Aggregated reviews for Why Is This Happening? with Chris Hayes

Every week Chris Hayes asks the big questions that keep him up at night. How do we make sense of this unprecedented moment in world history? Why is this (all) happening? This podcast starts to answer these questions. Writers, experts, and thinkers who are also trying to get to the bottom of them join Chris to break it all down and help him get a better night’s rest. “Why is this Happening?” is presented by MSNBC and NBCNews Think.

My weekly dose of Chris   (5/5)

The BEST! Intelligent, thoughtful and out-of-the-box on subjects you thought you knew about and many you didn’t. Please keep up with this excellent reporting and very important work in our age of disinformation everywhere.

Always enlightening   (5/5)

Incredibly intelligent conversations with fascinating people. Truly a welcome source of information.

Rian Thum on the Uyghurs   (5/5)

I re-listened to your podcast with Rian Thum on the Uyghurs and the re-education taking place in China to eliminate their beliefs. I will listen again so that I never forget. Thank you for covering issues such as this. There are so many things not on the radar right now since our institutions are breaking apart. It is an important issue to remember. Thanks.

Thank you, Chris   (5/5)

I really wanted to learn about this!

Hayes’ will rule the worl   (5/5)

What more need me be said. Hayes’ are the best Americans.

Chris Hayes could not be more annoying   (1/5)

He’s smart and not without talent but I swear to God, Chris Hayes goes out of his way to be supercilious and annoying. He’s practically a caricature of the pointy-headed know-it-all leftie… and I say this as someone who could themselves be seen that way!

“Chefs kiss”   (5/5)

The best Isobel Wilkerson interview there is, and my pod app is stuffed with them. Brava! All of the episodes are good - always engaging and animated. Chris makes a magic happen.

Interesting topics and guests   (1/5)

But... I have a hard time listening because Chris seems more interested in talking and making his points than drawing out the most from his guests. (And he needs to speak slower). Also the foul language is totally unprofessional and offensive to me. I will be unsubscribing today

Michael Lewis   (5/5)

By far, my favorite author! Calls it as he sees it and he makes the mundane absolutely riveting. Chris et al at msnbc are consummate interviewers. Thank you all for doing what you do!

Congrats Stuart Stevens - The rest of us figured this out when we were children   (1/5)

Forgive me for not saluting Stuart Stevens for suddenly discovering that the conservative movement is a total sham. Yes, they had primarily been using dog whistle tactics, rather than overt racism, prior to Trump, but anyone who claims they weren’t aware of the bigotry that resides at the core of the GOP political strategy, then they are either incompetent or choose to turn a blind eye. And I don’t think Stuart is incompetent, so....

Love your podcast   (5/5)

I could have listened to you talk to Stuart Stevens for another hour. It was very interesting to get an idea of how someone who is as passionate about his ideology as I am about mine thinks about the horror in which we currently find ourselves. So interesting to hear that he considered No Child Left Behind a triumph of “W”. It was not; it was a nightmare! your interview with your brother...I was interested in the process of campaigning but I wonder if you have any idea how many times the two of you said the word “like”. Please don’t do that again while we’re in lock down. You will have people jumping from high buildings. Retired high school teacher is California.

More interviews with the Stuart Stevensons of the world please!   (5/5)

What a fascinating interview with a true republican. Stuart Stevens’ insights into the steep descent of the Republican Party left me a little lighter than before I’d listened. I am a liberal democrat and feel like I have been in an abusive relationship for the past 4 years listening to the vomitous, vile rantings of this very disturbed president. I have lost friends, wasted enormous amounts of time and energy “keeping up” with the insanity of the current administration. It has been like watching a car accident in slow motion - it’s impossible to turn your head. If only the Republican Party could capture once again their ability to debate their ideas and compromise with those with whom they disagree - the US would be a stronger country as a result.

Information Apocalypse   (5/5)

Hi Chris, I wanted to thank you for the episode you did on the information apocalypse. I’ve been trying to understand why intelligent, knowledgeable friends have been asserting things that are obvious B.S., as truths. I had most of the pieces but you guys put them together for me.

Intelligent informative conversations   (5/5)

Keep up the great work, Chris Hayes!

Keeping us Inform!!!   (5/5)

Rachel, I love your show! MSNBC is just about the only news show I trust. Can you please do something for my family. Please continue to show all the marching against the senseless murder of our children. If you show it, other News will follow. People are joining in with us, and please keep the COVID Virus also at the for frontage!!! A faithful warcher!!! IdaB212$

Chris Hayes interview with Luke Hayes   (5/5)

Loved the interview. Would have loved to hear what in your upbringing made you both so interested in politics. Maybe more importantly is wanting to make a difference with that knowledge. Thanks Kim

I don’t “like” this!   (2/5)

The topic is so interesting but by about 15 minutes in I was no longer focusing on the content but waiting for the next “like” from Chris or his brother. It’s usually bad with just Chris but with both of them doing it I found it impossible to keep listening!

Words matter   (5/5)

I found the interview with Chris’ brother to be unbearably hard to listen to. Both of them interjected “like” so many times, often several times in one sentence, that I gave up trying to focus on what they saying. Grammatical errors are so common among msnbc anchors that I would love to give them a workshop on the problem. One of the very few who obviously has had a proper education in this regard is Mika.

A window into Chris's beautiful soul and brilliant mind   (5/5)

I'm a BIG fan of Chris and daily listener of All In (podcast version). In this podcast Chris digs deep into themes that clearly interest him, together with some really great guests. Always with humanity and intelligence. The one with Trymane Lee is outstanding. Thanks Chris!

Why is this Happening - Dr Carl Hart   (5/5)

I can say enough about the work Chis has done. This is just another example of how at 56 years old I can keep having my core beliefs reshaped. We should all embrace letting go of preconceptions. It’s more than okay to have been wrong in the past. It’s not okay to continue to be willfully ignorant. Another episode that really hit a chord was on restorative justice. Chris, keep up the AMAZING work. You are wise beyond your years. Would you consider having Ralph Nader in your show?

Another favorite podcast of mine   (5/5)

Last episode was so good and entertaining! Keep up the good work always learn something new when listening.

Eye opener   (5/5)

Ya maybe a disclaimer in the beginning of this (the drug episode)that it may be SUPER triggering if you’re in recovery like me. The way he described why people snort shoot etc is absolutely right but how he says it 🤨

Thoughtful and inspiring conversations!   (5/5)

Been following Chris since he was a regular guest on Rachel Maddow’s show. Extremely smart, succinct views on an assortment of relevant topics. Chris’s podcast adds to the important discussions of our day. If you’re not listening you’re missing out in becoming a more informed person. And a quick comment for some of the previous reviews, sometimes things ARE f’d up and it should be said. Chris is never lazy with his language.

Great podcast   (5/5)

Thanks for the great work and for introducing me to some great guests. Loved the interview with Tremaine Lee. Subscribed to his podcast now too. And the episode on abolishing prisons is really eye opening, especially for me as a practicing attorney. I will keep listening and learning and following your guests who are doing great work. I wonder if you would consider having some Black artists as guests to talk about the significance of some of the public art in the US that is and has been so controversial, some of which is coming down in protests and some of which is being fought for. I would love to hear what Titus Kaphar thinks about what he is seeing around the country right now, for example. Keep up the great work Chris!

Excellent!   (5/5)

Loving this podcast, Chris. LOVE how you are amplifying voices and perspectives of color. I see you, and am grateful. Keep it up. Your platform matters, never underestimate that. Ever.

Clown   (1/5)

A pathetic clown.

My favorite Podcast   (5/5)

I listen to a lot of Podcasts, but in these times you and Trymaine Lee’s Podcast Into America have help make this time more bearable and hopeful. I love your guests & your commentary. You bring so many smart and thought provoking guests to the show that you may not hear elsewhere. If more people listened to this podcast we would have a more compassionate, smart and open minded society. Please continue to do this work and bring it to us. I am always excited Tuesday morning when I get to listen to your show. Thank you!!

Expletives not accurately labeled on episodes   (3/5)

The homeschooling episode from May 2020 has strong language. Because it was about school, we listened to it while driving with kids. Surprised to hear offensive language with my young children. Disappointed.

Broing it up   (5/5)

I know nothing about basketball but loved the 3 bros broing it up on the Michael Jordan doc. Such a good break from the despairing reality of our current crisis. -Middle aged lady

Language   (3/5)

Have enjoyed the podcasts except for foul language from Chris. English is a rich language so hopefully other words could be used. Thanks, Dr. GC Haven’t listened for awhile. Great guests but Chris still constantly interrupts. Dr. GC

Necessary Swearing included   (5/5)

As a fellow New Yorker Chris provides just the right amount of swearing. The quality interviews are a bonus. Nuff said.

Another Trump Bashing Podcast   (1/5)

To add to the effort to turn this into a one-party country. Media propaganda or should I say soon government propaganda of a sieged country in the grips of repressing socialism. I came to realize that Republicans are the most liberal of all parties. Likewise, the press / media has turned into the voice and instrument of a repressive intolerant Democratic Party...

Unnecessary Swearing - Disrespectful   (2/5)

Heather McGhee was an excellent interview and Chris Hayes is to be applauded for sharing her voice with us, BUT there was no need for him to use so much swearing. It seemed disrespectful in the conversation with McGhee, almost as though Hayes was trying to connect on some "street" level with this black female intellectual. It was out of line and offensive. I hope he apologises to our community.

The numbers game   (5/5)

Thanks for the interview with Carl Bergstrom One of the best, yet! So insightful!

Heather McGhee   (5/5)

I absolutely loved every word you both said. You spoke truth and stated all of the thoughts I’ve been having about the craziness that I’ve been hearing and seeing over the last month and a half.

Very intelligent and thoughtful   (5/5)

Chris interviews intelligent guests with thoughtful discourse. I am a big fan and am always recommending his shows. I always look forward to a new episode.

This is Propaganda.   (1/5)

Hayes is a gifted propagandist. He is obedient to his corporate masters. A very useful idiot.

Why Is This Happening   (5/5)

This is one of the best podcasts. I look forward to hearing it each week. Chris has interesting and informative guests who relay important information. Chris is a skilled interviewer who brings out the best in his guests, in addition to telling interesting stories from his background relating to the topic discussed. It is evident that Chris does much research for each program. Thanks to Chris and all the WITH pod staff. Lynne Kirwin

Thinly-veiled Trump Hatred   (1/5)

A lot of criticism about Trump, bot 0 words about the World Health Organization’s failure to do what we hired it to do: keep us safe from global pandemics. Good thing Trump went against WHO advice and closed travel from China. Also, the host uses profanity which I found offensive and unnecessary. Liberal hack media strikes again

Thank You for a Spiritually-Themed Show   (5/5)

Mr. Hayes, at the beginning of your podcast, “Battling the Darkness,” you wondered aloud if your listeners want only COVID19 news, or other news, as well. I would like to vote for the latter - especially conversations with people as thoughtful as Father Burke. Times like these require more than platitudes like, “Be kind to one another.” They demand deep conversations about good and evil, strength and fortitude, which can offer real solace. Thank you for holding such a conversation with Thomas Burke. It was powerful, beautiful and uplifting...JUST what the world needs most!

Trump only produces LIES   (5/5)

Thank you for telling the cold hard facts, which is a real shock to those who watch Fox ‘News’. If you think Chris is lying, that’s ok with me, bcuz: YOU CANT VOTE FOR TRUMP IF YOU ARE DEAD! I am a retired nurse and my daughter is also a nurse, on the front lines - risking her life in a large, but already overwhelmed hospital right now!!! She is scared!!! She has crappy insurance and 3 young kids at home!! Watching all the nurses dying on TV is making me physically sick!!!! Not one more nurse should die because Trump refused to prepare for this disaster!!! AND HE DID NOT PREPARE, instead he called it “wishing the virus comes here” whenever someone asked about it, for months!! He was trying to kill the messenger, literally!! DO NOT REWRITE HISTORY 😡 From: a Registered Nurse that Trump can’t get fired! And he will try!! 🤣

Best of ‘Show’   (5/5)

Really, if you only have the time or interest to listen to one podcast a week make it this one. Chris Hayes is articulate, well-versed & read, interesting, and interested. I always hear something that I think about for quite a while. Still cannot get through the Ted Kruz episode though. Under my breath I thank him, his guest(s), and Tiffany for the podcast they hand me each week.

Outstanding   (5/5)

Each episode has been educational, compelling, insightful and humorous. The Enes Kanter episode is a tremendous listen. Fascinating guy with an inspiring story. And Chernobyl...stellar stuff!

OBSESSED   (5/5)

Please don’t tell his wife Kate, lol but I’m having a total {intellectually based} affair with Chris Hayes!!! I’m absolutely obsessed with this podcast, the guests and topics he has chosen and yes, even with the “bad” language he and his guests use! I’ve been given hope for having a successful life despite earning a philosophy degree and while maintaining my favorite childhood pastime of reading, and being deeply engaged in the studies of political discourse, sociology, Black culture and foreign affairs. I don’t listen to any other podcast but am so grateful for having found this one and can’t wait to start adding the suggested articles and books recommended by my brainiac bewthang and/or his brilliant guests. Thanks for doing this podcast and doing it well... keep up the radtastic work and maybe one day I will be able to attend a live show or be a guest! #geekgoals

China’s Secret Internment Camps   (5/5)

I just listened to this amazing interview. I had heard a little about this situation but it was mostly static compared to other issues until now. The thing that struck me is that you likened this to the Holocaust and Tibet but really it’s an almost identical strategy (without the 21st century’s face recognition technology) out of the horrific playbook of the Indian Boarding Schools in the US and Canada. Children were forced... even snatched and taken to these schools where their hair was cut and they were beaten or worse if they spoke their native tongue. Most Native American tribes today have greatly reduced use of their language or they have completely lost their native tongue. The terrible irony is that part of the reason we beat the Japanese in WWII was because of the Native American (Navaho) Code Talkers... so a language the government tried to eliminate proven critical in winning a war!!! This is a classic example of why diversity within a population is critical to survival. Thank you for this excellent interview.

Learn how to make a difference   (5/5)

I literally passed midway through The Gettable Voter episode to visit my backwoods born and bred, yet highly intelligent, Trump- loving neighbor, where we burned a peace joint and I answered all his questions about the evils of oligarchy, the hope of democratic socialism, queer rights and more! I can’t report total victory, but at the very least I made him question the morality of his long-held beliefs. Thanks Chris!

Learning so much   (5/5)

With details of topics and lots of humor, he chooses the guests to discuss things I didn’t know I wanted to know. I think in these times, we need to be well educated and well versed on the topics that trouble our times here in this country. Thanks!!!!

Informative, novel, a bit dark   (5/5)

Good interviews with guests you'd expect (Ezra Klein, who was great), and some you might not (Mark Galli, editor of Christianity Today). Chris is very well-informed and well-prepared, and it shows in the rather intense conversations. A favorite.

Intelligent Discourse   (5/5)

I so enjoy the incredibly intelligent conversations on this podcast as well as the interesting varied subject matter that is served up. Chris asked great questions and his genuine curiosity leads us down to the underpinnings of the subject matter. Terrific work! Thank you so much!

Intelligent. Informed. Civil.   (5/5)

‘nuff said.

Chris Mathews   (5/5)

I am so sad he is leaving if it is true people were asking for him to retire for something he said. I don’t think this right. He is a good man and very intelligent. And we listen to Trump the worst of the worst and you let Chris go. I probably will switch stations. Very very disappointed in this stationd

Great informative conversations   (5/5)

Even difficult topics are really interesting. The only No was for the one with Ted Cruz. Just no.

Making sense out of the chaos!   (4/5)

I really appreciate Chris Hayes regular nightly show "All in", and "Why is this happening?" I almost always come away having gained a new perspective, learned a little history, or heard compelling ideas from his live audience shows - which are like an opportunity to get your fingers on the pulse of what people think about politics. Where I live now (SE Pennsylvania), there seems to be an strong reluctance to get into those discussions. I find that strange and so very different from California. Chris's show is one of those that keeps me sane in these strange times. Highly recommended.

