Aggregated reviews for Marvel's Wolverine

Marvel’s “Wolverine: The Lost Trail” is an epic quest that takes place in the Louisiana bayou. Following the events of Marvel’s “Wolverine: The Long Night,” Logan (Richard Armitage) returns to New Orleans in search of redemption, only to discover that his ex-lover, Maureen is nowhere to be found. And she's not the only one. Dozens of humans and mutants have gone missing, including the mother of a teenage boy, Marcus Baptiste. With Weapon X in close pursuit, Logan and Marcus must team up and follow a trail of clues that leads them deep into the gothic heart of the bayou, where they encounter biker gangs, Cajun thieves and a world of wonders that defies explanation. It is here that they find Greenhaven -- a refuge run by a powerful mutant named Jason Wyngarde. Award-winning comic book author Ben Percy (“The Dark Net,” “Red Moon”), director/sound designer Brendan Baker (“Wolverine: The Long Night”) and associate director/sound designer Chloe Prasinos (“Wolverine: The Long Night”) will return for the series, produced by Daniel Fink and Chloe Wilson of Marvel and Jenny Radelet Mast of Stitcher. Learn more at Season 1 now available wherever you get your podcasts.

WOW!!!! (5/5)

This was such a entertaining listen.

Muchly good (5/5)

Me started this podcast long ago not much, and it capture Me’s attention and Me binge listened to it.

Lords work (5/5)

I love this podcast and can’t wait for the sequel. I wish it would come sooner.

Brilliant (5/5)

I wish there were more podcasts like this. It’s so well done, it’s like you’re IN a movie. Great writing. Great story. Ingenious.

Audio adventure (5/5)

I absolutely love the production on this podcast.

Wolverine (5/5)

Middle commercial puts me to sleep. 😏

Really? (1/5)

I have a tough time with scripted podcasts in general but decided to give this one a try. I found this listenable and mildly entertaining but was quickly turned off from poorly written dialogue and bad voice acting. It’s honestly quite shocking how awful much of the voice acting is. Celia Keenan-Bolger is undeniably the worst offender. Even if this podcast had no other problems, her performance would single-handedly render this unlistenable. I gave up after episode 3. Better luck next time.

Pleasantly surprised (5/5)

I didn’t expect much, considering how many fiction podcasts have very lackluster voice acting and writing, but this one is decent on both fronts in my opinion. It’s not the usual format of a Marvel story (more of a detective thriller), but I’d like to see more like this.

Marvel Junky! (5/5)

I LOVED it. Please don’t stop. I would love to see different stories from Lesser known Heroes like you guys at Marvel did on Netflix. The presentation of this was awesome. I binged it all! Please give us more.

Marvelous (5/5)

I love listening to this podcast. The audio production is incredible and the voice actors deliver fantastic performances. James Howlett for Pres. -Ben Vaillancourt

Slow to start but great story (5/5)

I’m glad I stuck though and waited till the end. The pod cast started out a little slow and didn’t have much wolverine in it but I mean come on, you know he’s going to come in eventually. I thought he had the perfect amount of listening time in the show. I felt engaged and interested in what was to come the next week throughout the experience

Interesting format (2/5)

It basically sounds like I’m listening to a tv i left on in the other room. Story moves a little slow for my taste.

Not enough (5/5)

Perfect it’s an amazing show but more episodes and a longer show are needed!!!!

Entertaining and interesting (5/5)

Well done. Story was well thought out, great actors, nice intro to Logan. More please!

Super fun (5/5)

Love listening. Doesn’t feel like they are just reading a script. Can’t wait for more episodes.

Perfect (5/5)

Fantastic. Episode length is perfect. If you’re a wolverine fan or a true crime fan, this is for you. I listened every time I got an opportunity to and was never disappointed.

Fantastic! (5/5)

Needs a follow up!

Favorite podcast of all time (5/5)

This has been one of THE BEST podcasts I’ve listened to! I am sad it is over and I hope there are more episodes coming because it made my 35 minute commute awesome. Thank youu!

Preview? (5/5)

I hope this is a preview of Wolverine into the MCU with Richard Armitage ...

Great story. Very immersive (5/5)

The performances are very good and the sound if very cool. With earbuds in I caught myself being startled like the characters when sounds would seem to come from behind me. A great story involving my favorite Marvel character.

Please sir, can I have some more? (5/5)

Audio comic books!? A-list actors? Yes please! The geek world needs so much of this! It’s incredible story telling. Thank you thank you and please make us more!

Excellent but one plot thread (4/5)

Very good! I enjoyed the quality put into this. My only gripe is that I feel like the aurora cult plot thread went nowhere. There wasn’t a satisfying ending. Otherwise 👌

Don’t waste your time (1/5)

Horrible writing, dialogue, and acting. Don’t stick with it thinking it will get better, because it doesn’t. The cult leader you are introduced to at the beginning is completely pointless, plays no part in the story, and is killed off at the end in the most boring way possible. There is no payoff to this story, no characters to root for (they are all boring, including Wolverine. The two agents are robots? Are you kidding me? A good twist enhances the story, introducing this in the very last episode is just meaningless. Seriously, the execution does not match up to the concept, skip this one.

Great show so far (5/5)

Maybe a little more wolverine and or more mutants as supporting characters but wonderful job so far

More things like this please. (5/5)

I love stories. And the folks who wrote, produced and performed this made a great story. Please keep doing things like this. It’s a welcome departure from the marvel movie formula (which I am a sucker for) and it’s so important to hear different tales and ways of presenting these characters. Cheers!

Wonderfully Produced (5/5)

Here’s hoping there is more to come from Marvel in this space following this captivating story. Well done!

From start to finish, middling (3/5)

I was very interested in the idea of Marvel podcasts and thought Richard Armitage would make a great Wolverine. I’m glad however that I did not pay for stitcher premium to listen to this. Wolverine’s actual speaking time is about 5% of the whole show. This should have been titled “Vague X-files homage with a slight Shyamalan twist, guest starring Wolverine”. It isn’t a bad show, but it isn’t what it advertises itself to be.

By the way, it's free! (5/5)

I don't understand why people are so negative? I don't want to spoil the show but there is a reason why some of the characters/actors sound as they do. It all clears it up by episode 10. Also, why do you expect Logan to show the entire time? That would defeat the purpose of the podcast. It's not that action packed simple plot that marvel usually makes into movies. This is far more deep and immersive with plenty of lore to explore. I came out knowing more about "Wolverine" than I ever did watching any movie. Lol even the size of his pants! Great work and great acting, never a dull moment. 30 minutes is more than enough to build the excitement. Just give it a try for yourself. It's worth it

I have no complaints 🔥🔥🔥🔥 (5/5)

I enjoy this podcast and i find myself refreshing the podcast to see if a new episode is available. IM HOOKED MAN you guys did your thing don’t get discouraged about those other punk booty reviews this is a work of Art!! 😤👍🏿

Give us more!!!! (5/5)

This was a great story plenty of twists and turns hopefully they do more stories commercials were too much though please tone them down to one or at least two per episode over all really enjoyed it.

