ps,as I said on YouTube, Candace Owens is a deluded person who has no compassion for those who are INDEED OPPRESSED.much like the sociopathic oligarchs who now rule U.S. I would guess becuz she deep down judges herself harshly therefore she cannot have compassion for others until she develops forgiveness and compassion for herself. Just my opinion. No reason why we should deny that some people are oppressed in this society, I think it’s just a way for those at the top to make victims of oppression blame themselves instead of those who cause the oppression. It’s a balance but victims DO happen, I am NOT FOR VICTIM BLAMING like your guest.

Thought Provoking (5/5)

I have enjoyed the thought provoking interviews! The problem I had with Candace Owens was that although I agree with several of her points, I believe that people like Trump add to the problem by having a lack of respect. I see what she is saying, but there must be a better delivery, one that has value for all humanity. I really think she has similar views as you Russel, however her delivery and that of those she supports isolates rather than unites. That is what creates the foul taste after she offers solutions. Thank you for this podcast, and please keep them coming!

Candace Owens (2/5)

Owned Russell! But he was too caught up in hearing his own voice that he was blind to the fact that they were basically agreeing on everything and that many of his thoughts are conservative to the core. He kept putting words in her mouth and flat out ignored her... to again only give a place for his narcissism instead of having a real conversation. Candace handled it well and laughed it off. Learn to listen, Russell.

Cheers (5/5)

Russel your podcast has continued to grow more and more insightful and layered and dee as the episodes have continued, and it’s amazing to see your progression of patience and engagement develop over the months. Your conversation with Deeyah Kahn especially was both gripping and subtle and I’m looking forward to what’s to come. Cheers to love and transcendence

Candace Owens (5/5)

... boy oh boy .. interesting experiment that woman and her organized noice is. I was tired of the political noice now it’s amusing in small doces. I think the gold nugget of this episode was Russell telling her she was miss placing her energy and addressed her lack of empathy

Great podcast - thank you! (5/5)

I’m a little late to the party and catching up. In episode #1, Russell Brand invites us to go with him on his journey of self discovery as he interviews academics on a wide range of subjects - my answer is yes! Sounds fascinating. Russell asks great questions and also gives his guests plenty of room to answer. I thoroughly enjoy his energy and am grateful that he wants to share. Many thanks to you!

Recent podcasts... (5/5)

I’ve enjoyed the recent podcasts streamed...May I recommend a book?...On Liberty by John Stuart Mill...

Truly enjoyed Tony Robbins interview. (5/5)

Marvelous podcast interviews 🎭 all of them!

Tony Robbins (1/5)

Is just another carnival barker. He takes advantage of people by getting them at their lowest and most insecure place by offering his special brand of "pull up your bootstraps" BS all while breaking his arm as he pats himself on the back for his incredible accomplishments in gaining weath through the exploitation of emothionally vulnerable people throuhg his exorbatant fees for insight into his special wisdom. Tony Robbins is just a secular version of the mega churches in America who also build their wealth through offering the only window to god or spriritual healing. I thought Tony Robbin's 15 minutes had passed, too bad Russell saw fit to renew it for another 5.

So. Good. (5/5)

It’s refreshing to see a celebrity who could just do what ever, give a sh!t. Russel is the real deal. Someone you can listen to and follow. I really appreciate this side of him and how open he is. Made me a fan.

Thank You (5/5)

I just finished the episode with Tony Robbins. I shared it with my husband. He is a high energy salesman and I am an end of life coach (aka a death doula). I felt like the conversation represented both of us. It reminded me that money can be used to do good things, but also it is important to see purpose in life. Sometimes my ego gets in the way of seeing different perspectives.

Fantastic (5/5)

Super relevant and important. Thank you so much for the service to our world that you provide!

Life-changing (5/5)

I know the calling this life-changing might seem a little over-the-top, but it’s literally true. I’ve enjoyed many of these interviews, and more importantly, have begun to truly change my life as a result of them. For example, I now have a meditation practice that I have maintained for eight months. Whenever I tell people that Russell Brand has been providing me with a lot of inspiration in my life I get strange looks — but it’s all true. Russell Brand, irreverent, drug-addicted British comedian young enough to be my son, is my virtual “guru.” I am a Mom in my mid-50s living in a Texas suburb, go figure, maybe there really are some Universal Truths!

Love. (5/5)

Love this podcast! He brings on some amazing guests - I particularly love the long-format where they dive into REAL answers to deep questions. Certain questions may require an hour or so just to get into the meat of it. Podcasts like these allow for real thinking and mutual and healthy discussion to happen.

The World Needs these Conversations (5/5)

Thank you, Russell!

Under The Skin (5/5)

The two episodes I have listened to so far have been EXCELLENT! Am going to listen to all of them in the coming days!!! Thank you so much, Russell Brand, for doing the important work of having these deep, thoughtful conversations!

Thanks Russell (5/5)

Amazing interviews thank you for all you do for the world

One of my favorite podcasts. (5/5)

One of the best podcasts in the app store (yes, I listen to numerous), certainly one of my favorites; informative, relevant, insightful with minimal advertisements; a rare gem amidst a landscape littered by non-sensical noise.

Binging on Brand (5/5)

Love the show! Every episode engages & excites- Definitely bingeworthy in my opinion. Even if I don’t agree with all of the thoughts or opinions I love listening to it. It’s wonderful to learn about topics that maybe we don’t have any knowledge of, or to have more info/different ideas on topics that we do. And it’s done so well - very casual conversation, no tension, as sometimes is seen/heard in most interviews. Not that many shows will invite guests unless they want to argue against their guest or to have a guest on that further cements their own opinions. I enjoy listening to the different perspectives & how people came to their POV. Thank you Russell!

Great podcast (5/5)

I think this podcast can be thought provoking and revelatory, even healing sometimes. Russell is a great and thoughtful host. My favorite podcast. This kind of dialogue is really important and too rare

Love Russell’s inquisitive mind (5/5)

More than ever, western culture needs programs such as this that go against the grain of dominant aka corporate status quo thinking. I appreciate the reasoned, enthusiastic intelligence Russell brings to his interviews. Wonderful podcast that resonates long after listening.

Breathe Russell Breathe (4/5)

Stop! I love the podcast and quest but would learn so much more if Russell would stop going down the rabbit hole trying to be clever! Stop interrupting and listen! Poor Sam Harris couldn’t get a sentence finished ! I have noticed he’s gotten better this season. The Deehhay interview was Amazing!

Gabor Mate episode lots of BS (2/5)

I just tuned in for the first time to this podcast and listened to the one with Gabor Mate on addiction. I am familiar with his concept of the Hungry Ghost which is something that has helped me in the past. However, in this episode, Mate eludes to his next book coming out about how cancer is due trauma in the body. This is the biggest crock of BS story that people love to repeat over and over. Cancer constantly gets the worst of the worst taboo in illnesses while other diseases you never hear people blaming their trauma or suppressed emotions on. No one ever says that diabetes or tuberculosis is caused by repressed trauma. These diseases are discussed in biomedical terms while cancer just gets this emotional blame, which in turn blames the cancer patient for having cancer. I find Mate’s viewpoint quite amateur, misleading and hurtful to the community of people with cancer. The spreading of messages like these need to stop.

Listening on Repeat... (5/5)

This is one of only two podcasts I listen to on repeat. Thank you, Russell, for being brave enough to put yourself in front of the world like this and bring us such important content. You have made my depression bearable. If you read these: please keep going. You are making a difference. Your ripples stretch across the globe. The guests interviewed (so far) are change agents who have the potential to shape our planet’s trajectory. This is one of the few podcasts I’ve found that has made me thankful for having addiction in my life, for it led me to you, your book and podcast. Namaste, in recovery. __/\__

Yay! (5/5)

I love under the skin! Go Russell 🙌. Thanks for bringing on such interesting guests, showing me new ideas/ways of thinking, and tackling it all with love and humor ❤️

Incredible guests, fulfilling conversations (5/5)

I appreciate this journey.

Excellent! (5/5)

Loving the show, Russell 💙 Thank you for infusing these discussions with so much humanity, curiosity, candor, humor, openness, and intellectual vulnerability. So nice to hear such important and rich topics talked about in a way that is flexible and allows for wonder. Thanks for always centering the talks around what people can take away for real life, day-to-day reflection, perspective, and action. Loving it. PS - Get Eckhart Tolle on!🙏🏼

One of the clearest mirrors I have found. Awesome. (5/5)

This podcast is one of the clearest mirrors I have found yet to show me what's going on in the world. Russell Brand has his finger on the pulse of the universe, and he's bringing home some powerful shamanic medicine in his work here. His curiosity and humility as he interviews some of the most powerful people on Earth makes this by far his best art ever. Episode 52 is... ... just go listen to it right now!

C'mon now... (2/5)

I've listened to many of these podcasts and have enjoyed the mind expanding nature of the conversations very much. Mr. Brand's disrespect for his guest in this episode is nauseating. Calling her "dear"?... really? Interrupting her flow of thought because he felt his question/comment/point of view was more important than her thought stream? Very disappointing. The topic and guest are very intriguing and valuable and worth hearing.

Wow wow wow! (5/5)

Such words. Such ideas. The dimensions!

Grateful for Russell and this podcast! (5/5)

You are shedding light on many issues that so many of us are unaware of and you hold up a mirror to the the false beliefs that we hold onto so dearly without really thinking about them. Would love to hear a discussion with Tim Mackie and the Bible project. He is helping to eradicate religiosity from Christianity. So many beliefs we just accept as truth because we were taught them in Sunday school but when actually searched out in the scriptures, hold no truth. Love you Russell!!

*golf clap escalating to frenzied applause* (5/5)

I truly love the varying opinions and the civil conversations taking place. It is very refreshing to listen to people speaking with sometimes opposing opinions while still being respectful to one another. Far too often I hear people resort to verbal violence towards each other over the most simple concepts. This podcast sometimes has some high intensity segments, but mutual respect is never lost, and verbal violence aimed at other people is completely lacking. Bravo Mr. Brand, I love your energy. Bravo to all of your guest speakers. I enjoy this podcast immensely.

LOVED the Charles Eisenstein episode (5/5)

Absolutely LOVED the deep and powerful thoughts Russell and Charles discussed. That episode is a MUST LISTEN!

Fabulous food for body heart soul (5/5)

Very inspiring and compelling conversations. Wish I was there! Would love to hear a gab between Brand and Michael Pollan.

Love this podcast! (5/5)

I feel smarter every time I listen to Russell!!!

Under the skin (5/5)

I love it please keep streaming♥️

Smashing (5/5)

Love your heart of servitude you beautiful human becoming you. Would love to see a show with Rob Bell and/or Pete Rollins.


Brand makes this beautiful life more so! Grateful for his willingness to look at the darkness and shine light and make us laugh! So excited I’ll be hearing this again soon! Love that you’ll be having Charles Eisenstein! Dream conversation! Thank you!!!!

Solid, but chaotic at times. (4/5)

Brand has a good podcast. He has great guests that offer thoughtful insight into various issues. He can be a decent catalyst to the discussion, or he can be a disappointing distraction to it. But that's Brand. I appreciate him getting at some of these issues; i know he's trying. If you're able to tolerate his occasional digressions, you will learn from intelligent people.

Love it! (5/5)

Liked Russell Brand before and now like him even more. Great show, very important topics and a great listen.

Outstanding (5/5)

I love the variety of guests and their willingness to dive deep and be vulnerable! I have shared almost everyone I have listened to and I am beyond excited that Russel Brand is going to restart this podcast!!

