Aggregated reviews for Without Fail

Candid conversations with entrepreneurs, artists, athletes, visionaries of all kinds—about their successes, and their failures, and what they learned from both. Hosted by Alex Blumberg, from Gimlet Media.

Megan Phelps-Roper episode !¡!¡!¡   (5/5)

A powerful episode. This is an important story for this moment in history. Alex took the conversation to Truth and Twitter — what could be more relavant right now — and Megan kinda blew my mind. So good. Thank you.

Fell Off Big Time   (1/5)

This was a phenomenal podcast when it began. Go back and listen to the first several episodes. I’m not sure what happened but the timeliness (weeks without) of episodes and quality of the episodes have been choppy at best. Seems there’s not enough homework/research for great stories are being done. Very disappointing.

Excellent Poscast   (5/5)

I have listened to this podcast since it began and still get excited when a new episode drops. I like that each episode has the foundational theme of success and failure, but that each story is unique and thoughtfully sourced. Thanks, Alex, for asking the questions, as we all face success and failure in our own lives, and learn from others how they’ve coped with both.

Questions   (5/5)

The way Alex asks questions is so great. He really takes care to be open ended and non judgmental; curious and warm-hearted. I just listened to the interview with Rachel who instigated the investigation into Larry Nasser and was so touched by his sensitivity. I really enjoy Without Fail!

PLEASE   (5/5)

Stop Posting these episodes in other feeds with different titles. Also I’m tired of hearing from whites. Ty

Cut the Valley Girl talk, please!   (4/5)

If you can tolerate host Alex Blumberg’s questions and comments liberally sprinkled with the useless word “like” (it SO diminishes an otherwise stellar podcasts) you’ll enjoy this series.

Ok interviews   (3/5)

I like some of the interviews but I’m getting tired of the refrain: “how do you feel” “how did that make you feel?” — it makes me feel irritated.

Truly exceptional   (5/5)

Love Planet Money and absolutely love this show! When How I built this first came out I was a fan but I got tired for the format quickly. Ever episode of this show somehow sounds different but in the best way and so authentic. I love getting to know snippets of the person being interviewed whether I know them or it’s my first time hearing about them. Please keep this show going! What you guys are doing is truly awesome.

Usual Lib nonsense   (1/5)

First episode: Ronald Reagan took food from my table (Mayor admits that was a little dramatic). This podcast should be considered as a direct contribution to the DNC. Back to Cartalk.

Like, please stop...   (4/5)

In the episode with Ira Glass the word “like” is used so often I had to turn it off. Otherwise, I, like, love the show!

Interview podcast for people who do not like interview podcasts   (5/5)

I’m not normally a fan of interview podcasts but without fail interviews are more like mini stories and they often focus on people I have never heard from which I really enjoy!

Nick Kroll episode   (1/5)

Just awful. Disgusting beyond belief. Horrid.... Shame on you, Alex, and Jonathan.

Great podcast!   (5/5)

You can tell Alex is an American Life alumni. The stories are very well but together and so interesting!

My Favorite Show   (5/5)

I absolutely love this show. I listen to most of the gimlet shows and was with Start Up from the beginning. This show showcases my favorite thing about gimlet, Alex and his empathy for people.

Surprisingly enjoyable   (4/5)

Dude’s a really underrated interviewer.

Gimlet's answer to start-up   (5/5)

Without fail is a wonderful podcast! Alex Blumberg is a great interviewer, always asking great questions and engaged in the interviews. It is the perfect answer to the discontinued Gimlet podcast, Start-Up.

Best podcast ever   (5/5)

I love this podcast so much! I just binged all the 2018 episodes, please continue to produce amazing conversations and interviews. My Monday mornings commutes now turned into Happy Monday thanks to you guys!

Blumberg is an amazing interviewer!!   (5/5)

Love this podcast! I’ve listened to podcasts similar, (Host interviews famous people) but this one takes it to a whole new level. Alex has a way with people and does a great job getting to the core of how and why people do what they do. I’ve learned a lot and can’t wait for more!

Another great podcast from Alex.   (5/5)

A great podcast with a wide range of stories. I shared a few with my boss who enjoyed them too. I especially like the interviews that include stories of failure!

Dapper Dan   (5/5)

The Dapper Dan Story was amazing! For every one that’s in tune with hip-hop and it’s figures. Know who Dapper Dan is! He was Gucci, before Gucci, He was LV, before LV, He had the vision. And that my friend is priceless!!! Foresight.

How a stay at home created an empire   (5/5)

Thank you for showcasing Jenny Doan. It was a great podcast and it is a wonderful story!

Wow that was fabulous!   (5/5)

I just finished listening to the Jenny Doan episode and that was by far the best one yet. Fascinating and fantastic!

Normally great content, has take a negative turn recently   (5/5)

So much energy towards negative things/events/topics. An episode or part of an episode here or there is totally awesome and real... it has become a bit of an epidemic for these ladies as of recently. Episodes tend to leave me feel like their therapist and down vs like I learned something or enjoyed myself listening to smart content right now. I have been a loyal listener for 4 years, the last 6 months have slowly gone down a sad hill for me. I hope they can reframe some of the narratives and look for ways to make things less gloomy, not just for the listeners... but for themselves. They don’t sound very joyful these days.

Without question   (5/5)

One of the most interesting podcasts available. Nothing like learning how to fail and come back because life is full of surprises. Even the stories I didn’t think would speak to me provided some type of useful insight. And I like that Alex is actively applying what he hears to his own learning. This is probably a good podcast for teenagers to hear if you don’t get too uptight about language (but at this point, they’ve heard it if you’re being honest with yourself).

Unsubscribe   (1/5)

No more content I suggest we just unsubscribe.

Listen!   (5/5)

Alex is one of the best hosts out there - great podcast.

Never fails to be fascinating!   (5/5)

I found this podcast recently and love it so much that I am working my way through the archives. The interviews are wide ranging yet deeply interesting. As always, Alex is an expert interviewer.

Please Gimlet, Lay Off Politics   (2/5)

Dear Gimlet, I don’t appreciate your politics. But that doesn’t mean we can’t be friends. If you would please just go about your merry way of creating great listening and stay out of a) politics, b) perceived social justice causes, it would be a lot easier to simply enjoy your work and patronize your sponsors. Every so often, however, you force me to stop listening to a show, like this one, because it just becomes too much. I wonder if you’ll be speaking to any Republican Senators about the tough gut calls they’ve made on decisions that aren’t socially or politically palatable to the Gimlet rank & file? Don’t make yourself so hard to enjoy, please - I otherwise love your work, but won’t listen to this show again.

Liberal Trash   (1/5)

Completely biased towards one side of the aisle. Go ahead and label this podcast as a left wing puppet show, because that’s all it is. Start showing both sides of the story not just your rehearsed narrative.

Great show!   (5/5)

This show is fantastic, I learn so much from every episode.

