Aggregated reviews for You Made It Weird with Pete Holmes

Everybody has secret weirdness, Pete Holmes gets comedians to share theirs.

Dear Pete, (5/5)

What does Ramdas say about ejaculating into my dirty socks? What are his views on step sister pornography? 🕯 -Les Couchon- 💄🐷🍒👠

Tried but just can’t (1/5)

He interrupts and talks about himself too much. Seems narcissistic and just can’t let his guest finish a sentence.

Stop Interrupting !! (2/5)

When your guests are trying to get out a serious/meaningful thought and then you think ‘It’ll be a good idea to cut them off with this joke!’ Stop that! Your ideas are interesting to listen to but the cringey interruptions make this unbearable

Distracting host (3/5)

I mostly enjoy this podcast but too often I become annoyed at the host for interrupting with input that he constantly thinks is funny and get cringy fake laughter from guests because they feel no other option. Pete, interrupt less, listen more.

HBO show was great, but podcast is hard to listen to (2/5)

Annoying interviewer though

Read your ratings (3/5)

Stop interrupting.

One of my faves but the interrupting... (3/5)

LOVE you and your podcast. Only gripe is that you need to listen more. I know you're enthusiastic but it's frustrating to be listening to a guest's story and they get interrupted after one sentence. It’s 75% you talking over the guests. It can be very frustrating. Otherwise, I really enjoy listening.

I’m sorry about that (5/5)

I can meet you here

One of the best podcasts out there (5/5)

Funny, deep, interesting. It’s everything I want in a podcast. Pete Holmes may not be the best interviewer. He’s always cutting off his guests and he makes a lot of the show about him (sorry pete!) but I love him anyway and listen to all his stuff (including his audio book which is also gold). But it’s genuine and filled with such inspiring and AUTHENTIC talk. It’s spirituality without being overly the top airy-fairy. I appreciate that so much and I have learned a lot from pete and this show. Thank you!!

I love it (5/5)

I’ve been a long time fan of Pete so this probably isn’t a big surprise but I love this podcast. I’ve always struggled with depression and find that his spiritual perspective, sense of humor, and loud laugh will never fail to put me in good spirits. Pete does a great job of just looking at something silly and saying “we should be laughing at that” and then laughing at it. Whenever Pete has a conversation with someone it sounds like he’s just getting everything he can out of it. The combination of comedy and spirituality is awesome.

Loving this... (5/5)

Just stumbled onto Pete Holmes and this podcast. After reading the book, Comedy, Sex, God, I felt as if Pete knew and told parts of my life story in such a vulnerable and hilarious way. And it helped me to appreciate and value that heritage while at the same time see it as the process by which I am here in the present. For that I am grateful. Pete has brought joy and laughter along with a perspective of the world which challenges and creates space for evolution and life. Thank you, Pete! You could interrupt less, but hell, it’s your podcast. You be you!!!

Knock knock...Who’s there? ... Interrupting Pete.. (3/5)

I honestly love Pete’s humor and perspective and really enjoyed watching all of Crashing, but for the love of God, will one of Pete’s managers or assistants read all the poor reviews about how obnoxious and rude his constant interrupting is during interviews and bring it to his attention ?!? Or maybe they’ve tried repeatedly only to be cut off by Pete yelling ‘silly beans’ in their face. I used to listen every week to the podcast for almost a year, but the narcissistic interrupting rants have progressively gotten worse to the point I just avoid listening unless it’s a guest I reallllly want to hear. Pete’s regular listeners & fans already know all of his stories and perspectives, and could even dive in further by reading his book. So Pete, just take a chill pill and LISTEN to the guests for at least 5 minutes before weighing in. Your audience loves you for you, and your questions and incites are wonderful. But the manic yelling power trip thing gets in the way of you and your guests who are there to tell THEIR story. I’ll keep giving the show listens though cause I’m rooting for you!

Pete is at his best when he’s sharing, not evangelizing (3/5)

I’m probably not Pete’s target audience (young, female, grew up atheist) so these episodes are a mixed bag for me. Not every guest / interview lands for me, but I’m always excited to check them out each week. Pete has been a gateway to a lot of thinkers / speakers / spiritual luminaries that I now love, and I’m forever grateful for that. I find Pete the most compelling when he is sharing his own journey, and being vulnerable. I love the back catalog of episodes from when he first was meeting ram Das, Krishna Das, and working through his beliefs and insecurities with Duncan Trussell. Now however, I find his evangelizing kind of grating. As a man who says himself that he wishes pastors could share more of their own vulnerabilities, I think the message he’s trying to share lands best when he’s sharing his own process - not when he’s shouting his new found certainties over his guests.

Making me look a fool in public EVERY TIME (5/5)

Just when I think, “no, it’s safe, surely I won’t have a repeat of The Boss Incident— in which I was broken to uncontrollable tears of laughter in the super-bro-y part of the gym because Pete was doing a stupid-funny impression of every Bruce Springsteen song”... I put on the Will Forte episode, and minutes in, I’m walking down the street dying laughing at the described sound of a freshly opened Can of Gin. Dammit. This show is not safe for me to discreetly listen to in public unless I want to draw stares. Ah hell, who am I kidding. Men’s eyes were made to look, and let them gaze; I will not stop listening to/laughing out loud at YMIW for no man’s pleasure, I. You’re the best, Pete.

Tour 2019-2020 (5/5)

Pete, please come to Texas!

Will Forte episode (5/5)

Great episode - exorcist spider walk was added to rerelease in 2000 . It wasn’t in the original.

Valerie Episode!! (5/5)

PLEASE do an episode where Valerie is your main guest. Would LOVE to hear her full story. 💗🙏🏻

Yes, thank you (5/5)

That’s what I say to this podcast, and to Pete Holmes.

