Aggregated reviews for Waypoint Radio

What's good, Internet? Join Waypoint's Austin Walker, Rob Zacny, Patrick Klepek, and Ricardo Contreras two times a week, as they break down the biggest stories in video games, talk about their favorite media, and unfairly compare everything to Dark Souls.

I don’t need more reasons   (5/5)

Thanks to Lore Reasons

The Waypoint Crew are great!   (5/5)

That is all.

incredibly thoughtful   (5/5)

what makes waypoint so special to me, is that they take the time to critically examine every single game they introduce. there’s often a claim that you can somehow “keep politics out of games” and waypoint not only recognizes that that’s impossible , but also articulates exactly why that’s dangerous as well. their coverage is some of, if not the best in the business because they care deeply about people, and about making games, and society as a whole, better than you found it.

Podcast   (5/5)


A Six-Star Podcast   (5/5)

(Even Mina wants you to end the pod, Rob.) But seriously, wonderful, insightful, roaringly funny podcast, thanks everyone.

This TLoU spoiler cast is critical malpractice   (1/5)

The disingenuity and bad faith in this tLoU discussion is pretty incredible and disappointing. It’s one thing to hear this crap from “The Gamers” but to hear some purported “mainstream” critics engaging in this garbage is sooo disappointing.

Deep, Thoughtful Discussions   (5/5)

I don’t normally review podcasts, but needed to share my love of this one. The hosts always engage in deep, thoughtful analysis of gaming media. True critique of the media as an art form, which is not something I really see others engage in. Truly a show for the thinking gamer. The main reason I came to post is due to the description of the episode for part 2 of the Last of Us spoiler cast. “Rob May have let this podcast get away from him...”, as if that isn’t the norm. “BBC Pride and Prejudice” anyone? Seriously though, I love the long, deep discussions this show engages in. I always look forward to these types of episodes.

Easiest 5 Stars   (5/5)

I am a bad podcast listener because I almost never review even my favorite podcasts. But after the 6-hour TLOU 2 spoilercast I had to review because I couldn’t be lazy in the face of that type of dedication. Love this podcast. Austin, Cado, Gita, Rob, Patrick, and guests do an amazing job and provide a thoughtful and entertaining podcast twice a week. I salute you all!

Nuanced, detailed, spoiled   (5/5)

Joined by new voices Waypoint Radio discusses this game; for six hours over two or more casts. This is why I am here.


A top shelf podcast for fans of games looking for discussions that acknowledge their cultural intersections.

Awful.   (1/5)

If you enjoy podcasts where the hosts have no idea what they’re talking about, then by all means, listen away. Particularly egregious is their Last of Us Part II spoilercast, in which they go over the game in detail and get very little right about what they actually played, and then say they didn’t enjoy the game based on those misconceptions. Avoid this podcast.

Pathetic   (1/5)

Thought I heard it all, and then Patrick referred to the communist regime of North Korea as ‘fascist.’ Almost like calling them communist would disprove their entire ideology...



A Real Five Star Podcast   (5/5)

I’ve been subscribed to over a dozen podcasts over the last couple years but the only one I’ve managed to consistently stick with (besides friends at the table) is waypoint radio. I’m always interested by what the cast has to say, especially because they are so willing to talk about what’s happening in the world instead of purely focusing on games. I could say a hundred more things but its a good pod I ain’t gotta say more than that

i would keep listening to waypoint if they started talking only about rocks   (5/5)

the waypoint guarantee is either an extremely educated or extremely hilarious take on games, politics and media.

It’s fine   (3/5)

Qualified, funny people talk about games. They Occasionally mixing in some more critical thinking. Sounds great! Problem is, they never know when to JUST MOVE ON AND STOP BEATING THE DEAD HORSE. I get it, social issues are still a problem (especially these days). There is no reason to spend HOURS on it literally every show so they can smell their own farts. Christ, I agree with them, but I need a break from the incessant “deep reads of texts.” Talk about video games.

Funny and in depth discussions   (5/5)

The lore reasons and Eva discussion is 10/10!



Good when they stick to gaming   (2/5)

I give a low rating to any podcast that mixes politics with their content. If I wanted to hear about that I would actively seek it out. Anyways, when they do speak on gaming it is good and I just skip the political talk and the ads.

runtime: 5 stars   (5/5)

very good podcast! it’s refreshing to hear video game related discussion from fellow comrades. y’all also have convinced me to try a lot more games I wouldn’t have known about. also y’all are incredibly funny and please keep doing election segments they help a lot tbh ps. just wanted to say cado’s laughs are very good

Long time listener   (5/5)

I've been listening to this podcast since Waypoint launched. I was still in high school! I've noticed over the years that I'll usually get bored with a long-running podcast and fall off after awhile, but Waypoint is still something I look forward to every single week. Great hosts, wonderful team, awesome discussions and always fun. Thanks for always being thoughtful, inclusive, and taking the time to put so much of your effort and energy into this video game podcast. Love your writing too, wish it was more accessible on the Vice app :^/. (Thanks for getting me through high school, and now almost all the way through college!)

Five Star Pod with a Five Star Runtime   (5/5)

This is culture, entertainment, and politics all wrapped up very neatly into a hilarious, sincere package. It may be focused on video games, but I enjoy Waypoint’s take on other topics as much as any other podcast I’ve heard. Gita is an amazing addition to the team, so happy she’s here. ✨

Good Stuff   (5/5)

Despite the heavy focus on electoralism it’s still a five star podcast with a five star runtime

Lack of intelligence   (1/5)

The last episode was my last! Listening to the idiots laugh and make fun Tulsi Gabbard was disgusting. They are supposed to be so“woke,” but celebrating the DNC smear campaign on a woman of color and a veteran is gross. I used to really like this show, but now can’t even listen to it because it is so awful.

5 Star Podcast, 5 Star Runtime!   (5/5)

5 Star Podcast, 5 Star Runtime! But seriously, the games criticism is sharp, fun, and multi-faceted. They're a good team with a lot of skills and experience, and they bring a wide variety of knowledge to the typically more narrow field of games coverage. Love it.

5 star Robcast   (5/5)

5 star Robcast 5 star Walktime

Has only gotten Better   (5/5)

It’s been a rocky road for Waypoint, coming to be at such a tumultuous time. But what has come through has just gotten better and better. I miss the people that have gone along the way, but the current crew is the best it’s ever been. Gita Jackson adds so much energy and fire to the show that makes everybody around her even better. Hope to see this current crew keep it going for a long time.

A weekly staple   (5/5)

So glad I got into this podcast. Every person on there is great and brings their own unique interest in games and ideas on game culture and politics to the discussion. It’s relaxing to listen to people who love what I love and think deeply about it too every week.

5 star podcast. 5 star runtime   (5/5)


The best around   (5/5)

I’ve been listening to this show from episode 1 and it has always been consistently amazing but now that Gita’s here: 5 star show, 5 star runtime

five star podcast   (5/5)

five star takes five star runtime

A gaming podcast for the working class   (5/5)

Everyone in this podcast is my friend and speaks my mind constantly. Austin, Rob, Patrick, and Cado are national treasures.

Get Patrick fed   (5/5)

5 star podcast 5 star runtime. More Gita, please.

Incredible podcast   (5/5)

This gets me through my week. Thank you all so much!

Games, culture, politics, labor. When the waypoint crew does it it's all great   (5/5)

Fantastic show, always has been. Austin Walker, Rob Zacny, Ricardo Contreras, Patrick Kelpek, new addition Gita Jackson formerly of Kotaku, all bring a piece of themselves to this show that makes it whole. Games coverage from people who understand or strive to understand games, politics, history, and our place in all that. Tune in every week.

A breath of fresh air   (5/5)

The Waypoint crew are some of the smartest folks in their field, and I could listen to them talk about just about anything. Love this podcast dearly, it’s easily a Day One listen every time.

Sublime Respite!   (5/5)

Gita Jackson! Shes a delight! I love yall but i think shes a wonderful addition! I found her because i followed a lot of Tim Rogers stuff and Kotaku and yeah.... Gita Jackson on Waypoint!

Open callout   (5/5)

This is an open callout to Apple Podcasts user Bobby Beefpuppet to get their butt in front of a microphone, sign up for a free Anchor dot FM account, and wow us all with his podcast prowess.