30 second skip forward feature   (5/5)

Please rate a podcast based on it’s content and not the ads. Thanks for coming to my TED Talk.

A true liberal standing up for our values   (5/5)

Chris is a true inspiration. Thank you for standing up for our values in a time like this

Eye opener   (5/5)

Such a spectrum of topics to open your eyes to new perspectives! I have binge listened 4 episodes and enjoyed all of them from opioid addiction and politics influencing sports. I also was made aware that being transgender does not mean a death of a son or daughter, but a transition into the human being they were meant to be with so much to offer. Thanks for introducing me to new view points and idea!

Great podcast but problem with Lithwick Interview   (5/5)

This is a fantastic podcast. The depth of the conversations are engaging and thoughtful. So overall, great job. While I give this feedback I wanted to call your attention to a loop in the interview with Lithwick. It seems as though at the 19 minute mark the interview starts over again. Please fix this as I would like to hear the entirety of this conversation. Once again, overall, thank you for sharing this work.

The best   (5/5)

This is one of my favorite podcasts all the time. But the episode with Daniel Lavery was just so good and put into words feelings I’ve had about my own evangelical family that I’ve had a hard time knowing how to articulate.

Hands down my favorite podcast.   (5/5)

Chris is an amazing human & an incredible interviewer. Thoughtful & brilliant conversations about the current state of our world. Thank you!

Excellent podcast   (5/5)

This podcast is just Chris Hayes having conversations with interesting people. The range of guests is unbeatable. The topics are usually very interesting.

Educational and Enjoyable!!   (5/5)

What a learning experience! I thought I was woke, but have discovered how much I’m not. This fantastic podcast has explored and explained so much that is happening in our world today. Chris and his guests are often entertaining, but always educational. Thank you for making me think and expanding my vision of the world!!

Well worth your time   (5/5)

Chris Hayes is a great interviewer partly due to his deep curiosity aboutthe world. Here he’s in conversation with people who fascinate him on subjects worth learning more about. Well worth your time.

Definitely worth the listen   (5/5)

Love this podcast! I always learn something new, and I love the diverse set of voices that he gives a platform to.

He and all his guests are all SO crazy smart!   (5/5)

I love listening to them. Learn so much

Jon favro   (5/5)

Great episode You are almost perfect on your length of time and always have great conversations with your guests Heather

Love the podcast   (4/5)

Dear Mr. Hayes: please, please learn to delete the word “like” from your vocabulary. I know it is a nervous tick, but it like makes you like sound like a nervous like Nellie like, ya know like? Your last pod cast you said the word like 149 times. Could not listen since I was having such a like really like great like time like tabulating like your likes. Like ya know?

Excellent   (5/5)

I like this podcast a lot and disagree with other reviews that say Chris is condescending. I would like to cast another vote for equalizing sound — I have to turn the sound up and down depending on who’s speaking.

Ads   (1/5)

One star totally based on the ads on other podcasts. I will never ever listen to this due to the cringeworthy ads like the modernity/climate change one. Garbage.

Wonderful show but please help us listen to it   (5/5)

I love the pod and the team has done a great job spending time on some fascinating topics. My only request is to please work on audio equalization or balancing - it feels like the dynamic range of the audio is too wide. If I turn my volume up high enough to hear everything I often then have painfully loud mic popping/laughter/interjections. If I turn it down enough to avoid those, it is hard to hear the quieter parts of people speaking. Don’t seem to have this problem with other podcasts so I really do think it’s something about how this one is being mixed. Thank you so much and please keep talking about issues that matter!

Like taking a deep breath   (5/5)

I got rid of my cable, like I’m sure a lot of podcast listeners did, but I still like to stay up to date on politics, and I miss my msnbc shows, so I listen to All In, the beat, and Rachel every weeknight after work. But Why is this happening is definitely a different type of podcast. It isn’t catching up on the news but truly taking a deep breath and exploring a specific issue in depth. Chris is a great interviewer, a really active listener, and you can tell by his tone of voice that he’s much more comfortable with this format. It’s a conversation with people who really know their stuff. And the guests are fantastic, it’s led me to some great authors and other podcast hosts. The climate episodes are especially calming to me because at least someone is talking about it with the proper urgency. Highly recommended podcast, enjoy :-)

Getting condescending.   (3/5)

Some episodes are great (the Maddow one last year was so good) some are not. Chris, your condescension is getting the best of you. You used to remember you have an audience. Lately you sound like you think Americans in general are uninformed, lazy and couldn’t possibly be keeping up. This is SO irritating. Who do you think listens to this pod? I clenched my teeth through the whole Gettable Voter episode, and I’m a Jon Favreau fan.

Indepth   (5/5)

I used to be a big fan of "Up with Chris Hayes", the weekend show Chris Hayes had and was sad that with the switch to a nightly one-hour show he could not go into as diverse topics anymore. I was thrilled when Chris came out with his podcast and I've been listening to all of the installments and some more than once. The variety of topics covered and the indepth conversations are so informative and interesting. I love all of them and they have also given me further ideas of books to read to compliment the subject covered. Great job and keep it going! I will continue listening every week!

Ok. Just ok   (2/5)

Bit of well earned self indulgent rumination. Absolutely the worst audio advertisements(the insufferable “modernity” spot needs to go). A good podcast for serious sounding audio wallpaper. Mr. Hayes is 34% less worthwhile at this than he thinks he is.

Terrific podcast   (5/5)

Chris Hayes does a woderful job of engaing with an eclectic list of deep thinkers about current social issues and trends. I have learned a great deal from "Why is this Happening?" I have now read many of the books authored by his guests due to my introduction to their work thanks to Chris Hayes. Keep up the great work!

I never miss an episode   (5/5)

This is one of my favorite podcasts. Chris is a great interviewer and his guests really open up new spaces of thought for me. I find myself regularly referencing episodes in conversation and sending links to friends. I’ve also picked up a few books following episodes I found particularly interesting. I highly recommend subscribing.

Terrible Ads   (1/5)

Get some new sound bites for your lousy ads. If I never have to hear some idiot talk about climate change being like modernity and a twit talk about whites losing their majority status one more time, it will be too soon. I would never support this podcast no matter how good the content because the ads are so repetitive and old.

Interview with Christianity today’s Mark Gali   (5/5)

BRILLIANT, compassionate, productive conversation. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you 🌟🙏🏽🇺🇸

15 “likes” in less than a minute   (4/5)

Really good content, but the host makes me wanna stab my ears with the “likes” and “sort ofs”. Great show until you notice it.

Habit forming   (5/5)

Great content! Every episode provides insights I may have missed or perfectly explains something I’ve been thinking about. Recommend to all my friends.

Listen to this podcast now.   (5/5)

I’m kicking myself for only just now giving this podcast a go. It’s fantastic. Every episode covers a fascinating topic that you may know (what you thought was) everything or nothing about, yet you always come away with a deep and critical understanding of something important and new. The first one I listened to was the interview with former Christianity Today editor Mark Galli, and I was floored. The depth and breadth of Chris Hayes’ knowledge and his mastery of moderating an open and mutually inquisitive conversation make this show a treat to listen to. The silver lining to my late arrival is that I now have a giant backlog of episodes that I am excited to listen to. Thank you, Chris!

The brilliant Chris Hayes gains a new fan.   (5/5)

I'm 20 years older than Chris, & for a time I brushed him off as an overly enthusiastic youngster/dweeb. Then I listened to a podcast in which he gushingly (dweebishly?) & at length introduced & then interviewed his very smart, very impressive wife, Kate Shaw. Chris won her over, so I thought maybe this older lady lawyer should give him a closer listen. His interview of his wife was appropriate given her expertise & she was very good. His interview of Ezra Klein on this podcast was outstanding. Chris is intellectually more challenging than I previously realized, & I like the way he puts the insanity we're currently living through in a cogent historical & legal perspective. I think he could stand a dash more of the Gaslit Nation gals' perspective on national & global autocracy/kleptocracy; but henceforth I will be listening to this podcast. His curiosity is infectious. It's sweet how proud he is of his brilliant wife, the mother of his children, & the love of his life.

My long political avoidance   (5/5)

I have spent roughly the last 18 years trying to stay politically awake and catch up and learn about what I loathed in school, government and history. Before that I just wanted to focus on my world and hopefully pay my bills and try to lose my apartment and car. Since I have been listening to you Chris and your wife, Rachel Maddow, Ezra Klein, Steve Kornacki, and others, it’s like I have been fast-tracked to the present. I love the in-depth crisscrossing dives in all of the brilliantly covered diverse topics. These in-depth discussions help me to think outside or inside the box and question my absorbed beliefs. If you were asking me, I would say, never stop and keep doing more. I appreciate what you are doing. People see me all the time with my earbuds in and ask, “whatcha listening too?” I say, “My pod cast, Why is this happening? With Chris Hayes” or Article ll Impeachment, with Steve Kornacki, or The Rachel Maddow Show, etc and so on. You all are awesome and are a part of my everyday life...AM to PM!

One of the best   (5/5)

Chris Hayes gives it to you straight and mostly avoids annoying Republican liars as guests.

Thumbs Up!!! Love it!   (5/5)

Chris is a great host and has such interest guests! I learn something every episode and gain another perspective with each topic! I have absolutely added to my reading list with all the recommended reading discussed in the discussions. Thanks so much! Also please have Rachel Maddow on again :) that was a great discussion!

Great topics and "like" discussion.   (4/5)

Love Chris' podcasts! I just wish he count to himself how many times he uses the word "like". It becomes distracting.

Why we’re Polarized, E Klein book   (5/5)

I follow Ezra Klein/Vox media, and found this interview extremely relevant listening, especially this week. E Klein is one of our best journalists/commentators; he provides logical explanations, balanced political antecedents and current factual information that I found startling—the imbalance caused by so-called “negative” voting may continue to throw future elections, giving political minorities sway over our republic for decades to come! Smart interviewing by C Hayes; as always, the best interviews encourage discussion, and should never be a contest of who's "the smartest kid in the room". This is such important information; my only negative comment is that occasionally words come tumbling out of these folks at a rate of knots…slow down! This stuff needs to be fully absorbed! And, not everyone listening is able to reach for the control to replay content.

Really great   (4/5)

I’m 90% in love with this podcast - interesting topics, thoughtful discussions, and I learn something new every episode. My one critique is that Chris should give far fewer opinions on episodes where the subject matter affects portions of the population that are *not* him. I love that he’s raising up the voices of experts and increasing awareness of these crucial issues, but Chris offering his opinions and experiences about racism in The 400 Year Legacy episode was SO cringey I had to stop listening.

Fantastic   (5/5)

Desperately needed thoughtfulness

Chris Hayes’ Voice and Enthusiasm Work!   (5/5)

Podcast format works very well for Chris’ voice and the high level of enthusiasm he has for learning. He’s really smart and always has interesting people to interview. One of my favorite podcasts.

Why We’re Polarized   (5/5)

Great interview with insights that really help me understand how we got here. But you’re both so impassioned you’re talking so fast I’m having to back it up to catch words I’m missing. Ezra, take a breath!! And I will read the book.

Enlightening MUST LISTEN   (5/5)

I go to sleep on Monday nights excited for Tuesday mornings when the new episodes of this podcast premiere! Far and away, this is my favorite show to listen to. Chris and his guests delve deeply into topics that expose me to different perspectives and remind me of historical contexts that I’ve either never heard, or have been lost in the fog. Thank you WITHpod team for this amazing show!

Powerful thought provoking podcast   (5/5)

Always enjoy his discussions. Even when it’s about something I think I will not have any interest in, there’s always something broader that I learn and am happy to be exposed to diverse ideas. This podcast will broaden your worldview. 🙌🏼

Excellent Podcast   (5/5)

You can read some of the nonsense right wing trolls have posted on here, or you can actually listen to the show itself. Stay ignorant or listen and learn something. Chris does excellent interviews. They are thoughtful and insightful. The format allows him to delve deeper into subjects than he can on his nightly show. I always learn something, which some others writing "reviews" could surely benefit from.

Ezra Klein must listen interview   (5/5)

Great interview for anyone interested in the reasons why our politics are in the state they’re in today. So good I bought Ezra Klein’s book to dig deeper. While no solutions were proposed in the discussion, they made me think we’ve got to work harder to democratize this country if we want it to fulfill its promise...

General   (3/5)

Stop playing others NEW podcasts it’s just more advertising. I click on your podcast to listen to YOUR PODCAST, not Chris Matthews or someone else.

Wow interview with Howard Bryant!   (5/5)

Powerful and compelling interview with Howard Bryant. I’ve never quite been able to find the words to why I don’t like the NFL, but now I have. Will definitely read this book!

Stop the Ads!!   (1/5)

I refuse to listen to this podcast solely based on the ads for it constantly playing on other podcasts. Also: this podcast sounds like a pointless piece of nothing that adds absolutely no value.

@Tsegaye Beyene   (5/5)

This is my utmost congratulation to Mr. Donald Lawrence who prdenta unbiased legal based facts standing against rhe moHanniy)h piece of Donald Trump(Sean Hanniy). I have been a republican for almost over three decades unril tonight after listening ro the impeachment trial. The republican senatwrs did nor lve up to the Oath hey took to do justice failed to meet rthe rust the vottwrs entrusted them. I quir he reyblican party as I d not stand along unethical and unprincipled. How could yoy mae a fair trial short of winesses and relevant documents? Hopefully, disheartened twpublicans can join me. Respectfully, Tsegaye Beyene Tel 7034394314

One of few MUST listens in my library!!!   (5/5)

This is a must listen for all of us that refuse to renounce the use of reason. The quality of substance discussed is excellent!

Read steadyflys review   (1/5)

Right on. I was nauseated by the repeated ads over and over again while listening to other podcasts, but then read the decent reviews and finally tried it, and seriously regretted it. This podcast is pedantic and fully of boring generalizations with no substance. I learned nothing. Don’t waste your time.

Garbage ads   (1/5)

Your ads on other podcasts are garbage. Pretentious people trying to sound smarter than they are. Read all the other people complaining about them.

Mark Galli   (1/5)

Is the most judgmental person who should walk in other's shoes before throwing stones. He's a person filled with hate that hides behind the Bible. This episode made me so mad, and I feel like boycotting all your shows and if you don't know why you're as bad him.

Love listening!   (5/5)

I always appreciate listening to these interviews. Chris has a great interview style that leans academic while still retaining a great sense of humor ( hard to do!!) I look forward to this one every week and love wide range of guests/topics. Thank you WITH creators 🙏🏻!

OMG the Mark Galli interview so good!   (5/5)

I love Chris Hayes and try to catch the All In show as often as possible. But the Why Is This Happening is so in-depth and valuable. I cannot thank you enough for the Mark Galli interview! It was refreshing, and made my heart happy that someone can talk about Christianity without a giant disconnect with politics! And Chris always comes to the table having done his research, he does not flounder and knows his stuff.

Annoying ad!   (1/5)

That is repeating over and over and has really obvious insights from guests.

Promotion   (5/5)

Love the show. Really tired of the “modernity” ad.

Ad Nauseam   (1/5)

Hearing the same commercia for "Why is this Happening" over and over and over and over and over ... . Why is this happening? Update - There are a number of reviews detailing the over use of ads placed in podcasts for this show. What has been done? NOTHING. I will never subscribe to this podcast. To bad, I like the Friday night shows on his TV show.

Great show   (5/5)

You are changing the world. Thank you.

Reality Winner   (5/5)

I love this podcast and listen every week. This episode and others have very uneven sound quality. There are several parts where what Chris is saying is unintelligible.