Such profound discussions!!!! (5/5)

I ❤️ Pete Holmes. He’s just brilliant......and knowing. I subscribe to many, many podcasts. This is the best, BY FAR!

Inspired (5/5)

This podcast is my favorite. I’ve learned so much about mindfulness by listening. Thanks for introducing me to many people who I’ve never heard of before. I’ve been seeking new avenues on my spiritual journey and this podcast has given me a map. Thank you.

Take your own tip (2/5)

In the Gary Gullman interview, you two spent time talking about how terrible hecklers are while you interupted him constantly. I know you, we all know your new mantras, please let us get to know the guest. Also, that Chappelle voice while putting him down is over the line you seem to think he already crossed

Pete, I love you. Please read this. (1/5)

Guessing it’ll never make it your way, but PLEASE shut up and let your guests speak. It give me such anxiety to hear a guest bite their tongue, while you keep turning it around to your own thoughts. One wonders if you are stuck looking in the mirror, since you wrote your book and crashing. I really love this podcast and the archive of work you have put forth. I have enjoyed amazing insides from you, your sweet lady, and your guests. Keep it up, but do calm the eff down.

More of the Same (1/5)

I’m just really disappointed about the amount of talking he does compared to the amount of listening. Surely, in his spiritual journey, he’s at least run across a few principles that might help him in this area. It’s exhausting, honestly. Let someone else speak.

Long time fan (5/5)

Each episode gives me hope for the future of spirituality and comedy. Every time I listen I am inspired to turn my trauma and spiritual journey into a comedic story. 🙏🏾 Thank you for this great content!

Egomaniacal (1/5)

I think Pete might have some undiagnosed mental illness. It’s gotten increasingly worse and the constant narcissistic interruptions are so insulting to his guests. I hope he can get some help—he’s lost a listener in me. The Liturgist listeners—don’t bother listening to his episode he goes on a 20 minute egomaniacal rant that they had to literally stop the show for because NOONE could get ONE word in!! He needs help!

Elizabeth Carmen, and Cornelia Quinn! (3/5)

This is half bad because of the interruptions and a few other “T W E A K S” This also good because it’s 😄!

Such a shame (1/5)

Amazing concept, wonderful guests. Self-centered, constantly interrupting, depth lacking host. Sorry Pete, your ideas are good but your execution does not work for me.

Pete seems manic (1/5)

He can’t seem to stop taking and he interrupts everyone constantly. For someone who talks about enlightenment so much, he lacks basic self awareness. I used to love this podcast but can barely give it five minutes anymore. Come back, old Pete!

Rainn Wilson (5/5)

Finally, a guest that causes Pete to catch a breath and listen! Lovely interview.

Enough already (2/5)

I was interested in listening to the interview with Harris after listening to the podcast the last day by his sister . I really wanted some insight into his addiction but all the interruptions drove me crazy and Harris couldn’t get a full sentence out . Ugh no more for me

Fred Armisen (5/5)

I’m going to give you 5 stars because I’m nice, but please stop interrupting people immediately after you ask them a question. You seem extroverted with quick responses, but it make take others a moment to articulate their response; or the guest may need more encouraging questions to help them open up.

Stop interrupting! (2/5)

I like Pete a lot and think he has interesting insights. But I want to hear what the guest has to say. I've pretty much stopped listening because I cannot bear the interruptions when a guest is mid thought. If he didn't do this, the podcast would be so good.

Interesting and funny (5/5)

I have been wish Pete would interview Tony Hale and my wish came true ! Always inspires thoughts and makes me laugh

Umm (5/5)

Pet petite Petrie you’re clean teethed who knows what.

Joyful (4/5)

Always brings to mind my favorite book: This Is Always Enough by John Aston

Love it (5/5)

Pete, I love to hear what you have to say. Never change.

Keeping It Crisp (5/5)

Welcome to Peteburg, where you’ll astrally bridge comic analogies, existentialism and lofty improv. Half the pull is what report bubbles from these high octane concoctions.

Pete’s ego trippin’ (2/5)

Have listened to every episode. Yes every, some twice. Pete has lost it though. Has gotten too crazy about his beliefs and goes on manic tangents not related to the guest for 10s and 10s of minutes uninterrupted it’s insane. Sad. Hard to listen to at times.


I use to love listening to this podcast at work but I can not stand to listen to his CONSTANT INTERRUPTION of guests to turn the story around about himself, and usually steering completely off topic. CONSTANT. C’mon, Pete. Check your ego! You have become an unbearable narcissist. I’m not sure which has gotten worse at this, you or Joe Rogan! I have always loved you Pete but you’ve lost a listener. I use to get joy from listening and now the only emotion I feel is irritation at your lack of manners. I want to hear about the guests not your makeshift therapy sessions about yourself. :( Maybe you should change the dynamic and just make the show having different guests come and interview you and asks questions they want to know about you. At least it would be more accurate.

Great! (4/5)

Love it. Pete and I have so much in common and I love the ideas shared. I knew you had to have been an Enneagram 3 to have done all that ego work! The last episode is a little know-it-all-y though. We are here for the guest, too, and they have new stuff to add to this convo! Update: pls let the guest talk about themselves without projecting the things! Only reviewing bc I like the show.

Great Guests (1/5)

Great guests. Wish he would let them talk. I fast forward through Pete’s talking. Actually, can’t listen any more. Too irritating. I really want to hear what the amazing guests have to say but dumb dumb won’t stop interrupting.

GET INTO IT! (5/5)

Obsessed is an understatement, this podcast is by far my favorite! I love Pete’s style of podcasting with no awkward breaks of ads. The line up of guests are always great and the chats are hilarious, deep and insightful. This podcast truly gets me through Boston traffic! If you want to laugh, yell ‘yess!’ in the car (like I do) and leave feeling inspired....GET INTO IT NOW!