Scared child   (1/5)

So, I actually was really impressed with this podcast. Everyone of them I enjoyed. Until you were a podcast about the scared inner child. That man had a meltdown and it was incredibly uncomfortable to listen to. I did not finish that podcast. I’m curious, what was it that you thought we were supposed to learn from it.?

Not digging the July 8th episode   (5/5)

I always enjoy listening to Alex but this guy still sounds like he’s too self important. One of his first comments was something like “yea, I’m expensive...he he” and it was difficult to feel his sincerity after that. I don’t know it was just hard for me to relate to him. I guess I may just not know him or maybe it’s because I’m not an “executive.”

Without Fail   (5/5)

It is always enlightening to hear other people’s stories and how they handled the twists and turns of life. Great podcasts.

Really enjoying this show   (5/5)

It’s really interesting to hear from such a variety of people about their triumphs and failures. Great show.

One of the top business podcasts   (5/5)

Definitely a great and creative addition to the business podcast world. Every interview is compelling, even when it’s about a topic I don’t care much about. Blumberg does it again!


Great listening. Great podcast!!!

Fabulous   (5/5)

Smart, funny, inspiring people being interviewed. Fabulous sharing on the failures (learn from them) and successes (stay humble) from a wide range of folks.

My favorite!!   (5/5)

Thank you for inspiring us all with everyones failures and doing it with a kind and humorous tone.

Eduardo Jordan interview   (5/5)

This episode was the best one yet. Edwardo’s story is so important. You could tell that Alex was a bit out of his depth but he kept digging so that Edoardo could tell his story.

Love   (5/5)

Words can’t describe how much I love this podcast! Alex does an amazing job interviewing & then weaving the story of the person he’s interviewing. Also the types of people featured is so diverse, people of all different industries & walks of life. I can’t wait to see what else Without Fail brings!

Love love love   (5/5)

Alex Blumberg does such a great job interviewing his guests. Each episode gets better-Ron Johnson and the tragedy expert are my favorite episodes.

Gimlet ROCKS!   (5/5)

You guys do such an incredible job story telling in your podcasts! I always loving seeing what new podcasts you have. I especially look forward to new episodes of “Without Fail” and “Heavyweight”. If you ever cancel these... I will legit cry. They are SO good. I have shared both with so many of my friends. Anyone reading this review... LISTEN TO THESE RIGHT now and just do yourself a favor and SUBSCRIBE! You’re welcome 😊

Never a wasted minute   (5/5)

Every single episode has been well worth my time. Great cadence, questions and guests. Inspirational on so many levels.

Love gimlet   (5/5)

I like so much of what gimlet does, I started with reply all and now I always keep my eyes open for another gimlet show. I don’t love every single episode, but I get something valuable from almost every interview. The idea of talking openly about failure is so important in today’s world

Love you, love your show...   (5/5)

..could listen to one every-other day. As interesting to me as the interviews is the view on history. The ways in which entrepreneurs have made their way over the last handful of decades... And most of the people are likeable, or at least edited to seem so. More, please.

Unsubscribe to start up feed   (3/5)

I like this podcast but there is no reason to stay subscribed to startup podcast honestly gimlet has gone downhill this year lots of misses I don’t know if it’s the fact they did a deal with Spotify or they just got lazy this podcast is a symbol of what’s wrong with gimlet media lazy generic shows instead of innovation hey this show is the new start up I unsubscribed to start up because I don’t need to listen to this show again I don’t need a notification from start up just to see it’s this show I already listened to

Great podcast   (5/5)

Really well thought out subjects and stories. As someone who has failed plenty, this is incredibly relatable and vulnerable content.

Good content but...   (3/5)

This is an interesting podcast for sure. I would enjoy it a lot more if Alex didn't sound like an Ira Glass wannabe, however. Not a knock on the content or what Alex has to say, just the feeling that he hasn't developed his own vocal style. I wish he would.

Always insightful   (5/5)

Like a fireside chat with those who have shaped business and; therefore, our society.

Great podcast for everyone   (5/5)

I recently got into podcasts and the first one I listened to was Startup. I really liked Alex’s narration and the way the shows were produced. When I started looking for my next podcast, I browsed Gimlet’s selection and came across the fairly recent Without Fail. There is something pleasing about Alex’s voice and I wish he narrated every podcast. I really enjoy his discussions with the guests, even when it’s a person or story I have never heard of. The lengths are perfect to get me through my commute without being overly long. Highly recommend!

Top 5 Favorite Podcasts of All Time   (5/5)

This has been my favorite discovery of 2018, Alex does a superb job at interviewing to push through all the fluff and pull out authenticity. Looking through the lens of failure paints a unique picture that I haven’t seen in another podcast, all the while knowing these are highly successful, smart, driven people who we know and love. We just forget to talk about the hard periods sometimes. Without Fail accomplishes this beautifully and I highly recommend this to anyone wanting to grow in their career.

ERMKAY YES   (5/5)

Love these! So much better than a Pinterest board full of inspirational quotes. I love hearing the guests walk us through the thoughts driving their actions. I think my favorite ep to date is “how to fire people” —say what?! ;D

My new favorite   (5/5)

Every episode is great. Thought provoking and engaging.

Great, could be better   (5/5)

I really like this show, thanks so much! I would love to hear more about the “fail” aspect of these stories. Also, please no more Silicon Valley entrepreneurs! It’s not relatable at all and besides there are tons of shows interviewing those people. Loved Percy Sutton and Julie S.

Each episode is better than the last   (5/5)

I love hearing Alex again in the host spot - these are amazing stories. I’ve especially loved the build-a-bear episode, Nina Jacobson, the Groupon story - lots of fierce women founders/CEOs here which is awesome!

Love everything Alex Blumberg!   (5/5)

Great interviews, very engaging. Love all content by Gimlet!

Good Stuff   (5/5)

Good stuff, worth listening to

I love Alex   (5/5)

I’ve never actually written a review of a podcast but I so enjoyed Alex Bloomberg on This American Life and many of the Podcasts I’m listening to are on Gimlet. I’m especially enjoying without fail. Keep it up!

Great stuff!   (5/5)

Great successor to Startup. Keep up the great work

Love this show   (5/5)

My first Gimlet podcast was Startup. Loved it then and still do. When this show came out, I discovered how it is similar to Startup yet different. I think I enjoy it even more. Seems a bit more personal. Always interesting. Keep up the great work!

Alex Blumberg is a great interviewer   (4/5)

... almost Terry Gross great. His guests don’t always interest me that much, but the conversations are (ahem) without fail really enjoyable to listen to.

Failure is an Option   (5/5)

Such a great reminder that failure can lead to success, and how important reflecting on your highs and lows can be for personal growth. Well done, Blumberg & Gimlet!

Hooked   (5/5)

I love this podcast - always reminds me of how to tap into my strength and observe life’s lessons along the way. Alex’s voice is soothing too!

Reminds me of Startup season 1   (5/5)

Really great new podcast from gimlet. Similar vibe to the tim ferris show..