Where is Wolverine?! (1/5)

UPDATE: I finished it and nope... Nothing amazing happens. Wolverine still makes a 30 second cameo in each episode and the payoff wasn’t worth the listen. The people who gave this a 5 star rating must not be Wolverine fans. Another week, another 30 seconds of Wolverine. I hope that they have something amazing up their sleeves with this podcast. Because so far the title character has been a guest appearance in his own show. And I second what everyone else is saying. The female agent’s voice acting is almost as horrible as the character itself.

Good, but needs improvement (4/5)

Loved the writing and the story is interesting. Downside is Logan is hardly in it.

By the numbers (3/5)

As a long time comic reader, this is pretty predictable, but well written and performed. Might be better for newbies to the genre of Logan-as-mysterious-drifter/stranger stories.

Waste of Time (1/5)

Bad actress, minimal Wolverine, ads are the bulk of the runtime. This is just to get suckers to subscribe to stitcher.

Lots of fun! (5/5)

Captivating plot and great production of the podcast!

Amazing, but to many ads (4/5)

Good story and acting. Just to many ads

Really Good. (5/5)

Please ignore all this review the base their comment on only the first episode. Everything would make sense at the end. Love the story line keep me entertain the whole time.

Loved it (5/5)

The plot was amazing and I liked the voice actors. I was listening while at work, and I was captured by the story for every second of it.

Wolverine (3/5)

I liked it a lot for the first 2/3s. Then it started getting too long and going nowhere the last part and how the characters turn out comes as a surprise — and not a good one. It spiraled down and became rather inane.

Ended with a “pop” (3/5)

Pretty good overall but the pacing and storyline for the last ep left me dissatisfied.

Great idea brilliant execution (4/5)

I listened to the podcast since the first release and I have to say the sound design and the podcast itself were very brilliant. Richard Armitage was a great fit for Logan. However the story does fall a bit flat with many of the plot points with disappointing resolutions. But all around is a very interesting, good and entertaining podcast.

Awesome entertainment! (5/5)

My boys and I anxiously wait for each episode to drop!

Gets better as it goes (5/5)

Started a little shaky, but as the plot develops the production goes up as well. Really well made and had me addicted until I got to the end! Really really hope for a sequel!

A con job (3/5)

I enjoyed the premise and liked the idea of recreating an old radio style format BUT it should not have had Wolverine in the title. It was maybe 1% Wolverine, which to me is terrible false advertising. Why go through the effort of securing a known actor as Wolverine if your entire series doesn’t utilize him? Disappointing.

Cutting edge (5/5)

Podcasts and fiction unite to form a brand new kind of entertainment!

Absolutely Amazing!! (5/5)

This audio drama is the perfect combination of mystery and excitement. The actors are amazing! Totally recommend!!!!! Spoiler Alert!! Acting is bad but what do you expect? They are robots!!

Disappointing (3/5)

Had the potential to be great, but the plot gets lost in borderline cliche comedic characters with no real substance. Couldn’t empathize with any of them. Plot points seem irresolute and, worst of all, Wolverine (the character) is absolutely bland.

Not bad at all (5/5)

I gave this a try thinking I would listen to a couple then probably lose interest. But then ended up listening to nine episodes in a row (listening to it at work) it does have some cheesy parts but I’ve listened to radio dramas before and loved it. It’s not action packed or wolverine heavy but instead it’s a murder mystery from the perspective of the investigators. Enjoyed it thoroughly

Don’t bother (1/5)

If you care about plot, don’t bother. If you love the Wolverine of Marvel Comics, avoid this at all costs. So dumb it’s insulting.

Ew (2/5)


Does not stick the landing (2/5)

10 episodes and it leads up to nothing. There were spots along the way that showed great potential but in the end it was pretty underwhelming. The ending itself throws the rest of tension and development out the window for a weak plot twist.Even the event in which the title is named never pays off. If you are looking for a story about Wolverine you’re better off picking up one of the many graphic novels or movies or animated series.

Enjoyable listen, albeit some poor voice acting sprinkled throughout (4/5)

Personally I would like to have more of these types of projects. I enjoyed it quite a bit. Some have mentioned their struggle with the voice acting, script and inter-episode advertisements, but for myself I enjoyed the story more than I disliked any of those issues.

Great production (4/5)

Disappointing final episode.

Disappointing podcast with no payoff (2/5)

Wolverine is barely in this story. I figured there’d be slow burn until he makes his presence known. Nope barely in it. The end is lame. Everything kind of resolved itself. No climax to speak.

Slow start but no I’m addicted (5/5)

Love this series. The story is great, and I love the actors.

Good stuff (5/5)

Top notch acting and sound engineering! Love the story and the chilling, out-of-time atmosphere.

Awesome (5/5)

Can’t wait to hear what’s next

Ads and Hardly Any Wolverine (4/5)

Great podcast with two exceptions: it’s hard to stay on track with the story when ads start halfway through the episode, also, the first few episodes have minimal scenes with Wolverine, which made it less like a MARVEL story and more of a drab murder mystery with bears

Boring (3/5)

Decent plot idea, poorly executed. Most of the voice actors do a decent job, while a few are just terrible, which frequently took me out of the story. The story pacing is so sloooowwww! I wouldn’t even recommend the first five episodes as a result. Perhaps this show would be good if it was released all at once, so people could binge-listen. As it was, I waited on it weekly, and the minus thirty minute runtime made it all underwhelming. This barely gets 3 stars from me due to slow pacing and bad acting. Please, try again.

So exciting! (5/5)

I am a huge fan of the Wolverine. The story is gripping and has you want to listen to the next episode, I’m just sad they are so short!

Although people are complaining (5/5)

I think the voice acting is superb considering it’s a podcast. I don’t pick up on the awfulness everyone is describing. My guess is they aren’t avid podcast listeners. All in all loving this, it’s a cool twist on a Wolverine story.

Wait till the end (5/5)

If the female detective’s demeanor bother’s you; I believe it’s intentional. Wait till the end for the explanation and see if it doesn’t change your mind on the “acting”. All in all it was a nice story, maybe less action than a marvel movie but with the medium what were you expecting. I’d listen to any marvel story like this.

Super fun (5/5)

I liked the premise and the execution, hope to see a lot more stuff like this, the best parts of the comics without a forty-minute mega fight scene.

Awesomely Awesome (5/5)

It’s so amazing that you can do these with all the noises and stuff!

Lots of fun (4/5)

Great fun to listen to everyone’s favorite amnesiac. Well produced, good voice acting, characters conveyed emotion and context surprisingly well. I thought the story was good. Fit with my sense of the Logan character and adds to the long running saga that is Wolverine (from comics through movies). Grittier than I anticipated, in a good way, but this is not for younger audiences. 4 not 5 stars because the end was a bit anti-climactic. Would have preferred something a little less epilogue-like and more direct. But for anyone reading this review, don’t let my comment on the ending stop you from listening. This podcast is well worth the time to listen. If you’re a wolverine fan, you will enjoy this.

It is great. (5/5)

It has this mix of violence and heroism in this.

Thanks! (5/5)

Love it. Hope you guys keep doing audio novels like this!

