Aggregated reviews for Unspooled

In Season 1 of Unspooled, actor & comedian Paul Scheer and film critic Amy Nicholson watched every film on the AFI's Top 100 films list. Now, they are building their own list of movies worthy of being immortalized and blasted into space, investigating wildly diverse areas of film through miniseries on topics like horror movies, documentaries and romantic comedies. Along the way, they'll dissect iconic scenes, spotlight their favorite characters, and talk to some of the actors and directors who worked on these classics.

The Citizen Cane of Movie Podcasts!   (5/5)

You guys rock! Loved the first season. I like that you’re not restricted to a formula this time around and are pushing creative boundaries much like the directors that you admire. I can already tell S2 will be better than the original. Just like Aliens and Road Warrior. Thank you Amy and Paul for an epic podcast.

Fave Movie Pod   (5/5)

I love Unspooled so much and was getting anxiety when the end of the AFI was approaching so thank you so much for giving us a season 2!! Can't wait for more after how good the Mean Girls episode was!!

It’s ok   (2/5)

This is a pretty standard review show. Kinda gets old with the woke messages thrown around. Sometimes you just wanna hear a Godzilla review without being preached at by the woke left. Oh well. How did this get made is still a banger.

So Very Enjoyable   (5/5)

Feels like hanging out with good friends discussing movies. This podcast has been so calming and comforting for me, and Paul and Amy do such a fantastic job covering these films!

Love It   (5/5)

Amy Nicholson is my favorite film critic... her podcasts covering the history of Halloween & Quentin Tarantino are also some of my favorites. This podcast is no exception, I can’t wait to hear more.

The black panther discussion was a yuck for me   (2/5)

I dipped my toe in by listening to the 2018 blockbusters podcast. The Black Panther part and was pretty disappointing. It’s one thing to not like a movie or a genre of movies but to confuse U not liking it with some sort of mass delusion is not it. one of the hosts suggests that BP killed at the box office because audiences want to root for diversity. And that in 4 years we’ll all look back and say it wasn’t that good. Speak for yourself. Black people are not that starved for entertainment that we have to pretend to like things. It was actually a good movie, yeesh. Coogler has made 2 critically acclaimed populist movies in a row and that wasn’t because he took advantage of white guilt etc etc... really annoyed me hearing their discussion dismiss the work because the cgi was bad at the end.

Seriously? That’s it?   (2/5)

For almost two years we have listened to a podcast that claimed to re-evaluate the afi top 100, and after all of that we got a finale show that covered a few movies and served to make room for the next season of the show. Where is a final discussion of the top 100? The two of you didn’t even use the same system to review the final movies. Paul didn’t even put his in order. Top 10 and bottom 10? On off maybe? I can’t believe you guys phoned in the culmination of two years of work and audience attention. This was the most disappointing final episode I could imagine. You’ve invented season two. Cool. But why didn’t you give the first hundred and respect and due diligence they deserved. You’ve given up on the listener to make this podcast about you, don’t be surprised when we give up too.

Most criticisms of this podcast are very banal   (5/5)

A few reviews in here disparage this show because Amy views watching films from a personal lens. They also act as if the two hosts are overly woke and disparage anything problematic. I strongly disagree with both of these points: Amy’s personal experience with films is exactly what criticism is, and she acknowledges when a film has baggage for her that is mostly unrelated to the film. More than that, her criticisms are often interesting and detailed, well-explained and thought-provoking. It’s so upsetting to me to see that people dismiss this when it’s their favorite film being talked about (most reviews mention Goodfellas). You can still love that film, and any of these other ones; she brings a unique perspective to it that I appreciate. The “overly woke” criticism is just absurd to me as well. We are talking about some films that were made nearly a century ago. They age. Some age better than others. We are allowed to talk about what hasn’t aged nearly as well, and they do so because that should be part of the discussion. If they were being overly woke, they would dismiss Roman Polanski and Charlie Chaplin films immediately, but they go quite in-depth towards what has made these films beloved. I love what they’re doing, and I can’t wait for more.

Tried to enjoy it but Amy ruins it   (2/5)

Amy’s political diatribes each episode have worn me down and I’ve unsubscribed. There are some gems of insight in each episode but it is drowned out by the neoliberal lenses that Amy analyzes each movie with - it’s okay to acknowledge these things but it shouldn’t be the basis of your critique.

Could She Be Any More Condescending?   (1/5)

I guess this woman has figured out the secret to perfect morality and can righteously judge everyone in the world according to her standards. Maybe we should elect her to be the next Pope? Or maybe the next Dalai Lama? Her exhausting pretentious condescension is NOT the experience I want when listening to a podcast about film. Ugh.

Wonderful   (5/5)

I’m so excited they’re going to keep going after finishing AFI. Paul and Amy are wonderful and they’ve created a fantastic podcast. I’ve loved every episode.

When the 100 are done, just review your favs, revelations, surprises   (5/5)

Love this pair and their thoughts on the AFI top 100 movies of all time. Want them to keep going after they finish the 100. I’ve watched so many movies I never thought I would because they discussed them in a way that only whetted my appetite for them. I love movies more thanks to Paul & Amy. I agree Citizen Kane, 2001 deserve better rankings.

Amateur Hour   (2/5)

This is clearly discussed and maybe scripted before recording and then they try so hard to make it sound like they’re having a normal conversation. Would be better to just have bullet points and allow the discussion to flow, but everything is mapped out and they have to feign surprise that the other person brought something up. I know a lot of NPR podcasts do it this way but you don't hear it being so stiff.

My favorite movie podcast   (5/5)

I love their knowledge of movies, wow! They are a great team, funny and insightful and not afraid to debate the merits of each film

Goodfellas   (3/5)

Amy’s arguments for this movie are so maddening her point of views are just plain stupid the whole thing about tommy and the thing about his brother watch the movie 160 times like I have you idiot

Casablanca   (4/5)

I just wanted to say that I was listening to the last episode and when Paul said he had never seen Casablanca both Amy and I gasped at the same time. Great podcast, have enjoyed listening to them. I am eager to see what they work on next. They can be a little long sometimes.

Not Good Enough to Overlook Annoying Moments   (1/5)

I like the concept of this show better than the execution. Pick and choose the episodes you listen to, I guess. Some are fun and engaging, even in spite of Amy’s weird personality/annoying tendencies, and Paul’s lack of willingness to go deep on interesting things she brings up. Sometimes her level of insight and his level of charm are able to outshine these flaws. Usually (and especially in the Goodfellas episode) they are not. Stopped following because the hosts’ annoying tendencies just grated on my nerves too much.

Insight and fun   (4/5)

Love this podcast. The hosts make me rethink these movies, most of which I’ve seen, from a new perspective. The only disappointing part is the AFI list has no female directed movies and only one movie (?) from a black director. So the list is a mostly complied of films about the Boomer/Gen X heterosexual white American male experience. I’m a Gen X and was surprised how limited the scope of films is. But I’m listening to the entire podcast primarily for the insights of the hosts. I hope they do another pod with the films that they love.

Goodfellas ep is great   (4/5)

Getting a debate about an overrated classic is what makes this one great. Finally someone brings the truth about this movie. 3rd act is trash!

Amy Nicholson needs a voice coach   (1/5)

The way she speaks makes it hard to listen and when she makes attempts at humor... that also makes it hard to listen to. Other than that the show is a solid C+

spoiled Lost   (1/5)

Why? Why when Im listening to a movie review that has nothing to do with Lost do you feel the need to spoil the whole series. Ive lost all interest in further episodes. You sir, are a major jerk.

Goodfellas   (4/5)

The Goodfellas episode is poor. I like most episodes but that one is really bad. Skip that one. I am not sure why that is the movie that they picked to analyze every detail of and not the others.

Mixed Bag - like it sometimes   (3/5)

I can appreciate an actor and a journalist coming together for this podcast. Some episodes I really like “To Kill a Mockingbird’ and some made me a bit annoyed “Philadelphia Story” ( on and on and on about Jimmy Stewart’s “manhood “) yes I’m older, in my 50s but I can’t stand when Amy reviews things with the lens of the 21st century - the films are on the list partly because they are a snapshot in time - I say pick and chose the episodes - some I just skip

AMY BROKE ME   (2/5)

I’ve been a fan and regular listener to this pod since episode one, but the last few months have just worn me down. Maybe Amy should have a separate podcast where she exclusively nitpicks pointless minutiae and complains about ex-boyfriends ruining films and pop culture for her. Then Unspooled can get back to being a podcast about the AFI 100 list? Taking a break, I just can’t anymore.

Holy mansplaining wow   (2/5)

I tried listening for the first time and started with Bladerunner because it’s one of my favorite movies. I started getting annoyed quickly because it seemed like Paul was more concerned with being “right” in his points and argument than having a nuanced discussion with differing viewpoints about a rather polarizing film. Paul would speak, then Amy would offer her opinion on the same point, but Paul was unable to do the same with Amy. When she would speak, he had to counter, and frequently interrupt, her. She was explaining why she preferred one director’s style over Scott’s and Paul disagreed but could not let it go then derailed the episode because he had to be right. Then when Amy said she thought Deckard was a human and said why, he interrupted her AGAIN and said, “but see that proves me right!” It’s not about being right, this is a podcast with the intention to discuss movies. Amy understands this well; Paul does not.

So smart!   (5/5)

I am so thankful I found this podcast! We have started watching a lot of older movies in quar and we always look forward to listening to Unspooled’s point of view. We always learn something new and it always sparks conversation!

Get rid of Amy and it would be better   (1/5)

Amy is the worst. Just so bad. And just such a bad understanding of so many films. She ruins the show.

So woke   (1/5)

If you feel guilty about liking old movies, but can’t articulate why, this is the show for you. Every week, Paul and Amy spend the bulk of the show explaining how a so-called “Classic” movie is actually problematic. Often, that’s just because the director isn’t as “representative” as one of the great diverse directors of the 1920s-80s, but that’s a good enough reason to dump on the movie!! The longer the series goes, the dumber the conversation goes. Movies need to be added to the AFI list for their politics, not their artistic merit or cultural impact. Trigger warning: Sometimes the hosts actually like the movie they discuss. Beware.

How Did This Get Made?   (3/5)

That’s the name of the other podcast everyone keeps referencing. Seeing as how they struggle to type the whole thing out I figured I’d let you know. I’ve listened to a lot of episodes and here is my main criticism. I know we can’t abandon our experiences, but in a critical context it’s frustrating when a film critic brings all their baggage into a movie. I guess it boils down to “what are we talking about” when it comes to the film. Are we analyzing the filmmaking? What the context is? Our relationship to it? It’s a tricky line to tow and I’m not gonna act like there’s any way for film critics to always have a perfect analysis. I don’t want this to be bashing Amy, because I think a lot of detractors are bothered that she doesn’t like their favorite movies. However, there’s a reality to the criticism that she comes into a movie with her slant already with a predisposition to dislike films that are male oriented, politically incorrect, or ones that she has had bad experiences with in the past. And I’m not gonna act like there isn’t something totally valid in that: I’m a guy and I find it a little hard to really access what people like about Steel Magnolias, and I don’t care how good it is, my only memories of Ben Hur are being forced to watch it in class with my teacher running a commentary through it the whole time. But here’s the thing: if I’m asked to give my critical analysis on the films, I’m going to single out the performances, the filmmaking, and the flow of story. Not focus on my lived experiences with it. Paul is far from perfect, I mean sometimes I feel like he wants every film to be either a comedy or an action film. He’s probably one of those people who swears T2 is the most masterful film he’s ever seen. However, even with films he dislikes (Forrest Gump is a good example) he still approaches it from a perspective of “how is this movie as a piece of filmmaking and cinema history” and I just don’t think Amy cares if the movie is not a reinforcement of her worldview.

Awesome!   (5/5)

Love the podcast!! Thank you so much for doing this!!! Amazing journey through film.

Pesci is old   (1/5)

We get it. Had to stop listening after she brought it up 8 times. Unfollowed.

This podcast is great/ignore the naysayers please   (5/5)

A consistently great podcast. Amy & Paul’s insights, discussions and even very civil arguments are all a treat that enhance the movie viewing experience. The goal of building a better AFI list is a wonderful endeavor and I have yet to read a negative review that had anything substantive to say about the actual quality of the show, just a few people shaming (the great imo) Amy’s voice quality. Don’t know if it’s just some anti-woman or anti SJW snowflakes, but they should go elsewhere and leave our awesome community building pod alone. Special thanks to Amy and Paul for releasing Extra episodes recently like the Spool Parties! Especially in the time of Covid19.

Struggling to still enjoy...   (2/5)

I’ve been tuned in since Ep 1, and I’ve had mixed feelings along the way. Even stopped listening for months because I was losing tolerance. I didn’t want to sound misogynistic & pile on Amy as it seems many male reviewers have. It wasn’t until this Bladerunner chat that the subtext clicked for me: Paul comes at most of these movies anew, or renewed, or with nostalgic enthusiasm and seems to have an open experience. But Amy seems to always approach the films with prejudice, agenda, and disdain. And when she described “all my ex-boyfriends” making her watch Bladerunner (“it’s my favorite movie”) it all clicked. Yes, she’s woke & wants us all to know. Yes, she’s feminist (and I try to be also). And yes, she brings an underlying amount of baggage to each movie - like there’s an axe to grind & she finally has her forum. That, mixed with things like constantly praising the god-awful dreck that is “Titanic” & similar, makes it difficult to listen. I only choose episodes for movies I’ve already seen - not for plot spoilers, but to avoid slant spoilers - and those get harder & harder to sit thru. Still a fan, but waning... Def Team Paul.

Informal but informed, and fun   (4/5)

I am liking that show. The 2 hosts have a good flow in their friendly discussion, they do not speak over each other, and they play interesting sound clips from the movies they discuss or experts they researched. Even if they make occasional errors or might have different opinions on the movies that me, they bring up great points into their reviews. And the sound of their voices is quite pleasant. I am happy with that podcast!

Paul is great   (4/5)

Just pretend that Amy means the exact opposite of everything she says in this podcast. Then you can listen without losing brain cells.

Enough   (1/5)

Love this pod but the Goodfellas episode is very tough to listen to. It’s almost like someone paid her to go on and on about the silliest things. I can’t believe I listened to a 30 minute debate about casting choices that are routinely done in many movies.

Was expecting more   (3/5)

I am working my way through the episodes, but I find myself frustrated with Amy in every one. As a film critic, I’m expecting some knowledge from her. To admit that she’d never seen ANY Fred and Ginger movie made me doubt whether she would have any insight to add on the older movies. And then she went on to bash it for being too “static”. I was hoping for some real tidbits about the casting and making of these movies, and instead I just get Amy talking about things that are “problematic”.

Really want to listen   (1/5)

Great material interesting point of views but annunciation with one of the casters makes me unfollow bummed!

Paul’s great   (4/5)

I enjoy listening to this podcast. I love Paul Scheer, but his cohost Amy is annoying, and nitpicks at the most bizarre aspects of movies. She thinks Titanic,(quite possibly the most saccharine of romance movies), is great, but can’t understand the casting of Joe Pesci in Goodfellas.... Amy needs to take an annunciation class, she’s got bad a case of the schmenna schmennas... I wish June was his cohost...

Love This Show   (5/5)

Honestly, the 2007 version of the AFI list changed my life, so this podcast almost feels like I'm completing the loop. I remember watching the TV special where they revealed the 2007 list and being so invested that I started making my way through the entire list, scheduling my life (I was in college at the time) around when these movies would be on TCM, AMC and the like, as well as when I could get them at Blockbuster. I will listen to Paul talk about anything because he can always find the uniqueness. I do think a show like this needs somebody like Amy for it to work. And I think they genuinely enjoy and appreciate each other, which makes me enjoy their approach to these movies even more.

Best movie podcast   (5/5)

Best movie podcast thanks so much enjoy every episode

Love this podcast SO MUCH   (5/5)

Unspooled is one of my favorite podcasts, and also the podcast I've gotten the most out of. As a lover of films of the last two decades, I was shamefully lacking in film history. I've watched most of these movies for the first time along with the podcast and appreciate the historical context and gossip that our hosts provide. Amy and Paul have enthusiasm to spare. I can't think of two other hosts who I would rather share this journey with.

Paul and Amy are great   (5/5)

👍🌻yay unspooled

Idea for re-booting the show   (1/5)

They should re-record all the episodes, but replacing the current cohost Amy with June from HDTGM. That would be an awesome podcast. The current version is terrible, don’t even bother with it

Amy Stinks   (1/5)

Paul is great, but Amy stinks so bad

Amy’s Goodfellas review was a downer   (2/5)

Amy’s view on Goodfellas threw me off this podcast... listen for yourself. Wet blanket. I understand everyone’s tastes are different, but kinda difficult to keep listening to reviews that differ so far on what greatness is.

Fun and so interesting!   (5/5)

Just loving this podcast! A spectacular diversion from the depressing news and politics surrounding us today. The hosts are engaging and really enjoy what they are doing.