Amazing!   (5/5)

I don't understand how this podcast doesn't have more reviews. I love it eventhough they are constantly dunking on me personally.

Love this podcast   (5/5)

I’ve been listening to Waypoint Radio for years now. I even went back to their first episodes even though I started at like episode 60. I’ve enjoyed every iteration of this crew as people came and went. Everyone has brought in their own unique personalities, but they always maintain a fantastic leftist perspective in how they review games and other cultural stuff. I don’t even play new video games all that much anymore, but I love listening to these folks talk about them and things like labor and socialism and all that jazz. 5 star podcast, 5 star runtime!

Match 3 convert   (5/5)

Match 3 was the first games podcast that was appointment listening for me and still holds a special place in my podcast loving heart. It’s end led me over to Waypoint Radio and I’ve grown to love these cast of characters as well, and now I couldn’t be more excited to hear that Gita will be joining Waypoint. Would love to hear Sam with a cameo sometime!

Five star podcast   (5/5)

Love the crew in all its many forms but so grateful to Austin, Patrick, Rob, Danielle, Natalie, Danika, and Cado for hours of entertainment, introducing me to so much more than just good video games - including Evangelion and Lore Reasons!

Laugh Track   (5/5)

I don’t play video games, no idea who any of these people are. I’m here for Cado’s laugh, exclusively.

Five stars   (5/5)

five star podcast five star run time

sweeties feeties   (5/5)

they got Gita Jackson on Waypoint Radio

5 Stars   (5/5)

5 Star Pods with 5 Star runtimes.

likes dark souls 2   (1/5)

opinion is worthless

Lively passionate disscussions about games and other things.   (5/5)

When I start listening to an episode an hour or two will feel like a second. If you're looking for a converstaion about video games that feels fresh and meaningful, give it a listen.

Five star everything   (5/5)

A great podcast.

Rob forced me to write this   (5/5)

5 star run time

Amazing but requires masochism   (3/5)

I couldn't love Austin, Patrick and Rob more. This is the place for laid-back but insightful takes on games (and games culture) , politics and kingdom hearts. Having heard every episode and followed most of their live shenanigans it's with a heavy heart that I'm unsubscribing. I just can not deal with Cado's chuckles, guffaws, snickering, hollering laughs every two minutes. It has become the background track for the show now, I actually get anxious keeping one finger primed on the Fastforward button praying that the other 3 don't make a joke. The thing is Cado doesn't need jokes to break into his laughs ( they are different every time he laughs). He'll laugh at anything, like an awkward teenager trying to hangout with the alpha Bros at the beer pong table at a party. A year of this was enough. He's obviously a smart guy, I've enjoyed his destiny and Pokemon discussions. Best of luck to you all. I'll follow along in every other way I can. Thank you.

“Hosts = Brain Damaged?”   (1/5)

Take any episode at random and count the number of times you hear “umm” or “like” - I lasted 6 minutes and counted almost 30. These people couldn’t host free lunch at a soup kitchen let alone a weekly, hours long podcast. Turns out if you are trying to speak as a profession the ability to speak might be important. Avoid at all costs if you don’t want immediate brain cell death.

The sharpest analysis in games   (5/5)

I frequently find my taste in games differs from the waypoints crew, but I love the conversations they have around games, culture, race, and politics. They offer perspective and context that u don’t hear anywhere else in games media.

should be called ‘Austin, the podcast’   (4/5)

Cado’s giggle gives me life. but, and i don’t know how to say this in a constructive manner, Austin talks too much. i like Austin and appreciate his viewpoints but a good host should facilitate discussion, not constantly dominate the conversation the way he does. there are multiple other people on the podcast who we’d like to hear from more often than when Austin decides to let them speak.

Real true facts   (5/5)

If you don’t like Cado’s laugh you’re a cop.

The Laugh   (3/5)

I really do enjoy this podcast, but as of late I can’t make it through an entire episode because “The Laugh” has become so overwhelming that it has deteriorated the show. I don’t want to say remove him from the show because I enjoy listening to what he has to say; but as soon as he laughs I’m instantly annoyed because it’s so often, so loud and so overwhelming. It’s really unfortunate.

Must listen for people interested in the video game industry   (5/5)

My go-to video game podcast. Doesn’t simply look at whether a game is fun or not, but will explore the context and themes. The crew is respectful, but willing to call BS when it's appropriate. Highly enjoyable. Plus you never know when you’ll get a Rob Zacny tangent that reminds you how wild video games are.

Dear Vice,   (5/5)

May I have an opportunity to run any multimedia that you guys pump out in the future. I think I’d be very good at it. If you hear bones breaking that’s me patting myself on the back. I don’t mean to toot my own horn but beep beep. It’s hard being this dope in the backwoods. I don’t vote. 🕯I eat gas station hotdogs🕯 -Les Couchon- 💄🐷🍒👠

Great video game analysis   (3/5)

Great video game analysis by reviewers who find new and exciting ways each week to be offended. Despite the amount of political “discussion” there’s very little conflict. If you believe the Socratic method is the best way to discern the truth then tune elsewhere, because you’re just gonna find 5 people, all with the exact same political beliefs, nodding in agreement.

5 Star Podcast, 5 Star Runtime   (5/5)

I can't believe I've not rated this podcast yet. If you're interested in video games but on a deeper level than "do the guns feel good" (though they do not ignore when the guns do, in fact, feel good), this is a great podcast. It has a very conversational tone, but still feels like sitting in a Media Studies 500 class. Not at all pretentious. Always political (as all things are, but they don't pretend to not be) and left of liberal, but not as frequently big-P-let's-talk-policy-and-voting Political. A visceral listening experience. You will truly feel like Austin Walker. Still waiting on Be Good and Be Good At It merch (they've never promised it but I have dreams, okay?)

Always good and good at it.   (5/5)

5 star podcast, because it’s for me to say.

Not My Jam Anymore   (2/5)

I’ve listened to WPR for a while because it was a really thoughtful show with a bit of humor sprinkled in. Now it’s just three dudes just giggling and discussing inane topics for two hours. I liked it a lot better with Danielle on the show, too. It all lacks a lot of direction and the personalities come off as really superficial now. You can tell Austin is distracted so he needs to let this go. Patrick tries to reign it in a bit, but Austin and Cado just continue to thwart any attempts to make this show listenable.

Austin Needs to Let Other People Speak   (2/5)

The crew is an awesome and diverse cast of different voices, perspectives, and preferences that lends itself to a very thoughtful and insightful discussion about video games. Unfortunately, Austin Walker, the host, refuses to let anyone speak for more than a couple minutes before he steals the spotlight and begins to monologue for minutes at a time. He is the HOST and he does this multiple times per episode. It is incredibly difficult to follow the conversation when Austin will take away the focus from whoever was talking in order to talk about his own thoughts and experiences. What he thinks is some deep and philosophical musings is him just restating his original point over and over. To make matters worse, Austin is a huge proponent of “your voice matters,” and often encourages people to speak up when they can. He doesn’t put this into practice, though, as he will not only steal someone’s segment without warning, but also, when he’s done talking at people, will then direct his guests to talk, as if they need his permission. All in all, the show would be much better without Austin there to step over everyone and put his own thoughts above everyone else’s. Dude could launch a solo podcast and probably be okay.

5 Star Runtime!   (5/5)

I wish Vice would just throw money at these guys. Frankly, I started listening to this podcast during one of their E3 or Christmas specials where there was a new 3-4 hour podcast every day, and that spoiled me. Now the measly one or two podcasts a week just doesn’t cut it. The hosts are great, the takes are variably blisteringly hot or ice cold, and the politics are reassuringly human. A few hosts have stepped back, but I’m hoping they invite some new voices in. Anyways, this is longform podcasting at its best.

Cado’s Laugh Has Killed This Podcast   (3/5)

It doesn’t feel genuine, I know that because the laugh changes every few weeks. Sometimes a tee hee, sometimes a whiny laugh. I don’t comment on things and I don’t tend to hate on stuff. But the expert analysis and welcomed deep dives on video game analysis and the industry as a whole has been soured by this guys laugh. It’s distracting and annoying and I can no longer enjoy this podcast.

