Aggregated reviews for Whine Down with Jana Kramer and Michael Caussin

At the end of a long day, nothing is better than winding down and decompressing with a good friend, especially one that’s seen it all. Jana Kramer is here to hang out and share her advice and experience from a pretty crazy life. She’s been there and done that, from acting to singing, divorce, motherhood and beyond. If you’ve got something to get off your chest, come over to Jana’s place, pour a glass or two and Whine down!

Don’t be bullied Mike!!   (2/5)

Mike you were such a push over with Mickey. I won’t listen to that drama queen for sure. You were just trying to have a conversation and learn until she shut it down. Pathetic. How are we supposed to learn from her that way? All it did was push me further the other way and think you’re a complete wuss.

So good!   (5/5)

I love how open Jana and Mike are! No one wants to talk about struggles in their lives or marriage but they do! They have helped me so much!

Great episode   (5/5)

I love how open, honest and caring you both are and with your guests. It’s so refreshing to hear you both deal with whatever issue whether deep or light. And Jana’s such a sweetheart I think she could sell anything

Last episode with Lindsay Ell   (5/5)

Guyyyyyys! Thank you so much for introducing me to Lindsay’s song. I’m addicted. Finished the podcast episode today driving and as soon as it was done I asked Siri to play her in Spotify and OMG!!!! She is great! Love her songs so far! And am writing this as I listen to “want me back” so thanks Jana, haha. For playing a little bit of it on the episode. Seriously! Also, best moment for these songs to come into my life, not even kidding 😫 Thank you thank you thank you!!!

Amazing!!   (5/5)

Jana and Mike are so real and so genuine and this is my favorite podcast to listen to. I listen to one every morning when I go on my walk. I have so much appreciation for what they’ve done on their marriage and helps me in my own marriage. And I’m also a huge OTH fan and this just starts my day off right!!

Where did mark go   (5/5)

Where did the commentary from mark and Easton go??

Girl!   (3/5)

Ever hear keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Befriending the woman your husband cheated with?! 🤔 please explain more

Jana Fan   (5/5)

I think it’s great that Jana and Mike are so open about their relationship in an honest way. Everyone is so Instagram perfect and I love that they aren’t afraid to be raw and real! Each week I look forward to this podcast and the great guests they bring on. Look forward every Monday for thuan

Annoyed   (1/5)

I loved this podcast when it first started. I think that Jana and Mike just have so many problems. Why are you crying because you child can’t sleep? That happens as humans and parents. it on Instagram for likes? I feel like Jane complains ALL the time about EVERYTHING. I get it, kids are hard. Stop talking about them on social media. And either get over your husband’s past or move forward. I’m sick of the constant complaining by Jana and Mike just being there.

Love!   (5/5)

Love the show! Real and raw.

Picky eaters   (1/5)

Could only get 13 minutes in with this picky eaters podcast. You say you don’t want your kids as soft as pudding but your triggered and being as soft as pudding.

Greatness!!!   (5/5)

I look forward to this podcast every single Monday!!!! I love how raw and honest it is. Jana & Mike keep up the great job!

Everything I love about you and this episode   (4/5)

First of all, I love Jana’s realness, her emotional imperfections that she’s willing to share with us and just be SO REAL! I LOVE Mike for his direct approach and willingness to be vulnerable. Not often you hear men willing to be so honest and put their feelings out there. The best podcast by far!!! In terms of episode— man, I just wanted an entire 2nd hour of the conversation between you guys and Kaitlyn and Jason. I love them as a couple but you guys allowed us to get to know them not only as a couple but as separate beings and people within a relationship, and I learned so much about each of you as individuals. EXCELLENT episode. I could literally listen to it again. Love you guys!

Uncomfortable   (1/5)

The podcast is appropriately titled

Not same vibes   (2/5)

I started listening to Janna and Jen then turned to janna and mike while I like them I just feel the direction of their discussion is completely different.

...   (1/5)

Great podcast

Gone downhill over time   (3/5)

I’ve been listening since the premiere of the first episode when it used to just be Jana and Jen. I loved it!! I looked forward to listening every week. Lately it seems like I’m kinda dragging myself through the episodes and only listening simply because I feel like I’ve been so invested. I can’t quite pin point it but it just seems as if Jana and Mike are almost lazy to come up with interesting content or guests. They definitely need either a third or fourth cohost and Sara is NOT the answer to that. Mark and Easton are two of my faves and more of them would keep me listening but when they’re on you can feel like even they are not interested in what Jana and Mike are talking about. Not trying to come from a place of negativity but I just can’t listen to the same boring conversation every week.

Change   (5/5)

I don’t think it’s fair how many people are commenting about how ignorant and insensitive Mike and Jana are. How is anyone supposed to better themselves if they’re made to feel like they can’t ask questions? That’s how a lot of people learn. By asking questions they’re being told you can’t ask that or that’s baiting and irrelevant. I thought Mikes apology was very well put and authentic. When Mickey hung up, I too was a little confused, what made her so upset? He’s just asking a question, trying to educate himself and be better. After she came back on, I totally understood where she was coming from and could see how Mike could have rephrased it to be more sensitive to what she’s gone through. One more thought: She said she does not condone it but for a second I felt like Mickey was trying to justify the looting by saying *history* I applaud Jana and Mike for having these difficult topics and bringing in guests to help people understand how important it is to hear stories. I hope they keep it up.

Disheartened   (1/5)

I used to be a loyal listen, but Mickey’s episode honestly left me disgusted with Mike and Jana. I am a white girl, I know I am not nearly as educated as I should be. But to argue with a black woman about what her life has been like? Then to say you were doing it as an “interviewer” was beyond poor taste. Yes he apologized,but the damage was done and true colors were shown. Then Jana crying throughout, it made it seem like she was seeking attention. Again left a really bad taste in my mouth. I usually listen every Monday, but I can’t bring myself to listen to the next episode. Sometimes people show who they really are without meaning to, I think Mike and Jana did just that.

Respect   (5/5)

Edit: changed my rating to 5 stars after the Mickey episode. All of the negatives comments are complaining that Jana and Mike are so ignorant about what it’s like to be a person of color but when Mike starts questioning it to dig further these comments bash him? Finally some celebrities who want to actually understand a topic instead of blindly following and not actually mean what they post about because they just feel obligated to.

...   (1/5)

And just like that Jana folds completely for money. I had respect for her but not anymore. Run Mike run. You deserve so much better.

Choose empathy   (5/5)

Edit: changing my rating because I can tell you guys are putting in the work and it is much appreciated! The episode with Chris is so powerful and important for people to hear. Thank you. Mike and Jana, I hope you really take this as a learning opportunity. My heart broke for Mickey, and all black people, listening to this. Just because you’ve never had to experience racism, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. How would you feel if someone was questioning your experiences? Even if you don’t understand it, we should still be standing up and fighting for our black brothers and sisters. And Jana, this is not about you. Instead of worrying about what to post on social media, just listen and stand up for what’s right. Put yourself in their shoes. What if you had to worry about your children being killed by the cops every time they left the house? You guys have a big platform and you have an opportunity to do some good here. I know you are good people so just choose empathy and compassion. Don’t question how common racism is ever again, it doesn’t help anything. Love you guys though and I know we can all learn from this and do better.

...   (5/5)

Mike was only saying what the rest of us are thinking. THANK YOU for having the guts to speak up and question the other side. Don’t apologize for being open, honest, vulnerable, and challenging your guests. Don’t be discouraged by the bad reviews, there are more people that agree with you than it looks- were just now allowed to speak right now.

Triggered and I’m white   (1/5)

Horrible episode. Racism isn’t something that can be debated. Racism is NOT a political issue. It is a human rights issue. The whole problem is that white people have not been listening and dis validating black experiences for forever. THIS is why racism still exists Mike. People like you who cannot just listen and learn and humbly respect and BELIEVE a human being’s struggles. I understand that you think you were being contrarian, but that fact that you even thought it was in the ball park of okay to say those things shows how ignorant you are. I really hope you will start listening and become more educated.

Mickey episode - a HUGE miss   (1/5)

I am not one to review podcasts... even my all-time favorites. The latest episode with Mickey showed how ignorant Jana and Mike are. As a privileged white woman, I understand and support J and M wanting to learn more about a situation and a feeling that we will never fully understand. But they need to own their learning. To call a black woman and ask her to educate you on things that are able to be learned by just listening to the many black voices speaking on social media, or read/watch books and shows that have been featured in many BLM posts. Mike’s comments were so ignorant and shows that he has no clue what’s going on for POC in our country and in the world. He needs to research white privilege and own the fact that he has no clue what non-white people go through on a daily basis. Mickey and her husband were amazing and dealt with the uneducated comments thrown at them extremely well. I wish this episode was more about featuring Mickey’s and her husband’s stories and thoughts/feelings during this time instead of asking them to educate J and M, when it’s obvious that J and M have not attempted to learn on their own.

Go Mickey!   (2/5)

Let me start off by saying I am a privileged white woman. I have always thought I identified as non-racist but I am realizing that’s not enough. What we should be doing now is empathizing and showing compassion. I can not imagine having to live in this world as a black person would. I think this last episode highlights the deep pain felt by our black brothers and sisters. And let’s be clear, Mickey was the brave one! If we really want to educate, we need to listen and unlearn! White voices have had centuries of time to speak, its time to give them the space and frankly as much time as they need, to feel heard! I noticed this episode was meant well. However, I’m afraid it could give listeners the space to respond like this women did a few comments down. Listeners will relate to the initial insensitive comments in the episode and not hear the switch. I would have loved to see them give Mickey their Whine Down platform to speak without agenda. I could sense J and M feeling uncomfortable and to be honest, Mike said he had the best intentions but I’m not convinced that was the end result. I continued listening to the full episode to hear J and M bravery but was a little let down at the end of it. You’re not damned if you say anything, damned if you don’t. I would just hope whatever you chose to say, you really mean it and it comes with compassion.

Horrified   (1/5)

I NEVER write reviews on podcasts. But after listening to the latest episode on race I feel physically sick after hearing that interview with Mickey. She KINDLY explained her perspective as a black person - and did so politely and restrained when she definitely did not have to - to be interrupted by Mike downplaying her experiences and the black experience in general?! I am disgusted. You are a GROWN man, how can you speak like this to someone?! You sent her out of the interview crying when she was brave enough to take the interview. I am so appalled I don’t have any more words. You should be ashamed and rethink your words and morals, if not for the sake of yourself but for your children.

Know Peace   (5/5)

You could have easily scrapped this episode but you were both brave enough to let it air. Even when Mike apologized you could tell he didn’t get it until Jana started speaking about debate. It was like you heard the recognition of his ignorance switch on. We are all human and we can only learn to do better.

Sad this is still on   (1/5)

They are so insensitive and inappropriate. Is Jana just drunk and crying? And Michael is that out of touch and mean. I felt so bad for their guests. How embarrassing

Go Mike   (5/5)

I completely understand what you were saying in it being a numbers game. As a white person we are constantly told her we are uneducated and need to open our minds as to what is going on in the world. Why can’t others ( no matter the race) open theirs as well. Being white we are not able to speak our minds or the facts at hand if it disagrees with African Americans thoughts and feelings. With the amount of people in this world, it most definitely is a numbers game. There are many African Americans that have not had to deal with the awful things others have had to deal with. Jana and Mike are brave for posting an episode on such a touchy subject. Regardless of race, all races deal with racism. In school, I would always be referenced as poor little white girl or a cracker by other races. I wish you had the opportunity to share your thoughts and questions to the fullest extent with Mickey if she really wanted to “educate”

Poor mike   (2/5)

I feel so bad for mike. I feel like he gets banged on and can’t do anything right. Why must cheating and talking about your recent fights be your main (and only) topic? I just can’t.

Know Justice   (1/5)

I’m absolutely shocked this episode was posted, especially during this time. The way that Mike treated Mickey was triggering. I’m so saddened to hear that someone who prides themselves on having been in a career where he was a minority as a white man would be so ignorant. To imply that not every black person has experienced racism is insulting. Please be more cognizant of the content you are putting out into the world right now.

How is this not canceled?!   (1/5)

My heart is shattered. 💔The most recent episode further contributes to the problem. So incredibly hurtful, tone deaf, and disrespectful. iHeart needs to pull this entire podcast along with all past episodes. There is no way that Ryan Seacrest can condone this behavior. If so, how is this not the top headline on Apple news right now, and why is Ryan not being canceled along with the rest of America? And why air this bs? Smug piece...purest intentions...yeah right.

Mike   (4/5)

I love y’all but wow mike on this latest ep with Mickey. White privilege at its finest

Unbelievable   (1/5)

Brave to post this episode. Mike obviously is uneducated on being a person of color in the world. It was heartbreaking to hear the guest trying to educate and explain and him not being open enough to consider anything. Not only has every person of color experienced racism or some sort of it, it goes deeper and is embedded in our blood through INTERGENERATIONAL TRAUMA. Y’all will never understand.

Never miss an episode   (5/5)

I can not say enough how much I love Jana & Mike. They each have an amazing outlook on their life. I can relate on so many levels!! Motherhood, Marriage, Infidelity They are both so inspiring & brace for putting their own lives out to help people cope with everyday life. Love love love this podcast & never miss an episode!!!!

23 year old listener   (5/5)

Hello. I am not yet a mom or have kids but this podcast is for everyone. I can relate to the trauma they have gone through of childhood dad issues and infidelity in the home. You guys are so strong and powerful. I love what Sara brings to the table and also if #mikemondays on Instagram could become a thing that would be awesome. The man is hilarious. Keep up the good work guys. Can’t wait for the new book to come out.

Obsessed!   (5/5)

I look forward to listening every Monday! Such a great start to my week. I love everything about this podcast!!

Love it but..   (3/5)

I love this podcast but I feel like every week is the same it could use a little more structure and effort

Hilarie burton   (5/5)

So happy you had hilarie on!!

Best way to start the week!!   (5/5)

I have been listening to the podcast since last summer, and it truly is the best way to start my week!! I value the vulnerability, openness and honesty not only Jana and Mike bring, but also their guests. There are so many stories and experiences that I relate to or that others I know can relate to, so I’m frequently sending my friends episodes to listen to and help them with what they are personally going through. LOVED mom January and when Jana’s high school friends were recently on. It was like hanging out with my girlfriends talking about life, relationships, parenting and struggles. Thank you Jana and Mike for bringing so much laughter and joy, and sometimes tears to my life!

