Aggregated reviews for Unobscured

History is full of stories we think we know. They are old and dark, but time has robbed us of perspective and clarity. They've become obscured and misunderstood. Which is why this series exists: to dig deep and shed light on some of history’s darkest moments. To help us better understand where we’ve come from. To make it Unobscured. Each season pairs narrative storytelling from Aaron Mahnke, creator of the hit podcast Lore, with prominent historian interviews. Season Two: Spiritualism

New to me   (5/5)

I just subscribed so I have only listened to one show and it is excellent!

Oof   (1/5)

Wish I could rate this sham 0 stars dang.

Amazing   (5/5)

Well researched and amazing. Great story teller - I wish he would do another podcast similar to this but this one will be difficult to beat! Loved it!

Absolutely Fantastic   (5/5)

This is hands-down the best researched and most beautifully crafted podcast out there. The way these historical times are presented, you feel immersed in the social, political and spritual atmospheres that shape our ancestors. In both Season 1 and Season 2, you begin to care about the people at the heart of these stories. And the way the podcast retains the spirit and tone of its parent LORE podcast warms my cold cold heart. One of the things I look forward to when autumn comes is spooky storytelling, dabbling in spiritual work and connecting to the history of the season. This podcast--along with LORE--satisfies my love of history and darkness in a way that no other podcast does. Highly recommended!

Dark history at its best!   (5/5)

I can’t wait for season 3! This took everything I loved about Lore to a whole new level. I’ve always been drawn to history in story telling. Likewise I’ve always loved Poe and other gothic writers. Ghost stories? Of course. But I also love academia. Having a good story isn’t enough and fact regurgitation is boring. This has the best of al of it!

Season 2 Unobscured   (5/5)

The parallels between social problems of the 19th century and today are mind boggling.

The Best   (5/5)

The most thoughtful and well researched podcast ihave ever heard.

Amazed   (5/5)

I love the in depth look at history, things that never get mentioned to the public in regular education. This show goes so deep and you still feel they can go deeper. I can’t wait for season 3. A must listen!

Didn’t know Spiritualism could be so slow   (2/5)

I love Aaron Mahnke’s work in general (though I don’t think he wrote this) and I love Spiritualism, so I was excited for this. But everything moved so slowly with tedious detail about bit players in the movement, and I wanted the narration to offer more tension, more suspense, more mystery. The interviews are a good idea, but other subjects could have offered broader perspective on the spiritual rather than the generally historical.

An addicting listen   (5/5)

Absolutely amazing in-depth facts weaved into a beautifully painted picture. Not only that but the intro and outro scoring is delicate and something I’d listen to all day! Thank you for this podcast, it’s everything!

Love the music too!!!!   (5/5)

I’m am in love with the piece I chose to use it sets the mood for sure and If u are able to share where you found the background/theme music or if it’s an original of yours I would love a link or info ty and I love you guys my fav podcast! Ty!

Awesome!!!   (5/5)

Just finished Season 1. Very entertaining and informative. Great job and thank you. I enjoyed listening to season 1.

Arron is a petty man child   (1/5)

With the voice of a sickly child full of laudanum.

Mesmerism   (4/5)

I totally love the 1st series about witchcraft. Aaron does an amazing job in its research and his guest speakers are interesting. The 2nd series is also well done in its historical content, however, the guest speakers have ridiculously long - 5 or 6 - accredited titles, and sound like phone sex operators than real historians. The WORST of them is Cathy Gutierrez who sounds like she’s stoned! I suppose they’re trying to convey the feeling of “mesmerism/hypnotism” but to me, they end up sounding smarmy.

Amazing important work   (5/5)

Mahnke and Co are just doing such important work, dredging up all these tidbits from history and presenting it to us with both gravity and narrative flair (some call it cheese, I call it flourish) to teach us of our past without boring us to death. After Season 1 I was impressed by the trick of taking a subject that seemed done to death and making it entertaining and compelling and surprising, but after Season 2 I was awed by it. It IS disjointed but worldbuilding often is, and that’s what’s happening here, starting from the perspective of a subject that always seemed to be a historical oddity, and connecting it to some of the most important events of our past. And giving breath to characters we may have only heard of tangentially, like Sojourner Truth, who really may have been one for the most interesting people ever.

Interesting   (4/5)

Season 1 was pretty good. Trying to get into season 2. I learned a bit of things I didn’t know about the Salem Witch Trials, even though I am a history major. There are a few things I disagree with, but to each his own. Will keep listening.

Unobscured: A+   (5/5)

I enjoyed this so much! Well researched and presented. I’m definitely going to listen to the series again (Series 1). I’m always left in awe at the end of each episode. Fantastic!

Deep dives, phenomenal research   (5/5)

Season one was so tediously researched, such a small body of primaries, but pieces every single available detail together. What a phenomenal story of Salem. Season two has been so much fun to enjoy, the advent of third party commentary : news articles, celebrity cameos, longevity of the story and its impact. I’m binging a lot of what Aaron’s team will ever put out - thank you for your hunger of knowledge , you get me through the doldrums of dumb many many days. Keep te fire burning

White privilege personified   (1/5)

Anytime he speaks about the native tribes it’s cringe-worthy. Great if you’re just looking for a white guy share his opinions and quote the “experts” without much context. Had to stop listening

Error in upload.   (2/5)

Normally a great podcast. Today’s episode is a replay of last weeks (upload error I’m sure.)

Five stars   (5/5)

Omg this podcast is soooo good. I started listening to Lore, then cabinet of curiosity’s, and now this. I wasn’t sure what this was about when I found it, but I started listening to it and I LOVE IT. I’ve learned a lot about spiritualism and the Salem witch trials. I recommend this podcast.

Incredible. So powerful   (5/5)

I went into season 2 ready for some well-researches chills & thrills. I wasn’t expecting the depth - women’s suffrage, civil rights, politics, Wall Street, religion, Broadway, magicians, scientists...and the first woman to run for president. I find it hard to make it all the way through most podcasts; I listened to every minute. The spiritualism season was incredible and changed my view of history. Can you imagine if they taught in school like this? Wow.

Season 2 is a disappointment   (1/5)

Season 2 is boring. The story telling is disjointed and impossible to follow. Each episode is all over the place and doesn’t connect to any overall story. Not going to listen anymore.

Amazing   (5/5)

Both seasons of this pod cast have been very informative and I have enjoyed learning all this grand information thank you for all your hard work and research in bring this podcast to us listeners

He does it again!   (5/5)

Aaron Mahnke never disappoints. Well researched, well thought out, well presented, this podcast is perfect for anyone who’s always been fascinated by and curious about dark sides of history. I LOVED season 1, because I’ve always been especially interested in the Salem Witch Trials, but season 2 was surprisingly still just as good. Season 2 hasn’t completely wrapped yet and I’m already excited to see what Aaron brings in season 3z

Well researched and interesting subjects!   (5/5)

I love how deep they dive into each subject. I also really enjoy listening to the interviews they release after the series is done. Thanks for such interesting content!

Excellent   (5/5)

Very Well researched! Great story telling and Aaron has a good voice for these stories. I agree with on review saying they grew tired of Lore.

Outstanding   (5/5)

I grew weary of Aaron Mahnke’s other podcasts, but this—diving deep into specific historical events that are well known but not well understood, really hits the mark. The Salem Witch Trials series in particular was so well-done, covering the historical context of the times as well as the religious and political struggles, that just fleshed out the story. And it made it so much more understandable to humanize the characters—and realize that we could (and have) repeat their mistakes. A must listen for anyone who just enjoys stories of history and human nature....

You see,   (5/5)

Exhaustively researched & informative. Could play a drinking game with the number of times Aaron says “you see.” It’s driving me crazy.

I think obscured is great!   (5/5)

I have listened to all episodes and they were wonderful! I especially like to listen to Aaron as he has a way of making it even more interesting. I live in the area where Victoria Woodhall was born/raised and didn’t know all the spiritualist things she was a part of- the only thing told around here was she was the real first woman to run for President. Interesting to find out she killed her own chances. It was a fantastic series! Music is great as well.

Love this podcast   (5/5)

This is a great history podcast! Both seasons taught me so many new things about each particular period of time. I highly recommend that anyone who loves learning listen.

One of the most valuable and entertaining podcasts.   (5/5)

I was completely fascinated by Series 2. I listened to the entirety twice. The writing and music are as good as you’ll ever find. But more than this, I feel that this series should be required listening for all Americans.

I loved this.   (5/5)

I was not sure what to expect from this season. I cried at the end. Good tears with a full and happy heart. This spoke to my love of history, and my own fascination with Spiritualism . Thank you so much.

In the Spirit   (5/5)

Although I had read (and taught) the work of several of the historians in this season of Unobscured, hearing them speak in relation to one another—and in relation to the larger script—was revelatory. This season will find its way onto my syllabus, as yet again the show runners have demonstrated how to bring a difficult topic (mainly American Spiritualism) seriously, but in an entertaining manner, to a more popular audience. Well done! This is a worthy successor to season one’s extended exploration of the Salem Witch Trials.

Awesome   (5/5)

Everything he touches is eye opening. It’s funny to examine why we do what we do. Why we believe the things we believe. Makes us take a deep look within.

Excellent   (5/5)

Excellent. I had heard of many of these people but had no clue of the complexity of their lives & spiritualism as a whole.

My favourite long form podcast   (5/5)

I am a huge fan of Aaron’s work and Unobscured is my favourite of his. I adore that he and his team can delve into the history of the subject and how it ripples through time.

I love it   (5/5)

I will listen to anything that Aaron Mahnke makes. I swear I would listen to him read the dictionary, because I have no doubt that he would find a way to make that enjoyable. I love this podcast, I find it so interesting. I also love his other two podcasts, Lore and Cabinet of Curiosities.

Amazing!   (5/5)

Amazing second season! I learned so much about Spiritualism

Powerful and Interesting   (5/5)

I find many connections with what I’m learning in school and what I learn in this pod.

Ted   (4/5)

On this story or podcast which I like all of your The only thing I can say is that the Christian Bible says don’t do it. It doesn’t say that there aren’t spirits . Look a Saul he went to a witch to get the future and God let it happen and the witch turned white. Saul was dethroned and David took over. I am a Christian because of that I have learn not to condemn anyone that’s not my job ! All I can say is don’t do it . But that’s up to the person to decide. Hope I made some sense Enjoyed listening

Very enjoyable   (5/5)

I enjoy all 3 of Aaron’s podcasts. In depth. Explained in a way you can understand but not like he is talking down to you. These podcasts are simply the best!

Wonderful   (5/5)

I love all of Aaron’s podcasts. Chad Lawson’s soundtrack is haunting and beautiful. I don’t know what else to say, if you’re into long form podcasts and interested at all in the subject matter, you should definitely check it out.

Too jumpy   (3/5)

Season 2 jumped around to much and as a result was a bit hard to follow. Also to end it at the 1890s seems lazy. That Conan Doyle & Houdini only got a few seconds is absurd. Their friendship that ended as a result of spiritualism could’ve been 2 episodes as could’ve been Houdini’s quest for expose mediums as fraudulent. Much like Ken Burns Jazz was criticized for focusing on Louie Armstrong, this season and the focus on the Fox Sisters severely hurt it.

Best podcast ever   (5/5)

I listen every second I can

Compelling   (5/5)

Very interesting. It’s fascinating to know so much about the people who came to America. Very, very well researched. Thankfully this story takes the time to thoroughly explain everything that was going on back in the 1600’s. So much I never studied in 18 years of public school and college! Intense!

She has got to go   (1/5)

Every time it switches from Aaron sharing the story and goes to the woman I literally have to turn it off. To be constructive: she is boring, seems to be acting more than speaking conversationally like a normal person, and sounds like she is falling asleep. It is literally irritating and throws off the whole vibe you have going. Unsubscribing. Still a fan but for some reason I can’t get past this odd dynamic.

Phe-freakin-nominal   (5/5)

This deep dive into Spiritualism is not only fascinating to listen to, it makes the audience very very aware of just how much was erased from our history books. I had no idea that Spiritualism was such a progressive force in the US- until now I had only heard glib stories about fraud and theatrics. I hope as many people as possible listen to this podcast. It’s so well researched, and the story is utterly compelling. I can’t wait to hear the interviews with the historians!

Great Show   (5/5)

This is an amazing show. Full of great info. However, as a historian myself, I’m shocked all the historians call the native Americans “Indians.” They should know better. That’s not Aaron’s fault, but it’s cringey to listen to.

Really Enjoying   (5/5)

I've really liked Menke's other podcasts, but this is a whole different experience. It really is pulling away the misconceptions that the general person has of a subject and getting down into what happened in history to make a certain event even possible. The historian interviews are excellent. A real bonus to hear them in their entiriety after the show edits.

Fantastic!   (5/5)

I’m new to the podcast and have to say, I’m hooked! The host’s voice is calming and keeps me hanging onto each sentence. The background music is SO good! Seriously, the combination of spoken word and background music.... GENIUS! Great job and I’m excited to hear more from you guys!

Please get a new reader!   (1/5)

I feel awful saying this but this guy is impossible to listen to. I love everything he puts out but can’t listen because his voice is so stilted. Produce it, write it, do all of the things, just please hire a new voice.

Why is the narrators voice so choppy?   (1/5)

I really want to like this, but I can’t get past his choppy way of speaking. Does it improve in future episodes?!?