Even better than Start Up   (5/5)

Infectious and inspiring stories. I love the diversity of founders, the content, and Alex’s storytelling. Can’t wait for more episodes.

Without Peers   (5/5)

This is hand down my favorite new podcast. Since I listened to the first episode I have been talking about it with anyone who will listen. Anyone who is running a company, hopes to run a company, or just wants to understand what is going on in the minds of their bosses needs to listen to this.

Love it   (5/5)

I don’t listen to many podcasts but I recently started to listen to Without Fail and am a fan. It is good to hear people talk about how failing something is not always the end, but rather a stepping stone to better opportunities.

It’s like a really like good podcast like thing   (3/5)

Love the stories and interviews, but when Alex like starts to like talk unscripted or like off the cuff, it like gets like hard to like listen too. It’s like hard to keep like listening.

Interesting premise, well produced   (5/5)

Alex Bloomberg knows how to produce amazing interviews. I like that he interjects a little of himself into these ones. Eclectic group of interviewees. People I never would have thought of listening to. Really enjoying.

Perfect Binge Listening   (5/5)

My new favourite podcast. Feelsl like evesdropping on an intimate conversation with people who have had the most interesting business lives.

Amazing   (5/5)

Loved “without fail” a lot. I listen to a lot of entrepreneurs interview style podcasts, but in this one Alex relating his guests stories and experiences to himself is where the insights become so clear and practical! Thank you very much for another amazing show! You definitely know how to make hits :-) I binged the first season in 3 days!! Looking forward for the next one.

It's fabulous   (5/5)

Alex Blumberg, this is wonderful. Kudos to you for this amazing show. Beautifully produced, and very inspiring.

Totally Loving it   (5/5)

These in-depth interviews are heartfelt and captivating. Of course, the interview of Ira Glass is a must-hear classic!

Just what I needed   (5/5)

The Nina Jacobson episode literally just made my week. It was exactly the insight and enouragement I needed this week. I laughed and cried listening to this one episode. Great interviews. Great perspective. Thank you!

My new fave podcast   (5/5)

I found Reply All last Fall and have been eating up past episodes whenever I get a chance. That led me to Start-Up and now to Without Fail. Blumberg just has such a great voice and method of story telling. I am an entrepreneur and have had several successes (and failures) in my time. This podcast makes me smile, laugh, reflect and be grateful. Thank you Alex for your vision with starting Gimlet and in particular for hosting Without Fail. More episodes/seasons please!

FASCINATING Interviews!   (5/5)

I’ve only listened to a couple of interviews so far, but they are fantastic!

Engaging, educational and one of the best!   (5/5)

As a ReplyAll lover, I was excited to listen to Without Fail and was not disappointed. It’s transparent and eye-opening. Great stuff. Keep ‘em coming!

Personal Professional Psychotherapy?   (3/5)

The quality of the sound production is terrific. The content, however, feels a bit like the host is working out his professional aspirations via the podcast wherein his business conversations intersect with discussions he has with his therapist about the viability of Gimlet. His personal tensions are palpable in the narratives, but in a way that does not feel purposeful. Was the GSW player an investor in Gimlet? If so, the listeners should know. And it felt like Glass was simply doing a former employee a favor (and like maybe he had also invested in Gimlet). Not sure how to describe this podcast other than to say it feels like an affluent middle age white male is trying to build his net worth by calling up his industry friends and inquiring about how he can make more money by sharing relatively benign life stories. Where is the narrative link and arc? Jump on over to Heavyweight, friends (also on Gimlet). His business partner’s show is just lovely.

Unique, honest, excellent   (5/5)

Love this show. I’m a serial entrepreneur of 30 years with my own experience of failures - one quite recent - and I love the personal take, with simple, very direct questions and honest answers about lessons learned. Please make many many more episodes!

Another Great Business Podcast   (5/5)

I just love Gimlet productions and if you like Start Up you’ll love this one. Not only is Alex Blumberg back in the interviewer role the quick dips into so many different aspects of business is enlightening. Enjoy!

New favorite!   (5/5)

This podcast is great! The interviews are super interesting and I’m really impressed with how fascinating the people are! Also great mix of men and women! I’ll be a long term subscriber of this one!

Free executive coaching!   (5/5)

This is super-helpful executive coaching masquerading as an interview podcast. But it also works for people who just want to listen in on intelligent conversations from interesting people. Blumberg is a brilliant interviewer. As a business owner and manager, I've learned something invaluable from literally every episode.

Management 101   (5/5)

I love this show. I recently became a manager and in the course of one year have tripled the size of my team, and because of this I totally relate to both all the interviewees as well as Alex. The ep with his mentor Ira Glass is especially poignant, since as soon as I became a manager I realized how hard it is and went back to talk to all my previous managers to apologized for being a jerk in the past and praise them for their patience. Great personal stories by Gimlet yet again.

Ira   (4/5)

My biggest nightmare just happened: Alex Blumberg interviewing Ira Glass. I was confused the whole episode of which one is talking. Ah...

A Must Listen for Anyone in Business   (5/5)

Regardless of what stage you are in your company, you can always learn from someone who had been through it before.

Too thin   (3/5)

Love gimlet. But starting to think they are spreading themselves too thin.

Solid listen   (5/5)

Solid subject matter and well executed. Refreshing to see that other successful people still dont feel like they know what they’re doing sometimes! Gimlets got another homerun on their hands.

Outstanding show, likable host!   (5/5)

First heard Alex on This American Life and heard the promo for this show. Checked it out. Glad I did.

Funny, Inspirational, Makes You Wanna Jump out & Do It   (5/5)

I started listening to Alex Blumberg when he was at Planet Money, and with “Startup”, I couldn’t stop listening to his Gimlet Media journey, where he made “podcasts” cool! His stories are entertaining, funny, and encouraging in an quiet, but effective way. So authentic is his voice and storytelling that it helped me take my leap of faith and work on my dream. And, he scores again in “Without Fail”, telling those next chapters of our growth mindset, sharing stories of success and failure of amazing household names. Listening to each episode of “Without Fail” is like taking a Master Class on entrepreneurship, self-determination, falling-and-picking-up-with-style all wrapped into one! You gotta listen to one or 10!

Duh   (5/5)

Why are you reading the reviews? This is a show made by Gimlet. It’s great. Everything they make is great. Stop reading this review and listen to an episode! You’re wasting time!

Review   (5/5)

Love this show. I wish there were more shows. I have a problem binge listening and running through entire shows over a short period. Highly recommend!

This is a great podcast   (5/5)

Dear Alex and gimlet media people, You’re doing a great job. Love, Lindsey

FANTASTIC podcast!!   (5/5)

I️ started listening to the Gimlet family of podcasts through Reply All, I️ find PJ and Alex hilariously entertaining, very relatable and just all around fun. From there started listening to Start-up and was entranced by the story thinking and wondering had this podcast or just podcasts in general been around when I️ started my first business, how would that have transformed my life and my business! I’m a big How I Built this fan and when Without Fail started I was honestly skeptical but it is so real, raw and all around awesome it was easy to fall in love with it as well! Thank you for producing amazing shows! They transform my commute but make a lasting impact on my daily life!