Video game news with nuance! And laughs!   (5/5)

Just starting to get into video games in a serious way and I love hearing the great discussions on this pod - every cast member (old and new cause I’m listening to the archives!) brings a great perspective. Also, started listening cause of the Pride and Prejudice podcast :P Let 👏 them 👏 talk 👏 about 👏 movies

Necessary weekly listening   (5/5)

The show has become must-listen whenever a new episode drops, but for the love of god, take Cado’s microphone away. Absolutely nothing is funny enough to necessitate the frequency of his laughter.

Five star podcast, five star run times   (5/5)

There isn’t a more incisive and entertaining gaming podcast out there. Makes me thinks about games and the world around games in ways I never have before

What’s good Internet?   (5/5)

Austin, Patrick, Cado, Danielle, Rob and everyone else on the waypoint radio podcast. That’s what’s good, internet.

Great!   (5/5)

Casual and funny but still has great analysis

5 star podcast but there some ROUGH edges   (4/5)

GREAT PODCAST! But some of the sounds host makes when in arguments or emotional laughing moment is way too rough and painful to listen to.

The Waypoint Way   (5/5)

Five star podcast, five star runtimes!

Always a Highlight   (5/5)

I’ve been listening to Waypoint since episode 10 and I love the rambling critiques as well as the plethora of topics that everyone brings to the table. It is also incredibly valuable to me to have a gaming podcast that does not shy away from criticizing media that some within the gaming community would consider sacrilege. Finally, in conclusion, Five Star Podcast. Five Star Run Time.

Austin Drones Quite a Bit   (1/5)

Often someone on the podcast will make a point with one simple, short sentence, and then Austin will take that point and spend ten minutes restating it in one long unbroken monologue. I'm sure he thinks he's unpacking it, but he's not. He's simply restating it. He also seems to want to control conversations but doesn't know how to do that elegantly, so he'll just say, bluntly, "OK, now you speak," then proceed to talk over the person intermittently for the next five minutes.

Please do something about the dude with the obnoxious laugh   (1/5)

One of the podcast hosts has the loudest, most annoying and obnoxious cackles. He constantly does this “laugh” at things that aren’t funny and that no one else is laughing at. Even if he’s not on the show you can hear this nonsense off-mic in the background... and this is coming from a guy that thinks Chanel West Coast’s laugh is cute. If they could just tone this down it turn his mic down or something, it would go a long way.

five star podcast, five star runtime   (5/5)

my favorite leftist critique podcast, a great source of news, cultural critique, and humor from a podcast ostensibly about video games

Great insightful critique   (5/5)

Just found this podcast and can’t wait to work through the back catalogue. If you like video games and thinking check this out

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️   (5/5)

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Podcast ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Runtimes

Crucial Takes   (5/5)

Smart, silly, and always interesting. Pretty much the best at what they do, so long as it’s what you’re looking for. Good for dipping in and out or looong listens!

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️   (5/5)

Five stars in all categories

one of the very best podcasts   (5/5)

Always well-thought out comments and criticism, always on point - WAYPOINT. FIVE STAR RUNTIME, FIVE STAR RATING.

5 Star Podcast, Runtimes, and Thought   (5/5)

It’s a podcast about video games and anime, but the people talking are smart, compassionate, and thoughtful. I’ve learned a ton about current issues related to real injustice and inequality in the world today with this podcast.

Please listen to my pleas.   (4/5)

I normally love every installment of this podcast, but in the same way "Be Good Rewatch It" turned, "Waypoints" has turned as well. While the normal episodes remain great (5 star runtimes, 5 star podcast), the "Waypoints" episodes have become a slog in the same way as "Be Good Rewatch It" because of one specific reason: Only having one subject per episode. For the deceased podcast, it was a ridiculous number of episodes dedicated to the "Pride & Prejudice" BBC miniseries. For this podcast, it's an absurd number of episodes dedicated to an anime series. Please start talking about multiple things per episode again.

Probably the podcast I've listened to the longest   (5/5)

Extremely sharp when they are on, still very ingratiating when they are not. Everyone has a strong point-of-view and has done the work to understand throughly what they're talking about. Even when they lapse into silliness, as they often do, the conversation does not become arid and shapeless.

5   (5/5)

5 star podcast 5 star rewatch 5 star runtimes

Thoughtful Interrogations of the Games Industry and Good Anime Jokes   (5/5)

Even though I only play video games that are 2+ years old, I listen to every Waypoint Radio because I love listening to thoughtful and knowledgeable people talk about their expertise and their passions. The Waypoint crew addresses the political contexts of the games and game-related developments they discuss, and their cultural literacy extends far beyond just games, giving them insightful perspectives. Also, Austin has good Gundam opinions.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Podcast!   (5/5)

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Runtime!


Honestly my highlight of the week is catching all of the Waypoint discourse. Come for the video games stay for the anime (which includes Kingdom Hearts, need I say more).



my second favorite waypoint podcast   (5/5)

this podcast is a truly remarkable source for both news and criticism, in games, other media, and culture more broadly. this podcast is like a brother to me. BUT be good and rewatch it was taken from us too soon

Five Star Podcast, FIVE STAR RUNTIMES   (5/5)

🗣🎙:⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ ⏱:⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

good show   (5/5)

more like waypoint rad-io

Immersive Sim   (5/5)

An engaging, introspective, and deeply funny look at video games and culture. Been listening for years. 5 STAR PODCAST!!! 5 STAR RUNTIME GODDAMMIT!

5 star podcast, 5 star runtime   (5/5)

Folks, it’s good

5 Star Podcast. 5 Star Runtimes   (5/5)

What’s good internet? Waypoint Radio

What’s Good, Internet?   (5/5)

Not much as it turns out. Still a great pod.

five star podcast 🎤   (5/5)

five star runtimes ⏱

5 Star Podcast 5 Star Runtime   (5/5)

Come for the discourse about games, stay for the International

I was taking a journey   (5/5)

and this is the only runtime that helped me aesthertic

Waypoint is a beautiful wonderland   (5/5)

Waypoint is a wonderful amalgam of video games, pop culture, and politics. The best news is that you can listen to an episode or two and know if this is your jam or not. Vice, for the love of all the bong content on the internet, please allow this podcast to continue forever.

Good at talking   (5/5)

Very nice voices



Great podcast doing something different for pop culture and gaming industry   (5/5)

Hey, you. Listen to these folks.

Natalie   (2/5)

I cannot stand episodes with Natalie. Like, uhm, like, I think, like, uhm....she needs to develop her games critique voice off mic, it just isn't there right now. It's a disservice to listeners to have all the other hosts come to the table with clearly formed thoughts and opinions and then have Natalie stumble on every point.



5 STAR RUNTME   (5/5)


Kind, thoughtful, & funny cast!   (5/5)

They all have a great rapport with each other and everyone is super charming and insightful! I'm always happy to see new Waypoint eps in my podcatcher. Definitely check this podcast out!

Boring and overly political.   (2/5)

Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. They seem to be angry about any minor or imagined political infraction.

It’s all worth it....   (5/5)

Just for Cado’s mad laughter. I love this podcast.

5 star pod   (5/5)

My job requires me to drive all day. I listen to many podcasts but anytime waypoint comes up it takes priority. Kh lore reasons is more than I could have ever asked for. Thanks.

Best Video Game Podcast out there   (5/5)

Easily the best place to hear thoughtful, spirited takes about video games, labor, and the many forms of Xehanort. Such a great podcast, I look forward to it whenever it pops into my feed.

Pretty Good   (3/5)

A good crew that talks about a bunch of diverse and interesting topics. Natalie says "like" around 3 times a sentance, Danielle's volume is a lot and Kato's laugh is ROUGH and grating...but past those minor issues, pretty good stuff!

A Deeper Gaming Podcast   (5/5)

Found this show while searching for Kingdom Hearts lore. Loved Lore Reasons and they should absolutely make it a permanent series. That said, it’s actually been the trips into the archive that really make me love this. They talk about games in wider perspectives, including the morality of certain franchises, the level design, or the world-building. Even in games they personally don’t like, they can find the great moments that you might enjoy. Waypoints eps are the absolute best. They aren’t necessarily game related, just interesting political or pop culture topics that each person would like to touch on. Only danger is adding to your backlog of open tabs. Highly recommend this podcast!