To clarify   (4/5)

I listened this as I am a fan of history and found it to be well done, not as a critique but just to clarify, in episode 1 the commentator said that Calvinist/protestant teaching taught that whatever virtue (good or bad) we die with determines our status in heaven. This is not at all the case, in fact it is quite the opposite. Protestant calvinism teaches that we can earn or gain nothing in and of ourselves without the intercessory power of God through Christ. It is by grace alone through faith alone and not a result of works. Im sure most christians caught this however for any non believers listening I wanted to clear this up. And as a side note none of this stuff is biblical and is all incredibly sinful. Leave all the mysticism behind, come to Christ!

Excellent as always   (5/5)

Well researched, beautifully presented. the music is perfect!

Great show!   (5/5)

For those who like history and the reasoning behind events, this is your show. There is a lot of detail that gets skipped over in the history’s books. Aaron and his team go in-depth into events that are bigger than you think. Very good show.

Narrator has a weird cadence to his voice   (2/5)

I have tried listening to 3 podcasts that this narrator hosts because the subject matter sounds so interesting but I just cannot get through a single episode. The cadence of his voice is so frustrating to listen to I can’t explain it. So two stars for interesting content that I want to listen to but -3 stars for having a narrator that makes me unable to get through a single episode.

Fascinating   (5/5)

this podcast was riveting from beginning to end. LOved it!

Fascinating   (5/5)

Not only are the stories told in this podcast fascinating, the soundtrack is gorgeous! Well researched and brilliantly told stories and the most haunting (in a good way) music!

Unobscurred   (5/5)

History told in a fun storytelling format. Very entertaining and educational. Impressed with the amount of research behind the episodes.

Enlightening   (5/5)

The content is both enlightening and timely. Well researched and produced. Fascinating historical truth reveled.

Absolutely amazing   (5/5)

If you like Lore, you’re gonna LOVE this podcast. Season One’s dive into the Salem Witch Trials was extremely well researched and it was wonderful to hear from expert historians on the subject. Can’t wait to hear all of season two!

His voice hurts my ears   (1/5)

I love the subject matter, but the narrator's cadence and voice make my ears hurt. I cannot listen to it. It sounds like he's reading from something, but being ultra dramatic about it. I also saw a review calling the voice a young William Shatner. <-Nailed it!

Boring   (2/5)

Cannot stand it. Too many details that get lost in the overall story. The host is too monotoned and has a weird cadence to his voice. Couldn’t finish season 1, I lost interest.


Absolutely fell in love with this podcast

Season 2! Rochester, NY   (5/5)

I am loving this new season (I thoroughly enjoyed the previous season as well)! I grew up in Rochester NY and I knew that the city had spiritualism ties, but that was the extent of my knowledge. This is so fun! Can’t wait to hear more!

Deep Dive for the History Nerds   (5/5)

As a social scientist and history nerd, I absolutely love the details and interviews with the experts in this deep dive on the Salem With Trials. It is like a master’s level class on this critical time in early colonial history. Can’t wait for future seasons!

One of my favorites!   (5/5)

Season 1 was so informative and engaging! Having grown up near Salem, I always have been fascinated by the history, but this podcast taught me an even deeper history. I binged the episodes pretty quickly! I’m so excited to start season 2 and see what they have in store next.

I’m not a reviewer...   (5/5)

By holy cow the sound design... amazing. The podcast is great too. I’ve heard a million podcasts about Salem and the witch trials and this goes deeper than you knew was possible. Also the intro and outro will make you cry if you’re about to get your period.

emotional and well written   (5/5)

for all the people who say this country didnt start in 1619, the slave trade and colonization of america thus africans being transported to modern day united states started in 1619

Bravo👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Hats Off, Hands Down A Great Podcast!   (5/5)

Well Done... Period

The commercials hurt my brain!   (3/5)

Good pace, beautiful background music and great story telling. BUT the too fast, upbeat & jazzy advertisements rushed through by a too cheerful,happy-smiley-voice announcer, at the beginning and end of the broadcast, are incompatible, in style and presentation with the ambiance of episode one. All that compelling work gets wrecked when the entranced listener gets spit out of contemplation into the thresher, making for a truly abrasive listening experience. Marketing was not your friend here.

Interesting   (4/5)

Absolutely loved this in depth view and historical study of the Salem Witch trials. As a therapist I’ve always thought of this as the perfect study in mass hysteria and mass delusion. Loved the connection to one of the authors and Laura Ingalls Wilder. DID NOT LOVE how in the interview with the experts Aaron kept trying to turn it political in modern day context by insulting conservatives and religion. Not all of your fans are liberals Aaron. Well unless you want to outcast a large segment. Was looking forward to seeing him in Austin but this out me off, so I didn’t get tickets. Hopefully he will hold back in the next season and I’ll catch him live some other time.

Fantastic series!   (5/5)

It’s dense in the best of ways. Whether it’s history, witchcraft, political science, theology, anthropology, or psychology that interests you. Season 1 of Unobscured has something to offer you.

Simply Wonderful!   (5/5)

I really enjoyed listening to this Podcast! I had some information about the events that took place regarding the Salem Witch trials, having visited Salem a few years ago with my family, but this Podcast really helped me see the events that transpired in Salem in a whole a while new light. One example of which is that I was surprised to find out that the events of the trials had spread outside of Salem to other surrounding areas. I had always believed that they were isolated to only the small town of Salem. I will certainly be listening when Season 2 becomes available. Well Done!!!

Great for Fall!   (4/5)

This podcast can be a little dry at times, but has a really informative, slightly spooky vibe that makes it a perfect October/November driving podcast!

Should be 5   (4/5)

Aaron Mahnke: 5 stars as a narrator, author, and researcher. I love Unobscured, as well as Lore and Cabinet of Curiosities. The materials chosen for the shows is always interesting and thought provoking. My only complaint about Unobscured is the Rolling Stone commercial.

Excited   (5/5)

I can’t wait for Season 2!! I learned so much from listening to Aaron talk. I love the music and way he tells the story.

Repetitive   (2/5)

The podcast is somewhat interesting, though the delivery is pretty dry. The thing that absolutely drives me nuts is that he’ll repeat large chunks of exposition, so you start to think you’ve already listened to the episode. He even will say use the same rhetorical devices, so it’s not a restatement, or summary. It’s kind of maddening.

Brilliant!   (5/5)

This podcast is fascinating! So well-done, thorough and interesting for anyone who loves history or is interested in the Salem Witch Trials. This should be a TV mini-series!

Wonderful!   (5/5)

The first season has been so great to listen to! Such wonderful attention to the details of history, and the ties that connect them to the present day.

A must listen!   (5/5)

The story, production and information are amazing. I’ve listened to the whole show a few times now and each time I learn something new. A perfect fall binge!

Interesting   (5/5)

Season 1 was interesting. I can hardly wait for season 2 and the new topic!!!

Can’t wait   (5/5)

I binged the first season. Now I need season two!!! I’m a big Aaron Manke fan!!

Another Great Podcast   (5/5)

Aaron Mahnke delivers yet again. I listened to the whole first season, including the interviews, in two days at work. I enjoyed every minute of it. I love the great lengths this podcast goes to be as historically accurate as possible.

For insomniacs   (2/5)

So very very boring.

Excellent content, awkward delivery   (3/5)

This series is beautifully researched and compiled. Whomever/whatever team assembled this information is to be credited. It is well-produced and beautifully written. If only it was well-delivered. Mahnke clearly knows his subject and is highly intelligent. That said, his delivery is SO choppy and disconnected that it obstructs the sense of the phrase. I almost quit listening multiple times. Unfortunate.

A Great Podcast   (5/5)

I really enjoy this podcast.

So good!   (5/5)

This is so well prepared and so much more complex than I ever imagined. Thanks for the content. I’ll be sure to share with others.

Absolutely enthralled   (5/5)

Hands down one of the most enthralling podcasts I have ever heard. Actually this podcast reminds me of what a podcast should be!

Grateful   (5/5)

I’ve been interested in the Witch Trials since my youth and appreciate all the factual information you’ve given. Extremely interesting!

Highly recommend   (5/5)

I started listening to Lore this year, and after finishing that I listened to all available episodes of the Cabinet of Curiosities. I then found this podcast. It was so well done and so interesting! I can’t wait for the next season

Awesome Awesome Awesome   (5/5)

Can Not Wait until the next season. This was SO well done. Very well researched, narrated completely unbiased, and also gave you something to think about regarding ourselves at the end of the podcast. Fantastic. I can’t recommend enough.

Great story   (5/5)

This podcast seems well researched and with Aaron’s storytelling voice makes you want to binge the series. There is so much information to digest that I am on my second listening, paying attention to the interviews since I just found out that I am related to three of the accused. Looking forward to season two and what ever that topic will bring us.

Love the research and experts   (5/5)

I am so impressed with season 1. Great historical research and deep dive into a history that is all to misunderstood and misquoted! Love your expert resources and the interviews of experts were unforgettable and showed such a strong commitment to valid research!

A Must Listen   (5/5)

Not only is this a fantastic, in depth podcast, with much to add about a story that many people probably already feel they know, but the interviews featured after the main storytelling are insightful. I feel as if I’m sitting back in a college history course, getting to learn different perspectives and interpretations about an event that greatly affected the lives of those experiencing it. A beautiful work again by Aaron mankhe. Really looking forward to Noble Blood.

Binge listen!!!   (5/5)

I listened to all of season one in just two days! It was great and very informative. I normally listen to true crime and this was a good mix of history and true crime.

Aaron Manke is an Amazing History Teacher   (5/5)

The Salem Witch trials is perhaps one of the most tragic and prolific events in American history. As a self proclaimed history nerd I though I was well informed on these series of events but Aaron Manke was able to present this a chapter of history as if one was learning it for the first time. I was mesmerized as a listened to the presentation of events and interviews with respected historians and experts on the topic. Every episode I was able to learn something new and I can honestly say I treaded the end of this this season. I really hope that Aaron will use this approach and presentation for other historical events/topics for future seasons. I for one would be one of the first to listen !

Fantastic!   (5/5)

What a great podcast for history fans!

These podcasts get me through nine hour night shifts.   (5/5)

This one is particularly my favorite. I am sad I got through it all in one day. I need more

Deep Dive into a GREAT Podcast from Worldwide Experts   (5/5)

Great podcast that's well-researched and engages listeners with a truly deep dive into its subject matter. Like Lore, it, too, strikes the balance between intelligent and accessible to a mainstream audience, but unlike Lore, this takes an extended look into a single topic. Season 1's exploration of the Salem Witch Trials was brilliantly done! Thank you!

Interesting   (4/5)

Really interesting, really well researched topic. Season 1 was terrific. The episodes were slightly long.

Amazing!   (5/5)

What a gift of research and delivery! I loved every minute of each episode! Highly recommend!

Addicting   (5/5)

This is truly an addicting podcast and it doesn’t disappoint. I’ve always been fascinated with the story of Salem and the Witches. This account is so detailed and intriguing.

Just Awesome!!!   (5/5)

An amazingly detailed podcast, well worth it!!!

Incredible dive into the history of Salem witchcraft.   (5/5)

This pod cast is very well produced and the story is riveting with twists and turns that make it hard to believe it is historical and not fiction. I can’t begin to say how pleased I am with this pod cast!

My Favorite History Podcast   (5/5)

I am fairly new to listening to podcasts. This is my favorite series so far, as I prefer truly in depth topics. I especially appreciate the in depth historian interviews included as a bonus & the detailed resources page. Thanks for the excellent work!

Salem   (5/5)

A trip to Boston meant a trip to Salem as well! We took the History & Hauntings of Salem Walking Tour (fantastic) and were recommended the Unobscured podcast! What a great reference! Love Aaron's presentation, the professor's input, and the way it maturely links our past, present and future! Can't thank you enough for this wonderful telling!

Lore is an amazing show   (5/5)

I’m absolutely fascinated with the amount of information and entertainment provided by Aaron Mahnke in not only this podcast but his other shows as well. Also I’m a fan of the sense of humor presented. I’m so in tune with it. Please don’t stop!

Easy to listen to and to learn stuff!   (5/5)

I love AM’s voice. A perfect blend of story, evidence and pace. Kudoes! I recommended it to a history prof i know to use in her class!

So Informative   (5/5)

I love pretty much EVERYTHING Aaron Manke does. This was incredibly interesting as well as educational. Can’t wait for the next season!

Are there any more stories   (5/5)

I really liked this podcast, but is that all There is??

Great listen   (5/5)

Keeps you intrigued and educated you as well :)

LOVED IT!!!   (5/5)

This is an amazing series! I Learned so much! I can’t wait for season 2.

Loved this so much!   (5/5)

Greatly anticipating Season 2!

Amazing history!   (5/5)

It’s hard to believe this actually happened. Aaron does an awesome job telling this black mark on our American history.

I learned a lot   (5/5)

Wonderful podcast. I learned a lot. What I thought and what legends told me was not accurate information. Loved how the story was laid out. I am excited to her more from unobscured.

Excellent. Amazing.   (5/5)

As a native New Englander I have always been aware of the Salem Witch Trials. I have even done some readings about it. This podcast was amazing and I have learned so much more. I really want to compliment everyone on the team that produced this excellent program. If you believe history repeats itself, take the time to listen. So much to think about! AND the soundtrack was beautiful.

Great listen, entertaining and thoughtful.   (5/5)

I love listening to Aaron Mahnke's work. Great work coming to life with his vivid imagery. I recommend all his work to family and friends.

Mahnke is a coward   (1/5)

Aaron Mahnke is a coward SJW and a hard opponent of the 1st amendment. I will never listen to another show he is involved in or buy from his sponsors.👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻

Love the HISTORY!   (1/5)

Update: the person who makes this podcast is not a nice person and very sensitive. Makes you wonder if any of what he says is accurate and truthful. Makes me sad. Look, I’ll tell y’all like I tell my husband, if you don’t like remembering dates, names and information then this isn’t your podcast, if you like deep dives on subjects then this is for you. They read all the books, Did all the interviews and brought a well put together show. I’m enjoying the interviews at the end of the season.