Most intelligent conversation on the planet (5/5)

Better than Joe Rogan... his guests are super diverse and they discuss deep stuff on a micro and meta level. Spiritual, philosophical, there isn’t an episode where I haven’t had to delisted to portions and ponder. Soooo good, I am telling you!

Variety of guests (5/5)

Couldn’t be happier with the multidimensional topics relevant to our survival as a progressive species. I feel like Russell...I learn ...I reach a new level of understanding... Applause to RB !!!

Stellar content (5/5)

I dabbled in Russell Brand over the years, but after listening to the audio book of “Revolution” by Brand, I am now a devotee. Love the podcast and the You Tube video’s.

A St. Francis for our age (5/5)

I became acquainted with Russell Brand only recently. I was drawn to his remarks about consumerism, addiction and recovery. I have bought the book, started the exercises, started going to a 12-step meeting, listen to the podcast. I have hope too that meditation will help my recovery. In short I have drunk the koolaid! It’s remarkable to me that with all the other voices in the world and in my head, the voice of this young man would get through. My addiction is food. I’m a 67 year old American 42-years married grandmother, very religious, l would say, in a good way ie., not oppressed by my church but elevated by it. Nevertheless I believe in continually seeking to deepen my spirit’s connection to the divine. But addiction does get in the way. I see/ hear in Russell a deeply funny, and deeply serious person striving for what I call holiness. His turning from dissipation toward detachment is a path I honor. It reminds me of other holy people from the past, especially Francis of Assisi. I think listening to this podcast can help others heal and move toward connection. Russell’s guests are brilliant if sometimes difficult, much more than foils for his wit. He engages them with sincere vulnerability and honesty. He’s so clever, I can’t always keep up, but the beauty of podcast is ability to listen again. I could say more, but leave it at “ try this!” Even if your adult children mock you, as mine do. ; )) Just try it!!

I can't get enough (5/5)

Thank you so much, Mr. Brand, for recording these incredibly insightful conversations with the great minds of the world. I can't get enough of them, and find myself listening several times to the same podcast to glean the mind expanding material.

Festini says it’s good (5/5)

So it must be. One day we will break bread

Russell uses his guest as a sounding board for his own ideas (3/5)

Just let the guest talk! Russell tends to ask leading questions or answer his own question before giving his guest a chance to respond. This forces the guest to address Russell’s thoughts instead of answering the original question in a way that prevents the guest from sharing their expertise on their own terms. Russell also goes off on long tangents which may or may not be related to the original question, which is frustrating because the conversation loses focus.

Russell Brand is brilliant and has worked hard to expand his mind. (5/5)

I put Russell in the same free thinkers as: Terence & Dennis McKenna Joe Rogan Duncan Trussell Etc. Unlike the people I mentioned above he doesn’t speak much about psychedelics, which is what opened my mind, but he does speak about #ModernMindExpansion and consciousness without the use of drugs as he is in recovery. Russell, unlike some of the names I mentioned above also dives into human nature and politics.

Amazing (5/5)

Love this podcast. Really grabs my attention.

Genius (5/5)

He’s an enlightened soul sharing his journey and isn’t afraid to ask juicy questions. One of the best podcasts out there. I demand more episodes.

General (5/5)

10 randomly listened. Haven’t found a stinker yet.

Thank You Russell (5/5)

Fascinating, in-depth, freewheeling discussions of serious, important topics, with people who have devoted their lives to thinking about such things. Intellectually stimulating. Challenging. A kind of discussion I hear almost nowhere else. Thanks, Russell, for embarking on this journey and taking us all with you.

Stimulating or rage-inducing? (3/5)

Although I understand and recognize it is part and parcel of his particular brand, I often find myself becoming frustrated with Russell Brand’s approach to interviewing. Specifically his tendency to bowl-over the other speaker(s) and/or inundate the conversation with a barrage of imagery and seemingly unrelated minutiae. As an interviewee on other shows I find this practice of his immensely entertaining, if not particularly useful to any given conversation. But when Mister Brand is the one conducting the interview, I often find myself wishing I could tell him to shut up and let his guest finish the thought on which they were expounding. It’s worth listening to hear Russell’s unique perspective (even if you don’t agree with it) but I believe the quality of his technique as an interviewer has room for improvement.

Great podcast (5/5)

I genuinely love listening to this podcast. I am a fan of Russell Brand and his discussions about addiction, which led me down the rabbit hole of youtube which led me to this podcast. The approach is interesting, the topics are interesting and Russell is quite often hilarious (come on, of course he is, he's Russell Brand!!) I came for discussions on addiction and found a world of interesting intellectuals that have made me think! Thanks from across the pond.

Stimulating and thoughtful! (5/5)

I'm so happy to have discovered this through the brief article in the Atlantic. Russell's conversations with Jordan Peterson feel like a long cool drink of water in the intellectual desert that is American politics right now. So good! Thank you, Mr. Brand for being you--curious, open and unflinchingly honest.

Engaging and Enthralling (5/5)

What I want in an interviewer more than anything else is a curious and engaged mind, and although I've only listened to two episodes, Brand has both of these things in droves. It's fast paced, super informative, and thought provoking. I don't know what else you'd want out of a current events podcast.

Another Perspective (5/5)

I just finished listening to all 52 episodes and I feel like I just took a 52 hour course at college with a great professor and a zany TA sitting in the corner keeping the professor grounded! I’ve recommended this to friends and most enjoyed the perspective that as an American I gained in seeing how another country sees us and the parallels in that country! Excellent listening!

A Great Listen (5/5)

Some great discussions, thoughtful, insightful, love the topics.

well done mate. (5/5)

superbly interesting at its best and quite funny at its worst.

So enjoyable (5/5)

Really grateful for Russell’s podcast it is intelligent, funny and totally worth my time. I enjoy being curious about the world and Russell serves up the best guests anywhere in podcasting as their answers lead me to more questions and isn’t that what a life truly examined must do? Thank you Russell Brand for providing this wonderful content for me. Susan

So grateful for your courtesy and conversation with Jordan Peterson (5/5)

Jordan Peterson has been critically instrumental to developing the actualization of my values and I am dedicated to studying all his writings and philosophy. The hardest part of following him is watching the complete lack of rational and research based conversation offered to him by many people especially modern journalists that generally identify with the Left/State. Though I may not agree with everything you believe in Russell, you have nothing but my utmost respect and more importantly my attention because of your willingness to engage in meaningful discussion with Jordan, despite very understandable differences between you. As a result I am much more likely to listen and in some cases accept views of Russell's than those who hysterically point to Jordan Peterson as some type of demon. Almost every journalist in media and certainly most journalists in the UK could take note of Russell's professionalism, intellectual curiosity, and open mind. It seems all their graduate journalist degrees and institutions fare poorly when compared to the comedian from East London who has applied his mind humbly and rationally with excellent results.

Good. (5/5)

Funny, informative, and relevant. This is not the podcast for you if you don’t like to think and reflect.

Always a joy (5/5)

Provocative, enlightening, disruptive--it's always a joy to listen in on Russell Brand's conversations some of the most vital thinkers of the day. Would love to hear him get under the skin with Gabor Mate for a bit of conversation around Trauma, Addiction, Attachment, and Ayahuasca!

Shocking (5/5)

I had hesitated to listen to another podcaster but when I finally did I heard a clip of him talking to Russell. Of course I have always hated Russell, almost as a symbol of all that's wrong with Hollywood and stardom...and I've always thought he needed a bath. Anyway, I listened and that podcast made come out to his (Russell's) podcast here. It wants a title on my comment, I chose Shocking because that's my reaction to the Russelll we get to hear here. He's not an idiot. I don't try to tell people that because most of my current friends (I'm married and in my 50's) wouldn't believe me, but that makes it no less true. Russell Brand is not an idiot, he really isn't all that is wrong with Hollywood and stardom. I think to some extent he was a victim of both (Hollywood and stardom. Maybe he was a victim of idiocy once, I don't know on that) and the fact that he seems sincerely intent on escaping that is laudable on it's own. However, the fact is that he actually has insightful comments, along with his manic Robin Williams-esque outbursts that disconcert/exasperate some guests and also kind of entertain listeners. I still feel like he might need a bath but it could just be the long hair hippy thing.

Free Tibet! (5/5)

Real horrorshow, droogies. My mozg has never been so pleased inside the old skulliwoll. I could slooshie this sort of veshch right down my starry ookos on a daily. Can't wait for Season 2. For the love of Bog All Mighty, I hope we get to here Old Russ govoreet with Jim Carrey about the infinite and the birth place of consciousness!

Fun and engaging (5/5)

Russell Brand isn't afraid to show up as an ever-evolving human being. I think he does a great job interviewing his guests and introducing a broad range of thinkers.

The conscious collective. (5/5)

This bloke is bloody brilliant. This podcast digs deep into the visceral views of the nitty gritty. Russel Brand is a infectiously endearing interviewer that analyzes a wide range of moral conundrums ranging from theology, ethics, economics. Get ready to get thrown into the tumble dryer of love.

Diamond in the scruff... (5/5)

I just got forwarded a video with Russell brand speaking about sobriety with such a keen and refreshing perspective of the disease and how it feels to be free of it. I would recommend anyone newly sober, or even someone in the ditch to have a listen to him. He’s is one of the most articulate and truly insightful Sober members of AA I’ve ever heard. It’s a delicious NOSH of wisdom and hope. Jg

in love (5/5)

i have loved and respected russell brand as an enlightened and intelligent being for as long as i’ve known of his existence. i just finished revolution and i’m stunned and excited. i’m thrilled to find this podcast, and so proud of the insight from a human who is connected with us all.

Can’t wait to listen to more! (5/5)

This podcast was so deep in such an understandable way. Thank you for seeing the value in questions most are unwilling to ask, and for recognizing the complexity of our world!

Under the Skin (5/5)

Awesome stuff for difficult times: not sure why classified under comedy.

Love? (4/5)

Love this show but why are the most recent podcasts just repackagings of some of the earliest ones? I’ve heard the last several, Russell, can’t pull one over on me! Is it because he’s touring or what?

Stop repeating episodes (3/5)

Would have given a 5 start except for the fact that your repeating episodes now. The whole point of podcasting is if I like you I can go back and listen to your previous episodes. I get excited every time I see a new podcast is out only to be disappointed that I’ve heard it all ready. New content please.

Spiritual leftism (5/5)

I love this podcast. It questions the assumptions we take for granted about society and human nature by historically contextualizing popular psychology. But most importantly, it adds spiritual belief to leftist political theory - something sadly missing for far too long from the left. I enjoy the perennial component of the podcast, and respect RB’s Christian perspective. I’m Muslim, and wish we had a speaker this leftist and funny in our own community who could put these views in an Islamic historical context as well. Idea for a guest maybe, RB? Love from Washington, D.C.

Very interesting (3/5)

I do enjoy this podcast and I like hearing Russell’s thoughts on spirituality. However... that’s kind of all this podcast is about. Just spirituality, and religion, and psychedelics. There’s not much variety in what Russell and his guests discuss. There are no differing opinions, just ones that Russell agrees with

Impressed (5/5)

I don’t know if I’d go to England just to see him. I can however say that this Podcast is definitely worth the time. Keep it up!

It's a bloody good podcast! It's true!!! (5/5)

It's a bloody good podcast! 😅! This is so like Russell! He preloads your title and initial feedback to his own podcast!! What a gent! I appreciate how Russell brings together such a wide variety of perspectives/personalities in his exploration of the world and how it works. I learn...and laugh...a ton! Check it out.