My Favorite Weekly Podcast   (5/5)

Truly can’t recommend this podcast more highly. I use it to keep updated on headlines / new releases in video games, but tbh Waypoint covers a bit of everything in news and pop culture. Austin, Patrick, Danielle, Rob, Natalie, and Cado are all super funny and charming — even when I might find a topic boring, they find a way to turn it into a fascinating conversation.

A Fantastic Podcast That Has Only Grown Stronger With Time   (5/5)

I've been following this podcast since the early days and it has been amazing to watch it grow into the wonderful show it is now. Whether it is a deep dive into the politics of the game industry or a joyous recounting of some new game one of the hosts is playing they will always approach said topic with a sense of empathy, humor, & careful consideration. Every host brings such great qualities to each episode it is always fun to see what the lineup will be. Also importantly they are never afraid to reflect on mistakes or misteps. Instead of ignoring a mistake they will often acknowledge said problem and actually address the issue thoughtfully. Ultimately this is the gaming podcast I have always wanted and I am glad I found. They remain an intelligently warm and delightfully humorous voice in the chaotic modern world. I feel like I should also mention they aren't afraid to mix up the format with new show types like Waypoints a brief dive into what kinds of non gaming art/media/news they are enjoying and the recent Lore Reasons deep sincere dives into video game lore.

I like to think   (5/5)

That this is a five star podcast

Natalie is the reason I am here   (5/5)

Like, actually though.

could listen to this for...many more hours   (5/5)

natalie & danielle are icons thank you for the gift of you 🌸🌸🌸

Doosh da doosh da doosh   (5/5)

Doosh doosh doosh

Great humor   (5/5)

I really enjoy this group. I followed them from GB and enjoy Rob and Natalie a ton. The Kingdom hearts episodes are priceless!

This podcast is DOPE   (5/5)

If you like video games, and you also like thoughtful discussion and critical analysis, this is the pod for you. It’s a very casual format, but allows for the occasional deep dive that is often very cathartic if you’re like me and LOVE games, but are sometimes embarrassed by the broader strokes of gaming culture. The Waypoint team love games, and most importantly, they celebrate gaming while also holding developers accountable and generally wanting games to be better. It’s okay to like something while also being critical of it. That’s how art works.

Austin Walker and crew tell it like it is   (5/5)

It’s refreshing to hear a podcast that doesn’t hold back or pull any punches when it comes to issues of equality, representation, etc. some of my favorite episodes don’t even have games as the main topic of discussion. Please do yourself a favor and listen to this podcast, it is the best podcast about gaming because it deals with real issues going on, both in the industry and in the world today. Keep up the great work!

The Most Accurate Kingom Hearts Based Podcast on iTunes   (5/5)

I've never heard a more detailed and accurate summary of the Kingom Hearts Franchise as the Waypoint Radio Lore Reasons mini podcast. Before I heard it, I was blind and could not see the path through the Lore Jungle that is the ever growing Plot Forest of Kingdom Hearts. After I heard it, I felt as if I could finally truly see my own true Lore self for the first time, as if I finally had a mirrior through which I could see my own Nobody. If you are a fan of Kingdom Hearts or even an enemy of it, this podcast is the one for you!

Don't know what I'd do without them   (5/5)

I listen to a lot of gaming podcasts and this is by far the smartest and funniest group of people in games cristicm. And they cover so much more than games! I've shared this pod with friends who don't play games and they started listening weekly. Some of my favorite people from Giant Bomb and the Idle Thumbs network now under one roof! And I love what Natalie and Cado bring. (I do miss Danika though) I truely think they are providing a public service here. Bringing a conversation to audiences that may not be getting these perspectives elsewhere.

The Future of Video Game Discourse   (5/5)


loving ALL the new extra content   (5/5)

from weekly waypoints to the kingdom hearts lore to the new separate pod for be good & rewatch it, waypoint is doing it ALL in podcasts. this is in addition to the already great monday & friday shows. love it, keep it up.

My fav podcast   (5/5)

Love this show

I wish I had a Waypoint for everything   (5/5)

This website and their audiovisual output has slowly become my favorite media outlet. Their criticism is biting, nuanced, and deep when called for, but their conversations never feel dense or bloated. Listening to Waypoint Radio is fun with nutritional value — a rare treat.

The BEST podcast for those who care about life AND games   (5/5)

For a while I’ve been enjoying other gaming podcasts such as giant bomb and the always excellent bonfireside chat. While those are great they always seemed afraid to broach politics and how they relate to the things we enjoy. Waypoint helps me recognize the larger context in which the entertainment I enjoy exists and for that alone it would be interesting. But waypoint gives you much more with your games; I’ve learned about Roman military tactics, queer relationships, and music culture! One final shoutout: I can’t think of another gaming podcast so full of diversity. Hearing LGBTQ people and people of color speak about gaming is excellent!! Not only that but the podcast spans probably 30 years with some old folks and young-ins well represented. :) (Austin is my hero but Rob is the dark knight I didn’t know I needed!)

big brain natalie   (5/5)

you don’t know true podcasting until u listen to three people who’ve never play kingdom hearts try to explain all of it

Never Ever Filler   (5/5)

I’ve listened to Waypoint for a long time now, but never felt compelled to review until earlier, when Austin (who often hosts) dropped a question about the themes of Kingdom Hearts I had never stopped to consider. This is an extensive video game series that I’ve put a lot of time into, and that he has no interest in playing, but he’s able to digest its storytelling, find this insight, and distill it to a question that sliced straight through my lived experiences for over a decade and question everything freshly. This, in a sub-series that is kind of a joke or at least different from normal Waypoint content. I love it. Everyone who is on the show has an unique viewpoint and voice that is never belittled or dismissed, and it makes for good fun and great exploration. I am always here for it. It makes drives and dog walks so much better almost all the time. It’s one of two podcasts I keep favorite back episodes downloaded of to revisit. If you are into games I can’t recommend it enough.

Been on one since the end of last year   (5/5)

Great editing. Discussion about games, media and story that is insightful, funny and always earnest. The shows in the last month have been next level, too. Lore Reasons is a journey and would be a great recurring series after wrapping up Kingdom Hearts in what I hope is at least 12 more episodes.

Awesome podcast   (5/5)

Pumping out some of the best stuff right now

Always been good, it’s even better now   (5/5)

I don’t know what it is but they are firing on all cylinders every time. Loving it!

Lore reason   (5/5)

Some of the most genuinely funny episodes of a podcast I've listened to.

I love waypoint radio   (5/5)

I listen every week

Great Cast and thought provoking discussions   (5/5)

I love listening to the Waypoint podcasts every week. The cast has great chemistry, especially Austin and Natalie! Rob is brilliant and matches Austin with intellectual discussions. Patrick brings his deep video game experience to the table and Daniele chimes in with her emotional thoughts. Oh, and Kato has added good production and a comical point of view. They are not afraid to drift off on talks about movies, books, tv, politics, racial and identity issues or current events. I can’t get enough of these intelligent, thoughtful and humorous people. They need a TV show on Vice or another station! Give this podcast a listen. You will get hooked.

Extremely smart and funny Podcast   (5/5)

Every episode I've listened to has been wonderful and unexpected. Should have guessed a podcast about why we play games is the one thing that really got me interested in American football.

Joyless   (1/5)

Joyless, humorless...these people are insufferable. Seems they view every aspect of the world as political and none of it is correct enough for them.

Intelligent   (5/5)

I love this podcast. I like that they talk about video games in their greater context as cultural products. This podcast's nuanced take on media means that this group is almost always on the mark for me. Austin and his crew have educated me and given me a language to discuss games that transcends gamers.

Makes Me Laugh, Chills Me Out   (5/5)

Waypoint is perfect for days when I gotta bribe myself into household chores and also work was a little stressful. The interesting discussion and thoughtful insights keep me engaged. The friendly banter and good humor relax me. Please let Natalie talk about Dragon Age more (even if she romanced the egg).

Way to point out the not obvious.   (1/5)

Podcast are a thing that I like to have on in the background while i’m doing something else. Usually i’m working or playing videogames. This is one podcast that I cannot do that with and it requires your full attention. They are constantly looking for the deeper meaning of things that for the most part goes over other peoples heads. And the constant shifts to politics or philosophy is sometimes jarring. I feel like I need to graduate college to being to appreciate anything this podcast does. Until then i’m going to keep listening to my wrestling podcast.

