Aggregated reviews for Wall Street Unplugged - Your Best Source for Finance, Investing & Economics

Listen to renowned small cap stock analyst Frank Curzio talk with leading economists and respected investment professionals. Frank also breaks down the news of the week so all listeners can make money in these markets!

Listened for 2 years and purchased newsletter   (1/5)

Dude is a hack. There are way better, less biased, stock analysis and general investing podcasts out there. His suggestions over past 2 years since I started listening have significantly underperformed the index portion of my portfolio.

All good things end.   (2/5)

Have listened for years for well thought out commentary on stock market comings and goings, but now has turned into a rant of his personal beliefs on everything from politics to who should be sacrified to C-19 in order to get our economy going again. Got to keep that generational wealth train moving rigt along don't we and all with the disclaimer of being totally unbias (right). Mr Curzio hope you can now find some peace of mind knowing that your numbers dont lie and having a trusty gun under your pillow.

Long time listener   (5/5)

It is with highest regard I am writing to you to sincerely thank you for your exceptional program Wall Street Unplugged. I’m truly a weekly listener. I have listened to your podcasts for years. Since the time of the Street.comfor Jim Cramer, then Porter Stansberry for Stansberry Research and now Frank, on your own terms choosing yourself with Curzio Research. Listening to you, telling me what’s really moving these markets has been inspirational. Beginning with your rants, which we are not always on the same page, nevertheless, thought provoking. Interviews with the worlds finest corporate leaders and educational segments is providing me with the knowledge to personally increase my income. For example, while listening to your educational segment possible turnaround opportunity with KODK, which I had a financial opportunity to pick up at $3.88 I waited watching till the President’s announcement. I sold enough to get my cost basis back. I held the balance of shares watching for direction and to my surprise the following day KODK surged again where I decided to sell my balance of shares for $43.88 each. I bought the rumor and sold the news. I reinvested the proceeds in an income opportunity and I’m happy. My well wishes for you, your Mom, wife and your daughters.

Tons of dead air   (1/5)

This podcast is 90 minutes. It could be an hour if the host would stop with all the silly dead air. There isn’t enough good info worth the wait.

Privilege   (5/5)

Giving 5 stars to encourage others to hear your point of view and think about what you’ve said. So your focus is on protecting statues instead of people. And you encourage more violence against those people who have already been the victims of violence both within their own communities and from authorities who were supposed to protect and serve. You and your kids will thankfully never know what it’s like to feel unwanted, unsafe, or “less than” simply because of your skin color. My friend, you are indeed privileged.

Thanks for condemning the violence Frank!   (5/5)

Outstanding podcast, sound advice, cutting edge financial knowledge! And thanks for condemning the unnecessary societal violence! Always ahead of the curve.

If you like 5 second pauses   (1/5)

Can’t stay interested in this content for all the pauses. Too bad

Frank is the man!!!   (5/5)

This podcast has saved our family hundreds of thousands in the last few months. Top notch data and great guests. It should be a staple in your rotation.

Very Likeable guy   (5/5)

Love that he keeps it real and comes across very genuine. Even his social circle in his company of advisors work really hard and seem like very smart and dedicated people.

Empowering, insightful and actionable! 🙌   (5/5)

Whether you’re well established as someone innovating in the world of banking and finance, or just getting started as a catalyst for change - this is a must-listen podcast for you! Frank does an incredible job leading conversations that cover a huge breadth of topics related to the ins and outs of successfully navigating an ever changing financial landscape - from leaders who’ve actually walked the path. Highly recommend listening and subscribing!

Great perspective on the world and how things are changing   (5/5)

Gives a broad perspective on the market as well as thoughtful perspectives on individual investment opportunities. Good stuff

Thank you!! Great Corona Virus call!   (5/5)

Thank you for your great work calling the impact of the corona virus on markets! I’m a Curzio research member for life now.

Fall From Grace   (1/5)

If you’ve listened before the last couple years I know it’s gone down hill. No reason to leave the 3 paragraph review.....

In our prayers   (5/5)

Two leaders of the industry. Hope your mother gets better. Thanks for all the insight you have offered

always do your own research   (1/5)

If you bought a CEO token, congratulations. You now own one of the most illiquid assets in the world. Think of all the advice Frank gives you when you listen. All the things to look for / research when deciding to invest. Now apply that to a CEO token. Would you invest $25,000 into a company that doesn’t disclose any financial statements? Better yet, a company that promises it will be apart of a 100** trillion dollar industry? Nothing adds up, and an equity stake in Curzio Research means nothing. You’re covering their labor costs. STO’s are the real deal, but the underlying asset in which that token is derived from must be the catalyst for growth, not the offering of the token itself. - cheers

Awesome Podcast!!   (5/5)

Frank, host of the Wall Street Unplugged podcast, highlights all aspects of finance, investing and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!

Podcast solid/ newsletters horrible   (1/5)

Word of advice for his newsletters. Don’t even waste your time unless you like to harvest tax losses. Customer service is non existent even after signing up for lifetime subscription. He’s a great salesman but in terms of performance or service forget it.

Frustrated - Listener   (1/5)

Sent this email to and did not hear a peep back: So frustrating! Frank recommends stocks that do nothing for months or worse go down 15% to 20%. Then says this is a great buying opportunity. Why recommend stocks like this in the first place! (Humana, LNG, Knight Swift Transportation, Citigroup, Itri, Control4) I need gains! I don't subscribe to "wait" and collect meager dividends. And worse, buy his selections when they are down for a "discount" The Curzio Research Advisory product is very disappointing. I am a lifetime subscriber but am deeply regretting this decision. Not sure what happened. I have been with Frank for years and he was great. But just recently his recommendations for Curzio Research Advisor have been garbage. It appears his focus is on people who subscribe to Curzio Venture or his token investors and away from the little people that were with him from the beginning. This is unacceptable. If Frank is unable to offer exciting, promising stock picks to his readers of CRA then the product should be discontinued. Not everyone is an accredited investor or can afford the price tag for the Venture Opportunity product. A more than frustrated subscriber

Stay away from this con artist   (1/5)

I fell for the old bait and switch from this con artist. Stay away

A must listen financial podcast   (5/5)

Hands the best podcast you can subscribe to. I look forward to listening to Frank and his guests every week. :)

Curzio is great.   (5/5)

I've been listening to Frank since he took over for Aaron Task on CNBC's Real Money. He is very down to earth, no BS.

A darn good listen   (5/5)

People, there are a lot of financial podcasts out there. This one treats you like family. Family takes care of family. This is what Mr. Curzio does for the Mom and Pop investor.

Boring and off topic   (1/5)

I tune into an investment podcast to hear about the investment world. 5 minutes of BS about March madness? Waste of time for me. This guy rambles and talks like a total hype man. I have only listened to two full episodes and cannot stomach the latest two on my queue.

Stop with the Crypto already   (2/5)

Can’t wait for curzio to finally either complete or fail on this crypto token sale so we can stop hearing about it. Makes him sound like a complete scam artist. I’ve listened for 10 years to his podcast (on this feed and prior companies) and Frank was always entertaining and educational. The past few months he has completely stopped adding value to listeners And doesn’t focus enough on educating us about investments - he only talks this token sale. And his explanations for why tokens are so good and going to change the investment banking world are not well thought out and misleading.

Used to Be Great - Now Half Infomercial Few Actionable Items   (2/5)

This USED to Be Great Podcast that I couldn't get enough of with terrific stock ideas and awesome general market knowledge. Plus he comes across as a great guy. Then he started his company and now its Half Infomercial for some new product with even his listener questions geared toward selling us something. Also Very Few Actionable Items with his picks being kept for his subscribers - which I get but really can't you talk like you used to about things to keep your eye out for. As a subscriber - I have been disappointed as well with the portfolio returns and the fact that his buy and sell prices are always better than mine by a lot - even though I trade immediately after the subscription comes out. He has changed from value to growth in his newsletter and this has not been great.

Used to be better (stop with your tokens bs)   (2/5)

No one wants to listen to this guy rant and shill his tokens to buy into his business. It used to be only stocks and sentiment (market overview) and great guests. Now it’s 75% junk security token garbage. Go back to the basics please. I keep checking in for the first 5 mins and then it goes to security token bull and I turn it off.

Best ideas to lose a lot of money-WORST PODCAST EVER   (1/5)

I made the mistake of subscribing to the lifetime offer. Bottom line, if the newsletter had cost $10k and said don’t invest in anything I say, it would have saved me about $20k in loses. This scam artist has made a series of some of the worst picks ever. Even almost every guest recommendation managed to collapse nearly 75% after appearing and pumping up their stock on the podcast. His in now pumping his stupid investment token in his company so he can grow his newsletters and hopefully cost more people their retirement. RUN RUN RUN. SCAM ARTIST!

Hold onto your money   (1/5)

The guy is entertaining and convincing, but the negative reviews here nail him. His podcasts are infomercials to buy his newsletters. His stockpicking is terrible. DO NOT follow his advice unless you like losing money. I am speaking from experience. Everyone of his fans will sooner or later learn as I did, that while con men are very charming, they really only care about getting your money into their pockets.

Great view of investing world   (5/5)

I listen to several podcast and I heard him on the TDI podcast and I have added this to my top list

Love his Podcast. listening for years!   (5/5)

but buyer beware. His picks of the month via his newsletter are real dogs. if you followed him you are getting creamed. he’s like most stock kibitzers- they take both sides of the argument/trade , so no matter the outcome they can claim they are right, something he learned from Cramer, no doubt. He does the work tho, so I can respect that but he’s been wrong a lot lately, and often. He spends a lot of time pumping his friends who have podcasts of their own, and there’s this never ending circle jerk, where the guests overly praise him, and they overly praise him and they all agree that they require a lot of ego stroking. he’s sincere, cares about his followers, but he now has too many business interests, because he’s expanding his newsletters. he speaks about very speculative investments, which is okay, but you cannot build a portfolio based upon anything he recommends. His podcasts have become infomercials, and it’s annoying. If you’re going to follow him , make sure you do it with a very small portion of your total accounts, or you’ll end up owning a lot of doggie droppings he’s a good guy tho, sincere, definitely entertaining and presents cogent takes, just understand he’s half in it for the subs

Great market insights   (5/5)

Thank you

Great info... great host   (5/5)

Been listening to Frank for years now. He provides analysis and info on companies and sectors you just won’t get elsewhere.

Real deal   (5/5)

Thanks Frank for intriguing and smart commentary. Great show.

Sounds like a good podcast   (3/5)

Obviously Frank is a veteran and he's been around. His experiences and advises are pretty solid. He's a solid long term investor although I wish he would stay away from the Gold bug stuff. I just discovered his podcast and will keep it in my favourites.

Investing Insights   (5/5)

Both informative and entertaining. Thanks!

Best financial podcast   (5/5)

It doesn't get any better. Educational, good guests, entertaining and won't bore you to tears like most others.

#1 Investing Podcast - can't wait for each new episode!   (5/5)

I’ve been a listener for over 5 years now. Very, very good advice, interviews, and educational segments. Made a ton of money with his picks. The addition of a question & answer segment was a good idea. You’ll learn a lot more and get better advice by listening here than you will watching the business shows on TV! You may think an investing podcast is boring to listen to…trust me, this one is anything but. Frank is a terrific host. Appreciate the light commentary about football and March Madness!

So much information and real perspective   (5/5)

Best financial podcast!!

Best Investment Podcast BY FAR   (5/5)

This is it, my number one podcast in all categories, including financial. - Frank is honest - Frank talks about his losers too - Frank has vast knowledge of all industries, especially the small caps - Frank WILL answer your questions on his Friday "Frankly Speaking" episode when you email him - Frank has terrific guests and interviews Do yourself a favor and subscribe immediately!!