I can’t deal with “Like” 1000 times   (3/5)

I enjoy this podcast, and I enjoy both Alex and Ira from their other work. I just wish they would listen to themselves and how often they both use the word “like.” I found the content interesting, but the use of “like” drove me nuts. My young adult sons do this too. I’m surprised that two middle aged men who use their voices for a living do the same thing.

I like really like want to like rate this like a 5.   (4/5)

I am a huge fan of Gimlet and Alex B. The shows are candid and insightful. Production quality is world class. The attention to audio details are second to none. My only note is in the distracting overuse of the word “like.” Ironically, both both Ira Glass and Alex B. were talking about the meticulous edit notes and adding .2 seconds of silence, yet both chronically insert superfluous “likes” throughout their conversation. Perhaps a “like” challenge where Alex donates $100 to a charity he detests for each “like” he uses. Might make a fantastic episode! All the best of future success with this and the other Gimlet podcasts.

Love   (5/5)

So good

Inspirational   (5/5)

I really love how this show interviews successful individuals and you get to know their true stories of how they built their success and how this was surrounded by a ton of rejection and failures. It gives those inspiration and motivation to venture out of your boring 9-5 job and go for what you’re passionate about. It’s shows me that it’s okay to enter the fear of the unknown, which will build character, because you’re trying to get to your end goal. I am also starting a podcast and although we may not have a lot of downloads, listening to this show just reminds me to keep going.

Great new find   (5/5)

I think this is a great new podcast that follows in Gimlets lead of great new programming. It’s like a take on how I built this but focuses more on the person than the company. That’s an interesting way to go, getting to see how some great minds think.

Path to the Past   (5/5)

Amazing people talking about their failures and successes. You generally only see the glossy perfect instagram or Facebook post of these people, but this a heart felt journey.

Yessss   (5/5)

I love the show! As one who sits at my desk on a daily basis, dreaming of the day I start my personal business journey it’s so encouraging to hear stories of people venturing out to create something new. Can’t wait for more!

Without Fail is the spiritual successor to Startup   (5/5)

For me, this show is the best thing to come out of Gimlet since season one of Startup. It captures the magic, energy and neurosis of its chief creator in a wonderful way.

Ira Glass episode = freaking brilliant   (5/5)

This episode was beautiful. I didn’t realize the full impact of Ira Glass’ work, or know that he mentored so many people I listen to today. It was fascinating when Alex directly talked about which of his mentor’s lessons he was trying to shed. Well done!

Show needs to focus on “failures”   (3/5)

The first few episodes featured company founders who were incredibly open about talking about their career failures. I thought that was refreshing. The podcast provided a unique spin on “How I Built This.” But the last few episodes have focused exclusively on founders’ successes and that’s not refreshing at all. Moreover, it goes against the entire premise of the show. While I understand that it’s probably difficult to get guests on the show who are willing to talk honestly about mistakes they’ve made, that’s what the premise of the show promises and it needs to deliver on that or else change the concept. But it’s a good start. I’ll keep listening.

A new favorite   (5/5)

It’s one of my new favorite podcasts. The storytelling is skillful and informative. It’s unlike other interview podcasts in great way. Alex brings a great style and personality to this new show.

Alex is back!   (5/5)

I know Alex is very busy being the boss but I absolutely love hearing him back on a podcast like this. Its like listening to the first season of Startup again! Can’t wait for the new season in Feb.

Love this! Weekly please!   (5/5)

I look forward to each new episode. Really appreciate how much of himself Alex shares, and brings to each interview. Enjoy the variety of the interviewees and feel that I walk away with a practical takeaway from each episode. I love hearing each person’s business origin story, and how Alex explores how success and failure are always intertwined.

First episode was great   (5/5)

Well done on the first episode. Really interesting, educational, inspirational. Thank you

Great Find   (5/5)

So happy this show is happening! Great story telling, fun format, highly recommend.

The foundation of success   (5/5)

Amid the ridiculous number of self help, entrepreneur, leading successful life tips, tricks and advice we get sucked into, This podcast gets down to what you’ve been missing in all the others’ endeavors.The candid truth of the people behind the throne. Touching on how human some of these top percentile individuals are and how fragile we can be, this podcast provides clarity on what success is and how it can be obtained.

Fun business knowledge packaged in sweet audio for your ear   (5/5)

The first episode was cool! Looking forward to listening to more and sharing with my colleagues at a conference in January

Love it!   (5/5)

Love hearing the success and failures of people who are behind things that I know, Groupon, flickr, pirates of carabean, etc. As an entrepreneur I’m getting ALOT out of this; it helps normalize and also makes their success and failures feel relatable. Also, also It’s been cool to hear Alex Bloomberg’s and gimlet’s story in pieces. I LOVE Reply All, my first love and this one is now my second fav. Thankyou for all you all do!!


I never write reviews, but as a podcast host, I need to do better. I absolutly love this podcast. Alex is the perfect interviewer. This podcast is behond the platitudes and offers the REAL story behind some of the most successful people from different industries. I've already binged listened to 5 episodes in a row. MORE MORE MORE!

Love this podcast!   (5/5)

I rarely write reviews but I really live This podcast. It feels like an interactive Ted Talk. It’s almost like a class on leadership and greatness. Keep up the good work!

Gimlet makes another hit   (5/5)

I love pretty much everything Gimlet produces. And this is no exception. A must subscribe podcast!

Alex is rusty   (3/5)

Couple of good episodes, but a lot of fluff and uninteresting ones too.

Informative listening   (5/5)

Great insights and I love the early banter at the beginning of the episode to intro the topic.

Loving it!   (5/5)

I’m really glad Gimlet featured this show on Reply All, otherwise I probably wouldn’t have come across it. Really loving the interviews so far. Keep it up!

Gimlet garbage   (1/5)

More gimlet garbage. It’s beginning to just be Reply All the only podcast to listen to.

Looking forward to this new show   (5/5)

I love love love reply all. When I heard the hosts introducing without fail, I was just as eager to listen. I listened to the first episode and thought it was fantastic. Looking forward to so much more. Love what gimlet is doing!

Another Amazing Show From Gimlet   (5/5)

Alex Blumberg is one of the best podcast hosts out there, and he doesn’t disappoint with “Without Fail”. I really enjoy the raw moments in which Alex talks about how Gimlet took over his life, and his family life. Each episode is full of great business advice as well as general life advice — since for a lot of us our lives are our business. Thanks so much Gimlet for doing what you do!