Recommend to everyone!!!   (5/5)

I have loved Jana Kramer (without even watching One Tree Hill beforehand) before she started this podcast. Since the beginning, Jana and Mike have been so true and genuine. I’m so thankful for them showing us the ups and down of their lives and relationship. I love when mistakes happen and they come back the next week and realized what happened, and tell us how they overcame it. Some reviews expect them to be picture perfect & want to listen to a false personality podcast. I’m glad they talk about the hard things and let others know they’re not alone. Also Sara, thank you for sharing your story of your miscarriage. You are all helping so many people! Love this podcast.

All Love   (5/5)

I followed you for awhile on instagram (OTH) an heard you talk about your podcast but never went to listen ( never heard a single podcast EVER!!) I finally gave in around August last year an was like ok let’s see. I’m one that needs to know how it started so I went back to the very beginning and listened to every single one .. ❤️❤️❤️ my heart ached. So raw, so pure... I enjoyed every episode. I’ve laughed out loud in the office and even faught off tears and waited until I got home to finish the episodes so I could cry at home. My boyfriend and I of 4 years have been trying to get pregnant for 2 years and have had our own battles on commitment ( my side) due to past issues and listening to this has really been amazing to listen to and hear from someone else. I keep my own thoughts and feelings of our issues with pregnancy to myself, my bf is so hard on himself as is because he feels it’s just purely his fault for not being able to have children. I like to be the positive support he needs and reassure him that everything will work out, whether we end up having to do IVF or adoption, we will be parents either way.Thank you for your openness, your podcast has been my support in the recent months and I appreciate you and Mike.

Never been a podcast listener!   (5/5)

I’m a tree hiller, and have been following Jana on insta for a while, and her life has always been intriguing to me. I stopped running for two months due to mental exhaustion and anxiety from this quarantine and work stress. I gave this podcast a try when my feet hit the pavement for the first time 20 days ago and I havent stopped. Love the realness that Jana and Mike bring. It’s raw. It’s real. And I’m not a parent or a wife but it hits home and it keeps me going.

Marriage, Parenthood and Life   (5/5)

I went back and listened to every. single. episode. I know other reviewers say that it’s annoying how much they talk about their real life issues but I think it’s so REFRESHING and needed! Whine Down is funny, emotional, raw and real all wrapped up in a podcast. Thank You Jana and Mike for being so open and allowing us into such intimate parts of your life and relationship. I’ve loved all the guest speakers thus far and love hearing professionals on mental health, parenting and marriage. Can’t wait to Whine Down on Monday.

LOVE!!!!   (5/5)

This is my favorite podcast. The dynamic between Jana and Mike is great. They are always so raw and authentic sharing all of their good, bad, and ugly. I truly appreciate how much they share. They are not perfect and that is ok. They also have the cutest little family.

Listening to a slow moving train wreck   (1/5)

I listened in the beginning because I thought the concept would be really inspiring. It’s painful. It feels like it’s watching a relationship very slowly collapse. I feel really bad for Mike when I listen because sounds like he’s truly trying to do work behind his recovery and to hash out details in such a public platform and be on the tight leash/codependency that Jana keeps, seems far from conducive to long term recovery and happiness. The topics where actual experts and guest speakers come on are interesting and engaging. Love the producer.... his questions and input are a positive glue to this sh$t show.

Constructive criticism from a fan...   (2/5)

So I REALLY didn’t want to write a bad review but every week just makes it tougher and tougher not to. I have followed Jana ever since OTH. I always thought she was stunning, love her music and could relate to her situation with her first husband. I Followed her and voted for her on DWTS. When I saw she had a postcast I was pumped. Listen, I have been cheated on- a terrible situation, therefore I never thought I would stick up for someone who has actually done the cheating. However, every single week Mike is put in the hot seat and just bashed and given a hard time about EVERYTHING. Haha- it’s painful. It’s basically about all that Jana does and how Mike falls short all the time. To me, It’s either move on together or apart but if you’re going to move on together, you need to stop dwelling on the past. It’s like beating a dead horse and doesn’t help the situation. The fact that Jana can’t let it go makes me think she never will and it will begin (if it hasn’t already) get really old and Mike will just stop caring. . I mean I saw someone call her brash in the comments and I hate to say it but that is kind of accurate. I want to love her because I too have gone through similar situations but sometimes she makes it difficult. Every week is her victimizing herself. It is awkward and uncomfortable. The past needs to stay there in order to have a future. Learn from it. Grow and move on. You’re choosing to stay, which is great! But talking down to your husband and bringing f up everything he does wrong and how the things you do are better (because you’re the manager) is insulting to all dads! The last podcast with especially hard to listen to because I felt so bad for Mike. Jana, this is just constructive criticism from a longtime fan and am rooting for you.

❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️   (5/5)

I love this podcast! One tree hill is my favorite show and I love listening to the podcast about it💕 I just listened to the interview with Hilarie Burton! Love it, thank you Jana<3

Train wreck   (1/5)

I have tried so many times to like this podcast but it’s a train wreck. I know Jana has admitted to using meds for anxiety, not that there is anything wrong with that. Jana’s marriage is a joke and I feel for those poor kids seeing their marriage.

Hilarie Burton brought Podcast to life!!   (1/5)

So refreshing hearing Hilarie Burton’s perspective and voice!!! True down to earth woman with her head on straight. Jana seems to constantly whine...spoiler alert always about Mike!

Loyal listener   (5/5)

I love this podcast for so many reasons! I think people forget that you are human and make mistakes. We all say things we don’t mean and over react sometimes. I hate that people give Jana such a hard time because they don’t agree with something she said. HELLO PEOPLE!! Nobody is going to agree with everything you think or do. I don’t even agree with everything she says or does but it doesn’t mean you can’t still support one another through your disagreements? Take everything with a grain of salt and if it doesn’t apply to you or your morals then that’s fine. In doesn’t mean you have to cut everyone out of your life who doesn’t think, act, or dress like you. Give people some grace. She’s never claimed to have it all together so stop acting like she needs to. Thank you Mike and Jana for doing this podcast! It’s changed my life in many ways.

Love love love love love   (5/5)

Jana and Mike are amazing and have honestly helped me out in my own relationship! I also love that Mike is reading Love and Respect! It’s truly a life changing book!


This podcast changed my outlook on podcasts! I never used to listen to podcasts, but this podcast along with “Couple Things” with Shawn Johnson East and Andrew East! Very relatable and raw, real content! I love the variety of content, but my absolute favorite thing about “Whine Down” is the complete transparency Jana and Mike give to their listeners! It feels like my own little therapy at times, and their advice on marriage is spot on! My husband and I have been married for 2 years, and do not have children yet, as we are both in the healthcare field and we are very busy with our careers/finishing school. However, even though we aren’t parents yet, we are still able to learn and grow in our marriage by listening to Jana and Mike as well as having things to look forward to as parents in the future! HIGHLY recommend this podcast! 💗

A NEEDED podcast   (5/5)

To share your life’s ups and downs and be vulnerable in front of such a big audience is incredibly courageous. I love the guests and added in humor to the show as well. It’s refreshing to hear such raw and real life stories in this day and age. The amount of people you’re helping is astounding- keep it up!!!

Love!   (5/5)

I love your podcast. I love that you guys keep it real no matter how emotional good and ugly that it gets. You share your truth and that is the ultimate realness in life. Jana has changed my mind about how I would handle an affair and Mike has made me feel like I could have compassion while still not condoning something which I never in a million years thought I could do. I wish you both and your babies nothing but the best!

The highlight of my week!   (5/5)

I listen to many podcasts. When a new episode pops up I immediately listen. This is a great podcast and I enjoy hearing what Mike and Jana have to share. It is even more impactful after seeing there show live! So my advice is Whinedown with Jana And Mike every chance you get! Rob S.

Biggest fan!   (5/5)

I absolutely love everything about this podcast. I look forward to it every Monday, I can’t get enough. Jenna and Mike are an amazing couple and have the most beautiful family! Love love love!

Best Podcast Ever   (5/5)

Jana and Mike and so authentic and real with every podcast! I always enjoy hearing what they have to say about so many different topics! They have helped with my marriage in so many different ways!!

Real, Honest, Relatable   (5/5)

So thankful to finally hear a podcast with people who talk about what’s really going on in their life’s! No one is perfect, and it feels good to know they aren’t either! I love all the guest they bring on from therapist, to star readers, and even their friends. A well rounded show with advice for someone at any stage in life!! Listening makes my Monday’s for sure!

Love y’all. Thanks for the love.   (5/5)


Love it!!   (5/5)

I love listening to your podcast and look forward to it every week!! Love the guests you have on as well! Don’t listen to the haters, you guys are great!

The reason I listen to podcasts   (5/5)

Jana and Michael give us the raw side of marriage that we don’t often see even in our personal lives. This was one of the first podcasts I ever listened to and I continue to stick with it because they are interesting people, I’m invested in their lives now and they bring on great guest! Thank you both for continuing to open up about marriage and parenthood.

Too many ads   (1/5)

It feels like the ads outweigh the podcast. I understand you gotta get paid but geez.

Harsh Reality   (1/5)

Poor Mike. He can never do anything right. He sounds absolutely drug through the mud on every episode.

Enormous potential but fell flat   (1/5)

I’ve never felt inclined to write a podcast review until now. This podcast had enormous potential with engaging and interesting weekly topics and raw, honest stories from Jana, her husband, friends, and even Whine Down listeners. However, due to the profoundly brash character of Jana Kramer, this is a podcast i’ve never been able to listen to around friends. I’ve had at least 3 friends ask “how can you listen to this?” The truth is, i wanted to give it a shot. I like giving people the benefit of the doubt and am the last person to judge someone. I love their story. I enjoy her music. But i’m not supporting this podcast anymore. Update: 6 months later I gave it another shot. Still Cringe. Jana’s poor husband can’t say or do anything right it seems. It definitely makes me self reflect on the way I treat me husband and makes me want to be a better wife. Their relationship (from the outside in) is terrible and toxic. Not a great reflection of what a couple should be and not someone I want to look up to for relationship, sex, or parenting advice. Deleting ONCE AGAIN. So disappointed. 🥴

Love you both! & a question!   (5/5)

Hey Jana and Mike, I absolutely love your podcast! It’s my favorite and I look forward to it every week. I was wondering what you think about being with someone who has different political views than you? If you could do a segment on that or even just reply I would love to know your thoughts! Thanks so much, keep doing what you do! Love you both 💛 Anica

Jena is not an example of a strong person   (1/5)

Very vain. Simply because she chooses to stay with someone that cheated on her A LOT does not mean that is the true strength of a relationship. This podcast is simply an exploitation of their dysfunctional relationship. Poor guy gets constantly blamed for everything.

sooooooo TOXIC   (1/5)

I used to listen to Whine Down before the deleted photo fiasco made me stop. Tonight I tried again, hoping things had changed... big mistake! It makes me so sad that these people air their dirty laundry and try to convince their listeners (probably mostly young women) into thinking any relationship like this is normal! It is NOT! I’m not even 12 minutes into the episode where Mike returns, and Jana asks him to elaborate about how he didn’t physically cheat but crossed a boundary so that “girls can understand why their men do this.” This is CRAZY!!!! Normal relationships don’t go through this BS - maybe in high school but certainly not your husband! And they try to twist it as being strong and real, give me a break. Mike seems to think as long as he doesn’t “relapse,” and “go outside the marriage” everything is fine. My heart hurts for Jana but she is just as bad making excuses for him. I remember listening to their interview with the Kelleys and being blown away by the difference in emotional maturity between the two couples. At this point it’s just a cycle of dishonesty, podcasting it for the world to know, “overcoming” it, repeat. YAWN

Fighting like crazy with my ex husband   (5/5)

Me and husband use fight a lot since I was pregnant and even more after we had our son now we in middle of a divorced it’s better this way I want our son see his parents happy

So Good   (5/5)

The raw honesty of this couple of the difficulties of struggles in a marriage, and effects on the kids of parent is so relatable and helpful. When they brought on a family therapist to help them navigate the uncertainty and worry of the effects of fighting in front of your child, I was hooked to this podcast.

LOVE THEM!!!   (5/5)

Honestly I am obsessed with both of them. I admire how honest they are while trying to navigate daily struggles and how they are committed to getting through it day by day. I could listen all day to them talk about life, relationships, and other daily things life throws at you! ❤️

You’re so Vain   (1/5)

Downloaded a month ago and could not get through even one episode due to how vapid and shallow Jana was.

A Must Listen!   (5/5)

I adore Jana & Mike and how real they are. I especially love when Sara is on the show and their interactions. This is definltely one of my must listen pods!

I love Jana, but this hurt   (3/5)

I’ve been listening to your podcast- at the beginning. And I love it. It’s raw and real. However something you said during an episode really triggered me, and hurt me. The sex part 2. a person asked the question of how to handle her insecurities, especially with her being plus size. Both you and Jen commented on her exercising more. That stung. It stung horribly. I have PCOS, and have been trying to lose weight my whole life. The struggle is horrible, the disgust is daily. This woman probably had tried to lose weight, but it’s harder to get down the hill, the higher up you are. I’m not here to say anything bad to or about you. However, I think for your plus size fans, you should address this. Plus size doesn’t mean unhealthy. Plus size doesn’t mean lazy.

Why I “Whine Down” by Leah Turner   (5/5)

The vulnerability Jana and Mike bring to each episode is something I admire and the fact that they wear their hearts on their sleeve is why I listen. I am a big fan of one tree hill. This was the first podcast I ever listened to and I have been listening consistently since the beginning. If you are looking for a show that is honest, personable and real, this is definitely the show to listen to.

More Buckley!   (5/5)

Loved the boys from tree hill but definitely need to have Buckley on more, so dang funny!

Real life   (5/5)

I love the honesty and rawness of this podcast. I’m a OTH fan and I obviously had to take a listen. I appreciate the vulnerability you both share regarding your marriage and parenting. I’m in my 30s and not married nor do I have any kids but you guys are just speaking your truth and I’m here for it!!! Just wanted to share and tell the haters to screw! Fan for life!!!!

Who doesn’t like Alex Dupre!?   (5/5)

Lol at Mikes comment about how he cant understand why ppl like Alex Dupre! I mean yes her character was supposwd to be hated, but Jana played her so well and jana is just adorable thats why i loved “hating” Jana! 😉 love from a one tree hiller 💕

Love it and hope Sarah returns after the wedding!   (5/5)

I love how honest and real you both are. Hoping Sarah returns once the wedding is over!