Loving this! (5/5)

I love the X Men and Wolverine, and it’s such a cool concept to create this story! I can only imagine how much work this was to create! Good job, can’t wait for the next episode!

Not bad but... (4/5)

So good story but boring start. As for the other people saying the actors are bad..they don’t know what they are talking about. They need to do another series with more wolverine in it. Make it more interesting.

Well written and performed (5/5)

The budget of this podcast is probably the biggest star of the show outside of the writing. It’s well edited with excellent sound effects which make it a very immersive experience. The plot is amazing. Three separate mysteries interlink with each other in ways that keep you guessing. Not to mention the cult has a very “night vale” flavor to it that actually lends itself well to the story and is a very welcome aspect of the show

Great work (5/5)

Love the acting and the writing. The voices and the characters are each distinctive and really pop. But what gets me most is the music and the atmospherics. I love it! Please keep them coming!

Good story (4/5)

Great plot, like the sound effects.

Wolverine ? (3/5)

It’s a good plot and all but barely ever get the character himself, we just hear about him that’s it. Hopefully season 2 will fix that

More of these? (5/5)

I haven’t gone to look as I just finished this piece of wolverine fiction - but I thought this was great! Into mysteries? Soundscaping mixed with your fiction? Then give this a shot. The story mainly follows two individuals who are not mutants or directly associated with the story, but who are there trying to solve a mystery that includes Logan along the way. It was a good mechanic to view the world through non-mutant eyes.

5 Star Worthy! (5/5)

This is literally the best thing ever, and I am not just saying that! The plot is spectacular, the voice acting is spot on, plus the sounds and blocking me me feel like I’m right there with the detectives finding Logan! This exceeded my expectations by FAR!!!

Waiting and waiting and waiting.... (1/5)

6 episodes in (~3 hours) and no excitement. There is a small amount of Wolvie but this is a long foul ball. The actors are awesome, the premise is good but I can’t vouch for this project.

Great sleep material! (4/5)


High quality production rarely heard in podcasts (5/5)

The attention to production detail in this series astounds me. The story is good, maybe not AMAZING but certainly fun and entertaining. Gritty and adult, there’s not much “super hero” going on, instead it plays out much more like a crime drama mystery. I’m not a typical comic book hero kind of guy, but this has been a very pleasant surprise.

Good, and... (4/5)

So far I have really enjoyed this podcast. Despite what do most people say, I don’t necessarily need this to be like a comic book. I think that making it as a podcast is an acceptable way for Marvel to create a new and compelling story in an interesting way. A common criticism I see is that it doesn’t have enough Wolverine but I personally don’t necessarily need Wolverine to be in it a lot to make it an interesting story. If you don’t like the acting or dialogue, you do you, but I don’t think it’s as abysmal as everyone says it is. I especially enjoy Prophet’s performance. Overall, Marvel is doing interesting things in a medium that allows them to break from some of the formula that their other content can tend to follow. A solid entry into the marvel auditory universe. But seriously, cut down the ad breaks. If you have one in the middle, okay, but don’t replay the same clip as you did in the beginning. We get it. I could try to become to be the next QuickenLoans VO person because I already have my audition material memorized.

Enjoyable. (4/5)

I enjoyed the pacing and slow burn of this story. Using Logan sparingly as a character the PoV figures are just steps behind worked very well. Also ride with subtle callbacks and lovely foreshadowing.

Big X-Men Fan and I loved it (5/5)

This show is a great mystery with an amazing score to adds to the mystery. If you're an X-Men fan you will love it.

Where is Wolverine? (1/5)

The production is good. Yeah some cheesy writing but not terrible. But this story is definitely not about Wolverine.

Great show (5/5)

I’m loving it. Can’t wait for more episodes.

Wheres Logan (4/5)

I guess they didn’t want to overwhelm us but I need more Logan

Don’t waste your time (like I did) (1/5)

I wanted to like this so much but it’s just not good. Some of the acting is bad, the dialogue makes me cringe and the storyline is uninteresting. It got to the point where I didn’t look forward to even listening to the next episode but I stuck with it for 9 episodes before tapping out. I stuck with it to get some sort of payoff but nah, nothing. They should rename the podcast “The Worst Sheriffs Ever: the long, uninteresting interview” because Logan is never in it.

So good!!!!! (5/5)

I mean I hope there’s more !

Cool Story, Poor Execution (3/5)

Really into the story and characters (though the voice actors are generally off), but it’s obvious that they unnaturally stretched out all dialogue and plot points in order to spread it thin over a loaf of dull advertisements. Half of every episode is made up of ads and the plot lost me after nothing ever really happens.

Gripping, mysterious (5/5)

Really enjoying this story so far. I think the characters have been matched well and the sound effects are 👌

Exceeded expectations (5/5)

More excited by each episode due to the production value, the plot, and the characters! This has become one of my favorite podcasts of all time. I typically like podcasts such as Tanis and Limetown so this show is right up my alley, but I had extremely high expectations for a podcast coming from Marvel. This show has far exceeded my hopes! Please make episodes for a long, long time.

Actually feels like marvel involved in this (5/5)

The story is actually very well written as it’s about Logan in Alaska. Small references to the mutant universe for fans. The episodes are rather short but the voice and the supporting audio really brings out the best in listening to this story.

It got addicting. (4/5)

Waaaaay better than I thought would be. I thought it would be fun...something different, but I really got into the story. Once you get used to the way the story is told in the audio (if you don’t listen to scripted shows often, like me) is very enjoyable. This would make a great TV show.

Pretty good (5/5)

The one released in Halloween is a great way to celebrate the holiday

Awesome (5/5)

I listen to lots of audio drama. Anyone who says this podcast is subpar needs to take a nap and cheer up. I promise that it’s worth the listen.

Two FBI agents and wolverine in ONE EPIDSODE (1/5)

This podcast is not about wolverine just FYI it’s a murder mystery with two FBI agents and a town in Alaska. He is not in any of the episodes but they mention him a few times. Don’t waste your time

Very entertaining (5/5)

5 stars. Love listening to this on night shift while I work. Has me hooked

This is an audio drama, not an action series (5/5)

This isn’t Logan running around the woods swinging fisti-claws at everything twitching in his direction. The show follows two agents collecting interviews and investigating a small Alaskan town with problems that seem to be tied to Wolverine. This is an audio drama of two investigators trying to figure out if Logan is responsible for this towns problems, and a good one at that. It’s an interesting show, it has decent actors, and a majority of the bad reviews here are people who expected a Weapon-X bloodbath and got an investigative story instead. If you’re listening to a free version, there are ads, that’s how it works. If you pay money for the Stitcher account you’ll get a full, ad-free series.


I love it. It makes me feel like I’m sitting in front of a radio before tv and it’s about my favorite mutant.

The plot (5/5)

It is very good and engaging, But seriously people Logan is Wolverine’s name I don’t even watch Marvel and I know that and Weapon X is Hudson Lang rock possibly?

Boo Hoo whiner babies (5/5)

I’m really loving this podcast. Everyone that is hating on it, isn’t listening and doesn’t have any friends.

Great addition to wolverine’s lore (5/5)

I’ve really enjoyed this and have been looking forward to the new episodes each week.