Deep (4/5)

So happy Pete has documented all these comics listening to him ask about their life and then tell them about his. Like Koyaanisqatsi set to Benny Hill. Seriously thanks for this FREE PODCAST

Pete-You’re getting worse, not better (2/5)

Dear Pete, I tried to find another way to send you this feedback, but was unable to, I realize this is slim to none likely to be read by you or your staff, but figured it was worth a try. I used to enjoy your show. Past tense. Had to stop listening today. Lately, you’ve become a manic and chronic interrupter of your guests, cutting off their point(s) and throwing it back to yourself, you, all about you, etc. Like a dog playing fetch with himself and his tennis ball. Only not cute, or happy inducing. I really like Martha Kelly, was interested in learning more about her, her points of view, even her ankle. But I didn’t get to, ya wanna guess why? YOU CUT HER OFF! A LOT! Jic you’d find it constructive to know where I had to turn your podcast off, in the racket that you incorrectly think is a conversation, here you go: Martha mentioned her upcoming ankle surgery, due to an injury that’d occurred in 2014, but couldn’t have repaired until now because she hadn’t had health insurance until very recently, and you responded, “Ohhhhh! Yeah, me! that’s me...probably why I do that...that’s why I always go right away to the doctor, and get my foot/ankle injuries treated right away, always! I never wait, I just go and do the boot or whatever they tell me, because feet are so important.” Dang Pete! That was such a self-involved response, it actually could’ve been funny, if you had the self-awareness to realize how narcissistic it was, and then said it ironically, in light of the politics that had been mentioned. Instead, you replied with a totally clueless, insulated with cash, easy access to the healthcare system type of mentality, that sadly has infected and numbed many of your fellow Americans as well. I was so stunned by your response, that for just a second, I wanted to stomp on your foot, with the walking cast I’m wearing, to snap you out of what I hope, is merely an off putting phase. Take good care. Sincerely, C

Love it (4/5)

Super good, but Pete really interrupts guests way too often, especially when they are talking about a very interesting part of the interview.

Pete (2/5)

Hey Pete, stop interrupting and being a douche to people you don’t personally agree with.

Colin Hay (5/5)

I love Pete’s interviews, but this live version was awesome!!! Please do more live interviews! Super FUN!!! 😃

So Magical (5/5)

Super entertaining and loosey goosey, but my favorite part is just how magical the show is.

Astute, but needs to stop interrupting (1/5)

As a big Parks & Rec fan, I tuned in to Adam Scott’s episode to learn about him - instead, the host just talks about himself and Adam is having to politely redirect the interview to whatever the original question was... he actually ends up ‘interviewing’ Pete for a while about half-way in. Every time he’s about to elaborate on something, he gets interrupted and it’s such a bummer. It’s a shame because Pete is otherwise very astute and I generally relate to the things he’s talking about.

You made it! (5/5)

As a long time listener I have always enjoyed this show!!! Love to see Pete Holmes grow over the years and it almost always keeps me interested! How someone can make me laugh and cringe and just be happy all the time it’s amazing!!

Stephen Colbert (5/5)

The interview with Colbert was hilarious. The two of you were riffing so well together like a well oiled comedy duo. Loved it.

Not necessary (1/5)

This show is not necessary. 2 men acting like kids. They drop G.D. Alot.

Thought 2.5 hours was too long, but was sad when it ended! (5/5)

Listened to Nadia Bolz-Weber on The Road Back to You podcast. Loved it. Fascinated by her. She articulates some of the thoughts that are hovering in my head. So of course I searched for other podcasts w her. This one was extremely well done! Pete and Nadia together were on fire! I love that I don’t have to agree w everything they say, but I love learning from them. Looking forward to listening to the one w Stephen Colbert.

JOY (5/5)

Pete’s laugh brings me 100% joy.

Love! (5/5)

Pete, will you make a list of book recommendations? I can’t keep track of what you’re reading and I wanna.. GET INTO IT

Get into it! (5/5)

I adore Pete’s podcast and should’ve reviewed before now! That said, his interview with Shovels and Rope (one of my fave bands) just catapulted to my all time favorite episode. I love when my worlds collide - comedy and music loves! ❤️ Thanks, Pete!

Educational (5/5)

I have been listening to this podcast for years. Pete Holmes May not be the funniest comedian around but the way he interviews comedians or anybody, he will make them interesting and he’s genuine honest style is absolutely refreshing. The subjects tackled here are deep and informative to say the least. Sinbad episode is my favorite but there were so many great ones. Thank you Pete for keeping company when I’m doing all the boring stuff like cleaning and on my commutes to work. But even when I’m laying on my floaty in the pool. I would love you to invite Chris Rock, eddy izard and Louis CK please Pete .

It’s great...but (4/5)

I honestly truly enjoy this podcast. Particularly the second half of most interviews where things get more universal in topic. BUT- Pete Holmes: please, please, please, make an effort to stop interrupting your guests. I get it- it’s YOUR podcast, and you listen by interjecting...but it really breaks yo the train of thought of the guest(s) and makes the listening experience stuttered and frustrating! 🤦🏻‍♀️

Simply the best (5/5)

Pete Holmes’ genuine, honest takes on comedy, sex, and god are both inherently funny and thought provoking. Not one episode has ever gotten stale thanks to Pete’s childlike curiosity. His guests play a perfect counterpoint and lead to some fantastic moments. There’s so much to dig out of here, I can only say so much. Listen to and support this incredible mind.

Please edit (4/5)

Love the podcast but had to stop listening to the Hillary McBride episode because the intermittent baby noises were so annoying. Sorry but not everyone wants to hear that in the middle of an interview. It was freaking out one of my dogs and it just kept taking me out of the conversation. Baby sounds are cute in a certain context--but not in the middle of an interview podcast.