Bully   (1/5)

From childhood tormentor to E list celebrity

Yikes   (1/5)

The bickering between the married people was too much for me had to turn it off. Immature

Team No Sarah   (5/5)

Had returned to the quality it started with now that Sarah and her incessant ring talk are gone.

Love the rawness and realness of the podcast   (5/5)

Thanks for sharing so much of yourselves and your personal journey! It is relatable and inspiring to others like myself. I was introduced to Jana by watching OTH and have been a fan ever since! You are talented, passionate, beautiful and a great mother/wife/warrior! Mike, keep up the good work on yourself and your marriage. You two are so inspiring on how you work through this stuff so publicly! You are a great dad/husband/man! We are all human and have to work through things every day in this life!

Real? Real absurd.   (1/5)

At this point these two just seem to want to profit from the incessant drama going on in their marriage. It’s exhausting listening to the same whiny nonsense. Reminds me of on-again off-again high school relationships. Women should know that it’s powerful to actually walk away from contInual disrespect. How embarrassing for their kids. Unsubscribed.

It’s REAL.   (5/5)

Here to be louder than the haters. This podcast is SO real. I love Jana and Mike and their conversations. They are down to earth and have real conversations about real-life topics and have made me think and self-reflect on my own life EVERY. TIME. I. LISTEN. Jana and Mike if you see this review, thank you. Thank you for your vulnerability, for being authentic and genuine, and for just being YOU. Our paths will probably never cross but I appreciate you both and you have had such a positive impact on my life. Thank you. And may God bless you and your family in all your endeavors!

Amazing! Everyone should listen!   (5/5)

I’m not going through what you guys are but listening to you has thought me so much about communication, relationships and even things about my self I’ve never realized before. People get married, promise to stay together for better or worse, have children and then are so quick to divorce when things get rough. Couples trying as hard as you guys should be the norm not the exception. That’s an incredible lesson to teach your kids. I can’t imagine how hard it is and give you so much credit. Thank you for being so real it’s so nice to hear!

The Return   (5/5)

I loved this podcast and hearing them hashing their issues out is very helpful, while I am not going through the same thing on any level, there is great advice and reminders to keep your head up and communication open. To all of you shaming them and especially their kids, you should be ashamed of yourselves. Honestly if you haven’t one time or another said or thought that your kid can be a jerk, you are lying.

No Fakebook here...   (5/5)

I was surprised honest/vulnerable U2 are in this podcast! No Fakebook here... 👏🏼 While we have communality across all types of Addiction, Recovery is a very individual process. We have our own timeline until our “Ah-ha!” moment. I applaud Mike for being open about his process; recognizing and taking accountability for pain he can’t erase. But I know this is REALLY HARD WORK. I applaud u2 for having the courage to examine damaged roots, and heal them by growing together.

Audio needs work   (2/5)

The ads are alarmingly louder than the show. It’s very jarring and takes away from the podcast.

Just sad   (3/5)

I like them both as individuals...but when Mike says blanket statement for “guys”...i just roll my eyes because it’s such a lame Excuse for bad behavior. I think Jana brings out the best in Mike- but Mike Brings out the worst in Jana. I can’t imagine how she lives a life on constant eggshells, lies, and pain. I don’t know how she does it. This podcast just makes me sad for her when she has no clue what a healthy marriage can be and what she could have.

Incredible   (5/5)

“Mike’s return” episode is incredible. The way you both model effective and healthy communication toward each other, amidst the pain, is so inspiring. Also, you clearly have a great therapist! Keep up the hard work!

Honesty   (5/5)

I just finished the episode entitled Mike’s You both hit on so many points that can be applied to many of us with issues in our marriages. I am sure it can’t be easy to be that open and vulnerable in a public setting. It really helps hearing both side. Thank you.

Ugh 5 stars to 1   (1/5)

Giving Episode with Mike back 1 Star— We’ve all been here for the ride but not sure how long I can stick around anymore when you’re not specifying your relationship issues or the boundaries that are being crossed. Elephant in the room not being addressed still.

Great episode   (5/5)

I really loved this episode because you can truly feel/hear a change in Mike. Love y’all!

Jana needs a reality check   (1/5)

I used to really enjoy the podcast but it just seems that Jana is so ungrateful for everything. She’s always complaining about her daughter, and Mike. Yes he made mistakes, but you took him back, so either forgive him and drop it or leave. You’re so bitter. I think her daughter acts out because it’s clear Jace gets the favoritism these days. Jana is so entitled.

Doesn’t Get Better!   (5/5)

The best podcast hands down! So real, raw, and emotional. Almost nothing is off limits, and they put themselves out there for all the criticism from the online trolls, but they are helping soooo many more people!!

Don’t hate your future DIL please!!!   (4/5)

Love the podcast, but listening to the episode where the girls talk about already hating their future, that’s really sad and hurtful. From personal experience, if you go in already thinking your son’s significant other is horrible for “taking” your son (which she isn’t, if you foster a loving, respectful relationship - you’ll always have an amazing bond AND gain a daughter in the process!), you’re doing yourself, your son, and their spouse a huge disservice. I am honestly so excited to one day marry off my son to someone wonderful, who I will love as my own. The pain my MIL caused our family because of the outlook you all discussed has been so immense, and resulted in my husband (of his own free will, not my choice at all) cutting ties with her. Please, please, please do not put yourself through that in the future by having such a negative outlook on your son’s future spouse.

No Filter   (5/5)

This is by FAR my most favorite podcast. I love the realness, vulnerability and insight! From parenting to relationships to friendships, you name it & it’s covered. This is one podcast that I cannot go a week without listening to. Thank you for sharing your story with us all & for inspiring those who feels helpless.

Real and Entertaining   (5/5)

Mike has clearly not been in podcast because it’s “Mom January!” Jana ya said it every episode. Why would he be in the “ Mom January” episodes??!. Listen folks! Great podcast. I like hearing from both Jana and Mike about their marriage/family and their differences. They are respectful to each other even when you can tell something is uncomfortable for them.

Jana and Mike are so real!   (5/5)

I have loved this show from day one, and adding Mike only made it more enjoyable! Keep it up, because you guys are changing lives!!!

5 stars but also...   (5/5)

I gave 5 stars because I love this podcast but some constructive criticism is that Jana needs to check herself sometimes. I was so excited to listen to the music episode today because of how funny it sounded. But Jana had to come in and make it something it’s not. Just because a song reminds you of someone it doesn’t mean anyone’s getting disrespected. I had to stop listening to the episode because it took away from the going down memory lane.

Love this podcast   (5/5)

Been listening since day one, I’ve been a huge Jana fan since her OTH days, and I love this podcast! Felt the need to share my love after Jana read the mean reviews on this weeks episode. Jana and Mike are so raw and real and I love it. I’ve seen Jana in concert multiple times, met her in an airport once and I just adore her talent, beauty, and strength! Don’t change Jana and Mike!

Love this podcast!!   (5/5)

I love this podcast! I look forward to it every Monday to get my week started! I love the realness, authenticity and transparency of Jana and Mike! It’s so refreshing to know we all go through our ups and downs in marriage. We often get too caught up in what we think others people’s lives are like, but don’t take the time to realize everyone’s just like us. I love their honesty through the good and the sometimes not so good. They are so relatable and so fun when they’re playfully bantering back and forth. I love Jana’s playful jabs and that Mike keeps it real. They just have such a good vibe that’s fun and vibrant, while touching on such real topics!! Keep it up!! And if you’re not listening yet, you should be!

Good podcast but   (3/5)

I used to really love this podcast, especially when Jen was on. I still listen weekly but Jana seems very controlling and insecure to the point where I just feel so bad for Mike. Sara is a great addition though. Main thing that bothers me is they’ll talk about something then not tell the listeners details, it’s extremely annoying to listen to a podcast like that. She is a great mom and even though I’m not a mom, I love the parenting advice and stories etc.

Love   (5/5)

I love how raw and real you guys are and really love listening to your podcast. Listened to today’s episode first thing this morning. In the Simple Health ad did you mean to say mike was circumcised? Because I think you meant mike had a vasectomy but now I’m confused. 😆

Love this Podcast   (5/5)

I love the honesty, I love the content, I find that I’m always coming back to this Podcast... BUT... is it just me or are they talking soooooo fast these days? It almost sounds fast forwarded which sometimes makes it hard to follow....which makes me sad because as previously mentioned...I love this podcast.

Honest   (5/5)

I really appreciate the rawness of Jana and her husband. Hitting bumps in marriage or whatever is so challenging and not wanting to share with people but being able to hear these two just so refreshing.

Jana bye   (1/5)

Jana is rude and an all around nasty human

Sad but true   (1/5)

Use to LOVE Jana, love her music but when she talks about how much money she spends, I finally had to stop listening. Discussing what her husband spent on video games was in poor taste- I don’t even make that in a year and I have two college degrees. I love her and her family and am so glad they are doing well but it seems she is out of touch with some of her audience that isn’t living in Nashville and just a regular working class family. Also please stop telling people how you get tons of free things and try to sell them to us- who make way less than you and have to pay money. It’s not your fault society is like this but please don’t add to this!

Raw   (4/5)

Very raw look at marriage.

Not good.   (1/5)

No intro. This podcast has no structure and no point.

Hit or miss   (3/5)

Sometimes they have good guests to interview. Otherwise they are the most co-dependent couple I’ve ever listened to. Both are constantly looking for validation in each other.

Must Listen!!!   (5/5)

I love Jana and Mike. The authenticity is admirable. Thank you both for keeping it real.

Very uncomfortable   (1/5)

The last few episodes have been very uncomfortable. It seems like the episodes are filled with passive aggressive comments towards Mike. It’s uncomfortable to hear Jana bash Mike so much.

Obsessed   (5/5)

I love everything about this show! The realness of jana and mike as well as the guests! I laugh, I cry, I’m obsessed.

Hard to listen anymore   (1/5)

I appreciate the raw and realness Mike and Jana have been sharing lately, but man has this been getting hard to listen to the last few episodes. Jana blames and belittles Mike, laughs about it, then the whole episode is just awkward and hard to listen to. Maybe just take a break and work on your relationship, then come back and share with everyone?

My favorite podcast!   (5/5)

Love this podcast soooo much!

#marriagegoals   (5/5)

You take your life and put it all out there. My heart breaks somedays with the struggle but there are so many marriages that go through so many of the same struggles. I love how real it is. I’m praying for you both to continue your journey as one! Much love and Aloha ❤️

Awkward   (1/5)

The tension between Jana and Mike is awkward to hear. She’s so passive aggressive lately and seems like she doesn’t want to be there.

Complain, complain, complain   (1/5)

I’ve been listening for about 6 months and enjoyed it mostly until all the last few podcasts have been 100% complaining and fighting. It’s not something I want to listen to anymore. Life’s too short to be this miserable, and it’s too short to listen to something this miserable.

Plus Minus   (3/5)

I love the realness of this couple. Brave for putting in the work and then airing it in a public forum for others to relate to. I do have to say though, In the “I don’t want to be here...” episode, Amy was overstepping and intrusive to the process Jana and Mike we’re going through. Maybe her intent as a producer was to push the conversation, but I found her to be ill-timed and unwelcome in her statements. She should possibly look at her own implicit bias before speaking, as we all should be.

I love it, except...   (4/5)

I absolutely love listening to Jana and Mike. They are both so REAL and are not there to put on a show. However, I can’t handle Amy. She talks as if she is all-knowing and interrupts them far too often. I think they know more about marriage than you do, Amy.

First Podcast I Ever Hear And I Like It   (5/5)

Wow, some of these comments/reviews are insane. People can be so mean as if Mike and Jana don’t have feelings. They are human beings and they are imperfect just like all of us. I personally like how authentic and open they are regardless of all the criticism they will get. The “I Don’t Really Want To Be Here Right Now” episode broke my heart... I felt Jana’s pain..

Real life   (5/5)

Thank you for being so honest and real with your podcast and thank you for sharing your raw pain and honesty with us, it’s not a little thing and I love y’all ✝️❤️❤️❤️❤️🥰

Real but Not Therapy   (4/5)

I love this podcast and how real it is - but Amy please stop talking so much. You are not a therapist and it becomes really frustrating as a listener to have to sit through.

Thank you   (5/5)

Thank you for being real and talking about real life things! Life isn’t all rainbows and butterflies and I can’t appreciate you both more. THANK YOU! #shakeoffthehate

Real life   (5/5)

Love Jana. So real. Great podcast for the car!

Tiffer349   (1/5)

Girl shut the hell up! You clearly have NO IDEA what she is going through. Then to say Mike was clear about saying he was tired of being the bad guy, well if he didn’t keep crossing the boundaries that were set in place to help his marriage then he wouldn’t look like the bad guy. He puts himself in that position!!!! It was his actions NOT hers!

Real & Raw   (5/5)

Appreciating the realness but please Amy stop talking. You are not a therapist or guru - let them talk.

Jana loves the attention   (1/5)

This is sad and pathetic. I feel bad for their children. Mike needs to see what Jana really is in this relationship for. She loves the attention and sympathy. Tried to give it a shot but honestly made me feel uncomfortable.

I can’t with Jana anymore.   (1/5)

I have tried to give this a fair shake but Jana might as well just admit that she’s never going to LET Mike change and move on. I was interested to see how they would recap last weeks episode addressing the situation they were struggling through. However, instead of admitting any of her own issues, Jana just continues to belittle Mike and when he says he’s sick of being made to be the bad guy, rather than supporting him and saying something like “no, there’s people on both sides” she continues and makes it about HER by saying people say she’s stupid and that hurts too. That’s not what he needed in the moment. And it’s not all about you. And if you’re going to make it all about you, it’s never going to work. I can’t listen to this anymore. Best of luck.

Bittersweet   (4/5)

This podcast is like a car wreck; it’s so cringeworthy but I can’t seem to stop listening.

Love the podcast.. expect Amy   (4/5)

I love this podcast but can’t stand Amy. Its not her podcast so no one wants her advice. I love Jana and Michael and how real they are. Just would rather not have Any on the podcast.

This is getting really old...   (2/5)

I used to enjoy listening to this podcast but honestly, it has gotten really old lately, especially with the latest episode. It’s honestly offensive to hear people say how Jana is strong, a role model, and brave. No. Staying in a relationship with a man who cheats on you is not brave or strong. That is not someone I would consider a role model. In a previous podcast, they stated when Mike “relapsed” last year, Jana showed up in the hotel room instead. So... if she hadn’t, then he would have cheated then. And I guarantee, he will “relapse” in the future and CHEAT again. Be a good role model for your children, and get out of this toxic relationship now. I’m sure if she sees this review, she will shame me for stating my opinion and my truth (like she always does when it’s not what SHE wants to hear). The truth hurts, but what will hurt worse is when you’re at the end of your life and realize that you stayed with a man who cheated and then cried “sex addiction”. Give me a break.