It's great!!   (5/5)

Listen to this weekly and "frankly speaking"

Excellent!   (5/5)


Great Easy Listening Advice   (5/5)

Long time listener. Always admits mistake and put you, the listener, first

One of the Best   (5/5)

Great insight into the markets and interesting rants make this one of my favorites.

3 years w/Frank   (5/5)

I've been listening to Frank for 3+years. I have been a subscriber to his newsletters as well as many others in the industry for 8+ years. Frank is the best. And his podcast is very entertaining and insightful. His guests are first rate. And he is uncharacteristically humble in this industry.

Love this podcast   (5/5)

Very informative. Frank is knowledgeable and really cares about his listeners.

My favorite weekly investing podcast   (5/5)

Frank delivers information in ways that really hit home. I would recommend anyone to give him a listen, regardless of your level of knowledge. He is one of the good ones.

Great!   (5/5)

Fantastic and informative podcast. Frank interviews great guests and has easy to understand educational segments. I can't recommend this podcast enough.

Fantastic Podcast   (5/5)

I've been a listener for about 8 months now and have absolutely loved Frank's commentary on the markets. Coming in as an unskilled investor, his insights have opened my eyes to a number of trends, signals, and characteristics of the market I had not previously thought about. Frank does an awesome job sourcing special guests each week to broaden the ideas that come out in the show. I hope you keep podcasting!

Finally something sophisticated   (5/5)

So many market-oriented podcasts are pretty remedial. Frank's podcast was a refreshing find. One that dives into capital market theory, macroeconomic outlook, earnings, cash flow analysis, you name it. Plus, his interviews with industry professionals are incredible and have exposed me to names and ideas I wouldn't otherwise be familiar with. My only gripe with this podcast is that there aren't more and that they aren't longer.

Entertaining   (4/5)

Frank is very entertaining. I even like most of his rants. His educational segments are also spot on. I'm not given him a five star rating yet though because I need more time to evaluate his recommendations given that they are usually for 2+ years.

Best investing podcast out there   (5/5)

Frank has the best investing podcast, I learn something new every time I listen. Great investing ideas. I look forward to the next episode long before it's released.

I've listened for years   (5/5)

Sometimes Frank's rants just tick me off and I start yelling at my phone, but he has very thorough explanations and great points to consider about stocks and industries. Absolutely worth listening to for a fresh perspective on stocks, though sometimes there's way too much about junior miners and gold.

One of the only investment professionals worth a listen   (5/5)

Frank does an incredible job. Great guests, solid approaches to the market. Worth a listen every time. Only person I recommended to friends and family.

Great Podcast and very informative   (5/5)

Always has great guests and gives you great stock picks and ideas

Interesting Podcast Great Analyst   (5/5)

This podcast is great for general market commentary, stock picking, and fundamental analysis of the stock market. Frank is informative and unlike most financial PODS, he isn't dry! The guy has a great sense of humor. He's a pleasure to listen to. Enjoy!

Favorite Finance Podcast   (5/5)

listening to Frank and his view has a reassuring aspect on the market. I always look forward to his podcast and never skip an episode.

I listen every week   (5/5)

I listen every week.

Great Stock Picker Turned Dirty Promoter   (2/5)

Frank is sadly a sellout. This was once my favorite podcast. Definitely one of the best. That was back when he worked for other newsletter companies like Stansberry, Weiss, the Street, etc and did not have what appear to be pretty extreme conflicts of interest he faces today. Ever since he launched his own company including his high priced "Ventures" newsletter (up to $5,000!) the podcast has gone down hill. Now at least 50% of each show focuses on selling his newsletter. He is always pumping some new opportunity. In my opinion, he has taken it too far recently, pumping a pick that he wants listeners to pay $3,000 (or whatever the discounted "Ventures" newsletter price is) for, even calling it a "secret IPO," when it is just an old chip maker reverse merging into a promising gold company. Old ticker: DRAM. New: USAU. He is always marketing, even subliminally at times. Whether via scare tactics that try and convince listeners they just "must" own gold or stories of how he has an edge over your average stock picker because he is so "connected" and friends with all the top players in the resource industry... My advice. Just think twice before you take action based on anything this man says. His incentives are not in line with yours.

Best show on I tunes   (5/5)

Love Frank He is honest and passionate. I never miss a show. You never know when you will get that nugget that will set you up for huge gains.

Can't stand his politics   (2/5)

Frank needs to lay off the politics. This is a money show not a politics show. I unsubscribed after today's episode.

I feel bad...5 years later finally doing this...   (5/5)

Frank, your advice has helped me understand that I am NOT a good short term investor/stock picker. YOU understand BOTH. I have had some personal downs in life in the last few years, and NOW I only use your advice for the long-term. THANK YOU for keeping my accounts in the green.

Frank the tank   (5/5)

Frank the tank kills it in stock analysis for in depth details the average person can grasp (which is what I need). He then plows through the markets to break them down into micro detail. Educating us on trends within trends.

For the noob   (4/5)

If your new to financial markets this podcast will continually teach you and guide you toward success. A down to earth guy that's easy to listen to. Great job Frank!!

Edith Ramirez   (5/5)

Herbalie has agreed to a settlement with the FTC that includes a $200 million judgment for refunds to many of its distributors, and forces the company to implement a major restructuring of its business operations. In a complaint filed today in the Central District of California, the FTC has charged Herbalife with deceiving hundreds of thousands of hopeful people

Thank you.   (5/5)

I'm becoming a successful investor (more a speculator) thanks to this and other great podcasts. No formal education in finance but the podcasts and practice on the markets it's all I need.

Smart, funny market commentary   (5/5)

Very insightful. Great guests and Frank does a good job interviewing them. He's also funny to listen to. Feels like you're sitting and having a beer with a good friend from college who just happens to be an expert on the markets. His tag line, "what's really moving the markets" is a good summary. Has great investment ideas. Listen, learn and enjoy.

Interesting and original   (5/5)

Curzios take on the market is educational and informative. He is good at explaining his reasoning and not afraid to take original viewpoints

Well well..   (1/5)

Frank - you talk, stretch and recycle to much into your podcast. I listen diligently in the past, and lately stopped, unless im really bored, stuck in the traffic, and not having other pc to listen to. You can repeat your message 4 times in single show. Is that because you must stretch your session to 1 hour? Also, you repeat again and again on your successes, and rarely talk about failures, that are many of them, and when doing so, it seems as to pat on your back and to show how honest are you.

Talks a Big Game   (1/5)

Good guests but be careful. Frank is a NY Fast talker, Plugs his successes, but never mentions the others. All on his picks, MeEwen, Brazil, & more..down. Teva is down $12!! He said this was a great pick @ $55.


The best testament I can give... in 6 months of listening and acting on his advice, my portfolio went from 18% DOWN to 31% UP. So, umm, yeah... I love this podcast.

Good listen with interesting ideas   (5/5)

I've listened for 6 months. Frank seems like a down to earth guy and has some interesting ideas. Recommended highly

My favorite financial podcast   (5/5)

Great ideas with great market insight interviewing great guests, what else could you ask for? Well my wife says a better voice, but I still love it.

I Never Miss a Podcast   (5/5)

I'm in the financial industry, and love Frank's podcast. Terrific guests and great information. Best of all, I made a lot of money from some of the people he interviewed.

Best in the game!   (5/5)

I've been listening to Frank for years. He knows what he's doing and has taught me a great deal. Great for beginers and experienced investors alike.

Good for beginners and beyond   (5/5)

Frank Curzio discusses his thoughts and ideas on life and the market and investing ideas. He takes care to share his current ideas on investing and also to invite guests onto his show who all share in differ from his own viewpoints. Ease interesting, funny, and gets fired up on occasion to. Good to listen weekly to stay up-to-date on market trends and get ideas from various sectors.

Young professional   (5/5)

Great podcast if you are learning the industry or want more in-depth explanations of the market. Good guests and stock picks as well.

Best stock information podcast out there   (5/5)

Frank does a great job explaining what is going on in the stock market with great insights. He gives you stock picks to consider on a regular basis. He has great guests, asks them great questions, allows them to answere fully, and disagrees with them in a way that you learn more without being offensive to the guests. I work and am busy with my kids when not working. This podcast allows me to keep current and helps me filter out stock market news.

Beyond Picking Stocks   (5/5)

Frank goes beyond picking and hyping specific companies. He gives insights from industry trends and provides a deep look into different industries and how they fit into trends of the broader economy. He also interviews economists, CEOs, and others who have differing views of the markets. This is an amazing free resource to tip off deeper research and get a deeper understanding while questioning your assumptions.

Market insights straight up   (5/5)

This guest and interviews that real help to get a better understanding of the market. Straight up just great advice.

Frank consistently does an awesome and educational job.   (5/5)

Great guests and a great interviewer!

Thanks   (5/5)

Great podcast thanks for making me money in the mining sector.

Profitable and Entertaining   (5/5)

I have been listenting to Frank for over 10 years. The investment insights and recomendations have been on the mark (with only a few losers). I like his "matter of fact" research insights and "tell it like it is" presentation style. Keep up the great work! thanks, John Thibeault (Tebo)

He is just interesting to listen to   (5/5)

whether you love him or not, he is simply an interesting listen. I prefer him to his guests but that said he is a good interviewer, lets guests talk without interruption. I love his rants, still has that angry NYer in him which is good for us listeners, bad for him health wise. what can I say, after 6 years of listening I still love him. Try his Friday Frankly speaking podcast, it is even better!!

Great insights   (5/5)

I find the interviews with recurring guests a great source of investment ideas. This program caters to investors of all skill levels. Keep up the great work!

it about time   (5/5)

it is abpout time I revuewed your pod cast Frank. I have been a listner for over 5 years now. Your subjects and guests are spot on to what is happening now and affecting us now! Keep up the great work!

Horrible   (1/5)

This guy just talks loudly and spews unsubstantiated facts in hopes to sway opinions. For instance his episodes this year in Jan and Feb when he discussed CFR he mentioned they had 16% loans to energy (which was about right) but then goes on to state that was over $4 billion in loans, when in reality its only $1.7 billion. Goes on to state other false facts about their 1-2% loan loss reserves etc. A professional money manager who doesn't cant perform accurate in depth analysis but rather yells uncontrollably about his (false) research and knowledge.

Excellent Podcast! Insightful Ideas. Thorough Financial Knowledge   (5/5)

I stumbled on Frank’s podcast as he was guest on another excellent podcast “The Disciplined Investor”. I really enjoy the insightful ideas that Frank discusses in this show and am always looking forward to his updates and market evaluations. Please keep up the good work!

Great podcast!   (5/5)

Love the analysis, learning a ton! Definitely knows what he’s talking about and not afraid to admit he’s wrong. AMAZING guests as well.

You must listen to this podcast   (5/5)

Less BS, more good information.

Thank you Frank!   (5/5)

You are helping me get wealthy, thank you!

Helpful, meat and potatoes on investing   (5/5)

Frank has great info on his podcast that is specific and gives great honest perspectives. I've made some good returns on some of his picks. This is not your typical fluff podcast. He gets to meaningful specific information rather than general BS (emergency fund, max 401k, blah blah common sense) in most podcasts.

Good stuff   (5/5)

Wide ranging market podcast. Gets good, interesting guests too.

I learn so much from this show   (5/5)

One of my favorite podcasts ! Keep up the great work Frank.

My favorite podcast   (5/5)

While I don't always agree with Frank, he is passionate about his choices and bring great interview with alternate points of view.