Silly and genuine (5/5)

I found this podcast because I was looking for Nadia Bolz Weber, stayed for Nicole Byer and now I’m all in. Pete’s self aware but still honest and silly allowing each guest to let their hair down. He references lots of great influences and Pete’s Picks are awesome. Thanks for making! Keep it crispy!

Painful (3/5)

Impressive gets, but hard to listen to. Pete needs to stop hijacking the conversations. His guests have to redirect the interview for him. Listened a while back, didn't like it. Gave it another try to hear from interesting guests, but no improvement. Very confused about why this continues to get so many downloads.

Let the guest speak more (2/5)

I listened to the Nadia Bolz Weber episode. She has such brilliant things to say, but I feel like Pete interrupts her a lot or changes the subject to what he wants to talk about.

Hilarious (5/5)

But for the love of god please bring Lovett or Leave It/PSA’s Jon Lovett on!

Opportunities wasted (1/5)

From the impressive list of guests, I picked two episodes each of which featured a guest I would have loved to hear from. In each, I lasted about 15 minutes before I could not take it anymore.

Interesting guests, obnoxious host. (1/5)

If you like listening to interviews where the interviewee is saying something thoughtful and interesting and is constantly interrupted by lame jokes and an obnoxious, fake laugh, then Pete Made It Cringe with Pete Holmes is for you. Pete is probably the only 6’6” dude I would fight with both my hands tied behind my back and not even be worried for a second about being hurt. If you look up chode in the dictionary it should just be a picture of Pete. I feel horrible for anyone who has paid money to listen to his terrible comedy. Burn in Hell, Pete.

Favorite long-form podcast (5/5)

The newest episode with Russel Brand was fantastic! I feel as if all my time listening to Pete Holmes would be the only way to prepare for such an insane conversation. I’ve been loving the recent guests!

What a surprise! (5/5)

I heard Pete on a completely unrelated type of podcast (Happier with Gretchen Rubin) and thought hmmm, let me take a listen... I am in awe of how engaging and interesting his conversations are with the most intriguing people. I highly recommend it.

Best Podcast Ever (5/5)

I have been listening to Pete for years. I’ve listened to all the available podcasts twice—some of them thrice or frice (esp. Patrick Walsh). Give it a listen if you love to laugh and also get a little deep!

Brand is a beautiful oral ninja (5/5)

What an amazing show....I would love to sit in a room with these two! Add Peter Rollins to the conversation and 🤯🤯🤯

You will love it or hate it (4/5)

The guests are great and Pete gets into interesting questions, but his crazy maniacally over laughing at literally everything is so off-putting I have to pause it a lot.

Not for everyone (5/5)

As a person that lost their faith and also came back more cracked open and awakened I love the quoting, jokes and banter, all of it! As a fellow extravert we talk and engage! I love you Pete, to the moon and back.

Pete Thinks Show is About Him Not Guests (1/5)

I dialed in to listen to Adam Scott “interview.” Disappointed that host, Pete Holmes, competes with guest for air time, rather than interview guest or let the guest speak uninterrupted. Pete is quick-witted and articulate but, Is he insecure? On coke? Or is this just his style? Pete makes the show about himself, rather than his guests.

Pete is cool (5/5)

I relate to Pete in a lot of ways and some of the things he has said have genuinely changed my life for the better. That being said, I can’t listen to every episode. I used to religiously listen, but now I hear too much repetition in what he says and it doesn’t seem worth my time. So, I just listen to the ones where I care about the guest. Pete seems like a kind, genuine person.

Lewis using this platform to lie (1/5)

If you knew who the woman he was talking about you would never had engaged with this very dysfunctional cheat and liar. Instead you talk to him as if he is telling the truth. Dr of physical therapist should have broken up with him years before. But he lied and kept her trapped. He is emotionally dysfunctional. The tape all that made him a mess. The mask book is what he would have hoped to be. But he needs therapy. So to allow him to use your platform to spread lies and make himself look like the innocent victim is disgusting. I will never hear your podcast again.

I’m not sure why I still listen (2/5)

Pete gets amazing guests and just tramples all over them. The guest will be working their way into an interesting story, prompted by a question from Pete, and 30 seconds into it our obnoxious host is making bad jokes, derailing the conversation and commenting on how off topic things have become. Pete, seriously. Shut. Up. The man needs medication over meditation. Listen to Conan OBrien’s cast if you’re looking for interesting, funny conversations with someone who actually knows how to listen and has comedic timing. You Made it Weird gets two stars because it’s possible for him to do better given the caliber of guests he has at his access to.

Someone said something about a mic hog (1/5)

If you decide to power through an interview, make sure you start 10 minutes in and then brace yourself. The host talks and laughs over the guests’ answers to his questions. It’s not charming. It’s not congenial. It’s irritating. It’s narcissistic. If you’re a listener who is hellbent on listening through the whole thing, turn up the speed to preserve some of your day.

Start from the beginning! (5/5)

You made it weird evolved over time. He didn't used to have all these preloaded quotes and SJW traits. It's a journey worth going on. You will grow as a person as you listen to his journey unfold. Start from the beginning!

Perspectives... (5/5)

Great podcast. Started listening, started Christmas of 2018, and binged all the way, until I’m finally “All Caught Up.” Just because one may not agree with his view(s), doesn’t mean there aren’t some profound perspectives. Very funny mostly, yet thoughtful statements from religious, faithful, agnostic, and atheists alike.

Love love love (5/5)

This is by far my favorite podcast (tied with Shane Mauss’ Here We Are) ! This is funny and insightful and I am so grateful !