Fresh Air-ish   (4/5)

I just finished the episode featuring Nina Jacobson. The episode had a long form interview that was reminiscent of Fresh Air. I found the focus on Jacobson’s failures helped contrasted her successes very well. And I found myself reflecting on my own failures. Very good episode, I look forward to listening to more.

I can’t listen to you!   (1/5)

Please stop imitating Ira Glass. I’ve noticed there are a few times when you speak in your own voice so I know you have one. The Ira Glass imitation is an embarrassment.

Pretty Dang Good   (5/5)

Please don’t fail!

I Rarely Write Reviews   (5/5)

But I was so blown away by the quality of the interviews on this show that I had to write a review. They are vulnerable, informative, realistic, and relatable. It is so often that we idolize entrepreneurs that we sometimes forget about their human qualities: their insecurities, their doubts, and their failures. There really isn't another show that is able to get successful people to talk so candidly for so long about their darkest moments and failures while demonstrating just how simultaneously arduous and wonderful starting something can be. I cannot wait for the next episode and the next season. So to the people at Gimlet who make this show possible: I am rooting for you!

Very interesting show   (5/5)

Great, in-depth interviews with a wide range of entrepreneurs who started from the bottom. Highly recommend.

Pretty great interviews, but   (3/5)

Why a first season? This is a big pain point with Gimlet and I. I resisted getting into the show because it’s broken into seasons. Just make the show until it doesn’t work. Take breaks when you need. The Nod and Reply All do this efficiently, and the concept of this show is simple enough. Or release twice a month, like a lot of Radiotopia shows. Anything to save us from the monotony of season breaks on such a lightweight concept.

A fresh business interview show   (5/5)

I must admit that when I first heard Gimlet was doing a business interview show I audibly sighed. The genre is oversaturated and frankly each podcast in the field sounds exhausting similar. You can only stand listening to so many people discussing how they're wildly rich and successful because of luck and hard work. Without Fail is a refreshing show that breaks the mold of this tied genre. It is fresh, interesting, and humble. A true pleasure to listen too.

Listen to this now   (5/5)

Stop thinking; just do it!

ZZzz   (1/5)

Terrible. Boring conversation.

Please keep these interviews coming!   (5/5)

Binge listened to the entire series. What an encouragement to those of us building a business. Please, continue!

this should be a success   (5/5)

prolly gonna do pretty good

I have a super hard time relating and getting in to this podcast   (2/5)

As an average sort of working professional or at least not business mogul type... I have a super hard time relating and getting in to this podcast. I adore several other Gimlet shows (Heavyweight and Reply All come to mind as absolute favorites) but I just can’t do this one. I like Alex. He’s lovely when he’s on Reply All and even in this show. But I have had this one advertised to me a whole lot and I just can’t get into it. The whole thing is a bit “Weird flex, but ok”

Another one?   (3/5)

Dear Gimlet Media, how many variations of StartUp are you going to keep churning out? It was fresh when the company first started, but now it’s lost the sheen. I see Without Fail relying on the star power of its guests to make itself into a “hit,” and sure, it does sound like “What if Alex Blumberg hosted Fresh Air...” But after hearing one episode, I’m sated.

Good Pocast   (5/5)

I have really enjoyed listening to this podcast. Interesting stories and something to learn. Keep up the good work.

Just listened to the first episode   (5/5)

And I love It. Alex is a great interviewer with a very relatable and believable personality. I can’t wait to hear the rest.

I don’t see it.   (3/5)

Obviously very well produced but simply feels interchangeable with “How I Built This”, “StartUp”, “The Pitch” etc.

Good first listeN!   (5/5)


Amazing   (5/5)

This is such a wonderful podcast. It’s very real, where failure is the highlight. I really appreciate Alex always relating each episode to his own personal struggles with his business. This has been so helpful in making me feel like you really have to go through your worst to appreciate your best.

a show that inspires and motivates me   (5/5)

i love a show that inspires and motivates me to do my thing and go for what i’m passionate about without being worried about failing, and that’s exactly what this show is. i love the variety of guests and failures, and it’s a very well made and interesting podcast

Great podcast   (3/5)

Great podcast. Love these types of interviews. My only thing is cut down the intros. Sometimes they feel forced vs just jumping straight into the show. For example the show about Flickr co-founder....5 min intro is to long. But great show 😁

So good!   (5/5)

Alex Blumberg is great in this podcast! I usually don’t listen to business /entrepreneur podcasts but I look forward to a new episode of this one every week. Good conversational flow :)

Love this Podcast!   (5/5)

I think a lot of Gimlet Media. They are making great media. Just joined, but thought I’d give a shout out to this podcast in particular. Inspiring! Take a listen to how other people have made it and also handled set-backs!

Gosh   (5/5)

Not sure I have enjoyed a podcast more...and I listen to a lot of them. Thanks Alex.

Amicus Natura   (5/5)

Powerful storytelling of the insights of men and women who are keen on succeeding.

Great podcast   (5/5)

Love the content. Very relatable for my own life. Keep it coming!

StartBoss   (5/5)

If you liked Startup’s first season, this is kind of like the sequel to that. It’s a great listen, Alex Blumberg has the ability to really cut to the core of the CEO experience and mine his guests for insights, all in a light, enjoyable show that is as fun as it is informative. Great work guys!

Yes!   (5/5)

Without Fail is a window into the lives of fascinating people. The interviews are honest, insightful, and inspiring. Highly recommend!

Winnn!!   (5/5)

I LOVE this show! I’ve recently started a business and my anxiety is at an all time high. Being able to hear how people got started, the fact that they too had no idea what they were doing, and that there is life after failure (because failures will happen) is soooo helpful. Can’t wait for more episodes! I’m a huge fan of so many Gimlet podcasts, but this is by far my favorite.

Food for thought for business small owners   (5/5)

Listening about other business owner’s failures, trials and successes is very helpful. While the situations may not always apply directly, they give you a perspective to things that could happen and how you may react to get the most positive outcome. These are quality interviews that asks the hard questions about failure. Worth a small business owners time.

Love it   (5/5)

Great to hear Blumberg behind the mic again. Offers easy to listen to conversations about the thin line between success and failure. Highly recommend.

Alex is back!   (5/5)

Very glad Alex is back hosting a new podcast! If you liked the first season of Start Up this podcast is for you.

The other side   (5/5)

Thank you for telling the other side of all the success stories that are held up on a pedestal. Everyone knows the statistics, most new businesses fail, but rarely do we hear about them. These discussions bring to light the more common narrative in a really well told and enlightening way. Look forward to more!

Where’s the failure?   (2/5)

I’ve only listened to one episode so far, and I was confused and disappointed. After listening to the episode with Andre Iguodala I have no idea where the failure was. Andre was drafted by a team who didn’t know what they were looking for, he wanted to live in Oakland so he took less money and then got opportunities after his team won the NBA finals?? I was under the impression this podcast was going to highlight the low points in successful people’s lives and the grind and hard work to turn around their situation. Give me the player that wasn't drafted (not the guy that got drafted 9th overall instead of 6th...) give me the guy who paid money to try out for the G league (Jonathan Simmons). This seemed like an attempt to attach a popular name to the podcast to create buzz. The interview also didn’t go into any detail about what exactly Andre is doing to become more successful. He got an internship? Really?? That’s it?? His agent made some calls?? What??