Fascinating!   (5/5)

I could not get enough of this podcast. It was amazing, excellently done, and so pleasing to the historian inside me. Loved it! I hope Aaron Mahnke has another deep dive in store for us!

Well written and fascinating!   (5/5)

I just love this podcast. So thorough. I’m hooked.

Amazing-ness!   (5/5)

This - and all of Aaron's podcast's - are spot on in my opinion. They all provide different perspectives, information and interesting insight into topics I personally find facinating.

Great, Great pod   (5/5)

One of my favorites. All of the research, interviews, you can see how hard they all worked on this podcast. Such an interesting subject, on incredible tragedies. Thank you!

Amazing!!   (5/5)

History told so very well, and so in depth, by one of my favorite people to listen to, Aaron Mahnke. I’m an avid history buff and enjoy learning everything there is to know. The interviews with the historians were amazing, insightful, and informative without feeling disruptive to the flow of the show. Cannot wait for season 2.

Dry, but interesting   (4/5)

I wish this was more in the style of Uncivil, with more engaging (I hate the cliche but for lack of a better word “dramatic”) readings of primary sources, interviews with descendants of people who were there, etc. But as a scholarly endeavor, it’s fantastic. Eye opening, fascinating material, that made me think about Salem in a new way.

Fantastic   (5/5)

It is a fantastic telling of the history of the Salem witch trials.

Well done!   (5/5)

Loved every minute of the in depth storytelling of the heartbreaking witch trials. It is a story that carries many lessons for us and generations to come.

Context is wonderful!   (5/5)

Great podcast! I loved this podcast and can’t wait to hear what’s next!

Great!!   (5/5)

Very concise and detailed info on a subject most already know about. Really enjoyed it and there are NO ads?! Awesome!!!

Really Enjoyed   (4/5)

I appreciated the deep dive into the cultural and historical background of the infamous witch trials. Truly enlightening and frightening. Aaron has a pleasant cadence that makes his storytelling intimate and comfortable.

Excellent!   (5/5)

The narrator is fantastic. Witty comments are sprinkled in what could have been a very dry topic. However, this was a brilliant walk through history. Honestly, I’ve lived in Massachusetts my whole life, and learned next to none of this. The topic is fascinating, and the presentation was wonderful. Can’t wait for season 2!

The Most Complete History of the Salem Witch Trials   (5/5)

I did not know very much about the Salem witch trials but have always been curious. All of my so-called knowledge was myth and hearsay. This podcast series was so unbelievably enlightening. The series took a very complex, detailed, intertwined history and step-by-step helped me to get a true grasp on what happened on and around 1692. HIGHLY recommend!!

Simple said !!   (5/5)

Love it !!

A deep-dive into a fascinating subject   (5/5)

I absolutely LOVE Unobscured Season 1. In-depth research presented in a way that is easy to listen to and understand. And the extra material (interviews with historians) added even more to the backstory of these tragic events.

Loooooveeeee!   (5/5)

I absolutely love this series! Aaron does a great job delivery the materials, and creating a great more informative look into history!

Reviewer   (5/5)

Aaron Mahnke's podcasts "Lore" and "Unobscured" go well beyond the typical crime and political fare. They are artfully produced narratives of dark history, with mysterious yet soothing background music and a minimum of commercials. Unobscured explores the Salem witch trials and the cultural influences at the time that made them possible, interspersing Mahnke's narrative with commentary from noted historians. Truly worth a listen!

Tremendous   (5/5)

The depth of historical research coupled with great storytelling makes this stand out. I can’t wait to here more from this podcast.

Exceptional stories backed by robust research!   (5/5)

I can’t say enough about the exceptional research that went into this podcast. The first season covers the Salem witch trials in depth and through beautiful storytelling. If you’re an Aaron Mahnke fan (Lore), you’ll absolutely find yourself binging on Unobscured! Keep ‘em coming, Aaron!

Love this podcast   (5/5)

So interesting and well researched. I’ve always been interested in the Salem Witch Trials and this was a great overarching storyline of the facts and the people. I’m excited for season 2. Plus the music is lovely!!

Entertaining and informative   (5/5)

Has a lot of information put together in a way that is easy to follow.

Loved the long form   (5/5)

I really enjoyed the thorough investigation of the Salem witch trials. The details were fantastic and the interviews were engaging. I really can’t wait to see what season two holds.

Entertaining   (5/5)

Love the detail

Don’t break your brain   (5/5)

When is the next story?? So interesting Fan of anything Aaron Mahnke does Lore Cabinet of curiosities And Unobscured Need some more Unobscured Haven’t been to one of yours and Chads live shows yet. Don’t break your brain.

Beautifully done!   (5/5)

Loved this podcast! As a history nerd and witch this podcast had me captivated. Thank you for taking this topic and really delving into all the aspects and factors that contributed to the trials and executions.

Fantastic Work   (5/5)

There is so much research that appears to have gone into this. The way it was presented is really engaging. If you’re looking for a binge podcast this would be it.

I’m hooked!   (5/5)

This is a fantastic podcast. I’ve learned so much listening. I can’t wait for season 2.

Listening for the second time!   (5/5)

I am an avid Salem Witch Crisis ‘investigator’ and found this podcast thoroughly researched and well written. Learned many new tidbits. Great job, so sad it’s over I just started a second listen from the beginning!

Great context   (5/5)

Puts an old complicated story in context so it’s easy to understand. Makes the characters much more nuanced than other books or articles I’ve read on the subject.

Very well put-together   (5/5)

Manke has a skill for making history into a story. When listening to these episodes, it felt more like listening to an audiobook than to a podcast. That makes me as a listener more engaged and eager - but it also makes it a lot easier to see the story at the end of the season. In the last episode or two of this first season, he does an excellent job of answering the question “So what?” - giving the show double value.

Well researched   (4/5)

I love the subject matter and I think the podcast was very well done. The only issue that keeps me from five stars is the cadence of Menke’s speech. It reminds me a lot of the exaggerated speech patterns of William Shatner and is sometimes distracting from the content of the story.

I'll listen to anything Aaron does!   (5/5)

Edit: now that I’m almost done with the podcast, I can fix some typos and say that I still love it! It’s not the most binge-able podcast for me, just cause of all the names, but I love this. It was such a great thing to do a deep dive on, and I can’t wait to hear what happens in season 2! (Also can’t wait for the soundtrack, as I’m in love with the intro music.) I was a fan of this before I knew what it was about, and then once I learned what the subject was (the Salem Witch Trials), I got even more excited. I just finished episode 1, and I am SO EXCTIED to hear what is going to happen next. Plus the music is awesome, and Chad Lawson gained a new fan tonight (I didn't know who did the music for Lore until now, sorry). Anyway, can't wait to listen to more episodes!

Amazing Resource   (5/5)

I'm a little behind on my reviews. I'm actually going back through Unobscured season one for the second time right now because it's such an amazing resource. I'm a big Aaron Mahnke fan from Lore and have read a few books on Salem previously ('Six Women of Salem' being one of 'em so his use of Marilynne Roach caught my eye) and the way he has collected the most important information from so many studies and texts and conveyed that info in an entertaining way.... I mean, there's not much else like it. If I were to recommend to someone a place to start when it comes to Salem I'd 100% say check out Unobscured. Mahnke's interviews with the foremost experts in the field combined with his innate story-telling abilities and an amazing score by Chad Lawson leaves this podast season as one of the top resources on the topic. Not to mention him publishing the bare interviews on their own! He didn't need to do that but that's what makes Mahnke's stuff so cool, homeboy's a scholar and he knows rather than hoard the master interview tapes, people will want this information and thus he leaves it all on the field.

Incredibly well done!   (5/5)

Thank you for this incredible podcast! My mother's family line can be traced back to Salem Witch Trial victim, Susannah North Martin, and I live near Salem, so this is a subject near to my heart. Aaron has presented this podcast in a way that's respectful and informative. It's easy to see that the subject matter has been impeccably researched, and, as someone who's done much researh into the history of Salem, I'm impressed with the quality of each episode and how well told the story is, and the music is hauntingly beautiful. I'm a long time listener to Lore, and I love it, but I think I love Unobscured even more! Thank you for this podcast, it's a gift to those of us who care so much about Salem's history, and to those who are only just discovering it.

Informative   (5/5)

Fascinating history, enjoyed podcast very much. Very informative.

Amazing   (5/5)

I started listening to this series because I love Lore and the details and research that Aaron and his team spend on making it educational and entertaining. I can’t imagine the countless hours spent sifting through the bowels and bottomless holes of history finding all the details to find the real truths of the Salem Witch Trials. The story that is told with all of its details and historical intricacies in done in a way to examine the dark corners of the human condition. It makes us think that although our world is changing and progressing are human nature stays the same. P.S. waiting for a TV Series based of the work of this Podcast.

Boring   (1/5)

Oh so very boring.

This is amazing.   (5/5)

Samuel Wardwell, one of those hung in Salem in 1692, is my 8th great grandfather. I have read many accounts of the trials but after listening to this incredibly detailed account, I finally feel like I know what really happened. Aaron Mahnke does an incredible job with the subject matter and I can’t recommend this podcast enough. I can’t wait to see what he tackles in Series 2.

Well written   (3/5)

I enjoyed this in-depth look at the witch trials. Unsubscribing due to Aaron’s attack on another podcaster due to PC nonsense.

Loved It   (5/5)

I grew up in Salem, MA. I read all sorts of books on the subject. I thought I might remember some of the info, at least. I was very wrong I was fascinated by how much more is known and everything going on around Salem but also in ME. Thanks Aaron I will be checking out some of the books on the website. I can’t wait for Season 2

Perspective and clarity?   (1/5)

Not exactly. If you want to listen to someone intentionally misrepresent history then maybe this would be interesting. Go listen to a real history podcast like Hardcore History or American History Tellers.

Love your work!   (5/5)

Keep up the amazing work!! Love all your podcasts

Loved it!!!!   (5/5)

I love everything by Aaron Mahnke. But I just finished season one and can’t wait for season 2!!! This was just amazing and so well put together.

Fantastic   (5/5)

This is a great show just like Aaron’s other podcasts. What I really appreciate is that all of the time that he spends on the podcast helps you understand the story better. So many podcasts (especially true crime type podcast) spend a ton of time on unimportant details just so that can make as many episodes as possible on the subject. That’s just not the case with Unobscured.

The best he got   (5/5)

I have been listening to all of his podcasts and this is right up there with some of his best ones. I love how he talks about the topic, he has this tone that just rapes us in the storytelling it’s just amazing. I highly recommended this to anyone even if they don’t like history or horror story. I just love this podcast and story telling team. Also I would like to congratulate the team he has behind him that work to research the witch trials. It’s just amazing thank you for making this and I will always listen to it. -Robert Hicks

Well done   (5/5)

I listen to both this and lore and enjoyed this far more. Well done.

Aaron Mahnke is my hero!!❤️   (5/5)

I love this podcast!! I appreciate Aaron Mahnke so much because I have a hard time remembering and paying attention in history class. But whenever I listen to either Unobscured, Lore or Aaron Mahnke's Cabinet of Curiosities I'm able to understand the full story. I learn so much and think they're so interesting!!! Aaron Mahnke explains everything so well. He's amazing.

Work on the monologues   (3/5)

The information is great & compelling however the long monologues sound very much like he’s reading off a paper. Or somehow talking with a beat in the background that only he can hear. It’s doesn’t come natural. Maybe consider getting someone else to read the script that is able to do it more naturally

If you like Lore you'll like this as well.   (5/5)

Many of the negative reviews are seemingly from people who don't like the Lore podcast to begin with. That is just a matter of taste. But, if you like the Lore narrator's style of storytelling, this spin-off is a real treat. It is not only engaging, but also really puts you in the historical context of the story for a deeper understanding about why things happened the way they did.

Great listen!!   (5/5)

Great premise and executed very well. Not for people who are looking for a quick overview of the subject matter but rather taking a deep dive. Very easy to get lost if your not actively listening

Fantastic   (5/5)

I’m only on episode 2 and I’m enthralled. Excellent research and excellent story telling... I’m hoping there will be another Series of Unobscured.

Boring and pompous   (1/5)

I really like the ideas of the subject matter and always want to become a listener. However, I can’t stand the speaker or the tone he chooses to use. Depending on the episode it either annoys me or puts me to sleep. Too bad, could be great if he just talked like a normal human being.

Like a young William Shatner..   (1/5)

Here is what I am saying. It is very hard to listen to the inflection. While he painfully over tells historical events. The spaces I am affording are to emulate the monotony that is this mans inflection. I’d rather count grains of sand.

❤️   (5/5)

Love this podcast!! Love the in depth topics!

Salem witch trials   (5/5)


Horrible   (1/5)

The narration is just as dumb as lore. Too annoying to finish. Rather listen to sword and scale. By far the superior podcast

Excellent Show   (5/5)

Wonderful show looking at a tragic part of our nation's history. Very well produced and presented.

Great show with great hosts!   (5/5)

An amazing in-depth look at some of America's dark past. Aaron's deep research and pleasant delivery makes this a highly bingeable series. You'd have to be some kind of horrible person that likes podcasts by equally horrible people to not like this show.

Amazing   (5/5)

Eye opening, compelling, and well researched dive into the depths of the Salem with trials. Definitely worth a listen even for those who already know the history. There is so much new to explore from the surrounding stories of war, politics, and commerce, all the way to a very insightful and sensitive look at the humanity of the situation. Highly recommended.