Pete Holmes (5/5)

👍🏼 If there is a podcast out there for recovering religious people like myself who also love comedy...this is is it

Disingenuous (1/5)

Came in as a ‘clean Christian ‘.... Got what he wanted now he’s a swearing, drinking, Buddhist. Phony. Lied to everyone. Now suckers people into his BS house of cards. Get an identity Pete. As is you’re a disgusting, disgrace. Ram Das says get a life and stop becoming, pretending, to fit whatever narrative and agenda your current guest is occupying. ZERO SUBSTANCE FAKE AS ...... Listen to that BS laugh, says it all Literally a 10 year old girl; constantly changing her mind, always looking for adulation and reaffirmation Someone else said it best; pretentious and BORING!!!

Wisdom and Laughs while I work (5/5)

I listen to these all day while I paint as they are good long episodes which, even if Pete has not met the person before, always seem like I am eavesdropping on relaxed funny conversations between friends rather than interviews. I love the way he drops “spirituality” into it too. Get into it!

Hit or Miss (3/5)

Greatly depends on who the guest is. Pete can be funny but interrupts too much.

Thank God for Pete (5/5)

Pete is funny, but the work that he is doing goes so far beyond comedy. Thank you Pete for your contribution, you have changed my life

Blerp (1/5)

Pete is the worst comedian I have ever heard. Even when he interviews comedians I like its terrible. He keeps talking over his guests and it’s like nails on a call board. Wish I could give 0 stars.

Love Pete! (5/5)

So happy I found Pete. Just binged all three seasons of Crashing on HBO a couple of weeks ago and needed more of Pete’s humor. Found this podcast and I’m hooked! Pete’s personality, love and knowledge for comedy create fun, informational interviews. Great guests, great interviews. Keep ‘em coming!

Yes and no (3/5)

Yes, I really like Pete, but no, after listening to 4 episodes I just can’t get into his show. If Pete would just stop interrupting and monopolizing so much of the conversation, I’d be all in. The interruptions are too much. Don’t take my opinion for it though. Have a listen and decide for yourself. I’m going to unsubscribe now.

More women and POC! (4/5)

I’m a huge fan of Pete and this podcast rules, but I wish there were more interviews with women and POC!

Shut Up (3/5)

The forced laughter (an apparent “comedic” requisite), the constant interrupting/commenting while the guest is trying to talk, and the continual self-referencing detract from thoughtful guests. He is always “on”, leaving too little time for the guest. I suspect that if the total words spoken by the host and the guest were compared, the ratio would be 2:1. Finding a 12-second Pete-free period is a challenge. LISTEN to your guests, Pete. Shut up.

Sweet Baby Jesus Beer🍻 (5/5)

DANIEL BURKE 38:02 Brewery: DuClaw Brewing Co. Location: Baltimore, MD Beer: Sweet Baby Jesus! Style: Chocolate Peanut Butter Porter Personal Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ *vegan friendly👍 You’re welcome 😊

The Total Package (5/5)

Yes, Pete's funny. but he's also thoughtful and filled with a tasty sort of angsty, crunchy, spicy joie de vivre. Pardon my French. I spell real good in English. Come for the comedy. Stay for the surprisingly sweet spirituality.

Sometimes Pete gets too excited (5/5)

Rating 5 stars but during the fortune episode I had to cut it short because he kept interrupting her and it was driving me nuts. This is common with Pete as I’ve seen it on your moms house and other podcasts. I love you Pete and think you’re a comedic genius, just, slow your roll.

So much goodness (5/5)

Been listening since 2011 (or whenever this thing started). Followed Pete’s standup for a long time and appreciate all of the incredible free content. Catch Pete whenever I can here in the Midwest and still love his stuff. This podcast means a lot to a lot of people :) Grew up in Las Vegas in a legalistic church and have grown a lot with this podcast. Yes Pete is long winded and weird and a bit of a yes man on occasion but so much entertainment and good moments shared with this podcast and in line waiting for Pete’s shows. So much love.

Yes. Thank you. (5/5)

Pete Holmes’ podcast has changed (and maybe even saved?) my life. As one might expect from a podcast hosted by a comedian, just about every episode of “You Made It Weird” has elicited gut-busting laughter from this hard-scrabble Bostonian. But, more importantly (to me, at least), I will be forever grateful for (changed by?) Pete’s willingness to share the experience of his own journey. I have learned so much from Pete and his guests, not the least of which is the importance of learning-nothing-to-experience-everything. He is refreshingly and unabashedly candid. “You Made It Weird” continues to make clear the “capital ‘T’” Truths of human experience, as Pete shares the ups and downs of his own journey, while gently drawing out the same from each guest. Pete is as delightfully curious and lovely as he is bright and funny. Give it a listen. I’m so glad I did.

Sick and tired of hearing about Ram Das and his flipping in and out of religion (1/5)

Sick and tired of hearing about Ram Das and his flipping in and out of religion and the constant quotes of others. Speak for yourself, Man!

Mic Hog (3/5)

Listener Pro Tip: start podcast 10 mins in to avoid long winded advertisements and pray to the comedy gods that Pete let’s his guests talk.

Annoying laugh (1/5)

Annoying laugh

I love it (5/5)

Pete, I loved crashing and your stand up but man I REALLY look forward to your podcast! I love the real ness and the blend of humor and spirituality and candidness ! It’s like I am sitting in the living room with old friends when listening to your show! Keep it up!

Don’t stop talking (5/5)

I’m one of those people that loves his insight. I feel like he’s the excited kid that wants to blow out the candles on a cake that’s not for him. His energy and excitement when talking to his guests is contagious and you can tell by how they engage with him. Great host and my all time favorite podcast.