No Amy...   (3/5)

I wanted to start by saying I really do appreciate the honesty and vulnerability of both Jana and Mike, I admire them so much for that!! I would love to listen more to this podcast but oh my goodness, Amy is so annoying!!! I literally had to stop listening to this episode because I myself was getting so angry with her for spouting ‘advice’ or whatever she was trying to do?? Definitely was not adding anything valuable to the podcast, please no more!

Love this podcast !   (5/5)

This is great, especially for Jana fans ! But these two are so raw and open about their lives, I LOVE listening to them navigate through their problems and getting advice from outside sources. Some episodes are hard to listen to, but I really enjoy being apart of their journey ! I pray for good vibes and may God bless you all !

Same story different man!   (4/5)

I know your story because it was mine. I fought to keep my family together for 8 years. After countless lies and affairs I woke up one morning and said to myself “Do I want my sons to think it’s ok to treat someone like this and do I want my daughter to think it’s ok to be treated like this” I’m so sorry you’re going thru this. The unknown is scary but my journey has made me a stronger woman/mother. Please know it is not your job to raise a husband. I hope you one day find peace. 🙏🏼

Raw and real   (5/5)

Love this podcast

Mikes dirty text   (5/5)

Listening to you both share such a raw, scary life situation that has happened broke my heart for you both. I hope and pray that was a random bot and not a relapse. Hold tight to your faith and let God hold you tight as you fight through this. I am so sorry for you both!

Amy makes me never listen   (1/5)

The sound of producer Amy’s voice has become nails on a chalkboard. She is such a fraud and plays a low budget therapist role. I will not listen as long as she is involved.

I really don’t want to be here right now   (5/5)

Just listened to the 10/9 episode and it absolutely floored me. My wife and I have a story that is so close to Mike and Jana’s and I listen for Jana’s truth and Mike’s recovery. I have been in recovery as well for years now and I share some of the same trauma as mike has expressed and the same struggles with truth. Also to hear my wife’s pain come from Jana is crazy. I want to thank you both for your honesty and vulnerability to share your story and do the work in the public eye. Please stay strong and lean on Jesus. Mike, another great program to look for is called pure desire and it has a program for wives called beyond betrayal and if you could find a group I would recommend it and Celebrate Recovery as well. Prayers and blessings for your family and thank you so much.

Amy, no...   (1/5)

The issues these two have seem insurmountable. Therapy can’t erase the past and Jana seems to live in that. Mike also gives her reason to mistrust him. This is not healthy. Also anyone who listens to iHeart podcasts has encountered producer Amy. It was so irresponsible of Amy to try and act like a therapist here. Dangerous. I don’t know how Mike managed to stay calm.

Raw & Real   (5/5)

The most important podcast in the celebrity space out there today.

Amazing!   (5/5)

Amazing real content!

Depressing podcast   (1/5)

This is the most uncomfortable podcast I’ve ever listened to. I am not for one moment inspired by their marriage. And the last episode was just so sad. I feel bad for Jana. She’s had a consistent history of picking bad guys.. but she needs to set a strong example for her daughter and walk away. He’s clearly lying in the most recent episode. If he wasn’t talking to an actual person, he’s definitely on sites and typing in his location. Messages don’t like that don’t just pop up on your phone randomly. This is just painful. I’m so sick of these comments saying that they are “inspiring.” Nothing about this is inspiring. All I see is sadness and infidelity. You really think that blocking bad sites from his devices is going to stop him? Come on. He’s an adult and it’s not hard to buy electronics you would never know about. Is ignorance really bliss?

Real life   (5/5)

Monday’s episode hurt. Bad. I am going thru a break up Bc of infidelity, lies. I still love him and only want him but I realized I have to worry about me now. Jana, I think you are strong but how much can you take? I know exactly how you felt, feel. I lived it and made myself crazy worrying. You deserve better

Honest, heartfelt and real.   (5/5)

Couldn’t have asked for a better podcast. Jenna and Mike are so real and raw with what REAL life is. Be it marriage, kids, careers, hopes or fears... they aren’t afraid to tackle it. Thank you Jenna and Mike for this phenomenal podcast!

Amazing!   (5/5)

I don’t understand the negative comments. If you don’t like it or don’t relate, don’t listen! This podcast is life for me. Listening to real people working through real problems is so inspiring! Listening to progress and victories is also inspiring. It’s rare to find people so raw they are willing to talk through a fresh issue in front of so many strangers, in hopes of helping people through similar situations. I listen every monday on my way to work. I wish there were more than 1 a week. I’ve looked at many situations in my life a little differently after listening to all of you! Thank you for keeping it real! Just finished this weeks episode and I’m sending love and good vibes of healing your way! “This too shall pass”

Thank you for your vulnerability   (5/5)

Your latest podcast encouraged me. Thank you for being willing to be spoken about hard things. Jana, you are strong. Staying isn't weak. Mike, you can do this. Tonight, my husband and I were both blessed by your podcast.

No longer whining down   (1/5)

Have always been a listener of this podcast but after the offensive language Jana used in the latest episode, ill no longer be listening. Would be nice if you guys respected your religious listeners.

Best podcast   (5/5)

I typically don’t write reviews for podcasts but I couldn’t resist after this week’s episode. Thank you for your rawness & continued vulnerability. Your podcast helps me take away shame from my struggles. As someone who struggles with honesty I can’t thank you enough for being so real with your listeners. Thank you for helping end the stigma that’s placed on mental health struggles it’s refreshing as I too struggle with bad anxiety.

Real and honest.   (5/5)

I have NEVER written a review before about anything. But today’s episode gave me this feeling I needed too. You guys are so brave for telling your story. I feel so bad. My heart hurts for you guys. Thank you for being so open and real. But I also hope everyone gives you the respect you need to heal and get through this. My fingers are crossed for you guys.

Love   (5/5)

I love this podcast and how raw, honest, and real Jana and Mike are. You have helped so many people by being so open.

Whine down gets me through the week!   (5/5)

I love Jana and Mike and how real they are about everything they talk about in the show. I have been listening from the beginning and enjoy going back to episodes and listening again! My number one go to podcast!!

WOW JUST WOW   (5/5)

Sitting here crying listening to the latest episode “I just don’t wanna be here!” I’m crushed to think it might be over! I love this podcast ... it’s by far my favorite and I’m grateful I stumbled upon it! It’s REAL LIFE! Here’s to 🙏🏻 you get through this bump in the road!

Used to be my favorite   (3/5)

This used to be my favorite podcast but I feel like all we do is listen to Jana and Mikes champagne problems. They are having a hard week without their nanny....I’m sure most of your listeners have bigger problems.

Jana is an insecure psychopath   (1/5)

Jana is an insecure psychopath. And mike has a low IQ.

Best podcast   (5/5)

I started listening to this podcast 3 weeks ago and I binge listened to EVERY podcast and I am obsessed with Jana and Mike. I am married with a 2.5 year old and we are try to conceive. I relate to them so much and I love Jana’s personality!

The word like is not interesting!   (5/5)

Love your podcast and how open Jana and Mike are. It’s refreshing to hear they are a real couple and face day to day issues. Thank you for sharing! I don’t want to be negative at all but Jana’s friend Sarah is hard to listen to due to her saying the word “like” way too much and thought it would be good to pass on the feedback. Thank you

No volume   (5/5)

The last episode most of the time we could barley hear mike and Jana. Really disappointed since this has happened before

Love love love   (5/5)

Amazing podcast. So real and funny.

My favorite podcast!   (5/5)

I love this podcast and never miss an episode! It’s the first thing I do every Monday morning on my drive to work! I love how open and honest Jana and Mike are, it has really helped me put some things in life into perspective. Keep on doing what you’re doing!

Fav podcast!   (5/5)

By far my favorite podcast, I love listening to you two.. very relatable.🖤

September 9 episode   (1/5)

You obviously didn’t see the “after the Rose” show where they discussed him having Girls at his apartment after they got engaged and he never told her.

Love but enough with Amy   (5/5)

Love jana and mike and the podcast but don’t get why Amy is back. It was so nice she wasn’t chiming in and out of nowhere she is back. Her voice makes my skin crawl. Love Easton and don’t mind Danielle or anyone else but Amy comes off as such a know-it-all. It’s enough to make me not want to listen

This is a review for Jana’s guest appearance on the Viall Files   (1/5)

Jana is very condescending and believes she is better than everyone else. She also tries to diagnose people like she is an expert, but ends of giving very unhealthy advice. She was AWFUL to Nick on her guest episode of the Viall Files. I really hope she reads some of these reviews and reflects on how she treats and talks to others!

Love Jana and Mike!   (5/5)

Jana and Mike are my fave podcast. They love and they bicker which is every couple on the planet. Their honesty is refreshing and each episode is worth a listen. Janas honesty about her anxiety issues hits right at home. I too deal with it and listening to her give birth to Jace took me right back to my own birth. I love you girl and you’re not alone! Thank you for being you.

You’re not a therapist   (1/5)

Jana chill. You cannot diagnose anyone and not everyone is a love addict and NO ONE has to try and make it work because of deceit and lies just because you chose to. Choosing to leave someone because they know they are worth more than how they were treated shows strength and maturity and growth as an individual. Just because you stayed doesn’t give you any sort of right or platform to advise any other women. Take a step back

The best!   (5/5)

Love them and love the podcast.

Honest and Insightful   (5/5)

This was my very first podcast I’ve ever listened to. I truly respect Jana and Mike for opening their lives to us listeners. They’ve put everything out there: the good, the bad, and the ugly. Life is hard, and life isn’t perfect no matter who you are so it’s refreshing to hear their story and to know they felt their relationship was important enough to tough it out and do the hard work to stay together. That’s pretty rare in today’s world. I will continue to listen as long as they have a podcast. Keep up the great work!!! Angie Thomas

Bad advice   (2/5)

Jana seems to have unhealthy view of relationships, and she projects them onto her listeners in the form of “advice”.

Ok not the worst podcast BUT....   (2/5)

I love the subject matter of this podcast - life, love, relationships, etc. but I can’t say that I trust the opinions/advice of these podcasters. Specifically - the justification and backing of the actions and decisions of toxic Jed Wyatt. Let’s not gas up this egotistical and immature person by telling him the mistakes he made were “not that bad” or normal. Unacceptable behaviors: ghosting people, lacking accountability, lying, cheating, leveraging relationships for fame/success, etc. Agreed? Please don’t tell people these things are “ok.” Your words influence people more than you know.

Love it!   (5/5)

love it. As a married mom of two, can relate to much of these and I thank Jana for allowing me to reflect on my past with better clarity. Remember her on One Tree Hill and love her music. Love the One Tree Hill recaps too, takes me back. Have a fan for life!

OTH   (5/5)

The One Tree Hill Segment is AMAZING. Keep it going please!!

OTH 🙌🏼   (5/5)

Love the one tree hill recaps!! I’m tempted to start watching again too!

4 stars bc her husband sounds like an ass🤷🏼‍♀️   (4/5)

Love Jana since the OTH days! The only thing about the podcast I don’t like is how condescending & douchey her husband seems. He sounds like a total tool, and like there relationship SOUNDS very unhealthy because of HIM! If it was just her alone, and he was only an occasional like once every 10 episodes co host it would be way better!

Audio   (1/5)

Ever since they started recording in Nashville the audio quality is terrible. Can’t listen anymore.

I LOVE JANA   (5/5)

I’ve loved her since one tree hill days, I followed her on Instagram and now I listen to her podcast! She’s so down to earth and just a very cool chick! I’m so happy I found this! Keep doing what your doing!

Must Listen   (5/5)

Absolutely love this podcast. Love the deep dives into real **** about relationships and life. Keep it up

The Baby making   (5/5)

Amen...My boyfriend and I have been trying for years. It’s hard and I’m not getting any younger.

Real Podcast🤩   (5/5)

Love this podcast, her and Mike have so much fun together l! Best talks!

One Tree Hill 💜   (5/5)

Today’s Episode was just ♥️😩😭!!! My inner OTH is literally screaming for JOY😉💗💗! My favorite show still til this day. I laughed and cried through the whole show!!

One tree hill binge!!   (5/5)

Please please please watch OTH and do recaps. I LOVE One Tree Hill and have seen every episode.

Fan Love!   (5/5)

I have been a fan from day one! I am a social worker and I am so grateful for Jana and Mike for talking about the difficult topics! Starting these conversations is how we can all stop ignorance and learn to love and not judge eachother! 💙

Microphone issues   (3/5)

PLEASE work on your microphone issues!! Sometimes I can hear you...sometimes I can’t!! It makes it really hard to listen to the podcast...and I want to listen to it!! I like your topics but get frustrated with the microphone issues.

Love Jana & Mike!   (5/5)

S/O to Jana & Mike for keeping it SO real on this podcast. I love listening & hearing about marriage & family struggles that we ALL have. Everyone should listen! Also follow Jana on insta- she keeps it real with toddler tantrums which makes this toddler mama feel like she’s not alone!

Love this podcast!   (5/5)

I love Jana and Mike! They are both so honest and vulnerable in this podcast, which I absolutely love and respect. It’s so refreshing listening to a couple work through their issues. I love Jana’s honest opinions on everything, and it makes me feel less alone with how open she is about her emotions. Thank you Jana and Mike for sharing so much with your listeners. You guys are awesome!

Jerry O annoying   (2/5)

He took over the show... hated it! He was just talking ... annoying. Love the guy on tv, but not on your podcast. You barely got a word in.

Love them!   (5/5)

Mike & Jana show that you can overcome almost anything if you truly love each other. They are super relatable, honest & funny! I enjoy listening to this podcast weekly.

Volume/Sound Quality   (2/5)

Loved listening but can’t do it anymore because of sound issues. People in LA are super quiet so I turn it up then Jana and Mike are crazy loud. Can’t do the up and down with volume anymore.

Good, but...   (3/5)

The sound on this podcast has been all screwed up lately. Half the episode is super quiet, and then all of a sudden Jana’s voice will be so loud! It makes it really hard to listen to. I love Jana and think the topics on her podcast are relevant and important, but please get the sound figured out!