-   (1/5)

Love skipping over ads for this podcast

With Kate Shaw in Impeachment   (5/5)

Love hearing this enjoyable, smart couple inform and enlighten us current issues. Chris shows a humbling side next to his brainiac attorney wife, and together they raise the bar for a couple’s conversation. Thanks so much!

Sarah Joffe   (5/5)

Love WITHpod but Sarah did not let Chris get a word in. Wasn’t a conversation.

Brexit show   (5/5)

Great Podcast sir. I wished you would have addressed the lower voter turnout of the Boris Johnson victory.

I so like your curiosity   (4/5)

and authenticity (much overused word but I cannot think of another). Your choice of guests is always interesting. I would like it if you could not interrupt them so often: it becomes too much of a jumble for me. I do appreciate your enthusiasm but maybe you could lay back a bit? I promise 5 stars if you can (insert smiley face).

Modernity/Climate Change??   (3/5)

Ads are pretentious garbage with incredibly broad generalities ie, the ad talking about how climate change will be what modernity is to the chalkboard scratch stupid. As a liberal I think this is fodder for the right to make fun, and rightly so on this front.

Confident excellence, plus topics   (5/5)

I love your podcast, Chris, and here’s a small change that can add even more depth to your interviews. Like most American journalists (especially those with incredible intellectual power), you laugh a little when you express a strong opinion or ask a tough question or push against what a guest is saying. Be more like British journalists who don’t soften questions and follow ups. It seems to be in your DNA to be polite. Your guests feel safe, and they don’t need you to soften your questions. I like when you forget about pleasing your guests (or your audience) and enter a zone of confident excellence. As for topics: (a) who are the new men and women joining pipelines to leadership in the military right now (what’s the profile of West Point applicants; are numbers up or down; do folks in officer programs lean left or right?), (b) what about storytelling as a way to find insight and meaning in our current context - check out excellent conversationalist Jeffrey Kripal at Rice University, a prolific, beautiful writer who was raised Catholic, did highly acclaimed work in Hinduism, and is now interested in “spiritual but not religious” and new religious movements. And keep asking white people to interrogate whiteness. Check out Amy Holllywood at Harvard. She explores how dominant narratives of identity are undercut by their own assumptions and appropriations. She’s turning her attention to whiteness. You’ll have to chase after her insights because no one really keeps up with her brilliant mind. But she’s an excellent conversationalist, too.

Repeated ad so annoying   (1/5)

Ad for leftist, fabricated topical show on a legit true crime podcast like Dateline. Why is this happening?

Christmas Eve 2019   (5/5)

Here it is Christmas Eve, and what do I choose? Chris Hays podcast with Tony K and Jeremy. Angels in America was stunning as I had a brother who died of AIDS in 1992. He never told the family he was guy until he and his partner both were dying from the consequences of multiple diseases from HIV/AIDS. The family stopped going to. Athllic mass because they felt betrayed and wouldn’t even talk about the truth of what they discovered. We’ve come such a long way since then, but not in enough time for my brother to be accepted, helped and even have the medication now available. The reality of our times stuns me into silence when it comes to this family crisis. Thank you all for what you do. I too was in Drama classes in HS, and was a student director. I read every day, many books and listen to podcasts. I had been given up for adoption at birth and found my birth family late 1990s only after my brother died from AIDS. I never met him, only heard a little about him that a relative shared with me. Adoption, family secrets is another topic you might do podcasts about. The DNA and search for Ancestors is a big thing right now. Truths are everywhere and finding your birth roots is stunning to many. Listen to the podcast Family Secrets please. Read Dani’s book too. Get rest and better next year for all, 2020.


for your own show more frequently? I am sick to death of hearing the current one.

Smart, interesting, and unabashedly biased   (3/5)

Why is this happening? More like Why is this subject being spun this way? It’s because Chris has a story to tell and it’s not necessarily the truth. It’s a perspective to be pushed - wealth tax is an example - and countervailing arguments are to be dismissed or ignored. Addressed briefly, if at all, and quickly move on to what we all know (of course) is the real story, Chris’s story. But not necessarily an exploration of the Truth.

Typical Liberal Garbage   (1/5)

No review needed. All you need to know is it’s all one sided. Liberal, snowflake nonsense.

Trump is going to be planting Republicans to embarrass Democrats   (5/5)

Can you investigate the problem of Republican “plants” at media events or interviews? I’ve seen it done to Biden and every other candidate. People are getting so rude and confrontational. Are the hired?

Not Guilty of slavery and am sick to death of B.S.   (1/5)

You don’t have a clue what real life is. For real PEOPLE...Why are you so intent on putting a bullseye on the backs of all white males especially ? Just be cause We are proud to be who we are does NOT MAKE US BRUTAL NOR racist. No matter the psychiatrist you interview nor the liberal professor. Their OPINIONS do not matter to us in reality. Here’s a thousand cheers for The white man ,the police officer, the soldier, all created by the Great I AM.

OMG   (5/5)

Telling the Climate Story is/was the most thought provoking podcast I have ever been exposed to. The experience and the thoughts will stay with me a long time. Thank you. I highly recommend it and all of the WITH Pod episodes.

Explore Better Guests   (3/5)

I usually look forward to listening to this pod every week. While I appreciate that he loves his wife, I wish he would refrain from having her on the pod. Kate is very knowledgeable, but I actually can’t stand to listen to her. She speaks very fast and she sounds like a robot. Listening to her gives me a headache. I had to stop listening after only 10 mins.

Black home ownership and other podcasts   (5/5)

Hi Chris, I have been a fan for over a year now. I have been a regular listener and appreciate the diligence to the details you provide. Regarding the episode about black home ownership, I am planning to buy the book to learn about the work she has done and learn how the city Buffalo, NY can make similar changes. This was a great listen for me and I hope you will continue because I would like to write you as I don’t always agree with your guests. Eg: Ted Cruz. Sharon PS: a friend typed this for me as I am legally blind. Hence, I may not write often, but know I am listening. Please have a tow hall in Buffalo.

One of the best podcasts   (5/5)

Chris Hayes is excellent at interviewing the many interesting people he has on his podcast. I always learn something. "Why is This Happening?" is a staple in my podcast library.

Mostly good, but...   (3/5)

I like the interviews overall, and I found many of the topics and interviewees compelling, but sometimes I think Hayes chimes in with unreasonable, unhelpful or ignorant comments. The most recent example of this (the reason I bothered to write this review) is something he said during today's episode about ISIS. Hayes refers to the violent members of the group as "psychopaths". It is ignorant and frankly dangerous to attempt to explain away violent behavior in such a manner, because it fails to acknowledge other causes, such as religious extremism. There is a mountain of evidence that religious texts and influence have contributed to the violent actions to some or a significant degree in many cases, and it is absurd to claim that all violent members are simply psychopaths looking for an excuse to be themselves. I'm disappointed, Chris.

Book recs?   (5/5)

Really enjoyed every episode (minus Ted Cruise, which I honestly could not get through). Would love if there was a cumulative list of guests’ books and recommendations reading available. Thanks!

Chris Hayes   (5/5)

I’m learning about new authors which I love. What a great podcast. I’m all in with Chris My favorite podcast since episode1 talked about epistemology but I think they’re all fascinating. 5 stars always. Once favorite podcast. The negative reviews must come from the uneducated. I don’t believe they unsubscribe. When are you coming to Seattle for live show? It will sell out fast!

Reckoning   (3/5)

very interesting topic. Too much unnecessary vulgarity. I’m unsubscribing.

Don’t miss any of these podcasts   (5/5)

I strongly recommend “Why is this happening ?”. I have yet to listen to one over the previous year that I haven’t enjoyed and from which I have not learned. The variety of topics is a great feature of the podcast!

Best podcast   (5/5)

I really love Chris Hayes podcasts. He knows what questions to ask and picks the best guests

Crazy   (1/5)

That’s what crazy people and babies say “why is this happening?” Boooo!

Jason kander interview   (5/5)

It was life changing. Excellent podcast!

Capone   (5/5)

Hi Chris Love your show I was watching “The Untouchables” tonight and there was a scene where Deniro talks about “a prize fight.” So indicative of our president. Thought you might laugh at it. Bill

Mimi Schonger   (5/5)

This is a great podcast! Informative and surprisingly funny, I watch Chris on tv but I like the open ended, easy pace of this format. The interviews are revealing and I find myself going back to listen to some of them twice. I rate this one up there wit the Axe Files and Fresh Air.

So interesting!!   (5/5)

Thanks you Chris, your hard work is so worth it for us listeners.

So Refreshing   (5/5)

Great discussions with a wide variety of experts on issues of our time. I was surprised how much I appreciated your discussion with Ted Cruz. It’s hard to find in depth news that includes both sides of debate. I encourage you to include more conservative voices. You are so well informed- few people can press the issues as you can!

All except Ted Cruz   (5/5)

Love this podcast. Have been directed to several books to read as follow up to the interviews. Except for the tragic handling of the Ted Cruz show, which would make most people want to move to Texas and become a Reagan fan. Hang in Chris.

Will give a five when Chris Hayes stops promoting Facebook   (3/5)

Love his shows, am surprised and dismayed that he promotes Facebook with a “don’t forget to like us” comment. I agree with the author of this episode, we create our culture with millions of small decisions. Please stop promoting the company that is tearing our country apart. Let’s create a culture based in thoughtfulness and kindness.Thank you.

Talking Point   (5/5)

A lot of left leaning pundits don’t push back against the GOP talking point “Impeachment overrules the will of the people”. That’s not true. The same voters who voted Trump ALSO voted Pence. The next time one of them says that to you or any of your friends the answer should be “What’s wrong with Pence?” Or any response that isn’t passive acceptance. It’s maddening.

Please don’t stop the WITH pod   (5/5)

I can’t imagine life without this’s what I look forward to when I can settle down!

One of the best podcasts I’ve ever heard!   (5/5)

Dale Ho had the best attitude doing the hardest job. Impressive.

Impeachment for President Donald Trump   (5/5)

Chris I’ve been a follower of all MSNBC new anchors. You people speak true to power. But I find it so brazen of Donald Trump and the so called Republicans with their rederick daily. He obstruct the constitution every day. Republicans are like lap dogs to this President who is a compulsive liar and is of no help to the citizens of the US. If it was an other President they would have been impeached along time ago with all these unconstitutional behavior at different levels of legislation. Donald Trump is a bully and is a dangerous trait to the US and the world. Republicans has not speak out against this President because they are afraid of what Donal Trump will do to them. He uses the pulpit to lie and shift the blame to someone else.

Jason Kander   (5/5)

This is an incredibly open, honest, and moving discussion with a brave Iraq veteran and his experience with PTSD. Thank you for sharing your vulnerability and your humanity. I’ve always been a fan, but never more than now.

Chris is articulate and thoughtful   (5/5)

As articulate, thoughtful and educational as it gets. Thanks for removing ads for RoundUp!

Love Chris Hayes!   (5/5)

I’m amazed at Chris’s vocabulary. I keep my Merriam-Webster handy. Fascinating, frightening subjects I knew nothing about. Keep it up!

Very enjoyable   (5/5)

If you like Chris Hayes' show, this is Chris unfiltered. Very engaging, very enjoyable. I used to listen to over 30 podcasts. Life has changed so I have time for five now. This is one of the five.

Food for Thought   (5/5)

I listen to a lot of podcasts, I mean A LOT of podcasts but not many help me to connect to various authors, political figures & Trail Blazers like this one. It’s a podcast that makes you think critically, challenges your assumptions & makes you want to learn more. My only complaint is I now spend so much money on books ☺️. I’m still waiting for my child welfare focused pod but other than that this is a must listen pod for me.

This podcast is so worth my time   (5/5)

Highly informative. I have purchased and read more books on several topics that I would not necessarily have been interested in. Thanks, Chris!

Excellent podcast! Highly recommend it!!!   (5/5)

Chris Hayes is an excellent interviewer with amazing guests.

Rev Barber   (5/5)

Can’t bring myself to ever delete this interview. This man is the calm at the center of a human hurricane of hope. He truly is sewing seeds “of the victory yet to come.”

Acejoneszone   (5/5)

Great topics and a good way to get feel for Chris's take on the world and politics.

Stop the promotion   (1/5)

I resent the hell out of having to listen to a promo for this podcast multiple times a day, it’s fingernails on a chalk board after enduring the exact same ad for well over a year on almost every msnbc podcast I listen to. I will never listen to it, just for that reason alone

Great Insights Into Fascinating Topics   (5/5)

Seems to always have a great guest to interview and an interesting subject every week. You’ll learn a lot about obscure or prominent topics going on in America today or have happened in the past. Chris and the interviewees seem to always be able to explain complicated subjects in layman’s terms.

Wonderful interview with Suketu Mehta!   (5/5)

I always enjoy WITH pod, but Chris’ interview with Suketu Mehta was one of my favorites. Mehta‘s experiences as an immigrant were commensurate with those of many of my immigrant friends. What made his story resonate with me was his hopeful & positive outlook. I look forward to reading his books. And maybe an episode of All In on immigrants with Mehta?

Seeking asylum with Luis Mancheno   (5/5)

I have never taken the time to respond to any podcast. And i have been moved, motivated and spitting mad after listening to different content providers. While listening to Luis i was walking my dog crying like his horrific persecution at the hands of strangers, and more gut wrenching, those he cherished the most that had the responsibility to keep him safe, happened to me. I went in to the episode thinking this will be a good one to share with my ultra-conservative, NRA card carrying, anti-“illegal alien”, christian father to demonstrate the horrors that people are trying to flee. By the end, i was more motivated to share it with him as an example that nobody “chooses” to be gay and it cant be shamed or prayed away. Gid had his hand on Luis that night, in the car, for a reason. And he is living it😇 Sorry about run-on sentences...this is why i cant do twitter🙄 Kate Mills

Fired up!   (5/5)

So, I follow Chris on Twitter because whenever he is on Late Night with Seth Meyers I crack up. I scrolling thru my twitter feed and some public persona, I can’t recall who said “I just listened to the podcast on climate changed and I’m scared to death” or something to that effect. I subscribed, and listed to the uninhabitable earth and got fired up. Mostly angry that I contributed to this mess and that our fearless leader thinks this is all a hoax. Thank you for the incredible listen, can’t wait to hear more! EDIT - the Luis Mancheno episode was heartbreaking. So happy that he is a success story

Luis Manchengo   (5/5)

There are so many aspects of this conversation to respond to: The difficulty of coming to terms with being "different," and the many losses one might go through in that process. The hideous violence and bigotry of those who view homosexuality as less than a normal human condition is tragic. The reminder of what real human beings with real, often horrid, stories they hoped to leave behind along with the unlawful terror our own government is subjecting them to now that they are here. At the same time, this interview is the story of all the good that can come to us when we open our borders to the endless array of good and kind souls who have gifts to share if given the opportunity to thrive. Most of all, the openness, the humanity, and the manifestly loving hearts of both Chris and Luis cannot fail but to enrich us all. Thank you, Luis Manchengo, for telling us your story. Many thanks for the work you are doing.

Luis Mancheno   (5/5)

What a heartbreaking, heartwarming story that shows how much it matters that we not let the destroyer-in-chief & the Republicans continue their attacks against immigrants. Thanks Chris for bringing Luis' story to your podcast.

Asylum   (5/5)

This episode of WITH had the most heart of any that I have heard (and I listen to them all!) Thank you for being smart enough to contextualize the issue of asylum down to the atomic, individual level; so that it escapes the impersonal statistic. Luis’ story broke my heart and I’m so glad he’s a citizen and even managed to reclaim his family in the aftermath.

Why is this Happening guest Katie Porter   (5/5)

Katie Porter represents the best in all of us. This interview was fabulous, great questions an thought conversation. She is both calming in the effed up times we are seeing in Washington and more than willing to fight on an intellectual level as well from a very human relatable place. Great interview.