Verbal Diarrhea   (1/5)

The Verbal Diarrhea nitpicking...every...last....single....detail is a turn off. Unsubscribe

Brilliant concept....Amy drove me nuts   (2/5)

Paul is fantastic a creative who appreciates the art. Amy is the critic who can find the rainstorm on a sunny day and is too hot “takey” for me. Not everything needs to be social justice’d. Sometime we just like movies and these are good ones. When you can’t like Shawshank and The Godfather, Goodfellas...maybe the movies aren’t the issue....I’ll listen to HDTGM

So good!!!   (5/5)

This podcast is the best ever! So much interesting info. Fun to listen too. Love the hosts. Film Noir and old black and white movies are my favorite. I must admit, they can be a little confusing. This podcast explains a lot. Thank you! I just discovered this podcast and started with the Maltese Falcon...a dream come true...Please more, more more!

What a great show   (5/5)

Paul and Amy are so good!

One of my favorites   (5/5)

Paul Scheer (How Did This Get Made?) and Amy Nicholson (The Canon) combined forces to tackle the 2007 AFI film list. Insightful analysis and fun discussions about these films and the times they were released.

Fun!   (5/5)

I love movies and have really enjoyed the podcast. I started listening near the beginning but one could definitely catch up and enjoy the early episodes. The hosts definitely have an expansive movie knowledge but don’t get too far in the weeds and certainly enjoy a crowd pleaser as much as more serious works.

Love it!   (5/5)

I look forward to listening every week. A little trivia, behind the scenes, and perspective are brought by the hosts. It’s a tour through Hollywood history and great to see the influence of these films on newer ones. I love both hosts and have sought out their other pods as a result. Great stuff!

Amy and Paul have it all   (5/5)

When I was younger I saw the AFI 1997 list in my video store and would occasionally maybe see a film from it. However, I didn’t fully appreciate it, and when I found this podcast I decided it would be a chance to really work myself to fill in the gaps of my pop culture knowledge Paul and Amy are delightful, funny, and provide terrific insight into film, and I love that Amy works to prevent film (and film fan culture) from fully devolving into a boys club. I may not always agree with their opinions on a film, but I also trust that I can like and discuss a film even if others don’t like it Give this podcast a listen. You won’t regret it.

Started from the Get-go   (5/5)

I’ve been listening to the podcast from day 1, and I have really enjoyed it. I think that Paul and Amy are a perfect pairing in many ways; Amy has seen many of these movies for her job, while Paul is a little less experienced with some of these other films. This podcast has also had an uncanny ability to make itself and the films on the list relevant, which is very funny.

One of my absolute favorite podcasts   (5/5)

I’ve been listening to Unspooled since the beginning of the podcast. I am a HDTGM fan, and also a movie buff, in general, so this was right up my alley. It’s awesome to revisit old movies, watch ones I never thought I would, and just get some deep conversation and behind the scenes stories about the movies. Amy and Paul have a great rapport! I also love the community that has spawned around it - from the FB group to live viewings of Amy and Paul talking about movies that aren’t on the list on YouTube. It’s really become like family to me and I love being a part of a global gathering of movie fans who are funny, witty and astute, just like the hosts.

A wonderful movie podcast!   (5/5)

I wish I had this podcast when I was a film geek in high school. It’s always a joy to listen and go on this movie journey!

Great Fun, Great Knowledge, A Classic   (5/5)

It’s the Citizen Kane of Podcasts.

Such a fun project   (5/5)

The whole idea of the pod is great. It really motivated me to take a tour back through classic cinema some of which I hadn’t seen and a lot of which I saw when I was young and didn’t really appreciate. For that alone this deserves five stars. Amy and Paul are sort of like personal trainers keeping you motivated to keep going with an episode each week. I personally spread it out and take breaks because it can be exhausting to keep pace but that’s the great thing about this format. This content will always be here for people thanks to them. Kudos

Great   (5/5)

I love this podcasts and I love that it’s not afraid to call out how classic movies haven’t aged all that well.

This podcast changed my life   (5/5)

Not to be bombastic, but it truly did. I was in a new city, lonely, with only my many podcast hosts as friends. I’ve always loved movies, and was already a fan of Paul scheers, so I gave it a try. Now each week as I watch the next movie, I get so excited to hear if they agree with me and with each other. Although they disagree sometimes, it’s all respectful and in good fun. Amy’s years of experience and her good heartedness and Paul’s exuberance and love of film, make them a delightful duo I’ve developed real life friendships with fellow spoolers that will last long after we’ve completed the AFI list. I’ll follow Paul and Amy wherever they lead.

Great Journey Through AFI 100   (5/5)

It’s been a bucket list of mine to get through this list, and I have just 10 left, but by now have forgotten some that I watched long ago. I am so thankful that this podcast exists and is so well-executed. I love the guests - the director of Jackass for the episode on The General? The hosts are entertaining and bring great insight to the film reviews, and I love the bits about having callers guess plots or otherwise weigh in, and the reviews at the end bring some fascinating context. Thank you for this podcast!

Look forward to this every week.   (5/5)

This is my favorite podcast of all time, and I listen to quite a few since I work from home. It’s a little bit of a thrill to see it show up in my feed every week. Paul and Amy have fun, thoughtful, accessible discussions on each film on the list. I do have some concerns about what happens when we finish the initial 100. One idea: Start a new thread about the movies that used to be on the list, or the movies that should be on the list. I definitely don’t want it to end. I mean, how many True Crime podcasts can a person hear in one lifetime???!!! 😃

Gotta Watch Em All!   (5/5)

I’m really enjoying this pod without having seen most of the movies from the list! I love the charisma and intelligence of the hosts. They seem to really know their stuff!

One of the best podcasts, anywhere   (5/5)

Unspooled is the perfect podcast. An insider, Paul Scheer, who acts and directs, and an outsider, Amy Nicholson, a professional film critic, watch and discuss some of the greatest movies ever made and share their reactions, usually bringing in a fascinating guest who had something to do with the production. The hosts are funny and insightful and the format gives listeners an education not only into the history of filmmaking, but also what America was going through at the time they were made. What more could you want in a podcast? Two enthusiastic thumbs up for Unspooled.

My new favorite podcast   (5/5)

It’s a great happy distraction these days:) thank you

Love this podcast   (5/5)

I’ve been reading a few reviews lately that don’t seem to like how the hosts are giving theirs criticism of “classic” movies and honestly? That’s literally the point of the podcast. It’s to examine if these movies actually should be on the AFI list, if they hold up and if they actually should be considered classics. Some movies hold up well, others really don’t and if I see one more review complaining about their politics I might scream. They are reviewing these movie through a contemporary lens and often times that means dealing with harsh realities. Yes movies are political, sorry to break that to some people but that’s what art is. The complaints about Amy are honestly super sexist but I have a feeling since she’s been a critic for so long she’s used to that toxic part of the job. Also those reviewer using word like “woke” and phrases like “can’t we just enjoy movies for what they are” are pretty much showing their colors.

I listened too long   (1/5)

Love HDTGM and decided to listen to this after hearing the E.T. Episode. Amy just gets worse the longer you listen. I just couldn’t do it anymore. I was trying to hold out for Jaws, but I just can’t stand hearing her politics put into everything anymore. It’s not a podcast about classic movies, it’s a podcast about how Amy is offended by classic movies.

Love Unspooled   (5/5)

Unlike the garbage humans who commented and reviewed before me, I enjoy the personal touch Paul and Amy put into the podcast. I would expect someone with those political leanings to trash something they don’t disagree with, but it’s funny how they go right after Amy first and show their true misogynistic colors. Keep up the great work and impressive film analysis

If you’re not WOKE you’re not WELCOME .. stop calling your political opponents Garbage People   (1/5)

Stop the personal politics and the name calling. Just because I’m not woke doesn’t make me a “Garbage Person” I wanted to comment on the movie aspect of this podcast but when they bring their brand of politics into the mix I have to comment on how that ruins the listener experience for those of us on the right who also like moves. Movies and sports and music should be something we can all enjoy together. It should help to bring down the divide. But it seems every episode I listen to she has to make anti-Trump put downs. And he uses derogatory terms about people he doesn’t like such as calling us Garbage People or Fascists. They have the right to their opinions. But when you bring it into the show it is now part of the show and can be included in the entire listener experience. So now I’m commenting on the unspooled movie/ politics podcast. You make us “garbage people” feel unwelcome I even joined the Facebook group and one of the rules was civility. No name calling. I suggest they apply that to themselves. Can’t we just talk about movies?

I thought it would be better   (1/5)

I’ve listened to a few podcasts and I feel you do a poor job of holding some of the more classic movies to the same standards of today. Especially when it comes to gender, sexual orientation and POC. You could say things like “using that word would not be acceptable today” or “how he treated that lady would not be acceptable today”, would be ok. However, you skewer movies that so many people love because you feel it’s not represented by today’s standards. I just don’t care for your take on some of these movies.

Fantastic!   (5/5)

Oh yeah, be sure to keep this up!

It’s gotten so bad   (1/5)

This podcast over time has become insufferable

Amy Nicholson is a terrible person   (1/5)

She is the definition of white neoliberal oppressor who pretends to be woke while utterly spitting in the face of a women-led, racially intersectional working grassroots movement. She makes rich white feminism into an art form. She’s horribly uninformed and smug. She’s not your friend.

Almost 5 stars   (4/5)

I had to remove a star because Amy said that Memento is a great movie and now I don’t feel like I can trust her.

Love the show   (5/5)

Had gotten into older movies over the past 2 years, this podcast is the first thing I look for after I watch another movie on here!

Brilliant, fun show, must list for film fans   (5/5)

Sorting through the AFI list, while debating their present-day relevance couldn’t be more charming. You can’t not be drawn in by Paul & Amy’s infectious enthusiasm for film. An absolute must listen for anyone who considers them selves a film buff worth their salt.

Film Novice and Expert Duo it is not   (4/5)

So I expected Paul Scheer would be the lesser insightful host, but he actually does his homework and brings a fresh eye to some classics. I was flabbergasted his cohost had never seen the movie for their second episode. Her opinions add nothing to the podcast. The best parts is when they get outside commentaries to provide insight to the topic at hand.

Wow Bethany Wow   (1/5)

I really wanted to like this bc I love Paul Scheer but his co- host is unbearable. And I don’t see how you can call yourself a film critic when you do a show about Silence of the Lambs and keep referring to the actor playing Buffalo Bill as “Ted Divine”. Ugh.

Great pod!!   (5/5)

Love Amy and Paul!!! Rly fun and I’ve seen so many new movies because of this pod!!

Love it!   (5/5)

Love the podcast. Amy is a great critic, Paul is really funny, and it's fun to dive into the AFI List and think about what does & doesn't belong there. Personally I would love to see more animated films on the list, like Beauty and the Beast or even Who Framed Roger Rabbit, and I think Fargo, Rebel Without A Cause and Fantasia should go back on the list, since they were on the 1998 list.

Go Amy!   (5/5)

This is a great podcast and it’s rad that Amy has upset so many Nazis/Republicans

Great listen   (4/5)

Paul is great and unexpectedly knowledgeable about film. Amy is smart and has great insights and brings a wonderful perspective. I sometimes get tired of the predictable role that politics plays in the reviews of films, especially from Amy. If the movie has a female lead she will always praise the movie, the performance etc... She needs to stop using the phrase , “this dark/dystopian/ or whatever message in this movie is more important now than ever” Everything in you life should not be interpreted through the lens of how much you hate Republicans. However, it is entertaining and informative enough that I can get past that (most of the time)

Balance of hosts   (5/5)

I love this show. Paul is funny and insightful and Amy is incredibly intelligent and knowledgeable about film. They have great chemistry and can respectfully disagree with each other without losing their cool or class. I’ve binged most of the episodes in a month!

What’s with the Amy hate?   (5/5)

Surprised (kind of) to see so many reviewers complaining about Amy. I feel like they just may not have ever met women who have always been deeply interested in film and are jarred by her lack of fangirling. I think she brings a really unique perspective to things that balance off of Paul, and as a team they always can respect each other’s differences in opinion and discuss it in a way that isn’t about personal bias, but about their experiences and study of film. I will say however that the only thing I am getting tired of with Amy is the use of the same anecdote with the crappy Hollywood apartment with the rats and the milkshake and the steakhouse and the wedge salad and martini and Karina Longworth— girl, we know!!!!! Surely you have more sponsored stories to hawk the dining card!

so fun!   (5/5)

i really like the deep dives into these classic movies that i feel i should know/know more about. amy and paul bounce off each other nicely and offer perspective and research i definitely wouldn’t have the attention span to seek out myself.

Too much negativity   (1/5)

This podcast started as a celebration of film. In recent episodes it has devolved into complaining about everything wrong with current cinema. We shouldn’t have to tear down one film to build another up. Unfortunately, I will be unsubscribing.

Into it👍   (5/5)

Huge fan of Paul, new fan of Amy, these two together is a winning combo! No snobbery, just their perspectives, I’m down. Check it and I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

I’ve tried on multiple occasions to stay interested   (3/5)

I’ve tried multiple times to listen to this podcast. I love the idea, but as many people in the comments have noted, Amy makes it a difficult listen. Her perspective is so negative and singleminded it makes it a chore to listen to an entire episode. Films are supposed to bring entertainment, reflection, and innovation. Sometimes films miss the mark and/or don’t live up to expectations. That doesn’t mean the film should be dismissed entirely. Amy dismisses other opinions so quickly it makes you feel like she has never really formed her own opinion to begin with. You can tell she has god knowledge of film history, it’s just a shame she doesn’t present her views in an engaging and thoughtful way most of the time. I don’t want this to come off as superficial criticism of the show. I’ll get the impression that both Amy and Paul put in a ton of work to prep for the shows, and it shows from their detailed knowledge Bout the films they discuss. Is just Amy’s negative presentation of her ideas that take away from an enjoyable discussion about film history. I do not want to suggest that people should not listen to this podcast, b/c others might not have the same feeling. I just hope that the hosts review their reviews and take into consideration many of the reviews that express this same general idea. I will continue to try to listen to new episodes with hope that the tone of the discussions gets better.

Paul pick a new partner please   (3/5)

Love the show, formats great however I have to say that Amy gives garbage reviews for truly crap reasons. Sounds to me she just enjoys being a contrarian, she performs a little too much “woke” servicing, and this is coming from a liberal. Sorry Amy I just think your taste is poor, you come off entitled, snobbish and incredibly annoying.

Sorry Paul   (1/5)

Big fan of Paul’s but I can’t keep listening to Amy, she comes off as entitled and extremely condescending....going back to HDTGM.

Super funny   (5/5)

Love the podcast and sometimes the bad movies are good

Great passion   (5/5)

I love both of your passion for movies. I especially love the new Star Wars episode it was great and would love to see you guys cover more of them. Thank your for everything you guys do.

Enjoy this so much!   (5/5)

I did not know I needed this in my life...but I do. I just started so I am catching up. Congrats on the wonderful podcast!

I always come back   (4/5)

I really enjoy their musings on these classic films. But I really, really tire of the predictable woke takes. It's become easy to predict when Amy will launch into a side political comment. We get it, Amy... You're progressive! Just say that up front, and we'll be able to fill in all the blanks, and it gives no insight into the films. And that's a shame, because Amy has a ton of actual insightful comments, as does Paul. And they do a lot of background research, greatly increasing my appreciation of the films. I disagree with many of their assessments. I understand how having so many [ boxing/ mob /Scorsese /hoffman] movies can perplex, but at some point you have to consider artistry separately from actor, director, or theme. And they appreciate artistry during their recap, then in the overall rating seem utterly unimpressed by craft. Butt always entertaining, and usually informative.

Pretty Good   (4/5)

Paul is a “lifelong film buff” but had never seen All About Eve or a single Bette Davis film for that matter...yikes. All the facts he read off were just from IMDb. Amy was great though and made up for it

Not every movie is political   (3/5)

I’ve enjoyed all your podcasts. Amy can you please stop with all the political references. I get it you do not like President Trump. Amy nice cheap shot at President Reagan on the “Raging Bull” podcast. I look forward to the rest of the list...

Need better repartee   (3/5)

The discussions are fine, but these two need to do a better job of listening to each other and letting each have his/her say before steamrolling over their comments. This isn’t a debate in a bar, but a discussion in front of a microphone.

Perfect For Any Cinema Lover   (5/5)

Paul and Amy are doing important work, examining the uncontested American classics through a modern lens. They always choose fascinating people to interview and I’ve learned so much whilst also feeling validated in some of my personal critiques of these films. I look forward to every episode, whether I’ve seen the film or not. And in some cases, they have made me feel like I don’t need to be a completist about this list.

Amy’s great, Paul’s great   (5/5)

Negative reviews are weird to see here - one of my favorite podcasts and a nice counterpoint to HDTGM

Pulp Fiction is as good as you remember.   (5/5)

I was born in 2002 and I consider it to be one of the best films of all time.

Annie Hall   (5/5)

I really think this was the best episode to date. Often I think Paul especially is a little off in some of the discussions they’ve had, but, he is right on, displays his in-depth knowledge of comedy. Amy is great on all episodes. Together they are a top team.