Happiness   (5/5)

I look forward to listening to this podcast every week. I save it for the most perfect moment to listen! I’m not the best at writing reviews, but I feel like Jana and Mike truly deserve the best. Thank you for the weekly laughs, smiles, answering questions, and honesty!

Best podcast!   (5/5)

Love this podcast and love how honest and authentic it is. I love hearing Jana & Mike’s story and how they continue to grow. I look forward to listening to it every week. Jana’s the best!

Volume   (5/5)

Giving s 5 because I love the podcast content. But please fix volume!

Volume   (1/5)

Ever since they moved to Nashville and are doing the podcast out of their home it is really hard to hear. The guest will be really quiet or Jana’s mics will be. Very inconsistent, can’t even listen anymore.

I feel bad for mike   (4/5)

So most people give jana a hard time for giving mike a hard time Mostly it’s understandable, however, i HATE how she throws him under the bus with guests. She will almost always agree with the guests and attack mike because he disagrees and that’s 1) not how you should treat any individual. It’s uncomfortable, rude, and inconsiderate. 2) definitely not how you should treat your spouse. You can tell he feels awkward, taken aback, and stumbling on how to recover. I understand jana is an open book and will say whatever she feels with no filter and doesn’t feel uncomfortable much but everyone is not that way and i wish she’d respect that more. Besides that, i very much love their hard work and dedication to their marriage and i do enjoy the podcast. I just wish they would change a little bit. It’s degrading

Rude on Nick Viall’s podcast   (1/5)

A little over the top on attacking Nick on his podcast

Amazing!   (5/5)

You and Mike seem like you are amazing parents and people. Always trying to keep it real. That’s refreshing. Remember, parenting does not come with an instruction manual like our materialist things and every day is a new day. I am learning everyday. I have a 7 year old and I palm my face daily with things that happen ha ha ha You both give great insight on life, love, friendship and career. Lee it up and I love listening to you. Tara from Jacksonville, FL

Real and fun   (5/5)

This podcast is so refreshingly genuine and fun to listen to. You have a never ending list of interesting topics to discuss and the expert guests you invite on the show are always great. You two rock as a couple and as co-hosts!

Jana is fake   (2/5)

I feel as though Jana is very afraid of confrontation and that she is fake on the show and just agrees with whoever the guest is even if she does not truly agree with them. She’s always argumentative with Mike and it’s very odd to me that they would have such opposite views on things given that they are married. I feel like Mike is real and Jana is way too afraid to offend anyone except for mike . For instance the show about the mom and daughter who sleep together and share bathwater, Jana was acting like that was normal, but I can promise in real life she would have something else to say about that but just didn’t want to say it on the show. I think Jana wants to act holier than though and that she accepts and has zero opinions about others. Over it. Sorry

Straining to listen   (4/5)

I LOVE this podcast and how real they are. I just wish I can hear them and their guest more. At first I thought it was my own headphones but I tried 3 other different headphones and still strain to listen. Please fix the audio! 😩

28 years of marriage   (5/5)

I so love y’all! I have been waiting to find someone who can relate to my life. Thank you for being realistic and telling us your story. I have been dealing with the same issues for 28 years and still going strong! So thank you for being a great influence couple!

Love Whine Down!   (5/5)

I love how honest and open and REAL Jana and Mike are with their relationship. I absolutely love listening to their podcast and recommend it to everyone. I’ve been a longtime fan of Jana’s music and was obsessed with watching her on DWTS. I follow her on Instagram and love watching her stories! One minor critique I have is when she says the word “especially”, it is not pronounced /EX-specially/, it’s /ES-specially/. Also, literally is /lit-ER-ally/, not /LIT-really/. Sorry! I’m a grammar nazi! Please don’t be offended, but I just wanted to point that out. I love you and love your show!!!

Jana is Amazing   (5/5)

I love Jana’s podcast. She opens up completely and talks about all the things that we want to talk about. She gives amazing advice and helps me understand the real world problems about marriage, relationships, and being a parent.

love jana but watch the nose turn up   (4/5)

only less than 5 stars bc sometimes jana is snotty towards guests (ex: nick viall) i get that you don’t have to lose everyone but maybe don’t have them on then 😂🤦🏻‍♀️

Love it   (5/5)

Thank you for keeping it real, being open and honest, and changing it up every week! That’s how you keep listeners. Also, I’m loving Mikes take on everything!

My favorite podcast!   (5/5)

I’ve been a fan of Jana Kramer since One Tree Hill & this podcast just makes me love her even more! I love how real, raw, & open both her & Mike are! I look forward to listening every week.

Oh boy   (2/5)

Listening to the most recent episode where Jana and Mike are explaining what bothers them. Jana keeps saying that Mike doesn’t appreciate the things she does and how he should know where the kids clothes go and asking him if he knows where everything in the house is and paying attention to how she folds things? Give me a break. You’re a mom and that’s just what we do naturally. Of course men don’t know every drawer in the house. Then she gets so hypocritical when she starts saying I just want to be appreciated and acknowledged but I don’t need you to tell me that I love doing the kids clothes and organizing which she was just complaining about how he didn’t know which drawer was what. She always goes back-and-forth and it drives me insane they clearly do not have a healthy marriage. She always Nit picks at him. They don’t seem truly happy. Plus the episode where the bachelor nick was on was soooo hard to listen to. She was so disrespectful to him and it made me cringe multiple times.

My Favorite Podcast   (5/5)

I love Jana’s realness. She’s open and honest and isn’t afraid to speak what’s on her mind. I’ve also really benefited from her talking about her anxiety. Because of hearing her struggles and what helps her, I was able to seek help for myself. S/o and thank you to Jana! 🙌 Jana and Mike always keep it 100% real and give me great insight into relationships and communication too with some laughs along the way. Definitely recommend!

Love love love   (5/5)

Huge supporter of this podcast. As a 23 year old, I may not understand what it is like to be married yet or have kids, but this podcast provides great insight. I’ve always really liked Jana as an artist and listening to this podcast has made me like her even more. This podcast is real and so genuine! I find myself laughing & smiling in the car listening to Mike and Jana. Listening to this podcast in the car really makes my day sometimes. Also some of the things Mike and Jana discuss relates to my relationship and their silly arguments make me giggle because I’ve had similar discussions with my boyfriend. Thank you both for an amazing podcast! 💗

A good, easy listen... but starting to get old   (3/5)

I LOVED this podcast in the beginning! I still listen to it, like clockwork, every week. To be honest, I still like it a lot. Overall, I like Jana and Mike’s demeanor.... HOWEVER, As a fan of Jana’s through music, one tree hill, and instagram before this podcast started I was super exited. I too tried to make a relationship with a young child work through infidelity... I empathize with a lot of their struggles, can relate, and appreciate each of their “work,” as they like to call it. However, as the podcast continued in time, Michael only seemed to prove himself more, but Jana seems to let nothing go. I understand that this may be a life-long struggle for this couple, but it gets exhausting. Jana continues to make jokes about how she gets feedback on how she’s “mean” to Mike, but nothing seems to change. The only thing I can see that Jana has let Mike have say on when they argue about ANYTHING is their “pantry door.” And I think that’s only because she lost an “Instagram poll.” Other than that, it seems to be Jana’s road or the high road because she constantly holds his cheating over his head. I’m sure I’ll continue to listen, because ultimately, it’s interesting... but I hope Jana lets up some.

Honest & Real   (5/5)

Jana is so honest and hilarious. I feel like I know her personally because she speaks her mind and is open to talk about anything! I want to whine down with you in person, you are so easy to talk to it seems. Mike and Jana together are great and I think it’s hilarious that people get so offended! The podcast is supposed to be real and unfiltered but yet people get so offended. I find it funny to read some reviews. Keep doing you guys!

Annoying   (2/5)

It’s kind of annoying to hear them argue. I made it through a couple minutes of the recent episode before (about them moving) before turning it off.

Pretty good   (4/5)

I absolutely LOVE Jana and have since I started watched OTH! I get that she can be sarcastic but I feel bad for Mike sometimes... she’s super hard on him, at some point you need to let it go.. Let it be noted that I’m single as can be and still love listening to the podcast. Makes me think I will be a better partner, ya know if I ever get there! Come to Wisconsin for a live Whine down!!

Thank you!   (5/5)

Love this podcast!! I have loved Jana since tree hill and her music is amazing! I love that her and Mike are doing this together and are being so open and vulnerable! I may not be married or even in a relationship right now, but they still share things that are relevant to me!

Great except...   (3/5)

I love this podcast and how real Jana and Mike get with each other. I love how they expose their real issues and work through them. My only complaint with this podcast is all of the interviews with the Bachelor/Bachelorette franchise or the discussion regarding it, and the lack of knowledge with it. Corinne as a prime example and saying she was wrong towards Hannah B when they weren’t even on the same season. If you are going to cover that franchise, please be more familiar with it and watch the episodes. Also on a lighter side note, huge OTH fan and loved you first there! Love you guys, not being a nasty troll, just being honest about the one thing I don’t love about your Podcast. Wishing you both the best in your new home in Nashville! ❤️

Attempted to give another listen and WORSE!!!   (1/5)

Listened only because Nick V was on, and as usual, like Jana does to Mike, she does not listen or try and listen and makes such infantile assumptions. Nick’s podcast is 1000x more in depth then Jana’s ever’s just horrible how she makes assumptions, that are wrong, runs over people...universalizes her thoughts and cringey. Horrible podcast.

Love   (5/5)

I’ve always loved Jana as an actress and singer. And keep updated with her life and the kids. I love it.

Interesting topics but...   (4/5)

I used to really enjoy listening but I find Jana is not really an empathetic person... it seems like she only cares about her feelings and minimizes everyone else’s. Especially after the vasectomy episode. Not sure I can handle listening anymore, it’s quite annoying.

Politically Correct   (5/5)

Just listened to Motorcycle Diaries after listening to a few other episodes and had to give you a rating. Thank you Mike. Love the honesty.

Love the Podcast, But Microphones Need to be Fixed   (4/5)

I've listened to a mix of Jana's podcasts—some old and some new. I love how honest she is and that she doesn't pretend everything is 'perfect' in her life or marriage. That's REAL! I can't relate to podcasts that avoid talking about struggles within marriage—maybe it's because I can relate to Jana's sarcasm. I can totally picture myself talking/responding to triggering situations like she does. My only issue w/ this podcast is the microphone situation. I can hear Jana and Mike perfectly clear, but sometimes guests go in and out and I have to turn up the volume super loud to understand them—especially the WAGS and Seeking Sister Wife one. I could barely hear the Seeking Sister Wife cast members talk. If the guests microphone situation gets resolved, this gets a 5-star rating.

Attitude   (5/5)

The more episodes you have, the more attitude comes out (from Jana). Sounding a little too “confident” lately and not very humble. I was excited that you had Nick Viall on but you would not let him get a word in and kept almost mocking him. Told him he couldn’t ask you a question since it’s your podcast, yet said that when you’re on his podcast, you will get more out of him? Can definitely tell you are jaded when it comes to anything related to sex, too. Can’t talk about anything without mentioning it. Just not for me.

Jana&Mike   (5/5)

I love how honest this podcast is..... we are all different and handle things differently. Everyone in the show does a great job at being real and it has given me more confidence to be real as well. Thanks y’all. Keep talking. 😘

MOVE ON   (1/5)

I thought I’d give this podcast a try because I listen to Scrubbing In and thought it would be a good listen. Boy was I wrong. Being cheated on is absolutely horrible, but when you tell your partner that you forgive them... forgive them and stop bringing it up and literally attacking them at every turn. Im just a bit sad for these two because it seems like Jana is never going to allow them to move on from their past Anyway, forgive and move on or don’t. Stop attacking your husband publicly, it’s embarrassing.

Amazing. Raw. Real.   (5/5)

Thank you for being real and vulnerable even when it’s scary. You are changing lives through this podcast every episode, mine included. You’re amazing, keep doing exactly what you’re doing!

Wow 1 year!!!   (5/5)

Congrats on the first year!!! I listened to every single episode and I have loved listening to your journey. I love the new name and can’t wait to see what the next year has in store! Love you both!!! Thank you for your honesty and vulnerability.

Ppl sending in negative reviews are clueless   (5/5)

This podcast couldn’t be more relatable to the average couple. Every time I listen to this I find my self being like “yes.. same...yes.. ok glad we are normal.. wow... so normal..” everything about it is just so wonderful. Their drive to make their relationship work, the knowledge they have with therapy and communication. If you are a parent, spouse or just a basic human I suggest this podcast 400%. Amazing people creating amazing content. ps- you farts, writing reviews about the hot nannies. Get it together. Would you hire a sexy nanny? I’m gonna guess you wouldn’t/you don’t have kids.

Love love love   (5/5)

Just started listening to the podcast and I can’t stop listening to it 🥰❤️

Yikes   (1/5)

I used to love this podcast. The past few episodes have really turned me away and I won’t be listening to this podcast anytime soon. I can’t believe the way that Jana and Mike talk about nannies. They can’t be pretty, they can’t have big boobs, they can’t be overweight. What a shame that you guys discriminate so much. Hit the unsubscribe button today and it felt great.

Women should support women   (2/5)

I wish the nanny bashing would stop. You have a nanny.. they take care of your kids while you aren’t. You should be doing everything to build them up and show them appreciation instead of judging their appearance.

Used to love   (2/5)

I started out loving this podcast! I got so much out of it and it was even teaching me way to better communicate with my husband. There were episodes that made me cry for them. Now, I find it really hard to listen to because Jana is so mean, dismissive and disrespectful to her husband. I wonder, had she been the one that cheated on her husband in the past, is she would be able to do a podcast every week and have her husband throw it in her face almost every time. And talk about it as flippantly as she does about his affair. Now I’m a woman who has never cheated on anyone and would consider myself a feminist and so I see that she does not treat him as her equal and puts on an air about her of “now I hold all the power because you cheated”. I know she is still healing and it’s got to be hard but it just hurts my heart to hear her talk to the man that she claims to sometimes love in such a rude way. I stopped listening for about 3 months because I was getting frustrated with how mean she was to mike and some of her guests but against my better judgment I stared listening again. And the first episode I listened to she told him to buy a motorcycle and drive off of a cliff. Maybe I’m too sensitive but I felt so bad for him. And it feels like he can’t defend himself or she’ll get mad. It’s just a lot of rudeness if she doesn’t agree.