Appreciated   (5/5)

I so appreciate the effort, analysis and depth these podcasts carries. I have noticed that older episodes remain topical and do not age. Thank you! This kind of journalism is appreciated!

Excellent in depth conversations   (5/5)

I love this show. Every episode feels like a really awesome class. This is definitely Chris Hayes’ medium, I like his show but this format allows for more in depth conversations on so many subjects. Chris is clearly fascinated and well versed and his passion really shines through.

Inslee   (5/5)

The interview with Inslee was both engaging and informative. Exactly the type of dialogue needed to spur on climate action.

Puerto Rico   (1/5)

I’m a big Chris Hayes fan, watch him every night but this piece on Puerto Rico is so biased & disrespectful I could hardly believe what I was hearing. This Nuyorican commentator sure does not know much beyond conjecture & needs sometime listening to Juan Gonzalez & reading about Campo & the struggles of colonization of this maligned isla. Blaming current policy & politics all on the elites & laughing about it is so dismissive and again disrespectful. It’s all a perfect example of US colonization at its worst adding in HI & Philippines.

Interview with Julio Ricardo Varela   (5/5)

What a fascinating breakdown of the history of Puerto Rico. Loved it. I am so hopeful for the Puerto Rican’s and SO impressed by their courage to say to the governor, “You’re done, get out, you don’t speak for us anymore.” One would hope that the mainland of the U.S. could get out in the streets like they did as well. Tell Trump to go home and never return. Anyway, Chris, as usual a smart and interesting listen. Thank you. Keep bringing good stuff to your loyal listeners.

Puerto Rico so so importante   (5/5)

White GLendale Ca girl, 2 kids born in Mexico City with Mexican husband. I always watch Latino news. This POD was the best & informative ever. Chris Hayes is theee best

Essential for this moment   (5/5)

I’m so glad that the brilliant Chris Hayes is giving us the opportunity to hear in-depth conversations with some of the most important activists, writers, and thinkers of this moment. Especially loved the convo with the Rev. Dr. William Barber, and love them all!!

Please stop interrupting your guests   (4/5)

I love listening to your podcast but noticed that you kept interrupting Jay Insley and it really irritated me.

More Chris Hayes, please!   (5/5)

I already loved Chris Hayes from watching “All In”, reading his latest book and from seeing him there’s more Chris Hayes to love! I am a glutton for intelligent conversation and Chris Hayes knows how to provide it!

Book recommendation/opioids   (5/5)

Dopesick by Beth Macy — she takes on doctors and the Sacklers. Thrilling interview with Jay Inslee!

Interviews with more candidates?   (3/5)

Why does it feel like television reporters and people who state that they want the American people to be more involved and vote, yet they IGNORE and do not INTERVIEW or TOWN HALL more candidates? Chris Hayes of all people should have already done an in depth interview with Michael Bennet?! Someone with multiple in depth plans for climate change, child poverty, education AND has decades of experience in both local and national leadership. That is just one candidate that we all need to hear from. Not just the same top 3 on repeat in the play cycle. I worked in politics in the early 1990’s as an idealized young college graduate, I learned the playbook first hand. I watched Newt Gingrich and Tom Delay turn Washington into what it has become under Mitch Mcconnell. The methods MSNBC and CNN are employing are playing right into another re-election of a fascist. Less coverage of the overinflated blowhard. More town halls throughout America like Flint. Show all citizens what we are all struggling with each day and how candidates plans could solve them.

Modern monetary theory   (5/5)

Great podcast, host is super smart, articulate and easy to listen to. Don’t let this go to your head, Chris. Guests are top notch in their fields, please do one on Modern Monetary Theory and how it works and possibilities of what said theory would look like if integrate into our current economic model. Also would like to hear about our economy since we weee taken off the gold standard, lots to talk about there, keep up the great work, Rich Nosenzo, Rocklin California

Hope, enlightenment & inside tips   (5/5)

I love the intros to this podcast...sort of like smelling great coffee brewing! But most of all I love the ebullient voice of Chris Hayes as he skillfully brings his guests into our lives. In a short period of time Chris is somehow able to get to the essence of each guests gifts and the core of their message and work. I see my world in a much bigger, more complex way thanks to Kate & Max & Rev Barber!

Excellent Interviewer.... And always fascinating topics   (5/5)

Excellent interviewer...he allows his guests to actually answer the questions he asks! Too many podcast interviewers do all the talking or talk over their guests which is beyond annoying. Chris Hayes podcast has introduced me to more people and topics that I never would’ve heard about. My world just keeps expanding through this podcast and I hope he keeps doing it!

Chris Hayes TV show is good, but the podcast is excellent!   (5/5)

This is one of the best. Informative and enlightening on a wide range of issues. It’s a must-hear podcast.

Well done   (5/5)

Thank you, Chris. I’ve been listening this past year, and loved everything you’ve done . I have listened to these podcasts multiple times - your talk with Rachel Maddow, the “Uninhabitable Earth,” and “Dying of Whiteness.” With the urgency of climate change, I think that will continue to be an important topic. I would also love to hear Rev William Barber, because his take on these issues as a person of faith interests me. Happy One Year Anniversary, WITH pod! Keep up the great work! Thank you again! Rev Judith Anderson-Bauer 7/16/2019 update Just listened to Rev Barber. Wow! Thank you so much for that interview. I was in tears those last 5 min. Thank you, thank you. Definitely courage for these dark days.

Favorite podcast   (5/5)

Terrific people, often inspiring. The intros are fine. Keep them. Loved hearing Rev Farmer today!

Chris Hayes and Rev. Dr. William Barber II   (5/5)

Thank you for this inspirational and educational episode. I am humbled by this man.

Very excellent podcast!   (5/5)

WITH is an effective remedy if you're longing for someone to help you make sense of the continual parade of insanity that is our world at the moment. I like that Chris chooses some subject matter that is not necesarily at the forefront of the news, but still extremely worthy of our attention. "The Information Crisis" and "Who Broke the Internet?" among other episodes, are required listening in my opinion.

I didn’t think I’d like this   (5/5)

Chris Hayes is that guy from law school who annoys you in class but then you find yourself having a three-hour conversation with him at the bar about prison abolition and you end up bffs.

Love it!   (5/5)

Big fan of his the podcast. Even if you don’t really like his show all that much, the podcast is much better.

Chris Hayes at his best   (5/5)

I was a HUGE fan of his original UP on weekends, which allowed Chris to fully “nerd out” on big issues with knowledgeable guests. While I like ALL IN, I don’t think it plays too his strengths of in depth coverage, as he is chasing headlines, is limited in time, and usually doesn’t have too much disagreement among his guests. (Let me be clear: I am not referring to the ridiculous “Crossfire” model of having a D and R on every issue, regardless of context. And, in most cases defending the Trump administration is not possible.) Like many, I purchased several books referred to on the show and they have been worth reading. On the down side: My parents drilled into me to NOT overuse “like” (which Chris invariably does) or say, “X goes: ——“ when he means to say “X said: ——.” My mother complained so much about that, such that I can’t help but cringe when I hear that.

All. The. Books.   (5/5)

After each pod I find myself buying and immersing myself into a new book! Thanks for this insightful and mind expanding experience. Highly recommend Good and Mad and The Impeachers. Keep adding to my booklist Chris!

How to impeach a president’s guest   (3/5)

The author of the book that inspired the episode was so, shall I say, cavalier in her discussion of slavery as an actual atrocity and what it meant to opposing sides, that I couldn’t finish. She is obviously a historian who is mainly focused on the facts of Andrew Johnson’s impeachment. She helps to convey how interesting of a character he was as a white supremacist in office. However, her chuckles throughout while discussing the subject was a bit off color. Chris is great at clarifying or redirecting the discussion to a more scholarly tone. This is one of my favorite shows on Apple but, again, I could not get passed my confusion of what seemed to be privilege chuckles as it concerned the history of slave owners in the White House, succession, “black codes” and the 14th amendment.

First Podcast/ Best Podcast   (5/5)

I just cut the cord on the cable box so I stumbled into the podcast world to listen to my MSNBC shows... cooking one day I came across this show, listened to the show about the “troubles” in Ireland, then the show about the camps in China , then the climate change episode... WOW... every day I listen to a different episode. I have been out of school for over 20 years but this podcast is like the favorite class in college you would never miss.

Deep dive   (5/5)

Chris Hayes does a great job diving deep into the issues of the day. What he does best is bring context and connect the dots in a way that is interesting and effective.

Learning a lot!   (5/5)

I’m learning about things I didn’t even know I needed to be familiar with. Keep expanding the envelope of knowledge.

Best Podcast Out   (5/5)

Insightful podcast!! Great work Chris Hayes!

Great podcast.   (5/5)

Thought provoking guests that cover an array of issues. 5/5

One thing I do not like   (4/5)

I enjoyed the podcast very much I find it informative and always interested. However, the word like is not a comma and needs to be avoided unless you’re saying that you like something

One of the best   (5/5)

Chris Hayes is exceptional in his perspective his willingness to tackle difficult and complex topics and with some humor. Something we all desperately need right now. I would like to suggest a topic that is persistently overlooked. Single people in America. Not single people looking for other people. Single people living their lives without much recognition from society. We still have social expectations that you marry and have children despite the fact that we have more people than the planet can support. Most marketing ads are focused around buying for families. Many political and economic discussions only revolve around families. Yet single people face some significant challenges. Social pressure, economic pressure, the tyranny of coupling in America, the pressure of straight or gay friends to have you become a part of a straight or gay couple. The subtle but pervasive feeling that somehow there is something wrong with you if you are not part of a couple or a classic family situation. More articles are appearing about the choice of millennials to forgo children because of what they believe may be the end of human life on the planet through climate crisis. There’s a lot of pushback on these folks but should we really consider their perspective and the rationale for these choices. Chris please consider a few podcasts about the state of being single in the United States and explore what that means economically socially and politically. Last I looked I thought Pew listed single household as about 25 to 28% of the population

Incredible   (5/5)

This weeks episode was incredible. I am born in Romania during the Ceaușescu rule and a product of 4 years in the orphanage. I am thriving in America as an adopted Romanian now in my 30’s. I think Americans need to understand what the implications of their actions are when overlooking corruption and the rule of law. Democracy is the most fragile institution that exists and having experienced real communism I can say we are taking a glorious swan dive towards it. far we’ve come!!!   (5/5)

I’ve been listening to this podcast almost from the very beginning, and i learned so much from it, it’s insane!!! But this week’s pod...OMG, what a revelation!!! Being a Gen-Xer, all i knew about the so called”Red Scare” was all lives that were ruined, simply because a person pointed a finger and said “they’re communists”, but, i never had a sense of the absolute devastation that caused in that short a timespan...until today! Listening to David’s family struggle, especially his father, who saw the error of his ways before it got out of hand, be systematically destroyed, over and over again, by the government that was sworn to protect him, was heartbreaking, and infuriating, all at the same time!!! It was nice to hear that he finally got his redemption at the end, and went on to be one of the leading voices that this country always needs in the press, and that he fought the good fight all the way to the end. And it is true...there is a lot of McCarthy in Trump, but again, the old adage comes through,”Those that don’t remember the past are doomed to repeat it...”, and i’m sure, more then anything, that Trump will have his “Have you no shame” moment, and then he’ll disappear the way McCarthy did, to the dustbin of history no one remembers, except for the havoc they caused. Thank you Chris, for having David on, and reminding us that, though they are always under attack from all sides, the press works diligently to keep everyone, president and common person alike, on the side of the angels, so we don’t slip back into that draconian age we have evolved out of. I plan on getting this book as soon as i can, because i’m sure it’ll be a real page turner!!! And please, for those who read this post, like Chris and Racheal Maddow always say, support your local independent papers, because they are the true heroes of this country...continuously shining the light of truth on the shadow of corruption and indifference that this world has in it. Without them, who knows what Trump would try to get away with!!! Love the pod, and i’ll continue listening for as long as you produce them. Have a great day.

Generally interesting material   (4/5)

This podcast is usually very interesting with content that makes you think more in-depth about issues going on in society past the headlines. My main reason for writing this review, however, is that I was extremely disappointed to hear the beginning of the most recent episode, "The Roots of Anti-Semitism with Deborah Lipstadt," in which Lipstadt compares anti-semitism to herpes. I understand the analogy she is trying to make, but I find it extremely offensive to compare something as awful and damaging as anti-semitism to herpes, which is a minor skin condition that, orally, affects half the American population, and genitally, affects 1 in 6 people (myself included). A huge part of the reason why herpes is considered such a big deal and a life-sentence for people who get it is because of the stigma surrounding the virus. To compare anti-semitism to an STI that basically everyone who is sexually active is at risk of contracting (wearing a condom or not) is not only in bad taste, but also perpetuates the stereotype that herpes "is a terrible thing to have," as Lipstadt stated. I know Lipstadt is not comparing the severity of anti-semitism to herpes itself, but just the fact that she makes the comparison at all -- comparing something as vile as anti-semitism to a virus that often does not even cause any symptoms is offensive. I wish Chris Hayes would have understood this before airing that part of the interview and especially before including it as the very first sound bite in the episode -- no doubt to draw listeners in by bringing up an STI which many people still joke about. Hayes is often extremely politically correct and culturally/racially sensitive during his discussions, but this is one instance where he truly missed the mark.

Oxygen   (5/5)

This podcast has become my oxygen. So smart, thoughtful, and relevant that I need it to thrive. There is not a "bad" episode. I share Chris Hayes' sensitivities and it's nice to have him share more deeply and relevantly his ideas.

Love it   (5/5)

A great and a very important podcast full of insightful conversations! Keep up the good work!

Anti Semitism   (3/5)

Insightful, thoughtful view on the history of anti semitism, spoiled in my opinioin by her stance on Jeremy Corbyn. Corbyn is probably the worst leader of the opposition in history, but her casual unsubstantiated smearing of him as an anti semite was very jarring. The jury is still out in the UK whether he is being smeared by the Blair wing of Labour Party. His support for Palestinian rights and his criticism of Israeli Government makes him an easy target for the accusation.

Excellent, thought-provoking   (5/5)

I’m a big fan of Chris Hayes and watch his show every night, which I guess is one reason it took me a while to start listening to this podcast—I figured it would be about topical news stories, but it isn’t really. I love how he goes into depth about broader topics that aren’t covered on the show.

What’s Happening with Chris Hayes   (5/5)

One year of Podcasts! WOW! I have listened to, enjoyed, and had my mind opened by every Podcast. Thank you!

Why this is happening with Chris Hayes   (5/5)

Love him very bright and intelligent love his Podcast keep up the good work on your Podcast and on his TV show on MSNBC

My   (5/5)

That was one of the most enlightening informative podcasts I have heard. Please keep up the great work.

Law and order   (4/5)

I suspect that the whipping up of the anger you spoke of was those l&o repubs. Having said that, i think they have permanently lost all these holier than thou arguements i the age of trump. I think the demshave so far failed to take advantage of this.

Best Podcast   (5/5)

I learn so much with each show. The topics are wide ranging and the guests so enlightening. Chris has such a depth of knowledge himself, that his questions are always on point. Plus he’s funny and down to earth.

Hayes Unleashed   (5/5)

As a regular viewer of “All In” I enjoy the television version of Chris Hayes. I ADORE the podcast version. It isn’t just that he’s able to use more colorful language (though it certainly livens things up). Away from television Chris can take a deep dive into topics that excite him, and his enthusiasm is infectious. I look forward to every episode because I always come away feeling at least informed, but more often enlightened.

One of the best podcasts right now   (5/5)

Episode on Uighur internment camps is a perfect example of why this is a fantastic podcast. Get somebody really knowledgeable on a really important topic -- in this case one that is almost criminally undercovered -- and ask them smart questions Seems like a simple formula but if it were easy there would be many more podcasts this good.

Easily the best current events podcast   (5/5)

I look forward to this podcast every week. Chris Hayes guides you through conversations about important issues with very intelligent people. I’ve learned so much since I started listening several months ago and I feel much more engaged with stories happening in the news.