Skip   (1/5)

Joyless, humorless, left wing social commentary disguised as a video game podcast. These people are insufferable. Seems they view every aspect of the world as political and none of it politically correct enough for them.

Games do not exist in a vacuum   (5/5)

Do you want games to be approached seriously as a form of media? No, I mean, do you really? Then they need to be addressed in the social and political context that they were created in. Waypoint radio is a fantastic podcast for addressing these issues, and also the hosts know what they’re talking about if you just wanna know how the “gameplay” of a given game is. If you want thoughtful, human discussion of the games industry, then look no further.

the only place to hear about games that won't make you wish you had died in 1997   (5/5)

as I start to write this I notice that there's a review from 2016 where they criticize the podcast for not being a "game review" podcast, but "more philosophical and observational, but meandering and free form." they didn't like that, but I sure do. Waypoint is sort of a broad cultural critique/"what's on your mind these days" podcast by some very funny and very sincere people [take note, aspirants, if you can marry these two qualities, It's Good] who happen to pay a lot of attention to games. it's wide-ranging, it's thoughtful, and it's unabashedly left-wing, which is always refreshing. Austin Walker, in particular, of the most interesting and emotionally in-touch personalities on the internet? it's just such a pleasure to hear him talk about things that make him happy and things that make him mad.

My favorite video game podcast   (5/5)

Waypoint is for ppl who don’t go “ugh why do you have to bring up _____ when talking about (game).” And for ppl who think that collectivism and autonomy aren’t mutually exclusive. I just stole a cool line from Parquet Courts’ new album to sound smart. They’re cool too. Anyways, I get a lot from the discussions that Waypoint have. Their dedication to bringing up that difficult topic surrounding a given game is because they understand those conversations are productive and can still be fun. But give them a chance even if you don’t feel what I’m saying here. Peace!

Good Games Chatter with a bunch of interesting hosts   (5/5)

Tons of content every week, and I try to keep up, but sometimes it's too much. Always enjoyable, and I could listen to Austin Walker talk about giant robots forever.

Love this show.   (5/5)

Huge fan of the show and the website.

Everyone’s great but   (5/5)

Austin and Danielle steal the show

Fun and Informative   (5/5)

I make sure that I never miss an episode. Of the various gaming podcasts I listen to, Waypoint is the one I learn new things from. I also appreciate that they don't ignore the politics in art and are well informed enough to talk about it. All done with a healthy sense of humor as well. I recommend it for any artist, writer, or lover of games.

Forget NeoGaf   (1/5)

I couldn’t care less about NeoGaf or the characters in this story but to call that podcast “journalism” is ridiculous. Do the work, do the research, don’t take the low road.. I hope someday you kids look back on this podcast and think “Wow, we could’ve done a lot better than that...” maybe then you can call yourselves journalists.

Thank You   (5/5)

Dear Waypointers, I’ve subscribed to your podcast since from the beginning, and I’ve written to you a couple of times. I just wanted to say thank you for what you do. We really need more podcasts that delve into issues of race, gender, and inclusivity in video games. Special shout out to your last episode with the former Bioware dev and Patrick’s South Park game coverage. Thanks, nmendez79 (psn tag).

Politics and part time video games.   (3/5)

Mostly covering video games lightly and talking more about politics in real life. Meh. Your mileage may vary.

Hit and miss   (1/5)

Decent podcast, when they finally start talking about video games.

Waypoint makes me think   (5/5)

You guys make me think every week about how I can make things better in this world and industry. I enjoy listening to you all and think you all are doing a excellent job. Keep setting those Waypoints and I’ll keep finding my way to them. Great job guys!

One of the finest gaming podcasts around   (5/5)

Waypoint is one of the finest gaming podcast around. You couldn't ask for a better crew. I love you all.

Excellent, (e)intellectual and entertaining   (5/5)

There you have it, the 3 (Es)! This show is fantastic, they aren't afraid to tackle touchy subjects, such as race and politics within gaming. The show is highly progressive in its' politics, so, is you aren't into so-called "SJW" stuff...stay away. Some of the best and brightest minds in gaming journalism/critique.

Keep up the good work   (4/5)

I knew what to expect when Austin Walker started the podcast and I wasn’t disappointed. They just do a good job of putting into words the thoughts I’m trying to form.

Episode 99   (2/5)

Episode 99 is very emblematic of what is the current problem with "games criticism". In addition, please stop having indigestion noises in to the microphone. Ew.

Very good and interesting   (5/5)

One of the best most diverse podcasters that talk about game politics and more!

Mixed feelings.   (2/5)

Pros: I’ve enjoyed all 4 of these journalists in previous jobs and outlets and it’s great to hear more of their voices. Cons: When given the opportunity to talk as much as humanly possible Austin really stretches his legs in this new endeavor. Lots of details about meetings and blustery intellectual word puke. I love Robs intellectual rants because they are tastefully done and well thought out. I just can’t take when Austin is working out his thought process for everyone to hear.

I love this political games podcast   (5/5)

I love to listen to smart people talk about games, and I love to listen to smart people talk about politics, so I especially love to listen to smart people talk about games AND politics. They don’t always talk about politics but they do when it’s relevant or overwhelming which is, well, pretty often these days. Austin, Danielle, Patrick, and Rob and all very smart and I love to hear them talk about games or politics or movies or coffee or whatever.

best discussion of games and game culture   (5/5)

I have yet to find another podcast that analyzes games/games culture with an eye to broader cultural influences, themes, economic factors, etc. I like all the hosts although I wish Danielle would think a little longer before speaking. I sympathize with having difficulty in communicating what you really think about a topic when you're speaking off the cuff, but I'm also not trying to make it in video- and audio-based games journalism...just would like to get some more good, insightful commentary from the third core member of the podcast. Still giving the podcast 5 stars despite that because it's in its own league.

One of the best games criticism podcasts   (5/5)

Waypoint has established themselves as a major voice in games criticism and Waypoint Radio is a great extension of their voice.

Unprofessional and hypocritical SJW's   (1/5)

When this collective group think continues to arbitrarily deteremime rules of how things should be it actually reveals how intolerate one can be. Yes the mirror can be scary. Too many millenials preach diversity etc yet allow no diversity of thought and cry and whine about what should be offensive as if they are the judge of all things. Very offensive group and will not listen past the one grueling episode. They cuss/swear constantly yet were actually debating appropriateness of a word. This societal peer presure of the younger culture is very disturbing as to how everyone is expected to be exactly in sync like them or they get mob mentality angry and become far worse than those they are upset at to begin with. No consistentcy or logic of thought. Too many have access to a mic.

Good boys   (5/5)

Been following klepek his whole career and walker is awesome. No reason not to love this show.

Fresh Air in Gaming Podcasting   (5/5)

I would recommend this podcast to anyone looking for deeply personal, insightful, and engaging discussions on games and how they relate to our larger culture. Specifically, the podcast offers a direct look at personal thoughts and feelings of the presenters/journalists of VICE's Waypoint. Austin Walker has assembled a diverse team who each offer a distinct voice in the cacophony of game journalism. What I love about Waypoint Radio is that I get to hear these voices harmonize with one another in sort of gaming discussion jam session. I deeply resonant with how they think about games and gaming culture. All that said, I look forward to listening to each episode to hear Waypoint's team extend the conversation about gaming and gaming culture past formal or reader(gamer)-response critiques to include gender, historical, and sociological criticism as well. Keep up that fantastic work!

Visceral podcast   (4/5)

Maybe the most visceral podcast ever. Just overall incredibly visceral. So so visceral. Visceral.

A Wonderful Podcast   (5/5)

A podcast that focuses on the discussion and the people in games. Great guests and incredible hosts make this a twice weekly listen.

Gaming culture   (5/5)

Austin has made very clear that Waypoint is not in the business of reviewing games or avoiding the political. The vast majority of negative reviews are complaining about the inclusion of the podcasters politics into discussions. However, I find it much more interesting to hear about the experiences in and surrounding video games when discussed within a cultural/real life context (including perspectives regarding race/gender/sexuality etc.) Yes they are all very anti trump and do discuss current events sometimes, but to be honest if you are a trump supporter.. I doubt they want you listening anyway? There are plenty of bland, straight white dude review-casts for you to listen to.