More please! Amazing! (5/5)

I would listen to a thousand other stories from Marvel after this. It made me more interested to dig into Wolverine comics than ever before. If you continue this series or produce something similar with other characters I would absolutely listen😀😊. Already telling all of my friends to check this out!

A slight different take (5/5)

Despite many of the other reviews, I honestly really enjoy this podcast. I think the concept is very interesting give that they chose to approach a topic and story we know very well from a totally different perspective. I think we can all forgot just how amazing and scary superheroes and mutants can be when we only see they story from their perspective. As a regular podcast listener, I don’t mind the ads and I honestly don’t find Agent Pierces acting to be terrible. Her voice is a tad annoying but if anything that makes it seem more real. I look forward to these updates every week and will definitely keep listening.

Love it (4/5)

It’s one of my favorite podcasts but it’s hard to hear everything

Action (4/5)

I love the podcast and the storytelling. I just feel like it needs more action.

Shocked at how good this show is (5/5)

This show is on par with MCU movies. I was skeptical but pleasantly surprised. Great show, far surpassing my expectations.

Fantastic (5/5)

Great story

Good first attempt (3/5)

If you’re looking for an action packed drama similar to the X-Men and Logan movies, this isn’t quite it. Still, it’s a compelling story and worth a listen. The audio format is certainly not the easiest way to tell a narrative story in 2018, so I definitely applaud the crew for trying. That said, the acting leaves a bit to be desired at times, as well as some of the writing. Will update my review when I finish the series, which I intend on doing. I just hope Logan makes more of an appearance

Skip It (1/5)

Nearly unlistenable. Poor acting, meandering plot, terrible characterization of Wolverine.

Like it, but don’t love it (3/5)

Good story, acting is only so-so and episodes are too short!!! But I’m listening anyways because I love the Wolverine

No wolverine (3/5)

You'd think Wolverine would be a main character, but he rarely makes an appearance.

Please Continue (5/5)

I love it! I can’t stop listening! (Rebel Yell) More! More! More!

I like it a lot (5/5)

This is good, I like mystery, I like radio play type stuff, and I like this. The theater of the mind in this is really unique and hope they do more because there isn’t much like this around. Not to mention the hint of comic book stuff being treated with realism is really refreshing.

Great Slow Burn building (5/5)

I think the reason why people are disappointed are cause they listen expecting Wolverine. As someone who listened to it for the heck of it, I love the podcast. I love Agent Pierce, her snarkiness, her quick actions and just overall her character. Great to see a woman who is inherently good have bad traits like interrupting people and being antsy! The podcast gives major Daredevil season 1 and Jessica Season 1 vibes. I love it!

Turrible (1/5)

These studio produced podcasts end up being terrible. Like all the other negative reviews I second the sentiment that this podcast is boring, drags on, is disjointed and interrupted by all the ads and episode breaks. I personally can't keep track of the story line between episodes and the lack of coherent storyline does not help.

Boring (1/5)

This is boring. UNSUBSCRIBED after 8 chapters so u can't say I didn't try it.

Absolutely Amazing (5/5)

What a fantastic show! Well acted and produced. I would say this is a must listen for any comic fan especially a Wolverine fan.

Must Listen (5/5)

Very entertaining and well scripted.

Fantastic (5/5)

This is a fantastic podcast. I love the story, voice over acting, and sound effects. I am several episodes in and it just keeps getting better. They also recommended a few similar podcast that I plan on checking out soon as well. I am getting a bit annoyed at the constant commercials for quicken loans but that is my only complaint. I hope this is the start of a long list marvel stories.

Audio Drama for the 21st Century! (5/5)

The acting and audio quality/sound production is TOP NOTCH. This is hands down the best audio drama I’ve ever heard. It’s a revelation.

True detective: the long build. (4/5)

Two FBI agents investigate the the mysterious murders and happenings surrounding a small Alaskan town and the cult that lives there. Their number one suspect is a tiny mysterious loner named Logan. And he’s missing. From the entire podcast. If you like true detective or crime thrillers this is pretty good as far as podcasts go, but don’t stick around for wolverine because besides 2 minutes of voicemail’s, he hasn’t shown up in 8 episodes. Hopefully he does some slashing soon

Boring (1/5)

A lot of the reviews are from people who haven’t even listened. They just have it 5 stars because they were just excited to listen. Try actually listening before rating the show. It’s slow, boring, and there is not not much Wolverine to be found. The writing is terrible. Typical over the top FBI characters. Stereotypical angry female agent, good guy partner. Crooked local cops. All the stupid movie tropes you can think of. Wolverine is barley in it. Just finished Episode 8 and he was nowhere to be found. It’s just stupid and a waste of time. It’s 37 minutes, but you only get about 20 min of show. They have credits and ads in the beginning, ads in middle and the last 3.5-4 min are credits again.

To short (2/5)

We wait a week for 26 minuets... can we have at least 40

Marvel’s Next Takeover (5/5)

Marvel does an awesome job with Wolverine: The Long Night. Scripting, voice acting and effects are top notch. Great episode after episode, totally hooked. Not to mention it’s about my favorite Marvel character.

Sooooooo good!!!!!! (5/5)

This podcast is fantastic. I want more Wolverine and more Marvel podcasts like this.

It’s a cut above the rest. (5/5)

It’s hard to put into words how good this story is. The way the story sounds it gives it a classic X-Files feel. Great voice acting and sounds. I’m very impressed, and I really get an escape when I listen to this Pod. Thanks for doing this. Wolverine is one of my favorite characters from when I was a kid. Thank you.

More! (5/5)

Excellent drama, I hope there will be more

More X-Files than X-Men, BORING (1/5)

This is 90% two agents going around talking to boring locals, less than 5% Wolverine, and what we do get is a mumbling loner hermit, not a heroic figure at all, not at all the same man who has cool adventures with the X-Men. It was a good idea to set a Wolverine story in Alaska, but the good ideas pretty much stop there. I muddled through the sixth episode and still nothing has happened. there is NO ACTION at all. This is not at all like a comic book story. Take Logan's advice and leave him alone. I'd like to hear a good Marvel story in a podcast sometime. Try again.

Amazing Storytelling! (5/5)

Everyone involved with this production has done a great job! Each episode is thrilling and suspenseful. The voice acting is outstanding as well.

Great storytelling (5/5)

Great Storytelling even if you don't care for comic books. Great performances. Give it a listen you won't regret it.

Where’s Wolverine? (1/5)

70% of the way through and still no wolverine outside of a few voicemails and recordings

The longest podcast (1/5)

Someone please make this crap stop! Ok I’m interested but you have to make it much less disappointing to people that have read comics or seen anything ever or heard a good podcast before. The writing is lame and the story is terrible. I’d almost rather someone read a comic book to me and describe the pictures. Oh the claws the claws vuvuvuvuvu im shivering

Great podcast, shame its over so fast (5/5)

Soon as it starts getting good grabs your attention its over but this isn't a negative for the podcast itself just wish it were longer cause its super addicting.

Make more series! (5/5)

Great story telling. Great run time. Easily fits into my day. They need to make more like this.

Wow (5/5)

This is an awesome listen!