Love this podcast   (5/5)

REALLY enjoying Chris Hayes in this format. (MSNBC feels like its become the Fox News of the left). Each episode digs deep into important topics, posing interesting questions and daylighting important issues/topics. Thanks, WITH crew!

Amazing! Amazing!   (5/5)

No one is pushing the boundaries and provoking thought like this podcast. In an environment where everything is about Trump, it’s refreshing to have conversation about other important things going on in the U.S. and the world. Sometimes, I think a podcast will be boring and then it blows my mind! Keep it up Chris! These conversations are necessary and relevant.

Marxist garbage.   (1/5)

Predictable boring ideological commentary from another Fake News talking head. Get your fix of smug sanctimony, white guilt, and hatred of America, Christianity and the West and its native inhavitants here.

So, what will happen...?   (5/5)

So, what will really happen to Northern Ireland after Brexit? Is anyone watching this?! I am enjoying your podcasts mainly because they leave me with questions and persistent thoughts. Way to go!! —suzi n.s.

Love this podcast   (5/5)

I look forward to each episode with anticipation. The discussions are fascinating, and cover a wide swath of issues that run parallel - or head on - to current events. I often found myself asking “but why?!” After watching or reading the news, and then I found this podcast and it has been like a combo of current event therapy, political detox, educational experience and Ted talk all rolled into one amazing hour.

Fantastic Conversations!   (5/5)

This is one of the best podcast series I've ever listened to. Wonderful conversations, with difficult topics and guests who are so engaged, you can't help but want to meet them and continue the dialogue. I'm a big fan of Chris Hayes (both this series and his show "All In" on MSNBC, because he doesn't shy away from hard questions and introspection. Most of these I have to listen to more than once, sometimes several times, as the talk is packed with information and plenty of food for thought. Highly recommend!

Required listening   (5/5)

On my long commute to and from work, and craving ideas, historical context, and value based solutions to issues of our times I find this podcast the most enjoyable and informative for the open and curious minded.

PIC Abolitionist   (5/5)

I was blown away by this discussion! Thank You Mariame Kaba! And thank you Chris Hayes—every week you got me thinking and poking at my own boundaries. 🙏🏾

love this   (5/5)

Such interesting conversations on wide range of topics!

Dying of Whiteness   (5/5)

This book was already on my wish list and this topic speaks to so much I’ve seen and that has served to frustrate case management efforts as a nurse from NJ to AR. I was googling structural competency as I listened. Thank you so much!

Best podcast out there   (5/5)

Best part of my Tuesday. Best podcast running right now. It’s a perfect formula and so refreshing to hear brilliant, nuanced conversation about topics that matter.

Great   (5/5)

Most of the bad reviews are for something silly and minor. Don’t listen to these people, this podcast rules. Apparently dude is on tv? Maybe he should quit and spend more of his time on this (far superior) medium and make a few podcasts every week.

Excellent guests, topics, discussions   (5/5)

Great in depth discussions with people who are so interesting. Always learn so much.

So Smart   (5/5)

I really love this podcast. Especially the episodes about public education, climate change, identity politics, the Stacey Abrams interview-all were fantastic. I watch a lot of news on TV but really appreciate the in-depth dive these discussions provide. So important to talk about things other than Trump.

Identity culture (or something)   (5/5)

I’m new to podcasts and the others I’ve previewed excepting in the Weeds, haven’t excited my interest. Then I stumbled onto Chris interviewing the professor of psychology about identity and I’m hooked. I love smart people and intelligent dialogue. I will go back and listen to all available. Thank you Chris.

Blown away by information crisis   (5/5)

What a particularly great episode. So good... I wonder why we believe what we believe pretty often and the epistemological discussion really clarified why we fall into these almost lazy tribes of belief. Kudos. Thank you. Adding another positive comment... just listened to Identity podcast w Kwame Appiah. Truly amazing. I read Cosmipolitanism in 2008 and just loved it. Thank you for intellectual reminder.

A Truly Intellectual Podcast   (5/5)

One of the few podcasts that gets away from day to day news forecasting and takes a deep dive into causes. My fav episodes are the ones on school segregation, climate change, and the nature of identity.

Fast and Informative   (5/5)

I listened to the author of The Uninhabitable Earth, David Wallace-Wells and it was one of the most disturbing but informative hours I have spent in recent memory. No longer modulating his fast talker style that is required on television Chris Hayes is unleashed so the listeners must pay attention, but it’s well worth the effort.

Definitely one of the best podcast   (5/5)

Best pod vary educational, love the opening monologue to episode, Hayes podcast will transfer you into another dimension, he has taken it to another level he’s a great interviewer always asking his guest the right questions, I’m always left wanting more.

Rave   (5/5)

One of the few thoughtful commentators on TV today.

Stacey Abrams   (5/5)

A great show with the remarkable Stacey Abrams. American politics needs more women like Stacey!! Thanks for sharing your interview.

Stacy Abrams   (5/5)

I looked forward to listening to this podcast since I didn’t get to see it on TV. It far exceeded my expectations. I knew Stacy was a powerful speaker but didn’t realize the depth of her life & service. I’m in amazement & feel inspired. Can’t wait to see what she does next. “I’m all in...”

Love this podcast!   (5/5)

I’ve been listening from the beginning and love the insightful conversations with incredibly interesting and timely guests. I enjoy the deep dive on big issues and the diversity of voices, particularly so many smart and amazing women. I also appreciate Chris’ take to kick off the topics and the behind the scenes and personal feel of the production, keep it up!

Even Better Than You Think   (5/5)

Like most listeners, I suppose, I found this because I occasionally watch All In on MSNBC. And on his TV show Chris is better than most “talking heads”. He is more thoughtful and seems to do his best to provide understanding within the confines imposed on him by the medium. But here, in his podcast, Chris is soooooo much better - unleashed from those TV confines, Chris is smarter and funnier and consistently chooses really excellent guests AND I learn so much from every single podcast. In fact, I find myself sort of wishing All In could be more like WITH, with deeper dives into really important and interesting ideas.

WITH   (5/5)

Wait patiently each Tuesday for your podcast. Could hardly contain it with Stacey A. I went on my walk early to listen. It was great. Really great live the crowd, reactions are a fun part. So nice to look forward to and enjoy listening to something not about Trump!!

Why is this happening answers the question   (5/5)

Chris Hayes is funny and asks the questions and gets answers that I want to know. The Podcast with Stacey Abrams was amazing. This is a highlight of my week.

Review   (5/5)

I’m always learning so much more after listening to Chris’ podcasts. Forget the radio, this is much better!

Just one thing   (4/5)

Learn something each time I listen. Really enjoy podcasts. Only negative comment is the speed of conversation. I sometimes feel the need to tell you to take a breath.

Stop cutting “The Last Word” off before it’s over   (1/5)

I’m thrilled your show has finally started so you can quit advertising it during the end of “The Last Word” podcast. Interrupting someone else while they are speaking is a jackass move that people do in real life when they feel self-important.

This is how I want to spend my time.   (5/5)

I am late to the party but you know what "they" say, "better late than never." I chose a podcast at random and was delighted to find myself listening to and learning from Kate Shaw. What a fascinating woman. I thoroughlyenjoyed the topic which was law during the Trump administration. Also enjoyed listening to a couple who are so close and in love.Can't wait to listen again.

Love it   (5/5)

You’re wonderful

Re: taxing the rich   (5/5)

Just listened to Taxing the Rich. Really informative and completely demoralizing. God. Is there any hope that the 1% will ever be responsible to participate with the rest of us to help support our country? The level of greed among them is mind-boggling. Most people decry government shutdowns so they must value government activities, right? How long can the middle and working classes manage to fund it all? I have to go do something to try to distract myself and forget all I just heard for a while...

Always Awesome and Always Informative   (5/5)

I first began listening to Chris Hayes’ WITH podcasts around Dec 2018 after listening to Rachel Maddow’s Bagman series. I was looking for something as informative. Without exception Hayes’ podcasts are simply the best source available for a variety topics. From “White Identity Politics, Amazon’s Wish List, The Conservative Movement, School Segregation, A New Hope with the always excellent T Coates, and on and on. What makes WITH so excellent is Hayes’ commitment to finding and interviewing some of the best thinkers and experts in their fields. This is not just people with opinions who want to talk about a particular subject. The WITH guests are always extremely knowledgeable who have spent years researching, studying, and analyzing their chosen subject/field. Moreover Hayes does not simply accept their theories. Instead he brings the same critical thinking, analysis, and interviewing skills to the WITH podcasts that we’ve come to expect from his daily All In show. Thank you Chris Hayes. EXCELLENT WORK! VVERY WELL DONE!!!

The best!   (5/5)

The deep dives into so many important topics has awoken me to the overarching forces that are driving our society. It’s entertaining and enriching at the same time. I get impatient waiting for the next episode. Love it. Keep up the great work.

WITH Fan here!   (5/5)

Thought provoking, informative and I appreciate this more than I can explain!

Stacy Mitchell on Amazon   (5/5)

I agree with the Ms Mitchell that some of the kind of expansion and monopolizing of the market for various goods and services, sometimes much to the detriment or demise of other companies is “scandalous. Many people use Amazon like Chris said because it is sometimes convenient to obtain products without having to fish for it at your local corner store. Indeed, most people never think of Amazon as the monopoly that they are. I for one have had my reservations about them all the while because l resent any one company’s cornering the market for not only just goods but services. I have also had concern for quite some time that many of the stores that have gone out of business is attributed to them. A few months I noticed that a Target store was occupying the space of a former neighborhood Barnes and Nobles bookstore. I spoke to the clerk about what happened to Barnes and Nobles and the name Amazon came up. So while it was just my Neighborhood Barnes and Nobles and not the entire company that Bezos put out of business, l was still concerned about how their expansion and desire to monopolize is affecting iconic companies such as B&N. No company should be allowed to monopolize consumer goods, let alone both goods and services. I am sorry if l sound too personal here, but here’s the thing I I don’t want to buy/subscribe to movies or music on Amazon. Also, won’t be I buying my medication from them. I heard they are supposed to be expanding into pharmaceuticals in the near future. The reason why l would never buy these services and products from Amazon is because I believe in giving other companies a chance to succeed. For one thing pharmaceutical products should be sold by pharmacies. As you can see the Amazon overreach has annoyed me for quite some time. So to hear Ms Mitchell expressing similar concerns about Amazon’s expansionism and monopoly was very satisfying. Furthermore, she gave me insight into how Bezos goes about obtaining funds for crafting his business, and how he places his warehouses in states that don’t collect sales tax to maximize his profits. Ms Mitchell also mentioned that our government is one of Amazon’s client. Now that was a surprise considering that I would like to see the government slap some regulation on Amazon rather than being possible one of Bezos’s biggest enabler. As far as l am concerned it is a gross oversight on the part of our government in not recognizing Bezos abuse of power. Our government should be reigning in Amazon’s expansionists and monopolizing tendency rather than being one of his clients. I really appreciate that Chris Hayes invited Ms Mitchell to enlighten the public about Amazon’s business practices. The public should be very concerned about Bezos’s craving for monopoly and expansionism, because you don’t know which one of your spaces he is going to expand into next, and maybe by the time you realize how much of your space is under his control it might be too late. Thanks to Chris Hayes for bringing me another speaker who gave voice an issue that concerns me: Amazon’s efforts to monopolize all consumer goods and services. This is an issue that have annoyed me for quite some time, but I didn’t have a platform to speak to it. However, now I realize that there are others who see this particular issue the way l do. Thanks again

Good podcast, but poor guests sometimes!   (3/5)

Anand Giridharadas in ruling class episode isn’t able to tell you the whole truth. “Chairman Mao or Gandhi. If you are lucky, you get Gandi.” He didn’t finish the sentence, but you know the rest. I can’t believe he said that. You are an Indian descendant so you praise Gandi and belittle other others? What does this Indian man know about Chairman Mao? If you speak publicly, please do your research!

Best podcast ever   (5/5)

I listen to many podcasts. This is the best. Chris asks questions you don’t know you need to ask. He interviews people who may not be well known but are clearly the best in their area. I am always sharing info I’ve learned from the podcast. Thanks Chris

Love it!!!   (5/5)

As usual, everything Chris Hayes touches turns to gold. I’m a lover of learning and politics. This podcast checks both boxes.

Smart and in depth   (5/5)

This podcast is so good. It’s like a Ted Talk that is a conversation.

Subway   (1/5)

I love this podcast, but the show on the New York subway was very narrow and insider train nerd boring.

Organizing in Trump country   (5/5)

Full confession, I almost skipped over the George Goehl episode for exactly the reasons Chris Hayes outlined. I’ve been exhausted and disgusted by the media’s obsession with the Trump “white working-class” voter and righteously believed I could care less about organizing these folks until I decided to check out the episode. I walked away feeling incredibly hopeful & looking for ways to do some of the same in my own community, a predominantly white middle class suburb of Boston. I couldn’t agree more that it’s our experiences and proximity to pain that helps us connect to others. Highly recommend tuning in. I plan to figure out how to expand out into my own community some of the concepts discussed here. Thanks for the show and thanks to George Goehl for opening my mind.

Can’t Wait to Listen Again   (5/5)

I have recently started listening Why Is This Happening during my daily commute to work. It has made my commute so much more pleasant and productive. Time just flies by on the train, as every episode is thought provoking as well as entertaining. Thank you Chris. I can’t wait to Monday again. 😀

Simply Great   (5/5)

Chris and crew.... do not stop! Seriously love this podcast. Thank you #withpod

Very informative on issues that I need to understand.   (5/5)

I have saved a lot of the topics because they bring experts in the fields and help me sound more informed. The issues were known but I could not have spoken to them.

Bagman   (5/5)

A captivating and incredibly well done series, with important implications for current challenges faced by our country. The impressive research and skillful presentation held my rapt attention from beginning to end. If Rachael had been a history professor when I was a student—I would have been a history major!

Ok, but stop giggling   (3/5)

Good solid subjects, but Chris can’t stop giggling when his wife is on. She is definitely superior but he shouldn’t have her as a guest if he can’t control himself around her.

great convos   (5/5)

great convos

Love this podcast!!   (5/5)

Best thing I listen to every week! I look forward to the smart comprehensive discussions and always feel like I’ve gotten some new perspective on an issue I thought I already knew well. Thank you to all who take the time to put this together. I’m hooked!

Chris Hayes   (5/5)

Absolutely the best podcasts for lefties like me

Bad speech habits, Chris   (3/5)

Every other word Chris says is "like"...

I find these so interesting but   (5/5)

I am driving along and can’t find the podcast I want. I find the headings of each podcast are all the same and when I want a podcast by date, it’s after ‘msnbc all in with Chris Hayes’ or ‘msnbc the Rachel Maddow show’ and then we run out of space and they also don’t appear in a logical order if I want to go back and listen again. Could we please abbreviate so the date appears in the bar?

Love it more & more each time   (5/5)

I love how excited Chris Hayes gets about going more in-depth, being able to ask more questions of his guests, & learning something new. I always learn something from this show & it makes me want to learn more. He’s so smart and asks great questions, & I love his wry sense of humor. I absolutely recommend this podcast. You’ll love it!

A deep dive   (5/5)

After listening to Chris and guests take a deep dive in important issues that will never receive adequate coverage in traditional news outlets, I always come away more enlightened, a bit wiser, and usually have a new book on my reading list.

Grateful for journalists with integrity!   (5/5)

Really appreciated the content and honesty in convos with Rachel Maddow and Andrew Revkin.

Really good except   (4/5)

Watch the language, Chris. Your vocabulary is better than that. Joanna Freeman interview was superb, but your language in my earbud doesn’t work for me and prevents me from forwarding the episode to others.