Loved It   (4/5)

Originally from Boston, I grew up with Salem’s history and was fascinated. I loved listening to the research put into getting this podcast together, many of the names were unknown to me and this was a great clarifier.

Family history I needed to hear   (5/5)

My ancestor was Susanna Martin and was hung with Rebecca Good. I have always been fascinated with Salem and its history even before I knew I had a relative that was part of the witch hunt.

Stop censorship!!!!   (1/5)

I am unsubscribing for all of Aaron Manke’s podcasts. I advise you to do the same. We can not condone a few to make the decisions of what the masses can listen to. Who died and made you the PMRC? I am an adult, capable of making my own decisions, thank you very much. I CHOOSE to listen to Sword and Scale, and sometimes Monstruo. Both are adult themed, as I am well aware, and I CHOOSE to listen. On occasion, I have been known to stop listening to an episiode of Monstruo, because I thought it was too intense. It is my right to make that decision, not yours. So, GET YOUR GRUBBY HANDS OUTTA MY EARS!! P.S. if I subscribed to Undisclosed, I would unsubscribe from it to. Rabia Chaudry is Aaron Manke’s partner in grime!

New Favorite   (5/5)

One of the best podcasts out there.

Exceptionally engaging   (5/5)

Growing up, history was always my least favorite subject. I struggled to engage with even the smallest tidbits. However, Unobscured has helped convert me to a deep history addict. Mahnke has the perfect balance of storyteller, researcher, and interviewer to hold anyone's attention. I was shocked to find myself hanging off every word of the full length interviews at the end of the season. It has been an incredible adventure and I cannot wait for season 2!

Awful host, also puts down other hosts   (1/5)

His voice is extremely monotone and tends to ruin the story. I love history but this was putting me to sleep. I’ve also heard this host likes to bash other podcast hosts to get them removed from the air. I will not support or listen to another podcast with Aaron Menke. Not cool at all.

Great story telling   (5/5)

Aaron Mahnke has a unique voice style, which I enjoy, and it sets him aside from other podcasters. I love hearing all the in depth information offered by historians in this series along with Aaron. Everyone has heard of the Salem witch trials but I truly had no idea there were so many details and connections that has a “big picture” story. It wasn’t just random. The music is chilling and beautiful. Keep doing what you do, Aaron! And I’ll keep listening and turning friends on to all your work!

Excellent   (5/5)

Cannot wait for season 2. Aaron has a wonderfully unique way of telling stories, and Chad’s music is perfectly chilling (which pairs very well with the subject matter). This season provides a critical perspective to a topic many of us think we know about, but, as it turns out, know very little about.

Goodbye   (1/5)

You know why. Disappointed

No longer a fan   (1/5)

I am incredibly disappointed in Aaron in being the catalyst for Sword and Scale to lose its sponsors. You should be ashamed of yourself and I wish your parents taught you to mind your own business and to just ignore things people do or say that you do not agree with. I will tell anyone and everyone i know to not subscribe to anything he contributes to.

Wow   (1/5)

Really started to enjoy this podcast but I’m not interested in hearing from a podcaster who censors other.

Great podcast   (5/5)

Don’t let the incels of S&S who are leaving negative reviews on here sway you. They’ve never once listened (probably because they don’t understand any of the words) and are just trying to punish Aaron for the King of Incels demise. This podcast and Lore are thoughtfully researched. Aaron’s voice is nice to hear on a long commute home after work.

Can’t support a dictator   (1/5)

Can’t do it

Boycott   (1/5)

Was a huge fan I purchased books attended your live shows but after the sword and scale crap I’m done sir.

Awesome as usual   (5/5)

I listen to any podcast by Aaron Mahnke. Always well researched and presented. My top recommendations to anyone in search of a great podcast!

Great!   (5/5)

Absolutely fascinating podcast! Very well researched and well written. Even if you aren’t super interested in history, this would be a great podcast to listen to.

Fan, with contingencies.   (4/5)

I listen to Lore, Cabinet of Curiosities, and this (Unobscured) and I have to say that I enjoy the story telling. That said, some of the information (especially in Lore/Cabinet) is misinterpreted slightly. Overall, it doesn’t affect the entertainment value, with the contingency I set in place (take it with a grain of salt, like any other historical or folklore piece, because both are full of inaccuracies no matter how good the intentions). After all, entertainment is what this is, Mr. Manke isn’t selling this as a historical reference or claiming expertise... if anything, it’s similar to a thesis during undergrad. Well-researches, well organized, etc. Also, interpreting Salem’s tragedy as solely an incident of misogyny in an era where it was the norm would be wildly inappropriate, so I appreciated how he stayed far away from that buzz topic (social justice lenses aren’t necessarily appropriate in cases where the information is being looked at as it occurred, not in a retrospection style analysis, argument can be made for MANY SJW topics, not just misogyny... the fact that young women were the crux should be enough to illustrate it goes much, much deeper than a hatred of females). I also appreciated the fact that he went into other causes of the incidents (such as social and religious outcasts) over focusing only in land disputes like most other interpretations. In the end, I like the podcast and the two that came before it. The music could be turned down a bit, but it’s a minor issue in the grand scheme.

Another great one from Aaron   (4/5)

“I’m Aaron Mehnke and this is a long piano intro.” Just skip the long piano bits, and you are golden. Great, story-based reporting that brings to light a seriously messed up slice of history. Justice for Tibeta.

An A+   (5/5)

This is one of the best historical podcasts I have listened to. Beautifully researched and brilliantly presented.

Great!   (5/5)

My wife and i thoroughly enjoyed this!! Not only educational, but captivating! Gathering to listen reminded me of what it might have been like to listen to radio shows. WHEN IS THE NEXT ONE COMING OUT??????

Well researched and produced   (5/5)

Fascinating topic.

Unobscured   (4/5)

Very well done

Must Listen   (5/5)

If you are a lover of history, this is essential. It’s fascinating, thorough, and accessible (ie not dense and dry). But, most importantly, it serves as a warning (like that old adage) that “those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it.”

Excellent   (5/5)

Absolutely captivating

Salem witches & Indian wars   (5/5)

This is a well-researched in-depth analysis of one of the most famous dark spots of American history. Who knew what went on in Maine helped create the setting for this complicated moment in time? The narrator has compiled the best scholarship and woven a compelling narrative that illuminates the many factors that led to the Salem witch trials. Having grown up in the area, I thought I knew it all. But this podcast has opened my eyes to see so much more. I wish it could’ve had more episodes.

You NEED to hear this show!   (5/5)

Phenomenal podcast. I thought I knew the witch trials, but boy was i wrong. Fantastically presented and very insightful. The closing remarks really resonate. Can’t wait for another season!

Love this podcast series   (5/5)

As a descendant of Mary Estey, I have a paticular interest in this period of history. This podcast has, by far, given me the most information and best explanations of the background information. So glad I found it.

Love all of Aaron’s podcasts   (5/5)

I found Unobscured by listening to Lore. I love it all! It’s so interesting to hear about the past and how humans have changed through all the years. I was sitting here hoping Amazon would make it into a series like least Season 1 of Lore. Season 2 was so different without him narrating and I didn’t enjoy it as much.

Excellent podcast   (5/5)

I love this well researched and delivered history of the Salem witchcraft trials. Very good!! And I love Aaron’s delivery.

Love history   (5/5)

This is the most intriguing podcast I've heard. Well done. So much I've never knew. I would wake up and turn it on and listening to it on the way to work and as soon as I got on the car.

Love this!   (5/5)

Well done. They provide such insight and make it listening so interesting.

So good!   (5/5)

I binged all of this in one week during my commute. Very engaging and I enjoyed the in-depth look at something I thought I knew about but it turns out I didn’t know at all.

Well researched   (4/5)

Being from New England I enjoyed learning about the history from a different perspective than what I learned in school and through other documentaries. The most soothing podcast about the Salem Witch trials. Between the host and the music a very well sounded production.

Binge listened   (5/5)

I loved this series. I listened to all including the interviews. I’m related to Ann Hutchinson so was tickled to hear her name and a little about her. Thank you. Anxiously waiting the next series.

Very well researched   (5/5)

This is a deep dive into history and I love it. There’s a lot of information that’s often left out, and it’s not full of speculation which I like. It’s well researched and well told.

Unexpected and interesting   (5/5)

I absolutely love history and learning the different perspectives on topics. With the Salam Witchcraft series, I was surprised how informative and addictive this podcast was. As a fan of Lore as well, Mahnke’s story telling of this podcast is captivating and leaves you wanting the next episode. The interviews, although long, wrap everything up perfectly.

Well Researched and informational   (5/5)

This podcast is greatly researched. You can tell he put a lot of time and effort into getting the facts accurately. He weaves it into a very interesting story. Highly recommend this podcast. Can’t wait to see what he does for season two.

Loved it   (5/5)

I started listening to this podcast after the entire first season was already out and I enjoyed it so much I binged through the episodes in like 2 days. It’s obviously well researched and I enjoyed the mix of storytelling with adding from historians to back up what is being said. I can’t wait to see what they are going to discuss neat season.

Great Podcast!   (5/5)

I like that the author has chosen a particular historical topic and based an entire series of podcasts on it. His focus is on trying to illuminate and understand people's lives at the time and the multitude of influencing factors that eventually resulted in the Salem witch trials. There is a lot of information which seems very well researched. An added bonus are the several interview sessions with respected authorities on the subject, which adds to the narrative from different perspectives. I am a great fan of the format of this series and I look forward to the next one!

Unobscured   (5/5)

It is a fabulous accounting of Salem before and after the witch trials. Aaron has never disappointed me with any of his podcasts. I have enjoyed many hours of this while on the road between cases.

Interesting, informative   (5/5)

Totally binge worthy and a very fun way to learn of the Salem trials adding a humanizing factor to those who lives those terrible times. Lots of work to bring the podcast to us. Thank you!!!

Amazing look into history!   (5/5)

This podcast is wonderful. The thought and research that went in to it is amazing, and the narrative it is told in is easy to follow and very engaging. I love knowing details about history, and this podcast delves into all the aspects of this chapter in history. Thank you, and keep it coming!

Absolutely Fantastic   (5/5)

This was absolutely fascinating and so in depth- highly highly recommend. Plus- Aaron Mahnke is my favorite orator- hands down.

One of the finest and most complete looks at 1692 Salem   (5/5)

This is a very complete look at the Salem Witch Hysteria of 1692. It is eye opening when the host looks at the current events of the time and how they influenced the hysteria. The research is spot on with multiple interviews of many points of view. This podcast is a must for all lovers of early American history.

Great history of Salem Witch Trials   (5/5)

This is a great history of the Salem witch trials. For an event with so many different people involved - this recounts the whole story in a digestible way. Highly recommend.

Very interesting and informative   (5/5)

I really enjoyed listening to this podcast series. I enjoyed learning about the day today life of the people involved. Thank you for taking the Hollywood out of the story and putting the everyday ordinary person back in. I learned that a relative of mine was involved in the trials. A fact I didn’t know. Thank you for making my drive to work educational and interesting.

Excellent   (5/5)

I thoroughly enjoy Lore. I binge listened to every episode and was excited to find Unobscured. I feel the topics are well researched and fascinating. Thanks!

A must listen!   (5/5)

I was very impressed with the content. Well researched. I listened to the whole season in one car trip. A must listen for anyone who loves American history.

Arron can do no wrong   (5/5)

Arron’s shows are always fun! And Hi!!!

Excellent Podcast   (5/5)

I loved every episode! You can tell that the amount of research that went into these was extensive. I have an hour drive to and from work everyday and they were a great way for me to learn something new while passing the time. I loved parallels that could be mad to today’s society. I also loved that I was able to hear about those involved in a real sense...not the mythical fantasy that surrounds this time in history. Keep up the great job! I can’t wait for the next episodes!

Well worth the listen   (5/5)

This is a well researched and enlightening podcast. The inclusion of the interview series at the end was my favorite part. It is nice to hear the opinions of genuine experts in history to supplement Mr. Mahnke’s storytelling. I have, of course, heard of the Salam trials, but this podcast does an excellent job of filling in rich detail that make it a much more “human” story. Thanks for all the hard work.

Awesome Historical Series   (5/5)

Really love this podcast! Binged the entire season on a car trip, loved the way the story was told like a narrative interspersed with historical commentary. Can’t wait for Season 2!

Well researched, written & produced   (5/5)

You can take everything you think you know about the Salem Witch Trials and throw it out the window! This podcast peels back more layers of the story than any visual documentary I’ve seen. I was so bummed Season 1 had to end... BUT!!! The interview episodes with the historians have been equally amazing. Contemporary historians discussing the events in 1692 Salem are absolutely fascinating. My favorite podcast, can’t wait to hear what’s coming for Season 2.

Entertaining, educational retelling of the Salem witch trials   (5/5)

The host and experts interviewed offered a comprehensive, academic dialogue on an event that is “well-known” to the mass American community, but very unknown in its details, causes, effects, and contributions to our present political and cultural reality including the American concept of the separation of church and state.

I saw goody proctor with a research paper   (5/5)

I really enjoyed this podcast, if you liked Lore, this more indepth series is right up your alley. I thought i knew what happened in Salem, but I learned alot from the research that went into this and am very appreciative of the full interviews after the season concluded. If your looking for an action thriller this is not it. But! If you miss when the History Channel actually had history on it? Pick this up. Worth it. PS The music continues the be lovely and set the mood for such a sad story.

Highly recommended!   (5/5)

The story is captivating, well researched, and thoughtfully presented. The music is beautifully suited to the subject matter - it has an appropriately melancholy tone that sets the mood for each episode. If you love history or just a good story, this is an excellent choice. I’m so excited to see what season 2 brings!!