So good! (5/5)

I hope Marvel continues to make more of these! So good!

Favorite (5/5)

This is my favorite podcast ever!! It gets me through my week and gives me something to look forward too. Thank you so much for giving me something like this!

Twin Peaks meets Marvel (5/5)

I’ve been loving this podcast! The voice acting is better than any radio drama podcast I’ve listened to. It feels like you’ve stepped into this small town in Alaska and are listening in on real conversations. The music is subtle and used to great effect, and the Foley artistry is insane! I love how this cast is focusing on the human beings around superhuman mutants, it’s an area of superhero fiction that doesn’t get explored very much, and I find It very compelling. My only complaint would be the length of the podcast and commercials. Currently they’re about 25-35 min long, and It seems like 10 min are eaten up with the three sets of commercials. I understand the necessity of commercials, but hopefully this will turn into a lasting production from Marvel and they may up the amount content each week.

Really good (5/5)

I highly recommend it . After the first episode you will be hooked . The guy that voices wolverine sounds good and the story is really good so far

Gorgeous (5/5)

One of the beat podcasts I’ve ever known.

Amazing!!! (5/5)

This is a fun listen and I really hope this starts a new trend from MARVEL! More please! :)

. (4/5)

Loving this podcast. The acting is really well done, but the ads in the middle of the chapter are annoying, they immediately pull you out of the immersion.

Great production (4/5)

Great voice acting, great sound effects, good story, episodes too short....

Absolute Masterpiece (5/5)

This is by far the coolest podcast out there. The production value and storyline are fantastic. The voice acting is perfect. Super disappointed this is only 10 episodes. Stitcher and whoever else put this project together really have something here. I hope there are lots more to come.

Getting better with every episode (5/5)

Getting better with every episode

Not so in any more (3/5)

Episode 6 and basically zero wolverine, a lot of pointless exposition that frankly has gotten confusing. Even more so by the endless dialogue between the two agents being interrupted by commercials.....

Wow (5/5)

This grabbed me as soon as I started listening! 10 out of 10!

Excellent (5/5)

Listen to this podcast. Superb writing, superb actors, the best out there.

Binge-worthy (5/5)

Just binge-listened 6 episodes in a row. Can’t wait for the next episode. Please make more Marvel series too!

More Please! (5/5)

The voice actors are amazing! I’m hooked on the story and want to know what’s next at the end of each episode. I really hope Marvel does more like this when it’s done because I’m loving it!

Best Podcast Fiction / Audio Drama I've Heard (5/5)

I've listened to a lot of audiobooks, radio dramas, audio dramas, podcast fiction, and this is the best I've heard. "We're Alive" comes in a very close second only because I like this type of story more than zombie apocalypse, but check that out if you catch up on episodes of this podcast. So yeah, the voice acting is amazing in this podcast. So is the production with music and spot on sound effects. It has really high production quality. That alone makes it super fun to listen to but beyond all of that the story is really good too. So you can't go wrong with this one. Give it a shot. You won't be disappointed.

Better than expected (5/5)

What a great podcast! Episode one had me hooked right away. The atmosphere of the music and the way it’s setup is awesome. I hope for more of these in the future with different stories and characters!!

Amazing (5/5)

Please Marvel, make more fiction podcasts.

Is this a book? (5/5)

If not, it should be.

Listen up BUB!!! (5/5)

Loving this podcast. I don’t ever want to get out of my truck but knowing I have a new episode waiting for me on my morning drive definitely gets me out of bed! Keep em coming!

When will it start? (3/5)

I am now six episodes in and there is a dead bear and a few words spoken by Logan. The acting and character building are great, but dang is this a SLOWWWWW build.

Amazing (5/5)

Everything from the story, to the production, to the actors themselves has been fantastic. You don’t have to like comics to enjoy this.

All the way through Chapter 6 (5/5)

I love everything about this podcast! Besides the female agent. She overacts her part and it’s annoying

Wolverine The Long Night (5/5)

I LOVE this podcast! I can’t wait for the next episode! Thoughtfully produced and Richard Armitage as Wolverine is amazingly perfect!

Amazinggggg (5/5)

Honestly so captivated by this story, it’s like a rated R crime / thriller / murder mystery that truly embodies the tone for what a wolverine story should be told as. Hooked is an understatement!!!!!!!

More please (5/5)

This was amazing

Amazing! (5/5)

This was the first podcast I ever listened to. It is Amazing! I’ve listened to each episode 3 or 4 times to make sure I haven’t missed anything. I’ve tried to find more podcast like this but there aren’t any. Please make more!!!!!

Keep Going! (5/5)

I hope this is the start to more ongoing audio series staring our favorite superheroes. It's so grounded and smart.

Yes (5/5)

This is awesome. Really well done.

Wolverine The Long Night (5/5)

Great story. This podcast series has the true qualities of the dark comic books while replacing the visual content of the comic book with great auditory story telling with sound effects. The listened gets instantly engrossed in the story and stays right to the end. I only wish they were longer. They go by fast

Awesome (5/5)

Love it!!! The music between scenes, the realism in the acting’ and sound effects are on point. This so far is amazing all around.

Great story, performance, and production (5/5)

As an audio performance, this one is a serious cut above others I've enjoyed. If you are a Marvel fan, you'll love it. If you're a Wolverine fan, you'll get it. The mature themes really lend to a Wolverine story arc. I hope that Marvel and Stitcher produce more of these type serials, not only with Wolverine, but from their pantheon of heroes.

This is amazing!!! (5/5)

Oh my gosh! Please, please, please say that you guys are going to do more than just this story! I would love to hear more stories like this!

Words can not describe, but I will try. (5/5)

Awesome, Fantastic, Phenomenal! This is unlike any podcast I have ever downloaded! FULLY immersive listening. I feel like I am in the room with the actors. The sound editing is spectacular! The storyline, perfect! I can’t wait to get to the next episode.

Wow,Marvel keeps it up (5/5)

I’m not usually into podcast but a coworker told me about it and I thought I’d give it a shot since it’s Marvel. Love where they’re going with this, and with Wolverine no less. I binged all 5 so far and this is an awesome show, very well written and produced and the actors play it out so well. Totally worth a work day to listen to it. Can’t wait for more!!

I hope Marvel creates more of these (5/5)

Wonderful, quality storytelling. I hope there’s a Marvel Podcast Universe coming.

5/5! (5/5)

I am not a huge Marvel fan, but I absolutely love this podcast! It’s well-produced, interesting and keeps you on the edge of your seat!

Keeps me on the edge of my seat (5/5)

This is a excellent podcast , the story telling us really good the acting is spot on it is very binge worthy if you like murder mysteries you will love this podcast

So. Many. Ads. (2/5)

Really wanted to enjoy this, but it's so bloated with advertisements it made me crazy. 2 minutes of ads to begin, another break in mid-show... no thanks. So many good podcasts that don't spend 5 minutes advertising to me within 20 minutes. And of all the podcasts I listen to, Marvel probably needs the ad revenue the least, but advertises more than anyone else. No thanks.

Great series! (5/5)

Loving this so far! Need more of these! Punisher, Daredevil, Firefy/Serenity, more Wolverine stories etc.