He is embarrassing (1/5)

His lack of knowledge can be seen when he constantly interrupts people. Such as Sam Harris. Constantly going off on tangents, cutting him off. It was horrific to listen to his loud mouth. I was embarrassed for him during this podcast. I really liked his comedy special, but this was just horrible.

Contined Learning (5/5)

Russell is inquisitive, open and lively, and although he trips over himself every now and then, he offers what I considera piece of my continued education in life. His guests are extraordinary minds that go all over the place politically, philosophically and spiritually, and one couldn't ask for more at a time when the mainstream media has reduced civil and intelligent discourse to a pit bull dynamic. These discussions challenge and open the mind to many new ideas and perspectives. Thank you so much Russell Brand!

Always Worthwhile (5/5)

I’m impressed with Mr. Brand’s guests and his easy way of conversing with them. I always look forward to the next episode and am glad I listened to the last.

Drivel (1/5)

Don't listen to poeple just because they use big words. Stop and think about what he's actually saying and you realize it's highly irresponsible, possibly worse, to be spreading naysayer-ness by ignoring the facts of our world just to be a naysayer. Certainly people are clapping for the indvididual thinking, and it's egging him on starting to believe his own drivel. Only to go over the waterfall soon...

Disagree with the influence (1/5)

Malcom X advocated violence, MLK was a much better champion of civil rights for blacks. I disagree that a “radical revolution” is a solution.

Happy accident (5/5)

Found Under the Skin recently after listening to you interview with Sam Harris that he replayed on his Waking Up podcast. I thought: Russell Brand? Same hottie from Get Him to the Greek? So happy to have found this and currently listening to archives to catch up. Cheers on your recovery and ty for bringing us on your journey.

The "new" smartest guy in the room. (5/5)

As a devoted listner of Sam Harris's Waking Up Now podcast, I was delighted to hear Sam and Russel in good-natured verbal combat on a recent podcast, simultaneously released on both of their sites. The disagreements that emerged between the two sparring partners on several points - not least of which included Sam's derisive dismissals of organized ,"cracker-eating" religiosity and his sounding of the alarm on Islamic jihadism - allowed Russel to deliver several, painfully well-aimed criticisms that partially deflated some of Mr. Harris's categorial thinking on these complex and emotional topics; I think to the benefit of both men and certainly for we, the listeners. Bravo.

Filled with love and will challenge you (5/5)

I LOVE this podcast. If you want to laugh and explore what it is to be human- LISTEN. What’s more is the pure joy you can hear as Russell makes Sharon laugh. Thanks Russell!

Episode #47 is great! (5/5)

I’ve only listened to the episode with Ryron and Rener Gracie but it was fantastic.

Great Podcast, (5/5)

I'm recommending this to all my friends. Love the guests and your inside full comments . Will you tour the us? I might have to see you in person, that's how much I believe in the work you are doing.

Oddly enjoyable (5/5)

Basically , I don’t like Russel Brand stylistically or philosophically , but there’s something quite enjoyable about the podcast . He talks to interesting people in a friendly way that opens them up to deeper , non combative , conversations. I particularly, enjoyed his chat with Sam Harris , and even Peterson had something useful to say .

Engaging and impressive. (5/5)

Highly recommend.

Wonderful (5/5)

I listen to your podcasts when I’m painting, your interviews are passionate and beautiful and thought provoking. Truly an enjoyable experience. I take notes every time, stuff to ponder, books to read, things to google and research. I love it when things can get me to think in new and interesting ways. I’m not sure if you’ve looked into it much, but I’m a Nichiren Buddhist and I think an excellent person to interview (if he even still does interviews) would be our Sensei Daisaku Ikeda. You would agree with him on a lot of life philosophies but I think he could give you some great insight as well. Something to think about. ♥️ Thanks for all that you do. Xoxo Siege

Seeker (5/5)

Brilliant. Please keep going with this. I appreciate the guests you have on, but also your willingness to disagree with some of their perspectives. Dialogue for the seeker.

My New Religion (5/5)

I coincidentally (if such a thing does exist) discovered Russell Brand and this podcast around the same time that I was leaving Mormonism, and it has been exactly the right thing to help me make the transition from dogmatic religion to conscious connection and true spirituality. Without it I may have fallen into selfish nihilism. Thank you, Russell.

Developed (5/5)

I subscribed to this podcast almost immediately after listening to the first episode. I really enjoy Brand (hilarious as an actor and brutally acerbic as a political/social commentator. I knew he would bring in interesting guests from diverse fields of study. He hasn’t disappointed in that regard. The first few episodes were poorly managed to some degree. Brand is hilarious and his own thoughts and comments sometimes caused subjects presented by guests to be dropped prematurely. I imagine this is partly because he’s so gosh darn affable. He has developed really well as an interviewer since those episodes and his most recent episode with Jordan Peterson is the proof. Brand continues to bring his unique perspective, but those thoughts and comments only further develop themes and topics within the episode. This is brilliantly done with the ending discussion on feminine energy. Brand also stands out by being confrontational as well as kind and understanding. Jordan Peterson was recently on the Joe Rogan Experience and comparing the two conversations fully displays Brand’s ability to disagree with his guests and still pull out interesting points and underlying truth. I highly recommend this podcast as a long form (ish) interview that both challenges and informs.

Pass (2/5)

I've listened to a few episodes. Russell's conversations suffer because he doesn' know enough and can't stay on topic.

Stop interupting (2/5)

It's exhausting to hear Russell avade the actual point of what is guest is trying to say and interupt constantly.

Islamic Apologist (1/5)

Brand absolutely got REKT by Sam Harris. Russell isn’t a very smart person, but he likes to use big words.

This is seriously enlightening! (5/5)

This podcast has been very educational and enlightening and I can’t thank Russell Brand enough for putting this together. Also I’m extremely satisfied by the choice of the guests here. The constructive debates are showing the different angles of any given subject and the outcome is brilliant. THANK YOU RUSSELL BRAND...

Jackass. (1/5)

If the interview you gave with Sam Harris is any indication of the rest of your shows, then the only thing one has to learn from you is how unlearned of person you are and how terrible of a host you are as well.

Enjoyable (5/5)

The one with Sam Harris was good. It would have been amazing if you did not interrupt so much!!!!!

Fantastic (5/5)

Keep it up, Russell

Excellent content, difficult to hear host (3/5)

Love these podcasts, but even with headphones it is at times very difficult to hear Russel speaking.

6 Stars! (5/5)

Russell is an awesome human. Quick wit, compassionate, and a command of the English language that’ll make your head spin. One of my top 10 favorite humans. Keep up the good goods for goodness sake!

Brilliant! (5/5)

Russell Brand is a treasure, made even more valuable by his ability to engage the most insightful people of our generation in a thoughtful, intelligent way without being condescending or pompous. Each and every conversation reveals something precious, and Brand’s intellect and quick wit are so pitch perfect, regardless of the topic or context. This podcast is like being invited to the world’s most profound fantasy dinner party.

Lovely discussions (5/5)

Discussions about the tension between personal spiritual needs and the types of systematic institutions that allow our current climates to exist. I love these podcasts because they are honest and bring in the options of those who both happen to have the privilege of access to exclusionary academia, but also the personal responses in ones humanity that interact with these systems.

Not Only Comedy (5/5)

Thank you so much for the depth you bring to your conversations. You've been introducing me to inspiring thinkers whose work concerns the well being of humanity: COMPASSION.

Oustanding conversations with really interesting people! (5/5)

I read Revolution and Recovery last fall, and then starting hoping for a podcast. This is it! I think that for cultural and political topics, Russell's podcast rivals the best American journalists such as Ezra Klein. But Russell addresses the whole gamut of topics, including spirituality and changing cultural behaviors before it's too late. I faithfully listen to his weekly podcasts, and have listened to every past podcast I have been able to get. An added benefit is that Russell is really, really funny.

Curious mind and critical thinker (5/5)

If you are not into learning, thinking and expanding your universe, this is not for you. However, if you have an inquisitive mind, thirst for learning and developing new views, you are in the right place. Russell has guests that will challenge your beliefs and knowledge and you will change. Enjoy the adventure!

Subscribe. Listen. Learn (5/5)

If you’re looking for a podcast with relevant topics, renowned guests, and engaging conversations -all topped with the kind of wit that only Mr. Brand can provide- then search no more. I genuinely learn something every time I listen. Subscribe and give it a try. You won’t be disappointed.

Love. (5/5)

It took me a while to start listening to these after I subscribed as I was missing the old Trews format. Now that I’ve started I’m hooked and look forward to each new episode. Russell’s insight has matured in a way that ties his politics and and spirituality together in a way that’s soothing and inspiring. He has a wide range of guests who are all intelligent and interesting to listen to. I’m always amazed by his eloquence and politeness as an interviewer as well.

Incredible Podcast (5/5)


Word up! (5/5)

Thanks bro from another mo outta the canyon land mountains of western Colorado. I really dig your outlook on life and you’re making the world a better place with your thoughtfulness, compassion and work. May you and your family be safe, healthy, happy and at ease. Blessings

Great Podcast (5/5)

Love it. RB is self depricating and polite but tremendously witty, clever and thought provoking. He has great insights and the guests are excellant authorities in their fields. My favorite part is when RB very quickly lays out a complicated idea 100+ words long in 15 seconds. Rapid fire speech should be taught and expected from others more often.

Russell, Russell, Russell (5/5)

There are too many of these new age self help esoteric mindfulness philosophy podcasts, trust me, i have probably listened to them all. Brand’s show is so easily digestible because he is just as smart as any other podcaster but is able to articulate with a stellar comedic wittiness. the gent def has a chip on his shoulder from his past vices/demons and this born again lens from which he sees the world creates a mind and a voice worth paying attention to (ended a sentence with a preposition but screw you, it’s my first review). Keep it up russet potato.

Highly recommend (5/5)

Great conversations on important topics of the day...listen and learn something!

Russell with Change Your Life (for the better) (5/5)

Amazing content, DEEP, and intellectually stimulating far beyond any other podcasts. Why? Simple. Russell’s unparalleled words-per-minute & eloquent verbiage. Simply amazing

Wit, wisdom and some other word with W (5/5)

Love the podcast from Al Gore to Shakespeare and meditations. Brilliant. Keep up the great insightful hilarious and engaging work. Cheers for a great 2018.

Thank you! (5/5)

I love your BEING! I enjoy all of the topics and all the interesting people you have on the podcast. Mostly, I love your honesty and your truths. (Your accent too 😉) Congrats on your recovery and your book as well. Thank you for sharing your struggles and your positive energy with the world. Keep shining that brilliant light!!

Great (5/5)

Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful.... I get smarter with each podcast .... he is easy on the ears... and plays nicely with his guests... If the concept of 'Salon" exists in this century... this is it!

awesome (5/5)

thank you

Shakespeare and power (5/5)

Wonderful podcast with Tony Howard! Seems like at the end of Pericles, where the characters are all alive and hearing the music of spheres is similar to what many people have described in ‘near death’ experiences, where the experience is beyond time and space and the sounds are indescribably beautiful.

Out to change the world (5/5)

If Russell Brand is the second coming of the enlightened mythological JESUS, then he arrived at this enlightened top of Mt. Fuji via a very different path than the humble carpenter. A darker path, a more painful path that crucified his ego as a man of sin upon the cross of addiction, resurrected as a beacon of hope, speaking in poetic comedic parables as a shepherd speaking to those in the flock who truly hear and understand him, a veritable anti-Christ, sent to destroy the worldly facade so many of us are stuck in. Brand his brand across my forehead. I’m all in. What do we do next?