A bounty of information!   (5/5)

Extremely well researched and very informative. The first season (on the Salem Witch Trials) is a joy for any history buff; I look forward to future seasons with great anticipation!

Unobscured is a wonderful podcast   (5/5)

As a long-time listener of Lore I was interested in checking out Unobscured. I am glad I did as I have so enjoyed it. If you are interested in the Salem Witch Trials or even just interested in history, this podcast is worth your time. Interesting, entertaining and packed with some great little factoids, this podcast kept my commute entertaining. Be sure to listen to the interviews with the historians at the end as they are all fascinating, each of them focusing on different aspect of the history. The discussions of why this is relevant to current times gives you a lot of ponder on.

Binge Worthy   (5/5)

Love Unobscured! An excellent addition to LORE! Aaron's narrative style and attention to detail is among the best. I'm so glad the interviews were added. They are fascinating. Can't wait for Season 2!

Crazy mom life and still able to learn!   (5/5)

I gave up learning new things. I thought I didn’t have the time. This is the rebuttal to my laments. Thank you, Aaron, for teaching me more in a car ride to work or while I clean the kitchen than I could learn spending hours in a college class. Love this!

Very Educational   (5/5)

I love the concept of this show. I love history and learning in general and this in depth look at topics is fascinating. There was so much more nuance to the witch trials than I ever knew. I can’t wait for whatever season 2 may bring.

Highly Recommend!   (5/5)

Interested or fascinated by the Salem Witch Trials? Then this podcast is for you. Aaron does an incredible job at digging deep into the history of what happened all those years ago. I’m no history buff but have always been fascinated with the witch trials and even visited the witch museum in Salem, MA. I feel like I learned WAY more from this podcast than the museum. I look forward to what season two brings.

Another Hit   (5/5)

Aaron’s voice is extremely soothing for me which is why I continuously listen to both Unobscured and of course Lore. The information he covers seems well researched and well organized into a reasonably timed podcast. I love the topics and I can’t wait to see what Season Two of Unobscured will cover.

Simply the Best   (5/5)

This is the best history podcast I have ever heard. A well researched deep dive into some of history’s less understood moments. Thank you all so much for doing what you do, and for doing it so well.

Insightful   (5/5)

Well researched and well presented. Kept me listening through all the episodes. The one thing I was really wanted to know more about was the fate of all four of the original accusers. They spoke of the one, Ann, but didn’t say anything about the others.

Love   (5/5)

I’m just now getting to the end where we can listen to the individual interviews from the historians and I LOVE IT. I love everything about this podcast. Sometimes the content sat heavy on my heart and I’d have to take a break. Yet I always came back. I learned so much about the witch trials and about the individuals involved. I’m excited to see what season 2 will be about.

Exceptional   (5/5)

Wonderful detailed look at what took place in Salem, Massachusetts. The post show interviews are an additional treat with insights into the effect of the social and political climate at the time on the unfolding tragic events.

Awesome   (5/5)

I love all the stories from Aaron and his team . Thank you Aaron keep up the great job

Interesting history. I loved it.   (5/5)

I grew up in Massachusetts and I thought I knew all about the Salem Witch Trials. After one episode of this podcast I realized I knew next to nothing about them. i just finished the series and I found this very interesting and well researched. I highly recommend this podcast. There are several parallels drawn between what happened during the Salem Witch Trials and our current day politics which is interesting. Several people have left negative reviews commenting on the narrators tons of voice and way of speaking. I have to agree, I honestly thought this was being read by a computer at first. I don’t know if he changed the way he was speaking or if I got used to his tone, but it stopped bothering me at some point around the second episode I think, maybe when I realized it was actually a person speaking and not a computer.

Hello   (5/5)

Just want to say I’ve loved this deep dive into the Salem witch trials. I’ve always been fascinated by his topic, but had a hard getting my head around all the complexities. I’m very impressed by the interviews as well. Thanks Aaron Mahnke, well done!

This is great   (5/5)

I’ve read about the Salem witch trials before but this gives so much more background on some key players and possible motivation and grudges. I like the expanded perspective of what was happening before the accusations and hysteria that lead to the trials, names I was familiar with and many I hadn’t heard of before. I am very excited to hear the next installment and the whole series and hopefully more histories. Love, love the interviews with historians after the original broadcast, can’t wait for next ‘season’ like the music too.

Gifted Storyteller   (5/5)

Aaron Mahnke is a truly gifted storyteller. All of his work is thoughtful, well-researched, and compelling. I am hooked!

Amazing.   (5/5)

Wonderful content given in an interesting and exciting format. Highly recommend!

Awesome   (5/5)

I have enjoyed all of the episodes. The history is rich and interesting. I certainly know more than before!

It's Excellent! Don't listen to the bad review.   (5/5)

It's an Excellent podcast. Don't listen to much to the bad reviews, particularly the one who had issues with the music. I think the music is fanatastic. I didn't notice Aaron Mahnke's werid staccato (as another reviewer mentions); but, I'm from the mid-west and it sounds fine. His is definitely not a New England accent. The series grows on you. The best part is actually the interviews done with historians at the conclusion. Give it a listen. I've listened to the whole thing twice and the interviews alone three times.

Can’t wait   (5/5)

Can’t wait love Aaron’s podcasts wondering what season 2 will be about

Loved it!   (5/5)

This was amazing to listen to. Thank you, Aaron, for your research and dedication to bring this podcast to life. The music was wonderful and so fitting for this topic. How does society get to such a scary place? I guess we just have to look at all of history to know that humans do this sort of thing all the time. When will we ever learn to just love? Reading some of the reviews made me realize how far we are from making that happen. If you don’t like it, just stop listening to it. Why even make some nasty comment! Good grief! Thank you again for this history lesson! Hopefully one day people will stop being so judgy.

love it   (5/5)

This helped me a lot on my paper on the Salem Witch Trials, I love how he explanes it and the music makes it very suspenseful!

Fascinating and well done   (5/5)

1) dark periods of history 2) a dash of folklore 3) interviews with leading researchers and experts Bake at 450 and feed to the dog. You’ll learn a lot.

Excellent podcast about the Witch Trials   (5/5)

I have always been fascinated by the Witch Trials of 1692 and felt I was pretty knowledgeable about them. Listening to Unobscured opened my mind to new views and also gave more information then I had known before. I also loved that some of my favorite Salem Trials authors such as Marilynne K. Roach and Stacey Schiff were interviewed. Keep up the great work!

Excellent Storytelling!   (5/5)

The research is so well done. Aaron has brought the history of Witch Trials into a clearer focus on the realities of the time. Thank you for including the interviews of the historians that were interviewed for this series. I am looking forward to hearing what pages in history you open for the next season!

Loving the Interview series part of this Podcast   (5/5)

The actual complex history part of the podcast was intriguing, but I am thoroughly enjoying the interviews with the various experts on Salem. These are some very insightful conversations and gives us a glimpse on how your team gathered their research.

Love it!   (5/5)

If you like any history of witchcraft accusations—be it Salem or the much broader history of Europe—you will love this well researched podcast. It feels lovingly produced. Okay, maybe that sounds weird but it sounds really good so I’m going with lovingly produced. The host sounds like he has true compassion for those accused and for the whole community that was in the grips of a kind of mass insanity (and no, it’s not the mold on the ergot, people). I don’t know what’s next for Unobscured but I really hope there is a second season. And third. Etc.

Such an in depth look   (5/5)

I love that this podcast brings in experts in the field to truly delve into this history of the Salem witch trials. I’m excited for what else comes out!

Beautiful, historical, fascinating and well produced.   (5/5)

This is a truly lovely podcast. It gives you a fascinating view of the Salem Witch Trials, with beautiful, original music. Love this.

It hooked me   (5/5)

All the contextual information and relational info in this had me hooked from Episode 2 - great for history nerds or anyone who doesn’t understand just how over 2 dozen people were killed because of a few teenagers.

This History Major Approves!   (5/5)

Aaron tells stories in such a compelling way. I was reluctant to listen to yet another retelling of the Salem witch trials since there are so many out there with the same information (or misinformation) but I decided to give it a listen since I’m such a fan of his other work and I’m so glad I did. There are so many details that are never touched on by other series and I love that he has commentary from actual historians. I can’t wait to hear more!

Awesome   (5/5)

This podcast is an example of advertising that works. I was drawn in by the ad in one of the “Stuff” podcasts and was very intrigued. I backed up to listen to the ad again and decided this was on a “must listen” list. I was not disappointed. It is by far one of the best, most well-produced podcasts that I have listened to. It kept me engaged from beginning to end. I loved the tie-in to today and causation discussion at the end. I am one of those people that everybody comes up and asks what I am listening to today. And even though I am done, this continues to get my highest recommendation to all family and friends. And none have been disappointed. It makes them ask me for more. Great job!

Very interesting and well researched   (5/5)

As a descendant of a Salem family, I found this incredibly interesting. Wonderfully researched and compellingly presented, I would absolutely recommend this podcast to anyone interested in American history. To the people complaining about the music: not sure what the issue is...the audio mix sounds great to me and the music sets the mood for the podcast beautifully. I listened both with headphones and via my car speakers. Great work Aaron & crew! I’m subscribed and looking forward to the next season!

Fantastic   (5/5)

I really don’t understand what people are complaining about. The music is extremely appropriate and not at all distracting and the host may speak a little staccato, but it’s certainly not abnormal or robotic. This is well produced, researched and executed. I wish there were more podcasts like this that take a deeper dive into specific parts of history. Nice job with this!

Addicted   (5/5)

As a Massachusetts native I have been fascinated by this podcast and as an amateur historian I am absolutely loving the interview series at the end. This is thoughtful, thought-provoking, and adds another layer to the stories that I thought I knew.

Must Listen   (5/5)

Wow! Very insightful. You have to listen to the entire podcast series. The last episode is the most important. But you can’t listen to it until Aaron Mahnke has painted the picture for the first 12.

Wonderfully Done!   (5/5)

This is a very entertaining and insightful look into the human aspect of history’s dark moments. The interviews and thought provoking moments in the show lead me to reflect on social issues and how we can shape our world in the future. I learned so much by listening and looking forward to more seasons to come!

Amazing!   (5/5)

I thought I knew a lot about the Salem Witch Trials, but I found myself learning even more! A really well done series. I love how much research has been done and the interviews that are included from professors.

History binge!   (5/5)

I visited Salem, MA. When I was 12 years old (a lot older now), studied the Crucible in HS and read up on all kinds of random stories and “history” of the Salem Witch Trials. It was very refreshing to hear more facts and the whole story come together. I’ve always loved history and if someone is willing to do the research and put it in an interesting format then I’m always willing to listen. I really appreciated the thought in interviews, placement of information and how to put it all together. Awesome job, team! You’ve always got a listener in the Cayman Islands 😄

Great podcast   (5/5)

Great podcast! I love the background music!❤️

Amazing podcast   (5/5)

I’ve read accounts of the Salem witch trials before but he opened up a whole new wealth of information! Really well put together podcast and interesting. Love it and recommend it to all my friends!

Brilliant   (5/5)

The organization and delivery of each separate episode in this podcast was nothing short of amazing. The episodes stand alone but also build to create a whole picture that left me feeling shocked and disturbed but also inspired. I love the use of experts in the field and how their interviews were incorporated. And I loved the use of music throughout each episode.

Good Work Aaron   (5/5)

This podcast is so impressive. It’s essentially an audio book about the Salem witch trials. I can’t imagine the time it took to research, script, record, and produce a podcast of this magnitude. Well done.

Arron Menke Narration   (5/5)

I like the way he narrates especially for the types of podcasts he creates. I don’t know how he sounds like a robot but I enjoy this just like I enjoy Lore and Cabinet of Curiosities. I suppose different people prefer different sounds, I can’t stand the sound of Rush’s lead singer and tons of people love Rush. This podcast is like a semesters worth of content and a very different perspective than we usually see about Salem and Witches.

Loved it!   (5/5)

Thank you for a very interesting podcast. I found it riveting. And the music is gorgeous, and works perfectly with the stories.

What incredible history!   (5/5)

This podcast is different than his previous ones, but delving deep into a history of the Salem witch trials was fascinating. I appreciated that Mr. Mahnke posted additional material on the website, because it helped me keep who was who in the roster of accused, accuser, and magistrates. Again, I enjoy the way he tells stories, and Unobscured gives him a chance to really dig into details and tell a story that still affects us today.

Great Podcast - Season One   (5/5)

Salem is a truly interesting historical event. Because of family connections I’ve been reading about it for years. I binged the podcast when I found it. A fascinating deep dive and very balanced look at a complicated historical event. I could pick a point or two here and there but it was a top notch presentation.

THE BEST   (5/5)

Combine razor-sharp logic with the best humor, throw in humility and compassion and that is what you find in this podcast.

Well done and fascinating!   (5/5)

I don’t think the subject of the Salem witch trials has ever been so thoroughly and accurately presented in mainstream media. This podcast is well-researched, well-written, and fascinating! I have especially enjoyed the expert interviews at the end of the podcast and definitely don’t feel like my time was wasted. Well done!

Awesome   (5/5)

The content was amazing. The extensive research was amazing. And these interviews I could listen to for days. Please have more

Great podcast   (5/5)

The content is fascinating and the host does a great job of telling the story. I binged the first season. It was told in an interesting format, but goes in depth into the history and the back story of the Salem Witch Trial. I can’t wait to listen to the next season.

Deep dive   (5/5)

Really enjoying this podcast. There’s so much I didn’t know. I’ve listened to most episodes twice. Bonus episodes with the historians are great! Opening music is great, too. I can imagine the people described in the series looking back at us through time.