Dive baby, dive!   (5/5)

Thank you!!! For intelligent, candid, and thought provoking discussion. I look forward to every new program. It is such a joy to listen to this type of deep dive in to so many important issues. I share this podcast with everyone!

My new go to   (5/5)

I now listen to this podcast for some intelligent analysis of events in an absurd political climate.

Carol Anderson, Rebecca Traister...Oh My!   (5/5)

Loving the pod, especially all the powerful, smart women and Chris’s nerdy joy.

Leslie Eppler   (5/5)

Before Obama and Trump, all I ever knew about politics I learned in kindergarten, (and a boring HS Government class.) In the past decade I have gained enough understanding to be beyond dangerous, but not quite efficient. This podcast and Chris Hayes' broadcast on MSNBC, has been an extraordinary help in my learning. This particular episode is especially enlightening. Thank you. I have shared it with my private conversation group on FB. Question, how do I find a wife as smart AND personable as Ms Shaw. 😉

Favorite podcast   (5/5)

I listen to a lot of podcasts, and this is my favorite. True to the title, it’s helped me tremendously in understanding why things are happening, especially regarding racial issues. The episode with Ta-Nahisi Coates was amazing and maybe the best of the many thousands of pods I’ve listened to.

Awesome. Chris is crushing it!   (5/5)

Love these longform discussions. Great for understanding today’s complex issues.

One of my favorites   (5/5)

This is one of my favorite podcasts to listen to while I’m driving as I spend about 2 hours a day behind the wheel. Chris Hayes consistently invites interesting and knowledgeable guests, and their conversations are fascinating, engaging, and informative. Chris does a great job with this format!

Best Podcast Around   (5/5)

Every episode is 1st rate ! In the 1st 5 minutes you realize that his daily show on MSNBC uses 1/10 of Chris Hayes’ intelligence and background. You will learn things and you will learn ways to look at our world, with a firm grounding in history.

How Didn’t I Know?!?!?!   (5/5)

I am an avid MSNBC viewer. I watch regularly and, like most people, I have my favorites. When my sister kept demanding that I listen to Chris Hayes’ new Podcast, I was hesitant. In part because I often get the two Chris’ mixed up and immediately thought of Chris Matthews who I absolutely dislike, but also because I’ve never really watched his show because of the timing (usually when I’m getting the house and kids settled for the night). My, was I surprised! How didn’t I know how awesome Chris Hayes is?!?!?! His podcast is informative, interesting, relevant and Chris is surprisingly incredibly “woke”. He’s not just a left leaning journalist who says what he thinks his audience wants to hear, he’s able to identify injustice, hypocrisy and inequity, even if it doesn’t affect him directly. He has great guests and his topics have been spot on so far. If you’re looking for a way to understand politics today and how we got here, this Podcast is an absolute MUST!!! Chris Hayes has a loyal listener and a new viewer (albeit DVR) out of me!

One of the best   (5/5)

This is such a great Podcast I want to cry! I’m sitting at my desk needing to do homework, instead I’m staring at my desk listening. I’d like to hear Rachel & Chris do a Bag Man style Podcast series together on other parts of American political history. Listening about different messed up parts of history makes me feel hopeful about the future. If America could survive all of that, we can survive this too. Keep going! You guys are doing a great job!

Important Podcast   (5/5)

Chris Hayes’ podcast is important and interestingly done. Me. Hayes’ humility and curiosity deserve wide respect. I am so glad to have found this podcast.

Awesome   (5/5)

This is the kind of exploratory open conversation the public desperately needs today. I feel like I’ve gone back to school, but not just any school. A school that is brave, thoughtful, informed, open to debate. I would love to listen to the podcasts with other people and then have our own discussion after, like a book club. Great work, Chris, thank you!

Interview with Joanne Freeman   (4/5)

I just listened to this podcast and I loved it. I’ll have to buy the book now. As a matter of fact I listen to her podcast (classroom lecture) on the American Revolution. A great way to learn but not have to take a test. Thanks!

Absolutely outstanding   (5/5)

Awesome podcast. 10/10

Hi   (5/5)

Hi Chris, your podcast is great. It was so revealing to listen to you in a different format. Loved you and Racheal together talking about the responsibility of being a sorter of information into digestible form. Keeping all us informed but also providing a sense of hope. Thank you so much for your work.

In depth and substantial   (5/5)

The Michael Tesler episode epitomizes why I want to listen every week. That author and conversation changed my understanding of what’s happening now. Intelligent, eye-opening, free-form.

Come on over!   (5/5)

I could listen to you all day Chris. Just listened to your show with Rachel Maddie and wish you two would just come on over for dinner! The way you deliver information is pleasant, refreshing and always feels like a really great conversation you have with your closest friends. You have a way of making people you speak with be comfortable and forthcoming. Well done- now come for dinner!

Brilliant   (5/5)

Just filled my head with hope

Not Background Noise   (5/5)

I listen to a lot of podcasts. Most while I'm doing something else. I cannot do that with "Why Is This Happening?" Each edition commands my full, undivided attention. And for an inveterate multi-talker, that's saying something. Thanks for giving me reason after reason to stop and just listen.

Well done sir.   (5/5)

I like the cold open. It’s a good look. Hooks you in early. Long form, well considered and digestible.

Chris & Rachel = BFF ❤️❤️❤️   (5/5)

This has to be my most favorite episodes EVER!!! Not only are you and Rachel the smartest, coolest and wonkiest people ever, I am loving the friendship you have. Please have her on again. It was fantastic. Oh and p.s. Chris, you ARE doing it right. Rhonda California

Amazing   (5/5)

Good work

Chris is trying to figure it out ...just like us   (5/5)

I love this podcast and All In w Chris Hayes. The reason, he’s trying to make sense of this baffling time just like us. He doesn’t pretend to know everything - he’s in the conversation to learn - just like the rest of us. His reactions are so human and, usually, how I’m reacting. He doesn’t call it like it is because he doesn’t call it - he breaks it down with intelligent conversation so we’re able to add it to our information arsenal and call it accurately. Thanks Chris.

Brilliant   (5/5)

Chris Hayes is a gift to America. Along with Rachel Maddow they keep us sane and provide the depth of thinking we need.

Fantastic   (5/5)

I like Chris' work on TV but this allows him to go down deep into interesting topics that are often topical but that could never be covered in a nightly newscast.

Podcast with Rachel   (5/5)

The podcast of history and scandal with Rachel was such a treat. You two should do this more often.

A New Hope   (5/5)

Listened this morning while getting ready for work. I have listened to every one of the podcasts which have been excellent but this one took it up a notch. The level of honesty and thoughtfulness was captivating. And Ta-Nehisi’s laugh, OMG it warms my soul!!

All In with Rachel   (5/5)

this is so wonderful! I am totally enthralled with Rachel and Chris, and to have them together is beyond great! Do more!!!

Don’t worry, you are on the right track   (5/5)

I have been listening to your shows, not just this podcast, but All In as well for several years now. From the beginning I could tell you brought a new perspective that would be good for our country. You came into prominence at the time our beloved Bill Moyer was retiring and I was looking for someone to tell the truth. I do liken you to Mr. Moyer, not in style but surely in substance. I appreciate your devotion to getting it right and your humility too. Don’t worry too much about the failures of your profession. Be true to yourself. Stay grounded in the truth. The truth has to mean something and you have a platform to make it so. Carry on, you are on the right track. Thank you for making us better. Frances Groeneman

This is amazing.   (5/5)

This podcast brings smart, committed people around the table to discuss the roots and implications of the situations in which we find ourselves, as well as imagining the alternatives that might exist. Never boring. Always fascinating. Listen to it!

Rachel   (5/5)

Loved the show with Rachel!! Great to hear you two have some quality time.

Incredible Journalist !   (5/5)

Enjoy your podcast and your MSNBC news reporting. I am a big fan of MSNBC news. "ALL IN" with Chris Hayes and "Why is this happening" is so awesome! I love your show Chris Hayes. So proffessional on tv and in the Podcast. Thank you for your honest and bold news reports and famous interviews within the realm of polotics, people and investigative reports.

Thank you, Chris!   (5/5)

I love to listen to your analysis of political/social issues. It is obvious you care about America and about our legacy as a nation. When your children look back at all the things you’ve said and all the things you’ve done, they will be very proud of you.

What great content   (5/5)

When I listen to the show I feel like I am getting college educated for free. I am learning so much and it is a joy to listen to intellectual people speak. Chris asks great questions and has guests who really know their stuff! Thank you Chris and please don’t stop what you are doing!

Chris Hayes   (5/5)

Chris Hayes is one of the most nuanced thinkers writing and commenting on American political and cultural issues today. Nimble and brilliant!

Sean was dope!!   (5/5)

More of this.

Smart listen   (5/5)

Great guests, prepared host, fee frills & excellent sound quality. No poor episodes yet, passionate informed folks helping me understand a fouled up world.

Catch Up on Some Underreported Stories   (4/5)

Nice podcast with a smart host and equally smart guests. I have very much enjoyed the last two episodes. The Brexit episode was hilarious—- yes there are people crazier than Americans out there. The Yemen episode was something every American should listen to. The public is very badly informed on the roots of the conflict in Yemen and the profiles of the players in the conflict. The episode was a good primer on these issues.

One of the best podcasts!!   (5/5)

This podcast is just superb! I’ve learnt so much and this is a must listen podcast for all! Great job Chris Hayes.

You’ll learn something   (5/5)

In depth with interesting and knowledgeable guests. To be honest the topics provoke outrage and disgust at the state of the country and the world. Those that see lefty bias and gave low stars should probably go to their conservative safe spaces where facts and truth don’t exist.

Why Trump’s Corruption Matters   (5/5)

“An outstanding discussion between two excellent philosophical minds on a subject every citizen needs to comprehend.”

Chris Hayes makes me smarter   (5/5)

Love the format! Great topics of the day with historical expertise. I feel like I’m in a coffee shop over hearing a brilliant conversation and I want to join in! Excellent use of my time!

Take me to school.   (5/5)

If you want to understand Brexit, listen to this podcast. Excellent walk down issues and facts concerning this, too close to our own problems , issue.

Why Is This Happening   (5/5)

Informative, fascinating information. Love it when your wife is on!!! Congrats!!

Real Deal   (5/5)

This podcast is sophisticated, on point and for real. You will be smarter after you listen.

Fantastic and Insightful Podcast   (5/5)

Highly recommend listening to this podcast if you’re interested in detailed discussion of events and policy. Chris Hayes does a great job of keeping up the conversation, as well as bringing few laughs into the mix.

Incredible!   (4/5)

Love the podcast but please search your extensive vocabulary and practice using a few words in place of incredible. With best wishes from a fan of All In.

Great Conversations Facilitated by a Great Journalist   (5/5)

I have never let 24 hours go by on a Tuesday without devouring this podcast. Chris Hayes is one of the best young journalists on the national politics beat. Subscribe to this podcast!

Brilliance   (5/5)

As an avid viewer of ALL IN, these podcasts are like a continuation to pieces of what Chris covers on tv. Though here, he’s able to get it “all in”. So worth the subscription and for those who aren’t-your fool not too.. Tell a friend and share, it’s caring to share the truth with those who need to know it. You rock CH, a fellow BX’ite!

Excellent   (5/5)

Chris is one of the most well informed people in the game. He invites interesting guests and combines their knowledge with enthusiastic, invigorating dialogue to discuss subjects that aren’t headline news, but tactfully ties them to current events. Informed, yet casual dialogue makes it easy listening. Highly recommend!

great listening   (5/5)

Chris Hayes is a great inerviewer This podcast deals with the relevant issues of today in a very informative and enjoyable way. He is one of the smartist journalists on T.V and the podcast format allows for more indepth exploration of the subject matter.

Love This Podcast!   (5/5)

Very informative, interesting and Chris is just a great host!

A bit like the bygone "Up with Chris Hayes" show, in audio form   (5/5)

Although I'm a huge fan of Chris's show "All in with Chris Hayes", I miss his old weekend show "Up with Chris Hayes" because it allowed long, deep conversations with intelligent, well informed people - more than can fit into a one-hour nightly news show. Fortunately, we now have this podcast, which is a fantastic venue for this type of deep conversation. Awesome podcast!

Bright Discussions!   (5/5)

I love this podcast. Chris Hayes, on his television show and his podcast, shows how bright he is which leads to bright and intelligent discussions! I just wish he would stop saying "like" so much ... it, like, almost, like, every, like, other word, like.

Chris Hayes podcast   (5/5)

Love love love listening! I am blown away at the amazing topics discussed.

I hereby recommend   (5/5)

Fascinating topics and generally terrific guests

Impressed   (5/5)

I've listened to a few and find his style of interviewing one person thoughtfully very compelling. The latest I listened to and was so interested in was with author Eliza Griswold and have since downloaded her audiobook - Amity and Prosperity. This will continue to be one of my go-to podcasts.

Exactly what I want in a political podcast   (5/5)

Thought provoking, intelligent conversations delving deeper into the issues Chris covers so well on his show, but without the time limit one is subjected to on broadcast television.

Humanbeing   (5/5)

If you are wondering how the hell we got to this point in our history, well Chris helps pull back the curtain to some of the missing info!

Love This Podcast   (5/5)

I am always excited to see the new episode week to week. Chris Hayes does deep dives into incredibly important topics and interviews interesting and knowledgeable people. It is a must listen for me.

Hayes hits a grand slam   (5/5)

Bases loaded with Chris as an author, TV show and now a fabulous, relevant, and stimulating podcast ⚾️. Chris, you provide me with the most thought provoking shows and books ( I recently read A Colony in a Nation). When I watch, listen or read a situation you present my mind is blown and I almost have to wrap my head with duck tap🤯WOW 👁😮.......keeps me thinking now I understand a bit about “Why is this happening” 👏🏼

Chris Hayes’ podcasts   (5/5)

I have listened to six episodes, and have to say that these wide-ranging and deep discussions are terrific. Chris Hayes is a very fine journalist and interviewer.

Can’t wait for Tuesday   (5/5)

Love your topics and quest. Keep them coming.

An additional supplement   (5/5)

I admit that I’m a #Inners fan of the journalist Chris Hayes and his show on MSNBC. But I enjoy listening to his podcast “Why Is This Happening?” Because in this crazy administration I keep asking What rather than the why, because the truth to the why is much more disturbing. But I honestly love hearing him speaking on other topics we don’t see on his tv show and speaking to different guests with different backgrounds and opinions. Hearing his actual view points and hearing his humor in the broadcast. I just hope him and his team keep bringing good content. Thanks.

Love it!   (5/5)

You have me listening to podcasts again! Keep it up!

Longform Chris is the best Chris   (5/5)

Stunning interviews. When Chris Hayes has the time, he is able to dig into a topic and actually do it justice. It is much more worthwhile than the bits and pieces we get on his MSNBC show. I still watch the show, but this podcast is one of the best ever. The show with Nikole Hannah Jones motivated me to write this. It changed my worldview forever.

Fantastic   (5/5)

Chris Hayes is not only highly informative but challanging to the audience and likes to be challenged himselfm which makes listening a wonderful and enlightening experience

The next best thing to Up   (5/5)

What I've always respected about Chris Hayes is his ability to understand issues and to find the best people to talk to about them. He's a particularly talented moderator who obviously masters topics, but then he also brings in a variety of voices who can illuminate things in interesting ways. I always called Up with Chris Hayes the "Social Science Geek Squad," and this podcast is already showing why. The discussions of tribalism and decision-making were things I could use as teaching aids for teaching my undergraduate Sociological Theory classes. But the discussions about Puerto Rico and school segregation were also grounded in research and extremely illuminating, if less abstract. If you're looking for a great podcast about politics and social issues, this is one of the very best you can find.

Chris gets IT.   (5/5)

There is no other way to describe Chris Hayes and his podcast other than that “he gets it.” The guests and discussions are poignant, relevant and thought provoking. I only wish they were longer and more frequent. I could listen to Chris everyday. Thankfully I have his news podcast for that.