Good popcorn podcast   (4/5)

I have enjoyed these very much and have found myself being challenged to watch and rewatch these movies. It’s the only opportunity most people get to engage in discussions about American cinema. Paul is funny and brings a “down to Earth” vibe to his views of the movies. I like that Amy is not afraid to challenge conventional wisdom about the place these movies have in American culture. I do sometimes wish she shared more nuance to her reviews and not just attack these pieces just because she doesn’t like someone or something.

So much potential   (4/5)

Good if you want a breakdown of the top 100 AFI films. Bad if you want a contrast to a critic, either as a comedian or as a an everyman to represent Joe Public.

I agree with the other reviewers   (4/5)

I love Paul and I listen to HDTGM often. Amy needs to stop reviewing any movie that came out prior to 1998. Things were different. We are aware. We can’t wave a wand and make them all wholly politically correct nor would I want to because last I understood it, movies, books and art weren’t to be held under those kind of lenses. Overall entertaining but sometimes it irritates the crap out of me (quite frankly) and I have to skip over large sections of it. They don’t allow for “half stars” or I’d give it 3.5 ⭐️

Great introduction to AFI list   (4/5)

Great to hear discussion and interviews about the AFI list. I feel like a lot of these movies have been forgotten with time and it’s great to hear modern analysis of the films. Sometimes it feels a little too amateurish (how have I seen more of these movies than two people in the industry doing a podcast about them?) but I still appreciate the insight. The one drawback is the hosts (particularly Amy) can’t help themselves in adding in their politics. I’m not tuning to hear snippets of west coast leftist bubble politics (or any politics for that manner). I get I get it Orange Man = Bad. Give it a rest it’s not going to hold up well. For example, all the Mueller talk about how he’s going to take down Trump soon in All the President’s Men episode is already embarrassing to listen to. Having said that it’s still a great listen and will continue to the end. Hoping for it to go into the movies taken off the original AFI after it’s over.

Fun   (5/5)

Firstly, these are reviewers the age of my kids. Their naïveté is startling at times and irritating at others. Amy talks faster than any East Coast native and begins many statements with, “Yeah, I mean...” But she also treats so gently the interview with Cary Grant’s daughter that I was almost in tears myself. When they get excited, they throw malapropisms around like Yogi Berra but that’s just funny. Altogether grand fun.

Fun times with great flicks   (5/5)

I like a podcast where I can disagree with the hosts or think “no you’re missing the point!” often but still find their opinions interesting and compelling. They do a great job analyzing classic films under the lens of the present and they do it with a great sense of humor and a willingness to be challenged by one another and the listener. They have also forced me to go back and rewatch some great films. Thanks for making my night shifts fly by!

Absolutely favorite podcast   (5/5)

Funny, smart, easy and enthusiastic. Colorful, healthy and easy to digest criticisms. Amy & Paul are like peas & carrots.

Favorite Movie Podcast   (5/5)

This show is great. Paul and Amy are both smart, funny, and knowledgeable and their chemistry is awesome. I was surprised to see so many reviews hating on Amy but shocker, women can’t ever catch a break especially if they dare to have opinions. Love the premise of going back over the classics and the excuse it gives me to rewatch all these greats. I am dreading the end of the show and I hope they find a way to keep it going - maybe they each pick 10 movies they think should be added to the list and do an episode on each of them? 20 more weeks of awesome content!

It’s ok but not great   (3/5)

I have given this show several listens (8 episodes) and have concluded that for me it is just ok. Trying to determine if a film made 20,30 or 40 years ago through a 2018-2019 lens is probably not going to work out well for the movie. I don’t think Paul and Amy really look at films for what they are or the era in which they were made. Both are good hosts but not very fair as critics. I don’t think it’s a bad show but I don’t feel it’s good either. It’s right in the middle making it utterly forgettable. At least to me. Others have reviewed this much more harsh and yet others have lauded much praise; I didn’t connect with it in either way which to me is much worse.

The interruption   (3/5)

A chance to hear a truly knowledgeable cinephile get interrupted by Paul Scheer. And by way, film is political. Talking about it in an apolitical way is irresponsible.

Correction   (2/5)

Just listened to Some Like It Hot episode. Jack Lemmon did not win the Oscar. He was nominated. He won the Golden Globe.

Forrest Dump   (5/5)

Dear Amy, forgive me, the kid actually doing the running in 1994?- That’s Generation X, not millennials. Never fear, only further proof the smarter people are, the more Gumpish tendencies emerge without even knowing it... Oh - and I actually do have webbed toes on my right foot, a genetic gift from my maternal grandfather, one shared with my first cousin. Only she turned out to be an Eileen Ford model while I - am not...

Paul is good, Amy is not.   (3/5)

When I found Unspooled, I was thrilled to finally find a movie podcast with a female host. I was getting sick of only listening to guys talk about movies. Unfortunately, Amy brings too many politics into the show. Her annoying progressive views get in the way of being a good critic and she dislikes movies simply because their actors hold political views that she doesn’t like. This is a podcast about movies, not a place to express your intolerance of Trump and Republicans. She also lacks some simple, fundamental appreciation for true quality in movies and downplays classic films that are fantastic while praising newer crap simply because new movies are full of woke culture. Paul on the other hand is a good host and keeps politics out of the show. I am so bummed that Amy is a leftist.

Amy Nicholson is a “film critic” who knows nothing about films and film history   (1/5)

I often heard Paul talk about this podcast on How Did This Get Made and finally decided to give it a try. I’m sorry I did. I expected to find a podcast about a comedian-turned film enthusiast being guided through the AFI’s 100 Best Films by a knowledgable film critic who understands the process of filmmaking and the history of these great movies. What I found instead is a comedian-turned film enthusiast who knows more about these movies than the supposed film critic, Amy Nicholson, whose ignorance is staggering. I should have known something was wrong when in episode 2, “Ben-Hur,” she actually admitted she had never seen this seminal film. How can you be a film critic and not have seen Ben-Hur, one of the greatest films ever made? That’s right, Amy Nicholson isn’t a film critic in the classic sense; trained and schooled. She’s like all of the new media “film critics,” aka ignorant bloggers who fell bass backwards into blogging their inane thoughts about movies through a lens of neo progressive ideology and identity politics. I then listened to the episode about Unforgiven, a classic Western, rich with heavy themes revolving around revenge, forgiveness, honor, and loyalty, and all Amy Nicholson could do was talk about how much she didn’t like Clint Eastwood (because she doesn’t like his politics… like that has ANYTHING to do with the movies he makes), and then said the film shouldn’t be on the AFI’s 100 Best Films list, again, not because she made an intelligent argument as to why the film is lacking, but because she doesn’t like Clint Eastwood’s politics. Save your time. If you’re a passionate film fan who is tired of terrible bloggers with ignorant opinions posing as film critics that inject their inanely shallow political bias into everything they write as opposed to offering actual criticism about films involving writing, acting, directing, scoring, or anything about filmmaking, then you should avoid this tedious podcast. What a shame. Had Paul paired himself with an film critic with a passion for filmmaking and knowledge of film history, someone like Drew McWeeny, this could have been so much better. It should have been better.

Identity politics at its worst   (1/5)

Unlistenable thanks to Paul’s cohost. Truly difficult to believe that some people only view the world as oppressor vs oppressed. This could have been good if they simply talked about if the films were good or not.

Great concept. Meh execution   (3/5)

Great idea. Paul is great and lots of energy. Amy I think has changed. Less interested and mostly negative. They’d generally like to take their anti 70s films and simply replace them with their formative films from their youth. Still live the Early show.

Liked it until it became the "I hate New Hollywood" podcast.   (1/5)

It was interesting until it just became a slog of them not liking or connecting with 70's cinema and the "New Hollywood" era of directors. The "Gone With The Wind" episode and "On the Waterfront" are so engaging and full of fun information but man is it getting old just hearing them dump on Scorsese and Spielberg.

Stole AFI bit from Classy Clarke Wolfe   (3/5)

Other-wise I’ll give it time

Love it!   (5/5)

Amazing commentary and discussion. Paul and Amy work off each other well. Whether or not you agree with their take, it’s an interesting ride.

I love it   (5/5)

I look forward to each new episode. Unlike many film podcasts, Amy and Paul talk about the film; there are no sad attempts at comedy, no dull recounts of their exciting weekends, etc. It’s a tight, well produced podcast, and they keep it interesting, and under three hours.

This podcast should be fun.   (3/5)

Amy is eager to share a “woke” take. If the film does not fit cleanly into a 2019 narrative then it will inevitably be described as misogynistic or uninspired. Many of the films, film-makers and actors are from a different era. It feels arrogant to judge the cast and crew through modern standards. Her focus is less on the material and more on political correctness. It makes the conversations about the films odd and disjointed. This podcast should be fun. Paul is funny and pleasant. Amy is simply bad at this.

Lord of The Rings   (2/5)

She just compared the ring wraiths and Sauron who are supposed to be an embodiment of evil to Mitch McConnell in a completely serious manner...

More Paul less Amy   (3/5)

Paul is fantastic, very positive, and upbeat. Amy has gotten worse as the show has gone on. She way to pessimistic and makes it way too personal.

Over It   (3/5)

Some really good episodes, even for films I have not seen. Been lukewarm about it for a while, and after the lame conversation regarding Joker/Taxi Driver, I’m good for now. I understand playing two potential sides of an argument, but it really felt like the majority of criticisms (against the only recent release they’ve discussed) that could be leveled were a result of really lazy viewing and an unwillingness to meet the creators at their own goals with the film, which was disappointing and uncharacteristic.

Love It   (5/5)

Unspooled is the best! I am looking forward to watching all the films and hearing all 100 podcasts. Great concept. Great guides. Great podcast. Thank you both! “I do a lot of cocaine.” -Amy during the NbNW episode Update: I watched all 100 films on the list!

Amy is awful   (1/5)

Amy is unable to leave her extreme left views at home and just talk about great films.

what is happening   (1/5)

edit - it gets worse. i think amy is jealous she isn’t on hdtgm. i hope it was just a few eps but from the other reviews it appears that it only continues to get worse ive been listening non stop. paul is great as always but as it progresses its like amy doesnt like any of the movies on the list her podcast is assessing. like not at all. you can hear paul try to fight for the movies but at times it’s painful to listen. her own POV makes me scream please stop quite often. im super upset... i just gave a 5 star review yesterday

Important and Deeply Entertaining   (5/5)

This is the best way I have learned about film. Two film experts, humorous and intelligent, discuss the American Film Institute top 100 films. Film by film. Take your time. Watch the films. Listen to their history tidbits and discussion of the film. And, best yet, you get to disagree or agree. Some compelling shticks like (is there a Simpsons gag about the film in discussion) or should the film be on AFI’s list and where should it fall? If you love film, this is a must-listen that you’ll not regret spending time with. Enjoy.

Meh   (1/5)

As time has gone on the show has become less and less interesting. Not much research about each weeks film is done, especially those they don’t like, outside of what can be found on Wikipedia. Also it’s tiring that everything comes back to a comparison to Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

Reviewers admit they haven’t seen most of classics   (1/5)

Frustrating to listen to so-called critics who routinely admit they haven’t seen a lot of the top 100 films. This is a big tell they also haven’t watched a lot of other films from prior eras as well, which reflects they lack a depth of knowledge of our country’s rich film history. Biased toward movies they saw while growing up. And routinely dismissing films from glory days of Hollywood. Should be call millennials whining. The female host seems to hate with some bizarre feminist bent any movies involving men. I tried with this podcast. I really tried. Listened to a number of them. Do not recommend. They should instead stop their podcast and dedicate the next ten years of their lives studying films of our country’s history so they can offer informed opinions more than ... insert valley girl voice ... this movie is toooo looooong. CAN WE PLEASE HAVE MIKE CHADWAY AKA GERARD BUTLER FROM THE UGLY TRUTH JUMP IN AND EXPLAIN WHY MOVIES WITH MALE LEADS ARE VERY BELOVED!? STOP WITH THE MAN HATING PLEASE!

So smart and well done!   (5/5)

So smart and well done! Once this podcast is done I hope Amy and Paul do another one together

Skip it   (1/5)

I’ve never heard such a meandering, useless podcast (that isn’t supposed to be) in my life. The two hosts of the show make no effort to look at the films through a critical lens. It’s all reactionary triflings about how the film stands up under selective scrutiny in today’s world. I would have enjoyed this podcast if either of the hosts knew anything about the technical side of making a film, but it is more like an objective look at whether the movie can offend anybody today. I don’t know. I just think it would benefit from having people that knew why these movies are important in the first place, other than getting their selective knowledge of the film from Wikipedia and then diving in head first. Professionalism would help this show a ton.

Perfect for movie lovers   (5/5)

My favorite podcast. The hosts are great. Very insightful. I never miss a new episode. 👍🏼👍🏼

The Stanley Kubrick of Podcasts   (5/5)

Amy Nicholson and Paul Scheer have crafted a podcast that is deserving of the great movies they discuss. A perfect blend of insight and humor without pretension. If (when) the future gives us an American Podcast Institute, Unspooled will reign supreme.

Jason was wrong   (5/5)

This podcast is amazing!

Outstanding!   (5/5)

Outstanding dives into some of the greatest films ever made. And questions about some of the films that are perceived as great; but perhaps, not so much! Highly recommended.

The vocal fry   (3/5)

is really rough and distracting. Karina Longworth presumably listened to the complaints and changed so perhaps there’s hope. It’s different from the usual 80s “valley” speak, although Amy does say “like” way too often. This and the ridiculous hyperbole she trots out, a lot (this movie would be a thousand times a million gazillion percent better if fill-in-the-blank) are the hardest to take. Paul is Paul, so few issues, there.

Fun pod   (5/5)

Nice podcast of two young film lovers viewing classics and giving their opinions. If Amy could just pronounce BIO-PIC (bio, NOT biah!!!) it would be flawless.

Wonderful Stuff   (5/5)

Great Hosts, fun discussion. If you don’t think you already know everything, enjoy. A great podcast to parallel “you must remember this”. So thankful to Paul and Amy.

Amy kills it   (5/5)

She’s gotta be the best, coolest, smartest movie critic outthere. Hands down. And that voice! Please! I’m just a fan. But having said that (cliche, cliche) Amy and her cohost really bring on the art of loving and talking about films. A bit too long tho, but excellent nonetheless. So, pick a film on the list, grab a beer, sit back, listen and enjoy. This is the best podcast on classic film reviewing in podcastlandia (not withstanding KPCC’s Filmweek, where Amy also shines). If u love classic movies, make sure to listen and subscribe. Amy will do the rest. LB

Interesting but   (3/5)

Amy is rude a lot and talks about herself far too much.

Good concept, Amy needs improvement   (5/5)

Amy comes across as self-indulgent and a show-off because many things she says are actually about her first and the movie second. ("I was just in Cairo and blah blah blah" "I grew up in Texas so blah blah blah" "please follow my quirky stream of consciousness but blah blah blah" "maybe my brain works in crazy ways because of all of the director I've met but blah blah blah" - always followed by interesting facts or analysis not related to the unnecessary, self-referencing preamble). Paul does a better job using a unique style and personality to present the material in an entertaining way while not putting himself in the foreground. Maybe this is what Amy is trying for. Here is an example from the Sophie's Choice episode about the Riesling diet: "It's an old diet I've always wanted to try. But I've never had the courage. You [describes diet - this is the interesting part]. I came across it in old diet books because I think those are really funny. I've always kinda wanted to try it." (Quotes not exact but capture the sense) Amy, we don't need all these facts about yourself. A sprinkling would be charming, but instead we get a torrential outpouring of autobiographical facts. It's distracting.

Great Concept, Muddled Execution   (2/5)

On paper, I would love this podcast. I love lists and I love movies. Paul is funny but seems put on. Amy is overly judgmental. I am a pretty liberal person but holy crap. Getting onto Shawshank for not having any female parts. It is about an all male prison! Feels like Amy is after hot takes so much that it ruins her cinema experience.

This one is for all levels of movie fans   (5/5)

As a movie geek and comedy fan, this is right up my alley. But it also is accessible to all types of fans. If you’re a film student catching up, a burgeoning film geek, or a weathered celluloid fan.. this one is for you

Better than Hall & Oates!   (5/5)

Well...maybe not better, but just as good. They have great chemestry and really seem to bring an engaging critical eye to the films. If you like films, and you like podcasts, then you'll love Unspooled! Run, don't walk, to your nearest listening device and let your brain marinate in the savory sauce that Paul and Amy create! Also, it is much better than Cats.

Engaging Duo   (5/5)

I would listen to Paul and Amy talk (and argue) about anything, and it’s a giant bonus to hear them discuss these movies. I love the push and pull of their viewpoints and have re-evaluated some of my own thoughts on these movies after hearing their discussions.

It’s ok   (3/5)

I think they cover some interesting ground but this all just seems too scattershot. Amy took some brave stances on Gone With The Wind, I doff my cap.

Ruined by leftist, social justice warrior politics   (2/5)

Good concept, but ruined by politics. The constant leftist, social justice warrior prattle just gets annoying and tiresome. Moving on.