Insightful, positive and interesting (5/5)

I honestly didn’t know anything about Pete. I found his podcast on accident and now it’s all I listen to. I love his insight, positivity and the depth to the questions he asks all of my favorite comedians. My only complaint is, why don’t you air these podcasts on YouTube or something? But seriously. I’m obsessed.

Love love love (5/5)

Hey, Pete, everyone always says you talk to much, but I don’t think that’s the case. It’s your podcast you’re allowed to talk as much as you want. Please don’t ever stop this podcast and don’t ever stop being you. This is my all time favorite podcast I’ve ever found.

Please. Stop. Interrupting. (1/5)

Is there anything worse than wanting to learn more about an author or writer or musician or ANYONE and having the podcast host constantly interrupt them and talk over them? Yes, there is - when it’s one of your all time favorite writers and musicians and 30 seconds into the “interview” Pete is talking over them, interrupting, what’s even the point? Just interview yourself, man. Why have all these crazy talented and diverse guests, only to squash whatever they’re saying and promote yourself throughout the duration of the episode? Pete, please shut up!

Diverse (5/5)

Thank you for having Richard Rohr and Rob Bell, among all your other interesting guests.

Too much self promotion and too many ads (2/5)

11 minutes of ads and promoting his own book before starting the interview with Craig Ferguson? No thanks.

Whitney Cummings (5/5)

I couldn’t help but be distracted by how many times she says “amiglia” instead of “amygdala”

Stop talking (2/5)

Geez let your guests talk!

Let. Them. Talk. (3/5)

He'd rather hear himself answer his own questions than his guests. Not great for an interview podcast.

Mavis Staples is awesome (5/5)

Mavis Staples and Pete Holmes fall in love. Completely charming.

Wonderful show! (4/5)

I love the guest and the randomness of the show. I honestly find it mind expanding. Sometimes Pete needs to let the guests talk more and just guide them

Hilarious (5/5)

Soooo funny! And love crashing too!!

I love this podcast! (5/5)

Idk why people complain about your interruptions because I think it’s endearing and hilarious. I love how long your podcasts are too! Seriously helps me get through the work day. Thank you for being awesome and so entertaining! You are by far the best interviewer I’ve had the luck to listen to.

Esqueeze me??? (5/5)

The reason I listen to the podcast is because you’re the host. Please don’t stop talking. So to all the wonderful Willy’s and fantastic Susan’s that complain about Pete talking too much. You’re smelly and I hate you

Terrible comic who overcompensates with shrieking and the f-bomb (1/5)

I am not a prude in any way and frequently curse but Pete Holmes is one of those lazy and dumdum comedians who uses the f-word to try and be funny. That is his schtick. That and shrieking all the time. That’s funny?? Heaven knows how his podcast gained traction and he got the amazing guests that he did. But his guests are the only salvagable part of his podcast. Everything else is self-indulgent and mindless schtick.

Fred Armisen (3/5)

Dude, you’ve gotta dial back how much you talk on these. Its been extremely distracting. Great content otherwise.

Stop talking over you guests (3/5)

Stop talking over your GUESTS it’s very annoying

Louis Anderson (5/5)

Just listened to your podcast with Louis Anderson...sooo great! Please tell me you got back together with him and talked about ghosts!!??

Love me some Pete! (5/5)

Pete asks great questions and really connects with his guests.

I love his stand up, but this didn’t cut it for me (2/5)

The quality of the recording and conversation just isn’t there. I feel like it’s too laid back. There’s constant noise in the background and half the time it sounds like they’re recording on an iPhone.

Constant interrupting (3/5)

This podcast is fun to listen to but I cannot stand how often Pete interrupts or takes over a guest’s questions!

We ate sand! (5/5)


Pete’s the Best!!! (5/5)

I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so hard at anything as I have on one of Pete’s many improvised rants on one of these podcasts. I’ve listened to every one and many twice. This is the best podcast out there in my humble opinion and I listen to dozens. Give this a chance!

God youre great!! Crashing.... (5/5)

Love your podcast and hearing you on other pods. Latest one Armchair Expert. Please increase your sitcom to an hour...your character is adorable.

I think it stinks 5 stars (5/5)

Good job Peter 5 stars

Over talk (4/5)

Pete. Quit interrupting! I’d like to hear you AND your guest.

Wonderful! (5/5)

Pete Holmes is intoxicatingly pleasant. Every episode of this podcast is a delight. Funny, introspective, insightful, endearing.

Was so excited… (1/5)

Loved you on armchair expert and was so excited to subscribe and start listening to your podcast as well. However, the long, drawn out advertisement that led into your show went on so long, I eventually lost interest. Perhaps you can find a way to intersperse the advertisements once the show has started.

It's back! (5/5)

Pete putting out the good ones again. We need the positive energy.

Shut up already! (1/5)

I kept yelling this while trying to get through an episode with a guest I was interested in. This podcast is about 95% Pete Holmes talking about Pete Holmes and 5% his guest trying to get a word in but ultimately being interrupted.

Great guests, host is unbearable. (1/5)

I really love Tig Notaro and found her as a guest in his show. This guy acts like he’s overly excited to have a guest in his show and his over-laughing (is that a word? It is now) was not only obnoxious, but I could sense that it made Tig think: ‘okay, buddy, take it easy, that wasn’t THAT funny’. Because of him, I couldn’t get through it. It’s a shame, because after scrolling through the episodes, I noticed that he has some really good guests. Perhaps I will listen to some more recent broadcasts and see if he has toned it down. I noticed in the reviews that I’m not the only who feels this way.

Love Pete! (5/5)

Been listening since episdode 5, love this podcast & Pete!

Favorite podcast (5/5)

this is my favorite podcast of all time. one guest i would love to see is James Charles. i love both of you would love to hear him on the show.