Why Is This Happening - Larry Krasner   (5/5)

Great interview with the new DA of Philly about criminal justice reform. Thanks for bringing us some good news on this one, Chris. We never miss an episode - big fans!

Chris is great   (5/5)

I love watching Chris, Rachel and Lawrence when I can. This podcast is an excellent way to go deeper into fascinating stories. I listened intently to the episode about home ownership. Truly riveting. Well done, Chris!

Great   (5/5)

Very informative.

Go more in depth, great guests   (5/5)

The topics are all really relevant to current affairs and the guests are well selected and add a lot to the conversations. It’s nice to have more time than a quick TV segment to get into the topics.

Well above average   (5/5)

I’ve been listening to several of these podcasts and the most recent one with Nikole Hannah Jones about separate but equal education was just stunning; a very high-level discussion. This podcast goes beyond the usual rehashing of current popular topics and politics. Thoughtful and thought-provoking.

love WITH!!   (5/5)

I'm really enjoying your podcast - love the topics you're discussing and the wonderful guests. Really enjoyed the housing and the school segregation pods - filled with important historical facts on two very relevant topics. Keep up the great work!

Interesting in-depth stories   (5/5)

Interesting in-depth stories. Current topics b

Smart & engaging   (5/5)

Chris is so smart and engages beautifully with his guests. Fascinationg conversations and thoughtful insight. One of the best podcasts.

Thought-provoking dive into current issues   (5/5)

Look forward to Tuesdays so I can find out what Chris & his guests are talking about this week. Always fascinating conversations.

Must listen   (5/5)

One of the better voices of the generation, and a great interviewer and conversationalist. This pod was a long time coming.

Enlightens and sometimes surprises   (5/5)

I find myself listening to and enjoying shows on topics I did not expect to hold my interest. The sign of excellent journalism. Very good to see these days.

Great show.   (5/5)

There is something grating about watching someone who likes to discuss policy having to report the daily news in the era we live in. The story of “the lies behind the truth; and the truth behind the lies behind that truth” (with apologies to SF Chronicle political cartoonist) begin to play a monotonous narrative that doesn’t dig deeper. This podcast, I think is Mr. Hayes’ way of trying to cut through the monotone voice to discuss policy. It’s smart, it is not groundbreaking (but maybe for our moment) - It’s a reflection of where America is in regards to the news, and where we should have been in a normal news world - and attempts to reorient us so we are less lost in “a sea of despair” that is the daily news narrative. Well worth listening.

Such a brilliant podcast   (5/5)

Chris Hayes seems liberated when given the freedom to do deep dives into topics via this podcast. Insightful, witty and always engaging- I love what he is doing.

Real Estate   (5/5)

This is what needs to be talked about more. I’m married, 46, 2 adult children, college educated, battled 3 relapses of a serious illness & I feel like an absolute failure. We will never be able to afford a house & now this gop majority wants to punish us for surviving by taking away pre existing conditions mandate. On top of that, we can now be kicked off healthcare insurance that we paid into for years. Why get healthcare? Why go to college? I became a nurse, but my work history is pointed to as a reason they won’t hire me. I was too busy surviving. Perseverance in my education & other life challenges mean absolutely nothing now.

Outstanding conversations   (5/5)

Great insightful guests, thanks for talking about real issues that impact all of us whether we think it does or not.

Wow.   (5/5)

What an incredible podcast. It combines a wide variety of guests abc topics that all have similar themes in common and helps answer the essential questions of why and who and what. Chris Hayes is brilliant and as much as I enjoy him on MSNBC, that medium hems him in while the podcast allows him to soar. I am hooked.

I Tell Everyone to Listen to This Podcast   (5/5)

Dear Chris, I realize that I have written out the name of your podcast and my favorite episodes so many times in the past few weeks, but that I never wrote to you to thank you. I have listed to the Cory Robbin’s interview on “The Conservative Mind” three times and have ordered and read his book and am about to read Kim Phillips-Finn’s book. I was so impressed with your interview of Dexter Filkins on the Middle East (read his New Yorker article), and am waiting for Tim Wu’s book to arrive from Amazon. Loved your interview with Kate Shaw! You’re right, she’s brilliant. So! I just wanted your producers to know how I feel. Keep them coming. Tuesday is a day to look forward to. Thanks, Chris. Janice Papolos Dear Chris, As you see, I wrote to you before. Honestly, I wake up on Tuesday morning and think how great it is your new podcast is streaming. Now I want to suggest an author to you. She is Arlie Russell Hochschild and she wrote a fascinating book called “Strangers in Their Own Land.” She’s a sociologist who spent five years in Lake Charles Louisiana—a Tea Party stronghold. In her book she explains why the population there supported Donald Trump. It’s a very sympathetic look at their concerns. I left this book on a bus in Peru and ordered it a second time when I got home. I know it would interest you (and I’m not related to her):

Already Liked Chris But Now...   (4/5)

Rarely miss All In. Now I have WITH. Thanks (Chris / MSNBC) for informative discussions with interesting people.

Love you but slow down! 😊   (4/5)

I love you, Chris! I’ve been listening to your podcast since the beginning and I’ve learned a lot. I really like it - have told others about it. But, it seems that each one gets faster and faster! I’m assuming that you’re not actually talking that fast but that you speed it up to get more content in. You’re now barely understandable. So, it’s time to slow down a bit. Thanks!

Excellent podcast   (5/5)

This podcast goes really in depth into some serious and interesting topics. He’s informative, entertaining, and inquisitive.

Chris   (5/5)

Is smart, sharp and on top of the news.

The Most Interesting Journalist Around   (5/5)

I enjoy Chris Hayes work more than any other journalist around, this podcast is no exception.

Great show!   (5/5)

Great job Chris - I love this new podcast.

It’s like having “Up With Chris Hayes” back!   (5/5)

I am so glad Hayes has a separate pod to explore big topics in depth. I was saddened when he left MSNBC weekends for prime time but I have gotten the thing the world needs most back. Smart explanations of news the media routinely glosses over. Subscribe, you’ll have no regrets!

Public Good   (5/5)

The public good has taken a backseat for far too long and I experience Chris’ podcasts as such; the public good has been kneecapped & I NEED to know their are people who give a crap about human beings.

I should have known . . .   (5/5)

As much as I love your show on MSNBC, I wasn’t sure if I could handle any more news in my life. I decided I’d give your podcast a trial run during my walk this morning and I am so,so glad I did. Larry Krasner is fascinating and, combined with your interviewing skills, knowledge and insight, the podcast was both entertaining and educational. I’ll be tuning in regularly from now on. Oh Chris Hayes, how could I have ever doubted you? ❤️❤️❤️

Comment re dropping crime rates...   (5/5)

PLEASE FORWARD TO CHRIS HAYES Dear Chris- I just finished listening to your wonderful podcast with Larry Krasner on Mass Incarceration - great show and wonderful guest! One thing that seemed to have been left out about the perplexing dropping crime rates in recent decades is the discussion of the advent and availability of birth control and abortions leading to fewer unwanted and/or poorly monitored children and young adults, thus reducing the sheer numbers of perpetrators of crime. I know this is a much maligned theory and hotly debated topic but the numbers don’t lie, and the logic strikes a very resonant chord in many people, male and female. I haven’t heard one counter-theory or bit of evidence that really disproves it, and, most importantly, there are billions of dollars on the line to disprove it and maintain the patriarchical status quo - can you imagine if evangelicals had to choose between high crime rates and women’s reproductive rights? It’s also a debate contested by mostly men, not women, in the public arena. That says a lot. I hope you mention this theory on air, not for any acclaim for me but because it is so relevant as reproductive rights for women are slashed every single day, and new SCOTUS replacements threaten the very existence of a woman being able to choose anything reproductively. And, not that people/men need to see an ancillary reason to support women’s reproductive rights, but having a reason intimately and positively tied to the fabric of other mass societal ills can’t hurt. Watch Sarah Silverman’s Special “A Speck Of Dust” - her take on sperm having the sense of smell is genius! Im a longtime fan of All In + Why Is This Happening? The zeal with which you attack tough societal ills and also search for answers is more than admirable, it’s truly patriotic - you want our country, this unique experiment, to succeed and flourish, as do I. Thank you, brother. 😊

Fracking   (5/5)

Interesting to listen to journalists discuss resentments of rural PA Americans. Resentments towards the Federal government while corporate America exploits them. Neither journalist answers the question of the mass confusion of rural Americans’ exploitation and attitude towards the Federal government which is dominate in Congress by the rural districts who they voted into office!

Eliza Griswold is an American hero!   (5/5)

Listen to Chris’s great interview of Eliza. Eliza’s ability to both TELL a story and her tenacity to GET the story is a beautiful thing. A perfect example of all that is right with journalism. She is a remarkable person/journalist synthesizing the indisputable facts with her generous opinions on why individuals/humans do and believe the things they do. EVERYONE will take alway actionable information they can use by understanding WHY THIS IS HAPPENING? Great work “Mr. Chris”. Your concept behind this podcast in general is an antidote to the sound bites we are being actively and intentionally divided by. Thank you

Love 💗   (5/5)

I never miss Chris on MSNBC; now I never miss his pod cast. Always interesting and intelligent reporting.

Surprised   (1/5)

I thought Chris had fully transitioned to Rachel Maddow by now

A master’s class in current events   (5/5)

Why pay $1000 per college unit when you can listen to this podcast for free. Chris talks to the most fair minded professionals about the issues impacting our daily lives, and we, the listeners, end up contemplating the issues with more common sense than we had before. And that’s what the world needs, more common sense. Chris often has authors on the show, and my only suggestion is revealing the book title prior to the next podcast. I’d love to have a Chris Hayes book club kind of thing.

Smart   (5/5)

I could listen to big worded Chris Hayes all day long.

Indepth interviews   (5/5)

Great interviews. Interesting people.

Love the pod!!!   (5/5)

One of my favorites. An informative look at a lot of the current events and topics driving today’s conversations around politics. I learn a lot and best of all it makes sense! Keep up the good work!

All your guest suffer from upspeak!   (1/5)

I would love to listen to this podcast as I generally find Chris Hayes to be an important thought provoking, compassionate, deeply informed voice we desperately need. But...I cannot, cannot, cannot listen to upspeak (EZRA KLEIN I’M LOOKING AT YOU). Just turned it off. I’ll try to go back, but honestly journalists of today...take a broadcasting 101 class.

Why Is This Happening   (5/5)

Very informative. Good discourse on social problems.

Why do you have to push it so hard?   (1/5)

I saw it, subscribed and listened to the first episode. It was his wife and he gushed over her, as I would expect and I looked forward to the next episode to see what he was really going to do. Then EVERY MSNBC podcast put an ad for it at the end. This went on for weeks, and still hasn’t stopped. I never listened to the second episode and unsubscribed. If you have to push it that hard, it can’t be any good!

Outstanding New Podcast!   (5/5)

I was fortunate to binge-listen to three most recent broadcasts of Chris Hayes’ “Why is This Happening”. Brilliantly Wonderful! Chris is so intelligent & engaging with a guest who is “expert”, very knowledgeable or authors on the topic. I was swept away by the three podcast depth of discussions and urge new listeners to try those on: 1. Internet, 2. Immigration, 3. Tribes. So thought-provoking & informative with Chris Hayes who feels like a grounded, bright best friend from grad school. This is a MUST!

Blog or forum for reactions?   (4/5)

Great show, dare I say better than Out Front? It would be great to have a blog or forum to post reactions and thoughts to specific shows though. Particularly I have Mrs. Chua in mind, whose show was honestly painful to get through as she kept using the word tribalism differently—one second it’s positive and natural, the next it’s negative and on the rise! Her Native American students had every right to be offended considering it’s colonial origins that implies a violent or savage nature. The project of bringing a racially-tinged term into general use is counterproductive to political science itself. Categorizing all groups under the general labels of tribe and ‘sub-tribe’ is just sloppy political science. Different types of groups within a polity function differently, and few ever act like separate warring tribes. Maybe she’s a pure Hobbesian, but I’m afraid I have to side with Aristotle: Men are political animals, not tribal animals.

A great format and Chris is a solid podcaster   (5/5)

Going from TV to a a podcast is a lot easier than going the other way but Chris has been able to make this podcast shine. The interviews so far have been mostly engaging and thought provoking. Having the guest talk at length and not having a two minute talking head segment like what happens on most TV shows is nice. Chris is very knowledgeable but also admits when he is wrong or when he disagrees it's polite and respectful. It reminds me of how we use to have conversations and it being a pleasant joust of ideas and not a shouting match. I look forward to whenever a new episode is posted and what the topic will be.

Absorbing and informative   (5/5)

Chris Hayes uses his enviable knowledge and insatiable curiosity to entertain and inform with the aid of lively, articulate guests. These podcasts never disappoint.

Tribalism   (5/5)

Amy was great. This episode had me defensive the whole time as “the straight white male”. My favorite episode. Thanks Chris

“Like” Please stop saying it   (4/5)

Chris, Please stop saying “like”. No better than “um”.

I gave it a chance   (2/5)

In general I find Chris Hayes to be a insightful, thoughtful guy. I picked as my intro the discussion on the rule of law that he had with his wife. She’s clearly a good choice for that discussion, but they barely got through it, meandering all over the place and allowing themselves to take side trips into things like wether she should shut off her cell phone. It ended up actually being a reminiscing of what working in the White House was like. Fine, perhaps, but not what the title suggested. From reading other reviews this seems like a pattern. Maybe I’ll check again in a year or two.

This is now my favorite podcast   (5/5)

I frequently drive three hours or more a day and these discussions are great. The exchanges cover questions I have asked myself and had no efficient way to answer. Chris Hayes is an highly informed observer current events. Thanks

Why a conversation with Amy Chua.   (3/5)

Slow down guys. The conversation was like a slippery bowl of spaghetti-too many thoughts going in all directions. This seemed like a contest for who could leave the most sentences unfinished. This is an important topic but I came away not knowing what point either of you was making. Nice try, though.

Amazingly Brilliant, and just a little sexy!   (5/5)

Chris Hayes is the kinda person I used to try to keep in my orbit before there was a Google. If I had a question, he probably knew the answer. If I wanted to know something and didn’t even KNOW I wanted to know it...he bring it to my attention. I ♥️ you Chris Hayes! Also, could you swear just a little more this bringing my geek-sheik & bad-boy complexes into a bizarre intersection of AWESOME?!

Chris’s required reading club   (5/5)

Hayes is doing what he does best: deep, thoughtful dives into the politics of now with important authors. My bookshelf runneth over! Thanks Chris!


Just listened to my first podcast in this series and found it interesting and earth shaking in terms of laying out really serious issues.

Time well spent   (5/5)

I’m a nightly viewer of All In and now a podcast disciple of Chris Hayes. Timely subjects with smart, insightful guests, experts in the topic. After each podcast I’m still left unsettled but more knowledgeable. Great work, thank you!

All In Meets The Why   (5/5)

Chris Hayes takes us deeper into his thinking and brain in the best ways possible. Listening to him and Kate Shaw was magical. Imagine if all men talked WITH women like that in our world. I am more hopeful for the future as they have children which will grow up to be awesome like their parents. I love the long form discussions, and yes I will pay with my attention if you have to place an add or other promotion to make it financially viable for the long term. Thanks Chris and crew!

Review of podcast   (5/5)

Very thoughtful and intelligent discussions that I always wished would last longer. Chris and his guests expand upon topics that I have often wanted to understand more thoroughly but haven’t had time to research myself. I also get at least one new vocabulary word! Thanks Chris for bringing your gifted insight and wit to us in a new and brilliantly thought out program!

Feckless fun!   (5/5)

Hard hitting dulcet tones i am not a bot.

Fascinating   (5/5)

I am new to podcasting. I know, I’m super late to the party. This is a great use of time. I love watching chris, but this is a great way to get a deep dive. I’ve caught myself saying, “...on Chris’ podcast...”