Better every week   (5/5)

After a bumpy start, Paul and Amy have found their groove. I was a little put off at first, but now I look forward to their informed, often passionate conversations about each film, as well as their interviews with guests who have either firsthand knowledge or and abstract take. If you’re looking for academic analysis look elsewhere - but if you want to listen in on two unpretentious film fans talking about movies this is well worth your time

Fun and interesting!   (5/5)

Love Amy! Great info about movies I’ve watched many times.

Overproduced   (3/5)

Podcast feels overproduced and canned. Seem very knowledgeable and insightful but interactions don't seem very organic.

Unspooled rules, y’all drool   (5/5)

Amy and Paul are perfect. Great scope to their critique. Great features. Fun and informative and my favorite podcast

Sexists who don’t like Amy   (5/5)

Can’t believe how many reviews I have read of this movie podcast, hosted by an affable comedian/actor and an actual film CRITIC, that focus on the reviewer’s blatantly misogynistic dislike of Amy, the actual critic. If you’re typing out a one star review about her voice or habitat of pointing out sexism in films, I would tell you to grow up and turn the podcast off, but you probably could learn more from her perspective than anyone. Ugh.

Love!   (5/5)

I have not seen most of these movies but I love the banter between the hosts. I look foreword to every week.

Great look at classic film   (5/5)

These two hve great chemistry, and are really adept at talking to the audience without talking down to the audience. Love the way they get to me look at old movies in new ways. Love the banter. Great production, great interviews. All around wonderful podcast if you love film, or want to love film.

Politically correct look at movies   (1/5)

This is a fun podcast to listen to as long as you understand the politics the two hosts are steeped in. This is especially true when the discourse revolves around a more modern move. Where the podcast completely falls apart is when they discuss older movies. They just cannot get out of the way of their politically correct sentiments and it makes for a very oddly disjointed podcast. The podcast is reasonably enjoyable when they are casually taking about a movie they just watched. Unfortunately, actual film criticism is just not their strong-suit (and that’s being quite charitable). They clearly don’t read up much on the movies they watch and don’t possess enough erudition to be able to talk about the movie in an impromptu manner. They then fall back on the usual tropes and stereotypes borne of their political perspectives.

Great podcast!   (5/5)

Paul and Amy are awesome togeahter!

Underlying Agenda   (1/5)

I was initially intrigued by the premises of watching all 100 movies on AFI's top 100 list because I attempted it myself and failed. I thought by listening to the podcast I'd find motive to pick up on a select few to continue my journey. And I first I really enjoyed the production value and writing of the podcast then I started to hear a consistency of contemporary policatical agenda apllied to historic movies. What I mean specifically is applying today's standards to movies made up to 80 years ago. Beyond a token 'fun facts' about the period, there's little application applied to the time period. I appreciate the research and insights on the production of the movie but the context is missing. To try and apply liberal or feminist agenda to a movie made in 1948 doesn't make sense. Movies have always been a business. And it makes no sense to scrutinize and judege a movie's merit on the list based on how the movie was produced and it's use of language. It's a constantly evolving world we live in and up until today, these topics continue to change. Women and minorities didn't have disposable income to splurge on movies? And while I'm well aware of the discrepancies of unfair wages and representation in today's movie market, how can you judge a movie produced at a completly different time period? There were decades of patriotism, revolution, youth movements, women's movements through out the years and movies have always reflected those times. But to drive your own agenda for equality today based on movies produced decades ago, just doesn't make sense to me. I never comment on podcast because I believe my subscription is endorsement that I enjoy the content. I think I felt burned that two caucasion people under the age of 40 were trying to evaluate movies without the context of the time period frustrated me.

Not for me   (2/5)

Good grief, how did THIS get made. Maybe add someone that can be critical without also pointing out a ton of stupid crap that doesn't even matter. It's not particularly funny, or witty, or worth taking so much time to discuss.

Amy becomes a pill   (3/5)

The early episodes are amazing, and while I agree with Amy on lack of females on the list, over glorification of war and lack of males emotional bonding. The constant bringing this up has become tired. I think there are smarter ways to bring this up and discuss without ruining the flow of the show.

Unfortunately false   (1/5)

I will listen to all the episodes. Unfortunately they come off insufferably fake due to their close nature of the medium they inhabit .

Keep it in Perspective   (4/5)

Amy I enjoy your knowledge of cinema but the bit of no female filmmakers on this list is becoming a tired drum to beat. I also am feeling your attack on male filmmakers is growing tiresome and trying to find underlying misogyny in every film grows old as well. Can’t wait to see how the dwarves are taking advantage of Snow White this week. Paul no notes keep crushing it.

Good but Amy is rude   (2/5)

Amy is rude to Paul when he is saying something nice of the movie. She is pretentious.

Disappointing...   (2/5)

I’m a huge HDTGM fan, but actually heard about this podcast on some other now forgotten podcast, and was interested before even knowing of Scheer’s involvement. Once I knew he was onboard too, I immediately downloaded my first episode. I’ve listened to a few now, and it doesn’t really capture my attention. I’m not a film buff AT ALL, but I love critical analysis, so I was hoping for some of that. Being less than a novice when it comes to the world of cinema, even *I* know that various statements made about these films aren’t so, and that the analyses I’m hearing about these films are incorrect. I could (almost) deal with that, but I hate the political discussions; whether or not I agree with a view, I don’t seek out these podcasts for that sort of content... The worst of it, besides the general tedium, is Amy Nicholson’s manner of speaking, though. I’m not trying to be unkind, but the vocal fry and halting. way. she. speaks... as if all sentences are filled with semicolons and periods between nearly every word is not only frustrating, but makes it hard to mentally stay on track for the duration of any sentence. It’s just too much. I heard Miss Nicholson on some other podcast, and believe she is probably a pretty smart cookie, but she is often very wrong, because everything is viewed through a filter of her own experience. There aren’t nearly enough researched tidbits given, and I think I’m done. Luckily, I have a small arsenal of great podcasts I listen to, and learn from... even ones where very competent, interesting, funny, and prepared hosts discuss über awful television shows. The shows are dreck, but the conversation awesome in some of these other shows! Good luck to Scheer and Nicholson... hope you find your groove! This ought to be a fun listen... the idea is a good one. Let’s just work on the execution, now!

I really tried to like this podcast   (2/5)

I do love listening to a good discussion about films. I subscribed to Unspooled about a year ago. I enjoyed it at first, but then, when it came to films from the auteur era of the early 70’s, it was clear that Amy had no clue about historical context. I did like listening to Paul, as he seemed like the grownup in the room humorously counteracting Amy’s narcissistic approach. Amy is no fun and gets so many things wrong. This week’s Chinatown episode sealed the deal. It was actually a decent ep. They both talked intelligently about the film. Everything they said indicated that they both had great admiration for Chinatown, which is one of my favorite films. After lauding the acting, music, sound, and the fantastic Robert Towne screenplay, they said that they wouldn’t mind if it got kicked off the AFI Top 100 list altogether! Because, you know, Roman Polanski. If that is the case, one should never visit The Vatican, Versailles, Notre Dame, The American South, Germany, look at Picasso get the idea.

Hmmmm   (2/5)

Not a good Podcast for film lovers, I’d recommend Filmspotting or The Next Picture Show. The Chinatown episode ended it for me. Paul should stick to watching bad movies and Amy should stay home with her cat.

Amy is a Gem (Paul, too)   (5/5)

Guess I’m a weirdo because I think Amy Nicholson is fantastic. She’s the perfect analytical compliment to Paul’s (sometimes naive) optimism. She’s hard on movies and that’s what I welcome in a podcast deciding if these top 100 American movies ACTUALLY deserve that title. You’re not supposed to 100% agree with every take. Anyway, podcast is great. Got me to finally watch these classics and actually think about them. Keep it up!

Interesting Concept   (3/5)

I enjoy movies and thought the concept for this Podcast was interesting. I have listened to about 5 episodes so far. They have been fun with the behind the scene information, guests such as on the Titanic epsd and back and forth thoughts on the movie. What I don't enjoy is the 'compare to Trump' bits (who really cares?!), the constant F bomb which makes it impossible to listen to with family and just sounds crass and sometimes the fast talking/mumble is hard to understand. I wish TCM would have a podcast like this.

Paul good. Amy not.   (5/5)

Was hoping for HDTGM with great films. I liked it at first but Amy has become insufferable for me. The Clockwork Orange episode sealed it. I’m a lefty but her hyper sensitive take on the film put me off. Movies through the eyes of the perpetually offended.

Too Long   (3/5)

Love Unspooled but the podcasts keep getting too long. Shouldn’t be an endurance contest. Can we go back to the more manageable length when this show started?

The movie lovers pod   (5/5)

I love movies from every era, and this is a great podcast that delves into what makes a great movie great. I hope they continue beyond the AFI 100, but there’s some gems on that list I’m looking for to.

Not good   (2/5)

I really tried to stick with this to support Paul, but it’s just not a good podcast.

Kind of interesting   (2/5)

Great insights every show, but had to unsubscribe. Saving Private Ryan was not a perfect movie, but it was better than Shakespeare in Love then, and it sure has aged better over 20 years. Especially because one is on the AFI top 100 and the other is not. They claim they don’t like nitpicking but that’s all they did with Pvt Ryan. For as much as they want to explore and discuss a movie sometimes their confirmation bias of dislike is unpalatable.

Do your homework   (3/5)

Amy stated that after A Day at the Races Irving Thalberg started phasing the Marx Brothers out of their own movies. Thalberg actually died in 1936, while Races was in production. His death was crushing to the Marx Brothers. MGM gave them a string of producers who didn't care about the Brothers, thus the decline in the quality of their work.

I love Unspooled   (5/5)

I’ve started listening to the episodes for the movies I’ve already watched and I really like Paul and Amy’s conversations about those movies. I love the Simpsons bit. I also really like how Paul gives a rundown of what was happening when the movie was released and how much ticket prices were. I love Amy’s interviews. This is a down to earth podcast about movies, I really like it. Thank you Paul and Amy!!!

Love it!   (5/5)

Paul and Amy are the best!

Just Can't Take Amy Anymore   (1/5)

I can't take Amy anymore. She is such a miserable person. It's not fun to listen to someone who hates the world and just has a cynical take about everything. It's ashame, I really wanted to follow along as they watched these movies. But Amy just ruins it with her glass half empty (no empty) view of society.

Just like a bad movie   (3/5)

I love movies and talking about them, even if they’re bad. Came here from How Did This Get Made and I like the concept and format. What I don’t understand is how two Hollywood people have so little historical knowledge of film. I’ve seen all but like 5 of these movies and I’m just a fan. My main gripe is with the voice of Amy. I wish she’d just stop with the breathy, upspeak, unnatural voice antics. I know it’s put upon because sometimes she slips and doesn’t do it. I find myself losing track of the content and focusing on her mannerisms. Also, she brings a lot of good stuff to the table but I cannot believe she thinks Titanic is a masterpiece. It’s a soap opera that made a mark on her teenage brain! I mean I love Tommy Boy but don’t claim it to be art. Anyway, I love Paul and listening to him and I guess I’ll just put up with her voice nonsense.

A good listen   (5/5)

I really enjoy the simple take on modern films. Cool to hear these two tear apart some movie from a somewhat unbiased opinion. Do some tarrantino flicks

Great podcast!   (5/5)

This podcast is a lot of fun! Don’t listen to the snobbish reviews on here. I have loved movies since I was kid. Have always considered myself a movie buff. I might not be able to break down movies perfectly. But this podcast breaks them down perfectly for me. They offer a lot of insight into the filming of the movies. I love the idea of going thru the AFI list. I am looking forward to watching and rewatching some of these classics. Thanks to the hosts who are absolutely fantastic!

Hard to understand   (1/5)

Slow down & stop mumbling,the female host is almost impossible to understand & the guest host for the Oscar episode made the whole unlistenable,they both spoke way too fast & mumbled,needed subtitles

Fun and Interesting Duo   (5/5)

I love Unspooled! I found it through HDTGM. It is nice to watch some good movies instead of dumb ones. Paul is always a funny and likable host. I really enjoy Amy’s perspectives, too. Sometimes I agree with her and sometimes I don’t. But I appreciate hearing her female perspective. I have thought about many of the ideas she voices. I went back to listen to The Canon because I like her so much. But her co host on that was so rude and annoying, I couldn’t stand it. Three cheers for Paul and Amy!

Great!   (5/5)

This is a great podcast. Paul and Amy are a great duo, and the guests have been really interesting, too. It’s a great example of people just talking about films. They both trust their guts, but allow room to learn new things that change their perspective. Hearing long conversations about movies that are both passionate and respectful is a breath of fresh air.

Tired of the Bashing   (2/5)

Amy has such a boner for bashing Marvel movies I’ve lost my interest in listening.

I tried   (1/5)

I liked the concept at first. I liked Paul and was interested to hear a film critic break these movies down. It's now 25 episodes in and I just can't do it anymore. Congrats Amy.

Podcast was very tone deaf   (2/5)

I've never done a review before, but here goes. I had high hopes for this podcast as I do like Paul's other podcast with June and Jason, but woah, listening to the end of the year episode and the kind of tone deafness of their review of Beale Street is pretty amazing. A movie about two black lovers in Harlam was too pretty. Well, not everything about a poor, black family living in Harlam has to be gritty, dirty and depressing. Their critique was borderline offensive. I grew up in Detroit in the 1980s, and while the media report were true about how rough Detroit was, my family made it a home. One where the outside world didn't dampen or scar us, I love Beale Street because it painted a different picture of black people, and shined a light on its beauty through the pain that hard times can sometimes bring. All I needed to hear was Amy then laud and applaud Eighth Grade because it was a movie that she could indentify with. Maybe next time have guests that can identify with the stories that these two maybe find too clean.

What is Amy’s background?   (2/5)

This is a great concept for a podcast. However, I’m not sure if Amy is too young and has little life experience or what. She takes everything too seriously and misses out on some of the greatest film making of all time. She and Paul were so clueless about ‘70’s the missed out on how amazing Taxi Driver is! Paul is at least fun as usual but nothing satisfies Amy. I could have co hosted with Paul and even if I didn’t like the movie I could have made it fun!

2018   (5/5)

Love for Thoroughbreds?!

Never saw Citizen Kane   (4/5)

And never saw The Best Years of Our Lives? It’s difficult to understand how they got a gig discussing classic movies.

Hosts   (5/5)

I enjoy the dynamic between these two and the different takes any brings

Great hosts!   (5/5)

Great show and great hosts. One of my favorite podcasts

I Miss The Canon   (5/5)

This is a fun, chill podcast with great hosts who love movies. It’s not an in-depth look at film history, but more of an ongoing conversation about how and why we rank “great movies.” If you’re a fan of movies and of talking about movies, but find it can be intimidating to talk about the Great Movies, Unspooled is an the place to get started. If you think talking about Stanley Kubrick’s treatment of his actresses is Anathema to Film Criticism this isn’t a podcast for you. I stan Amy Nicholson!!

Obsessed!!   (5/5)

This is one of my favorites and I love the discussion on the pod and on the Facebook page. Really helpful and well rounded with context/Year Facts! Love all the themes and learning about WHY these movies are important

Amy is an Amazon review not a critic   (1/5)

I love Paul and never miss his "How Did This Get Made" podcast, so I really wanted to like this and give it a shot, but it just makes me cringe. First off, I have absolutely no issues with Paul. He's a film buff and works in the industry, but is not what can be considered a film expert--nor does he pretend to be. He just wants to talk about movies and make it interesting. Amy on the hand, is a professional critic, and you assume would provide us with more insight...Nope. All she offers is a half-assed opinion based on how she feels about the director as a person, whether the portrayals of people are keeping with our current inclusive norms, or how much she does, or does not, identify with the characters. Real criticism is a knowledgeable assessment of an artistic work in the context of the medium--not a self-serving Amazon review. I don't dislike her because I disagree with her opinions--she just adds nothing to the podcast. Jason Mantzoukas, Paul's co-host on How Did This Get Made, is way more thoughtful of his assessment of Speed 2 than this woman is of pretty much any of the greats. Yes Amy, these movies are often sexist, racist and made by megalomaniac directors. Why? Because they're made in the twentieth century--a sexist, racist time. I haven't seen The African Queen or High Noon but I'm just going to assume it's not particularly sensitive to anyone who isn't a white male. To base your critiques of any artistic production on the the cultural failings of previous generations, you'd have to pretty much castigate a huge portion of the art that represents our history. We can identify the racism in these works and use it as a representation of the world at the time, but it's not the only thing these movies are portraying. Honestly though, I guess it doesn't matter what Amy's opinions end up being--she's just boring. This show is a talented comedian talking about movies and a random, boring, stranger giving you her shallow opinion. Hopefully guest stars or another host will drown her out...until then I'll stick to Paul's other endeavors.

Not a theremin in sound track for one flew over the cuckoos nest   (5/5)

It is a musical saw. Sound like a theremin since it is a simple constant waveform. Professor Bill Purse

So good it’s hated by right-wing asshats!   (5/5)

Wow, so many men on here with an axe to grind against Amy for daring to bring a completely valid feminist perspective! Face it - if you’re not really thinking about and interrogating the cultural we consume, your thinking will stagnate and you’ll lash out when anyone dares question your preconceptions. This is a comprehensive but accessible & not too academic look at classic films that have been decided upon based on certain criteria. There’s a nice helping of interviews with key figures, stories from production, quotes from notable contemporary reviewers, all adding up to a very enjoyable experience that’s educational without being mired in industry jargon.