Another Gimlet Hit   (5/5)

Once again, another fantastic podcast from Gimlet. I love hearing Alex interact with hosts on other Gimlet shows and so a full podcast hosted by him is really enjoyable. I haven't listened to StartUp yet, but after I finish this, I definitely will!

Love the insight into gimlet   (5/5)

Reminds me of the first season of start up, giving some insight into the growing pains that gimlet still has that got me hooked in the first place

Knowing we all have our ups and downs   (5/5)

It’s so interesting to hear from the pioneers and stars of so many business and entertainment fields. Not only is it interesting to hear from them, but also the battle of how they got to where they’re at. This podcast had me hooked from episode 1, each story of accomplishment and failure seems unique in its own way! Really hope to see multiple seasons of this in the future!

As a founder, this is entertaining therapy   (5/5)

I'm a longtime fan of startup podcast, and have been following along my journey of co-founding a startup myself ( Founders are surrounded by advice to sift through, but FAR more helpful are the stories of others who've done it. Not just the practical stories but also the ones about the personal journey. That's where without fail is a perfect fit -- personal stories from those who have had to find their own ways through the exciting and hard journey, and who are still emotionally processing through it.

Love This Podcast   (5/5)

Great concept and execution. My favorite new podcast.

Ok   (2/5)

I’m having a hard time with this one. It’s getting real annoying that Alex keeps talking about himself and how he doesn’t know what he’s doing. First episode it worked fine. Then same thing over and over. Didn’t you already make a podcast about your story? I found that one something I didn’t care for. What I like about this is the people your interviewing and there story. What I dislike is Alex trying to sympathize and relate his own experience and ask questions on what he should do. I just becomes annoying and kind of whiny. Like him saying “ omg I don’t know what I’m supposed to be doing “ every episode. I’ll listen to a few more, but I’m so close to deleting the feed.

Being successful is so hard?   (2/5)

I really like most Gimlet podcasts and usually really like Alex, but white dudes talking about how hard success is? I’ll pass. I tried one episode, that was enough.

Excellent new podcast!   (5/5)

I really enjoyed this new podcast From gimlet media. Fascinating interviews about hard learned lessons. I highly recommend!

I love this show!   (5/5)

Where else do you get to listen to highly successful people talk openly and honestly, not about their successes but their failures? Authentic, warm and eye-opening...and a lot of fun.

Another great podcast from gimlet   (5/5)

Love the concept and execution. Look forward to every episode.

Awesome! Awesome! Awesome!   (5/5)

Excellent podcast! First heard it when listening to Heavyweight and I’m now hooked!

Genuine and smart   (5/5)

The trope of discussing failure with successful people can be seen a lot in the podcasts I’ve been listening to lately. Others have fallen flat to me because sometimes the interview subjects lack real reflection or their discussion feels saccharine. I have also found that generally the discussion of failure tends to focus on white men, as they are often the big names in their industries. So far Alex has done a fabulous job of finding a range of people to discuss this interesting topic with, and his interview style gets some great answers from them. Alex is immediately disarming and thoughtful and gets that same energy back from his subjects. I look forward to every episode!

Good show - tiresome sponsor spots   (4/5)

I’m a big fan of Alex and of most Gimlet products. This is an interesting show and Alex is a engaging interviewer. You feel like you get to sit in on a conversation. It’s just got several, lengthy, advertising interruptions. Too many of them, too redundant and too long.

The Real Deal   (5/5)

As a small business owner, and Gimlet fan since StartUp, I’m super pumped to hear Alex Blumberg share intimate and inspiring stories again. These interviews will give you the highs, lows, and real emotion behind some truly interesting personal and business stories. There’s also just something fantastic about Alex’s voice that no one can deny. I rarely write reviews on any platform, but just a few minutes in to the third episode and I just felt like I had to give some props. Thanks for all the great work, Gimlet. You’re the real deal.

Love the show, go easy on the “like”   (4/5)

You use ‘like’ so many times I find it hard to concentrate on what you say... Other then that- I really enjoy the show!

As exciting as the first season of startup   (5/5)

Alex Blumberg’s voice has been disappointingly missing from my podcast feed. No more! Without fail has a more approachable take to the classic “let’s interview startup founders” with my favorite podcast host, Alex Blumberg. It’s awesome hearing the little snippets about Gimlet at the beginning and they offer a great introduction to interviews that are intimate and illuminating. Definitely recommend!

Better than any autobiography   (5/5)

I have enjoyed every episode so far.

LOVING this show   (5/5)

I find hearing about failures much more helpful than hearing about success. The Nina Jacobson interview is especially good.

Love Gimlet!   (5/5)

Love everything Alex Bloomberg creates. Compelling and intimate stories from unexpected people.

Great show!   (5/5)

Great show!

A Gem   (5/5)

Not everyone could pull this off, but Alex does

Like listening to two friends   (5/5)

He is such a great interviewer which leads to open and insightful conversations

Blumberg creates a hit by learning from hitmakers   (5/5)

Much like Jesse Thorn's The Turnaround, Without Fail is a self-serving project for Alex Blumberg. His motivation to interview successful people of all kinds is not just to create an engaging podcast. As a CEO with a major case of Imposter Syndrome, he is desperate to learn the secrets of success. And it's that angle that makes this show so compelling. He's not trying to create a perfectly polished story arc nor is he focusing largely on the guests' most recent work. He digs in with earnest, insightful questions -- and the result is a "hit" of his own.

Thank you 🙏🏾   (5/5)

This is perfect transparency for the individuals embarking on any area where they have to trust instincts and or step out on faith in whatever ventures ahead. The insight from the individuals that have traveled that part and their journey, really enlists a better understanding and reinforced confidence for myself. Thank you this platform, thank you for asking all the right questions and thank you for going balls deep in this project regardless of your sleepless nights, lol. Thank you and keep em coming

Great   (5/5)

Love the first two episodes with Andrew Mason whose candor is refreshing. Super interesting story. Can't wait to listen to the rest.

Fun and insightful show   (5/5)

As always with Gimlet, this show combines intelligent conversation with a great sense of humor. Highly recommend!

Interesting and so helpful and inspiring!   (5/5)

This is the kind of business podcast I can get behind! The Nina Jacobson episode was particularly great! I love heating these powerful, successful folks talk about their failure and weakness and fatigue and all the human stuff. Great characters and great production as always

Raw, fascinating.   (5/5)

If you like excellent interviews and vulnerable topics that apply to everyone. Listen. To. This.

Best interviews with the best people   (5/5)

I love this show. So much incredible insight from the most interesting people with amazing stories. Tops on my weekly list of podcasts

Love it   (5/5)

Loved following Alex’s journey during Start Up, and I’m really loving hearing the failures and successes of other moguls in this new podcast. It’s a hit.