Awesome!!   (5/5)

I love this podcast so much!! As a history buff I love podcasts like this! I had ancestors that settled one of the first colonies in Massachusetts. I believe they migrated to New York before any of the witch trials started but it’s fascinating to hear how terror and fear make us humans do things that we never thought we would do.

Hauntingly beautiful music   (5/5)

I’m actually sad to have reached the end of the series(although I still have the interviews to look forward to!) Like many others, I thought I knew a lot about this chapter in American history but what I was taught and studied in college has been disproved...The music seems to float my mind through layers of understanding, pondering generations of (mis)interpretation of a decade of events to lay the complete story bare, unobscured. I can’t wait to see what the next podcast subject material will be.

Perfection   (5/5)

Right on par with Parcast. Aaron does a ton of research and skips on no details. I KNOW I’m getting the full story with him in an organized and easy to follow format. Minimal ads, wastes no time with small talk. You just dive right into the content. Good for people who just want to learn, no fluff.

Well done, Aaron!   (5/5)

Thank you, Aaron, for putting this together and doing so much work to give us this story and all the context. I knew just the basics of the Salem Witch Trials and now I feel like I’ve gotten the most in depth experience possible. I feel like I can speak more intelligently about this time in history. Your podcast has been quite interesting. Your voice, the music, and the content was appropriate. Pay no mind to those in here spewing their negativity! The important thing is learning and growing. You have helped me grow my intellect, even if it’s just about this topic. Thank you!

“But, you see...”   (1/5)

Aaron is the personified stereotype of a self-satisfied podcaster. His delivery is pedantic and filled with banal observations that he considers mind-blowing.

Too drawn out   (3/5)

I love Aaron Mahnke and Lore. He did a really good job of describing, and placing into context, everything going on during the trials. But the flaw was he took too long. By the second to last episode I just couldn’t listen anymore. Cut the content by about a quarter and a compelling narrative remains. Thank you for this podcast and I look forward to what’s next.

Great!   (5/5)

Really well done podcast. The music might not be the greatest but I don’t listen to history podcast for music so...

Loved it   (5/5)

Very informative with a non biased view. I really enjoyed every episode! Can’t wait to see what you have for season 2!!!

History explained   (5/5)

Very interesting. I really enjoyed this series-well researched and I enjoyed the interviews. Looking forward to the next season.

Well researched, well presented   (5/5)

Absolutely fascinating. Just the right amount of detail so the listener learns a great deal but doesn’t get bogged down in minutiae. My one criticism is that the role of plain malevolence in the event is underplayed.

I love your work.   (5/5)

I listen to everything you have done and am reading your books. You have a great team.

Love it 🥰   (5/5)

Aaron Manke is an amazing story teller. He has a way of drawing you in that reminds me of a teacher who gave me my love of history. I listen to all of his podcast, as should you! Unobscured has shown me a lot of truths about this sad time in our history. I listened to it twice just to take it all in. And the music is beautiful.

Best Podcast Ever!   (5/5)

Good podcast just bring vocal volume up a bit I have to have it at full to listen to you, aside from that the tone and everything is really good.

Basis for History Course   (5/5)

The depth of detail as well as the historiographic breadth allows this podcast to serve as a core source for a university course on early American history. Well done!

Great Storytelling, Fantastic Podcast!   (5/5)

I just finished listening to S1,Ep12 of “Unobscured,” and it is terrific! I learned so much about the 1692 witch trials, and now I just want to recommend this podcast to everyone. Mahnke is a gifted storyteller, and the historians consulted make the various characters of the Trials come to life. The production is very professional, and the whole podcast is a great listen! Can’t wait for Season 2!

My Favorite Podcast   (5/5)

I teach dance and sew dance costumes on the side for a living. This podcast is my go to to listen while working. I have a B.S. in Anthropology, and I appreciate the attention to detail in context given. This podcast is well researched and makes the salem witch trials tangible to a modern audience, it is not only historically accurate but very entertaining. Can't wait for season 2!!

Love the show   (5/5)

I’ve always been a history buff and crazy about haunted history. Aaron Mahnke satisfies both those curiosities in this informative podcast. I find the music, narration and in-depth research fascinating. Importantly, I have a greater appreciation for the humanity of the people who were involved and understand the parallels with other historical events and with things we are experiencing now in America. Keep up the great work and I can’t wait until season 2!

Great story but.. dude cant read.   (2/5)

Such an interesting deep dive into these events but wow, this guy is an atrocious orator. It’s a struggle listening to. It’s crazy hearing him speak during interviews. He speaks well but I guess he has trouble reading his script for this show.

Love!   (5/5)

Great podcast! Interesting material, well researched, great presentation. I don’t understand reviews complaining about the music or the narration. The music is haunting and pretty and I think the narrator does an excellent job! Make more seasons please!

LOVE IT   (5/5)

This is an amazing podcast for anyone who digs history. I literally love everything about it. Thank you so much, Aaron, and keep up the great work!!!

Voice sounds like a robot   (2/5)

If this guy talked like a normal person, it would be bearable to listen to. Instead, he INSISTS on TALKING like THIS. Like up and down with every other word, therefore sounding like a robot. Really want to like these but cannot for the reasons stated above.

Awesome and captivating   (5/5)

Thank you Aaron and team for an informative, well researched and excellently produced podcast. I enjoy the narrative, interviews, facts and music about a topic I was previously uninterested in knowing about. I see other people here slam the podcast but I say they should just go elsewhere — some people enjoy filet mignon and others like Burger King listening. To each his own ... but this is filet here.

Great podcast on Salem witch trials   (5/5)

This is the best presentation of the Salem witch trials I have ever heard. Everyone seems to want a explanation that makes sense to them, but this blows it all away. I stumbled upon the Salem witch trials when I checked out a library book about Tituba many years ago. This one thing seems to shape our country’s history, and it shows us how history repeats itself. This podcast is well researched and presented. The extra interviews really lift this podcast way above others I’ve listened to. I would love to hear more topics covered this way.

Excellent   (5/5)

One of the best historical podcasts out there. The interviews with the historians are enlightening. I was hooked from the get-go!

Informative   (5/5)

I couldn’t stop listening until I finished season 1. It was great to hear fact-based information on the Salem witch crisis coming straight from historians.

Museum curator approved   (5/5)

I work for a Museum in Essex County, and this is by far the best podcast/ listenable inquiry into the Salem witch trials. Aaron does a thorough job, interviews all the best minds on the topic, and makes it a fascinating listen for historians and normal folk alike. I’ve been recommending to all who ask about how to learn about Salem. Also, the music is lovely.

Got a lot better once the interview episodes   (3/5)

It’s refreshing to listen to primary sources and not Aaron Mahnke’s weird, robotic Siri annunciation and really, really bad metaphors.

Expected and Achieved Brilliance   (5/5)

Thank you, Mr. Mahnke...once again! While I believed LORE’s combination of perfect writing, musical score, and narration could not be duplicated, I find this new Podcast journey to be just as exhilarating and intriguing as LORE. I don’t believe I’d find myself so fully pulled into every single story without the added musical’s utterly entrancing!

A Master Storyteller   (5/5)

I’ve been listening to Aaron Mahnke‘ podcasts for a while now, he was one of my first podcast maker I ever listened to. I’ve always loved the way he tells stories, he has a poetic way of putting things that hit you emotionally at the end. Now he’s putting out his interviews and I knew I had to write a review. Look, I’ve studied how to interview people, taken classes, college courses specifying what to do, etc. Mahnke is a master. He knows how to bring out emotions of the people he’s talking to, he brings up important points, frankly I’m amazed. Not only is he a storytelling great, he knows his interviewing stuff! Don’t listen to the ones talking about how “robotic he is”. He has passion and talent and it is evident in every episode I’ve listened to so far.

Great Podcast   (5/5)

Great podcast, in-depth research on a very interesting topic. Treated objectively and with facts. Love it.

Great   (5/5)

Very interesting and well documented.

Love all Aaron’s podcasts   (5/5)

I’m an art historian and I really enjoy his podcasts. I also happen to think the music is a good choice for such a melancholy subject. Look forward to more!

Brilliant!   (5/5)

Aaron Mahnke is amazing and brings new insight to the Salem Witch trials that I had no idea about! Definitely a learning experience! Love it so much! His narration and the music combined make such a beautiful podcast to listen to! Also having historians on to give their insight on the trials is amazing!

Thank you for everything you put into this podcast!   (5/5)

I absolutely love the podcast and Aaron’s other work. I can’t wait for more!

Great Job   (5/5)

I LOVED this series! I can’t wait to see what topic unobscured will cover next. I love “dark” history and am a huge fan of Lore, as well. I actually like the way his voice sounds - very professional and put together. It doesn’t seem like he’s sitting in his basement recording podcasts with his buddies. Also, the research that went into this seems extensive and I love the additional interviews.

Very informative   (5/5)

I love all of Aaron’s podcasts as they teach what usually amount to obscure facts and stories, but this one covers a very important part of our history, a part that still resonates with us today. If you think you know what happened in Salem during the witch trials, you’re probably wrong. Check out season one of this podcast and you’ll find out why. Thanks, Aaron!

Forget what you think you know   (5/5)

Forget what you think you know about the Salem witch trials and listen to this podcast. If you’re looking for some fantastical, unrealistic Hollywood story, this is not for you. But if you’re looking to gain an understanding of what really went on in 1692, this is perfect. It’s historical, educational and poignant. Glad I listened.

This was awesome.   (5/5)

I really enjoyed this thoughtful and informative look at the Salem trials. There was so much new and interesting information.

Finally the truth   (5/5)

A great retelling of the past and honestly eye opening to human nature and how scared we can get! It’s a reminder to keep looking pass the mob around you and to seek the truth of the mater!

Amazing Show and Amazing Music   (5/5)

Very informative and entertaining. Aaron delivers information so well. And the music fits so perfectly.

Breath of Fresh Air   (5/5)

I really enjoyed this podcast more than I ever thought I would. I’m a huge history/legends/mythology buff and to find something like this that is a huge difference from my regular sports podcasts is a definite breath of fresh air. You have yourself one new subscriber Mr. Mahnke I’m looking forward to season two.

A Thinking Person’s Podcast   (5/5)

Thoughtful, open, and absorbing presentation without hype or provocation. I’m hooked. Thank you!

The content is good...   (4/5)

The content is really good, lots of new information for me. The delivery was a bit, ummm tough to listen to. The upwards lilt of his voice after each sentence got annoying after awhile. It reminds me of story time with first graders.

Great   (5/5)

I love the music and his voice. The research well done and the topic entertaining

Well researched and interesting for serious history nerds   (5/5)

Similar to how Crimetown is set up. I like the format and have listened to Aaron on other podcasts and they are always well made. The content is interesting and well researched with expert interviews inserted in the narration. I am glad they are putting the experts interviews on as well since I’m learning even more. Don’t pay attention to the juvenile reviews. I’m sure they thought it was going to be some modern drummed up Halloweenie crap with witches flying around on broom sticks and turning people into frogs and were disappointed when they actually learned something instead. The Salem Wax Museum may need to change some of their content to update since it wasn’t due to the wheat and what really happened to Tituba. The victims weren’t the only victims too with a single mother being accused and no one cared what happened to her 4 year old that just got left behind as they hauled the mother off to jail. Some of the backgrounds of the accused are interesting. Just so much to learn about. I’ll be checking out the website next. I maybe a bit biased since one of the accused/acquitted was a sister-in-law and the other a niece (supposedly also one of my direct ancestors too but still researching) to one of my many greats grandfather. So a bit of family history research. I grew up in the Midwest and always wondered why I felt so connected to New England when I would visit (now live here not far from where they moved after the trails to Leominster from Danvers then they just kept moving west) then found out later my ancestors came over on the James with the Wintrope Group.

It’s ok but not very concise   (3/5)

Overall is a good show, however feels like a lot of events and people arcs are stretch out for too long before moving on, which in turn intertwines the narrative too much and it’s hard too keep up with the people involved in the story at a consistent basis. Some events feel like they could have been recited in a more direct and efficient narration, instead they feel elongated and scattered for seemingly unrelated events. Especially towards the last couple of episodes, I was feeling really anxious not getting a clear picture of what was going on.

Essential for our time   (5/5)

There’s a crush of information in this in-depth podcast. It can be challenging to follow. But the rewards are astounding. Communities can be swept up by their fears and prejudices to believe lies. Innocent people are sacrificed and reason is ignored. Are we really so much different? Our current national nightmare tells us- No. Thank you, Aaron for this reminder.

Great listen   (5/5)

I spend countless hours traveling in a service truck. This has been a fantastic lump of time listing and learning! Fantastic effort and the music is perfect.

Well researched and presented.   (5/5)

I love Aaron’s other podcasts but I was reluctant to listen to this because I wasn’t sure what would be said that hadn’t already been said. I can admit though I was wrong. I did learn a lot, especially about the politics and other issues that came to a head that allowed the Trials to explode as they did. I am impressed with the research and sheer number of experts he was able to talk to and synthesize. It made for a very well rounded season that delves very deeply into the Trials and the aftermath. Some of the other reviews complaining about simplicity were really from the introductory episode where he tries to “set the scene” but he even admits that there is more to the story. Give it a chance for a few episodes, especially if you love history.

Excellent historical podcast   (5/5)

The podcast was interesting and kept me hooked through all the episodes. Been enjoying the historian interviews as well. The best part of the series is when Aaron gets smacked down by one of the professors for trying to bring modern politics into it. Aaron, here’s a tip for the future. No one comes here to listen to politics whether they agree with you or not. Keep the politics out of your podcasts. In other podcasts you do we can sometimes hear your political leanings come through the stories. STOP IT. You can go from Zero to political on your Twitter. If any of your listeners want politics they can go to any news outlet or social media outlet and get all they want and more. Keep your stuff to the history we all enjoy.