Nearing two hours...trim down the thoughts critics   (5/5)

Does anyone else think that this great hour long podcast that’s slowly inching toward a two hour run time is a bit much??? Every episode has a roughly 8 min ramp up, then the recap from last week, then a long run of opinions, followed by an interview which usually I think is more fun for the hosts than the audience, then another 20 mins of final thoughts. Idk, much more choosy about the ones I listen to now versus hitting every episode at the beginning.

Good show, kinda problematic   (3/5)

I like the show. It’s interesting, I learn new things, and in general the commentary works, but one of the hosts brings a lot of baggage to their reviews of the films. Maybe this host thinks they’re take is a hot take, I don’t know, but it blinds this host to the truths of some of these films, making their commentary at best misguided and based on flawed assumptions, and at worst prejudiced. I understand that everyone brings their own life experiences to their work, so I can’t blame this host for speaking to what they know, but as someone who agrees generally with the hosts’ politics etc., to force those political wedges to the front of every critique of every film is shortsighted and frankly pretty tiresome. It’s hard to get excited about a movie podcast when one of the two critics sounds like a broken record.

Sexy Amy!   (5/5)

I find this podcast really entertaining. Both hosts are informed, funny and Amy is kinda sexy!

Amy ruins this   (1/5)

Amy Nicholson is shallow, distracted, biased, dense, and clearly incapable of looking at films objectively. My favorite moment so far is Saul Rubinek continuously interrupting her and shutting her down. At least HE saw through her BS. She defends her grossly slanted and en vogue opinions as trying to start a conversation while comparing herself to Pauline Kael, but how come her co-host can’t get an opinion in edgewise without Amy downplaying or belittling his views (the rare time that he tries to stand up to her or differ from her)? Impossible to believe she is regarded as respectable in the critic community. Just a fad-following, controversial for controversy’s sake, imbecilic, infantile complainer/hater of everything good in culture. Go make a movie with all your wonderful enlightened “woke” perspectives on life and watch it flop like an Amy Schumer or Lena Dunham flick.

Great podcast idea, but terrible execution   (1/5)

The hosts don’t even understand basic film concepts. They don’t say anything compelling, they just alternately drone and whine. Instead of film insights, we get cheesy political statements. The interviews are so bad I have to skip past them. They pick the most inane clips to play. When they end all I can is is “Why?” I get excited when I see the upcoming film title, but am extremely disappointed when these dolts go on about stupid tangents. One of them actually wanted to replace Taxi Driver with When Harry Met Sally. Yup, no kidding, a god awful Billy Crystal vehicle. They didn’t understand the point of the puppy in Apocalypse Now (how does any adult not understand that?) and would also take it off the list (I guess for a Lifetime movie or some other garbage). The other thing is the “Boys are so icky” routine was past old from the start. It’s like hearing 2 preteen girls talk about the greatest films in history. These movies will last the test of time, this podcast will be considered stupidly dated by next year.

Disappointed   (1/5)

If you have ever hung out with a first year college student and met them after class for coffee, then you are prepared for the level of discourse this podcast brings. I started with "All About Eve" and was amazed at the lack of research the hosts had prepared. Little was discussed about where this film was in the course of the director or principal actors careers. There was little discussion of class or economics (huge themes of this film), strangely veiled homophobia, and little to no discussion of the technical aspects of the film. As to the hot takes — that's appropriate for breaking news, not 60 year old movies. What a waste of time.

Too much judgment   (3/5)

Paul is great and seems to give a fair judgement of the films. Amy is totally biased and let’s her emotions get in the way of the film and it’s meaning. This is frustrating. We get it Amy. You hate Kubrick.. and men, and probably every other powerful boundary pushing directors. Could be better honestly. Not sure if I will co tinge to listen for this reason. Swap out Amy!

I wanted to like this   (1/5)

I am a big HDTGM fan and hoped this would be a good companion podcast; a little more serious in tone, dealing with great movies instead of bad, appreciating film as art instead of as a guilty pleasure. In some ways it is that. The problem is Amy Nicolson who brings a very negative approach to the series. She is supposed to be the veteran film watcher (being a film critic by trade) who leads the novice Paul through the AFI's top 100, but there are many times throughout the series where Paul seems to understand the intent of the filmmakers, while Amy seems unwilling to look beyond any breach of 21st century sensibilities. Paul seems to enjoy most of these movies but his liking of them is tempered by Amy's dislike. He seems to back down from some of his stronger positions in favor of Amy's "expert" opinion which is frustrating when it seems that Amy is purposefully looking at these films in the worst possible light without allowing for historical and cultural realities of the time the film was made or the time the movie depicts. Like I said in the title I wanted to like this podcast. I even convinced myself that I liked the first several episodes, but as downloads stacked up waiting to be listened to I realized listening to this podcast was a chore for me. It's a running joke right now on HDTGM that Jason and June haven't been asked on but every time they make the joke, I wish that this podcast was just HDTGM in reverse; with the same hosts and with special guests. I think that would be a fun and irreverent look at the greatest films of all time. It may sound harsh to say but Amy is holding Paul and this podcast back. I think I'm going to listen to a few more episodes of some films I really love to crystallize my thoughts and feelings of this podcast by hearing them talk about movies I know and understand deeply and then I'm going to unsubscribe and never look back. Don't waste your time on this unless you want to hear Amy fan girl over her favorite critic (who seems to be a miserable grump who doesn't like movies) or a novice try and explain why movies on the greatest of all time list might actually be good to a supposed expert who seems to be less informed and aware of film history than hobbyists.

Stop the political talk   (2/5)

Seems good at first, but I found myself quickly tired of these two putting there liberal spin on classic movies.

Surprisingly Ignorant   (2/5)

All of the "hot takes" get old quickly. Amy is sadly unlikeable and a terrible partner to Paul. The concept would work if Paul had a co-host who had already seen all of the films and had a decent knowledge of the history of movies, but that's not this podcast. It's two people stumbling through the AFI list with few insights and no personality. I've listened to most of the episodes hoping it would get better, but it hasn't.

I’m done.   (2/5)

I’ve listened to 20 or so of these podcasts. Love Paul Scheer, didn’t know Amy but sounded like a great concept. The first few were ok but an unsettling theme slowly coalesced. Any hates most movies with male characters and any violence. Paul hasn’t seen a movie before 1984. When they both hated The French Connection a red flag went up. Amy hates Taxi Driver. Red flag number 2. When Amy decried the treatment of women in Schindler’s List, women in a concentration camp, I became worried. But then they compared The Searchers to Birth of a Nation. The Searchers, one of the 5 most influential movies in cinema history. Compared to a segregationist propaganda film? I’m out.

Good podcast but..   (2/5)

I really like this podcast but it’s annoying that Amy disses almost every movie from a feminist angle. Blablabla incel incel.

So fun to listen and watch w the hosts   (5/5)

Always wanted to go thru the AFI list, such a fun and informational way to

Pretty cute!   (5/5)

A cute way to resist classics!

Too many F Bombs   (3/5)

While they had some good things to say about the films, I have a hard time listening due to the hosts’ perpetual swearing. I just trust the information less when a host feels they have to curse to get her point across versus relying on her own knowledge and self-confidence. I’m disappointed because I had high hopes.

Who has the time?   (5/5)

What I love about this Podcast is that it is geared towards an audience that is very interested in film, but is also less familiar with the classics. The AFI list is a wonderful compilation of fantastic films. Though the list is lacking in some areas and very clearly weighted toward a specific demographic, the list is a great launch point. The hosts have an interesting banter and I enjoy that I can openly disagree with their opinions, but still respect them. I’m really enjoying diving into some classics I haven’t seen and having an immediate sound board to reflect on my thoughts. Before starting the Podcast I had seen about 40 of the AFI movies. Good Work!!!

Taking cinema to the people!   (5/5)

Paul and Amy make film history relatable and fun. I love listening to the banter and speculation of the hosts almost as much as the factoids and interviews with actors and Hollywood insiders. And the show brings a good balance of Amy’s expertise to counter or cohere with Paul’s “everyman” sensibility. The humorous quips and non-sequitors are a blast too!

They got it wrong   (2/5)

They completely fouled up the analysis of Its a Wonderful Life. They’re more interested in their own smartness and voice than the actual movies they speak about.

Good not great   (3/5)

Good to mediocre movie commentary, sprinkled with Amy’s personal/political hangups, makes for hit or miss episodes.

Is a Wonderful Life...   (1/5)

Over 5 minutes, idiots going to get to the movie? Or did you forget to take your ADD meds? Come on, just do the show. Cut the Worthless babbling.

Great podcast!   (5/5)

I love Paul and Amy together on this podcast and tend to side with them on their opinions of the movies. It has me watching movies that I had no interest in the past and gets me through part of my workday on Thursday afternoons.

Hjmm   (1/5)


A fun and positive podcast that rekindled my love of film   (5/5)

I stumbled upon this podcast through Stitcher and I came here specifically to share how much I love this podcast. I have listened to almost every episode (there are a few movies I haven’t seen yet so I’m waiting) in less than a week. Amy and Paul bring humor, research, and a positive disposition to each episode while still presenting their personal and educated opinions on each film. I’ve recommended this podcast to quite a few friends and one point I seem to emphasize is the positive nature of these movie “reviews”, as it were. No one is being overly cynical yet when there is an issue, and I often side with Amy’s interpretation of some male-dominated films, criticism is approached in a well-tempered manner which allows for a greater overall discussion. This podcast has rekindled my love for film and discussion, and I am so grateful for it. While I studied film and literature in school it’s been such a long time since I truly enjoyed sitting down and watching movies and actually analyzing them. Now I’m chewing off everyone’s ear about Citizen Kane and Casablanca and especially A Clockwork Orange. So much love for this podcast and these wonderful hosts. The only downside here is that these are just American films and that this podcast, by nature, has an expiration date. I find myself sitting down to watch Fellini or Kurosawa and want to hear an episode of Unspooled about each film. Can not recommend enough, as many of my friends can attest.

Great podcast   (5/5)

I really enjoy this podcast. I think Amy and Paul discuss films in a way that is accessible to normal people like me while also providing a lot of details about how the film was made. I think it’s really great. You can tell Paul does a lot of research and he’s super excited to do this podcast and I love that. I love Paul in every podcast he’s on. He’s wonderful. And these 2 are great. Granted some episodes I didn’t listen all the way through but that’s bc I was just super bored by the film. Give this podcast a try. Start with a title you’re really interested in first and get a feel for their style. Then go back and start from the beginning.

I love this   (5/5)

In the pantheon of podcasts this one shall ascend to the highest of levels. Paul and Amy have the greatest insights on filmmaking everyone has heard about but few have seen.

Outstanding!   (5/5)

The best movie Podcast on the web, this coming from a lifetime move nut. They make a few small mistakes every now and then but nothing major. Paul said once he never herd of the movie Nicholas and Alexandra, too bad, a great movie he should watch.

New favorite podcast!   (5/5)

It’s everything - listen and learn about great film. It’s easy.

Great idea!   (5/5)

This is so much fun to watch along!!

Gets annoying   (2/5)

While I like the premise of this podcast and Paul Scheer, the episodes are really inconsistent in their entertainment and educational value. Also, the other cohost routinely makes pretty ignorant comments that aren’t informative or clever.

Love   (5/5)

I love this podcast! It’s totally making me want watch these films either for the first time or again to see if I can get more out of these movies since I’ve gotten older

Film Primer in Podcast Form   (5/5)

I really enjoy this podcast, Paul Scheer and Amy Nicholson have great chemistry together and they clearly know their stuff when it comes to movies, and I appreciate the examination of the context of when these movies came out versus how they come across today. I’m just mentally preparing myself for the Goodfellas one because I’m simultaneously afraid yet excited to hear more of Amy’s thoughts on Scorsese (For the record I love the movie)! Anyway, great podcast, I highly recommend it!

Weekly Joy   (5/5)

I look forward to this podcast every week. Paul and Amy have great chemistry and a love of film that leaves me feeling like I’ve just had an interesting and fun conversation with friends.

HDTGM brought me here   (5/5)

And I’m staying. I just watched the documentary ‘They’ll love me when I’m dead’ about Orson Welles last film that was never released. Listening to unspooled made that doc (about a movie that made no sense) make sense. At least I was familiar with all the players involved. Thanks for the informative and entertains podcast. Can’t wait for the rest of the reviews.

Great job!   (5/5)

This show is fresh. Instead of having a historical context on the films selected, the cast goes into many of these movies having not seen them. Love this approach and the background they dig up on the films. Keep up the great job!

Top notch show!   (5/5)

Just such a quality show. From the format/structure to the knowledge of the hosts to the professionalism and talent of Paul and Amy, this show is of the highest level of engagement and entertainment.

Like this show enough to hear about movies I have no intention of seeing!!   (5/5)

I really like these two hosts. They are intelligent, thoughtful, and smooth as broadcasters. I started listening out of interest for some favorite movies like The Wizard of Oz, but realized I enjoy the show enough to slowly go through their whole archive, including for movies I’ll probably never watch. In a sense, it’s kind of like a Clif’s notes way to learn about those famous films, and I still get some movie-making trivia and history throughout. There are lots of films left on the list to look forward to, and I hope even after they’re done with the 100, that they’ll find another podcast concept to do together.

!   (5/5)

Super listenable and smart observations - a great vehicle to rediscover and talk about fantastic movies. I look forward to every new episode.

Movie classics from a similar perspective   (5/5)

I love movies and have seen many, many of them, but I find myself matching fairly perfectly with what the hosts have and have not seen on the AFI list. Yeah, I've seen the more recent-y classics like E.T. and Bonnie and Clyde...but not The General or The African Queen. So I find listening to similar fans/reviewers of film who are schooled on the classics to roughly the same degree as I am is a refreshing way to hear about these films. And then dive deeper into these films than I've heard before. And both of the hosts are very engaging to listen too, as well as whom they interview. Yeah, Unspooled, I'm in for the whole list.

The Best, Obviously   (5/5)

Paul is eager, fun, goofy, open and insightful. Amy is eager, fun, goofy, open and insightful. This podcast is fun, goofy, open and insightful. Thanks to these 2 for both commerorating and taking down the AFI list.

Kinda Ok   (3/5)

I was excited to listen to this podcast as I am a huge film fan and many years ago went through about 75% of the AFI list. I must say overall I’m pretty disappointed with the podcast, I’ve listened to every episode up to Psycho. I have to agree with a lot of the comments here that the hosts seem a bit out of their league when it comes to film. Even though Amy is a film critic, she does herself a disservice by time and time again coming down on directors for being white, egomaniacal males while at the same time giving James Cameron a complete pass since he directed Titanic, one of her all time favorite films. He is known for being a tyrant on set and pushing people and whole companies further than anyone should be pushed. Paul is a lot of fun to listen to and I enjoy their chemistry but he doesn’t push back on any of Amy’s strange and hypocritical opinions. It’s a great concept for a podcast but subject matter like this needs hosts that understand classic film. These two don’t.

Far exceeded expectations   (5/5)

If you enjoy interesting conversation between 2 engaging and skilled podcast hosts as they reflect and dissect each film in the AFI’s 2007 top 100, than this podcast is for you. The behind-the-scenes tidbits and well-researched insight from both Amy and Paul works to bring in even the most casual of film viewers. What I appreciate most is that even when it’s a film I haven’t seen/don’t care to see, I can still throughly enjoy the podcast and not feel like I am missing anything. Every episode is well structured and paced. Just a super enjoyable listen experience all around!

Time to give it up   (2/5)

Was really looking forward to this show at first. Love Paul Sheer from HDTGM and was eagerly awaiting hearing what he and Amy Nicholson had to say about great films. And man have I ever been disappointed by their glib, misinformed, and “cute” dissections of some of those great films. I just don’t understand why these two are in the position of hosting something involving so much classic cinema - they don’t seem to like it much nor understand the appeal. Yes, they’re self-proclaimed movie fans, but it’s grown difficult to listen to film criticism from, particularly, a person who prefers TITANIC or WHEN HARRY MET SALLY over SWING TIME. Their opinions don’t seem to be based in much more than a glance through IMDB and their lack of historical perspective is surprising. Everyone’s entitled to their opinion, and my opinion is that movie lovers should listen to criticism from those who’d seen CITIZEN KANE, SWING TIME, and THE AFRICAN QUEEN before they had to sit down and watch it so they could talk about it on their podcast.

Fantastic Podcast   (5/5)

This podcast is so entertaining- I’m not sure if I enjoy the episodes on movies I’ve seen or not seen more - both are enjoyable. Paul and Amy’s insights are great and most of the interviews are also fascinating. Great for movie lovers.

Love Unspooled!   (5/5)

I actually started this project myself 5 or 6 years ago (just the watching, not the podcast). I was so excited when I heard you guys were doing this! I will be listening to every episode!!