Life changing (5/5)

Thank you Pete this podcast is truly inspiring funny and thought provoking I have listened to some of the episodes several times penn jillette rob bell and mark Paul Gosselaar to name a few But mostly thank you for being able to put into words my own struggles w religion and the search for meaning and the constant rearranging of my spiritual furniture Your a walking Buddha met if I met you on the road ...

Pete Holmes is gross (1/5)

Least sexual human being alive.

All he talks about is himself (1/5)

He runs over his guests. This is not an interview it’s a selfie session. First time writing a review, it was that bad.

Phil Rosenthal (2/5)

Pete! please let the guest do the talking.

It’s just the best. (5/5)

Pete Holmes, a likable and funny person, gives some of the most candid and in-depth interviews I’ve ever heard. Each episode features a different comedian/actor/artist and they sit and talk for hours, making you feel like an odd voyeur witnessing a conversation you wish you had, yet somehow comforted by all of it. If you don’t recognize the guest, chances are you’ll be a fan by the time you’re done listening. The podcast will make you learn a lot and its arms will take you in and wrap you close to its heart. If you don’t know quite what to be in this crazy world, be a Pete.

Always looking forward to Pete Holmes (5/5)

Pete Holmes is such a relatable ray of sunshine. He has his struggles like every other human being but is constantly looking for the joys and intricacies of the human condition. This podcast is both hilarious and inspiring. It makes me look forward to Wednesdays.

Pete Holmes interviews himself (3/5)

This is a decent podcast with good guests. The only negative is that Pete will ask a question and when the guest is answering, he constantly interrupts them with his own answers. It’s almost like a lot of guests are there for props for him to self-analyze. You can get some interesting conversations, you just have to wade through the constant interruptions.

You Made It Endeared (5/5)

Love this podcast. Pete and his guests offer the perfect blend of laughs, sincerity, spirituality, and entertainment. I’ve listened to the podcast for years - I look forward to many more.

Wanted To Like (2/5)

Relatively new to PH and it does seem like he has a level of appreciation for his career. The show gets great guests but PH really struggles not taking over the whole episode. It seems as if he’s working through his own pathology on his guests which gets exhausting. It starts getting cringey when he doubles down on changing his guests beliefs/ideas on whatever topic (usually drugs or spirituality). If he’s not careful he’ll be reduced to the drivel of the likes of Bill Maher and Joe Rogan. If he could stay focused and let the guest speak more it would be more enjoyable

Rough going (1/5)

I wanted to like it. I gave it a really fair chance. A few of the interviews are entertaining, because of the specific guest. Unfortunately, even on those better episodes, Pete constantly interrupts the flow of thought with totally stupid stuff, and then belly laughs at his own unfunny interjection. This listener is left wishing the host would shut up and stop •constantly• steering the subject off the rails. I had to bail part way into several episodes in a row because the “annoying” was way outweighing the interview satisfaction. Pete is good-hearted, but that is not enough. Best advice: a) Take a crash course on hosting a show. b) Take a crash course on what role the host plays in a good interview. c) Stop trying so hard to be the laughing Buddha... the giggling Maharishi... You may feel an impulse to laugh, but its too much, too often. Stop trying so hard to be the laughter guy. Honest laughter can be felt. So can forced or overemphasized laughter. I see by other comments here that many people are also saying this. Keep it real, Pete. We want to like you.

You know that friend that constantly interrupts? (3/5)

So that’s Pete. Bless his heart, I really don’t know if he can help himself. The guests and content are good, but I just want to shake Pete and say, “let him finish!!” It’s painful to listen to a guest try to tell a story only the be interrupted every two sentences. You can tell they start to feel it, too, after about thirty minutes into it. I’m not saying that it’s not worth listening to, but you just need to take a deep breath and know you can’t control it.

Easy 5 Stars if Pete Would Let Guests Speak (4/5)

Pete, let your guests do the talking! Such great people with amazing and funny stories. No need to interject every five seconds. Let them do their thing! An interviewer needs to know when to step back and let the interviewees tell their stories.

Easy 5 Stars if Pete Would Let Guests Speak (4/5)

Pete, let your guests do the talking! Such great people with amazing and funny stories. No need to interject every five seconds. Let them do their thing! An interviewer needs to know when to step back and let the interviewees tell their stories.

Good podcast to learn something new about (4/5)

He’s a comedian, but also a philosopher. He’s smart but also ignorant. It’s refreshing but at the same time it’s what I’ve come to expect from Pete. If you want to be entertained by an actual conversation then this is the podcast you want. Yeah he butts in a lot but that’s why I listen to this podcast. Pete’s hilarious. And when I say butts in I mean interrupts the guest but he’s donw a great job at learning to listen as of recent.

Such a breath of fresh air ! (5/5)

You’re a wonderful man dear Mr. Holmes

Maybe my favorite podcast (5/5)

This last year I’ve found myself craving rich conversation and since finding this podcast I’ve devoured as much as I can. I have a big space in my heart for stand up comedy and that combined with the deep introspection that this show delivers is truly an oasis in a desert of the mundane.

Pete - please fight the silly sometimes (4/5)

I enjoy this podcast, but there are times when the guests are saying something really interesting or profound and Pete jumps onto some random, unfunny turn of phrase or riff and completely derails the momentum of the interview. 1 out of 20 times with a game guest, this ends up being funny, but the vast majority of the time it’s frustrating and makes me cringe or skip forward. Pete is an intelligent, thoughtful guy, and definitely has his own share of profound, insightful sentiment, but he really needs to work on truly listening to his guests.

He can’t stay on topic (3/5)

Pete asks really good questions. If he would only let his guests answer before he interrupts them with his own story and then gets lost on a tangent.