Always look forward to Frank's ideas   (5/5)

Frank has a friendly and open mind to all sorts of ideas and host great interviews. Learn new stuff every time. Really like the Andrew Horowitz and Das episodes. Thanks Frank.👍

Best Financial Podcast on iTunes   (5/5)

Frank has a unique ability to keep the listeners attention while explaining financial concepts.

Amazing talks   (5/5)

If you want to hear great interviews and amazing recommendations...this is your podcast!

Brings great ideas to the home-gamer   (5/5)

I've been listening to Frank for almost 2 years now. It takes serious research to stay ahead of the street. Frank brings you insight from his research and interviews from seasoned professionals so the listeners can have great money making ideas or at least some great education. Thank you Frank for sharing your work and helping the home gamer!

Best Finance Show for the money!   (5/5)

Are you interested in successfully investing in stocks? Would you like to spend an hour or so a couple times a week, listening to conversations between highly intelligent people? Do you own an electronic device that is capable of playing the audio of a podcast? If you answered: yes, maybe, sorta, probably, whatever, or no, you're in luck! This is the podcast for you. As a loyal listener to Franks shows, I will tell you this, his information is worth his weight in an assorted variety of precious metals! He (Frank) is one of the, if not the BEST analyst in business today. He is single handidly responsible for more tripple baggers (stocks not girls) in my portfolio than any other analyst, advisor, commentator, coach, dealer, caddy, or neighbors cousin that works "inside". If you're going to listen to any podcast in regards to finance/business, this is it. Don't waste your precious time anywhere else.

Great insights and great humor!   (5/5)

Thank you Frank for all the time you devote to this podcast! Great analysis and insights. Guests are certainly experts in their fields and happy to share their knowledge with the audience. Also, Frank asks great questions and does his prep work. Just don't get him talking politics ;). Kidding, I love it when he does!

Strait up   (4/5)

Frank tells it like he feels it is. I don't always agree with him but I don't think he does this podcast just to sell subscriptions. With stock picks you can be 70% wrong & still make money if you have stops out there to cut your losses & let your winners ride - Frank gives me ideas and quite a few times, the stops saved my asxx my winners made me $. The one thing keeping me from giving him 5 stars is he spends too much time in resources in my view. There are far too many variables at play; demand, supply, capacity, competitors, alternatives, etc. to keep track of to make this work - i.e. Knowing the top and bottoms - that I find it pointless to invest in gold, oil, gas, copper, what ever. Even industry insiders get it wrong --- because they don't know what competitors are doing. So I wish he would spend more time with ideas we can all understand.

A thank you review   (5/5)

Hey frank thank you for your great show. Unlike the sh!+ talkers on here, I actually listened to you for ideas and I am around 10% increase in my portfolio. I am a beginner investor but I learn so much you. And he actually replies to ur emails. Lol he can be a little cold on his emails but I understand why. Great job with the show. This review is the least I can do. Thanks! And I am his newsletter subscriber.

Informative   (5/5)

Great podcast!

Favorite Podcast   (5/5)

After about a year of listening to this podcast and………………………………LMAO at times, Frank Curzio has gained my trust as an investor. Not to mention my latest big wins from listening to this podcast, but I will, (GSV, AG, MUX) I wish I would of taken his warnings to save myself on other investestment I already owned. I would have saved profits on AAPL and KMI. Like to hear the bull and bear case and find his guest informative!! Keep up the rants and the great work! Great thing is once you hear his 2017 Super Bowl prediction, make the opposite bet, and you can get disruptors and dominators for free with your winnings, lol. And finally this Chiefs fan would like to say thank you for Andy Reid.

Insightful advice   (5/5)

Learning new things with every podcast

Everyman’s Adviser   (4/5)

I skip over his rants sometimes but sometimes I enjoy them. He usually has on top notch guests who supply great info. He really does seem to be an honest mouthpiece for mom and pop investors. I listen every week

Good advice and great rants   (5/5)

He has solid market advice and great ideas, but his rants about a native New Yorker living in Florida are the greatest.

Awesome podcast   (5/5)

Informative and entertaining.

Best podcast ever   (5/5)

If your interested in the stock market or general news this is for you. He is a down to earth guy and says what he wants. I wait for new episodes all the time. I wish he had a daily radio station.

Keep making me money   (5/5)

This is a great podcast for anyone trying to make sense of the stock market. Do not listen to this passively but take notes and look up the terms you don’t understand. Ive been doing that for the last few months and have grown my investments. Good luck!

Good stuff   (5/5)

Good stuff

stick to your strength   (4/5)

Frank cut out the rants; stay away from politics, especially individual candidate assessments good guests, good discussions

Great analysis, great guests   (5/5)

some of the best market analysis you'll find anywhere, even if the guy is a fan of the green plague of the NFL (Eagles)

Just as the Headline Says   (5/5)

Great podcast. Frank information about stocks and market conditions. Quickly became the 'do not miss' podcast.

Great free educational resource   (5/5)

Anyone interested in learning about stocks and the market should listen to this. Learned more from Frank than any other single source on investing.

Solid investing advice   (5/5)

I've been a listener for a long time because Frank warks hard to bring valuable information to his listeners. His common sense, independent research, and large network make this podcast well worth your time. Highly recommended.

Still my favorite investing podcast :)   (5/5)

Tried out several podcasts over the past year; still listen to 4 religiously, and Frank's is my favorite. As a beginner to the investing game with no formal financial training, the education portions of the podcast are really enlightening on market behavior, personal discipline, trends, etc. I'd never placed stops to minimize losses if it weren't for the insistence of his podcast, something I haven't heard on other podcasts. Friday's podcasts are great for me in helping me think what's the right questions to ask. Thanks, Frank!

Best investing podcast   (5/5)

This is the best investing podcast wish Cramer and motley fool were as good as Frank. I could listen to Frank every day of the week. Great info, I wish I bought more on his recommendations from disrupters and dominators because my portfolio is way up.

mD   (5/5)

Frank has by far the most informative investment podcast and the best guests.

Great podcast   (5/5)

I learn something new every time I listen . Great podcast

A Must Listen!   (5/5)

Frank is a no-nonsense guy that gives you the facts regarding investments, sports, Florida, etc. but mainly investments! His guests are great as well and all provide you with a different perspective on sectors, investments, etc. I've been listening to Frank for several years and will continue to do so as long as he provides the podcasts! Thanks for all you do Frank and please keep it up!!

My favorite podcast   (5/5)

Keep it going frank - look forward to listening and to your show every week.

Worth listening to   (5/5)

Great interviews and thorough analysis. Interviews guests with many varying perspectives on the market. I look forward to it every Wednesday!

DesiPhillies   (5/5)

Great Recommendations regarding stocks and some informative interviews. Thanks Frank for the podcast

Great info   (5/5)

I listen frank podcast religiously is great the best on investment.

Absolute Favorite   (5/5)

Great podcast that offers amazing information in the time of a short podcast - which would otherwise take hours to find manually. Frank is also able to keep it interesting with various interviews and Q&A sessions. It is therefore the perfect podcast for anyone wanting to learn about markets and the economy as a whole.

Fantastic!   (5/5)

Frank Curzio has a podcast about stocks...and get this - built around fundamentals. Yes he has worked for Cramer, but don't judge him for that (he does speak to Cramer's relentless work ethic). The quality of guests he gets is diverse and always interesting. If you're looking to truly learn about analyzing the stock market, built on facts and not just hype, then this is your guy. If you're looking for reality TV then go elsewhere.

Amazing podcast   (5/5)

Love this podcast. I'm made a nice chunck of $ following Franks picks.

Great podcast   (5/5)

Great place to get good news stories and updates as well as great ideas.

Great Resource   (5/5)

Always enjoy listening to Frank for his insight and wit. He has some of the best interviewees in the business. Best investment podcast around

Awesome.   (5/5)

Great guy. Great pod.

Great guests   (5/5)

Good to have in your feed. Good information in a simple format. Must listen if you are in to stocks

Great guests   (5/5)

Good to have in your feed. Good information in a simple format. Must listen if you are in to stocks

Great guests   (5/5)

Good to have in your feed. Good information in a simple format. Must listen if you are in to stocks

My favorite investment podcast   (5/5)

You can tell frank definitely does his homework and will even visit the business. Great guests on show.

Excellent finance podcast   (5/5)

Has great guest, is entertaining, and understandable to novice investor. Presents opposing points of views, and is willing to change his mind when conditions change. Highly recommended.

Wall Street Week   (5/5)

Very timely and concise financial information

Your a moron if you do t make time for this podcast.   (5/5)

There's so much crap out there when it comes to Wall Street Podcasts about investments. Thank God I found Frank. Been listening now for over a year and while I don't agree with everything his interviewers have to say I do know my accounts are up 74% this year thanks to the info I found here. He straight to the point and a New Yorker... Don't hold that against him. The knowledge here will guide you through rough spots in the markets. Thanks Frank!

Like a good friend   (5/5)

Love the podcast. Excellent shows. Highly recommend this podcast over all others. Thanks for all you do for us, Frank!

Very helpful   (5/5)

Frank gives great knowledge and insights that are very helpful for the new investor. Guests are excellent. Highly recommend.

Favorite investing podcast   (5/5)

I have been listening to investing podcasts on iTunes since Ike Iossif in the mid-2000s. This podcast has the best investing interviews that I have heard during this time and is quite accessible for the typical investor. Thanks for a great service Frank.

Frank breaks it down...   (5/5)

Excellent podcast. I've been following Frank for 7+years and he does a great job. Fantastic interviews, great personal commentary. I'd recommend this to a novice or sophisticated investor.

Very educational podcast!   (5/5)

Thanks, Frank!

Best financial podcast.   (5/5)

Entertaining and Educational! No BS, just straight forward information.

Wall Street unplugged with Frank Curzio   (5/5)

Frank is a super coach and teacher

Great financial advise with a lot good info for free   (5/5)

I have been listening to Frank since I found him through the Disiplined Investor podcast with Andrew Horowitz. He is entertaining and provides good stock tips and investing insight as you would expect from someone who's dad also provided newsletters. Great guests and you can hear he enjoys speaking with guests he books. I listen to several financial podcast each week, but Franks is the best I have found.

Great stuff!!   (5/5)

This is the first podcast have ever listened to, I'm mad it took this long. Love listening to your stuff. Can you recommend any pharma newsletter worth subscribing to? Paid/free.. Thanks a lot!

Great content   (5/5)

Great interviews, very knowledgeable.

A must for your podcast portfolio   (5/5)

If you listen consistently, you will hear many ideas for stock investments. No guarantees, but this podcast provides more different views and more actionable ideas than any other I have encountered. I also believe that all Frank’s mistakes are honest ones, which is more than I can say for many other purveyors of financial views.

Addictive investing talk   (5/5)

Always a different interview. Usually very interesting to serious investors.

Great stock advice   (5/5)

Frank gives honest opinions of what is happening in today's stock markets

Great podcast   (5/5)

I am a long time listener and huge Frank Curzio fan. I love his down to earth, “No BS” style. There are several good investment podcasts I download every week, but this is far and away my favorite. Entertaining, informative, straightforward. Like everyone else in the industry, Frank is often wrong; however, like very few others, he is not afraid to own up to his mis-calls and analyze how and where he got it wrong — which is not only refreshing but also very helpful.

Wall Street Unplugged   (5/5)

If you want straight talk and a great education about the stock market this is the podcast for you. Frank is down-to-earth, asks inciteful questions, and provides valuable education segments in each episode. Frank, continue to keep us informed and entertained!