Fantastic show about film   (5/5)

I absolutely love this podcast. I’ve been a fan of Paul Scheer forever due to his work on many other shows. Amy Nicholson I wasn’t familiar with, and she’s just amazing. She’s incredibly witty, intelligent and perceptive, and just perfect as a voice to go with Paul’s. And I’ve started reading her work, and she’s just as amazing in print. Great show about great films. Don’t miss it!

Simple premise, amazingly entertaining!   (5/5)

It’s a very simple premise, watch great movies from a list and talk about them.. I love Dr. Andre Nosedick and HDTGM.. Human Giant, etc. I thought this might be a little too simple and milk-toast but Amy and Paul have great chemistry, know what they are talking about, are insightful and most importantly funny as hell! Amy Nicholson is awesome and I am excited to listen to her other podcasts and whatever else she does! Srsly, LISTEN TO THIS PODCAST!! Also who the eff reads a review this long all the way to the end? I’m talking to myself.. but great podcast and don’t let this just be an AFI list thing, ok.. I’m done! Sincerely, Paul’s Mother

Quickly became a favorite podcast   (5/5)

I don’t know how long hosts Paul Scheer and Amy Nicholson have known each other but they come across as life long friends. They have an easy effortless banter, never step over each other’s words and an obvious love for movies. I can’t wait for each new episode.

.   (5/5)

I came across this podcast after hearing Amy Nicholson on FilmWeek. It’s great to hear them take a look at the classics. Amy is a an insightful critic and Paul really engages with each of the movies.

Half of this duo is great   (2/5)

Paul is entertaining as always but critic Amy seems to carry some prejudices into her reviews...and in many cases seems to review actors and focus on behind the scenes gossip instead of the films themselves.

Not great. Not even good.   (1/5)

Paul Scheer is usually great, but he brings no personality to this show. And I'm not sure Amy Nicholson likes or has ever watched movies.

Well-researched, -discussed, and -produced   (5/5)

Brilliant idea, like something my friends and I would do. I love hearing behind-the-scenes information about such familiar titles and new perspectives/interpretations of the movies I grew up with. The guest interviews are also very insightful. The only thing that would make this experience even better would be more Jason and June. Maybe last episode?

Hilarious & Thoughtful   (5/5)

Paul Scheer is as funny and delightful as ever, but Amy Nicholson is a REVELATION. She’s witty, insightful, charming, and kind. She has a way of pointing out connections and references that blows my mind and really deepens my appreciation for films. I especially love when she gives inside-baseball perspective that explains critical response to the films. Also her emphasis on sound editing has given me a whole different dimension through which to appreciate movies. LOVE LOVE LOVE!

A Thoroughly Fun Journey Through American Cinema   (5/5)

This has been so much fun to go through this list with both of these folks. Paul Scheer brings the perspective of someone that has worked in movies & Amy Nicholson brings the vantage point of a professional critic. Do I always agree with their assessments – absolutely not. The both of them come from the "Poptimism" vantage point, that is oh so in vogue in contemporary criticism – so they both tend to overrate (in my opinion) films like Titantic & Singing in the Rain and underrate films like 2001 and The French Connection. But that's OK, they are both so fun & charming and the fun part of discussing art is the differeing opinions & view points. Also they bring in some fantastic guests – I am so glad they brought in people to really interrogate the "black face" issue of Swing Time – it would've been too easy for them to gloss over that & just focus on the fun stuff. Keep up the good work!

Horrible   (1/5)

I love HDTGM and so listened to this podcast...was hugely disappointed. Tune in if you want to hear Paul pander and be overly deferential to a lady critic who obviously has a HUGE axe to grind; she has ridiculously gender-skewed opinions and is basically a hater....extremely negative and seems much more interested in deconstructing the cult of personality around filmmakers (directors in particular but writers get lambasted as well) than she is in evaluating movies on their own merits. Paul, usually positive and funny, is mewling and absorbs her opinions for the most part, so we don’t get much of a counter point or push back. Also, this podcast is extremely dry and not funny at all. Paul should sub this lady out and get Jason Mantzoukas.

Cannot get enough!   (5/5)

Fantastic! Great discussions about movies every movie fan should see. The hosts do a great job of introducing new info and/or fun facts about each film. Well paced and broken into logical sections. The hosts are easy to listen to and very knowledgeable. Skip the movies you haven't seen and use this as an excuse to see each of the 100 to make your own decisions. Keep up the awesome work!

Enjoy   (5/5)

Very entertaining. Good conversations between the hosts.

Lots of fun!   (4/5)

Paul and Amy are fun to listen to!!! As they talk about each movie, they give their honest thoughts on how they view the movie overall and whether it really does belong on the top 100. They have interesting guests and funny call-in questions. If you are a seasoned cinefile or are just beginning, you'll find going through the AFI's list very entertaining.

Inspires to watch great movies   (5/5)

The execution of the concept for this podcast is exceptional. This podcast breathes life into the AFI 100 list. Their conversations and behind the scenes nuggets of information are terrific and inspires me to watch the movies that I have not already seen. It is great that Paul continues to surround himself with talented hosts, since he is uninteresting and lacks any comedic talents.

Very Enjoyable   (5/5)

Both hosts are very knowledgeable, but please quit hammering the pc agenda. Do another show about movies that should be on the AFI list if prejudice was not involved.

Platoon episode   (5/5)

I love the Platoon episode!! Every episode has been great! Can Jason Mantzoukas be a guest person for whenever you do the movie “Duck Soup”??

Quit being so agreeable   (3/5)

Great show but Paul seems almost scared to disagree or debate anything Amy says. It’s too bad because a lot of what Amy says is rubbish.

Apocalypse Then   (2/5)

Does it deserve to be on the list....maybe?!? But I cannot stand listening to post #metoo-like podcasts that always view classics through that lens. Movies are an escape. This episode made me think it was part of the Kavanaugh hearings sometimes.

Intelligent Discussion   (5/5)

Amy and Paul always point out things I never knew or did not notice. The dialogue is crisp and the banter is often amusing. The hosts are well prepared with background information.

Making me watch better movies   (5/5)

I’m watching the AFI top 100 now, listening to the episodes, and talking about it with my husband. Worth the time.

Great Stuff   (5/5)

If you love lists, discussions of lists and classic film, then this is your jam! Paul and Amy are fantastic hosts that each bring something different and complimentary to the podcast for each film they discuss. Getting the behind the scenes info has given me more to think about as I watch some of these films along with the podcast and the interviews help break up the discussion. However, listening to Paul and Amy's take on each film, what they found interesting and what they didn't like really is the sweet spot of the show. It's like having a great conversation at a party that you don't want to end. Love it and can't wait to listen next week!

A triumph!   (5/5)

The fastest hour of my week is listening to this podcast. Paul and Amy have a wonderful rapport with just enough difference of opinion to keep things interesting. Subscribe immediately.

For all film lovers   (5/5)

Obviously I’m more interested in my favorites. And the ones I’ve seen or are near my lifetime. It is interesting to see the film evolution of the list. With so little time it’s nice to hear recaps of the oldie timie films so you can get the gist with out taking vacation to watch them all

Limited Perspective   (1/5)

I enjoy Paul’s analysis and review, though he could drop the phony laugh after Amy’s attempted humor. Amy has a put-on voice and does not seem capable of understanding films within the perspective of the time (environment) they were made. Overall it’s a pretty difficult listen.

So grateful for this podcast   (5/5)

Every week I look forward to watching a great (or debatably great) film and hearing some inarguably wonderful conversation about it. Just the best podcast ever. Thank you, Paul and Amy!

Unspooled: it's a hoot.   (5/5)

Now listen to your old grand pappy here and learn your movie history. Too boring? Fine, how 'bout a comedian and a film critic watch the greatest films with you so you can learn something for once and laugh it up along the way. Sounds better don't it? Watch the AFI greatest films at random for all I care. Riddle me this young whipper snapper, what do you think Travis Bickle's cab smells like in Taxi Driver? Listen to Unspooled already, and maybe you'll find out.

This podcast relaxes me while it educates   (5/5)

I’ve really been enjoying unspooled. I listen to it at night before bed and I find that it offers an interesting take on these movies (many of which I haven’t seen I’ll confess) as well as some supplemental information from an expert connected to the theme or topic of the film. My favorite so far was the primatologist guest from the King Kong episode. I enjoy hearing Paul and Amy debate and relate about these movies and I really appreciate that even when their opinions differ they are still highly respectful of one another when they don’t agree. It’s a relaxing and fun listen that helps me wind down from the day.

Love it!   (5/5)

This is an entertaining podcast that is insightful and intelligently done

Very Interesting!   (5/5)

I love the insight of both hosts! Great concept!

Can’t go wrong here.   (5/5)

Two great critics, funny smart and lively! They disagree well, each making strongly argued cases for their point of view. Really a delight and I’m looking forward to listening to all 100 (hopefully more) episodes! Taxi episode my favorite so far.

Can’t go wrong here.   (5/5)

Two great critics, funny smart and lively! They disagree well, each making strongly argued cases for their point of view. Really a delight and I’m looking forward to listening to all 100 (hopefully more) episodes! Taxi episode my favorite so far.

An Everything Bagel of Podcasts   (5/5)

This is the film class you wish you had in college. Great discussions, insight, and listener interaction!

Never want this podcast to end   (5/5)

This is my favorite movie podcast, entertaining and interesting conversation every time!

A great mix of review and comedy   (5/5)

I really enjoy this podcast, and it’s inspiring me to watch some more of the classics. There is a fantastic blend of insightful review/discussion and great comedic riffing. Put this in your ear-holes

Everything you hope for and more   (5/5)

Paul and Amy are a delight to listen to. They have great chemistry and both are so knowledgeable, thoughtful, relatable, making each episode so fun and satisfying to listen to. This has quickly become one of my favorite podcasts. I look forward to following along with every new episode. Keep up the awesome work!

Great   (5/5)

I really enjoy this podcast. The way they discus the movies makes me want to re-watch all of the movies. All of them.

Great   (5/5)

This show has thoughtful people talking about great movies. I love it.

Watching the AFI top 100 just got easier.   (5/5)

Amy Nicholson is my favorite film critic. I don’t always agree with her, but no critic has so consistently presented their opinion on a film that genuinely makes me go “You know what? I hadn’t considered that. You’re right!”. She has my undying respect and admiration for how she approaches her craft. Then you got Paul Scheer getting his long overdue karmic payback for his years of service over on “How Did This Get Made?” Paul finally getting to watch good movies and get paid to talk about them makes me feel like the American dream still exists, despite our current leadership. Confession: me and my significant other have been trying to tackle this list for almost 8 years now. We’re about halfway through. These two podcasters coming together to tackle this list week after week has finally provided a little motivation for us to do the same. Keep doing what you’re doing Amy and Paul and I promise I’ll keep listening.

A must-ear for film fans   (5/5)

Engaging and addictive. Will make you eager to watch the film classics that have always been on your to-see list and give you new perspectives on your old favorites. The guest interviews and Simpsons connections add to the fun. After so many years of hosting How Did This Get Made, Paul Scheer’s faith in films must be restored with this podcast! Drinking Game: take a shot every time Paul says “100%”.

Hosts Don’t Know Film History.   (1/5)

These hosts have very little knowledge in film history and background is missing. They may draw up some googled information but don’t seem to have wide knowledge of films that could help their opinions. It’s not unusual for them t compare classic films to Star Wars sequels or Avatar. They admit the often miss subtle context in the movies, such as Ben Hur and were clueless about How Green Was My Valley in their first episode. The background of biblical films in the 50s plays no part of the discussion of Ben Hur. Of this is your level of film knowledge, this might be the film podcast for you.

Fantastic   (5/5)

This is incredibly, delightfully listenable and has made me rethink movies I’ve seen many times and very eager to see some movies I haven’t. Truly appreciate how much research goes into these, and how the hosts see different movies on the AFI list influencing each other - just wonderful. It makes me wish there was an AFI 1000.

Awesome Show   (5/5)

Great hosts, great back and forth, great concept!

FANTASTIC!!!   (5/5)

I’m literally listening and watching the movies as they go and enjoying every second of it! Brilliant, hilarious, and so on-point! Anxiously looking forward to next week!

Even better than the canon   (5/5)

This is my new favorite movie podcast, a spot previously filled by Amy’s other show the canon. Great discussion and stellar guests.

Do more newer movies.   (2/5)

Too much old crap. I don’t care about movies from the 30’s.

Half of a good duo   (2/5)

Paul does a great job. Amy is a buzzkill that knows noting about movies. She loves Titanic and rants about The French Connection or Platoon. It’s a shame he doesn’t have a better cohost.

Essential Listening for Movie Fans   (5/5)

Great chemistry between Paul and Amy. My new favorite podcast. You guys rock!

Stevens   (5/5)

At this time in Stevens career he mainly directed was not until after his time in service during WW2 that he did more dramatic films.

Great podcast for movie buffs   (5/5)

I really like the format of the podcast - there is always a 15-20 minute interview with someone who can provide insight to something related to that week's movie. For example, a great ape expert from the L.A. Zoo for King Kong and a stuntman for Ben Hur. Also great rapport between the hosts while still staying focused on the topic.

Revisting Classics in a Fresh Way   (5/5)

I'm a movie lover and this podcast takes me to the next level. Getting to go in-depth on classic movies with Paul and Amy is a pleasure. They find out neat facts and interesting answers to questions I never knew to ask. It's been so fun listening to them go through the AFI Topy 100 list and I hope they're already kicking around ideas for UnSpooled Part 2: List TBD (maybe BFI so we can get a more international perspective of cinema). Love this Pod!

One of the best   (5/5)

I don’t know how these two decided to pair up, but I’m so glad they did. Their chemistry is fantastic. The construction of the show really helps the hour fly by. This is one of the only film podcasts to keep me informed and entertained for the entire runtime. Paul and Amy, you are seriously the best. Here’s hoping Unspooled tackles the Sight & Sound 250 next!

The best Idea for a podcast.   (5/5)

My sister and I used to watch all the AFI countdowns over and over again on a recorded VHS tape. I am loving this so much. Even if I don’t always agree with their opinions Paul and Amy are always knowledgeable and entertaining in their insights. I know this is down the road but once this wraps up can you guys work your way through the other AFI countdowns? I’m so in for the journey. Love it!

2001: A Space Odyssey   (5/5)

I’m very glad to have found this show. I love the dissection of movies. I’m even interested in seeing the movies I’ve already seen before. I was frustrated with 2001: A Space Odyssey the first time I saw it but maybe I’ll give it another try

New favorite podcast   (5/5)

Paul Scheer already had a hit with How Did This Get Made—his they’re-so-terrible-they’re-great podcast. But now, tackling some of my favorite movies of all time, with a true movie aficionado’s appreciation, and the spot-on assist from the incomparable Amy Nicholson, he’s hit it out of the park.

I wanted to like this, but...   (1/5)

I really like learning about film in general, but I guess I’ve learned too much. This seems a bit superficial and feels as though there is very little actual research done. I appreciate the casual/conversational tone, but it’s tough to get past the incessant filler “likes.”

Paul and Amy have great chemistry!   (5/5)

What I love about this podcast besides, how the host dive deep on the selected film, is the natural chemistry between Paul and Amy. I know Paul from the comedies he’s been part of but although he is funny in this podcast he’s not over the top and very thoughtful with his commentary. I do not know Amy but she’s so smart and offers great insights. They’re both so passionate about films that I really look forward to listening to this podcast every week.

Clueless hosts   (1/5)

First, all the 5 star reviews are from people who haven’t even listened to it yet. Take that into consideration. The two hosts have little chemistry and often have no idea what they are talking about. And usually come off sounding ridiculous.

Mostly Manages To Keep Politics Out Of It...   (4/5)

Warning Snowflakes: triggers ahead... Ever wondered what liberal progressives think about classic movies? Then this is the show for you. I’ve only listened to four episodes so far and Trump has been referenced at least three times. Now, to be fair, though the references have been negative (duh) they’re not as venomous as they could be. I enjoy Paul from his HDTGM podcast, and he does a good job of smoothly steering the show away from politics when someone else brings it up. He’s a liberal guy, but as a conservative I appreciate that he never attacks when Trump is mentioned, rather he deftly deflects and moves on. Well done, sir. Amy is a capable cohost, though not as polished as Paul, and she’s quite witty and quick on her feet. Again, she’s a liberal, but she has so far managed to keep that in check. That said, I had to laugh when they needed to bring in experts to tell us if it’s OK to enjoy a classic movie that uses blackface. All the handwringing and soul searching and angst was hilarious and perfectly sums up the liberal mind when your average conservative would say “Yep, blackface is insensitive and not acceptable, but I’m still gonna enjoy this movie” without the need for hours of self analysis as to whether enjoying the movie makes the viewer a bad person. I would recommend this to fellow conservatives as a liberal leaning podcast that has so far managed to keep politics out of it and remain enjoyable.

Great Premise   (4/5)

Love the idea, wonderful teamwork, great insight. What’s with all the f-bombs? Really? Each podcast comes down a notch with each one. You two are very smart...try a new word. P.S. I’m not a crotchety old man who yells at kids on my lawn.