Amazing! (5/5)

Great story! I couldn’t help but binge it. Great quality and the acting is amazing.

This show is AMAZING (5/5)

This is AMAZING!! So many stories that can be done, and you should do as many as you can, as soon as you can! Again, amazing job, you should all be very proud!!

A Must Listen..... (5/5)

If you are a fan of Marvel, or even just a fan of Wolverine, this is it. Oersonally, I'm stil and avid reader and watcher of Wolverine comics and movies, so this is a great medium for me to get my fix while at work. WEell produced and the story keeps me hanging on to every word.

Disappointing (2/5)

Great plot, poor script and acting

Should be five stars, but..... (4/5)

A big production like this, who’s in charge of casting? The actress that plays Agent Pierce is amateurish at best, sometimes her acting is so bad that I have to fast forward to the next part. A real let down considering everything else about this podcast is superb!

Wow!!!!!!!!!! (5/5)

Absolutely amazing. Every episode just keeps me wanting more. Thank you to everyone involved for telling such an amazing story.

Loving this! (5/5)

I wasn't sure what to expect at first and it took an episode or two for me to get into it but I am completely hooked now. Great voice work and story to this point.

Even better than expected! (5/5)

I started listening to this podcast because I saw that Richard Armitage was attached to it. He has narrated a few audiobooks and is one of -if not the- best narrators I’ve ever heard. He is capable of voicing almost any character (his female characters are amazing!) and his speaking voice is like velvet. Armitage certainly doesn’t disappoint in this series, and the rest of the cast is phenomenal as well! The production value is very high. The writing is compelling. In feel, this show is like a blend of Twin Peaks and a particularly good Wolverine comic. I hope more series like this get produced!

Francisco’s review (5/5)

It’s the only podcast I listen to and it’s amazing

Soooo good (5/5)

Makes hump day that much better!

Incredible Podcast (5/5)

I’m not really into the scripted story podcasts, but when I heard Marvel was producing one, I knew I had to give it a chance—and I’m in love! It’s so well done and has a great sound. The characters are introduced naturally and within the flow of the story. The only complaint I have is that they don’t put a new one out everyday for me to listen to! (5/5)

One of the best fiction podcast I’ve ever listen to and I don’t really like fiction but this is bad word I can say

Very captivating! (5/5)

Really captivating story lines. Great voice actors and superb audio. The story makes you feel like you’re there along for the ride.

Addictive! (5/5)

Cannot get enough of this series! The voices, sound effects, etc are all expertly done and make you feel like you are immersed in the drama right along with the characters. I’ve successfully talked 3 other people into listening and can’t wait to tell more! I only hope Marvel continues to make more like this!

Amazing (5/5)

I’ve listened to half and the style of the program alone is great. I hope they produce more, I never read comic books as a kid because I am severely dyslexic and didn’t learn to read until I was almost a teen. This is a great way to learn more about characters I find interesting.

In Love (5/5)

So fare I’m in LOVE with this podcasts I just started and now I’m hanging off a cliff waiting for what happens next PLEASE MORE I need more

If you enjoy old radio shows... (5/5)

This reminds me of the old Suspense radio shows! Created as if you’re in a theater, sound effects and one point I kept taking off my earphone trying to figure out what radio was playing in my house until I realized it was from the show. All the actors are fantastic, they really take you into the story. I couldn’t stop listening and am excited for the next episode!

Much needed for #cubelife (5/5)

Great pod love it

Great adaptation to the podcast medium (5/5)

I really love Wolverine, Richard Armitage, great storytelling, and podcasts. This is the perfect blend of those loves. Don't think this is just RA being Wolverine, this is a fully fleshed out story involving so much more than Wolverine in the ways we see him in cinema. The slow free releases are trying because you want more, but be patient, this story is worth it.

Audio storytelling at its finest (5/5)

Incredibly well written, acted, and produced, Wolverine: The Long Night is a must listen for fans of radio/audio, regardless of their preferred genre.

This is so good (5/5)

Whenever I’m listening to this podcast i become lost in its story I almost feel as if I’m in the story! I’m already on episode 4 and can’t wait for more to come!

Impressed so far. (5/5)

The sound design alone is worth checking this show out. It's immersive in a way I haven't experienced before even in a surround sound movie setting. I also love the mystery. There are moments where the atmosphere is genuinely creepy. The characters are engaging enough so far, though I'm hoping to see more depth from a few of them soon. Even though we hardly hear from Wolverine, there are enough satisfying Easter eggs to pick up on for any Marvel fan. This show wouldn't be the same if it was from Logan's perspective. Overall, I can't wait to hear more!

Great (5/5)

So far this is awesome, hoping for more like this. Really like the idea of comic book podcasts. Hoping that a collaboration with Comicstorian is in store.

Love this series (5/5)

This is a wonderful series. My kids and I love it.

Interesting cast, I am from Alaska so they are off a bit there but great story! (5/5)

I no longer listen to podcast on Apple but I love this one so much I came back here to write this review! It is that great!

Awesome (5/5)

So awesome! I want more Wolverine!

Night Vale (5/5)

came here from night vale and I am not disappointed

Awesome (5/5)

Absolutely awesome. So entertaining. More like a crime drama with a Marvel twist. Absolutely love this and can’t wait for the next episode.

Where is Wolverine? (3/5)

I get the idea of building excitement, but 4 episodes (~80 min) in, we’ve had like 1 min of actual Wolverine. It’s still a good story, but they should probably not market it as a Wolverine story if he’s not really going to be in the story. I gave this 3 stars instead of 1 with the hope that the writer(s) are just building excitement for Logan.

Nicely Done! (5/5)

Please publish the episodes good!

The acting is top notch (5/5)

Love it

Fantastic Story!!! (5/5)

Ok... Just finished the first 4 episodes and all I can say is wow!!! You guys are going to have to put the up faster!!! I am already on edge waiting for the next episode to be available!!!

Great (5/5)

I love the story so far wish there was more pod cast like this.

Wicked,Epic,Amazing (5/5)

This podcast is my new favorite show!!! I can’t wait for the next episode!!! Come all nerds this is the best

Cool story/Bad voice acting (1/5)

Pretty neat story so far. The voice acting is kind of bad (especially Celia Keenan Bulger) just like the Bright Sessions. Go ahead and skip episode 2. The bar interview sounds like a middle school dialogue.

L (1/5)

Is wolverine gonna be in your wolverine podcast?

A wolverine podcast without wolverine. (1/5)

This is by far the worst thing I’ve ever listened to. Cheesy dialogue, horrible voice acting, and NO WOLVERINE. I can’t believe Marvel allowed this.

Wow! Sound quality and acting is excellent! (5/5)

Listen to it on your headphones and you’ll be amazed at the depth of the sounds. The story and acting hold you on the edge of your seat. I’m a longtime Wolverine fan and this story serves him well. Give it a listen. You’ll be happy you gave it a chance.

To many commercials (3/5)

Great storyline. Too many commercials. Commercials at the beginning in the middle and at the end. Commercial seem to make up more of the program then the actual program.