What's good   (5/5)

This. This is good.

blessed podcast   (5/5)

good for listening with your ears!

Favorite Games Podcast   (5/5)

Waypoint Radio quickly became my favorite games podcast. The quality of conversation is great, and treats games as a medium worth taking seriously, while maintaining a playful tone. It might not run through all the latest releases or every piece of news, but there're other great podcasts that have that down. Instead, you'll get close, thoughtful readings of the games that are moving the hosts that week. It's hard to listen to someone speak with genuine interest about a topic and not become interested yourself, and I've never heard a discussion that feels obligatory or cursory on Waypoint Radio.

Insightful and Intelligent   (5/5)

I love this podcast. Austin and Patrick are seasoned and insightful, but I think Danica's contributions are overlooked. She balances their occasional cynicism with energy and her differing tastes in games are refreshing. I love Austin, he's great and I can relate to him on many levels, but when Danica takes over hosting duties, it's a refreshing change of pace. Hopefully she will block out the haters and be more confident when hosting. It's more than just entertainment, it's informative. Thanks for all the hard work you all put into the show.

A very tired, unstructured, lethargic podcast   (2/5)

Between computing and jogging I listen to a lot of gaming podcast and this one is probably the least consistent of them in terms of quality. It is telling that the podcast often opens with the hosts making small talk complaining about how tired they are and ends with a sigh of relief that they "made it." I get that this is a schtick, but it often doesn't feel like one. The podcast frequently meanders trying to find a topic and milks whatever it can" because there is seemingly little structure or preparation. This is a shame because I love all the hosts and all have been on previous podcasts that were much more polished and better paced and structured. Match 3 was great because it was frequently focused around each person bringing 1 thing to the table. Idle Weekend chooses one topic to explore each week. Three moves ahead typically does a deep dive on one game. And Giant Beast cast has the most impeccable flow of them all. These are all podcasts these hosts were frequently on and they worked. Sometimes they find magic in their meandering here, but mostly they just drag me down and make me feel tired along with them. Out of dozen or so gaming podcasts I listen too each week this is the most lethargic. I sometimes want to turn it off as soon as Austin complains once more how hard the week was or how terrible Monday's are, but I keep it my feed hoping it will improve.

They just yell   (1/5)

I started an episode and all they did on episode 70's first 5 mins is scream. Not my bag of tea.

Fantastic podcast!   (5/5)

This show is basically an all-star team of gaming personalities

The Whole Crew Rules   (5/5)

No matter who is on a given episode (Austin, Patrick, Danielle, Danika, Rob... or a mystery guest), they don't just talk games they really dig into their experieinces. Everytime I see a new episode, I get a little giddy while the download queues up.

Good, and Good At It!   (5/5)

Video game podcasts come and go nowadays, not to mention being dime-a-dozen, but I strongly recommend hitting this one up. The tick-tock structure of Monday/Friday episodes, the willingness of the host to cede control of the conversation, and the occassional, yet excellent, guests make for a show with a steady rhythm. Discussions are sharp and interesting, and use the hot button topics of games at the moment to reach into themes, art, and favorites of yore. The regular panel has a balanced and diverse preference in games, and the questions brought in from the audience are so good, I often struggle to answer to myself. An all around gaming experience, filtered through honesty and optimism, that lands squarely as one of my favorites every week.

The Pokemon to all the NeoPets Podcasts   (5/5)

This metaphor made sense in my head when I thought it up. Just listen, yo.

The best place for thoughtful video game discussion   (5/5)

The is the best gaming podcast for mile wide but ten-miles deep discussion.

LETS GO!   (5/5)

I was told this helps, does this help? I mean, I like the podcast, a lot, I MEAN A LOT. I try to listen to it every day they have them go live. You should as well. If you like video games then you will like this, if you HATE anime then you will like Patrick, if you like Donkey Kong you will like Danielle, if you saw a video of Austin talking over Jaden Smith and not realizing it, you will like this podcast. YOU WILL LIKE THIS PODCAST.

Austin + Patrick   (5/5)

My two favorite ex-Giant Bomb crew members joined up and I couldn't be happier. They discuss more in-depth game concepts, which is both smart and good. Keep it up, guys!

Love it   (5/5)

This is my Monday motivation and my Friday decompression

a review for waypoint radio:   (5/5)

havent had a video game podcast fill the hole in my heart the indoor kids left since it ended. then waypoint started and now i don't feel so empty!!!

Ginger Baker is jealous of this podcast   (4/5)

In 1966, Eric Clapton, Jack Bruce, and Ginger Baker formed Cream. In 2016, Austin Walker, Danielle Riendeau, and Patrick Klepek formed Waypoint Radio. Cream imploded, but I hope this podcast can live on well past its inception. There is a version of this podcast that is tighter, more dense, and propels the medium of games forward. It's just not quite there, yet. But it totally could be the greatest games podcast ever.

Dynamic and immersive. A mixed bag overall.   (3/5)

Listen to the earliest episodes with Austin and Patrick and you get a very Giant Bombcast feel ... which I love. Was hoping for the revival of energy drink reviews. Then they filled out the team with some uncharismatic personalities that drove the level of discussion and criticism south. While Austin and Patrick have insightful and naturally funny takes on games and culture, these other personalities often provide shallow and numbing commentary. They're trying really hard to be funny which is uncomfortable. Austin doesn't need a cheerleader or hype man to punch up the show.

Favorite video game podcast   (5/5)

These 4 writers are some of the most eloquent and critically intentional in the industry. Their conversations are always more than surface level and are evidence that games can be casual and fun, as well as meaningful and provoking. Quickly has become my favorite podcast in general, and definitely my favorite game podcast.

It's great.   (5/5)

I've missed austinwalkergames and pklepick. Good to have you back!

I'm just too old for this   (2/5)

What started as an interesting conversation that goes deep into our connections to video games, eventually devolved into political bias. I was done when celebrating greatness and unity fell by the wayside and political bias and personal disappointment took over. I was excited for this, and eventually severely let down. In my early thirties, maybe I'm just too old for this.

5 STARS   (5/5)


The best   (5/5)

Nobody talks about video games the way Austin Walker does. Patrick Klepek and Danielle Riendau are awesome too.

A podcast for gamers who want to think about the weight and implications of games.   (5/5)

Please, please listen to this. It is Far and away the most critical, most interesting podcast about video games

High level video game discussions + heart   (5/5)

One of my favorite podcasts! The structure is roughly what are we playing (but much more interesting than most shows because it goes in depth) + industry news + questions from listeners. Every now and then there's a weaker episode where it feels more like the cast hanging out talking about games rather than the inverse. But even those are redeemed because of the cast's warm and shade filled personalities. Everyone brings something different to the table in terms of gaming background and it helps me learn about titles/perspective I wouldn't otherwise. Ps. They're very consistent with 2 podcasts a week and even through in some bonuses.

Austin Walker: Great Podcast Host   (5/5)

My biggest compliment I can pay Waypoint Radio is that it is easily the most pleasant video game podcast I listen to. It doesn't completely shut out the real issues going on in games, but it also it isn't all doom and gloom. There is an optimism for the future of the medium that is lacking in a lot of video game podcast, please don't change.

Wonderful   (5/5)

If this was Mount Everest the Waypoint team would already be at the summit, with the Idle Thumbs team planning their ascent. The only thing that would make this podcast better is if Rob Zacny and Jeff Bakalar were members of this team.

One of the best gaming podcasts around   (5/5)

Patrick, Danielle and Austin are refreshing voices that go beyond the usual gaming business. I've always greatly admired Patrick as a journalist and listened to him back on his old Giant Bomb show, great to hear him again. Love that it's twice a week too. Keep up the great work.

Familiar, friendly, and thoughtful   (5/5)

Waypoint Radio is a breath of fresh air in dense world of video game podcasts. If you're interested in discussions beyond what's good and what's bad, WR is spot on. I appreciate the opinions and personalities on the show.

Great   (5/5)

Most video game podcasts make me cringe. This doesn't. I cannot offer higher praise.

Fantastic!   (5/5)

Great podcast!