The General   (4/5)

Great podcast as always. Guess Buster Keaton was the 1920s equivalent of Tom Cruise in regards to insane in camera stunt work. Watching the General reminded me of Mad Max Fury Road as both films have no dialogue and center around chases from point A to point B to point A.

its perfect   (5/5)

I love paul. Turns out i love amy. This show gets it. What are you waiting for?

My new favorite podcast   (5/5)

Paul and Amy have created one of the best podcasts out there. I will automatically listen to/watch anything Paul Scheer does and this podcast didn’t disappoint. Highly recommended for movie lovers!

We’re the same age... how are you so clueless?!?   (2/5)

I don’t get the stuff you guys focus on... you are supposed to be delving into some amazing material, but you always go off on these ridiculous tangents! I also marvel at how little you appear to know about so many of these films. We’re the same age! Where have you guys been for the last 40 years?!? I want so badly to like this, because I love HDTGM, but I fear you two are in over your heads. If you want to do this correctly, you need to give it more time and attention.

Love this show!!!   (5/5)

Not only do I love so many of these movies but I love to hear them discuss and all the trivia!! Best duo ever!

Great show!   (5/5)

This show is great. I love classic movies and I have seen most of this list, but I’m loving going thru it again with these two. You may come to the show for Paul, but you’ll stay for Amy. She’s insightful and smart and helps expand your film knowledge even with films with which you are already familiar. Highly recommend this show for cinephiles and classic film novices alike.

Great podcast   (5/5)

Fantastic stuff. The hosts know their stuff and it's good to hear Paul talk about good movies for once.

Good,but flawed   (3/5)

I think this is a great subject to do a podcast.I think the host's are fantastic film critics.What I don't like is that they are both adhere to modern leftist ideology,which includes redefined,a-historical definitions.It also includes social marxism.The hosts then take this ideology and anachronistically apply it to Classic movies.It just isn't fair to apply this ideology to movies that are coming from a completely different perspective.

Awesome concept. Don’t find it funny   (2/5)

I am obsessed with HDTGM so you know I ran right over to this one and I was so excited. It sounds kind of...scripted? There’s no comedic banter. Just be yourselves and talk about the movie

Only one thing...   (5/5)

There is only one thing wrong with this podcast. It’s only once a week, not once a day. Paul and Amy are objective, insightful, and generally good sports even when they are not interested in the material a film has to offer. Would love it if they decided to do a current show on movies in theaters now at some point. Very honest and great. They love movies almost as much as me.

Film/comedy perfection!   (5/5)

Oh Paul, I'll continue to love all that you do. And Amy, so glad to be introduced to you through this podcast! Makes me watch to continue the AFI list that I've long neglected. *runs to the library, thrift store, and the one remaining Blockbuster location in search of all the movies*

Love the interviews   (5/5)

I was worried this would be your typical dry review show, but instead Paul and Amy interview people about the films, discuss the culture and reception at the time the films come out (children were so frightened of the witch in Wizard of Oz that she had to go on Mr Rogers Neighborhood!), and how those movies live on in pop culture today (do they pass the "Simpsons Test" - we know it lives on if the Simpsons reference it in an episode). Love this podcast and I can't wait to hear more!

Great job   (5/5)

Love the podcast. If I had any issues with the podcast, it would be that whoever does the episode descriptions through iTunes spoils the episode for the following week. It gives away the title of the next movie you’re going to review before we hear what the 100 sided die landed on. Still, I love hearing the podcast and will continue to do so. Keep up the great work.

Great Idea for a podcast   (5/5)

I'm loving this podcast! Whether it's a movie I've watched many times or one I have never seen it's great to hear it broken down by Paul and Amy. Looking forward to more.

A Dynamic Duo   (5/5)

I listen to The Canon and How Did This Get Made and this is fantastic synergy between the two forces. Dazzling conversation and thought-provoking questions from the hosts. What a terrific introduction to some movies that I haven’t seen, but should have. And a great re-visit with a new perspective on movies I have. A must listen - and a really terrific quest.

New favorite movie podcast   (5/5)

Great, great movie podcast reviewing the classics! Wonderful perspectives, great interviews and interesting facts I never knew about these films and they making of them. Highly recommend!

Warning - May Be Addictive   (5/5)

I'm embarrassed to admit that I learned about this podcast a week ago when Filmspotting SVU mentioned it on its final episode. I checked out what Amy and Paul had to say about viewing 2001 in 70 mm (which is a one-of-a-kind filmgoing experience) and subsequently listened to all the other episodes from Citizen Kane to Bonnie and Clyde in less than seven days. I had no idea that the guy who wrote Ben-Hur hung out with Abraham Lincoln. Whatever you think about the AFI Top 100 (of the 93 I've seen, I think it's a very mixed bag) wading through them with these two is fun!

My new favorite podcast   (5/5)

Holy crap this podcast is great. Love love love the film background info and the interviews.

Let’s Talk Film   (5/5)

Simply phenomenal! Outstanding information, fluid conversation, and two individuals that love what they do.

Love this show   (5/5)

Very intelligent very funny. I don’t always agree but I always find it interesting

Totaly onboard   (5/5)

Paul is a genius, commenting on the best movies ever made, best podcast ever!

Enjoyable   (4/5)

This is a neat idea and as the hosts find their footings, I'm happy to go along for the ride. While other reviewers have found fault with the hosts perhaps not having seen the movie beforehand, I find it interesting and fresh. What's the hub bub ? Let's find out together. Some of the pieces aren't as successful as others: I don't always need the cut away middle section with an interview with a WIZARD OF OZ collector, but all in all its fun. I'm rewatching 2001 now as I prepare to listen and I have some thoughts: I'm interested in hearing what these guys have to say. Keep up the good work guys.

Favorite new podcast   (5/5)

Paul and Amy really know movies. So in each episode they randomly review and comment on one of the American Film Institute's top 100. It's fun. They don't take themselves too seriously but they really know their stuff. I'm way glad I checked it out.

Love It   (5/5)

This is right down my alley: Great movies, check, intelligent discussion, check, going off of a list (I love “best” or “greatest” lists): check, Amy’s voice: maybe the best ever?, check. Great for fans of classic American films and witty, insightful banter between two very entertaining movie lovers. Can’t wait for the next 90+ episodes!

Spooled   (5/5)

big fan of Paul and HDTGM and sometimes listen to Amy on The Canon. This new pod is a great mix of the two. Unspooled hits that greater detail and conversation I like. Hearing about why directors and writers did what they did and the choices that were made. It scratches the itch I’m missing from being able to listen to actual commentary.

Fun show   (5/5)

And they just started adding a bit of class to it with the Robert Benton interview with Bonnie and Clyde. If they keep up doing episodes like that one this will not just be a highly entertaining podcast but required listening for film lovers.

So Glad I Found This!   (5/5)

The show combines a balanced mix of critique, humor, interviews, and clips from the movies. I am definitely going to watch each film featured in an episode. Very professional production.

Enthusiastic   (3/5)

Mistake-ridden and little understanding of history, yet wide-eyed enthusiasm and a fresh take make this podcast worth listening to despite the cringes. quote from one of the hosts: "just like a reese's peanut butter cup, there is no wrong way to view this film." ummm.

Another winner from Earwolf   (5/5)

It’s great to hear comedians talk seriously about the art of cinema without any ironic judgments. They love film and they want you to love the same films they love. This is inspiring me to watching all the AFI 100

Great new podcast   (5/5)

Truth be told, I'm a HUGE HDTGM fan (How Did This Get Made), but I thought this was a great podcast in it's own right. Maybe I'll just listen to anything from Paul Scheer, but I really enjoyed their conversation, depsite the fact that they should have seen these movies before! Anyway, a great podcst to get away from politics or true crime (my other fav podcasts).

Love the back stories!   (5/5)

I looked at the AFI 100 list a few years ago intending to watch them and never did (I’ve seen some of the films but not all of them). This podcast is encouragement for me to get going with the rest of the films. I love the backstories I’ve heard and look forward to hearing more. Thanks for the efforts to research and tell them (not sure why other reviewers feel compelled to comment on the “choice” of films - duh, they’re from the AFI list - or topics not related to the podcast in their reviews).

Five Stars   (5/5)

Great Podcast. Paul Scheer makes a way better co-host for Amy Nicholson than that rapist she used to host The Canon with.

My favorite movie podcast   (5/5)

Very thoughtful discussion of classic movies. I enjoy the banter between the hosts. Great research goes into each episode.

Great Listen   (5/5)

Very much enjoying the pod. Good luck on your quest to get through all the AFI films.

Love it   (5/5)

Live the concept, and have enjoyed so far. Big fan of Paul from HDTGM and new fan of Amy

Favorite movie pod   (5/5)

Love this podcast. Hosts are knowledgeable but unpretentious. Always entertaining

Fantastic!   (5/5)

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Paul and Amy bring it every week on a film from the AFI Top 100 List (2007 edition). Both have a great knowledge of film history; good (Amy, The Canon) and bad (Paul, HDTGM). If you are a fan of film and enjoyed these lists when they came out then do yourself a favor and listen to this podcast!

Good times!   (5/5)

This is my summer jam! I am having a delightful time following along with Paul and Amy as they truck through the AFI Top 100.

Charming Show!!!   (5/5)

I'm all in...On with the show! Can't wait for 100 more! Cheers...

New Favorite Pod   (5/5)

Honestly, this is my new fav listen. Paul and Amy have a great rapport. I love the genuine curiosity that they have for the films. The interviews they get are from interesting points of view and really informative!

Great   (5/5)

Love this podcast!

Great podcast!   (5/5)

I’ve been listening to how did this get made for years, so I was really excited when I heard about this new show! It’s great and I love learning about movies I’ve never seen before.

Watching along   (5/5)

I’ve been enjoying watching along with them as they go through this top 100 list. As I write this, we’re only 5 movies in and I’ve already watched 3 movies I’ve never seen before! It’s fun to watch the movie then get a run down from people who are knowledgeable and passionate about film.

Love it!   (5/5)

I really enjoy hearing these two talk about movies. I’m really looking forward to going through the next entire top 100 movies with them. Keep it up!

Love you guys sooooo much!   (5/5)

Best. Ever.

A perfect way to revisit the classics   (5/5)

It’s hard to make a movie podcast that captures and keeps your attention. Good Paul and Amy and there will select the guests make it a lot of fun to go back through some familiar and unfamiliar celebrated films. It feels like a film club and a conversation I wish I was in the room for. So subscribe, cue it up and listen

More of a Great Thing   (5/5)

I was already a big fan of The Canon and How Did This Get Made, so the pairing of Amy and Paul just allows for more great content of something I already know I love. As a devoted Canon fan I especially like the idea of debating the merits of a film already deified into AFI’s Canon. Amy and Paul are fantastic together and their pairing makes for lively discussions and enjoyable listening. Highly recommend it.

GEOSTORM!!!!   (5/5)

This podcast is super enjoyable and insightful. Very mellow and it’s cool hearing so much of the behind the scenes facts. Well done!

Energetic, entertaining, and informative   (5/5)

Just listened to the Citizen Kane episode and really enjoyed it. I’m in!

Follow Along   (5/5)

This podcast is great. I have wanted to watch these movies and now I’m actually doing it so I can follow along with the podcast.

This is good   (5/5)

I didn’t grow up watching a lot of movies that wasn’t wholesome family entertainment distributed by “Feature Films for Familes” which had a VHS subscription service. My husband, on the other hand, is way into movies and has seen most of these. This podcast is a great way in to what can be a sometimes pretentious crowd (see the really mean 1 star rating guy) of “film” nerds and it’s helping me to learn more about something my husband really loves. We watch the movie they’re talking about every week, then listen to the podcast together. Paul and Amy are really endearing, especially Paul’s laugh. We’re here for it!

great if you love movies   (5/5)

I have thoroughly enjoyed this review of the AFI top ten. Well done, informative and always entertaining. I highly recommend it.

A great listen   (5/5)

I love both Paul and Amy. Their conversation discovering these films and how they have shaped our film/pop culture is a delight. They may not be experts but going along the journey with them from their perspectives is really fun. I love that they bring in experts on different topics to discuss key touchstones in different episodes. This is a more entertaining version of my film studies class in college!

Great show!   (5/5)

Good info. Good hosts. Fun topic.

Must listen for film lovers   (5/5)

A true must listen for any film lover

The best hosts, the best movies   (5/5)

The hosts have great chemistry and a true love of films. This has become a must listen.

Kinda my favorite   (5/5)

Sometimes film podcasts can be way too high brow and it feels like they’re having a conversation you can only understand if you live in a coffeehouse and wear a scarf with thick rimmed glasses. But Paul and Amy are just as knowledgeable about film and twice as accessible in the way they break everything down. I especially appreciate when they don’t like the films they watch - it shows they’re actually providing an opinion instead of just going off public opinion. More episodes than just 100! I’m already dreading the day this ends.

Who is this for?   (2/5)

It is difficult to figure out who this podcast is intended for. Certainly anyone with an average interest in American film history will find this wanting in content. And the hosts seem ill-equipped for the project. Paul Sheer seems totally out to lunch. In the first episode he begins by saint he had never seen Citizen Kane. So why not have him host a show reviewing the films on the AFI list of 100 greatest American films? After all, podcasts are not a medium for anything other than wasting time, I guess is Graywolf’s philosophy. Sheer seems to be the “fun” one of this odd couple. Amy Nicholson seems to be their for the “heft”; after all she claims to be a film critic. Before the internet people had to have some background before they could lay claim to some expertise. No more! Nicholson admits she had never seen “Swing Time.” She is dubious, having now seen it, that it could have been the “best” Astaire-Rogers film. So she floats the theory that it landed on the list because it had the most “reputation” because, after all, according to film critic Nicholson, it is doubtful that anyone would have watched all 9 Astaire Rogers movies; certainly not “critics” who made up the AFI list. The ignorance of film (much less how they fit into film history or American culture generally) has become so ingrained that there seems to have developed a “cute” come on. Listeners get to do just as Sheer did at the beginning. Explain what they thought the film was about before they watched it. What was a one-time time wasting part of the first episode now appears to be a permanent feature. This podcast seems to be designed to attract people who have no real interest in films and are around just to soak in the uncharming “chemistry” of Nicholson and Sheer. Who would I recommend it to? This with no friends, who don’t have cable access to TCM or a public library that lends DVDs/Blue Ray disks and preferably no friends. Because if you have to tune into these two for fellowship about classic movies, you are really scraping bottom. BTW, I give the podcast an extra star for its production values, not its content.

Automatic 5 Stars   (5/5)

Haven’t listened yet but anything Paul does is great!!

Getting   (5/5)

Really good

Simultaneously critical and comedic   (5/5)

I’m really enjoying this podcast, especially the expert guests they have had. It’s a good honest look at these old movies.

Great!   (5/5)

I’m a big fan of both Paul and Amy already, but I love the premise and execution of this show! So many of these movies have fallen out of the public eye despite being on the AFI list - it’s great to hear them get their due. What’s not to like?

Great Show   (5/5)

Paul and Amy have amazing enthusiasm and chemistry. Their love for the movies is infectious. The podcast is great. It's the highlght of my Thursday. Highly recomend.

Citizen Kane offers life lessons   (1/5)

I knew I would dislike their review of Citizen Kane from the moment they both admitted to not having seen the movie. But, they both missed what makes the movie great and timeless. It's not the cinematography or the sound, it's the script. Even after mentioning that the only Oscar the film won was for "Screenplay" they never reference any of the timeless pearls of wisdom and life lessons sprinkled throughout the movie. . Two examples: "There's nothing particularly wrong with him just.... Old age. It's the only disease you don't look forward to being cured of." And "It's no trick to make a lot of money, if all you want to do is make a lot of money." Perfect.

Great Movie Podcast   (5/5)

Like movies and podcasts? You’ve got it with Unspooled! Amy and Paul are pros with differing viewpoints and keen insights into some of America’s best films. What’s not to like?

A Movie Lover’s Show   (4/5)

And by movie lover I’m talking about folks who enjoy watching all types of movies. From silents (Dr. Caligari’s Cabinet was mentioned briefly in the Citizen Kane episode) to 4K, multi-screen blockbusters. I like listening to anybody talking about movies I like & respect (Citizen Kane), that I love (The Wizard of Oz) & that I’ve seen but don’t really care for (Ben Hur). Nit pick: Paul Scheer surprises me in that he perports to love film but had never seen Citizen Kane until cramming for this show. Huh?! Paul said that the viewers knew the secret of what “Rosebud” was from the beginning of the film. He thought Orson Welles let the cat outta the bag in the first scene featuring adolescent Kane. Wrong. Welles is better than that. We don’t find out the sectet of Rosebud until the sad end of this great movie. Whaddaya expect from discussing a dense film like this after only on viewing? I’ve the advantage of having seen this epic perhaps a hundred times & reading multiple articles & essays about it. Nit pick: Are Amy & Paul ever gonna disagree? Remember Siskel & Ebert? The best times on their show was when they disagreed. Ebert would get condescending while Siskel got defensive & sometimes snippy. Who didn’t love this show?! Yo, Amy & Paul, mix it up, why doncha? Accolade: I enjoyed interviews of folks connected (tenuously) to the films. But get a little more in depth. Accolade: I like when they talk about what was going on in the world at the time of the film’s release. Though I already knew almost every fact discussed in the first three eps, I hadn’t really considered the political, economic or cultural climate that the films were birthed into. I gave an extra star in my rating for this alone. Bottom line: I like this show. I like the hosts. I’m gonna hang in there to see if they get through all 100 movies. I say they don’t make it past 60. Whaddaya you think?