Great Vehicle for this Story   (5/5)

This series has been soo interesting! To those complaining about the music, I LOVE it when I am listening as I walk the dogs- the bonus interviews were a solid idea that lends some weight to the theories- I feel like I am back in college again and listening to one of my favorite profs!

Thorough Perspective   (5/5)

I love this podcast because it dives deeply into the history around something that I thought I was pretty familiar with. Turns out that there were a lot of things going on in 1692 that that caused the witch trials to happen and people truly thought they were doing the right thing. I really love the fact-based narrative style of this podcast. Everthing is factual; there are no dramtazations. The interview series at the end is extremely enjoyable too after understanding the whole story.

Great Podcast and Amazing Soundtrack   (5/5)

Really enjoyed the podcast. For some reason mob hysteria is so very interesting. Wish there was something on McCarthyism and The Terror during the French Revolution or anything else I’ve never heard about that is somewhat similar. Keep your soundtrack pony turning those tricks!

Great content, poor reading of that content   (3/5)

The content is really great. I find the topic interesting. They obviously worked very hard to create this podcast and did a tremendous amount of research. My only problem is with the host’s voice. His voice is very robotic and that does make it very distracting and hard to follow. I found myself questioning whether it was a real person narrating or a computer program, and it is a shame because, again, I do truly enjoy the content. I feel that in the future, if the host just pays more attention to how he speaks then it would turn a 3 star podcast into a 5.

Fantastic   (5/5)

This series is well researched, well produced, thoughtful, thought provoking, and engaging. Love it! And, the long form interviews released after season 1 are, for me, a real treat.

Hypnotic, insightful, beautiful!   (5/5)

I love everything about this podcast and I am so excited every time a new one comes out! I appreciate the research and effort put into every episode and find that it is so beautifully Laid out. Easy to fallow, and a dream to listen to. 💖💖

Taste   (5/5)

Everyone has their own taste in things, if you like it then be happy, if you don’t then don’t listen to it. At least Aaron puts himself out there for people to criticize, what about all of you who are criticizing this mans voice and choice of music! What have you done to put yourself on such a platform to create and distribute? I applaud Aaron for chasing his passion and doing what he does! It takes a special kind of person to be able to do that. Also someone in some high up position thinks he’s doing a great job or he wouldn’t have so many podcasts and be so popular.

Eye Opening   (5/5)

I listen to many podcasts and none have moved me quite so much as this podcast, beyond the excelent quality and depth of reserach this show also has something important to say and we all need to listen.

Great Podcast   (5/5)

I think this podcast is great! Ever since learning my 9th great grandmother was Susannah Martin I have been very interested in the Salem Witch Trials. I think Aaron does a great podcast and he provides great information that makes it interesting to hear. I am not sure what is with all the negativity comments!

Hooked!   (5/5)

I found Unobscured after enjoying another Podcast of Aaron Mahnke. I loved the music. The lonely piano evoked a cold Puritan lifestyle and helped me imagine that time in history a little bit more using my auditory senses. Personally, I love any and all Salem History. I live about 20 minutes away and have, from time to time done a little of my own research. This story brought life again to these people from 300+ years ago and I found myself hooked!! Give it a try.....

Stick to the historical truths   (1/5)

I was with you until you added your own political beliefs.

So good!!!   (5/5)

I really enjoy listening to this and all of Aaron’s podcasts. This was well researched and opened my eyes to what really happened. I could never understand how the Salem witch trials got so out of hand and this podcast gave new insight to me.

Top notch!   (5/5)

Well researched, methodical, fascinating. I love the presentation, the music, and the interviews with historians. Also the in-depth interviews with 2 historians were great. I grew up in Framingham and visited Salem, but I’ve never been interested in further reading until now, and will be looking for the books written by these historians. (Plus some of the MA accents were awesome!)

I love Aaron Mahnke!   (5/5)

Some of these reviews are just mean. I absolutely love his style of storytelling and his voice! I don't know how I’m late to this particular podcast. But I’m glad I found it! I listen to Lore while at work and listen to some episodes over and over and just heard the announcement about this one!

So good!   (5/5)

I love everything about this podcast! It’s so detailed & well researched. The music is great too! I really hope he does a season two.

LOVE IT!   (5/5)

Love the narrative, the interviews with the experts and the new music. Keep up the good work.

Fantastic!   (5/5)

Fantastic!!! Informative, well done and in-depth. 👍👍

Amazing!   (5/5)

Season 1 is fantastic! Can’t wait for more!

A great historical podcast   (5/5)

Very informative and the historical points in culture during this time period play a huge part in how the Salem witch trails happened the way they did. I think Aaron does a great job and I was hooked from the beginning. Looking forward to season 2!

Well Researched   (5/5)

I’m a history buff, have always enjoyed this topic, and there were many things I did not know. By the way, I think the music was well selected and sets a great mood throughout the narration.

Salem witch trials   (5/5)

This was the most interesting podcast I have listened to so far. You explained a lot of things that the history channel or the National Geographic channel could not or would explain. At least that I have seen thus far. Your choice in music is very good as well. It fits with the mood of the story. Thank you again and I can’t wait to hear from you guys again.

Solid podcast   (5/5)

I enjoy everything about this podcast. Unlike others I love the music added to the history. It helps give feeling to the history. I am not into spooky dark stuff but Aaron makes I clear and more gray than dark. He allows the past to be examined. He isn’t heavy handed with anti-Christian tones.

Very informative   (5/5)

I was intrigued by his other podcast shows, so I gave this one a try, and was caught up in the whole well told story, I couldn’t get work done at all. It captured me and was entertaining from the start.

13 great ...but liberal   (5/5)

Hi. Excellent podcast until the last few minutes. The liberal bend of a college professor is anything but surprising, but the oh-so-obvious left-wing media-inspired comments on the current government were gratuitous. Now an then look at something other than MSNBS (ugh) or wapo or the nyt (even Ms. Abramson has outed them.

Aaron Mahnke has ruined me for other podcasts   (5/5)

Lore was the first podcast I listened too, and naturally when I caught up I needed another incredibly written, produced and scored podcast. I was thrilled when I found out about Unobscured. And let me tell you, it did not disappoint! The attention. To detail and research is incredible. The music is perfectly timed and adds so much to the mood and feeling of the episodes. My only complaint is that I recently started looking for other interesting podcasts and they all pale in comparison to what Aaron is doing. The production quality and writing quality (not to mention incredible music) sets his podcasts so far past what most others are doing. I can’t wait for Season 2!

I want more!   (5/5)

I binged the entire first season while renovating my kitchen over the winter break. I am a history teacher and enjoyed this podcast immensely.

I found this podcast delightful   (4/5)

Well researched, incredibly interesting, great subject matter. My only feedback would be to adjust the background music. I listen to podcasts while I’m doing housework or around my office and the background music makes it hard to focus on the subject matter.

Good info   (3/5)

Nice informative podcast but, the robotic narration is making me not want to finish it. It’s irritating!

Wonderful   (5/5)

The research that goes into the overall theme is very well done. The interviews add more to the information and insight. Each episode unravels and reveals more. It’s worth a listen even if you’re a fan of Lore or just a history buff

Awesome   (5/5)

I found the Salem story very emotional, I loved it and can’t wait to see what season 2 brings. Lore is also very good, thank you Aaron!!

I like his voice!   (5/5)

A lot of negative reviews of Aaron’s voice, but I listen to all three of his podcasts and I find it soothing. I also happen to really enjoy history and find the content interesting. If you don’t like in depth details and history, this podcast isn’t for you. Can’t wait until next season!

Priceless reminder   (5/5)

Without naming specifics, the driving essence of season 1 has persisted to this very day. If only such a message could be understood in every human heart for all time.

Fascinating   (4/5)

Fascinating and full (if occasionally unbalanced) look at the causes and effects of the 1692 trials we think - sometimes mistakenly - we know so much about.

Riveting   (5/5)

Started this after beginning with Lore. It is absolutely captivating; from the storytelling to the history itself, I really enjoy this series. Looking forward to season 2!

Can’t Please Everyone   (5/5)

I don’t understand what other listeners are complaining about. I find Aaron’s voice and cadence incredibly soothing to listen to, I love Chad Lawson’s music and I thing the entire series well researched and fascinating. Cannot wait for the next season...

What’s with the hate???   (5/5)

Can someone please tell the picky people on here that they don’t know what they’re talking about? 🙄🙄🙄🙄 Let’s put this to bed, I am a SPEECH THERAPIST and there is absolutely nothing wrong with Aaron Mahnke’s prosody, intonation, phrasing, or rate of speech. Believe me when I say I’ve heard so many more painful voices to listen to, so if you think this man’s voice is unpleasant, it’s entirely your own personal preferences and pickiness, not any actual problem. Also, Chad Lawson is an AWARD-WINNING pianist, so again, if you have a problem with the music it’s not because Aaron has inferior taste, it’s because you do. And if you think the music is too loud, that’s cause the balance of your speakers is off, dude, cause every speaker I listen to this on, I can hear it just fine. Even in my car while driving on the highway. Seriously, it’s perfectly fine. Per usual, Aaron Mahnke produced an amazing show, and the amount of followers and fans should be the real testament to its quality.

Good show   (5/5)

Got started on podcast late. Lore has kept me coming back and within 2 months I’ve listened to 2/3 of his library. Thank you Aaron for your show, and just wanted to say hello.

Very good   (5/5)

With 2 Salem witches in my family tree, one who was murdered during the trials and one who spend many years in jail before being freed, Ive been fascinated by this subject for *years.* Most things I watch or listen to get the facts confused with things from the play and I get frustrated quickly and tune out. This is good.

Music is SO distracting   (3/5)

I think this podcast is very interesting but find it so difficult to listen with the annoying music in the background. Take it out please!

Excellent detailed coverage of historical event   (5/5)

Great learning experience. I am so grateful for series - it’s like auditing a college level course. Very much looking forward to the next series. Thanks!

Entertaining and Thought Provoking! Highly Recommended!   (5/5)

I’m only two episodes in, but I’m already hooked on Aaron’s writing and storytelling abilities! I found this podcast through Stuff They Don’t Want You To Know (which I also highly recommend, as it challenges your preconceived notions with humorous and interesting banter). Aaron also created the podcast Lore, which I’d recommend as well.

5 Stars   (5/5)

Everything you could ever want to know about the Salem Witch Trials is in this podcast. Well put together, super informative and entertaining.

Excellent Podcast!   (5/5)

Great storytelling! I really enjoy the in-depth detail. It’s nice to gain a much deeper understanding of such a well known historical event.

Excellent content and presentation   (5/5)

Keep doing what you do Aaron. Terrific content and presentation.

Well composed.   (5/5)

From the music to the material, this podcast is well composed. It makes commuting tolerable and even enjoyable, knowing I have a well-made podcast ahead of me.

I appreciate the story   (5/5)

I love Aaron Mahnke! His storytelling skills are wonderful and I have been impressed by everything he has worked on.

Unobscured Emerson Baker   (5/5)

Love this podcast. The knowledge and history that Mr. Baker shares is amazing and left me wanting more. I’ve been to Salem, Mass., had I known then what I know now - after listening to this podcast, all I can is - I can’t wait to get back there. Thank you Mr. Baker!!!!

So so good!   (5/5)

Amazing as always! Incredibly in depth and thought provoking!

Love it   (5/5)

I love learning new facts and the music is beautiful

Super Awesome   (5/5)

Don’t know why some people dislike the music, it’s really a sets the tone of something that is really tragic, which is exactly what the Salem Witch Trials were. The podcast is great, a good run time for each subject and a good explanation. The building of context for the entire story is super well thought out and researched and as a history buff, I can say that Aaron does a great job of translating late 17th century documents and writings into an excellent retelling and modern story of the Salem Witch Trials.

Wonderful   (5/5)

Everything about this season was incredible. The pacing, the music, the interviews, everything. I drive a lot for work so I’m a podcast binger, this was one of the most enjoyable binges I’ve had in months 💖

Love music & voice   (5/5)

Nothing can please everyone. This podcast is for people who appreciate a deep dive into historical events. Thank you Aaron for all your work. I don’t know how you juggle everything you’re doing!

Awesome   (4/5)

Loved it! As someone from Essex County MA, I found this podcast completely fascinating and I learned so much. Thank you.

Awesome   (5/5)

After listening to Cabinets of Curiosity I heard about your new podcast and it’s awesome. Keep up the great work. A loyal listener

Love the Details   (5/5)

So I’ve listened to Lore, and I’m always a fan of a good eery story. But there have definitely been some episodes of Lore where I was left wondering about the details and context of the story, thinking “there’s gotta be more to this”. Unobscured satisfies my need for extra details. The first season is about the Salem Witch Trials, and before this podcast I wasn’t aware the full scope of the issue, the contributing factors, the political climate, all the pieces that came together to fuel the fear and paranoia of the time. It’s also encouraged me to check out the literature of the contributing historians to learn more. Check it out if you’re a fan of history and learning the full story behind important events.

Excellent and insightful retelling of the Salem story   (5/5)

I sincerely enjoyed listening to every episode of this show. Aaron expertly retells the story of the Salem witch trials with comprehensive historical information blended together through well-written narratives and featuring interviews from regional historians.

Super informative!   (5/5)

I love this podcast! It’s been really awesome learning about everything that was going on outside of the trials themselves. I’m a descendent of one of the five founders of New Amsterdam in 1625, so it was cool to hear some of the history surrounding that too! Thanks for putting this out there!