Chip off the old block   (5/5)

I've been at this "game" since '87 and have an ear for BS and you will find none of that in his podcasts-simply the straight skinny throughout, just like his dad, and so his podcasts are among the very few I never miss.

Great Stock Market Podcast   (5/5)

This podcast is about stocks and investing. It establishes the benchmark for quality and professionalism while still having a bit of character from the host. With high quality, high and low profile guests, you get a broad variety of stock ideas and investment angles. If you’re lucky, you’ll get a rant, too.

Recommend! Great info   (5/5)

Started listening last week and I am an avid Jim Cramer listener. So, it is good to get another perspective and his guests are informative. Plus, he talks about other things which is entertaining as well!

Thanks Frank!   (5/5)

Outstanding podcast! Educational and common sense advice!

Solid Podcast   (5/5)

Great podcast. Frank spends a few minutes ranting about life, but tries to inject some personal touch to things. Usually, I can relate or understand where he's coming from. He has a handful of guests, but count on a guest each week -- with different approaches and angles. He doesn't get perma-bears or perma-bulls. He doesn't get into the market/economic details quite as much as Andrew Horowitz, but that's OK, I rarely need to hear it twice. There's some info for newer investors and a few things to challenge the veterans.

Podcast was much better when in was from NY.   (2/5)

This podcast has gone down hill since Frank moved to Florida. When he was in NY it was much better! Skip the first 5 minutes, he hates Florida.

good stuff   (4/5)

Good, honest sincere guy. Very good guests, especially in the natural resources space. Definitely worth listening to.

One of the best   (5/5)

Frank has renamed his podcast, but he provides excellent information on his views of the financial markets. He is an excellent interviewer and is able to get the best guests to come on his podcast.

Excellent finance podcast   (5/5)

Excellent finance podcast. Knowledgeable and able to express his thoughts in a cogent manner. Highly recommended for those seeking to increase their financial aptitude.

Exceptional   (5/5)

I tried several podcasts that talk about the stock market and this is by far my favorite. He keeps it interesting and love the advice. I listen to every episode.

Great podcast !!   (5/5)

Frank does a great job explaining info,lots of great topics.

Mediocre at best   (2/5)

Frank cares too much on what other people think about him and focuses a large portion on his show on it

Frank is amazing   (5/5)

Frank is amazing. I have listened to him for several years and I love his no B.S. style. Keep the good work Frank! BTW Frank also writes an awesome newsletter. Highly recommended!

Worth listening for an investor   (5/5)

Frank does his research on stocks and industries. Frank gets some of the best guests and asks them the questions all of us would like to ask.

The Podcast Master   (5/5)

Don't call it a comeback, Frank's been here for years. I have been listening to Frank for about 7 years now. I have subscribed to his news letters and he will show you how a true analyst works. Getting big time interviews and first hand experience for numerous industries. He always tells us to "do the homework" , but he tends to give a huge lead in the stock race. Thank you, Frank!


Just discoved this podcast, Frank has great ideas and opinions and has solid fundamentals. Always fun to listen to

great investing eduation and great guests   (5/5)

This podcast is a model for any aspiring investing podcaster. Frank does a great job at finding guests that you want to hear, and his education portion is also extremely insightful. This is one of my must listen to weekly shows. Not enough ranting though. I hope to see some more ranting now. Highly recommended!!!

small investor, trader   (5/5)

This is the best podcast for a beginning investor-trader. Very good and understandable coverage of stocks and trends. He will get you in a stock early following a new trend and other market changes.

Outstanding podcast for all investors   (5/5)

Frank does a great job of educating his audience on the potential trends and stocks that could dominate the market in the future. His personality is very entertaining but still wholesome and honest. He clearly explains his reasoning behind each stock or trend that he identifies. I believe investors of all skill levels and means would benefit greatly from listening to his podcast.

Keep It Coming at Us   (5/5)

So glad Frank is still podcasting. I love his stock insights and really have to laugh when he talks about the everyday folks of Florida. I live here too and feel like I've met them all. They're (we're) great folks in their own way. And Frank is the best in spite of his up north accent.

Exceptional Podcast   (5/5)

Was looking for an informative podcast to increase my knowledge on the market and stocks etc. Found this and love it! Frank is obviously smart, well informed and most of all hooked into the culture of markets and trends, with his vast network of friends and guests. His picks have been thus far profitable. Excellent podcast. I'm a fan.

Great Podcast if you are interested in investing   (5/5)

I just recently came accross Curzio's podcast and I can already tell that there is pleny of meat (a.k.a. high quality content) that is presented in an entertaining manner. Regardless if you are new to investing or have been stroling down Wall Street for a while, there is allways something to learn from Mr. Curzio's and his guests. I have been parusing the finance postcast world for bit and there a coupel that are outstanding. This is now one of my weekly must-listen-to. (it doesn't hurt, that some of the ideas and insights I took from this show have laready made some money :- ) )

Great Show   (4/5)

keep up the good work Frank.

Can't Miss Weekley Listen   (5/5)

Frank provides insight into the market that many other podcast lacks. His style of speaking will keep the listeners attention. The roster that makes up Frank's regular guests is also impressive. Usually provides a decent eductional segment and if you want entertainment listen to one of his rants. Would rate this podcast a must for someone just starting to get into the markets.

Clear enthusiastic, meaningful market commentary   (5/5)

Just discovered this podcast and really pleased I did. Curzio puts out one of the very few straight-up market commentaries. He doesn't get bogged down in politics and doesn't waste time on bizarro-utopian business topics (e.g., "green energy") - he just talks to smart guests about important market issues. Love it.

Entertaining   (5/5)

Found Frank while he was at Stansberry. I was initially like "oh crap" when he announced his departure, but was very happy to hear he would continue with this podcast with the entertaining guests he always has on. Folks shouldn't be lured here just to make money. If it were that easy, everyone would be doing. What Frank does is open your eyes and puts you in front of lots of great people and information for you to process. He does this and makes it very entertaining. You can tell he loves his family and really does his best with researching new ideas. Frank, keep up the great podcasts and best of luck at Money and Markets. Please don't let them keep you from doing Wall Street Unplugged.

Exceptional Host   (5/5)

What a great podcast! Frank's a native New Yorker. He's also a legacy in the investing world as his Dad was a newsletter writer. Frank has the magic of a real investor because it is in his blood. He's respected in the investing community and he prides himself on giving the most unbiased, concrete advice. He has many contacts, great guests, and his own research is high quality as it is not only done in the office or on the phone, but also out in the field. All in all, his advice is entertaining, educational, and detailed.

Informative & Entertaining   (5/5)

I’m a longtime follower or Frank & his investment advice. He and his guests never fail to provide valuable insight in a fun and entertaining manner. Very highly recommended.

Listen to this guy!!   (5/5)

I've followed Frank when he was at The Street. He has provided me with outstanding insight (both his own and from others in the field he had on as guests) which has helped me make better decisions with my investments. I felt I owed Frank something (since the podcast is free) so I joined his newsletter. In doing so I got some good tips and made some nice profits. You owe it to yourself to listen to this podcast!!

Awesome   (5/5)

Great investment advice plus educational segments, from a guy who genuinely cares about his listeners.

The investing podcast to listen to...   (5/5)

If you only listen to one podcast on investing, make it 'Wall Street Unplugged'. Frank is engaging and his content, interviews and analysis is first rate.

For the New and Experienced Investor - Great Stuff   (5/5)

Frank Curzio has away of communicating investment information in a way that is accessible to all of us. Frank brings on guests that look at the word different than the way he does. He explains why he agrees or disagrees with the guest, again, in a way that we all can understand. I highly recomend that you listen to Frank, every week. You will become a better, more educated invesotr for it.

Simply The Best   (5/5)

Frank has great guests like a few other podcasts, but he makes the most of his interviews like few other hosts do. Smart questions along with with a sense of civility towards his guests that you don't see that much anymore. Like I've said before, this is one podcast that I would pay for.

one of the few that I lisen to every week   (5/5)

great guests, informative, and entertaining

Money Making Ideas and Sincerity   (5/5)

Been a listener since Frank's first podcast. I try to never miss an episode. I've made money with his small cap newsletter. I've logged many miles running in all kinds of weather listening to Frank and his guests. I benefit from his knowledge and insight. I really appreciate his sincerity and sense of humor. I never miss Frank's podcasts.

Unplugged is Better   (5/5)

This is the same Frank, up front and extremely informative. Great content and informed guests. Look forward to listening to every week.

What would Frank do?   (5/5)

Thinking of investing? Ask the above question first.

Insight and More   (5/5)

Frank is as unique as people come. He has a way of asking questions that are friendly and pointed... a way of laughing and relating with guests that's unparalled in the business. I suspect his dad (a guru in the stock space) taught him his kindness and professionalism. I count him as a great friend and look forward to many more podcasts under this banner... he even claims he's going to have me on as a guest soon! i can't wait! Here's to your health wealth and a great retirement! de Editor of "Retirement Millioniare."

great guests and info   (5/5)

Frank always has great guests and info

guy   (4/5)

Frank knows his stuff and you never what angle he's going to take from week to week but I've been listening and became a fan when he started at S&A a few years ago. Thanks for keeping up this podcast and educating the masses Frank. John

Great Podcast   (5/5)

Frank provides a lot valuable information for an investor. I'm following him since he took over Aaron Task's podcast at The Street many years ago and didn't miss a single episode. His podcast improved a lot when he went to Stanberry and I'm sure it will improve again with the new move. I wish him all the best.

Same great Frank   (5/5)

I have been listening, and making money, to Frank’s advice for years. I bought his news letter and now follow him to here. This is one of the easiest listening to pod cast out there. Keep up the good work

Great Podcast   (5/5)

Great podcast great guest can always get a few nuggets here . Keep up the good work Frank

Thought provoking. Insightful. Entertaining.   (5/5)

I have listened to Frank's podcasts nearing a decade. His guests augment his own insightfulness. I'm looking forward to what he will do now that he is unfettered and unbridled. How great to have the freedom to explore one's own potential! Keep up the good work Frank! I'll be listening.

First 2 inteviews   (5/5)

The first 2 interviews with Stephanie link and marin katusa were super , good insights and very informative especially about oil. keep it up

Wall Street Unplugged   (5/5)

Frank Curzio at his best. Well worth my time to listen to.

Never Missed an Episode   (5/5)

I have learned and become a better investor as a result of listening to this podcast regularly. In fact, I have enjoyed every episode back to the street days. For my money his guests rank at the top of the list and many of the them make return appearances. So, we come to understand in depth the thoughts, and research of quite a few experienced and successful investors. Even better the guests often throw out a few specific ideas which we can later check out. Most important, like Jim Cramer, Curzio makes every effort to create an entertaining experience. I definitely look forward to listening each week!

The Great Advice Keeps On Flowing   (5/5)

I have been listening to Frank for over 7 years across his various podcast series. Now he is free to let loose. I can’t wait to here his fantastic guests and Frank’s color commentary as the markets move. All the best Frank on your new podcast. I know this will be a must listen to every week.

Frank Curzio is a guy you can trust   (5/5)

Tired of the BS from financial newsletters and magazines? Give his podcast a try and hear his no nonsense advice and powerful interviews. Highly recommended !

You want great info, this is the podcast for you   (5/5)

Frank is awesome. I have been listening to him since 2008 and he gives the best info. What is really great, is when he is wrong he says it. Many guru's are quick to say when they are right, but you never hear when they were wrong. Not Frank. He is great. And his rants are awesome!

Wall Street Unplugged   (5/5)

If you like stock info that is in depth and very informative and a good laugh from a great host, this is your podcast. Great guests and Stock analysis that is down to earth that everyone can understand.