Limited charm   (2/5)

The AFI 100 is a fun challenge, but I'm not sure this series will do it justice. I don't know if I can endure a full 100 episodes of Paul not knowing things, or of the hosts agreeing on almost everything. The interviews are very amateur. A particular nitpick: There is no real reason for this program to be flagged as Explicit, aside from the lack of self-control resulting in an occasional swear by either of the hosts. Was hoping for something more kid friendly.

Informative and fun   (5/5)

I love all the trivia and the variety of guests invited to discuss all aspects of the moviemaking/moviegoing experience. Excited for the rest of the “miniseries”

IMDB trivia page remix   (3/5)

This podcast isn’t particularly funny, but that’s okay. The premise is worthy: an anti-How Did This Get Made, a show to appreciate and explore the best (or supposed best) of film. HDTGM spawned an army if mediocre imitators that it’s refreshing to see a new podcast (with a woman cohost!) that breaks that mold. What isn’t good is that it retains the pacing of HDTGM, a style that’s fine for a show that’s just a string of jokes about material that nobody cares about. This podcast acts like a show that wants to take its source films seriously, a goal that is furthered by choosing Amy Nicholson, a semi serious and possibly respected (if you’re into the Alamo Drafthouse circle of nepotism) film critic, as Paul Scheer’s cohost. But it doesn’t really. In the early episodes it just doesn’t work. The show presents a lot of interesting facts and observations about these great films, but it’s scattershot and disorganized. Interesting points are brought up and rushed past on to ... another interesting fact or point that is similarly shallow in its presentation. It’s rapid-fire joke pacing without the jokes—and without much chemistry between the hosts. Trivia flies about without being connected to any larger points. Complaints about the films never become critique because the hosts don’t challenge each other to defend or expand upon them. It’s maddening. Without time and thought and engagement there really isn’t anything here that I couldn’t get from reading Wikipedia and the IMDB trivia page. The guests are pretty great, though. There’s some potential, but after 3 episodes there is also a LOT of room for improvement.

Thanks   (5/5)

My new favorite podcast! I love both hosts! Only suggestion: favorite line of the movie?

Unspooled   (5/5)

I love these type of podcasts. So many interesting facts and little things that the average movie watcher wouldn’t know. Can’t wait for many, many more.

Interesting, Educational, and Funny   (5/5)

To be honest I would have never watched or wanted to watch most of these (at least the older stuff) films but after listening to the first two podcasts my wife and I have decided to go though the list and will watch the films before they discuss them. Amy and Paul have great chemistry and both bring a slightly different view to the films. Just take a listen and I bet you’ll love it.

Best podcast ever!!!   (5/5)

AFI best review of the 100 best movies ever! Can’t wait for the podcast of the AFI best 2,000 movies ever made. 5 stars!!

Pop-cultural health food for our flabby minds   (5/5)

Good show! I love “How Did This Get Made?”, Red Letter Media’s “Best of the Worst,” and “Mystery Science Theater 3000” — who wouldn’t? But it’s valuable and maybe even important to revisit and understand the great movies, the ones we all share as part of our collective culture. Paul is mah man, and he’s hit another home run here.

Awesome podcast   (5/5)

So much fun and a great deep dive into movies you maybe thought you knew like the back of your hand!

I dig it   (5/5)

Expected rambling conversation on popular films, but great discussion and you learn some great stuff. Cool guests.

Paul and Amy rule!   (5/5)

I am here because ‘ how did this get made’ is incredible. I have become a much more intelligent movie watcher thanks to Paul. Adding rewatch value to so many movies for a plethora of reasons. Keep the thoughtful analysis coming!!!!

Super-fun film studies   (5/5)

These delightful 'film sherpas' do a great job guiding us through film classics. Fun to familiarize myself with movies in the film canon. Can't wait for next episode.

Great for movie lovers!   (5/5)

I really enjoy the guest perspectives in the show. So far we’ve heard from really interesting people I never would have know about. Keep making a great show!

The dumb reviewing the smart   (1/5)

When the first thing out of the guy’s mouth is, Gee, I’ve never seen Citizen Kane, you know you’re in trouble. The trouble with this podcast, like so many podcasts, is that it’s hosted by morons, who somehow got the gig based on what??????? They have “podcast” voices, which basically means they either over or under compensate for sounding like used-car salesmen. You really just wanna reach through Apple horrible app and tell them to shut the hell up and get on with it. This isn’t Pod Save America l, that’s for sure. Watch the films yourself. Don’t bother with these bozos.

Paul Scheer is my movie hero   (5/5)

When Paul announced he was doing another movie podcast, I couldn’t wait to subscribe. It’s even better than I thought it’d be (and I had high expectations). I love all the research and interviews with experts. I’m also enjoying adding a “top” film viewing to my weekly “bad” film watching ((if you don’t listen to the sister “How Did This Get Made?” podcast, what are you even doing?)). At this point, Id follow Paul on any podcast venture he does.

Huzzah!   (5/5)

A perfect podcasting team-up for the perfect movie project! This is my new favorite podcast! (I coincidentally started watching all of the top AFI movies on my own last year, so I'm looking forward to hearing them all reviewed.)

Millennials ruin great film!   (1/5)

I had seen about 70% of the original (1998) AFI top 100 list when it was first published then spent the next year or so attempting to be the first among my brother and another few friends to have seen them all. I was 30 when I watched Gone With the Wind for the first time, and it was the final film I checked off the list. 20 years later this duo shows up and I’m trying to discover in the first few minutes if they’re even serious about film and movies. The opening montage of Millennials guessing at what Citizen Kane is about only solidified to me that Millennials have no interest in anything that occurred before President Obama took office. I’d rather listen to two hosts who really love movies but instead this is one film critic(?) and a guy who knows Orson Welles from jug wine commercials in the 80s? Not good. I’ll pass. You should, too.

Wonderful show!   (5/5)

LOVE this show. It’s fun to watch the films and hear Paul and Amy’s takes on them, as well as learn some interesting film history. Also, glad that Paul gets to watch good movies now as well as fun crappy movies on his other podcast. Great show!

Great idea and execution!!   (5/5)

I've always wanted to go through more of these films and what an amazing opportunity to do so! Especially when you get to hear people discuss them after and give some context to what we're watching and why they're considered "classics", since you don't get all that breakdown by just watching the actual film. First two episodes have been great, love the structure and I'm glad there's discussion at the end about if they deserve their spot on the list/why!

Great start--can't wait for more   (5/5)

Great look at classic (AFI 100) films by two great podcasters who are sometimes viewing them for the first time. Only caveat I have is the AFI 100 is sometimes a little too "hit" conscious but that's fine. Also, not that I don't swear all the time myself, but so far Paul has quit the constant drop of f-bombs that pepper his other podcasts, which I have found distracting. Anyway thoroughly enjoying this so far.

Great insights   (5/5)

If you are familiar with Paul scheer's other podcast you know he is really into films. But this is the most serious podcast he has done on the subject. Great insights and thoughts. I can tell already I'm going to be listening to this one for years.

Film Nerd Heaven   (5/5)

As an avid film buff and fellow filmmaking podcaster this show is like cocaine but totally legal. Also, the film projector sound scares me every time when I’m listening to it in my headphones.

Disappointing   (2/5)

Woke, smug, ignorant snark.

Good content, but aesthetic issues   (3/5)

The content is fascinating and the basic concept is excellent. However, Amy Nicholson speaks very quickly, with an extremely pronounced vocal fry and very sibilant s-sounds. I find I cannot listen to the podcast with headphones (the main way I listen to podcasts), as the total effect is too grating and distracting. It’s a shame, because she’s otherwise very knowledgeable and engaging. Perhaps in future episodes, the mic could be made less sensitive or she could develop a more “radio-friendly” voice. I really want to be able to love this podcast!

Wonderful!   (5/5)

Great chemistry between hosts with thoughtful and entertaining insights into film!

Just the right mix of lore and entertainment!   (5/5)

There's a great combination of hosts here. Amy and Paul are a really great combination.

One episode and hooked   (5/5)

The way you guys talk about CK makes me want to re-watch it as soon as I can find my DVD. Looking forward to many more eps. Thanks a lot for your commitment to review all one-hundred of AFI top choices.

Superior!   (5/5)

Great insights. Looking forward to more movies. PS - Ben Hur doesn’t belong on Top 100

Can't listen!   (1/5)

Tried to listen to the first Citizen Kane episode. I love classic movies, but this is too stupid and ignorant. Unsubscribe! Amy Nicholson has always be the most lightweight of the reviewers on FilmWeek and I now know why. She doesn't know anything about film history>

So refreshing!   (5/5)

I really enjoy this podcast so far. It's not a hater podcast (It's so easy to hate on things.) and it's a lot more engaging than your typical 'fanboy' type podcast. There's a genuine love of cinema that comes across that is both contagious and gives me more appreciation for the work that goes into a film. I Paul is a wonderful host and Amy brings a ton of insignt. They play well off each other. I can't wait to listen to more!

The podcast of my dreams...   (5/5)

I am a huge list maker and I appreciate the contributions of other list makers, even humble ones like the AFI. This Top 100 has always been a delicious point of debate for me, and I am thrilled to hear each movie dissected, just as I have done for years. Although I have actually seen most of the movies on this list, hearing Paul and Amy discuss Citizen Kane alerted me to things about it that I never knew, and which made me want to immediately give it a repeat viewing. I call that success. I will wait anxiously for each episode!

Loving it so far!   (5/5)

I’ve only listened to the one episode available, Citizen Kane, but it was fantastic and I’m eager for more episodes. The two hosts have great chemistry. I came at this as a fan of How Did This Get Made and I wasn’t very excited because I thought it would just be two hosts making fun of good movies instead of bad. I am very pleasantly surprised! Both hosts have a lot of interesting insights to share and the behind the scenes tidbits are really fun to hear, particularly when they place scenes in their historical or political or societal context in ways it wouldn’t have occurred to me to look into. It’s wonderful to hear about these classic movies from a very modern lens, as opposed to just a straight forward critique about each movie. Unspooled is definitely going into my regular rotation!

“I love, I love film”   (5/5)

Wait... is this an episode of “I love film”? I think it is!

A must for anyone working through the AFI list   (5/5)

Paul and Amy lead us through fun, informative reviews of AFI’s top 100 movies, adding to the experience of watching these cinema classics or inspiring us to watch the ones we’ve til now avoided. Love!

Nicely done   (5/5)

Enjoyable first episode. I look forward to more. I have liked Paul since “Human Giant”.

From bad to great   (5/5)

It's so cool that Paul decided to do a look-see at the AFI top 100. I absolutely love How Did This Get Made? and think this will see success along its lineage of HDTGM? I'd like to eventually see cameo's from others, like HDTGM? does — but only if Paul and Amy choose to.

Fun new take on classic films   (4/5)

I generally enjoyed your explanation of how your thoughts evolved from not having see to considering it from several different angles. But ... a couple of things: Maybe I missed the joke, but do you seriously think that whether a film has had a remake is any measure of its quality? Also, just because it didn’t deserve Best Picture over “Citizen Kane” and you haven’t seen it doesn’t mean “How Green Was My Valley” isn’t a beautiful film, because it is. Looking forward to more! (Huge fan of HDTGM though. That’s one of the best podcasts ever.)

Excellent!   (5/5)

Great show! What a way to start it off, too with a great and thorough review of Citizen Kane! Love that you brought a cinematographer into the mix to offer his opinions too. Definitely subscribing!

Great for an average film lover   (5/5)

I love movies - but I’m not a film historian. If you’re like me, this podcast is for us. Now, we’re only one episode in, but if the next 99 episodes are like the Citizen Kane analysis - we’re in for a treat. At first I was concerned that the show would be overproduced, but the clips are thoughtfully placed to help prove a point, give a reference or help inform us, the listeners. I really appreciate the interview with the cinematographer. It would be easy for the hosts to call up their comedian friends as a guest, but having an expert and asking him questions that an average person would be interested in really set this podcast above others.

Kane you dig it?   (4/5)

So far so good, good take on Kane and good first episode. I look forward to the other 99.

Off to a great start!   (5/5)

I just listened to the first episode and was very impressed with Paul and Amy's enthusiasm for film, knowledge of film history, and willingness to be open to classic films they may not be familiar with. I'm excited to hear their takes on the rest of the AFI lists.

A great film buff, buffer.   (5/5)

I don’t need to go on about these two hosts bonafides. They are out here doing it!

I enjoyed this so much   (5/5)

I love old movies, new movies, good movies, great movies. Going through and discussing the AFI top 100 films is such a good idea. The discussion of Citizen Kane was really entertaining and enlightening for someone who’s seen the movie and understands why it’s the number one movie as well as for those who could be persuaded to give it a try. (BTW, while I do not believe How Green Was My Valley deserved the Best Picture Oscar, it was a truly excellent movie in its own right. One of my favorites. Maureen O’Hara is incandescent.)

Excellent Concept   (5/5)

I could not be more excited having listened to both of these critics on past podcasts. This concept is phenomenal and should be excellent if the first episode is any indication.

Honestly   (5/5)

There’s not enough good movie podcast plus a great way to watch that thing you’ve been putting off forever

Great reviews   (5/5)

If I was in school and had to do a report on any of these movies. I would use their analysis. Paul plus anyone or anything is great.

Old movies and stuff   (5/5)

I dig it!

Fun and educational   (5/5)

I love old movies. I’ve seen a lot of these top 100 films and it’s interesting to hear what Paul and Amy think about them.

Listen!   (5/5)

The first episode already has me excited for the rest. I care over as a listener from HDTGM and this podcast does not disappoint. A totally different vibe but still super interesting and entertaining.

Movie Podcasts are the best!   (5/5)

Love Amy and Paul talking about some of the “greatest” movies of all time. I’m hooked for life.

Excellent First Episode   (5/5)

I love this podcast so much. Two great conversationalists discussing some of the most important films ever made. I love the “fresh take” feel to this podcast. There’s no sense of pretension from these hosts, but the material was well researched, interesting, and delivered in a very entertaining way. I’ve not watched a number of the AFI films since my undergrad days, and am really excited to take this journey with them. I’m particularly happy for Paul who is now getting a well-deserved, balanced diet of movies! I’m ready to hear about Ben Hur.

Not good   (1/5)

Fist show and they have to bring politics into it will not listen again

Movies By Number Podcast did it first   (5/5)

It’s a great concept that has already been produced for the last 3 years as my buddies and I review AFI’s Top 100 on Movies By Number. Picking each seasons AFI films randomly and reviewing them often for the first time. I a huge fan of Paul and HDTGM. But dammit of this doesn’t sting a little bit.

Ripoff of movies by number   (1/5)

The concept is great but this a rip off of another podcast. Movies by number is a better podcast.

Rosebud was actually what?!   (5/5)

Loved the detailed analysis and contextual information - great first show, looking forward to the rest of the series!

💯   (5/5)

Amy and Paul make a great team, and everything they say is interesting.

Awesome   (5/5)

Awesome concept. Great people. Can’t wait

Yes!!!!   (5/5)

Stoked for this! I’m hosting movie screenings at my university in conjunction with this. (If you’re at ubc hit it upppppp) awesome idea. Truly.

Great idea   (5/5)

I’ve been wanting to watch the list and can’t wait to hear the hosts many amazing films are forgotten about or overlooked. Thanks for starting the pod!

Hello. This looks promising.   (5/5)

This looks like a nice break from the snark. Don’t get me wrong, I love snark, but I’m interested in the serious, in-depth look as well. I plan on watching these movies as the podcast covers them.

Great excuse to watch great movies   (5/5)

Paul & Amy are a delight, and this show is shaping up to be really amazing. I can’t wait for more people to hear it!

Yum!   (5/5)

I am not sure what Unspooled means. I can only assume it has something to do with spaghetti. I love spaghetti!! Wow! The first podcast dedicated to spaghetti! I’m excited! 5 STARS!!

Great Concept   (5/5)

Super excited for this! Loved their interactions on The Canon.

Merging of worlds   (5/5)

The Canon and How Did This Get Made are both amazing film based podcasts. I’m so excited to hear Paul and Amy discuss classic films. Paul and Amy are smart, insightful and thoughtful critics who provide thorough commentary and reviews on a wide variety of films ranging from brilliant to flat out terrible.

I haven’t heard it yet but in just soo excited to be the first at reviewing something.   (5/5)

The title card looks quite nice and the font used was an excellent choice. The couple don’t have any real chemistry, the woman is quite fetching while the man, meh. Can’t wait to give it a listen and good luck!

Woohoo!   (5/5)

I’m so excited for this new pod! Paul is one of my top fave comedians and podcasters. I’ve also been wanting to watch the 100 best movies, so this is a win-win.

Best Podcast! Best Hosts!   (5/5)

I love these hosts!! Great concept, Great execution. ALL CLASS!