Fun   (5/5)

Fun, likable, smart individuals.

Waypoint Radio is Good   (5/5)

This podcast is dope. Great talk about video games and Overwatch fanfic. Highly recommended for ears everywhere.

Love this Podcast   (5/5)

Love listening to Danielle, Patrick and Austin. Always great commentary and it helps fill in the podcast gaps between Giant Bomb and the Beastcast. Keep it up!

Danielle!   (5/5)

I love Austin & Patrick, but I'm so happy to have Danielle on this podcast!

Video games might be OK after all   (5/5)

You (a damned fool): I hope they read my email about fig newtons on this week's bombcast! Me (wise, listens to Waypoint Radio): Bastion the robot from Overwatch is a powerful and insatiable sex fiend

New Donk City   (5/5)

the pirate anime podcast giantbomb wouldn't host

I like it.   (5/5)

Nice people saying interesting things about games.

Excellent !!!   (5/5)

One of the better VG podcasts around right now. Give it a try!

Love episode 42   (5/5)

Great podcast

Not many cultural voices like this out there   (5/5)

Austin and the gang are still finding their footing, but the passion for analyzing what makes games culturally relevant is clear. Every episode is thought provoking and sometimes even inspiring, while maintaining a spirit of goofing around that underlies games culture. Yes, Waypoint has entered the political fray, so be warned if that's not your kind of thing. However, the perspectives presented are well-researched and solid. These are industry opinions, if you're a serious games player, that must be contended with.

Impossible to not smile*   (5/5)

The addition of Danielle to the dynamic duo of Austin and Patrick makes for a perfect combination. Smart and funny with an actual editorial/moral stance. You also learn some stuff about the gaming industry. *unless you get all your news directly from Rupert Murdock

An instant addition to my "must listen" list.   (5/5)

Joins GiantBomb, Idle Thumbs / Weekend and The Besties as something I will listen to immediately when it's available. Austin, Danielle and Patrick have fantastic rapport, and are just smart, funny people with great insight into the games they play and the culture around those games. Love it.

Love Patrick and Austin, but....   (2/5)

There's just too much social commentary. I'm not into it.

best daddy   (5/5)

austin walker is the best daddy

One of My New Favorites   (5/5)

Check out this podcast if you're interested in video games, especially in how they intersect with culture and social issues. Seriously, it's great. Love to Austin, Danielle, Patrick and their cohorts - this is super good stuff.

Waypoint is Way Good   (5/5)

I'm sorry, I'm so sorry but I started it with a pun for Danielle. This is less a review and more a congratulations for putting smart people together. Congrats Austin, congrats Danielle, congrats Patrick, congrats (I'm just learning about you, but your with a good crowd so we good) Danika!

Was Left Disappointed   (2/5)

Was excited to see a podcast with Austin and Patrick, but felt disappointed with the amount of over dramatic political depression expressed after the election. We get it, you dislike Trump (I actually agree) but too many episodes end up feeling like a anxiety support group for election PTSD survivors. Gave the podcast a few months and just couldn't do it any more once we got to the inauguration

Started out good...   (2/5)

Been following Patrick and Austin since their Goant Bomb days, and this podcast started out as a similarity fun podcast, but recently most of the episodes have just been about politics, whining about Trump, and making a sad attempt to somehow relate video games to all of it. Stop trying to bring some bigger meaning out of video games. They're meant to be played for entertainment and to take us away from the troubles of real life, just as this podcast should do. It's okay to throw some side topics in here and there, but it really needs to be toned down because this podcast is going south real quick.

Games and Social Commentary   (5/5)

If you have followed Austin Walker, Patrick Klepek, and Danielle Riendeau for any period of time, then you know what you are getting here: This is a podcast that looks at video games through the scope of current events and social trends. They will talk about politics or social views, and they are all strongly leftward leaning. I, personally, am more on the libertarian end of things, but I appreciate their ability to articulate their views and engage with video games in a unique way. However, I recognize that this podcast won't be for everyone. The reality here is that artistic mediums-- whether they be movies, tv shows, video games, music, etc.-- are always going to contain messages from their creators about their views on the current world. If we are to engage fully with the medium, we should absolutely discuss those messages. And so I am glad that Austin and company are willing to tackle that challenge, as many others are not.

Yoz   (5/5)

Number one destination for info on Jaden Smith's real actual height. Also, the political discussion and how politics and just the greater world in general effects gaming is really refreshing. I hate the idea that games should somehow exists outside of space and time. People make games, politics effects people. I love these folks.

Games with Politics or Politics with Games   (3/5)

I try to listen to every episode but sometimes they go too hard on the politics and it is grating. That is what they are trying to make, so if that is what you after, this podcast is very well made.

Best Podcast Recorded in New Donk City   (5/5)

Great podcast with three great hosts. They each bring a unique perspective and history to the show and have great chemistry. I am glad they dive in on the politcal and social discussions since many other pods don't go near those topis. Looking forward to more in 2017.

What a Shocker   (1/5)

Another "gaming" podcast with a political agenda shoved down your throat. Really disappointed considering the intelligent hosts. Every episode carries a snarky comment or complaint about how bad 2016 was because of the election. How narcissistic do you have to be to take MLK day to push an entire political agenda on a gaming podcast. If you want something worth your time, go follow Gamertag Radio -- no gaming podcast has more respect for the industry and their fans than those guys.

Gaming?   (1/5)

I loved Austin at Giant Bomb, but this is more of a political podcast than a gaming one. It's basically Skepticrat with a game segment but not funny... or interesting... or particularly intelligent. Do yourself a favor and split the difference- listen to Giant Bomb and Skepticrat. This is Vice tryhardness at its most obnoxious.

Thoughtful and inclusive   (5/5)

Waypoint is now my #1 way of keeping track of games and gaming, after several years of being barely in touch with the hobby. The hosts are funny and thoughtful, inclusive and empathetic, and help me be excited about games in a way that works with my life.

Good video games podcast   (5/5)

This is a fun and short video games podcast that is easy to get into

Meh, it's fine.   (3/5)

Basically just a more boring version of The Giant Beastcast, which is basically a more boring version of The Giant Bombcast.

Great!   (5/5)

Austin, Danielle and Patrick are very insightful and entertaining. Highly recommended.

waypoint has made me interested in games   (5/5)

that is, i play games, but i didn't really read games journalism until recently. this podcast is charming and funny and i have learned a lot from it.

I'm happy these voices are in one place   (5/5)

When Patrick Klepek left the Giant Bombcast, I was sad. When Austin Walker left the Giant Beastcast, I was sad. When Vice put Austin in charge of their game department and he hired Patrick and both of them along with the equally smart and talented Danielle Riendeau started recording a new regular podcast I was happy.

Disliked, but trying to be fair.   (3/5)

It's not a bad podcast (actually in my opinion it is, but that's not a fair review), but it isn't a game review based podcast either - it's more philosophical and observational, but it's meandering and free form to (in my opinion) a fault, discussions remain open ended with no resolution, making little or no conclusion about the topic. Hosts are not uninformed, but this podcast is more for someone who's interested in the culture of gaming than the games themselves and their gameplay.

Waypoint Radio is Idle Thumbs 2   (5/5)

It's the sequel you never knew you wanted until it already existed. The Godfather Part II of video game podcasts.

Not what i thought.   (1/5)

I listen to a GAMES podcast for games. Coming form two of the best minds in gaming very dissaponted. Austin Walker you can do better but, on the bright side for a left facing political podcast not to bad.

Too much politics   (2/5)

It's supposed to be a video game podcast. Instead they spend a portion of every podcast talking about their political views.... unsubscribed

Just Stop   (1/5)

Nobody cares about your political opinions and your whining. Keep it to yourself or start your own liberal website.

Play together   (5/5)

I can think of no place I'd rather go to hear critical explorations of the world of gaming in these trying times.

Worth your time.   (5/5)

Austin Walker is in my opinion the most well spoken critical thinker in modern video games journalism. I highly recommend listening to him discourse any topic. His point of view is always eclectic in a satisfying fashion. It's very clear to me that as the Editor-in-chief of Waypoint we can expect his unique style of games journalism to influence and direct the media their site produces. This podcast is no exception.