Entertaining and brilliant (5/5)

I love listening to this podcast and not just because Russell Brand has a cool accent. It's funny and entertaining, and more importantly I always learn something new. My favorite thing about Russell and the way he facilitates is his open-minded and inclusive approach.

I can't get enough! (5/5)

Well done Russell Brand! Not only do I appreciate you journey through recovery, but now you have brought these relevant and important topics to an audience who in different circumstances may have never had the chance to learn about. I enjoy the mix of serious intelligent conversation and your specific brand of comedy. 5 stars! Keep 'em coming!

Russell is the man! (5/5)

Love this podcast and the people he brings on!

My Morning Motivation (5/5)

Thank you SO much for being the antidote to the existential crisis that is my everyday morning commute. Your insight and eloquence coupled with your fascinating guests is the perfect way to begin my day! Please keep doing this for, well, forever. Or at least until I get a better job. If I don’t have you, I’ll never get to work! ;) Thanks again and my best to you and all who help make this podcast possible.

Vote for (or submit to) Brand for divine ruler of the NWO! (5/5)


really insightful (5/5)

great podcast, great subjects that i really didnt have that much exposure too. Got into this via his interview on joe rogan and have more or less listened to every single episode. Some of the episodes take me a couple of times to listen to to get my head around but thats a good thing i reckon. Only thing would be that some of his summations are more mind boggling than what has preceded them. In fairness its good for my grammar but I really want to understand all the nuance of the discussions. Great podcast overall though!

Intelligent Conversations! How refreshing! (5/5)

I feel like I’ve just left an invigorating seminar at university every time I listen to one of these podcasts. What a multifaceted soul is Russell Brand. What a humble gift he offers us in these thoughtful, rigorous discussions.

The Other Russell Brand (5/5)

When someone suggested i listen to a podcast on which you were a guest i rolled my eyes and said “ugh, i don’t like that guy” which they said that i really really needed to listen to it and that it was incredibly enlightening. Holy hell man!!...i admit i only knew the ‘old’ version of you that had rubbed me the wrong way with your ‘antics.’ (Stay with me, the review gets better i promise). I was glued to your every word and felt a resonance with the things you were speaking about - life, community, theology, politics, etc. YES! Someone real and raw; someone who speaks the language of the people...albeit with a funny accent ;) ...and the struggles we all face and the desire to understand our world and how to better live within it and to connect with our brothers and sisters. I could go on but let’s be honest, most people stopped reading after the first line. :) Thank you for striving to make sense of this crazy, effed-up, and beautiful world and bringing us along on your journey. Cheers, from across the pond -K.H.

ausgezeichnet! (5/5)

Listening from New England, mate! I love gettin into fring scientific/ spiritual topics, the Rupert Sheldrake episode was great. You gotta get Graham Hancock on!

Won’t get fooled again (1/5)

Russell Brand is definitely two different people. The narcissistic and the lack of empathy really it’s what under the skin. But still entertaining and you can learn a lot. Talks way too fast times like he’s on speed to make you think that he smart. Maybe his hearts in the right place somewhere we hope. But watch out Russell Brand might ghost us all , all the way to the bank!📣

Russell is one of the great philosophers, spiritual gurus, etc of our time. (5/5)

This podcast makes me happy, gives me hope. Thanks Russell!

Thanks! (5/5)

Loving it. Keep doin it mite!

Yes! (5/5)

A genius in disguise. Open your minds and blow them to pieces. This guy will have you asking yourself all sorts of questions you've been conditioned to believe.

Intellectually deep and fulfilling (5/5)

Great podcasts. Was reluctant at first because I wasn’t much of a RB fan, mainly because I simply didn’t know him, but can easily place this podcast as one of my favorites and most fulfilling.

Intelligent & Engaging! (5/5)

What a refreshing change from the average podcast! For those who haven’t yet listened, you will learn something new every time and enjoy yourself, thanks to Mr. Brand’s wit, curiosity, and social conscience. Thank you Russell Brand for this rich delicious menu of thoughts and thinkers during a period of time that has many wondering if we’ve all checked out!!

One of the better podcasts (5/5)

Some great guests, some mediocre but the topics are deep and interesting...he does a good job....way better than many others who are more successful in this medium.

Eloquent, funny and deep (5/5)

Under the Skin is always though provoking, wildly interesting and of course, funny! I love the unique perspective Russell has acquired and his range of guests that satisfy the interests of himself and listeners. Keep it up star kid <3

Smart inquiry with authentic and delightful guide (5/5)

Russell Brand stripped down to intellect and honest interest in human condition and spiritual and economic future. Guests are people we need to hear. He gives them a place to do that, and really thinks through what they know and what they challenge and reveal, asking questions that guarantee conversations worthy of his listeners. Don't stop! The interlocutor of our times.

Brilliant. Well Done. (5/5)

Just heard the first episode. Impressed by the depth of discussion in an area I knew very little about. Dowloaded the rest of the eposodes to continue learning during my commute time.

Similar to but shorter than JRE (5/5)

Dependable for his depth and willingness to explore true and meaningful conversations. Inspired by your humility, enlightened by your insight and ability to articulate, and of course amused with your humor. You keep getting better too, that’s awesome. Thanks R.B.

Enlightening conversations (5/5)

I don’t agree with most guests, but their opinion is presented with grace and thoughtfulness. It’s how philosophical discussions should sound.

brilliant (5/5)

if you're interested in gaining new perspectives and intelligent conversation, this is for you

Natural Evolution for Brand (5/5)

Long form of his insightful “Trews” series which was excellent. Thanks!

Deep dive into what's important.. (5/5)

RB and guests challenge me to be a more knowledgable, skilled, open, and changed human being. Thanks for the brilliant effort, mates.

Curious (5/5)

He has a good ear for interesting, and I like the questions he asks.

Worth 10 Stars (5/5)

Thank you and praises, Russell. Window to another perception. Away from one reality and lifted, elevated, exalted into another. So thankful to have this view, so redily accessible.

complex topics brought down to ground via engaged conversation (5/5)

I became aware of Rusell Brand from his appearance on talk shows. I followed him to the Trews and now enjoy this podcast. He has a great way of addressing a topic from every angle.

It's the Red Pill (5/5)

Great Podcast. Thought provoking. Stimulating. Dense material made fun.

Refreshing, stimulating, and fun to listen to (5/5)

Russell can take two minutes to ask a question that could be phrase into two sentences, and I love it. He's a fun, intelligent speaker and asks some quality, digging questions

A very educational and interesting podcast! (5/5)

I absolutely love this podcast. Heard about it first from Brand’s interviews with Joe Roman and I am so thankful that he decided to start this podcast up. I am learning a lot more about spirituality and mindfulness. This is a great podcast for anyone who wants to learn a little about the way that human psychology works, philosophy, or for anyone wanting to improve their lives. Plus it has Russell Brand’s humor!

Yes (5/5)

I've always been so in love with the mind of Russell Brand. Thank you for creating this space of intellectual discovery, and for giving people all around the world access to these ideas.

Seriously great (5/5)

give it a listen

Love me some russel brand!! (5/5)

Honestly my favorite podcast - I feel refreshed and enlightened every time I listen to this beautiful man and his wonderful guests speak. A true little gift!

Riveting | Love your work Russ! (5/5)

Quality guests and, by their own esteemed accounts, quality interviewing. Serious depth and serious giggles. Keep it moving. Let’s make it happen. Love you and all your work!

Love it. Read your book. THANK YOU. (5/5)

Love your podcast! I greatly admire how you are sharing your personal experience so truly and selflessly (most of the time! lol jk. Your personal changes and challenges are so helpful to hear about. I really appreciated reading your book, as someone whos life and family is touched by alcohol and mental illness, and just general denial of emotions and basically deep set fear, it is comforting, real, and empowering to hear your story. thank you so much for sharing your world with me, and everyone. Be well.

Amazing podcast! (5/5)

Incredibly mind opening and thought provoking!!!

🔥 (5/5)

My spirit animal vibes

Great exposure to new ideas (5/5)

Despite the exposure to new ideas, I got sick of Joe Rogan's increasing pseudo-explorations of identity issues through a variety of right wing guests. It was him having Brand on his show that intrigued me to listen to Under The Skin. Brand's show is much more organized and gives listeners a TON of further reading via the well-researched guests he has on his show. Intellectually stimulating. Highly recommended.

Great podcast (5/5)


This actually made my life better (5/5)

Yes, that is correct. I feel that this podcast has had a positive impact on my life. It is incredibly interesting and accessible, and some of the many ideas I have been exposed to here have taken root and become part of a more complex world view. Thank you Russell and guests!

One of my favorite shows! (5/5)

Always good

Simply blown away (5/5)

Having very little experience with Russell Brand, beyond stand- up years ago, I ran across a promo for this podcast show, during a pop- up on my twitter feed. After listening to five minutes of his latest episode on Religion vs. the religion of Science, I was completely blown away and hooked. His intellect is infectious and his guests and topics enthralling. A “must listen for the questioning mind.” Phenomenal. - thanks for the great listen, Mr. Brand

Ok fine Russell! (5/5)

Boy Russell really won't get off of our back with these dang 5 star ratings 😏 This podcast makes me a better person. Remarkably candid conversational explorations

Thank you! (5/5)

Thank you so much for your wonderfully generous gift of all these inspiring, moving and playful interviews. Onwards!

Diverse discussions (5/5)

I really enjoy Russell’s guests diverse views. Russell has also become a very good interviewer.

Great Interview with Rupert Sheldrake (5/5)

Russell engages Sheldrake with humor and insight; even though I've read and listened to much of Sheldrake's work, this interview was fascinating and refreshing.

Can Russell Brand teach me philosophy? (5/5)

This podcast has quickly become my favorite! Russell is so curious and manages to question everything. While I’m often clueless about his explanations, I still keep coming back because it’s so interesting

Absolutely Essential! (5/5)

Russell is the perfect host for a show of this format, and he kills it every episode. If everyone in the world listened to this podcast, the world would be a drastically different and much improved place. I truly believe that. Keep pressing Russell!

Haven’t listened to one I didn’t love (5/5)

Keep up the good work

Mind Blown (5/5)

My Dear Russell, you are an abolute amazing host. Can not get enough of these conversations. I am really grateful for your insights, inspiration and passion coming forth in these. Thank you for becoming conscious and sharing with the world. We are better for it.

What Russell is doing is amazing (5/5)

Incredible! Russell you really are an inspiring person! After reading your books it really had encouraged me to make changes in my life! This podcast is great because you do try to get to the real reasons behind the way the world works or thinks about things! Thanks

LOVE this podcast! Uncomfortable things made funny! (5/5)

Really liking this podcast. Brand comes across as honest enough to challenge himself with issues like racism, gender stuff, destuctive capitalism, etc., and manages to work jokes in so it's fun to listen to.

Some real Truth bits, to consume. (5/5)

Thanks so much for sharing your brilliance and madness. I look forward to every episode. I’m constantly entertained and challenged. Keep up the good work.

Much Needed Content for the Human Condition! (5/5)

THANK YOU Russell for bringing to light important topics of the human condition ... both the deeply personal and the societal. Your guests are of the highest quality and the discussions are intellectually and emotionally stimulating. Please keep up the GREAT work ... the world desperately needs this.