How I built this feel   (5/5)

Fantastic job by the Gimlet feel. They took a how I built this feel and flipped it on its head. They way Alex gets his guests to be so vulnerable is fantastic. Love the truth that comes out and the relatable interviewing style Alex brings. Hey Alex - I think you have a hit!

Alex in the house ...again!!   (5/5)

Yea for WithoutFail and Alex....interesting stories and interesting learning! Keep up the great work Gimlet.

Without Fail   (5/5)

I love this new podcast. I find it funny, witty, sincere and always take something away. And I love Gimlet. As soon as I hear there is a new podcast, I tune in. Also... LOVE LOVE Heavyweight!!!

Refreshing, honest, and fun   (5/5)

As a young professional who commutes from philadelphia to NYC half the week, this podcast is equal parts inspiring, informative, and relatable in its lessons from failure. Also—it’s hilarious! Keep ‘me coming, love it!

Wonderful, however...   (3/5)

Please, please, please, like please, like stop, like saying LIKE!!!! I wanted to hang myself!...nails on a chalkboard. Thank you, otherwise great stories. :)

Alex Blumberg is podcasting   (5/5)

The dude knows how to make great podcasts. This is an excellent interview podcast.

Really interesting stories   (5/5)

Great stories, if you’re interested in starting a business these will help with the fear of failing

Thank you for making this   (5/5)

I just listened to episode 4 and I think you really knocked it out of the park with Nina. There were two key lessons in there. 1) only do things if someone has passion for it and 2) everyone is going to fail. Amazing podcast! Thanks Alex!

Spectacular!!!   (5/5)

This podcast is phenomenal. It’s so real and so inspiring! I LOVE Gimlet media and hearing Bloomberg step behind the mike consistently and help illustrate these inspiring stories is the best. Do yourself a favor and listen.

Love it! Great host. Great guests.   (5/5)

Alex Blumberg has such an open and relaxed manner of interviewing. I always love when he hosts a show. He chooses such interesting guests.

It’s “like” very hard to “like” enjoy “like” this “like” podcast   (1/5)

I’m a fan of a couple of Gimlet podcasts but did not enjoy this one at all. At one point, Alex Blumberg says the word “like” more than 15 times in ONE minute (all the while talking with an annoying vocal fry). Even if I could get past Blumberg’s unpleasant and unprofessional speaking style, I’m not a member of that niche audience who relates to or sympathizes with the failures and trials of over-paid CEOs.

Great content   (3/5)

Love the concept and content. Hate the number of ads. It’s sad to see podcasts go the way of network tv where customers turn to Tevo, cable and streaming services to avoid all the ads. I understand the need for revenue. So ads at the start ok but not every 10 min. Having a charge to subscribe ok if reasonable. Just saying for me it’s too much. Unsubscribe!

So good!   (5/5)

Alex may still be growing into his role as CEO, but this show reminds us what he’s already so stellar at: making incredible podcasts. I hope Gimlet will continue with more seasons of this show, it is truly a joy to listen to.

I am hooked!   (5/5)

I just listened to the trailer and I am already hooked! That is exactly how it feels to run your own business (with your spouse)! -ewa,

Love it!!! Explores all aspects.   (5/5)

The good, the bad & the ugly of business. Good job Gimlet and Alex!

Keep Up the Good Work!   (5/5)

Listened to the first episode- via Heavy Weight- and I was captivated. The concept is refreshing especially in an era of curated online persona’s and hero worship. Thanks for providing quality content and I’m looking forward to more episodes!

Excited, but hope the interviews stay in-depth   (4/5)

I’m really excited about this podcast. I enjoyed Andrew mason’s interview because it really went in-depth. However, Sophia amoruso’s was shorter than I would’ve liked. Still a lot of great insights and stories, but a couple questions I wish had been asked: -as she grew at first and started scaling, how did she continue to source quality vintage material to sell? -she talks about having to lay people off when she was CEO. How did that feel at the time? She talks about everything so matter-of-factly in retrospect, but what was going on in her mind when she made these hard decisions? -she talks about nasty gal going under as “total hell”. That can be very stressful and overwhelming. After the end, how has she come to terms with it? How did she keep the fear of failing again from stopping her trying another thing? -would’ve been great to hear clips from the talk she gave on stage immediately after voting with the board to go into bankruptcy. -what does girlboss DO, what do they sell? I can understand wanting to keep things to 45min, and thought a lot of good stuff was packed into it, but I personally love longform interviews so hope that future episodes dig into the details and stories a bit more.

These are great!!   (5/5)

It's so refreshing to hear successful people taking honestly about failure.

Another amazing project by Alex!   (5/5)

So fun and interesting...I’m looking forward to listening to more Alex!

Honesty and vulnerability makes this a winner in my book   (5/5)

From the beginning, I’ve appreciated Alex and his willingness to peel back the curtain and share emotions, fears, and vulnerabilities. This podcast is more of that vibe, with some fresh perspectives and behind the scenes candor to add to the sharing.

Alex makes great pod!   (5/5)

It's so good to hear Alex behind the mic. Alex makes awesome pod and is a fantastic interviewer. Great job Alex!

First relevant podcast from Gimlet in a long time.   (3/5)

As a long time listener and big fan of the Journey of Gimlet as a podcasting publishing business I am delighted of the publishing of this honest, compelling and relevant show. Finally a new show that is worth listening too. Alex, you have filled Gimlet with some questionable material...... I am glad you published this one.

Always excited to hear “nobody tells you this when...”   (5/5)

As a young person who is constantly trying to figure out the web of Do and Don’t, I so value transparency of experience. Getting to hear the words “i wish i’d known” or “nobody tells you that xyz” is really valuable to me! It not only helps me learn what I might go through, but gives context and perspective for what other people are going through. Love this podcast and the concept already, and really enjoy Alex’s humility and candor through it all. Thanks for starting Gimlet, and sharing this journey with us.

Shocked how much I enjoyed it   (5/5)

I didn’t really think this topic would be my thing. I have already recommended it to my two best friends. I can’t imagine anyone not finding it fascinating.

A very human story even for the non successful   (5/5)

This is a great podcast that captures a very human feeling as people candidly reflect on their rise to success, and the descent into failure. You don’t have to have been through this to recognize the feelings and empathize with the speaker. Aside from all this, it offers you a chance to learn from their mistakes and potentially apply these lessons to your own life. It’s well worth the listen!

Viva la Alex!   (5/5)

So happy to hear this! I’ve always loved Alex and am grateful for Gimlet, so to hear his voice again is bliss! Thoughtfully put together and epically interesting! Listen, listen, listen!!

Pretty good   (5/5)

I don’t normally go for these CEO type podcasts, but this one was pretty good.

Different?   (2/5)

How is this different than Guy Raz’ How I built this? Sounds pretty much the same.