Not sure anymore   (2/5)

I really liked the Podcast when it was Jana and Jen! Having a hard time listening to Sara and I think Jana is different with mike always present! Wish you tackled more subjects about being a mom and the kids instead of the same marital stuff over and over

Obsessed!   (5/5)

I absolutely LOVE this podcast!!! I’m on the 2nd episode now and I’ve already shared it with my coworkers! Sooo good!!

?   (2/5)

I’m confused about her husband does he cheat on her?

Hilarious   (5/5)

Jana and Sara had me cracking up this entire episode! Great way to start the week thanks for the laugh ladies!

Mike is ruining it   (2/5)

I enjoyed this podcast and listened consistently for a year, however, today is the day I unsubscribe. On several occasions Mike has spewed an opinion on things he hasn’t even researched. For example: a few months ago he went on a huge rant about the TITLE of an article he hadn’t even read. Everyone is entitled to their opinions but please don’t talk about something you haven’t even read. I do give them props for being open about their relationship.

Relatable   (5/5)

I love how relatable Jana and Mike are, they give all the great things and all the ugly things. It’s so nice to see a couple who tells it how it is instead of trying to make everything look perfect. It’s nice to know you’re not the only person going through something. I appreciate the honestly they bring as well as the love you can see they have. Love love them.

The most real completely open couple!   (5/5)

I love how they are authentic unlike any other Instagram couple. They get down in the nit and grit and is the most interesting podcasts of the week.

Love this podcast   (5/5)

I love this podcast. I’ve been following Jana since OTH. Jana and Mike are such an inspirational couple and so real. Love you guys!

Thank you!   (5/5)

Jana and Mike are so genuine and I enjoy listening to them at work. I have been a fan of hers since One Tree Hill, and I love her music. She kicked butt on DWTS too.

Sara, finish your sentences   (4/5)

I love the podcast! BUT I can not stand listening to Sara talk. She NEVER finishes a sentence and will stop in a middle of a word and starts with something else! It drives me a little nuts! And I don’t like how Jana makes jabs at mike all the time. You took him back so let it go! But overall I do love the podcast and the real life topics that I can relate to!

Best podcast   (5/5)

I love and appreciate how open and honest Jana and Mike are. They truly want to help people, and they most certainly are doing that through this podcast. Thank you for sharing the good and the bad of marriage, parenting and life in general. You two are the best 💜

Authenticity at its finest   (5/5)

I’ve listened since the first episode and I have to say, I love how open and authentic Jana and Mike are. From listening to Jana giving birth, to Mike talking about his sex addition, they let people see their lives to the fullest extent and I appreciate it! 🌟

Making Monday’s Tolerable   (5/5)

I’ve listened since the first episode! Each week I fall more in love with Jana, Mike, and the producers. It’s nice being able to connect with a lot of these situations and trying to find logical solutions. Thanks for making a positive impact on my Monday’s! ❣️

no ashley or jared   (1/5)

i have purposely unsubscribes to all of ashley’s and jared’s podcast cause i don’t wanna listen to them. no hard feelings to them but i really don’t want to hear them on someone else’s podcast so not gonna listen

Love!   (5/5)

I love Monday’s thanks to Jana and Mike! Thank you for sharing your stories and life with us! Love you guys!

Vulnerability   (5/5)

Thank you Jana and Mike for sharing yourselves fully knowing you may be criticized and hate messages. Your experiences together have been testing and I applaud you for working through your problems. Thanks for great episodes each week!

Found this when I needed it the most   (5/5)

This podcast is really helping me get through a horrible situation with my husband. I feel like our stories are similar with the cheating and sex addiction. This is helping get through the thinking that I have to leave. Thanks for such and inspiring podcast.

I love all the sarcasm! Keep it up!   (5/5)

I look forward to Monday’s just to hear the new podcast! I love this couple so much! Just went to the one tree hill convention and was so so sad that Jana wasn’t there. All I could think of is if she were here I would tell her how much I love her podcast and love her instagram! Jana I would pay top $$ to get a picture with you! Hint hint for next year!

Tone deaf and privileged   (1/5)

Even though Mike and Jana have had their tone deaf and narrow minded moments in past eps, I still tuned in each week because they were real and I appreciated that. However, their episode last week where they addressed the college scandal involving Aunt Becky etc was the worst to date and made me stop listening forever. They were so tone deaf and invited their friend who is just as tone deaf to speak on the podcast. Their views on the whole scandal showed how privileged they were and showed why representation is important. For them to sit there and talk about how they would/would’ve done the same and to say the perpetrators shouldn’t receive any jail time showed that they didn’t understand that so many non privileged students who worked hard were rejected because people were buying their spots in college. If your child has all the opportunities you’re giving them and that you can afford, then they can work hard and get into college on their own. Seriously, when you have a platform where thousands of listeners tune in, it’s important to be less ignorant and more informed. Done with this podcast.

Tears!!   (5/5)

I just listened to Gettin It Done and I full out cried during anonymous email/call. I just wanted to hug her so bad and then help her pack all of her stuff and get her and her precious babies somewhere they could heal and be happy. Mike also surprises me more and more with how well spoken and thoughtful he is!! Jana is great as always because she says exactly what’s on her mind which for me is just so relatable and refreshing!! Love!!!


I have never looked forward to Monday’s more than I do now since this podcast came out. I love how real Jana & Mike are and the topics they talk about are so relatable. I wish the podcasts were longer than an hour. I could listen all day! You won’t be disappointed!🙂

The Birth of Jace Episode   (5/5)

Sincerely my favorite episode thus far. You had me in absolute tears. THANK YOU for the transparency of your lives.

Best Podcast Ever!   (5/5)

This is the greatest show. The honesty portrayed in this podcast is freeing. It’s so funny and light-hearted, yet also tough and vulnerable. You will NOT regret listening.

Love   (5/5)

Super funny and relatable

Love it!   (5/5)

I’ve listened to a few episodes before but I just recently got an iPhone and have been listening to the podcasts now a lot. I absolutely love listening to these. They are funny, honest and great to listen to. I love the down to earth feeling and honesty you guys have in each episode!

So real   (5/5)

I LOVE this podcast and look forward to listening each week. I feel like I can relate so much (5 years of infertility finally had a successful IVF, found out my husband had been cheating right after finding out our embryo transfer was a success and we were about to have our our son is two and we’re still fighting every day to be committed to us, our family, and this marriage of almost 8 years now). Some of the guests have been a little blah, but I listen every week for Jana and Mike and how open and real they are about every day life. And shout out to Sarah, love and relate to her story too. My husband and I started dating in college and dated 11 years before we got married-got engaged after 9 years. I’m 38 now...I know you’re all trying to do the math...ha. Some things are just worth waiting and fighting for. Keep be authentic to yourselves Jana and Mike!

Your the best!   (5/5)

Hi Jana, I am an early childhood teacher and I just want you to know that you are doing everything right for your beautiful children. Some kiddos just need some extra help. It doesn’t not mean that you aren’t a good momma or that your don’t have your proprieties in check. Early intervention/speech help is an amazing thing. I have seen so many of my students get so much amazing help for these resources. You are an amazing momma and I love listening to your podcasts and seeing your beautiful kiddos. Sincerely, Ashley Currie

Jana is the best   (5/5)

There are so few people nowadays, especially those with a following, who are willing to be as raw and real as Jana Kramer is. She puts it all out there - she’s unapologetically herself and that makes her so great. She is incredibly relatable and down to earth, and my favorite podcast to date. From marital issues, to being open enough to share her c section and birth even when she had an anxiety attack during it, to her own personal anxiety and life in general, she bares it all and is so relatable and makes you feel like she’s your friend. 5/5 stars.

Favorite podcast ever!!   (5/5)

I love this podcast. I’ve literally never been interested in listening to podcasts until I discovered this one. Jana and her team are raw, honest, and really relatable. I appreciate how often they talk about sex because despite the times we live in, it’s still a very taboo topic publicly. I’m 23 and married with no kids and I still can relate to most topics. And the ones I don’t personally relate to, I still get to learn from and I will be able to implement that knowledge when I do have kids. Thank you Jana for being so honest.

A must listen!!   (5/5)

I love this podcast! And how real Jana and her family and friends are! I love listening to the gossip but also I learn a lot while listening to their stories! Glad they are able to bring different people on the podcast that talk about their expertise whether it be love, sex, lifestyle whatever it is, it’s a good mix of life in itself! Thanks for this podcast! Love you guys! Also all those people leaving rude comments..... if you don’t like it DON’T LISTEN TO IT!!

Very Authentic and Real   (5/5)

Whether or not you agree with Jana’s opinion specifically, this podcast is great because they discuss so many sides of an argument or scenario and you get to hear the debate between Jana, Mike, Sara, Jen, Easton, etc. which makes it really well rounded. I love how open and raw Jana is about so many aspects of her life and appreciate that she’s still willing to be open despite getting so much hate. Everyone is so real and it’s refreshing to hear not only the good times but also the bad. Being able to hear Jana and Mike grow and get through the various situations they’ve been in is so authentic. It’s not always pretty, but I’d rather hear the authenticity of the ups and downs rather than hear something fake and perfect. Thank you so much for being real and sharing your true self!

Love   (5/5)

I love this podcast. I think it fit perfectly for the name. When I get to drinking wine I feel like my inner Jana comes out. I loved OTH I love her as an actor and I’m an avid listener of whine down. I suggest it to all my friends because 1. She is brutally and unapologetically honest. 2. She talks likes we are all her friends. 3. She brings to life issues that are VERY REAL. 4. While being herself she reminds listeners that she plays the roles on her movies and OTH but she is a flawed yet phenomenal human being. My list could go on.

Lays it all out!   (5/5)

I enjoy these two so much! I love how no matter what, they continue to lay it all out! I’ve loved Jana for years for her music and now I adore her as a human! Thanks for showing other parents how kids really act & talking about the real stuff!

Love this podcast!   (5/5)

I’d like to write this review directly to Jana, because I feel like she needs to hear this. Jana, I felt compelled to write a review because of the bad reviews on here, and because of the review you put on Instagram about your daughter. I am a HUGE fan of your show. I am a SAHM, and your show helps me feel not so alone throughout the day. I love the topics you talk about, the celebrity guests, and when your husband pitches in. Your show feels AUTHENTIC. I can’t listen to other podcasts because of how “uniform” and “proper” they are. I love that your husband joins in, and you guys will have your little “arguments.” I love that you stay true to who you are and say things like, “hey, I can see your point of view, but sororities are not for me,” or when your husband voices his doubts of astrology or the psychics. I love that you bring up the issues you have with your husband. I love that it sounds like natural conversation on your podcast, so yes, you may interrupt people here and there, but it sounds so natural that I don’t even notice. It literally feels like a true, authentic conversation. I can’t stand the podcasts that seem scripted and lined up. Everyone speaks when they’re supposed to, as if it’s all planned out. I want to listen to real thoughts, real situations, real dialogue. Don’t let these negative comments change a thing about the way you manage your podcast. You are doing an awesome job, and I can’t wait to hear more!

Definitely my favorite podcast   (5/5)

Omg love this podcast and i love how real Jana is! When i was younger I also had a speech delay like Jolie and I had to go to a special school for a couple years. But now I’m all good and can’t stop talking! So don’t worry Jana and Mike Jolie will get better :) hope you guys have a great week!!

love love   (5/5)

I’m 20 years old and have no kids but absolutely love this podcast. I’ve always looked up to Jana & still do. Reading some reviews, comments on her instagrams and just other things and seeing what other people have to say makes me so angry. Usually I’m not one to defend or ‘fangirl’ over celebs but people act like she’s not allowed to have flaws. People think famous people are supposed to be perfect. Her podcast is so real about so many issues from relationships to just everyday struggles. People say all she does is complain about Mike but that is so far from untrue. If any other married person had a podcast and was 120% honest, like Jana is, they would be talking about the same stuff. Every couple argues about stuff famous or not and for her to be so candid and open about it is so special, because I know personally I don’t vent about stuff in my relationship to my friends because I don’t want them to think it’s weird or judge, but Jana makes me realize that it’s normal to bicker and make mistakes and at the end of the day still love each other fiercely. Leave her the f**k alone and if you don’t have anything nice to say then simply stop listening to her podcast or unfollow her, no ones making you stay!! I could NEVER imagine at my age of 20 or even more being 30-40+ and commenting f**ked up things about her life and family. So immature and messed up to be doing to someone like Jana who is making her whole life an open book to HELP OTHERS. Love you Jana!! Keep fluttering your eyelashes for the world!

Great Podcast - Keepin’ It Real   (5/5)

I love all the different topics and guests that Jana has on this podcast! Sometimes there are topics that don’t interest me and I’ll just skip past them or go to a different episode- that’s what you get with such diversity of topics and I’d rather listen to something like that. Jana keeps it real when it comes to her personal and home life which I love. Let’s be honest- If your toddler doesn’t throw fits and revert to 1 yr old behavior thennnn you probably don’t have a toddler. Makes me feel better when other moms put real life out there! Keep doing you Jana!

New to podcasts, motherhood & marriage   (5/5)

I absolutely love how real both Mike and Jana are on this podcast. I love that Mike was added in for a male’s perspective on some relationship topics. I’ve never listened to podcasts, but I’m on maternity leave right now with my month old baby girl and I love Monday’s because I can listen to Whine Down while I’m at home caring for her 😊 Jana, you are awesome all around and your babies are just adorable! Let the haters hate. So sad for people that feel they need to leave mean comments on your posts. Keep doing you!

My FAVORITE podcast!!!!!   (5/5)

Whine Down is my absolute favorite podcast! I love the energy of it. I love that nothing is off topic! I love that Jana & Mike are so open! I love how Jana (and Mike) can just call out the haters and handle it with dignity even though I’m sure they want to go ballistic sometimes on the dumb, mean and hurtful things the trolls say. I have loved Jana since “I Got The Boy” not to mention she is just gorgeous! Keep doing you girl, BTW I LOVE your fake lashes ;)

Love!   (5/5)

So real and honest! Such a great listen!!

Love 💓   (5/5)

I love this podcast. I am pretty appalled by the rude comments that people put on here. Of course it is okay to have your own opinion, but to insult Jana in anyway on a personal level, including her family, is just unacceptable. I wish people would keep comments like those to themselves. Anyway, I love this podcast and love Jana! Keep doin you momma, you’re doing GREAT!!

Hit and Miss   (3/5)

This podcast sometimes tickles me, but more often than not just rubs me the wrong way. Jana is spoiled, self centered and out of touch which can be heard and felt when she speaks on the relatable or relevant topics in each episode. We all struggle with demons and, on the one hand, I respect Jana for putting hers out there, but she fails to truly reflect on hers or apologize when necessary. It seems as though she believes naming her demons is enough. It’s painful to hear her make digs at her husband and her guests, especially when they are obviously showing up for her.