As requested 5 stars (5/5)

You’re welcome mate. Thanks for the very interesting chats.

Great stuff (5/5)

I really enjoy this don’t ever stop Rustle

My favorite podcast (5/5)

Witty and best of all, wicked smart. I appreciate Brand’s opening up his quest to discover, translate, and articulate the deeper meaning of a variety of forces impacting our lives. I’ve been listening since the beginning. My favorite times are when he riffs and out of the riffs are these incredible nuggets of universal truth. I’ve also enjoyed his transformation from being a comedian doing interviews who gave voice to every funny thought that popped into his head to being a more patient and reflective interviewer, ensuring the listener can get the most out of the interview, too. As I said, it’s my favorite; I always listen to the episode as soon as it pops into my feed. Good on you, mate. And I look forward to reading your book, too.

Big thoughts! Big laughs! (5/5)

Wonderland delightful conversations for my train ride to work in DC. I work against child labor, human trafficking and forced labor for the US government and the perspectives offered are endlessly inspiring and sobering. Russel's touch of mania is quite entertaining too.

Don't Miss Out (5/5)

Russell Brand's show is a refreshing perspective on current issues in the modern political culture. This show succeeds in challeging the lister to consider new and intriging ideas in a fun and entertaining way.

Trying to figure it all out together (5/5)

I think this is a great podcast for everyone, but especially for anyone who is going through their own political/social/spiritual revolution of sorts, like I find myself in right now. There's so much information and perspective out there to be gained and talking to fellow humans is the only way we're going to be able to understand any of it and once we understand, we can change it. :) Fantastic podcast, a must-listen.

I love Russell's way of thinking and speaking (5/5)

Listening to Russel has helped me cope with reality. I take solace in him and this podcast and his interviews bring me a center I get only from him.

Brilliant (5/5)

I've listened to some really great conversations on this podcast. If you've followed what RB has been doing over the last few years, you'll have an idea of what he gets into here -- subjects about politics, social change, philosophy, spirituality, personal development -- but he and his guests get way more in-depth than what you might have seen in interviews or through his comedy. Definitely recommended.

Yay! Russel's back! (5/5)

Love this podcast!

I love this man (5/5)

Russel Brand thank you so much for sharing your views and spreading enlightenment! Listen to this podcast! You don't be disappointed!

Enlightening (5/5)

Russel Brand is asking many of the questions everyone in the world should be thinking about.

Gem of a podcast (5/5)

Absolutely wonderful. Makes me think of things I've never thought of before. Brilliant. Funny and insightful.

Fast thinkin' fast talkin' (5/5)

No one can touch Russell in the fast thinking department. Try to keep up. Discussing his new views on his life, old views politics, philosophy and anything else that needs to be explored, with various guests. A wonderful mind to be picked. He was on Dr Drew last month, i dont know who talked the fastest! Love the show.

Absolutely worthwhile. (5/5)

If you appreciate Russell Brand’s combination of humor and depth, subscribe to this podcast. The interviews are long enough to allow for in-depth discussions of ideas that we need to explore in order to move beyond our currently gridlocked social, political, and economic lives and to thereby make our societies more authentically healthy.

Intriguing and leaves you in a pensive mood (4/5)

This show raises so many questions and does it in a manner that allows people to feel like there's a real conversation happening instead of a sort of pissing contest that tends to happen in main stream media. It has definitely left me reflecting on my opinion of many of these topics. Keep up the great work and keep pushing forward!

It might be the best podcast. (5/5)

I subscribe to many podcasts, and actively listen to 8 of them. Under the Skin is a perfect blend of humor and interesting, thoughtful information from Brand and his knowlegable guests. Its episodes are mostly on par with the best episodes of JRE that have intellectuals such as Jordan Peterson on. This is not just a great podcast to listen to, but like JRE, it's an IMPORTANT podcast.

Loved Russell since his MTV days (5/5)

I remember the day I first saw Russell on MTV as a vj, I loved him and his "antics" from that moment. His recent evolution/direction has deepened my appreciation of him. He has always been about stripped down, outside the bubble awareness of all things, thoughts, and possibilities. He just has a better understanding of it all now (after he engulfed himself in Hollywood and spit himself out). All those people who thought I was crazy are finally seeing what I've always seen. This podcast has become my favorite!

Brilliant (5/5)

I had always considered RB a fast-talking, drug-addled, sex crazy goofball, and while these assumptions may or may not have been true, I had never realized he is an extremely intelligent and sensitive individual. I recently heard RB on Maher and the Nerdist and was very impressed, and so sought out this Pod. Much recommended. Interesting, timely and plays to intelligence. Well done, thanks.

Insightful and funny (5/5)

Russell always brings a full quiver of insights and levity to his interviews. I’m very grateful for this show for its educational and comedic value. Hang on tight, it can be very fast paced!

Fantastic (5/5)

Excellent well thought discussions. Russell has a unique perspective and offers anecdotes that are insightful and intellectually stimulating.

Brilliant, soulful, funny (5/5)

Great guests, probing conversation, expands my thinking and makes me want to learn more. RB is a great interviewer and his sharp wit always adds a good laugh or two without diminishing the depth of the subject matter. Thank you!

Amazing (5/5)

Hey there mate. Love the show. Your voice soothes me, as well as the conversation are great. Just wanted to give me 2 cents and thanks for doing what you do

Excellent (5/5)

Love the podcast, Russell. It’s intelligent, thought-provoking, funny, and I totally appreciate your willingness to be vulnerable in seeking further elucidation. The central conversation your working to advance is all-important. Get Charles Eisenstein in there. What a conversation that’ll be. All the best.

Excellent (5/5)

Super excited for this podcast!

Fantastic podcast! (5/5)

I have missed hearing podcasts with such depth of knowledge and humor! More of this, please!

Thank you Russell (5/5)

I was listening to you on the most recent visit with Joe Rogan and you mentioned you started the podcast after your last visit. I’ve started at the beginning and it took 2 episodes for me to fill out the survey and 3 episodes to rate it. I never rate anything. I’m doing it strictly because I enjoy you. And because you said it would make me feel better about myself. I’m slightly joking. I know you may never see this but your potential listeners may. Listen to Russell. He speaks about the things I’m interested in... introspective thought, self improvement, politics, etc. The guests are people with great points of view and they’ve all seemed like genuine people. Thank you again for doing this show. Good luck.

Trash (1/5)

A comedian from another country tries to impose his views on how the U.S. Should be. Has no American values other than his right to free speech. Completely out of touch with American ideals.

I’m glad he’s doing this! (5/5)

I remember when Joe Rogan was sort of persuading Russell Brand to start a podcast not long ago and here it is! It’s great, it’s insightful, and it’s absolutely worth your time.

Love this podcast! (5/5)

I have the utmost respect for Russell Brand. He is honest and refreshing. Despite all the wrong going on in the world, he is always encouraging that humanity can do better.

Missed you Russell! (5/5)

I was so happy to find out that RB had a new podcast out. I love his book Revolution as well as the Trews. He has a unique & funny way of analyzing the current political, social, and spiritual challenges we all face. Thank you Russell for your time & energy- it is very appreciated.

It's like being back in college (5/5)

Great guests, great podcast. Russell finally created the one gap in podcast that was missing. Academic humor . Love it!

Awesome (5/5)

Another review 5 star so interesting stimulating, smart, informative brilliant and funny!

Listen to this, dummy (5/5)

Listen to this podcast and you'll become 32-47% more thoughtful, insightful and handsome (depending on your aptitude and retentive ability!)

Thank you for helping to more understand myself and others. (5/5)

This was so insightful. My own struggle seems smaller though I am lonely and have thoughts of a happier place lying beyond this mortal coil.

Great podcast (5/5)

Interesting topics and covered in depth. Brandon asks great questions

Russel Brand on Joe Rogan podcast. (5/5)

I have to say that I was completely blown away by your knowledge and passion behind your message. You really opened my eyes to some things I never thought of, Russel. Thank you for that! I will be following your podcast from here on our to continue to hear your opinions of many more topics.

Good brain food. (5/5)

Go look up intelligent in the thesaurus. All those words describe this podcast. It's also broad-reaching, bold, and uncompromising. Great for long drives. Listen when you are not distracted.

Optional (5/5)

This is the first review of anything that I’ve ever written. Good stuff. Short and sweet. Very British. 5 stars

Humble is a practice! (5/5)

Brother Russell, great work here, coming from the US! This is a podcast of exploration and growing, a beautiful trait for these times!

Wanted to rate (5/5)

I don't have much to say. I love Russell. Always have. Keep up the great work my friend.

Fellow addict (5/5)

Thank you brother. I've been searching for something while stuck in addiction. This podcast and your book is filling the void while the search continues. You are the man!

Trews (5/5)

So glad to hear Brand

Trump Nation (5/5)

I am a staunch Trump supporter more the revolution of what Caused Trump more than the man, he is a bit of a wanker.. but I do love this pod cast and love Russell Brand more then man than what he stands for or believes....hehehehe The show is very entertaining and I have learned a lot too. Keep up the good work mate. Art

David Harvey (5/5)

Love the David Harvey interview; great to see some true heavyweight intellectuals on the show

This Man is Amazing (5/5)

Talking about sh** that NO one does. Great Minds - Great Guest - the Intellectual Radical Comedian Philosopher

Amazing!!! (5/5)

I have always found Russell very funny. But he’s very deep also and has well thought out opinions about the world.

Great podcast (5/5)

Thought provoking, entertaining, and pretty self-aware. Not many podcasts have all those qualities.

Brain food and spirit food (5/5)

I'm so glad I subscribed to this podcast. Love it! It is so entertaining and I look forward to a new one every week.

Boddhisatva (5/5)

This man translates his past suffering, through the lens of his brilliance, into a catalog of mindful insights into the human condition, via his interviews with world renowned guests.

Refreshing (5/5)

Really enjoy Russell as a host. He asks excellent questions and has interesting guests.

The Most Pleasurable Podcast (5/5)

I really enjoy listening to the witty intelligent dialect of Russel Brand. This week's episode with Brad Evans was my favorite to date. I'm looking forward to listening multiple times. Thank you for your podcast, and your service of others. You are making a difference.

Russell Brand will save the world (5/5)

I believe that Russell Brand is one of the most eloquent and wisest minds of our time. The story of his life has inspired me to better myself. If more people could take his words to heart and implement the change that he has tried to inspire in the world that we as a species would be a lot closer to making this world a much better place. I would love to be able to see him speak in person. I don't have the means to make it to do so but I think everyone who can should go and see him and pay attention to what he has to say.

Evolution of a jokester revolutionary (5/5)

I have enjoyed watching Russell Brand grow from the jolly young drug addict of yore into the incredibly thoughtful and curious man of this podcast. The conversations are insightful and deeply thought provoking while mr brands wit and humor keep the proceedings from dipping too far into the realm of stodgily serious discourse.

Inner Work (5/5)

This is my favorite podcast because Russell Brand is willing to ask the questions that no one else is brave enough to propose. Questions that our systems has conditioned us to keep unconscious. He is also the only one I know out there that brings up the idea that inner change is just as important as systemic change, an argument I would have with the head of the Socialist group I belonged to as we marched for causes. What is our ethical responsibility to make changes to our subtle body, heart, soul to sustain the world.

Nice one (5/5)

Nice. Interesting. Varied.

Making a Better World. - For Everyone (5/5)

Russel Brand continues to evolve as an important voice who is asking the right questions and finding those who have answers. If you would like to see a more just and equitable world this is for you.