Excellent Podcast   (5/5)

my favorite podcast - varied content and guests - no holds barred - well worth the time to listen - Stansberry's loss.

Great podcast. Always. Frank is so well connected that you get him and everyone he knows.   (5/5)

Franks guests always tell it like it is. They don't have a ax to grind or a postiton to promote. It just good hard information. I am so glad to be able to hear Frank again. Keep up the great work and thanks for the podcast.

Awesome podcast   (5/5)

Thank you for producing this wonderful podcast

Essential weekly listening   (5/5)

Whether you want ideas for stocks to invest in, or more importantly, just to learn basics and advanced ideas on investing, then this is the podcast to listen to. For me, it is a weekly Wednesday event that I cannot miss. Not a big ego, just a nice guy!

Great information and interviews.   (5/5)

I'm an amateur investor. Frank has a great podcast that helps me stay on top of my game. Great ideas from interview guests. This is a great all around investing podcast!

Solid!!   (5/5)

Stansberry's loss - In addition to great research, teachings and interesting/varied guests, lots of fun to listen to. Always look forward to a new episode… keep up the great work Frank!

Great Guest   (5/5)

Always has guest that actively invest and are well connected. You can always get something from each that helps you tie your own research together.

Frank's Podcast is great   (5/5)

Frank does a great job of informing his listners of what is really happening on Wall Street. He does not follow the media's agenda but an agenda that puts truth and accuracy for the listners as a priority. He has great ideas, great guests and open to all types on investment styles. I have met Frank in person in NY and he is a regular guy, no pretense now that he is a podcast star.

I look forward to this Podcast   (5/5)

Good info

Thoughtful discussion of stocks   (5/5)

I have listened to Frank Curzio off and on for years. He has very good guests. His analysis of stocks is very interesting. If you like to invest you may enjoy this.

Great interviews and rants   (5/5)

Must listen

Great investing tool   (5/5)

Frank has a very unique way of explaining the stock market. Easy to understand and follow along. Probably the most useful and up-to-date tool in my investing research.

Great info   (5/5)

Great insight here, the best podcast available in this area in my opinion.

No nonsense look at the markets. Frank tells it like it is. #1 on iTunes for a reason.   (5/5)

Thank you Frank for another great podcast. I have been listening for over two years now and it never gets old. Great selection of guest, and the rants are the best. Good luck with the new podcast, looking forward to it. - Rob

Smart, entertaining and a great market analyst   (5/5)

Been following Frank for eight years and he's not only helped me make money, but is a lot of fun to listen to. There are other smart guys out there, but they'll put you to sleep. Belive what everybody says, this guy is honest, informative and you'll like listening to him.

Keeping up with Frank   (4/5)

I was a regular follower of Frank when he was with Stansberry. He is interested in teaching his listeners. I am glad I will be able to continue to keep up with him and learn. Maybe even make some $$$.

One of my favorite investing podcasts.   (5/5)

I listen to a lot of investing podcasts and I’ve learned more from this one than the majority of the others. If small-caps are of any interest to you, this is required listening (though Frank certainly gives you plenty of info in regards to large-caps and the economy in general). His pragmatic opinions as to where the market is headed or how the economy is really doing is a welcome contrast to most of what the media is telling everyone and should be of value to any investor.

Great podcast   (5/5)

I have been listening to Frank for a number of years. I find him entertaining, informative, honest and current. He has great guests. I like his education segment. I am amazed how Frank is able to respond to emails and share some of them on his show. Frank is humble and upfront when he makes mistakes, trying to educate us so we can also learn from those mistakes. I look forward to seeing how the show evolves now that he is on his own.

A Class Act... And He'll Make You A Lot Of Money!   (5/5)

Frank Curzio's one of the best analysts around. Period. Frank know's his stuff, is honest and ethical and occasionally funny. Frank LOVES Florida. His is one of the few people that will talk about his mistakes. He has the best contacts in the industry come on the show. Curzio's vast network is your benefit. Listen and learn. I have benefited greatly over the years from Curzio's newsletters, stock picks, and podcasts. He'll tell you what he likes, what to avoid, and you'll learn a TON. You owe to yourself to listen to Frank Curzio's podcast!

Best podcast for stocks   (5/5)

I’ve been listening to Frank Curzio for many years and this is the best podcast on iTunes about stocks. Frank is incredibly knowledgable about what drives stocks and how you can make money on stocks. He also provides an education segment that teaches his listeners about stocks and helps you become a more educated investor. If you’re a stock investor, you’d be crazy not to listen to this one.

Frank is the best   (5/5)

One of the best investment podcasts out there. I followed frank to Stansberry and will follow him wherever he goes. Podcasts are instructional and informative and taken with very valuable perspectives.

Frank being frank, probably even better...   (5/5)

Another significant transition for Frank Curzio as he is no longer in the S&A Stable. S&A’s loss is our net gain. You will not likely agree 100% with Frank’s opinion or the opinions of his guests, but the key to each is that whatever is said, especially when you disagree, it makes you think. The regular guests are excellent and when someone new is introduced, it is usually a worthwhile listen. As a long-time listener, I look forward to the next chapter in the Curzio Novel and even more, to the next rant… Good luck, Frank!

Best Investment Podcast   (5/5)

First, love the NY accent! Reminds me of growing up in NY as a child. Second, fantastic guests are interviewed by Frank. Last, but not least, great insight as to what is going on the market. I have learned a tremendous amount of the years back when he was on S&A Radio. One of only 2 weekly financial podcasts that I never miss!

If you want solid market advice and education, just listen to Frank and his guests   (5/5)

I cannot recommend this guy strongly enough. He tells you what he's interested in, why, and exactly what to do with the information he imparts. Plus, more often than not his guests add additional actionable advice with specific stocks they like at the moment. I wouldn't miss this weekly podcast. If you're interested in making positive, life-changing investment decisions that will add to your financial well-being, listen to this podcast. Thanks, Frank.

Great Financial & Investing Podcast   (5/5)

Frank always has relevant guests on his podcast that know the current pulse of finance and investing. I look forward to listening every week.

Frank is the best   (5/5)

The best podcast for honest finacial advice.

Best market podcast, period.   (5/5)

Entertaining and informative, Frank is the best!!

No Hype   (5/5)

Funny, real, no hype. Frank is the best. I never miss an episode.

Frank--is just the best and most sincere   (5/5)

More years than I can remember listening to Frank--always a worthwhile use of my time--not just for the Curzio comments but for the large number of very well connected guests that Frank interviews .

This is the one   (5/5)

For 6 years, this is the one financial guy I download every week. He keeps moving around, trying to hide, but we are too clever for him and keep finding him. The information and entertainment (and weekly rant about Florida) are first rate. None better.

he is back   (5/5)

Frank is the best. I use to listen to him every week. I am thrilled that he is back. Great ideas and an MBA education!

Informative & entertaining   (5/5)

Frank's podcast is always informative and entertaining. I'm glad he retained his intellectual property after making the move away from Stansberry.

Great Show   (5/5)

Love Frank's take on things. He always delivers quality content. Thanks Frank!

Mediocre Hype!   (1/5)

Sometimes good content in between all "his" sales hype! :(

More shows   (5/5)

I've been listening to Frank since the street. He's the best. I wish he could do a show daily like in the past. Actually twice a week would be good :-)

This podcast rocks!   (5/5)

Informative, useful, and relevant! If you don't listen you are missing out.

Really good and interesting guests   (5/5)

I really like this show for its really plain, evenly balanced talk about the market and the economy. The guests are great and the insights are very valuable!

Always fresh, always good.   (5/5)

He is a bit more of a market follower than a market leader - the market is always great until it's not. But his advice and educational sections are excellent, and most of the guests are outstanding.

Great mix of humor and education   (5/5)

I never miss this podcast. Love Frank's take on life in Florida. I have learned a lot about investing listening to him.

Informative and entertaining   (5/5)

I've been enjoying Frank Curzio's podcasts and interviews. He usually has on interesting guests.

Great podcast! 2 year listener and counting!   (5/5)

Frank has a great show. I have listening for about two years and also follow his newsletter. Thanks for the wonderful guests, educational segments, market updates, etc. Fran will keep you ahead of the trends!

Has the best interviews   (5/5)

Frank has some great interviews with leading people in the business. He also gives educational segments and breaks down his information very well.

Interested in Investing - listen to Frank   (4/5)

Considerable amount of professional insight and market savvy in bite sized topical segments. Upbeat but realistic on investing and maintaining a steady up vector in the markets. Good guests and learned from the interviews.

Great show and solid information   (5/5)

I've been listening to this show for about a year now. Great information and very entertaining. I can't go a week without listening to the show.

S&A Investor Radio w/Frank Curzio - Your Best Source for Finance, Investing & Economics   (4/5)

Thanks for the market education, Frank, and great interviews with leaders in the investment world. I never miss an episode.

The best investment podcast out there!   (5/5)

Great to have Frank back. We missed him. Top notch guest interviews. He tells it like it really is out there. I can't believe the Street let him go, crazy.

One of the best   (5/5)

Great guests and I lean something new each episode. Thanks Frank for the time and effort you put into this podcast.

Fantastic Podcast   (5/5)

Keep up the great interviews & information Frank. Your show is a must listen to every week! Even though I am from Florida I still love ya...haha

Great stuff   (5/5)

Always insightful and informational. Appreciate the work you put in to produce this podcast.

Valuable and entertaining   (5/5)

Love Frank's perspective and insight. While other podcasts can be cheesy and scripted, Frank has a way of keeping it real, grounded, and relevant. I listen as often as I can because his podcasts always ALWAYS provide valuable information and education in a fun, laid-back format.

Valuable and entertaining   (5/5)

Love Frank's perspective and insight. While other podcasts can be cheesy and scripted, Frank has a way of keeping it real, grounded, and relevant. I listen as often as I can because his podcasts always ALWAYS provide valuable information and education in a fun, laid-back format.

Great information   (5/5)

I have been following Frank for years. His interviews are fantastic and I look forward to them every week. The information is priceless. Listen,learn and make money!

Listener   (5/5)

Great guests ; excellent interviews; awesome topics.

Cc   (5/5)

He asked for a rating and review. He must be good, because I never do s&@; like this on ITunes.

Investor small cap   (5/5)

Frank Curzio develops, grows and changes with the market as one would expect from a solid analyst. His specific recommendations and observations about the market are a necessary source of information. It makes me wish I had another 20 years to take advantage of the market because tools like these have made it much more fun.

Great Overview of the Markets and Inside look at Important Market Participants   (5/5)

This podcast is extremely educational. It is a great overview of the markets and inside look at important market participants. It is one of the few sources that I check every week.

Frank's terrific!   (4/5)

I listen to Frank every chance I get. I enjoy his straight up point of view about the market and appreciate the data and insight he uses to formulate his opinion. I think he can strengthen the podcast with a greater variety of speakers. However, the quality of speakers is high and I am able to pick up an idea or two by listening.

The friend I never met in person.   (5/5)

I've been listening to Frank for a long time, great interviews and personal stories. Maybe one day we'll meet and have a few beers together. Thanks for your profitable insights...

Great investment podcast   (5/5)

Frank always has great guests. Very informative and entertaining.

Beat it twice   (5/5)

Great podcast Frank!

Best investing podcast out there!!!   (5/5)

It doesn’t get any better than this Frank is a down to earth guy giving us the best financial advice possible no one does it better!

Flat out a very good Podcast   (5/5)

Frank keeps me up to date and in the real world on investing. Great interviews down to earth views and just a very good informative show.