Cringey   (1/5)

I’ve heard about the husband jabs and how awkward this podcast gets but I really wanted to give it a chance! So I did and I couldn’t make it through one episode. I’m married with kids and thought I could relate to some of their topics but dear lord this was so cringey. Even Chris Harrison called Jana out for belittling her husband which she totally was and then goes on and on and on about how she’s sarcastic and justifying her behavior, that that’s just how their relationship is. I guess that works for some 🤷🏽‍♀️. It got old and awkward quick for me. I’m sure they’re happy just not enjoyable to listen to.

Jana brings a smile and tears weekly   (5/5)

Jana Kramer is a breath of fresh air. She is real and raw and doesn’t miss a beat. Jana talks about real issues close to her heart. She isn’t afraid to speak her mind and show her heart. From OTH, affirms, current tv, to rainbow babies. It is nice to listen to someone my age who is still figuring it all out. Only complaint is I wish we were friends in real life.

Mikes biggest cheerleader   (4/5)

I really like this podcast and I’m so glad they’ve added Jana’s husband Mike to it. However, Jana could give him a little more credit and stop nagging him all the time. He really seems like a wonderful husband now and committed to changing for the better, I’m so proud of him for that! I’m glad they worked out their stuff and got back together. I really like the guests they have had on here and I love when they share about Sara’s love life, talk to relationship therapists and share stories about their life!

Amazing!   (5/5)

I just started listening to Mike and Jana on Whine Down. I am not a mother or a wife yet, but some day soon I will be! They give great advice and are very raw and transparent. I honestly love listening to the show everyday on my walks. Thank you, Mike and Jana for opening up and sharing your stories and life experiences with us! Love you all! 😊

Loved it, then I couldn’t listen anymore.   (3/5)

I loved Jana since watching One Tree Hill. I started this pod cast because she is a strong woman who has overcome a lot of things and I respect her greatly. I spent weeks listening and little things started to bother me. She’s very close-minded about big things in our world, she cuts everyone off who talks, she blew up her best friend’s “non-engagement” our to the world (even if her friend said they could talk about it, it still bothered me). As a girl who’s dating for 6 years, wants to get married but hasn’t yet, it felt really insensitive to me. You’re not in her relationship, take a step back. The last episode I listened to was Mike getting annoyed and angry about genders. The close minded comments about how there is only a boy and a girl was really offensive and in 2019, we need to open our minds and hearts to who may have been listening to that and felt terrible. I don’t think either of them are bad people and I still think they’re strong and couples can learn something from them, but personally, I just felt like this podcast made me shake my head, instead of giving me enjoyment.

Very repetitive   (1/5)

Every episode turns into a therapy session over the same topic. Needs new material.

Honest & Open   (5/5)

Jana is so brave to share her life with us. Really interesting to see how she and her husband work through the trials and tribulations in their marriage. Easy to relate to.

Love it   (5/5)

Enjoy hearing and seeing your family on here and Instagram.Love that y’all show the perfections and the imperfections!Yall are an awesome little Family

Love the show   (5/5)

I love the show but have to re-listen to most of them Jana talks so FAST. It’s like she has to get so much in and it’s in fast forward! I love the show hearing her and mike discuss things really helps me with my other half. But take a breath and slow the talk a little! 😊

Real and raw   (5/5)

This podcast is amazing! I love how real and open Jana and Mike are about everything! They talk about so many things that I can relate to including marriage, parenthood and infertility. I have learned so much from this podcast and it makes me feel like I’m not alone in some of my struggles. I look forward to listening each and every week!!

Amazing!!!   (5/5)

I think it is absolutely amazing! She is raw and honest. Many of us woman are scared to be this honest about our real life’s. So many things even in just the first episode hit the nail on the head

Over it!!!!   (1/5)

I used to like this but now it’s becoming obnoxious. Same issues everyday. Mike did this to make Jana cry or annoyed. Every week same stories. Over sorry. I look forward listening but this is turned out to be the most annoying stories about the same thing. Find new topics to talk about it. Talking about weight issues come on. Working hard loosing weight do u realize the pressure u put on other moms when u sit behind microphone and constantly discuss how fast you got back to shape over and over. I understand great but u talk about it everyday. Is this podcast about make Jana feel better or an actual reality of an issues beyond Jana. U so focussed on celebrity interviews that you forget that there is more to real issues u can discuss. Please find new topics please stop talking about same thing over and over. Not just you two and your same problems oh I’m sorry or I love you and oh Jana you look great. Leave that in your therapy office.

Give it a chance   (5/5)

Look everyone has their opinions or interest but I am telling you if you are looking for an amazing woman to listen to its Jana. Her and Mike have opened their hearts and lives and give such great advice on so many aspects of life. Jana isnt afraid to touch any subject. Give it a chance at least get to episode 3! Its for women and men and such a blessing to have. Thank you Jana for giving us an amazing podcast to listen to along with your beautiful music. I love this podcast its one of my all time favorites.

Love it.   (5/5)

I have been hooked since I started listening. Conversations here have sparked conversations in my personal life more times than I can count. I’ve officially “caught up” and now I feel like I just finished binging a series on Netflix and am waiting week to week for new episodes. 😂 My personal opinion, I love this podcast and those who work on it and guests have been great. I’ve seen some negative comments and I think people can be mean because they just want to be seen. I admire Jana for putting it on the table, and owning up to her own flaws. She is in a position where most celebrities wouldn’t want to acknowledge when they make mistakes. She not only does, but does so sincerely. She also creates an atmosphere for others to admit and work through their own stuff. Love it. 💜

Okay, we get it.   (3/5)

I really enjoy listen to this podcast EXCEPT for all the husband jabs. Something very terrible happened In your marriage but seriously stop with the little jabs here and there. It’s not funny and it’s not healthy to continually bring it up to anyone listening and I guarantee your husband hates it. It is your choice to stay in the marriage now move on and actually work it like you’re claiming you do.

Raw and real   (4/5)

The emotions are real and the trauma is raw. I connect with mike and Jana. Me being an anxious women and mother of 4 and being the one who had an emotional affair with another man. Seeing the story from both sides has helped me empathize with my husband and his journey as well as not be so hard on myself and ask for help with the struggles. Keep it real. Its inspiring to know we aren’t alone in real struggles of life.

Love it   (5/5)

I’m not sure why some people are so negative towards Jana. This is the first podcast I started listening to and I’ve been hooked. I will say the only episode I didn’t enjoy was the sorority one. I did feel like Jana was way too judgemental and closed minded towards sororities. Other than that I love hearing it. I prefer with Jen is on with both her and Mike. She’s the perfect balance between the two of them.

I never write reviews   (5/5)

This show is like therapy. So helpful to hear from so many different perspectives. I just had to say how wonderful it is and how open you all are is amazing to listen to. We all need to learn these important life lessons you’re talking about. Keep up the good work!

Shut up   (1/5)

She won’t let the guest person talk. She keeps interrupting them and then won’t stop belittling her husband.

Love This Podcast   (5/5)

❤️ Good Listen

FGL - awesome show.   (5/5)

Great interview.

Relatable!   (5/5)

I am surprised by some of the reviews about Jana. I know that it can be out of place to talk so openly about the cheating, opinions, etc. but I really appreciate her transparency. When I’m listening I know I’m listening to 100% raw truth. I love it! Keep doing you Jana 💛

LOVE Whine down   (5/5)

I look forward to Monday’s for only one reason! I love everything about this podcast. Love it 💕

So real   (5/5)

No fake, all real. Love this little family.

Love it!   (5/5)

Jana is my all time favorite! Listening to her podcast has helped me with my life, I honestly listen to this ALL the time! And recommend it to everyone!

Terrible   (1/5)

She is small minded, has no life experience or perspective, and spoiled. The last episode I listened to she went on and on about her friend not getting an engagement ring. Cringe-worthy. I turned it off and won’t listen to again.

Fave podcast   (5/5)

This is my favorite podcast to listen to! I love how open you and Mike are about your relationship and how relatable the topics you talk about are.

Mixed Feelings   (3/5)

I love Jana Kramer and have been a longtime fan of hers since OTH. I began listening to this podcast a few months ago and while they do talk about interesting topics, I can’t get over the fact that some of the things that comes out of her mouth are horrible. The “advice” she gave to her friend about getting a ring was ridiculous. I’ve been with my boyfriend longer than that girl and we’ve discussed that things take time and we’re in no rush. The commit is there. I get that everyone is different with their timelines but don’t ever tell someone to give their partner an ultimatum.

Youll regret not listening!   (5/5)

They are so down to earth • listen! Jana, Mike, Sara 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

Love love love   (5/5)

I don’t have children at the moment but hope to in the near future . I think this podcast is so funny and relatable in so many ways. Give it a chance before you knock it people.

🤦🏻‍♀️   (1/5)

This girl is out of control. Small minded, super aggressive, rude, and childish. I just can’t. Prayers especially to Mike. Second time unsubscribed

Relatable   (5/5)

Love how raw and real she is. I feel like she’s my friend. Hahaha!

Love!!   (5/5)

My favorite podcast!! Love how real she is!!

Stole the idea from Insecure   (1/5)

Terrible show and vapid host. Completely stealing the title from the HBO show Insecure.

Wow   (2/5)

Wow Sister Wife episode... You made a choice to stay in the marriage so why be so harsh on him! Trust me as a child that grew up in the same situation your putting your children in THEY are the once who will suffer the most in the end. Let IT go or let HIM go...

Love love love   (5/5)

So relatable, and hilarious!

Wine Down Rocks   (5/5)

Obsessed!! LOVE wine down!!!! The only good thing about Mondays!! 🥰

Don’t listen   (1/5)

She acts like a child majority of the time. I wouldn’t be surprised if every guest that leaves her podcast wouldn’t ever want to come back. She’s immature and can’t carry an open conversation.

Disappointed   (2/5)

It’s hard to listen to Jana harp on mike over and over and over and bring up the affairs over and over again.......I have tried a few different times but she is over the top with it. I don’t think I can be a fan on a person like that.

Judgmental and going down hill!   (1/5)

Loved the show when it first started. Now it seems to be the platform for judgment. And if Jana doesn't agree with someone it turns into an argument, which is annoying as a listener during guest interviews. She seems to think that only her opinion matters and this comes off as ignorant. Really can't handle this show anymore. Jana is also becoming increasingly more rude and condescending to guests on the podcasts. It seems like she thinks she is better than everyone and just loves starting arguments.

❤️   (5/5)

I love this podcast. I don’t have kids and I’m recently married; I just love how relatable and open Mike and Jana are. I love getting both of their sides to whatever the issue may be, personal or not, it definitely gives me good insight as to why my husband may do or act/react specific ways. Love you guys!!

Nope!   (1/5)

Listened to one and half of another and stopped there. Wondering why she has her own podcast and hoping her listeners don’t take what comes our of her or her husbands mouth as gospel. Just wow.

Listen to this podcast!!   (5/5)

Love love love this podcast. I really love listening to this families story and just seeing how real they are. Ive loved Jana since One Tree Hill, and it’s nice to see she’s not just this gorgeous, prefect, no worries celebrity, that she actually struggles and worries just as much as we do! Love them so much!

Now sure how to feel.   (2/5)

I really like you Janna but your approach to your guest in the first episode made it seem like you were not interested in what she was actually invested in. I don’t necessarily carry crystals with me, but I would respect someone who does.

Too many ads   (4/5)

I really enjoy the podcast. Lots of different topics, but the ads are so annoying to me and just sooo many of them ugh!!!

Must have podcast   (5/5)

Love love love this podcast. They are so open on the ends and outs of marriage,kids, and every battle that life brings.

Love!   (5/5)

I absolutely adore Jana & how real she is. Great podcast with new & exciting content every week.

Gender   (2/5)

Couldn’t continue to listen to the issue of gender. Have an opinion- that’s fine. But the FACTS are that you are female or male. Period. End of story.

Love 😍😍   (5/5)

This podcast is so funny!

Good topics annoying host   (3/5)

I really like the topics of this pod cast but sometimes is hard to tell if the adult Jana is showing up or the teenage one is, the way she mocks guest when she does not agree with what they are saying is very childish, the way she acts like is me me me poor me always talking about a glass of wine will cure everything come on, if you invite experts on plz don’t talk over them on the first sign of them not agreeing with you specially when they are on the phone is very rude. Your marriage and how you do things at home is on you guys but the way you are always talking down to your husband saying I will not allow video games in the house or I will not allow you to do this or that. Do you have a husband or a 3 child gosh

Jana is great!   (5/5)

She’s so sweet and she doesn’t care to get a little personal. Which I do absolutely love that about her. She’s very openhearted. I recommend to new moms/ friends that have had significant others be unfaithful. Love listening to her experiences❤️

Love!!!   (5/5)

Don’t care much for producer Amy but love love love Jana and mike! It’s been so cool to see their relationship grow and the advice they give. Such a fun podcast with realistic views and real conversation!

Gender   (3/5)

I applaud you Mike for standing for your belief of what God made your child’s gender it is. Jana cut you off when you were saying the part about your belief in God. We as Christians should speak our faith. She should stand behind you for this and be that same way. I also believe if my kids came to me and were LGBTQ. I would love them and accept them no matter what. I continue to not really feel Jana supports you and I may stop listening. I’m so sorry but I feel like she can be very stubborn and uncompromising. Well that’s my opinion and I know we all have them. So y’all can care or not care about it. Just wanted to share. Not trying to be a troll.

Speed   (5/5)

Everything is great! Except - whyyy are the episodes on “super fast” mode!! I mean the content is perfect- I just wish it wasn’t sped up! Everyone is talking at a very rapid pace now! I realize it’s important to get it down to an hour- there anyway we (you guys) can adjust that?

Ugh   (2/5)

Mildly entertaining. Vapid. Self involved. Enough for me to listen when I had no other options, but listening to Mike’s ignorant rage rant about issues of gender identity and children in this latest episode is off putting enough to push me to likely pass on listening ever again.

Love it!   (5/5)

Love how raw and upfront Jana and Mike are about everything!!! Enjoyed listening

Love!!   (5/5)

I’ve always been a fan of her music and now I am of her as a person. I know you truly don’t know someone until you’ve met them and been around them for a long period of time but the way Jana & Mike let us into their marriage, struggles, successes, failures and lives in general is beautiful and amazing and makes us listeners feel like we genuinely know them!!