Great historical analysis of Salem witch trials   (4/5)

I enjoy history, and I’ve always found the Salem witch trials that be an interesting event in our country’s history. Aaron has really dug deep into the events, the people, and the political landscape of Salem. No event occurs in a vacuum, so he also explores beyond Salem into what was happening in Maine, in Boston, and even New York, as well many other factors including the colony’s charter and some legal ambiguity during the period. Music and narration is in the same style of Aaron’s other podcast Lore, which can sometimes be a little less then exciting, but still is a very informative analysis of Salem.

Fascinating   (5/5)

History is not some class where you memorize dates and names. It’s events made of Real people, with their own Real motivations, fears, prejudices, politics and world views. The most surprising thing about history is that these people are Just Like people now. Science & Technology advance, but people remain people no matter the year. I’ve really enjoyed this show. I feel that I had a light pencil sketch of the Salem Witch Trials in my head before, and after listening to the series and (so far the first of) the expert interviews I have a vivid color photograph in my brain now.

Fascinating   (5/5)

I have listened to all of Aaron Mahnke’s Podcasts and I will say this competes as one of my all-time favorites. It is well researched, written and thought out. I enjoy the delivery (and for what it’s worth, the background music doesn’t bother me at all). It is purely historical so if you’re looking for the more sensational, check out Lore instead. I personally enjoy the history. Finally, the interviews are my favorite part. It makes me miss my college days, where I could listen to the professor lecture for days, when you can tell they’re truly passionate about the subject matter. Season 1 is the Salem witch trials. I just visited Salem for the first time this fall and I can honestly say, this podcast sealed the deal for my visit. I only wished the town was as knowledgeable about the facts as this podcast. Well done, Sir. Keep them coming.

Fascinating deep dive into history   (5/5)

It takes a lot of skill to condense an immense amount of information into something digestible without watering it down too much. Aaron Mahnke strikes that balance with Unobscured. It’s well researched, and well-rounded, balancing historical facts with emotional tie-ins to bring the history to light while still making me feel like I’ve just left the most dynamic college lecture. From what I can tell from the negative reviews, most of the feedback centers around Mahnke’s speaking style and music choice. He does have a distinctive style of speech, and if that’s not your cup of tea, that’s fine. If the podcasts auditory features do fit your preferences, you’re in an awesome ride.

Brilliant   (5/5)

I love history, but not dry, boring stuff. This podcast takes a deep but fascinating dive into a shameful time in our US history. The interview with Emerson Baker was amazing too. I even downloaded Chad Lawson’s music on Apple & Spotify. It’s my go-to chill soundtrack.

A podcast like no other   (5/5)

I have a deep appreciation for story telling that takes you on an adventure. Aaron’s ability to speak on historical events with great detail and still keeping you intrigued throughout is unmatched. The way the podcast is constructed allows you to go on a journey with the creators and I very much appreciate the ease of access to source materials. Thank you so much for such a wonderful podcast. I look forward to the success the future holds for you!

In love   (5/5)

I have loved everything Aaron has done for years. I am a MA resident and his stories make me feel so rooted here. The music played in every one of his podcasts is phenomenal and sets the mood very well and every episode is extensively researched and well written. Outstanding and can’t wait for the next season!

Enjoy the podcast.   (5/5)

I’ve listened to all Aaron’s podcast and I’ve really enjoyed them. I can wait to see what next season is about.

I actually really like everything Aaron does   (5/5)

Like Lore and the Cabinet of Curiosities, Aaron does great research and tells a great story.

Great story, except...   (4/5)

The topic and the way this piece of American history is delivered makes for a great podcast. I find the music to be fitting; it adds to the drama as the story develops. The only thing that gets to me is the cadence of the narrator’s voice. It is very robotic, and sounds like he didn’t practice enough and is reading his script for the first time. I even heard him stumble over a word in one of the episodes. Sometimes I find myself getting caught up in this, and distracted from what’s actually being discussed in the story. It’s too bad, because otherwise this is one of the more captivating podcasts I’ve listened to.

Amazing! 10/10   (5/5)

I’m loving this series! I hardly listen to podcasts but anything Arron does i’m there! Personally, I love the background music. It’s hauntingly beautiful, Chad Lawson is amazing as per usual. The story is both historical and highly intriguing! Aaron’s voice is so calming and easy to listen to. Put on your headphones, grab a cozy blanket and get a glass of wine!

Great Storytelling   (5/5)

Insightful and well-researched

Interesting but hard to follow   (3/5)

This was a very interesting podcast but it has so much information and names that it’s hard to follow all of the people and what happens to them. Who the accusers are and who the accused are. I had to take my own notes just to follow along.

Fantastic Podcast   (5/5)

Again Aaron makes a wonderful podcast.

Season1, episode 10   (4/5)

I downloaded 2018, 12 episodes but there is no episode 10... I enjoy these stories but he sounds very robotic

A+   (5/5)

Well researched and incredibly informative. The context of this podcast is interesting and I really enjoyed the themes of history repeating itself no matter how educated one may be.

Its about time !!   (5/5)

I love history, I love this show and all the other ones he puts out . I’ve had a love for Salem since I was a kid , but I love it not only for the witch trials , but also the rich history it has to offer . I mean look at the McIntire district, it’s truly amazing, or the different sites where the colonists stopped the British from taking munitions and so much more ! What drives me nut though is the people’s lack of knowledge on the Salem witch trials ! It was a dark and tragic event, and lots of lives and families were ruined because of it !! I’m just glad someone took the time to tell the truth about it !! This show will take you through the whole tragic event and tell you what really happened!! Also Chad Lawson’s music sets the tone !! Keep up the good work !!

Great podcast   (5/5)

I love this podcast! And the background music is great!! I don’t agree with the people saying it’s bad and distracting.

Fascinating and immersive   (5/5)

I’m going to be re-listening to this several times, I think. One of my most beloved historical “stories”, and I learned SO MUCH. Listen to this when you have time to focus on it- there is a lot of nuance and detail.

Aaron is Love Aaron is Life   (5/5)

Get Shrekt, Aaron has an amazing brain and voice. Don't get upset because you're not woke. Just get woke. Get Shrekt. Get Unobstructed or something.

Love Aaron’s work   (5/5)

I like all his podcasts. This one is well put together. I appreciate the reminders throughout of the people we have heard about in a previous episode. I also think the music in this series is beautiful.

Learned so much!   (5/5)

I loved every minute of it, it was done so well from the beginning to the end. I learned so much that I was unaware of it that I was misinformed about. Thank you for this in depth look!

Fascinating   (5/5)

I have so enjoyed listening to this first season. Unobscured is insightful and eye opening and puts a much more interesting light on history than what I have heard in the past. I can’t imagine the work that has been put into it but from the interviews to the research, it is fascinating. I’m planning on listening through again!

Love it!   (5/5)

Everything Aaron does is well researched and he does such a great job of making it interesting! I’m a big fan of all of his podcasts

Loved it!   (5/5)

Loved the music I thought it was haunting and fitting to such a dark time in that area.

Just Beautiful   (5/5)

I have been so engrossed in this podcast. It was amazing! Can’t wait for the bonus episodes. The music is just stunning. I haven’t cried so much over a story in a long time. When can we expect to see the soundtrack?

Thank you   (5/5)

As a Proctor descendent, just want to say thank you for teaching me about my family. I think your production and narration were both great.

Loved every minute!   (5/5)

I learned so much about the infamous witch hunt. It really put this moment in history in perspective and in relation to what else was happening at the time and prior. The music lent a sense of suspense and foreboding to the overall atmosphere of the podcast. I highly recommend this podcast!

Loved it!   (5/5)

I listen to a lot of sermons, theologians, and political podcasts so maybe I am not expecting this to be read like a children’s book. So, I am fine with the music (5th-12th grade choir teacher-I KNOW music) and honestly I never thought about it which is hard for me. I never thought about it because the history and the way Mr. Mahnke presents it is so engaging! There is a lot of information here so I will probably listen to it again. I can’t wait to hear his next season!

Enlightening and Entertaining   (5/5)

I found this podcast enlightening. The first season is all about the Salem witch trials and the way he covers this with an underlying look at the present is eye opening. Great for history lovers, people interested in human nature, and anyone contemplating our current political environment.

Loved it. Didn’t think I would, but did.   (5/5)

I grew up reading The Crucible in English class and almost skipped over this. I’m a fan of Lore and Cabinet of Curiosities so I’m not sure what possessed me to think I wouldn’t find this interesting. Dear Reader, please give this a chance. I didn’t expect to learn anything new, but I did and it was SO interesting. I HIGHLY enjoyed this podcast. It covers a lot of history, even the downfall of spiritual evidence and the rise of reason. You won’t be disappointed.

Podcast   (5/5)

I love this podcast the Music and the information is incredible love history about the puritans in Massachusetts. I hope they have more info about tituba.

Love everything about this pod   (5/5)

I haven’t been able to stop listening to this. I’m enjoying the well researched story and the tone and pace of the host. I like the music because it complements the seriousness and sadness of the story. Can’t wait for the next season.

Absorb the content.   (5/5)

The music choice is wonderful. I’d really like to have the theme song in my library but can’t find it anywhere. Aaron’s voice, for me, fits well for what he’s doing. My girlfriend thinks she exposed a secret telling me that he’s reading from a script, but I don’t care. That definitely isn’t why I listen. It’s the content. Absorb the content. It’s amazing and many thanks for those researchers.

Response to “MUSIC RUINS IT” review   (5/5)

Hi Aaron! I like your music choices in this and your other podcasts. Great job!

Wonderful history   (5/5)

Great to hear the details of this legend. As for robot voice or overloud music, I don’t experience either of those. At all. And I am very very noise sensitive.

Amazing and thrilling!   (5/5)

So so engrossing but definitely a commitment! I love the detail and pacing, and for those who say Aaron’s narration is robotic, I respectfully disagree. It’s calm and unbiased and perfect for the topic. A must for history lovers out there.

Amazing   (5/5)

I really enjoyed the show, informative and thought provoking. I will be looking forward the 2nd season!!

Wonderful   (5/5)

Very insightful and eye opening. Btw, the music is GREAT and I’m now a fan of the artist. As a professional musician and composer I completely disagree with this reviewer who said the music ruined it. It worked great as did the podcast.

Great podcast!   (5/5)

A really cool focus on one thing per season - season 1 is the Salem witch trials, which I wasn’t particularly excited for, but I’ve really enjoyed the depth of the history. I look forward to season 2! As for the bad reviews, I’ve always liked his voice, and the music as well. (Is it bizarre that there’s a tiny part of me thinking the bad reviews are paid for by Amazon, trying to “justify” how badly they butchered the 2nd season of the Lore TV series - which had no Narration and no Chad Lawson soundtrack ......)

Awesome   (5/5)

Fantastic insight into the Salem witch trials.

Excellent research and story telling!   (5/5)

This is a must listen for history buffs! You might think you know the story behind the witch trials but I can guarantee you’ll learn so much from this first season. Aaron’s research combined with input from historians makes for an excellent and thorough account of the real motivations and repercussions of the trials. Looking forward to more episodes in the future!

Enlighten & entertain yourself   (5/5)

The source material is solid which is the most important element for me. I loved Lore and I have a morbid fascination with Salem’s witch trials so I knew I would love this. I have a BA in History and studied American History in grad school as well and I still learned things I didn’t know.

If you don’t like it, don’t listen   (5/5)

I am a little confused to all the negative reviews. Almost seems like trolls deciding to come out from under the bridge to give their opinions. This podcast is great. He really does his research compared to other podcasts that try and mimic his style. Keep up the amazing work, Aaron!

Music doesn’t bother me 😎   (5/5)

Love the podcast...💯😎

Learned a lot   (5/5)

Worth the time listening. I like the narration and the music. Listening, or trying to listen, to other podcasts makes me appreciate this one more.

Mesmerizing   (5/5)

Absolutely fascinating. How little I knew about the Salem witch trials and those invoked. I always looked forward to new episodes and fell in love with the intro music. To me, it is perfection! Looking forward to the next season.

Amazing! Love the history!   (5/5)

To the person who said the music ruins it! No way! Best podcast I’ve listened to in a long time! I can’t peel myself away. Keep doing what your doing Aaron!

For the person who loves history   (5/5)

This was an amazingly in-depth look at the Salem Witch trials. To quote the various historians and Aaron Manhke, most of us are aware of the witch trials but don’t know the multifaceted events, people and culture leading up to it. I look forward to seeing what the team chooses to research next! I also love he piano and violin music chosen for the opening and closing of the episodes.

Good stuff   (5/5)

Really enjoyed learning deeply about Salem.

Extremely bingeable!   (5/5)

Can’t stop listening! Well researched, well crafted. Music works well with the stories, and narrator crafts the setting (and the horror of the events) without fanfare.

Amazing Series   (5/5)

Thank you Aaron Mahnke and your team for creating such an awesome and valuable podcast. I loved every minute of this incredibly interesting season. I saw a review complaining about the music and feel personally offended. It couldn't be more perfect! Looking forward to the historian interviews and whatever future seasons may bring.

Great all around   (5/5)

I don’t know when Aaron Mahnke sleeps. He has so many projects going on and they are all quality! I disagree with a previous comment- I think the music is well suited for the show.

Great Show   (5/5)

It's shocking how much misinformation I had previously had about the infamous Salem Witch Hunts. 'Unobscured' was so enlightening and I learned so much. It was also very well made, the music is hauntingly beautiful. At times trying to keep up with all of the characters discussed was difficult but that's the only negative thing I can say about this podcast. Aaron did a wonderful job of gleaning some great modern day lessons from these events. I highly recommend that you give it a listen.

Well done   (5/5)

I don’t know why there are so many people complaining about the music or Aaron’s voice. This podcast is well researched, well done and is a pleasure to listen to