Great conversations (5/5)

Great subscription for those sociology and anthropology geeks out there. Russel's guest always have great insight into those topics, through philosophy and research.

I'm enjoying this so much! (5/5)

Can't stop listening! Thank you for sharing all this information with the world 🌎

Cheers (5/5)

Been listening from the beginning, and these discussions have been thoroughly educational. As someone who resides in the USA i have enjoyed the talks about your England that I wouldn't otherwise know about. The nuances that you wouldn't get from merely reading a book. I thank you for these talks, and the education. Keep up the great work! Regards, Moose

Better than the Trews (5/5)

More in depth and all the of the people he brings are in extremely intelligent. Great listen to think about big topics in a digestible manner.

What I've wanted for years (5/5)

Insightful conversations between Russell and his intelligent guests, what more could you want?

Amazing (5/5)

Love Russell brand he is one of the real ones! He is my spirit animal!

Pretty ideal (5/5)

Brand, brilliant and entertaining, as usual

Love it (5/5)

Love it love it love it

Love it (5/5)

The best podcast!

Orgasmic/Cosmic Stimulation (5/5)

As an actor, artist, and "would-be" philosopher I am always looking for new ways to expand my consciousness and understanding of the cosmos we occupy. The last few weeks of listening to nothing but this podcast have been a time of immense mental and physical stimulation, new ideas, and endless inspiration. Thank you, Mr. Brand. Your goal to achieve the betterment of self and to constantly push the limits of how we perceive life shows us a hope that we find in ourselves; it allows us to believe we can be better.

Eye opening (5/5)

Russel and the people he has on his shows have intelligent conversations about real world problems.

Just what we need (5/5)

I love the broad range of topics, and how in depth each interview goes. Additionally, the the choice of interviewees is consistently top notch and well versed in the topics at hand. Also Russell is daddy and I could listen to him talk forever.

One of my favorite podcasts (5/5)

I appreciate the work Russel is doing. The guests on his show are erudite and compassionate and interested in figuring out how to build a better world.

Under the Skin (5/5)

Great to hear something different than political war mongering being perpetuated, think I'll listen to a few more. Give it a listen it was quite entertaining.

Healthy Fudgy Cupcakes For Your Soul (5/5)

I started to write a long, rambling review about how much I loved "Revolution," and how it was the perfect prequel to this podcast, yada yada, but then I realized the review was more about *me* than Russell. Not the point. And—worse—totally missing the point. So, instead, I'll just say this: "Even the smallest person can change the course of the future." Or so Tolkien wanted us to think. And, after listening to these podcasts, I do think. And I'm really grateful to Russell for that.

Thank you! (5/5)

Just listened to Ep. 1 & 2 whilst on subway to my to my new academic job in NYC... At times I wanted to stand and applaud at the conversation! Thank you for producing this incredibly insightful platform for conversation, and in such a down to earth, easy to listen way. Russell's excitable interruptions resonate deeply with me. Plenty of food for thought whilst I plan my new academic career. Many thanks Russell!!

Exceptional Podcast (5/5)

Russell Brand is a dynamic force in the world's of comedy, activism, and spirituality. This vehicle shows Brand at his best with intriguing guests in a fast-paced, long-form format. Well worth your time!

Great conversation (5/5)

Recently discovered this podcast. I find it informative and entertaining.

Intellectual (5/5)

Fantastic podcast! Love listening, love the format, and love the way you break down the philosophical ideas so that the average Joe like myself can keep up with the intellectuals.

Supremely interesting and endlessly entertaining (5/5)

Russell is my kind of guy. He's curious and jovial and oh so endearing.

Perhaps the Greatest Pod 🤔 (5/5)

One of the best podcasts I've heard in a while. Brand is incredibly intellectually curious and skilled in the art of conversation. The episodes are organized and follow a query or theme where he interviews an expert in their field of study. Much love for Russell and all that he's accomplished. My favorite podcast right now.

5 star podcast (5/5)

Thanks for giving us a podcast that isn't rubbish. You have truly broadened my horizons. 🤔 one love from Cali 🌴 -Jay

Best podcast (5/5)

Russel brand touches topics that challenge the "normal" way of thinking, hop in and get a serving of equality!!

Great conversations! (5/5)

I really appreciate the in-depth format. This podcast is one of my favorites. It's informative, thought provoking, and funny in unexpected ways. Keep up the good work!

Russel Brand Lover (5/5)

Russel Brand, God bless you and your guests! What stimulating and engaging conversations! I love this show and am grateful for it!

Helps me practice my British accent :-D (5/5)

I really enjoy this podcast produced by Russell Brand! He has some really great guests and I truly enjoy Russell's questions and responses as they are very untraditional and very humanly precise! Thank you for these moment Russell, as I don't feel so lost or alone in my own thoughts. Now I get lost in yours and your guest's :-)

Thank whatever higher power there is for Russell Brand (5/5)

He is brilliant - it's that simple.

Educational (5/5)

Always interesting

Messiah Reincarnate? (5/5)

Simply put, this is the greatest podcast in the history of all podcasts ever created on God's green earth. Russell makes Ghandi look like a child pornographer.

Love Russell Brand and this new Podcast (5/5)

Russell is doing such an important service to us with his voice and we love this latest version of it. Thank you!!!

Thank you! (5/5)

Grateful to hear Russell's brilliant and open-minded perspective, and appreciate the thoughtful conversations with his guests.

Russel Brand Podcast (5/5)


cheers matey, keep on keeping on... (5/5)

I think you are doing a great job. I do my bit at "tunnelmental" we are parralel playing to create a "better world"

Feminism Coverage (2/5)

I was saddened and frustrated by Brand's episode on feminism. I know Brand requested that only 5 star reviews be posted, but I feel compelled to voice my concern over the lack of diversity found in his discussions of contemporary feminism. The majority of Brand's guests are men, and that-- in and of itself--might be an indicator that the issue requires a deeper and more nuanced analysis on his show. I cringed when his guest on "Can feminism change the world?" explained that she first encountered the idea that women are sometimes thought of as less than men when she suffered from personal insecurity in a co-ed academic environment in college. For women who have been systematically abused since childhood, prostituted, incested, or raped during war time, this revelation of hers might come off as a......well, a little lame, an account of personal shyness (that men are not responsible for) that flat out ignored a pervasive history of male violence that has defined our history as humans since...well, the beginning of time. I hope Brand will do more episodes on feminsim in all its exciting and sometimes troubling manifestations.

Best podcast ever (5/5)

Russell Brand is a legend, I hope this podcast runs for a long time.

Brand is back (5/5)

Love this man and listen to all his podcasts

Thank you, Russell! (5/5)

So so good!!! Finally something I can listen to that inspires deep thought and truth.

Yes! (5/5)

Love this! Russell is an intellectual delight!

Russell Brand Rambles On (2/5)

Talking about ADD, Rusell is all over the place. He also seems to be training for a speed talker marathon. I listened to two podcast and gave each a two star rating. I'm punching out.

Interesting and fast-paced (5/5)

Really enjoyed Russell's appearance on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast. Glad he started his own. Did not disappoint! Lots of great ideas are explored.

Five stars because it deserves nothing less! (5/5)


Love it (5/5)


Thinkers and a madman (5/5)

This is my favorite podcast bar none. Equal parts philosophy, political theory and rhetoric. Like being an eves dropper on a convo amongst a bunch of scholars and a madman who no one knows isn't a scholar as well but keeps pace nonetheless.

I Love This Podcast! (5/5)

Every episode is enjoyable, humorous, and intellectually and spiritually stimulating!

I learn lots (5/5)

And its interesting to hear Mr Brand learning too, as he interviews his many interesting guests.. He's always very respectful, funny and his motivation is right on

Fantastic Podcast! (5/5)

Funny, fascinating, I look forward to each new episode! My favorite so far was the one on meditation. Although now everytime I meditate I think about "snout breaths" at least once. LOL ;)

Good stuff (5/5)

Great to see someone who doesn't take themselves too seriously and yet who still really wants to understand the complexity of the problems that face society today!

Wonderful & Insightful (5/5)

Great job Rusty Rockets ✌🏼👌🏼

Really enjoying this new venture (5/5)

Brand is expanding the conversation. He has his personal viewpoint but brings on people from multiple disciplines who confirm or add more nuance to the overall narrative. Thanks for this, these are the conversations I wish I got to participate in everyday instead of hearing about people's recent purchases or other equally meaningless banter.

Unrestrained and Critical (5/5)

Russell Brand, with righteous intensity, cuts straight to the heart of the gordian issues of our time. A conscious humility and genuine wonder, Russell's outstanding whit brings self-relevance to any issue.

Yay for Russel!! (5/5)

I just really love how he's using his voice as a pop culture focus and is talking about important political sagas.

love it (1/5)

or at least I use the socialisim is bleeding through...

Russell is a comfort (5/5)

Even when discussing the most disturbing subjects, he makes me feel like it's not the end of the world. And even if it were, we'll no worries, mate.

Journey through this life. (5/5)

I really appreciate this podcast in that Russell has genuine questions about what this life is. He brings on guests to walk us through these questions. They then consider possible answers or solutions. I really enjoyed the Sharan Salzberg episode. Russell seems to be of the most honest and genuine sort, thirsty for knowledge - not just entertainment value.

Great Job Russell! (5/5)

Just fantastic

Buddhism and Love (5/5)

Thank you for that Russell and Sharon! That was powerful!! : )

Brilliant! (5/5)

I've been listening for several weeks now, but after #017 with Sharon Salzburg, I am compelled to finally offer this 5-star rating I've been putting off writing! Russell is a brilliant interviewer, asks probing questions, doesn't let a guest get off with a vague answer - he asks the follow ups we're all thinking. Bravo, Russell! And more like this Sharon episode! I'd never actually heard her voice before (even though I'm a Buddhist and knew her work)... she had an infectious laugh, and listening to the two of them banter was a highlight of my day today! Bravo!

Best thought provoking/spiritual questioning podcast (5/5)

This is the most in depth, thought provoking looks in to are world though both a scientific and spiritual aspect. If everyone thought and looked at the wold in this manner the would would really be different. So take a listen and see if you can change the world or it might just change you and your understanding of the world! Enjoy Your AWAKENING!!!

Extraordinarily Accessible Foray Into Grand Ideas (5/5)

This podcast will almost definitely get under your skin and you will love the way it feels; squirming around in there, making you less of a stinker and more of a thinker.

Love it - accessible and thought provoking (5/5)

Well done Brand!

Thought provoking (5/5)

Most people feel so powerless and separate and afraid - we need to rebuild our communities and our love for each other and our strength as human beings. Remember block parties? The entire neighborhood would come out of their houses and bring their favorite foods and eat and talk and get to know each other. That doesn't happen anymore...we're all too afraid of our neighbors because the media makes us believe we should fear them. We're all human - afraid, separated, and's when we stop fighting with each other and start helping each other that we begin to have real power. Thanks Russell for reminding me of that! :)

Lovely man <3 (5/5)

So happy to have a multitude of russsty podcasts to listen to each week! Well, two. And on this one he talks to smart people about smart things and reigns in his ego a touch. It's great. Have a listen.

essential listening (5/5)

will make other podcasts seem trivial

Lovely, intellectual podcast (5/5)

The guests are great and Brand does a good job of guiding the discussion and asking questions.

Very Thoughtful.... (5/5)

I liked him since I saw the Norm MacDonald interview. Awesome he's back.