Realest&relatable   (5/5)

Um not sure what podcast some people are listening to but they def aren’t listening to this chick! She’s the realest podcaster out there and lays it all out there! She’s everything we all try to be on a daily basis a mom a wife and entrepreneur and an artist! Her podcast are meaningful & genuine & authentic! She’s the best! Keep it up!

Thankful   (5/5)

I am so thankful for these two. I have had my own struggles in marriage, and I love how real and raw they are. Definitely a couple I very much look up to. Love this podcast!

Fun podcast!   (5/5)

I’m 23 and very single and I love this podcast. They are so real and vulnerable! Sometimes it comes across as unloving and harsh, but I love that they are working through their struggles!

Jana be my bestie!   (5/5)

Girl you rock my world listening to this podcast! You and Mike are so honest and open and I just love it! Thank you for shearing your struggles and journey with the world! You’re amazing! Loving listening to your stories on my drive to work and the gym! Really feel like I’ve gotten an ab workout just from laughing so much!

So great   (5/5)

Jana is so honest and real. It’s very relaxing to hear her! Love it.

Obsessed!   (5/5)

I LOVE this podcast! I love the real life talk between motherhood, marriage, Chinkee , etc! This is my go to podcast and look forward to each new episode! Keep them coming!

Amazing   (5/5)

Love! I relate to everything talked about! Cannot get enough of this podcast!

My new favorite podcast!   (5/5)

This podcast covers it all. Love, marriage, baby carriage and so much more (including health, psychics and crystals)! Jana and Michael are great to listen to and have a lot to offer! I started listening to this podcast bc I’m a new mom and couldn’t stop listening!

Not relatable.   (1/5)

I found it frivolous and uninspiring. They giggle and talk over one another too much. It was hard to listen to.

Jen   (5/5)

I love the podcast but I miss Jen!!

My new favorite   (5/5)

It’s so refreshing to hear someone be so candid and real. Love how relatable you are!

Looking forward to Monday’s!!   (5/5)

The REALNESS that comes with this podcast is fantastic. The fact that they are being brave enough to put it all out there knowing the type of ridiculous people they are going to get backlash from is inspiring. I love knowing that I’m not the only one who goes through things. This has made my Monday’s more enjoyable of a day and I look forward to listening in.

Honest and Refreshing   (5/5)

Love this show!! Jana and Mike are so refreshing!! They bring hope to everyone around them with the grace they show towards each other about there flawed human nature and the way they don't take themselves too seriously !! Thank you for all you guys do love your podcast!! <3

Love her   (5/5)

I love her and this podcast! I like how open she is and honest.

Favorite   (5/5)

I love listening to every podcast!:) you are my all time favorite country singer!💕 you are my role model!:)

Love   (5/5)

So great

Loved it at first but...   (2/5)

I really enjoyed listening every Monday. However as the podcast continued I felt it harder to listen. I feel like it’s a free counseling session for Mike and Jana. Also I feel like it’s Jana’s way or no way. Sometimes it’s hard to finish the podcast. The New Year episode was my breaking point, hopefully things turn around this year and get back to how the podcast was in the beginning. I’m sure you will shame me for this review because it doesn’t meet your standards however you have to be open and honest to criticism.

So honest   (5/5)

Love listening to Whine down. Love how she keeps it real and doesn’t hold back.

Love   (5/5)

Favorite podcast to listen to !! love how honest jana and mike are. i’ve been a fan of jana since one tree hill and it’s great to see a different side of her!! not to mention she has the most adorable kids !!

I love how she’s so real..... 🙌🏻   (5/5)

I absolutely love how Jana is so down to earth and so real. She opens up about her own life experiences and I love that. With all her options, feelings, and thoughts you also get the same with Michaels, so you get both sides for each topic they talk about. I love you both and I can’t wait to see pictures of the baby boy...

Good stuff   (5/5)

This is like waiting on a train wreck to happen and everybody knows it’s coming but Jana. It’s that cringe worthy person on Facebook that you can’t unfriend because it’s entertaining to watch. Good stuff though, I listen to almost every episode when I have time.

AMAZING!!!   (5/5)

Relatable,Funny,Emotional,and Exciting!!! Always looking forward to listening!! -XOXO

Listen every week! You and Bobby bones are my only die hard ones!!   (5/5)

Great and gets better with each podcast. Ignore the hateful one star review!

❤️   (5/5)

Love Jana, such an inspiring real woman.

Amazing!   (5/5)

She is amazing and I love her podcast! Whoever wrote bad about this podcast has thin skin and is immature for adult talk. I love this podcast!! 😍😍

OBSESSED!!!! Ily Jana & Mike   (5/5)

Overly obsessed with this podcast. Jana and mike are amazing and have truly helped me find myself in my struggles ❤️

Fun and insightful   (4/5)

I think that this is very relatable podcast and a captivating way to spend my commute. Request to Jana/IHeart: could the episode description list the books, etc. mentioned by guests? I listen while driving and I would like to explore them without having to Re-listen to entire episodes sitting by a pen and paper. More review: It would be difficult to speak about the topics she and her husband cover so openly, but I think they do it well. The guests on the show have been helpful for my perspective as a married (no kids) woman, even though we haven’t dealt with infidelity or parenting. Worth listening.

I Tried!   (1/5)

I tried to like this. But it took forever to get on topic. I felt like the beginning was just a husband bash shesh.

Love   (5/5)

I was never really into podcasts until I gave in and listened to one that was advertised on Jana’s IG story. It was a few months into it and when Mike started to be pretty regular on the show. It takes me about an hour to get to work and home, so after the first one I binge listened to the rest from the beginning for over a week on the way to work and home!! I was super bummed when I had to start waiting for a whole week for the next one!! Love it and love everyone on the show and I keep trying to get my hubby to listen because it is so nice having a guys point of view on all of it too!! Keep fighting for each other, I’m routing for you guys!!!! ❤️❤️

My favorite   (5/5)

Youre my favorite Jana. You are so real, humble, funny and gorgeous. I love to listen to your show and the people you interview. I love to hear your stories and situations. I think the fact that you take time to give advice to listeners is amazing.

Relatable!!!   (5/5)

Love how real Jana and Mike are!!! So relatable and love everything they talk about!!!

love this podcast   (3/5)

relatable, funny and sweet podcast and i love that they keep it so real. only downside is the amount of ads !!!!!!!! they also start in the middle of really interesting topics and then when the ad is done they don’t always go back to the conversation they were having which is kind of frustrating. it’s getting to the point where I’m not sure I can keep listening... it’s CONSTANT ads that are poorly timed and it feels like i am being totally bombarded

Love it.   (5/5)

Such real life and helpful.

Real, Funny & Inspiring!   (5/5)

I love Jana, Mike & Producer Jen! They are so real and honest. I love that they are discussing topics that people can relate to but are often not talked about (but should be)!

Love your truth   (5/5)

Love that you and Mike are real about life and give us the good and bad and the realness of a marriage and life issues! Enjoy hearing about you life!!

Love this podcast!   (5/5)

I started binging he whine down podcasts after hearing Jana on the BobbyCast and am obsessed. Jana and Mike are so real and I like that the read emails and give real life opionions and advice!

I really tried...   (2/5)

I’m really trying to love this podcast but the bickering with Jana and her husband are a little much. And, Jana tends to spend a lot of time talking about herself. I’ll keep trying, because I have lives the guests. Maybe I just need to fast forward to the guests...

LOVE IT   (5/5)

Love tuning into this podcast every Monday. There’s such a variety of topics and of course Jana, Mike, and Jenn keep it funny and interesting. My marriage is similar to Jana and Mikes so it def helps to hear both sides.

Just a thought   (4/5)

I love the podcast, Jana and her marriage. She’s very lucky to have an understanding and patient husband. Yes he Messed up but it takes a saint to deal with her attitude and constant “have to be right” attitude. She needs to back off a little and take a few deep breaths. It’s her way or no way and that’s a set up for a failed marriage.

Favorite part of every week   (5/5)

Jana’s authentic soul reminds me so much of myself. Thank you for being so open and true. You da bomb

Love the podcast...hate the constant bickering   (3/5)

I have really enjoyed listening to this podcast, however I hate the co start belittling and bickering between her and her husband. I usually brush it off but it’s getting to be too much. I know you’re trying to be real but it just feels like this is a time for them to rag on each other. I know you’re trying to fix your marriage, so please be nice to one another.

To many ads!   (4/5)

I absolutely love Jana and listening but enough with the ads and plugs about products. Im almost to the point I can’t handle listening! I’m 30 minutes into the podcast and there has been 3 ads and name drops. It’s annoying!

Team Jana & Mike   (5/5)

I am an absolute fan! Back in 2012, I fell in LOVE with her voice in Why Ya Wanna. Ever since then I’ve been a huge fan. Her life story is such an inspiration to me and so many women out there. I’m absolutely obsessed with this podcast! Can’t wait to hear next week’s.

Monday is my favorite day now!   (5/5)

I love the banter and both husband and wife perspectives on many subjects. It really helps me understand my husband and his views a little more! Jana you are a relatable talent and I just think we’d be beasties 😊 Keep on making Monday’s a highlight of my week!!

When does interview start...   (2/5)

I wanted to like this podcast but I’m now 20 min into my 30 min commute and all I’ve heard is who likes to drive the car more. I was interested in the Rachel Zoe interview, I guess I have to learn how to fast forward while driving.

Would love less arguing with her husband!   (2/5)

To be honest, it seems they have some marital issues that Jana chooses to air on the podcast. I do like her other than when I feel she is demeaning him and picking on him/their relationship. I understand it’s supposed to be banter/back and forth and perhaps that’s what people want (I’d bet on fewer though) but it gives me a headache! It seems naggy. A good dynamic and to tastefully disagree is great, vulnerability is great, but the way this comes off is distasteful. “I bet you can’t do that”. Don’t you think we should be uplifting each other instead of being combative?

Obsessed.   (5/5)

So down to earth and relatable, talking about REAL life things and giving some great advice. Love love love!

Paying it forward   (5/5)

A lot of times Ill be in a drive through and pay for the car behind me and then drive off!!!

Love!   (5/5)

I can't wait for my Monday morning commute so I can listen to Whine Down. Jana is warm, approachable and feels like a friend. Her show covers real topics that matter to women and she is super open. I can't recommend it enough.

Jana is amazing   (5/5)

I have to say I have had marriage issues and Jana and Mike have helped me in so many ways! AMAZING!

Episode 2   (5/5)

Nicky!! My marriage story and your marriage story is exactly the same. I love your testimony it made me cry just thinking of my marriage story. I would love to get in touch with you and just talk!!!

Love   (5/5)

I love listening to this podcast while I’m working. I honestly never knew how I felt about her just due to what I read about her from media and certain things she didn’t mind broadcasting, but this podcast displays her personality on an authentic level. I love that it’s not judgmental about relationships because there’s so many different kinds!!! And she’s just easy to listen to. I do love you Jana!! ❤️ sorry I was so skeptical before! 🤗

Fav podcast   (5/5)

Really loving Mike becoming a regular. He asks the best questions and it’s great to hear a man’s perspective on some of the tough relationship topics!

Love this podcast   (5/5)

I love how honest they are about everything! I love Jana and I love this podcast!

Heart Felt, Funny, Empowering   (5/5)

Jana’s podcast has opened my eyes to different views and parts of life that I hadn’t put much thought into before. With doctor’s, therapists, astrologists and more as special guests, each week is a different take away. I also have LOVED seeing the progression of Jana and Mike’s marriage blossom, as he’s a regular on the podcast these days. It’s also great hearing a male’s perspective on topics discussed! I’ll always be a faithful listener.

Love it!   (5/5)

Absolutely love this podcast. Jana is so down to earth and really makes you feel better about the hard parts of motherhood and life! Thank you!!

SO REAL   (5/5)

I love how honest and open Jana is!

❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️   (5/5)

I love how open and honest this podcast is! I love the guests on the show.. it’s so good I look forward to traffic Monday morning just so I can listen to the whole thing! 😂

Hilarious!   (5/5)

I heard about this podcast on the radio today and started chain listening. I am already addicted as Jana is so raw and real and you never know what is going to come next. Absolutely in love!

Only Podcast I Listen To!   (5/5)

To be honest, I’m not a huge fan of podcasts, but I’ve been a Jana Kramer fan since One Tree Hill. So I decided to give it a try. I LOVE IT! I listen every Monday on my way to work. Other drivers probably think I’m nuts because I’m laughing out loud the entire time. I love how honest and raw everyone is while still being able to bring humor to the show. Trust me, you definitely won’t regret listening!!

Simply the best!   (5/5)

I love how real and relatable Jana is on this podcast. Hands down one of my favorite podcasts I listen to! Keep up the awesome work and good topics!

Disappointed   (1/5)

I have been a fan of Jana’s acting and singing for quite a few years now. This podcast has turned me off.. it gets old hearing someone talk about themselves. I did appreciate her openness with her husband’s relationship and the transparency, but.... I am over the constant condescending attitude towards people who decide to wait until marriage to have sex. Quite frankly, she probably doesn’t have any room to judge with her relationship history. If she had just apologized and left it at that, I’d be impressed. Instead she took another podcast to defend herself. Overall - not impressed with the pod.

Love!!   (5/5)

I loved Jana in One Tree Hill, so since then I’ve been a big fan! I love the podcast, and love her Instagram stories! It’s nice to see how down to earth she is!

Love Jana’s rawness and realness!!!   (5/5)

Jana’s realness and rawness about her marriage and in her daily life, is so refreshing. One of my favorite podcasts by far!

Simply the best!!   (5/5)

I look forward to Monday’s because it means a new Jana Podcast!!! You are so inspiring in every way. I have learned and have grown so much since i’ve started listening! From OTH until now I have been nothing but a fan! THANK YOU for being so honest and raw. Much love xoxox

Love!   (5/5)

Love this podcast. Jana is so real.

Fantastic   (5/5)

This podcast is amazing! Even though Jana is a celebrity, she is human and talks about everyday things we may be going though too. I can relate on so many levels!

Love it!   (5/5)

I love this podcast. Jana is so honest and it’s refreshing to listen to. I have a request!! I’d love to listen to an episode about your days on OTH! Maybe even with one of your former cast mates as a guest star!

Amazing   (5/5)

Absolutely love Jana and Jen and everyone who is on this podcast. I have so much in common with things they talk about. Makes my day when i listen!