Good job Chris!   (5/5)

I subscribed to Chris’s new pod upon announcement because, you know, it’s Chris Hayes.. Pods are a salve for FOMO disease and there are a bunch out there, and some really great. This is one to love and one not miss. Good job, Chris.

Best 35 minutes you will spend all week   (5/5)

In my book, All In and Doc Maddow are part of a daily healthy listening/viewing diet, but this 35 minutes is in many ways more important to understanding the forces behind the daily news. If you look at the varied topics since this podcast launched, they may look all over the map, but when you listen to them you realize you're getting your fingers more squarely on the pulse of what's going on when you follow Chris Hayes coming at it from all these different angles. The guests have been amazing, and I could easily listen to them talk for twice as long as they do. My only problem with this podcast is that I want to read all of the guests' books, and there are so many. This is what journalism and public dialogue should be like. Kudos to everyone involved in putting this together.

Just want we need   (5/5)

A relaxed, in-depth, fascinating discussion of a single topical subject. It’s just what we need right now to help make sense of what’s driving the news rollercoaster we’re constantly on.

Finally...   (5/5)

an intelligent and interesting show. Great conversations, critical thinking, and a forum where people can disagree like civil adults and be open to learning from each other. Who knew there were still shows of this caliber?

F bomb   (5/5)

chris Dropped an F-Bomb! Now I will imagine him swearing during insane moments on All In. Seriously tho, I am enjoying this podcast.

Mostly terrific, just like Chris   (4/5)

I enjoy Chris Hayes's work a lot, and this podcast is no exception. I couldn't handle the episode featuring his wife, Kate Shaw, though, not because she wasn't brilliant and engaging but because all his gushing and billing and cooing was just too hard to take. Hopefully, he won't have too many more family members on.

Who broke the Internet?   (5/5)

Thank you for this podcast topic! I’m a year older than Chris and remember “the good old days” of the Internet in the ‘90s. It felt more welcoming, there were unspoken rules of behaving civilly in forums, advertising wasn’t so in your face, I could talk to people about my interests that no one in my friends circle were into. It was enjoyable. The people with good intentions have been pushed aside by trolls, selfish attention seekers and those who are into crazy and sometimes illegal things who are insistent on showing you their ideas whether you want to or not. I just want to reminisce about an old cartoon series, I don’t want to hear about the Deep State or how some Nazi’s were neat. Ugh... cookies and data mining and algorithms and super long TOS contracts you have no choice to agree to if you want to use a service. As an artist, I don’t like sharing my artwork as much anymore because tracing and art theft are prevalent and even accepted as the price you pay for posting online. The Internet now feels so different than it did 20 years ago and I don’t like it and have little interest in it save for podcasts, streaming and chat. I could rant for hours but this podcast has expressed so much of what I feel and I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who feels this way about the Internet. - M. E. Bartley

Terrific   (5/5)

I have listened to three of the podcasts now. I find them very illuminating and full of information and very thoughtful commentary.

Required listening   (5/5)

One of the ironic results of this current American Conservative Occupation is the frequency and amount of STELLAR political writing and thought. This podcast is one of those. Hayes brings a literate, thoughtful, "everyman" quality to his show on MSNBC, and it's here in this podcast in spades. I absolutely love it. WHY IS THIS HAPPENING? has skyrocketed to the top of my podcast playlist in just 4 episodes. Outstanding guests and commentary. The kind of show that stays with you for days after hearing it and you feel compelled to share it with friends. You have the feeling something that needs to be heard is happening here. Bravo, Chris.

The Rule of Law in the Era of Trump with Kate Shaw   (5/5)

As with all that Chris Hayes does, his podcast is terrific. Well prepared, understandable and a guy who multitasks in a unbelieveable way. He just keeps on point and knows all the follow-up questions to ask immediately. I was anxious to see how the podcasts compared to the show ALL IN. Comparisons are likely not fair as the mediums are different, but he does it well.

Great job!!!   (5/5)

Great job keep it up

The "Deep State!!"   (5/5)

Really enjoyed interview with Kate Shaw "..the greatest legal mind of her generation" (and also the mother of Mr. Hayes' children... Insightful quick witted enjoyable conversation. Also enjoyed learning about the DEEP STATE & mommies and daddies making podcasts together.. ;)p

As a country, we need more of this!   (5/5)

I think there are many of us out there struggling to understand our current reality, and while daily news is essential to that endeavor, this podcast really helps us see the broader political, cultural, philosophical, and historical contexts that have created this moment in history and politics. Very smart! Well done!

Excellent Information! 5Stars!   (5/5)

Thank you both!!! I really appreciate the special expertise you each bring... Yall have great voices... (Slow your talking down just a bit, please....we havent been married to we miss what you both know if you speak to quickly.) Im very grateful for BOTH of your knowledge.... And it is lovely to hear a pair who are as close as my folks always were!!! Keep up the good work! Just speak a titch slower... Universe Best Possible Outcome for this mess!!! Folks like you will see USA through this scary time! THANK YOU!

More Chris Hayes! What's not to love   (5/5)

Full disclosure I've met Chris and his wife Kate more than once. They are both lovely people. Kate is actually brilliant with an amazing resume. I honestly hope she gets her own show one day. I'm not sure if that's what she would want but she's just amazing. I was so happy to hear her on one of these episodes.

Great Information!   (4/5)

I enjoy Chris’ show and wanted to try out his podcast. Sadly, I found his wife/guest, Kate Shaw, spoke quite quickly and I was unable to drive and absorb the info she was sharing. So I changed the speed to 1/2 time. Although it made it much easier to understand Kate - Chris sounded, well, amusingly, “under the influence.” I look forward to more valuable episodes that I can listen to at regular speed!

Amazing in-depth interviews!   (5/5)

I am gaining so much insight from this podcast!! Thanks so much Chris!

Terrific!   (5/5)

Chris Hayes is a super-smart guy who is so fun to listen to — clearly enjoying digging a little deeper and making the listener want even more!

Fantastic content and smart conversations   (5/5)

Excellent dissection of current political issues, with historical context and credible guests. Great pod, Chris.

Well done!   (5/5)

I love it I love it I love it!

Love love this podcast!   (5/5)

I really enjoy this podcast as it feels as though I’m sitting in my living room with you. This one with your wife was excellent. Extremely talented and well thought out conversation.

Unconfined by commercials Chris spreads his wings   (5/5)

Chris plays on a higher level than any other news show anyway, and now that he’s truly unleashed through this medium we’re getting even better deconstruction of current events. And thank you for the daily content!

A near-replacement for ‘up’   (5/5)

I was torn when Chris moved from two exceedingly informative and enjoyable weekend shows to a nightly news spot. On one hand I get to enjoy his superb interviews every night, but one of the best television shows ever “Up” would no longer be available. The depth of that show was amazing, and the two hours very early on a weekend allowed the discussions to be more relaxed and gave a lot of time to getting under the surface. Alas, his moving to a nightly newsy show has lost most of this erudition, and the ever-ticking clock of commercial television is always driving the agenda...many times interrupting conversation very awkwardly. I know career wise the nightly show is better for Chris and he slots in nicely in the lineup. But still. Maybe this podcast will be a sufficient substitute though. No commercials, no particular time limit. I encourage Chris to reinstate sometimes the round table discussions that were the centerpiece of “Up”. And bring back the donuts.

Deep Diving   (5/5)

True confession - I use podcasts to drift off to sleep at night - this one has very much the opposite effect. After listening to my first one - I thought just one more - I’m now writing this review at 2:30 am wide awake and fighting the urge to do maybe just 15 minutes of the next one - oh no. The problem is they are intellectually engaging and move into otherwise unexplored spaces. This is not MSM - this is graduate seminar discussions with good reading lists. Find a reasonable time of DAY to add this to your listening list.

More like Up   (5/5)

I used to listen to Chris’s podcast—I believe with Nation Magazine—and continue to follow his career. I liked UP w/ Chris Hayes more than All In, the only MSNBC show I can tolerate and doesn’t focus 100% attention on speculation about Russia and Mueller. I enjoy this podcast and would be happy to watch All In with the guest that used to come up Up w/ Chris Hayes—Jeremy Scahill, Green Greenwald, Juan Cole, Stephanie Kelton, Naomi Klein—people that never appear on MSNBC anymore. I like this podcast. Loved Up; All in is decent compared to everything else.

What a team!   (5/5)

Wonderful interview with Kate Shaw. Hopefully they’ll make more episodes together.

Too short   (5/5)

The Kate Shaw interview is WAY TOO SHORT! I want to hear more!

Excellent!   (5/5)

Very engaging, informative and entertaining. I love the format of choosing one expert guest and weaving conversations that delve deeply into a single topic that's very relevant, open new paths of discussion, go into all the interesting details and swoop up and paint the big picture. Keep up the good work, and THANK YOU!

Great show   (5/5)

I just listened to the episode w Kate. It was fantastic. So informative and entertaining. You were your usual adorable self, and your wife was so impressive. She’s smart af! Keep up the great work! Watching “All In” now.

if you miss the old "Up with Chris Hayes"...   (5/5)

...this engaging, in-depth look at essential aspects of this time in our collective lives will make you deeply happy. It did that for me: Hayes's manifest enthusiasm for delving into foundational issues beyond and beneath the current headlines, with really smart, knowledgeable people, and for more than six minutes at a time, makes for terrifically informative, absorbing, fresh, and genuinely entertaining listening. Subscribe!

Worthwhile and beneficial   (5/5)

Chris really does strive to understand and explain. We are the benefit for his effort. Thank goodness TBTL gave this upstart a solid nod.

Great podcast   (5/5)

I just love listening to Chris Hayes ‘All In.’ This podcast is even better so far. It was delightful and very informative to hear Kate Shaw talk law and even better to hear the warm interaction between the two of them. Thanks, Chis. I’m looking forward to hearing more.

What’s Happening   (5/5)


Biased   (1/5)

Pretty biased if you ask me.

Uncle Chris Pans for Gold   (5/5)

The result here? Abundance of Gold Nuggets for Big problem issues. Chris dares to ask our reoccuring questions from a really smart place. Deftly extracted answers from good guests point to the sanity of asking the obvious. I literally walked away from the Hamster Wheel of perseveration. I binged. Listened to the one on Trump & conservatism twice. He dialogues with Life Experienced guests who already did and survived the hard stuff and worked the logic.

Interested   (5/5)

Chris is the best interviewer -doesn't let people off the hook. Ever.

LAW   (5/5)

Seriously, man, you should have your wife on once a month.

Smart and fun   (5/5)

I have really enjoyed this new podcast. It’s great to listen to intelligent people talking about important subjects without being boring or triggering the snooze factor. As an aside, Chris and his wife Kate Shaw are ridiculously adorable.

Thank you!   (5/5)

Thank you for breaking down what is happening in our country so simply that even a wanna be political junkie like myself can understand. I learn so much!

Must listen   (5/5)

Already need more podcasts Chris, please! Listened to all 3 today —fascinating, thighs provoking & unique. More more more!!!

TL   (5/5)

FANTASTIC! Chris Hayes is brilliant!

Well done.   (5/5)

Smart conversation and analysis. Chris prepares for every conversation that he engages in.

Best medium so far for Chris Hayes   (5/5)

I discovered Chris when he was doing UP on the weekends, a show I continue to mourn for it’s diverse, long-form panel interviews that were not so tied to the news cycle. All In is a great show, but the format of a daily news program rarely allows for the depth and inquiry that is nearly impossible when limited to an 8 minute segment. Judging by these first three episodes, this feels like a perfect medium for Chris. These interviews all felt substantial, insightful and different. Looking forward to more.

Yes. More please.   (5/5)

It’s so refreshing to be able to hear thoughtful, reasoned discussion of some of the thorniest aspects of history, culture and politics from folks who have done the hard work of researching and crafting the story in a way I can grasp it. I thank you all.

True journalist   (5/5)

Chris Hayes is one of the few journalists in TV, especially cable, news. His interview style is thorough and includes follow up questions. He truly looks for truth and isn’t afraid to challenge the interviewees.

Why is this happening   (3/5)

The content is superb. Chris Hayes is a seasoned professional, and therefore audible throughout. His first guest, Corey Robin, varies in vocal timbre from as-loud-as-Chris to Soto-voiced. He was too often inaudible. This can be fixed in post-production

Hayes was meant for this format!   (5/5)


So much better than I expected   (5/5)

I like All In pretty much, tho sometimes I think Chris is a bit overbearing. So I subscribed to this podcast with some trepidation, and worried when I saw the first 3 episode titles. The Middle East, the history of the conservative movement -- how pedantic can you get? But how wrong I was: Chris found the exact right people to interview, and asked the questions I would have if I were much smarter. Fascinating, informative, transformative. If this series continues as it has started I'll run out of storage saving every episode.

Chris Hayes + podcast = AWESOME   (5/5)

Chris Hayes + podcast = AWESOME

Awesome!   (5/5)

Great podcasts! Chris does a great job keeping the conversation active and very interesting. So interesting that I already had to buy Dexter Filkins book for more. And I will be buying the others next. Thanks Chris for the great job and Please give us more!

Best new(s?) podcast   (5/5)

Chris brings the same intelligent, thoughtful journalistic mindset from his MSNBC show to the world of podcasts. His guests are fascinating and the content is educational in an entertaining and endlessly engaging way. New favorite.

Excellent   (5/5)

Wow. Each episode so far has been incredible. Please keep it up.

Good listen.   (5/5)

Historical perspective without beating me over the head with it.

Brilliant   (5/5)

Chris Hayes deep dives into some of the most fascinating and compelling issues of the day. Thank you for this thoughtful and important program.

Hit a triple   (5/5)

I would expect Chris Hayes to put out a quality product given his talent and intellect but he has really made an auspicious debut. All three first epidodes were enlightening, informative, intellegent. I'm reminded of Hayes' first show on MsNBC when he was allowed to bring on new voices and talk indepth instead of putting out the 3 MsNBC outrage topics du jour. Can't wait for the next episode.

Why Is This Happening?   (5/5)

Chris Hayes, If all the blogs are as informative and engrossing as the first three, I can’t wait. Thanks for doing this. You have crystallized so many issues for me. Susan Drapeau

Entertaining and thoughtful   (5/5)

I find the podcast to be a refreshing mix of entertainment and thoughtful commentary. Political discourse has become overwhelmingly polarized. I am heartened by the civility by which Chis engages his guests. The willingness to have an intelligent conversation about uncomfortable but necessary issues facing the body politic. Well done.

if it were actually audible I would probably like it more   (3/5)

A great concept, with a curious, wonky host and knowledgeable guests focusing on extended consideration of a Big Theme. Much needed in the soundbite era! But like too many podcasts, this one has a SERIOUS technical problem of wildly varying audio levels, veering from almost silent to speaker-bustingly loud from one moment to the next. Guys: this problem was solved decades ago. You know how to fix it. So... why is this happening? to quote your host. Please resolve the issue, or I and many other listeners may just give up.

If you loved UP...   (5/5)

Subscribe and listen to this podcast. On his weekend morning show, as now on this podcast, he takes the time to have real conversations. We get to listen in as issues are discussed and digested between what sounds like a pair of friends chatting. This is what I loved about UP and I couldn’t be happier to find it again. Thank you for this show.

Heck, this is lovely   (5/5)

You know when you listen to friends just yammer and you are just so happy to be listening? When you feel like you’ve ascended to some new level of thought? Verbally wanted to say huh, I never thought of that? This is just like that.

Information, not opinion-laden   (5/5)

Finally a way to begin to understand what is happening behind the factoids and newsy mists. Suggest that someone check the audio-some of it comes on too low, somewhat muffled. When I turn the volume up on my device, next podcast blasts if I’ve forgotten to adjust down. Great shows about conservative movement and about Middle East realities.