10 stars! (5/5)

So excited to finally lock in to this podcast. I've been a long time fan of his radio show and I can't wait to catch up on these shows. Love all things Brand.

Love it! (5/5)

This show is great!!

Fanatastic host, guests are iffy (3/5)

I love Russel Brand and his comedy. He can turn a joke out of even the darkest times. I wish he interviewed different kinds of people, but so far it seems he only invites Labor leftists and communists/socialists. Some of them have some interesting things to say, but I would really love to hear a balance of ideas on this show. It's seems that most people on the show seem to dislike capitalism. Which is interesting, because without capitalism Russel Brand wouldn't be famous, nor would he have the amounts of money he has today.

I've tried very hard to like this, but (3/5)

I'm afraid this podcast has turned into an echo chamber and lacks perspective. Too often do I find both the host and his guests are quick to dismiss any centrist or conservative positions because they "feel" like they understand the world and that those others just "don't get it". Too much confirmation bias, not enough introspection.

First ever podcast review! (5/5)

Found this podcast from a Reddit link. Just binges all episodes to June 4th. We'll deserved 5 Russell. Suggestions.... 1. Have some guests from other countries too. 2. Have guests from the right too (last episode seems to offer a start there). Suggest Glen Beck. From the American right, articulate, seems to be on his own journey to enlightenment. Remember that people on the right are not demons. They see the same things we do we on the left do but come to different conclusions.

Russel + Brad = perfect podcast (5/5)

This podcast took me by surprise. I wasn't a fan of the old Russel, but this one is amazing. This is the smart, poignant, and inspiring show about left politics I was looking for. I always learn something and by the end I feel empowered and am left wanting more.

Gimmie some Trews! (5/5)

Great podcast for those who need some positive messages on dealing with with some of the sad and disheartening issues in our society. Great contributors and interesting topics. As a Brit living in America, I'd love to hear some US contributors and discussion on society here Keep it up

Great Stuff! (5/5)

Love the new perspective! Whether you agree or disagree it's worth a listen. I wouldn't judge a book by its cover either, give it a listen before you judge.

I love RB's Voice! (5/5)

Currently my absolute, FAVORITE podcast! Listening to Russell Brand's voice is therapeutic for me, plus the topics and discussion are very engaging... great guests and thought provoking themes! Love, love LOVE this!!!

Great interviews (5/5)

Glad to hear Russell Brand is enthusiastically seeking education on these topics of religion, politics, and humanism. He's a quick-witted interviewer and it's insightful to hear a perspective from outside the US-of-A. Looking forward to more!

You'll like it. (5/5)


Love this podcast (5/5)

I look forward to this podcast each week. So glad I found it!

Absolutely Fantastic! (5/5)

Love it!

Russell, you need to have Chris Hedges as a guest (5/5)

Wonderful balance of intellectualization and the spiritual.

Great concept. Well executed. (5/5)

Thought provoking, intelligent & engaging interviews on relativly complex, yet attainable, topics. In an amiable tone without jeopardizing the discourse. Fabulous and a vast improvement from my co-workers discussion of the latest episode of Scandal.

Interesting perspectives (4/5)

Great guests, interesting discussions with them.

Fun! (5/5)

A quick funny chat that goes deeper than you would expect.

Thought provoking content (5/5)

Phenomenal show, every episode I end up re-listening to portions multiple times, discussing and debating with my partner - very thought provoking. Thank you! Suggestions: 1 - Gareth, please chain Russell and his guests to their mics, use more audio compression and ride levels as needed so volume is consistent. Difficult to follow otherwise. 2 - Russell, PLEASE let your guests answer fully. If necesary, write down your thoughts/questions to ask when they're done speaking. Better flow. 3 - Include a bit more explanation of UK-centric events for those of us elsewhere. 4 - More female guests. 5 - Put ep #s at the end of the title instead of start for better readability. Thank you, you are awesome, and I want you to succeed!

Glorious (5/5)

One of the few good or interesting celebrities

Thanks Mate! (5/5)

Love that you’re doing a podcast now man. I've gain much knowledge from your work and consider you an inspiration. Keep up the great work mate!

'Fascism or Democracy' = highly recommended (5/5)

Intelectual, emotional, practical, brandical.

Finally (5/5)

Saw him on jre and couldn't wait for him to have his own. Just found it and I'm excited to listen to all of them.

Great (5/5)

Pretty good stuff, 5 stars

Quite refreshing (5/5)

...why yes it is. Like a jump in the snow directly from a hot tub. And intelligent, too, unlike that same jump into the snow.

Musically Enlightening (5/5)

Intellectual and pleasing to the ear ~

Incredible! (5/5)

I was a late-comer to the 'Trews' but quickly found myself watching hours on end, clip after clip, feeling my consciousness growing and helping me solidify many abstract thoughts I had already come to understand in myself as truths. At this point I was 4 and a half years deep into a relationship with an incredible young English lady (who is now my wife) and found myself feeling much more English (global outlook wise) than American (my actual nationality). I had made numerous trips to GB and truly began calling it home. Once I discovered the world of podcasts my first instinct was obviously to seek out a podcast hosted by you (Russell Brand) as I found myself largely agreeing with the concepts and emotions you were sharing about connectivity in society and the need to to bring greater understanding and love to the world. I was lucky enough to find 'Under the Skin' and have since waiting weekly for each episode (since its inception) to come out. I have recently (in the past few weeks) been approved for a spousal visa to join my wife in the U.K. and now find myself living in the East Midlands. Your podcast has entered into my life at a time that it was desperately needed. As I grapple with assimilation to a new culture and meaning of my existence, I always look forward to hearing your discussions and words of wisdom to find a sense of grounding and maintain my sense of self as I've always known it to be. Thank you for making these and always wanting to simply have a laugh. I've had some dark and difficult days of late and the slightest smile while listening to you make a joke about A vague subject brings that tiny glimmer of light to a heavy day. Again, thank you for what you do and being who you are. Keep going and I look forward to many more episodes and mediums that you will use in the future.

Great podcast. (5/5)

I feel smarter after every episode.

I love this (5/5)

I really enjoy the comedic approach to the serious issues we face in society. Simon Amstells has been my favorite thus far probably because I have suffered with anxiety and depression before so his plight was enlightening and interesting. Always look forward to the next episode!

Great and thought provoking (5/5)

Nice variety of guests

Well done (5/5)

Very thought out and snagged me at 'ello!

What a hippie! (5/5)

I'm on board!

Smart is Sexy (5/5)

Mr. Brand invites top notch people to discuss important topics in an accessible fashion. He makes education entertaining - a remarkable achievement.

Love it, and can't wait to hear more. (5/5)

When Russel tweeted an episode I literally (and out loud) said, "No way!". Over the years it's been great to see RB take his experience and viewpoints and share them from his own perspective. This podcast is a natural extension to that and I've enjoyed listening to it. Thanks RB for sharing your perspective!

Hey, listen! (5/5)

One of the best podcast out there. Stay open minded and simply listen to this amazing show. #005 one of my favorite episode so far.

Fast (5/5)

Be used to Brand's accent and you will learn lots.

Deep conversations (5/5)

One of my favorite podcasts. Russell gets into deep, intelligent conversations with interesting guests. RB asks informed questions and always takes the interviews in unanticipated directions that stimulate my imagination and really get me thinking. Plus, he's funny as hell!

Amazing! (5/5)

Russell, you help make my life better. Thank you!

informed person (5/5)

Excellent podcast-- engaging, FAST paced & very topical. RB is his own "planet" & a multi-national treasure. His vocabulary is top notch & guests are quite interesting-- the podcast is better now that he's doing more "listening" and asking astute questions instead of filibustering. It makes my 1 hr commute FLY. THANK YOU Russell! Keep up the great work & good luck at University!

Pretty great actually (5/5)

In this podcast Brand is quite thoughtful and more relaxed than in his comedy- I also appreciate the subject matter and guests on this show. Brand is making some great decisions with this project and I look forward to seeing how he grows it.

Russell, still evolving - along with me! (5/5)

Russell, keep following your passions and you can't go wrong! Listening to the 'neurobiology of laughter' - very cool - love your active listening and pithy/wacky commentary!

Vital (5/5)

A true genius. We are lucky to listen.

Thought-provoking, engrossing & honest (5/5)

I love this podcast. Russell relates honestly and intelligently with every guest. Lots of food for thought and revelations. Highly recommended!

Empathic truth telling (5/5)

Brand's ability to understand his own views and slip in and out of others simple and complex personalities and world views makes his podcast nuanced and brilliant. Thank you for your courage and spirit.

Awesome (5/5)

I am a watcher of the Trews on Russell's Youtube Channel and love it-- I kept thinking you know, the Trews is great but these issues could be delved into a bit more thoroughly with a bit more time and some other platform. I completely knew that podcasts were a thing, but didn't know how easy they were to access with phones and this new podcast Under the Skin seemed like exactly what I was hoping would be created, like a graduated Trews. I find these both great mediums for expressing these alternative views and refreshingly so. It's very encouraging to hear people talk about these things from this perspective having a similar one myself-- so naturally it's encouraging to have this kind of confirmation that yeah, it's ok to feel this way and to admit these things openly without ashamedness.

Mis-der der-mis (5/5)

Same delightful Russell, discussing interesting topics with some very smart and down-to -earth guests so far. The episodes have seemed to strike a good balance, between a more analytical perspective on the part of the guest and Russell's artistic and vivid descriptions of his own ideas. I have been struck by how naturally he seems to pick up on guests' important points and to guide the conversation in interesting directions.

Voice of reason & intelligence (5/5)

A show both entertaining and informative. Very much worth listening to.

Love it! (5/5)

Simply brilliant! Great listen with wonderful engaging ideas. If more people listened to things such as this instead of the people on MTV or E! Maybe my generation would have a chance

Great!!! (5/5)

Keep up the great work Russ you're badly needed !!!

7/8 guests so far are men (3/5)

I am one of your biggest fans Russell. I love how your Gemini trickster wordplay is matched by your overflowing love for humanity. But I'd like to see you acknowledge that women are qualified to talk about more than feminism by honoring them as guests more often (as in roughly half the time).

I can't get enough! (5/5)

For the last year I've been reading, watching, and listening to everything Brand has done. I'm very inspired by him and his commitment to sharing knowledge to better our community. I'm thrilled with the content of these first 8 episodes and look forward to many more.

What a thought-provoking show! LOVE it! (5/5)

I'm a bona fide podcastaholic and have listened to thousands of hours of them, so it takes a lot to impress me and make it onto my "must play every episode" list, but so far Russell Brand has managed to break into that lofty status. His interview subjects are fascinating people and always have intelligent, broad-ranging, deep conversations that do truly get under the skin of the usual level of discussion in our fast-paced society. I also like how Russell has taken up this project in the spirit of deepening his own understanding, learning more about the world and what makes it the complex, fascinating place it is. Highly recommended!!

So refreshing (5/5)

This podcast is immensely interesting but also weirdly satisfying. Russell is the only podcast host I've heard thus far that can gracefully and humorously diffuse that high horsey tone so many academics can't help but have. Every discussion so far has been very thought provoking and relevant. I love this podcast so much that I subscribe even though it might be the only one I can't listen to on double speed (holy crap Russell how do you talk so fast).

The Leading Voice of Progress (5/5)

It's fantastic to have the sharp insights of Russell back again so regularly. This podcast is an adventure on the road to a more connected and harmonious global community, a topic worth dedicating great time to.