Funny and informative   (5/5)

I actually enjoy Frank's rants. His show is a good mix of investment advice and stories of his personal life. Most of his guests are interesting and his educational segment is relevant and never boring. So far the majority of the stocks that were recommended on his show have made me money. I look forward to listening to it while working out!

Inaccurate analysis   (1/5)

The host talks too much about sports and his family, as well as how much he hates Florida. The guests are dull and stale. He's too lazy to bring in outsiders of his company. There were some really good guests a few months ago, but now he just focuses on selling his colleagues' research. I'm sure he's getting a nice cut of sales he's able to produce for the show.

Frank brings it...every time!   (5/5)

One the best sources of weekly updates on investing and the markets. Always looking forward to the next segment.

Frank is Great   (5/5)

Just an education like no other and has a great track record with small cap stocks!

Mediocre at best   (3/5)

I stand by my original podcast of April 2011. I continue to listen to Frank albeit with the following caveats: 1. Skip over the first 6-12 minutes of the podcast as Frank rants about Florida, lazy people, New Yorkers, etc. 2. The podcast can use a heavy dose of editing as Frank can ramble on about various subjects or topics. An hour's worth of talking with about 20 minutes worth of information. 3. Still extremely heavy on the Stansberry infomercial slant. Most guests are other Stansberry newsletter writers. Frank should try to get other guests. 4. Outside of the usual Stansberry cabal, Stephanie Link is good and energetic. Rich Suttmeier is completely boring and says the same thing over and over and over again. 5. Frank should try to be less obsequious. He fawns all over his guests with phrases like "I complete agree..." and "He's the smartest analyst I know..." Really Frank, **everyone** you interview is the smartest analyst? Despite my above caveats, some really, really good points that Frank makes: 1. If you learn just ONE technique from Frank, it is to use trailing stops. For those of you who don't know what a trailing stop is, it effectively is a racheting up of your sell price as the stock advances. If the stock keeps going up, your sale price keeps going up. 2. See observation #1. Overall, it's a "Just-OK" podcast. It's fine for when you're walking the dog but don't expect insightful analysis. ******************************************************** I listen to podcasts for about 6 months before I post an opinion here on Apple iTunes Store.... Frank Curzio may have a lot of fans but his podcast is mediocre at best. Stansberry & Associates churns out many a newsletter and the podcast seems primarily to be a vehicle to promote the different writers of the Stansberry's newsletters. Strengths: 1. Giving small cap advice but he doesn't talk enough about actual companies. 2. Warning people to do their research. He has gotten the appropriate disclaimer language down pat. Weaknesses 1. The podcast is essentially an infomercial for his own and various Stansberry investment newsletters. He is constantly talking about unrevealed stocks that he says are great investments but won't disclose them. In some ways that is fair since he has paying subscribers but it's annoying nonetheless. 2. Recycling of mediocre-to-poor guests (like the ultra-boring and perma-bear Richard Suttmeier, ValuEngine's Chief Market Strategist). Many of the guests are fellow Stansberry newsletter writers or researchers. 3. Very poor interviewing questions. Frank often tries to prove HIS viewpoint rather than understand the guest's viewpoint. 4. He seems to only invite guests that reinforce his view of the world. He needs to expand his own horizons. 5. Florida vs. New York. New York vs. Florida. Power washing driveways in Florida. Your kid's potty training. The Knicks. Give it a rest. We don't care. Suggested improvements. 1. Talk/disclose more about individual companies. Mysteriously referring to a "great company" doesn't cut it. 2. Expand the guest list. The guest list is way, way too narrow. Put a six month moratorium on fellow Stansberry folks. 3. Don't be such a shill for Stansberry newsletters. 4. Frank has some good ideas and an obvious passion for the markets. Be more forthcoming.

Fun to listen to, Good advice, Great Guests...   (5/5)

Generally a little bullish, but a balance of Frank and Andrew Horowitz is great for any investor to keep relevant. His show is generally quite entertaining and he brings on some great guests Have pulled a few stock picks from the show, but generally more helpful in finding new sectors to invest in.

Curzio   (5/5)

I have been lsteningto this podcast for about a year. I enjoy Franks candor and honest opinion about the market. He provides insightful and detailed ideologies about the market. He includes a wide array of guests to help an investor see both sides of the coin and make an informed decision. If you want detailed in depth knowledge this is a great place to start

Good   (4/5)

Sorry to hear about the pre-cancer with your wife. Thanks for raising awareness for this everyone. When we play God with our bodies, it may not turn out well.

Good Interviews   (4/5)

Frank is a kind of a hot head, so you can listen to about 1/2 what he has to say. Subscribed to his newsletter, disagreed with a pick, called me an $$%@[email protected]@. That's an approach, but, probably have to question his overall judgement. Probably works for Stansberry though, Porter thinks everyone is basically a moron as well, and he seems to be doing quite well. I enjoy the guests, even if Frank doesn't always do a great job with the interview. I learn something each week.

Like Having a Buddy Who's an Investing Guru   (5/5)

I've been listening to Frank for years and many other people who talk stocks. Frank is one of few who get things right most the time and he is man enough to admit when he's wrong. Also, Frank is in-tune and interactive with his listeners. Keep up the good work buddy!

Best stock podcast bar none   (5/5)

I have thoroughly enjoyed this podcast since the beginning. The guests are great and Frank offers outstanding stock market advice delivered in a witty and informative way. Thanks!

Fantastic Show   (5/5)

Frank does a great job breaking down the markets and giving an unbiased view on everything from small caps to large caps and even natural resources. Always keeps it lively and is a pleasure to listen to. Great job Frank and keep up the good work!

Thanks   (5/5)

The information is always helpful. I love the personal stories. A must listen for anyone trying to learn more about investing or what is going on in the economy (or Florida) today.

Best Financial Podcast!   (5/5)

I would have given this 10 stars if it was an option! I've been listening to financial podcasts for years and this is the best one I've found. Frank gives great insights on current market conditions. He always offers actionable investment ideas and always asks his guest for their best ideas. The guests Frank has on are always great and come from such different backgrounds but they are always specialized in something so you hear the top ideas and conditions for a specific sector. Keep up the great work Frank!

Fantastic   (5/5)

Great market coverage in plain English

Worthwhile Listening   (5/5)

Frank Curzio covers the general market and hits sectors and some individual stocks. Frank interviews experts, not necessarily in agreement, for an extended time covering much ground. Frank's take on the market is not in lock step with other sources which makes the podcast an excellent overview. keep up the good work!

Awesome   (5/5)

S&A is awesome. Gets to the points.

Biz owner   (5/5)

I really enjoy Franks commentary every week. It gives me a professional analyst's opinion on the market. I always enjoy his guests from many different backgrounds. I really appreciate the way he thinks out of the box & is starting to offer alternative investment strategies that have worked in this economy. He does promote S&A products but why the heck wouldn't you promote what you believe in. Oh and guess what??? It's FREE. I say give it a try...

Sold Out   (1/5)

Everyone has to make a buck but those of us who have suffered through "saudioilsecrets" understand how low you can go. Sorry Frank, but this blatant, one sided commercial is disgusting...yeah, you have had all winners, right. Your "fans" know better. Good luck with this new "approach" are off my play list!

Jim Rogers on a bike?   (2/5)

That interview was poor. No good questions and Jim was out of breath the whole time. Go to bloomberg for real analysis.

Happy Birthday yesterday, Frank!   (5/5)

TODAY'S BIRTHDAY (May 18). You'll enjoy improved health and vitality as you moderate your vices and add zesty habits to your routine. Your home will be a place of peace, tranquility and, after the renovations that happen in June, beauty. New meetings in July are life-changers. There's a reason to travel in August. You'll close a deal in September. Cancer and Aquarius people adore you. Your lucky numbers are: 7, 38, 28, 31 and 2. If Your Birthday Is Today Actress/comedian/writer/producer Tina Fey (1970) shares your birthday today. You're idealistic and philosophical. Once you choose something, you embrace it passionately. You are talented, imaginative, and yet very practical. Many of you are excellent investigators because you're curious about people. In the year ahead, something you've been involved with for about nine years will diminish or end in order to make room for something new to enter your life.

Frank your awesome!   (5/5)

I've learned SO much from Frank and I've only been listening for two days! Lol and it's FREE! Wow!

Great, informative podcast   (5/5)

I enjoy listening to Frank because he has good informative interviews that cover a diverse range of subjects. I like how Frank doesn't beat the same dead horse over and over again like peak oil or gold that some podcasts do. Frank tries to inform his listeners about the new upcoming trends in the market and I really like it how Frank is honest even if things in the market don't go the way he was predicting. Another reason is he always has a good attitude during the show and it seems like he really enjoys doing this. I even like how he keeps his listeners up to date on his situation in Florida and I find his stories about daily life there even humorous.

Honest and straightforwar   (5/5)

Definately one of the best podcasts out there. Frank tells you like it is obvious that he is passionate about what he is doing. I can't wait every week to get my fix...This stuff is really great!

Great!!   (5/5)

Great podcast. Great interviews, great guests, great insights, easy to listen and comprehend.

Great podcast!   (4/5)

Been listening to Frank on and off for about two years (mostly on). This is a great podcast..I give it a good rating, because I always like to leave room for improvement. I'm sure Frank would appreciate that. Frank's knowledge and passion for his industry and what he does shows in his podcasts. He's always learning too. Frank's direct, thorough, and never sugarcoats. He has a great sense of humor, and also has great guests!

Very helpful   (5/5)

Thanks for your podcast! You are helping a lot of small investors out there.

Insightful and relevant   (5/5)

Listen and learn...

Great financial podcast!   (5/5)

The host of the podcast, Frank Curzio, gives a great weekly commentary of each weeks financial market actions. He gives an insight that you won't find in the main street media. His guests are highly informative, interesting, and the interviews don't feel rushed for time. He even replied to an e-mail I sent him. If there was one suggestion it would be that I wish that Frank touched more upon the technical analysis aspects of the market sometimes. Thanks for the great job Frank!

Best financial podcast   (5/5)

Frank Curzio is not only a smart investor, he is also a great host. The weekly interviews are great. So much value with every episode. What makes the show special is how he interacts with the listeners a lot sharing about himself and answering listener concerns. Definetely recommend it.

Curzio is back but the show took a dive when he moved to Florida   (2/5)

When this show was in NYC it was very good - the guests - the insights - the commentary. It's not working from Florida, just isn't very good any more.


Such a good podcast. Mr. Curzio does a great job of giving objective information about what's happening in the market. He really tells it like it is and there's no BS! Keep up the good work and thanks a lot! Cheers, Joshua

A+++   (5/5)


Sound advice you can trust.   (5/5)

Listening to Frank is like getting advice from your brother, the Goldman Sacks insider.

Jersey Shore Meets Silver Spoon   (1/5)

I gave this Podcast a fair chance based on a recommendation by Andrew Horowitz. However, Curzio a) is a poor verbal communicator and at times is difficult for anyone but Snooky to understand (okay, maybe that is a stretch), b) has already recycled many of the same guests only a few months into the podcast! - he needs to expand his list of friends c) sticks to his interview script and has difficulty interviewing on the fly d) has on more than one occasion propogated a market myth which, unfortunately since it is a podcast, cannot be challenged and therefore leads listeners astray, e) has not made me a better investor. For the best Financial podcast I recommend The Disciplined Investor by Andrew Horowitz who, ironically, is a good friend of Curzio.

Great show   (5/5)

Frank, you have one hellava show and love it when Stephanie Link is your guest..keep it going!

Listen and get rich   (5/5)

Frank is the man. He is proof there is help for the "little guy" in this world.