More? (5/5)

I have a long drive to work and this was perfect. Are there more marvel podcasts? I’ll be on the lookout.

Great, but... (4/5)

This podcast is amazing but I wish the episodes were longer.

Great! (5/5)

Just listened to the first episode - can’t wait to get into the second one. Great story telling and very engaging. Reminds me of when my parents used to read me stories...

Good Production, Hard to Listen To (3/5)

At three episodes in the story is interesting, the production is done well - I really enjoy most of the voice actors - and I can say with certainty that I'm going to keep listening. That said - the commercials are about the longest I've heard in any podcast, and not just at the beginning and end of the podcast but also in the middle of the story. It's a big interruption that will pull you right out of the story, ruining any fear, excitement or tense moments they've managed to build up.

Great stuff (5/5)

Heavy on the mystery, a great listen

Tesd (5/5)

I would have never heard of this podcast if not for tell em steve Dave. So glad you did an add there love this kind of content!!!!

Amazing (5/5)

Love it so far. Keep the episodes coming. Would love to hear more comic podcasts like this.

The commercials are unbearable (1/5)

I understand an ad or two but geez guys... the ad makes me cringe so bad.

Amazing series (5/5)

This is a great show. Starts off a little slow but builds up that sitting on the edge of the seat feeling after the cliff hangar in episode 3...and then a week long of waiting. More wolverine in the story line though should they continue another series. Maybe his internal dialogue from his perspective in a scene change to get a sense of this is happening simultaneously during the story. Keep it up. I hope to hear more!!

Engaging and entertaining! (5/5)

First 3 episodes are super good so far. Great sound, music, acting (speaking), transitions, story line. I think my favorite thing is the pace. It’s not developing too slow, but leaves a good amount of anticipation to keep you engaged.

Slow boring and no Wolverine (1/5)

I've listened to 3 episodes and so far all it has is bad dialogue, mediocre voice acting, and about 30 seconds of actual Wolverine. Hopefully they're setting the stage for something better.

This is a really good podcast (5/5)

I truly feel like I’m in the story, it’s a good show!!

Eh, It’s OK. (3/5)

Great production value & interesting concept but the pacing & acting just don’t do it for me.

I need more! (5/5)

So good!

Hooked! (5/5)

This is legit! I'm three episodes in and totally hooked!!!! If you like comics you'll love this podcast!

Best Podcast I've Ever Listened To (5/5)

When I first heard the trailer I was already hooked. I loveee Marvel and they did this podcast perfectly! 👌👌👌 Doing very well marvel and I hope you continue because this is AMAZINGGGG!!!! 👍👍👍👍

Very cool. (5/5)

This is amazing. Reminds me of the old radio shows I used to listen too with my dad. The sound is incredible so you hear all the small details like a lighter being flicked or a car pulling up. The murder mystery tone is perfect for wolverine. Can’t wait for further episodes. If this is popular, then I say do other characters like daredevil or punisher.

AMAZING ! (5/5)

Can’t wait to see what else marvel does

Mcu audio? Yes please (5/5)

Great audio drama and of course Marvel knocks it out of the park with this as well....

Hooked! (5/5)

Three episodes in and I am hooked. I’m a comic fan, but not really an Wolverine or XMen fan. Still, this is great. Top quality production on the episodes, too. I’ll be recommending it to anyone I know who even remotely is interested in Marvel IPs.

Love it (5/5)

Great cast and production! It feels like they didn't even record this in a studio!

Too good not to review (5/5)

Never written a review before, but this podcast is excellent and I hope they make more like it.

Great way to re-boot wolverine (5/5)

Jus finished the first full episode and it took a bit for me to be into it, but they hooked me with the close. I’m excited to finally get the Wolverine I grew up imagining, a short stocky tough guy, with a chip on his shoulder, and attitude to match. Wolverine was always my favorite mutant not because he was a tall muscular model, but because is was a bit of an outsider that didn't take sh.. from anyone. Thanks for bringing back a Wolverine I can enjoy.

This is a must hear podcast!! (5/5)

Written beautifully and I can seriously have this being played in my head flawlessly!! It is perfection!!!! If you haven’t heard it do it now!!!

Puts you right in the middle (5/5)

I like the way the story puts you right in the middle of the action, when I listen with my AirPods I often feel the story all around me.

Next Level Storytelling (5/5)

Dude. This podcast is fantastic. From the solid personalization of characters to the transitions from scene to scene to the unfolding of the story - I cannot wait to listen to every moment of this over & over again. Awesome job.

Wanted to like, but... (2/5)

Nope. Can’t get into this. Sorry, guys. Biggest issue: The writing is lame. I was all-in for a Wolverine story and instead find myself sitting through several episodes of Law and Order: Special Bear Victims Unit. And how about the acting? Although the male actors seem natural and professional (which is why I’m giving two stars rather than just one), the female lead’s acting is so wooden it takes you right out of the story. Not to mention her lines do nothing to the propeller the plot forward? Was she added after when someone pointed out there were no other (live) female characters? Did she writer her character in herself? Does her acting ever get better? These are questions I’ll never get the answer to because I cannot “bear” to listen to this uncanny-crime investigation any further. Dialogue: -1 ⭐️ / Plot: -1 ⭐️ / Female lead: -1 ⭐️ / Other actors: +1 ⭐️ / the hope that the story eventually includes the title character: +1 ⭐️

The Best there is at what he does!!! (5/5)

This trailer is AWESOME. I’ve been listening to the series and so far it’s beyond what I could expect from Marvel’s first podcast series. The story is just as good as watching Game of Thrones, you never know what to expect. But what makes it even better? The fact that it’s made in a studio and you feel like if you’re in the very real Alaska. It’s so well made that you can hear every single detail so clear, it fills you with adrenaline and it makes you want to keep on hearing more and more. This podcast series is definitely better than an audiobook. This is like combining a Netflix series with an audiobook, you get a story that’s just so good. This series definitely gets 5 Stars.

Phenomenal (5/5)

3 episodes in and this is awesome. Great writing, great voice acting, I love this podcast. It builds tension, holds interest, and handles the characters authentically. To me, this is reminiscent of the early days of the first Wolverine ongoing series, the first dozen or so issues. Feels like 1980s-90s Logan all over.

Awesome (5/5)

I hope Marvel makes more of these. Very well done.

Everything I have ever wanted (5/5)

The production value is terrific, the voice acting all around is great. The story telling and pacing are just right. The people who have come together to make this happen should know already but in my humble opinion “you are doing it right”.

Great listen and story (5/5)

Great quality chapters that have me replaying to catch the little details in the backgrounds. The story is captivating and the actors are just perfect in this medium. A chapter a week is touture.

Embarrassing voice acting (1/5)

Possibly the most disengaging voice acting by the main woman. Everything she says seems out of the context of the story. No acting ability

Great podcast all around (5/5)

Incredible sound quality, entertaining storyline, engaging actors, and easy to get into whether you’re a Marvel fan or not. Highly recommend!

Love this podcast (5/5)

Great story. Great characters. But most importantly the sound production is really crazy awesome. An immersive experience if you are looking to listen to a podcast that really takes you into the story.