Incredible (5/5)

This show genuinely makes learning fun. Each episode deals with specific issues in a way that promote personal reflection, growth and learning. There have been quite a few times that I have become so immersed in the show and topic being covered that I take it on myself to go out and look into the issue myself. In other words, the show does and incredible job exposing its listeners to issues often ignored by many and manages to do it in -an entertaining and incredible fashion.

Russel Brand at his Best (5/5)

Intelligent minds discussing ideas. Feel like I'm in philosophy class. Love the conversations with Brad Evans. More please!

Love it (5/5)

I'm grateful that by virtue of the magnificent chaos and order of the universe that this infinitesimal moment in time is allowing us to experience the nexus of wisdom and silliness that is Russell's 'Under the skin' podcast. Without question Russell is one of the wittiest compuslive fornicators ever to grace the medium. Hats off to you, good man, for striving to make the world a more loving, more compassionate, more intelligent, more ridiculous place!

❤️ (5/5)

Awesome podcast!

Unmatched intellect. (5/5)

Russell Brand is an exceptional human being.

Great! (5/5)

Really interesting guests, glad to listen in one what will probably be Russell's dissertation research. It's has been good though, very illuminating. One thing, what with all your trendy friends, can't we have some better theme music?

Always glad to hear from Russell! (5/5)

So happy to have another podcast from Russell.

Always interesting....frequently fascinating (5/5)

Keep up the great work Mr.Brand....its talking and thinking like this that makes the world a slightly better place. And thanks for introducing me to the minds of such interesting people.

Thought Provoking! (5/5)

Has quickly risen to the top of my podcast list! Makes you think, question and pushes me.

Outstanding! (5/5)

Engaging, informative and provocative. Brand does an excellent job of piloting the discussion and the guest nimbly and knowledgeably through complex topics and ideas. Well done!

Love it (5/5)

Russell has really come into his own as he finds himself. So glad he's had a spiritual and intellectual awakening. He does a bang up job with this new podcast. Brilliant.

Smart, funny, informative (5/5)

Even as an American, I am learning SO much. This podcast is so many things but title of this review are those most important to me. Thank you Russell for furthering my education in being a good person. Under the Skin is a triumph!! 💋💋

A podcast right up my alley (5/5)

I just discovered this podcast today, and I've already listened to three episodes. Russell and his guests tackle the issues that are important to me, but may not be on the radar of the general masses. It's thought-provoking, hard-hitting, and straight to the point. I think I'm gonna love this show.

Excellent thought provoking discussions! (5/5)

We have been greatly impressed by the content of this podcast. Thank you & keep it up!

R. Brand ⭐️ (5/5)

Excellent !!!

If I could give more stars, I would!! (5/5)

Perfection!! I've been a huge fan ever since Russell's first time hosting the MTV awards. I've read all his books, seen his specials, read his excellent reccommendations and subscibe to this podcast as well as the Trews. Thank you for taking us on this journey!! What I have learned in these podcasts is very enlightening and highly thought provoking. One request: Please bring the Rebrith tour to the States :)

Fantastic (5/5)

Wonderful podcast that'll make you think and laugh

Utterly awesome (5/5)

Every episode is great.

Russell Review By Russell (5/5)

I like that man Russell Brand, he gets very excited and jumps around a lot (even though it's a podcast and I can't actually see him jumping, I know him to be doing so by the radiating vibrations coming from my speakers) That is how I imagine Russell would review his podcast and I agree.

Insightful, inspires to think (5/5)

I am extremely lazy in writing a review. However, this podcast is so stirring that I thought I must give up my laziness. I started listening to it just with the hope that it will be Russel Brand type funny... well, it has humor...but, that is not the word that comes to my mind when I think of it....this epitomizes a serious effort - and quite successful - to make us think and feel the world DIFFERENTLY. And, this is not "Russel Brand type" different, this is almost as if a hybrid between Russel Brand and Malcolm Gladwell..... passionate and intellectually elegant...strong yet moderate...the only thing that I would hope in the next series (hoping that there will be a 2nd series): thinking more into what could be solutions, at least to some extent, to several complex issues that have been discussed here.

Brand is the Kendrick Lamar of Podcasting (5/5)

Under The Skin w Russell Brand makes all other podcasts seem superficial and unimportant.

The Awakening I Hope (5/5)

Love RB so much. I hope he takes over the world.

Now I see! (5/5)

Under the Skin opens my eyes.

Yessss (5/5)

Russell is always amazing and educational. Listen to this!!!

Woke (5/5)

Super positive I tell everyone I can to check it out

Good. Can be better (4/5)

Let me start this by saying I'm a very big fan of Russ. I agree with him most of the time but I think he has a tendency to get a bit carried away with his endeavors. I hope the podcast doesn't become another one of these things. Already he has a tendency to interrupt his guests mid-sentence and completely change the subject by the end of it all. It leaves me curious of where the original path could have led instead of being forcefully steered in a seemingly random direction based on whatever thought might have popped into Russ' head at the moment. I hope he can take this review as constructive criticism because I really do enjoy the premise of this podcast and am curious and hopeful to possibly see it reach its potential.

Great Podcast (5/5)

Great Podcast

Thanks Russell (5/5)

I love this.

Fascinating (5/5)

Very interesting podcast. Varied topics and he asks a lot of the questions of experts in their field. He also asks them to explain things which initially I didn't understand. Very good so far

Wonderfully educational video (5/5)

Fantastic. Has me rather excited; Brand and his guests offer wonderful insights into the struggles we face as a species today, I think. What's particularly nice is that Brand brings on guests that offer well-informed, contrary points to his views (this is to say the show isn't a daft echo chamber). Keep it up brotha, I appreciate your influence on the world.

Thank you Russell!!! (5/5)

The only alternative narrative out there! I've been a fan since his talks on yoga, followed him through the Trews, Revolution, and it just keeps getting better. Insightful, provocative, and accessible at all levels. Keep on fighting!!! (This is so much more than just 'comedy' and deserves a much more legitimate category.)

Enlightening. Interesting. Fun (5/5)

I always liked Russell Brand from his comedy to his approach to current affairs. It's refreshing to listen to and brings to light issues and perspectives that are meant to be hidden. Highly recommend it. Thanks Russell. Must respect

Russell is back!! (5/5)

I really enjoy listening to Russell have conversations about such layered topics like this. I love the expansion of his own education and love that he's taking us with him on this journey.

Brilliant! (5/5)

Great podcast that will beg the mind to expand.

"Only Five Star Review, Please!" (5/5)

Deep, intellectual and very important discourses spicing up with a bit comedic charm that everyone living in a society should listen to.

Refreshingly tantric curiosity. Grab the Ether. (5/5)

Russell Brand asked me to write a stellar review at the top of his first show. He asked anyone listening to his first podcast to write a review tho, pretty sure. Hopefully, he wasn't asking me specifically. That would be weird. I've never met him. This review is stellar tho, so you can trust it. Anyway, mate. Cheers.

A Little Laugh Is Like a Shot of Coffee For Your Ears (5/5)

Listen to serious, well discussed politics with Russell Brand's charisma and quirkiness to save you from eye-glazing boredom. But not too much Russell Brand that the whole show derails into a noisy accordian. Guests takes are general approach, but with Russell Brands natural appeal for slapstick humor it makes sure there is no topic tallked to death, or to sleep. The constant interupptions of Russell to his guest may seem rude at first but after a moment of thinking about where your mind is at during them you'll come to realize how tactic they are in keep the droll boredom of lecture from overtaking the audience. Yes, it is his natural behavior, but that point is the one think keeping the conversation lively when it would otherwise make someone narcoleptic. Any average, semi-political person will be able to follow the discussion and keep interested easily. I've been looking for a politics show that is serious but not getting me in trouble at work for falling asleep from the monotone. This fit the bill and is much better than I expected. Which means this fivestar review is more than just because you asked. It is because you genuinely deserve it Russell, staff, & guests.

Go Russell! (5/5)

I had been waiting for this... i love hearing him talk, such a smart guy. Keep up the good work

Well done well done (5/5)

Consider swearing less so my kids can listen ;-)

A must listen (5/5)

Already one of my favorite podcasts. Among the best. Well done.

Awesome (5/5)

Really insightful conversations with people who really know their stuff. And Russel's humor is always enjoyable.

Thankful (5/5)

I'm thankful for the articulate way Russell says things.

I look forward to it ! (5/5)

I love this podcast. I look forward to new episodes every week. Great guests. Keep up the good work!

Love Russell Brand (5/5)

Excellent, entertaining podcast. Great subject matter; addresses important issues of our time.

Generous Thoughtful Engaging + Refreshing (5/5)

Thank you for these gems - truly some of the best conversations happening today.

Miss (5/5)

Loving you and your podcast!!!

Great guests (5/5)

Awesome guests and topics, very informative

Relevant and entertaining (5/5)

As usual, Russell helps to present complex ideas that are relevant to our current socio-political climate with sounding dry or preachy. He's funny and interesting, and his guests are brilliant authorities in their fields of study. I've been a fan of his writing and talks since "Revolution", and these podcasts are superb.

Love this! (5/5)

This is a much needed perspective that needs to spread like wild fire. Thank you Russell! Thank you thank you.

Academia and spirituality meet Under the Skin and the results are incredible. (5/5)

Unlike anything I've ever heard. My life is enriched for having heard this podcast.

Enlightening & Enjoyable (5/5)

I've read Homo Sapiens a couple times over (haven't gotten around to homo dues yet), and I've also follow Russell Brand through his Trues series. You can imagine my pleasure at discovering these guys sat down to have a chat! I was struck by how narratives Russell and Yuval have internalized (as we all do) influenced the conversation; it was so apparent specifically because #1 much of the convo focused on fictions & #2 because Russell and Yuval, while both intelligent people I admire, have internalized very different fictions (Russell's based on a humanistic focus on the loving internal "god" and Yuval's anti-humanism)

Brilliant work (5/5)

I've only listened to the first podcast so far with Dr Brad Evans, but Russell is kiling it by bringing intellectual ideas to the masses and changing perspectives. It's flippin' brilliant!

Educational, engaging and entertaining (5/5)

To my surprise, and delight, this podcast is not focused on comedy... rather the in-depth exploration of important topics of our time in sociology, religion, human rights and politics. As an American, I especially appreciate the English perspective on these topics. It gives a global perspective while also broadening my understanding of life on the other side of the pond. Russell's quick wit and occasional funny quip adds just enough comedy to keep me entertained without distracting from the serious topic. His tendency to take tangents and his interjections of "why", "explain that", "how" etc. keep the conversation moving and entertaining when they could get boring and overly academic. A brilliant balance all around! It's a staple of my podcast listening.

Intellectual Conversation (5/5)

Russell is one of the intellectual comedians who remind us to laugh at ourselves. They are also a much needed voice in trying times. Under the skin does lack in comedy, but is rather intelligent conversations with highly educated people that give us different views on where we've been, where we are, and where we might be going.

Jump on in (5/5)

Fresh perspective

Keep up the good work. (5/5)

Russell, keep up the good work. Great podcast, every episode is intriguing, each topic is salient.

Mind blown (5/5)

An amazing eccentric intellectual journey. Love it!

Sweet. Sweet goodness. (5/5)

Glad I found this podcast. Excellent listening material. Brain food. Yummy.

Winning combo of fun and thought-provoking (5/5)

In depth philosophical conversations between highly knowledgeable guests and the compulsively curious host who skillfully interjects humor in the right spots. In short bloody brilliant and at the top of my must-listen queue.