Great Listen   (5/5)

Frank goes through the market each week and has interesting interviews.

Pod–tastic!   (5/5)

Way to go Frank! Great Guests!

4 words...   (5/5)

And they are...Frank makes me money! Been listeningi since he started the other podcast...I was doubtful at first but now I never miss a podcast. He doesn't have the razzle dazzle of other glitzy Cnbc types but he has been spot on during the last two years debacle. Furthermore he brings in great guests. Frank is the no nonsense grounded voice you need to listen BS here! Kudos to Frank for the great work! And I will even add that both his newsletters made me money that paid for their fees many-fold. Thanks Frank!

To Curzio   (5/5)

Thank you! Thanks for everything you so for us. Doesn't matter what company you work for, you'll still shine. Your podcast and Andrew's are without a doubt, the best investing podcasts out there. John

One of my favorites   (5/5)

I started listening to Frank when he was a guest on Andrew Horowitz's The Disiplined Investor show and have been a fan ever since. My two favorite things that Frank brings to the show are people that may not share his opinion and his frankness. Without either of these, I don't think I would find the show as useful.

Can't say enough good things about this podcast   (5/5)

This is really really good stuff. He has his stuff together with all sorts of stats and numbers, great ideas and opposing viewpoints.

Get the REAL story!   (5/5)

Frank is back and better than ever! One of the most accessible analysts out there. Tells it like it is - has no hidden agenda other than educating you on what's really moving the market. I get all kinds of investment ideas from Frank and his guests - especially in the Under $10 sector.

Charts   (4/5)

Would like for you to talk more about moving avgs and charts It really i amazing how stocks bounce off the 50 dma and 200 dma I love the how and wish you the best

One of the best financial podcasts out there   (5/5)

Great podcast! Frank calls it like he sees it. Has great insights to the market. Great guests and interviews.

Great host and guests   (5/5)

Frank provides a consistent backdrop to the variety of guests that he has on. As the markets and economy change, Frank and his guests provide relevant insight and commentary on what they believe are the long and short term trends are for individual stocks. Each guest has their own perspective and Frank often challenges them to defend their opinions. One of my favorite podcasts.

Frank Curzio was missed   (5/5)

This is the best and most informative business podcast on the web. Multiple points of view are presented fairly and with honest comments afterward. Frank was sorely missed during his hiatus.

So fresh ans focused   (5/5)

He gives simple concise infromation. Makes it fun as well!! Love it

Overjoyed he's back   (5/5)

Really glad to have Frank back. I've always enjoyed his selection of guests and the way he interviews them.

Solid Podcast   (5/5)

Good all around stuff. No complaints.

A real window into the markets   (5/5)

Frank Curzio provides commonsense insight mixed with some of the best guests to highlight market activity. It is the right mix of Wall St. meets Main St. to inform your market analysis at a weekly level. Stick with Frank for the network!

Frank Curzio - Has not skipped a beat   (5/5)

I am glad to hear Frank back on the air - if only one show a week. Franks NY style, guest lineups, and of course his analysis is refreshing compared to the normal "street".

Excellent Podcast   (5/5)

No spin, no sales, just facts. Frank's style is unequalled in the investment podcast buisness.

Great podcast   (5/5)

One of the best financial podcast that I have ever heard. Good interviews with knowledgeable guests. The only thing I wish he would do is create show notes of his and his guest's recommendations.

Honest Market Insight   (4/5)

Frank has knowledgeable guests that provide market insight that I find helpful. The podcast also helps me get better educated when it comes to the many different facets of the equity markets. The only knock I have is when he gets into politics or rants for a little too long. However, the stock talk is good enough that I can tolerate it. I recommend this show to new investors and those that are still looking to learn more about the market.


The best podcast if you want to make money and learn the real story behind what is driving this market. Frank Curzio wants to help the adverage investor understand stocks, he is a great guy who cares about his listeners.

Great podcast   (5/5)

have listened to a lot of podcast trying to learn about the stock market and investing. This is one of the best podcast that I listen to. Frank gives you both sides of the story, not just his opinion. His podcasts are instructional as well as informative.

my review   (5/5)

Outstanding perspective on personal investing. Excellent choice of guest speakers.

More education   (5/5)

I enjoy every podcast. I only wish the education segments were longer.

Frank, you've still got it. Great insights, commentary and style.   (5/5)

Since Frank left The Street I've hunted for someone...anyone with his style and content to let us know what's happening with these markets. I'm sure i speak for thousands welcoming Frank back to the Podwaves!!!

Podcast   (5/5)

I didn't realize how much I missed Frank's podcast until he started this new podcast at S&A. No longer confined to the handcuffs of The Real Story, The Street, and Jim Cramer, Frank is more entertaining and educational than ever.

Saweet!   (5/5)

Clear, simple, money-making, entertaining information.

Unassuming Everyman!!   (5/5)

Frank is an unassuming "everyman," who tempers the volitility and pomposity of other investment media to educate us general Joes. Thank you Frank! A daily show is best, but what about 2 days a week and work up to it? Also, although I was not a fan of the hip-hop introductions of the prior podcast, best to shed the stodgy 'men-in-suits' introduction from S&A to capture a broader audience. Welcome back - you were missed.

No better web resource to learn about "what's really moving the markets"   (5/5)

It's great to have Frank back on the web. His show is a great place to learn about the economy and markets. My assumptions are always challenged. While I don't always agree with his or his guest’s opinions, I almost always learn something valuable.

Frank is the best   (5/5)

A must listen for any investor. You will learn something new every week. Frank is a great host and his guests are top notch.

best business podcast   (5/5)

Frank has the best, most informative business podcast that can be found. I especially appreciate the diverse opinions that he includes in the podcast.

Great Podcast   (5/5)

It's good to hear Frank's perspective on the market and the good line up of guests.

Great Podcast   (5/5)

This is one of the best podcasts to get investing ideas as well as to learn how to analyze the markets and stocks. A+++

My Favorite Podcast   (5/5)

I love this podcast for Frank's no-nonsense approach, his great guests, and his abundance of common sense (an increasingly rare attribute). I just wish it was more than once a week.

Simply the best   (5/5)

Have you been led astray by guys who sound like they know what's about to happen and turn out to be dead wrong? Stop buying into salesmen who sell confidence (their own) to people who want to be told what to do. Frank is not this. Frank is a thinking man's (or woman's) analyst. He reports, you decide.\ Frank's awesome. He's practical, he's smart as a whip, his record on stock picks in the small cap space is legendary, but beyond that... he's honest. Not ideological, not pushing an agenda, just really really good analysis spoken in plain language. I subscribe to all the major investor podcasts, the two really good ones are The Disciplined Investor podcast, and this one. They don't pretend to know everything, but they ask all the right questions and have some excellent guests, up there with Bloomberg. This is top level analysis for the individual investor. His newsletter was insanely good too. He's got a new one coming out in 2010 sometime too, keep an eye out.

Nice Return   (5/5)

I've been waiting for Frank's return for a while and it was well worth it. I'm glad that he kept the same format and his familiar roster of guests. His plain-spoken analysis and the fact that he lets his guests elaborate and discuss make this a worthwhile podcast. Looking forward to learning more about the new newsletter. I never heard of S&A before this - I'll check them out.

One of the best   (5/5)

Very entertaining and thought provoking. Wish he was on more than once a week. Great general economic and stock advice and good guests. Keep it up Frank.

Frank's the man...   (5/5)

Curzio's podcast is one of the few investment forums out there that is actually enjoyable to listen to. His down to earth approach, market analysis, humor and exceptional guest list makes this the best investment podcast available. I will also note that his Jan/Feb call to start dipping your toe back into the market saved my bacon last year. Thank you Frank ( even if your a Jayhawks fan.)

Entertaining and informative   (5/5)

I've listened to every episode and each time I've learned something new, had something to think about, and been entertained.

Frank's Back   (5/5)

Fantastically useful - engaging talk. I'm a fan who trusts Frank.

Very insightful and well balanced financial perspectives   (5/5)

Frank definitely has very insightful financial advice, but what I love the most about his podcast is that he isn't afraid to admit that his perspectives could be wrong and he will often bring guests on his show that contradict his own opinions. Today there are so many financial analysts who are pushing their own agenda/positions; it is extremely refreshing to find someone like Frank Curzio who can give such honest and even keeled advice.

The Real Story is finally back!   (5/5)

Glad your back Frank. As a new and always learning investor I look forward to you and your guest's views and opions on what is going on in the investment world to help me get new and better investment ideas.

frank curzio   (5/5)

Frank has an entertaining show. I always learn something even though when I started in this business (1991) Frank was chasing around high school cheerleaders. He calls it straight and is not afraid to go against the grain.

##The Podcast For Every Investor##   (5/5)

Frank provides great investor insight, hosts a variety of informative guests, and tells it like it is. His Wall Street experience and personality combine for a weekly podcast worth multiple listens during your lunch break or commute. I would recommend this podcast for young and old, rich and poor. This is one of my best investing resources. And in addition to all that....he has made me a boat load of money!

Valuable Podcast   (5/5)

I'm a buy and hold index fund type of investor and I find this podcast very helpful and informative. Frank discusses the economy and other things that influence the stock markets performance in the near and intermediate term in very understandable terms. He and his guests give a variety of perspectives and learn alot each week. Whether you are a "trader" or an "investor" there is lots to gain from this podcast.

Great podcast! Great host!   (5/5)

Love the way Frank does this podcast. Only facts are involved, no spins. I am gonna stick with this one.

New Podcast   (5/5)

Excellent Podcast. Entertaining and informational. Topical, but should be done more often than weekly

fantastic   (4/5)

In a universe of dry, same-same analysis and commentary, Frank and his guests bring a fresh and original perspective. Keep up the good work.

Frank Curzio   (5/5)

This is truly and educational, informative podcast. Frank often has guests that have opinions that may differ from his. I like that because it allows an investor to get a more objective viewpoint. Even though he's an Eagles' fan, I'm glad he's back giving his outlook on stocks under $10. I am anxiously awaiting his newsletter.

Great approach   (5/5)

This is the best source of professional investment opinions I've found: diverse, insightful, brilliant. Thank you.

Plenty of plugs for his paid stuff - but still worth listening to   (5/5)

As a past subscriber to his newsletter, let me assure you that Frank doesn't pick all winners. But his winners seem to get mentioned much more often than the losers (nothing that unusual there). Moreover, I don't think Frank actually ever worked on Wall Street -- just the periphery. On the plus side, the new podcast is off to a good start and seems to be improving. Why does my luke warm comment result in 5 stars? Becasue first I find Frank engaging, funny and sincere to a fault. And second, because the relative quality of other financial podcasts seem to be getting worse as they grow in popularity. So I appreciate what Frank does, even though he doesn't know nearly so much as he thinks he does.

Very good, no punches pulled.   (5/5)

A refreshing, calls it as he sees it, podcastor. Informative without a blantant perma bull or bear stance. Keep up the good work.

The Real Deal   (5/5)

Frank's the best. He speaks his mind and calls it like he sees it. He's a refreshing change from the talking heads on TV. Worth listening to, you'll be a regular listener after one episode.

good   (5/5)

Good podcast with interesting people.

investor   (5/5)

Frank really gives you the business. His insight as to the daily workings of the market can really challenge your view or vindicate it. But it does not end there, no the breadth and quality of his guests allows the listener to gain access to the gears that move the market. Listen and watch it all unfold before your eyes. Across all sectors and all time frames. This podcast is an incredible asset to anyone who is serious about investing.

jjliss   (5/5)

I am a longtime fan of Frank and am so thankful he has landed back doing a great, informative investment podcast. He is pleasant to listen to and finds great guests who provide valuable insight into the market. Highly recommended for all investors on the go!! Frank, keep em long, it makes up for those of us who miss you daily and thank you for the great show!!