Very compelling   (5/5)

Found this podcast through Heavyweight. I really enjoy it. Already can’t wait for the next episode.

Love it   (5/5)

Another wonderful show from gimlet! Wouldn’t expect anything less from these fellers

Really??   (5/5)

I mean come on....did you really think I’d be sucked in over just one episode?? Yep....I’m hooked....take my money now! Well done - great launch - great podcast!

Gimlet   (5/5)

I am such a fan of gimlet podcasts!! Keep them coming !!! Just listened to nasty 😬🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 Good to hear both sides of the business !!! Great podcast !!

Not Your Typical Entrepreneur Podcast   (5/5)

This review is based on just the first few episodes but so far I believe Alex is off to a great start. A major reason the podcast is great is due in part to Alex. Yes, he’s talented as a host & interviewer and his style keeps you hooked. But Alex is right in the thick of things as an entrepreneur himself so his questions and curiosity for the answer comes from within not from a checklist of things to ask. I hope he continues to be the host. Startup was taken over by someone else, and she does a fine job, but I really like Alex’s slant on things so it would be awesome to keep hearing him and see how he grows with a show.

Just finished the Andrew Mason interview and I'm hooked!   (5/5)

Just love Alex. Hope this grows to be huge.

Keep making this.   (5/5)

Please please please.

hit it on the nail   (5/5)

Man, as a small business owner I need to hear people have conversations like these. The pressure and fear is real but so is the thrill.

LOVE this podcast!   (5/5)

It’s nice to hear stories of failure, life isn’t always a bowl of peaches. Keeping it real Gimlet 👊

Gimlet’s Without Fail hosted by: Alex Bloomberg   (5/5)

I am super happy to hear what Alex does best, Host his own show. I miss him from Start Up the app and it is nice to hear him once in a while as a guest on Reply All. I am very happy that he has a new podcast and I’m looking forward to more guests. I am a huge Alex fan what can I say. BTW- the podcast is so far so awesome I like the idea of interviewing guys that have a start up and what happened to them good or bad. Very interesting information just to talk about. One thing I really love about gimlet is there not always political you’re more about entertainment. Sincerely, Green princess 23

Love it!   (5/5)

Hearing people talk about their failures is far more insightful than listening to leaders talk about their successes. This podcast rocks!

Freaking Awesome!!!   (5/5)

Entertaining and moving. Really good stuff and inspiring for all of us moving towards our goals.

Happy Alex is back!   (5/5)


The next chapter in the rollercoaster of starting a company   (5/5)

When I listened to the first season of Start Up, where Alex Bloomberg takes us on the emotional journey of starting his own company, I got invested in the future of Gimlet Media--maybe you did too. Since then, Alex has popped into the Start Up feed with some updates on how Gimlet is doing. I listen to a lot of Gimlet podcasts, and am a general fan, but the narrative I'm most attached to, is the aches and pains of the growth of Gimlet. I search for clues in other podcasts. Reply All has had a bunch of seasons, oh great. I see they nixed that other series, must have been struggling. Here, with Without Fail, we get the most satisfying psychological insight into the issues Alex and the leaders of Gimlet are chewing on since that first visceral season of Start Up. Where are those inflection points when a rapidly successful company might tank? How does the charismatic founder end up fired? And when your company becomes your whole life, is it all really worth it? If you like a good story with some nuggets to really reflect on, this seems promising.

A must-listen for new CEOs and budding entrepreneurs   (5/5)

Podcasts like this are so valuable for those of us that are running companies. Listeners are treated to real life lessons that are major learning opportunities. I'm really looking forward to future episodes. My only wish for the series is for longer episodes! Thanks, Alex and thanks Andrew Mason for being so open, honest and humble.

Wow!   (5/5)

Just 2 episodes in, and I am finding myself sitting in my car listening long after I have arrived to my destination. As always, Alex is able to create a very intimate and personal conversation which keeps me on the edge of my seat, fully invested in the outcome.

How I Built This - but the realistic version   (5/5)

LOVE this concept. I love listening to how companies did it right, but also what mistakes they made. A must-listen for all entrepreneurs

A more human take on success stories (& what comes after)   (5/5)

After 3 episodes, I can say that this show is really good! You get to listen to how founders of these great companies and organizations achieve their dreams. But unlike other similar shows like How I Built This (which is still great!), Alex takes you all the way through to what went wrong and how these people moved on afterward. Great show, an instant Gimlet classic.

Another Solid Gimlet Offering   (5/5)

Stumbled upon Without Fail in the Startup feed and after two episodes (Nasty Gal and Groupon) I am hooked. I always enjoy Alex as the host of anything and he is engaging with some very interesting guests on this show. Look forward to new episodes!

Alex you’re back!   (5/5)

Happy to hear Alex again. Great interviews so far.

Interesting, quick, and insightful   (5/5)

As soon as I heard Alex would be hosting this podcast I subscribed and was not disappointed. This interview-style show feels like having lunch with two interesting people you never get to see as often as you’d like. I was reminded of Fresh Air. Keep up the great work guys!

Very excited to hear Alex on the mic!!!!!!   (5/5)

Looking forward to hearing more episodes!!!

5 Star   (5/5)

Love Gimlet media podcasts, and this first episode doesn’t disappoint!

Cool pod   (5/5)

Good stuff

Another Gimlet Great   (5/5)

Learning from others’ successes and failures feels really helpful to me as I work on my own start up. It keeps my head in the game. I can’t say enough how much I love Gimlet’s content and authenticity. Way to go Alex and company!!

Huzzah!!!   (5/5)

I discovered StartUp when I was in the process of founding and establishing my nonprofit and I related to SO MUCH of what Alex was going through! Now that we are a couple of years in and I’m dealing with the anxieties that come from...well, everything that comes with running it, I am excited to tap into some wisdom and experience. Thanks for helping me through, Alex (and Gimlet)!!

Another Gimlet gem   (5/5)

So excited to see this new podcast in my feed. Loved the first episode and can’t wait for next week

Alex Blumberg back on the mic!   (5/5)


Worth the wait   (5/5)

Alex Blumberg IS the unfair advantage at Gimlet and it’s good to see (hear?) him at the helm of one of their podcasts again. A solid start—it was interesting to see the life of a start up CEO through the eyes of another start up CEO, neither of whom had predicted they’d end up in that role. P.S. Mystery Show Season 2 should be a thing. Thanks in advance, Stephanie.

Great Interview   (5/5)

Everything you would expect from gimlet and Alex. Great first episode. Can’t wait for more.

Loved It   (5/5)

Can’t wait to hear the next one!

Great interview and so interesting!   (5/5)

Woohoo, new Gimlet show in the vein of Startup. Alex is a great interviewer and the first story was very interesting. Keep it up!

Stoked!   (5/5)

I’m excited to hear Alex on the mic again! (I’ve listened to the first episode since I’m a gimlet member). I’ll update as it goes.