Austin and Patrick   (5/5)

It's nice having these smart fellas talking about games again, and Danielle seems like a great addition.

A Great Gaming Podcast   (5/5)

Just starting out, I was extremely surprised and delighted how well put together these podcasts are and the enlightened conversations hosts have on various topics across all gaming platforms. I look forward to hearing what the waypoint podcast has in store for the future. Keep up the great work.

title   (5/5)

Great show.

Loving it so far   (5/5)

Austin, Patrick, and friends provide their wonderful insight and great personalities in this podcast about video games and their place in the world.

Entertaining, fun show   (5/5)

This podcast is great thanks to the knowledgeable, funny commentary provided by Austin and Patrick. The chemistry these two share is palpable, and the fun they have in discussing games shines through to make the podcast even more enjoyable. Can't wait to hear even more!

Great discussions   (5/5)

Two of my favorite voices from their respective times at Giant Bomb now have their own podcast. I like the more condensed format and love the tangents they go off on. They take a deeper dive into video games and the industry in general, especially regarding social impact, that I find refreshing.

2 of my favorite personalities in one convenient podcast   (5/5)

Have been a fan of Patrick and Austin for a while now thanks to their work on Giant Bomb and it's awesome to hear their thoughts and opinions again.

Very yes.   (5/5)

Man these guys have some really fraggin' good conversations. Love it. Not your mom's gaming podcast.

Hey these guys are great   (4/5)

Never heard if they Gus before, but they have interesting discussions about gaming from a younger perspective. 👍🏿

It's Lit.   (5/5)

Austin and Patrick are two incredible game critics and reporters; their banter is fun, relatable, and smart. The only duo that could make me wish their podcast was daily. Like a fresh cup of good coffee.

A jorb well done   (5/5)

Austin and Patrick's obvious enthusiasm for video games is positively infectious. Even when I haven't played the games they're talking about, I can't help but be excited about them and it makes me wish I had more time to play more games! Thanks for making video games seem pretty cool.

The greatest gaming podcast since The Bombcast.   (5/5)

If you miss Bombin' in the AM, this is the sexy new reboot for you.

Great podcast!   (5/5)

Love both you guys! Great show. Patrick, you are killing me with the "um's and uh's" though....

Two of the best critical thinkers in gaming   (5/5)

Great to have two of the best voices in the industry on one podcast--and super excited as a long-time listener of Giantbomb. They provide very welcome and needed perspectives to spark conversations you don't hear very many other places.

Guys who take games seriously   (5/5)

Such a refreshing treat to have twice a week. I oftentimes find myself trying to get in on the conversation my car...where Patrick and Austin can't hear me. Seriously, though, great in-depth discussions and guerrilla ops make this the cool me gaming podcast I can't wait to hear every Monday/Friday.

Love the in-depth viewpoints of these guys.   (5/5)

Beastcast 2.0! The Dishonored interview was great! More interviews with developers / creaters please! Sort of like what we used to get with Geoff Keighley.

Good stuff   (5/5)

Super interesting. Love listening on my way to lunch twice a week!

Batman & Robin of gaming   (5/5)

Thank you Austin and Patrick

Good stuff   (4/5)

Listening to Austin Walker is like a warm hug for your soul.

Intelligent Conversations about Games   (5/5)

Check out this podcast if you consider gaming a hobby. Austin and Patrick speak about games as a medium equal to literature and film. It is so great to hear intelligent people discuss these topics as relevant and meaningful to today's culture and society.

Austin and Patrick: the gaming scoops duo!   (5/5)

They rock!!

Heartwarming   (5/5)

Austin and Patrick bring irrepressible optimism to topics that few other journalists in this space are willing to approach. From the first moments of the theme to final sign off – you know it’s a wonderful and sometimes troubling world out there – but hey, we can figure this out together.

Best video game discussions   (5/5)

Austin and Patrick have meaningful, critical conversations about gaming's place in pop culture. Quickly became my favorite gaming podcast—I look forward to Monday and Friday commutes now!

No Sign-off Needed   (5/5)

Austin and Patrick. What more could you want?

What's good?   (5/5)


Smart Gaming   (5/5)

Two of the smartest voices in gaming are together as one. Taking gaming news to the next level with an eye on cultural relevence of gaming and how it fits in the worlds bigger picture. Name suggestion: Gratifications and Grievances (GG)

Get it   (5/5)

these guys get it

a gift from the gods   (5/5)

the vice gaming podcast is finally here

a great dynamic duo   (5/5)

It's great to hear Austin back talking video games and it's even better that Patrick Klepek is rapping along with him. Incredibly funny and amazingly insightful looks and musings on videogaming and other things!

So wonderful to hear Patrick and Austin again   (5/5)

These two are incredible at what they do. They provide insightful perspectives into current happenings of the video game industry. A joy to listen to

Another Quality Podcast from Great Minds in Video Games   (5/5)

There are a ton of podcasts out there, especially about video games. Most of them kinda follow the same formula or talk about the same stuff (with a few exceptions), but this is another great podcast from Austin Walker and Patrick Klepek. They take time on subjects other podcasts would likely gloss over or not cover at all. This podcast treats Video Games as the unique art form they really are. I know you are probably already a very busy person (although you had the time to read this iTunes podcast review... go to sleep..), but if you care about Video Games and the culture around them, you will not be sorry if you carve out two hours a week to listen to this podcast.

Duders!   (5/5)

Two of my favorite Duders finally together!! I've been following Scoops since 1UP, and I could listen to Austin talk about ANYTHING for hours. I can already tell that I'm never gonna miss an episode!

What's good iTunes   (5/5)

Scoops and the Black Clark Kent a.k.a The Editor in Beef, a.k.a KRS-3 are coming at yuh with hot licks, top picks, and culturally relative takes on video games. These two dudes offer some of the most thoughtful and funny commentary on gaming this side of the eastside. Loved them both at Giant Bomb, love them gettin together at Vice.

I love Austin Walker   (5/5)

Essential listening if you're interested in video games as a creative medium.

finally   (5/5)

It's great to finally have Austin Walker on a weekly gaming podcast. Really looking forward to listening to his voice talk about video games again.

We dem boizs   (5/5)

This podcast is lit 👌😂💯

Thank god   (5/5)

The two freshest perspectives in gaming journalism team up at last!

SKATE   (5/5)


Love them sweet boys   (5/5)

Can't get enough of em!!! Highly rated and recommended!!!!! Tell your folks!!!!

Really Great   (5/5)

Really great hearing Austin and Patrick together. Anxious to see where they go with this podcast!

You cant not listen to it   (5/5)

Its too good! Scooooooops!

The voice of Austin   (5/5)

It hasn't even been that long since Austin left the Beastcast but man I've missed him and Patrick is the perfect companion. I hope for all the success in the world for these guys because they just make gold. Can't wait for this thing to get into full swing.

finally.   (5/5)

It's great to have Austin back on a weekly gaming podcast. He and Patrick Klepek (both formerly of Giant Bomb, though not at the same time) work very well together and I can't wait to see how this show evolves along with the new site.

It doesn't get better than Austin Walker   (5/5)

Klepek, too. But there's no more thoughtful, circumspect or inclusive voice in gaming than Austin Walker. As a true gaming academic, he brought intellectual gravity to the Giant Beastcast (the east coast franchise of Giant Bomb) in a field that's not traditionally keen on politicized topics. His departure from Giant Bomb was a disappointment but when I found out he was starting a new gaming site with VICE, I was all in. Adding Klepek (of Mario Maker feud fame) to the roster made the transition all the more intriguing. Now that things are getting up and running, their as-yet unnamed podcast has launched, and it's great to hear the interplay between Walker and Klepek. It's early to be providing a review like this, but I have such utter faith in Walker and Klepek from their previous work that I have no misgivings about rating this podcast extremely highly. You can bet on this growing into a mature and thought-provoking podcast without losing the youthful joy of gaming. (For those interest in table top gaming, Walker also hosts Friends At the Table, an actual play podcast focused on...okay, I won't do the whole spiel, just go listen to it. It's phenomenal, even if you're not a table topper yourself.)

The Cerebral Duo   (5/5)

When two of the most intelligent personalities in gaming today get together to talk about the industry, you know it's going to be well worth your time. Can't wait to see where this goes!