Frank is back!!!   (5/5)

The great Frank is back and better then ever. Thanks for all of the interviews and investment advise.

Franks the best   (5/5)

As always Frank does a great job. He is not on enough.

Welcome Back Frank!   (5/5)

Frank is the best. Cool and calm hosting style; no BS comments with lots of commen sense. Daily must lisening.

So glad Frank is Back   (5/5)

When Frank went off the "air" from his last gig, I was really disappointed. I enjoy his style of trying to give both sides of a topic!

Happy Investor   (5/5)

Thank God Frank is finally back!!!

He's back...   (4/5)

Curzio is passionate about getting info to you that you wont find everywhere. He gets great guests and asks pertinent questions of them. I listen everyday.

great podcast   (5/5)

Good start, Frank--keep up the good work. Please have Dan Fitzpatrick on.

Fantastic Informative Podcast   (5/5)

I am a novice investor and I get a lot from Frank's podcast. Frank seems to be one of the most honest people in the financial podcast relm. He is not afraid to admint when he is wrong, which hasn't been very often since I have been listening. He doesn't dwell on his correct picks, instead focusing on what he learns from them and moving on. He really seems to want to help all of us be better investors, not by simply giving stock picks but by helping us learn about how to pick our own stocks. I agree with many reviewers that the only thing that would be better about this podcast would be if Frank was back to a daily format. Welcome back Frank! It is great listening and learning again!

Thank god   (5/5)

I've been listening to Frank for over a year now. I can't tell you how glad I am that he is back. He is insightful, educated and provokes me to come up with different ideas. He offers a staightforward honest view of what is going on and I am smarter for having listened.

Welcome bacK!   (5/5)

Great to have Frank back! I missed his analysis and commentary of the market.

Indespensible and never "on message"   (5/5)

Frank informs, educates, and brings a needed perspective while instilling a healthy dose of skepticism that helps you cut through the noise.  This podcast can help you become a better a better investor.  To fulfill its potential this must be done daily and maintain an edge.

Franks back   (5/5)

I don't always agree with frank but at least he is being honest. Makes you think both sides. Bull n bears

Great show.   (5/5)

You and your guests have incredible insights of the markets.

Great Info   (5/5)

I am novice when it comes to the stock market but consider Frank's insight very helpful.

Intelligent -- plus he calls it like he sees it.   (5/5)

I am a former market maker and current asset manager. I've been in the business 21 years and I still learn new things and get great ideas from Frank. If you're looking for a no-bull analysis and insight into the markets, then this is the podcast for you. If you're looking for get-ric-quick bogus hype, then this is not the podcast for you.

Welcome back   (5/5)

This is simply the most straight forward and informative investing podcast available today. Welcome back Frank.

Frank is the man   (5/5)

Been following Frank for about a year, glad to see he is podcasting again. He's never afraid to tell you how he sees it and keeps it honest.

*FRANK IS BACK*   (5/5)

Frank is a great interviewer who listens to his guests attentively and follows up on points in investing for a cohesive podcast in a relaxed manner and with respect for his guests. He imparts valuable nuggets for investing through his experience in life and feelings for his friends and colleagues. The length of the podcast allows for comprehensive thinking not just a sound bite. Highly recommended.

finally someone who knows what he is talking about and admits when he does not   (5/5)

I listen to quite a few financial podcasts and this by far is my favorite with interesting perspectives, common sense questions and approach, as well as diverse guests. Although in the past Frank had a daily podcast he managed to not fall in the trap of so many financial “newscasts” and pundits of just repeating the news and over-explaining in excruciating details unexplainable random market gyrations. You can also try some of the Bloomberg podcasts, especially Bloomberg on the economy.

Frank Curzio Provides Interesting Analysis and Great Guests   (5/5)

Welcome back to podcasting, Frank! Frank hosted the excellent Real Story podcast for a long time and is now back with S&A investor. On this show, you will hear interesting guests and analysis every week. Some will be positive on the market and some will not...then you can judge for youself what to do with your hard-ended money.

Welcome back Frank!   (5/5)

Love the analysis, the rants, and the peronal perspectives. Best investment podcast out there!

Best Investment Podcast   (5/5)

Frank's podcast is the best and most enjoyable investment podcast. Welcome back Frank!!

S&A'S Curzio serves it up right!   (5/5)

Curzio's style is informative, funny, insightful, practical. Great guests and interviews!

In-depth analysis is back   (4/5)

Frank Curzio, above all, makes you feel like he really cares for you, and your investment nest egg. We're glad to have him back, no matter how frequent his podcast is "on the air".

Frank Is Back!!   (5/5)

glad to have frankie back, thank the maker!!!!!!!!!

Insights you won't get elsewhere   (5/5)

Frank has great chemistry with his guests and always manages to provide analysis and insights way beyond what you get on MSNBC etc.

Frank is spot on   (5/5)

Frank and his guests are right as rain when it comes to the market. His approach is great as it presents both side of the issue and lets you (the listener) make the decision. Keep up the good work!

Great one   (5/5)

Frank is the best - Welcome back to the "airwaves." He has the one of the best perspectives on the economy that you will find anywhere.

Welcome back Frank!   (5/5)

It’s great to hear Frank doing another podcast. The analysis is always insightful, he provides great breakdown of the market news, and the guests are great for new investment ideas.

Frank Curzio is the Best   (5/5)

I have followed Frank for a couple of years. He's a straight shooter & he answers his emails. He did a great job picking stocks under $10. He has a great sense of humor, no hype, a guy next door that knows his stuff.

#### MOST USEFUL PODCAST ####   (5/5)

If you are frustrated by all of the bs-self-serving-hot-air-reporting-what-is-already-known podcasts out there - then you my friend are due for a breath of fresh air. This podcast discusses what you are thinking yet no one is talking about. Highly recommended!

Great Show   (5/5)

Glad Frank's back, this show is great.

Hello from Slovenia, Europe   (5/5)

We missed your podcast, now we are very happy to hear you again. And you are absolutely the best stock related podcaster.

Absolutely best Market podcast!   (5/5)

Required listening - So great to hear Frank again. Great insight, guests with varied viewpoints, etc. Hopefully it will eventually go to a Daily podcast

Frank is the best   (5/5)

I have been listening to Frank Curzio's podcasts for almost two years now. His podcast is definitely the best. The quality of guests is unmatched by any other programs whether on TV or iTunes. The most important difference between Frank's podcast and other business shows is that he really lets his guests freely express their own opinion without forcing his own opinion on them. This is truly the most fair and balanced podcast about the stock market today.

Best Financial Podcast   (5/5)

I have followed financial podcasts for the past couple of years and Frank Curzio is the best. He creates a single forum to analyze the financial markets by selecting guests with various viewpoints. This podcast provides information which the listener will not get anywhere else.

Feedback   (5/5)

Welcome Back Frank! We have missed you and your frank talk. I hope a Daily Podcast is in the works

Welcome Back   (5/5)

Nice to hear from you again Frank. One of the best podcasts ever!!!

Welcome back Frank!   (5/5)

Great Podcast. Nothing can replace it. I'm happy to have it back up and running.

Add this podcast to your list...   (5/5)

I listen to lots of investing podcasts and got this one from Disciplined Investor's site. Frank Curzio seems like a natural. I found a link to his research company, Stansberry and Associates, but I don't think I can post the link in these comments. It is stansberryresearch dot com.

Frank Curzio: Wall Street Gem...   (5/5)

Frank not only offers one of the best knowledge bases when it comes to understanding market fundamentals, world economies, and how the bigger picture fits together on Wall Street, but he's intelligent, hilarious, and extremely well informed. Frank's guests are just the same, which is why Frank is able to have such a great lineup each week. I promise you, this podcast, if followed regularly, WILL MAKE YOU A BETTER INVESTOR OR TRADER. In my opinion, the "other guys" don't even compare.

back in buiss   (5/5)

thata boyy lets make more money franco from boston

Best financial podcast is back   (5/5)

So glad Frank is back. I am a big fan of Stansberry research.

Welcome Back Frank!   (5/5)

Having been a daily listener to Frank's earlier podcast, I know that this one also will give great insight into what's really happening in the markets. Highly recommended.

Good to have Frank back   (5/5)

I used to listen to this podcast daily about a year ago and thought Frank's insights were very valuable. In his podcast, he'll point out bright spots he sees in markets, but also tell the listener when things aren't looking so rosy. This eyes-open perspective, and Frank's likeability as a human being make this podcast an easy and informative listen.

Just happy to see you back!   (5/5)


The best podcast for the individual trader.   (5/5)

Frank Curzio puts together by far the best stock trading show out there. Plus, no commercials or sound effects.

Welcome back Frank!   (5/5)

All I have to say on that.....

A Must Hear   (5/5)

It really is great to have Curzio back podcasting away again. I wonder if he'll retain that clean rating forever--maybe Fitzpatrick won't be allowed in the studio this time around.....

Best One On Itunes (Frank is Open, Fair, Smart and asks the hard questions)   (5/5)

Frank has the best ideas, we made money with Frank Bottom Line! That is why it is worth investing in this PODCAST. Thanks Frank

Frank's back!   (5/5)

Good to hear Frank Curzio's lively, entertaining, and smart market analysis again! He's got a great conversational style, and a sharp common sense approach to markets and the economy. Really gets guests talking!

Frank is back.   (4/5)

I never truly realized what a good podcaster Frank is while I was a listener to the Real Story. His error? He made it sound too easy to do. Well, it turns out it's not. A succession of replacements all lacked his radio presence, charisma, and depth. You don't need to agree with him, and I often don't. But the guy is straight up as can be and is willing to talk to people who are 180 degrees from him. He is comfortable in his own skin and does not peddle fake certitude. He's also got an eye for the story that's going to be in the news a week after the podcast.

There is nobody better...   (5/5)

It is really great to have Frank Curzio back on a podcast. Nobody is better at extracting value from a challenging market than Frank. He was a sorely missed voice in the investor podcasting community among an ocean of unfettered bullishness. Yes, the tape is going higher, but Frank has always been a great balance of "let's make money" but also "watch you back!" at the same time. If you listen to only one podcast on investing, this is the one.

One of the best   (5/5)

Frank is one of the best. He is thoughtful and insightful, and he knows how to conduct interviews - asking intelligent questions and actually listening to the answers.


You were missed Frank! Finally...anun-biased look at what is really going on out there. Let's go make some money!

Frank is back!!!   (5/5)

Frank Curzio is simply the best guy to listen to when it comes to investment. He is honest, and a staright foward guy who deliveres. Very educational.

Number 1 stock/investing podcast in the world   (5/5)

This is Hands down the number 1 stock investing podcast Host in the world. This Podcast is very informative, You will not be dissappointed. If they gave out awards for stock investing podcasts, then frank would be a winner every year. Glad to see you back frank, been waiting Months for this podcast.

You're Back ! Great!   (5/5)

It's good to have you back Frank. The big guys will be knockin' on your door soon enough.. Great launch before Thanksgiving so the families can discuss your insights!

Interested in the market? This one's a must-subscribe.   (5/5)

Fantastic stuff... Straight-up, simple, honest and entertaining. This guy and his guests are great. They know stocks and the market and call it how they see it.... and they makes sense.

Curzio Is Back   (5/5)

The best Podcast host in the world is back! About time. You were missed Curzio - glad to see you landed on your feet. Looking forward to great interviews and your unique, non-biased view on the markets.