Wolverine: The long night. (5/5)

Wolverine: The long night is a great new story from an old classic. The story line keeps me looking forward to what’s going to happen next. I can’t wait for the next episode to drop!

Two words: Simply Awesome (5/5)

Amazing story so far!! This is my first podcast I’ve ever listened to but phenomenal acting and story so far just starting episode two!! Can’t wait for the full series! Great job guys!

All of it (5/5)

2 episodes in and I can’t wait for more. I love this kind of stuff and to add marvel on top. Plus make it wolverine I’m hooked if Colossus makes a appearance I’ll die.

Extremely Entertaining (5/5)

First two chapters were awesome! The build up to each end new chapter keeps me wanting more.

Can Wait . . . To review it (5/5)

Don’t rate things you haven’t heard yet. I’ve heard it though and it is pretty great so far.

From an Alaskan...NO!! (2/5)

I’m enjoying the first couple episodes but as an Alaskan the basic geographical errors are cringeworthy. Like they ginned up the scenes from watching a season of Most Dangerous Catch and SNL. For instance, Sitka isn’t 50 Miles from Russia (despite what Sarah Palin might say), it’s more like 1,000. There are no “dockmasters” in Alaska. We call them harbormasters. The list goes on. Seems like every two minutes they’d bungle something else. Please, go get a real Alaskan to do a quick proofreading of your scripts. Heck, I’d be happy to do it for free.

Love it!!!! (5/5)

Amazing to listen to after watching Logan or other Wolverine movies, great for road trips

Great story for anyone! (5/5)

Only 2 episodes available so there is a lot of flexibility for the future, but so far its amazing! Story telling is well done. Picture of being there is well done. I dont think you even need to be an x-men fan to appreciate this podcast.

Amazing (5/5)

Can’t wait

Immersive storytelling (5/5)

Fantastic podcast! I look forward to the series playing out

Excellent production (5/5)

Arguably the best recent audio drama podcast I've found. The production is just fantastic and hearkens to the quality of classic radio dramas that use ambience and script structure in the most efficient way possible while creating a clear environment for the listener. Really great ambient and nonverbal production, really great use of levels wherein they use volume and texture to establish character location, tone of a scene, but without using wildly inconsistent volumes that go from whisper soft to eardrum rattling loud (I am looking directly at you, recent period piece audio drama that takes place in a mental ward) and pretty good acting direction. Paced well, unfolds easily, establishes location without narration, very little of that stilted, disconnected delivery. I would say it's not perfect on it's own merit but perfect given it's contemporaries. Exactly the type of solid production and engaging, entertaining content that you can expect from Marvel.

Wolverine (4/5)

First episode made me want to listen to the second episode.

Release dates ? (5/5)

When does episode three come out?

Not a super hero person (5/5)

And this is fantastic. Benjamin Percy is an awesome writer. Gives a real literary tone to the whole thing.

The bad actor who plays the overly pushy lady cop ruins it (1/5)

Her acting and over portrayal of the poorly written character destroys the story every time she speaks. Personally I simply fast forward through her speaking

Wolverine (4/5)

this is the first time I’ve ever reviewed anything . I’ve listen to the first two episodes and can’t wait for the next, and the next

Not a good start (2/5)

Super excited to see this podcast coming out, but after the first episode, they’re really going to need to step up their game if they want to keep earning their add revenue. As a long-time podcast, audiobook, and radio-drama consumer, I’m kinda insulted at how lazy the writing starts out. I really want this to work out, and I’ll give it a few more episodes because I hope they’ll hit their stride and I both want this specific show and the genre in generally to be successful, but I’m not optimistic after the first episode.

Wishing I didn’t find this (5/5)

So I found this after the second episode. And I absolutely love it! But I wish I would have not found it for a few more months and had a whole bunch of more episodes to binge through. So now I have to wait every two weeks or so to get a new episode and it’s so good that I want more right now!

An amazing podcast (5/5)

Listened this afternoon and immediately got stitcher to finish the series. Excellent podcast. I wish there was more.

Great idea ruined by adds. (1/5)

Breaking in the middle of immersive content to blast adds is stupid. You had me listening, you could have front loaded the adds and tacked some on to the end. Instead I stopped listening mid commercial break and won’t rejoin this story.

Great story telling (5/5)

Found this and I am expressed. One of the best story telling podcast I have listened to. Just finished chapter two and I need the rest I just want to know what’s going on. The whole crew has my attention great characters. Thanks for making my nights better at work. Keep it up!

Action and adventure on the morning commute (5/5)

And excellent, well done podcast! I have to say that it’s even better than the X-Men movies!

Talk about a deadly catch! (5/5)

Eyes closed visualizing episode 1. I’m cold, wet, breathless, and can not wait till after dinner to enjoy episode 2! Poor Logan, so lost and misunderstood. I feel for him. EPIC!

Incredible (5/5)

Of all the fiction / story-based podcasts I have listened to, this podcast has fantastic production quality, immersive soundscapes and the kind of story line we have come to expect from Marvel. I hope they continue to do more of these

So far so good (4/5)

The first chapter has 5 stars, hope the rest delivers.

What’s gonna happen ?? (4/5)

Just got done w/the 1st episode and it really has promise. The production is really great as well

Amazing podcast (5/5)

This is really great so far :D can’t wait for more!!!!

You're in the middle of the mystery (5/5)

The amazing 3D soundscape and top-notch acting put you in the middle of the mystery and action. Really adds to the Wolverine story.

Wolverine Is Nice (5/5)

What a nice guy, I love his claws and I even like listening to his claws!

This is huge! (5/5)

So excited for more people to hear this!

in love (5/5)

i'm going to play this podcast to my great-grandchildren.

WOW! (5/5)

This is so, so good. Production quality is incredible, great job by the teams at Stitcher and Marvel. Really there's even more to come!

So cool! (5/5)

I love the style of this podcast. Even though I'm not typically into comic stories, this one is great!

Finally!! (5/5)

It was only a matter of time before Marvel stepped into the podcast arena. Even just listening to the first couple episodes I can tell this is a well-produced, well-written story. As a longtime comicbook fan & longtime podcast listener the Long Night is just what I've been waiting for.

Best podcast of 2018 (5/5)

Top notch production value and voice actors, engaging and interesting plot, I'm a huge marvel fan but even if I wasn't, I would still love this. Can't wait for more episodes!

Just amazing (5/5)

Listened to the series on Stitcher and its amazing. Can’t wait to re-listen and share with friends!

Looking forward to this podcast!! (5/5)

As a fan of Richard Armitage and his work, I was so excited to hear he’d be voicing Wolverine! He is going to do a fantastic job, as always. And his American accent (which he also uses in his role as Daniel Miller in “Berlin Station”) is incredible! Very excited about this podcast!

YES!! (5/5)

I’m so happy that this is a way to continue or show more story to the world of wolverine. And a story to listen to about wolverine while playing games can’t wait


Wow. I am really excited for this. I hope this gets advertised more. People need to know about this

Awesome! (5/5)


Sounds really good (5/5)

cant wait

amazing (5/5)

cant wait

I can't WAIT (5/5)

This trailer sounds amazing, I can't wait to listen. What amazing production!