Started pretty good, now a trash fire (1/5)

Having listened to most of the episodes until recent years, this podcast has truly gone to sour. Experiencing Pete’s ever changing emphatic truth in his theological leans, is exhausting and absurd. He is so certain about himself which changes ever 6 months to a year. His recent shift into constantly talking about self love and giving love is tiresome. Constantly self assessing what he is doing in conversations to other people MIDST that conversation quickly becomes exhausting. The man has come to believe he is one part therapist and one part guru. Pete, what happened man...

P-Tomes (5/5)

Binged entire podcast. Thoughtful. Funny. Touching.

Pete needs to be a better listener (1/5)

He has great guests, but he relates everything they say to something about himself and he frequently talks over or interrupts his guests. I find myself wishing he would just let his guests finish their thought/story!

Fantastic (5/5)

I love Pete and his interviewing style, absolutely pumped for his book on religion (also a former evangelical Christian) and his second HBO special. Also so glad he talks about baby Lila and I LOVE hearing from sweet lady Val every intro lately! Watch Faces and Sounds, watch Crashing, Pete is a national treasure. This podcast is McDonalds.

Love Pete. (5/5)

Thanks for doing this podcast. Love hearing what you’ve got to say.

I heart ol' Petey Pants (5/5)

This is one of my all-time favorite podcasts – I’ve been listening to it since the beginning of time. I often find myself thinking about so many of these conversations because they go so deep and yet stay so silly. It has been great to hear the progression of Pete’s life and successes over the years – getting his HBO show, meeting and marrying the fabulous, brilliant, funny, deep Val, and now having a daughter. I have to say, though, that as a person who suffers from misophonia (lame lame lame – I hate that this is a real thing), the sound of Val’s “I’m listening and so interested” sounds are driving me nuts. Not feeling it. It’s like she keeps having orgasms, and it’s a sound that seems to be “up front” in the mic/recording (at least in the Dax Shepard episode). The “get into it” intros by Val are very sweet, and if she is now a regular cohost of the show, I will do my best to try to rewire my brain to accept these “moans of agreement.” That’s how much I love Pete. (1/5)

This was so painful. I downloaded the Avett Brothers “interview” but it turned out to be mostly the god-awful, narcissistic, interrupting, not-listening, rambling, obnoxious-laughing fanboy host doing the majority of talking. I so wanted to hear more of what Scott Avett was trying to say, but this terrible excuse for a host clearly wants this to be all about himself. Couldn’t get past an hour. Will never waste my time like this again.

Women! (2/5)

Love this podcast but it's a real sausage fest! Get some women on there! Aisha Tyler for starters!

You made it weird podcast (4/5)

Pete’s podcast was incredible until his wife started to Yoko all over it

Yes!!!! (5/5)

Pete Holmes is laser! ⚡️⚡️⚡️My favorite podcast

Stop. Interrupting. Your. Guests. (1/5)

I gave an episode of this a try, based on the recommendation of several friends. I listened to the Ellie Kemper episode, because I adore her and she does no wrong in my book. Here are my takeaways: 1. I was unclear on the concept. What is being made weird? There was no solid introduction— Ms. Kemper walks in, there’s some horrid tinny audio while she’s getting set up, then it goes into banter with no set direction from the interviewer to the audience. 2. The audience is not even an afterthought in this podcast— they are completely ignored. These two just chatter away and it leaves the listener feeling left out, and not in a good way where you feel like you’re listening in on two cool people you like. 3. The banter and asides are entirely too long. This should have been a 50 minute episode at most. I found myself fast forwarding several MINUTES only to find they were still off course and hadn’t returned to the main story. 4. Part of the reason for #3, and perhaps the most annoying thing about this podcast is how often Pete interrupts Ellie. He’s not unfunny but he does this so much it is almost narcissistic. I wanted to her from *her* perhaps through the lens of Pete as an interviewer; I did not want to listen to 5 full minutes of him whining about how soft and doughy his body is. There’s sort of a balance between it being “your show” and the bit being about the interviewee; this show just doesn’t strike that balance. This show could stand to be heavily edited, and Pete needs a producer who can wave furiously at him in the background to help him practice staying on course. If you like this style of show, I think Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard does a better job of the long form interview.

Too much (2/5)

You have to let people speak Pete. And now there are two people in the mix for a guest to compete with! It was annoying yet laughable before, but your wife has got to go. No offense to Val, but I’m not tuning in to YMIW with Pete and Val Podcast. I’m sure you’re gonna read this, right?

Sharon Salzburg (1/5)

I was really looking forward to this episode but I am finding it difficult to follow as the host constantly talks over Sharon. Am I the only one that feels like too many podcasters do this. Oh well. I’ll find another one to listen to. Just thought you might want the feedback for future episodes.

Magic (5/5)

Any podcast interview that Pete does that is an FORB (Friend of Rob Bell) is pure magic. More! More!

Pete (5/5)

Pete is one of the best interviewers in the world. His style is to related honestly and find common ground while being more out of his guest. One question WHY NO JENNY ZINGRINO?

Meh. (2/5)

Seriously ... meh.

Refreshing (5/5)

The interactions with the guests are great. Loved your interview with The Avett Brothers. Prob my favorite of all time podcast. Great content. Keep it up.

Too much Pete (1/5)

I was so excited to listen to a 3 hour interview with Scott and Seth Avett, and it was actually about 2.5 hours of Pete talking about himself and what he thinks. It was a lot of “this is what I think, is that how you think?” and Scott saying yeah.

New Listener (5/5)

I stumbled across this Podcast earlier this week through the Avett Brothers and have since listened to five other episodes. Pete, I only know you as “the interviewer” as I haven’t yet heard your comedy. I really appreciate the welcoming aspect of your personality which helps offer an openness with the person(s) being interviewed, to help bring out information that you wouldn’t hear anywhere else. This feels like a very personal platform but with an overall “bigger than all of us” experience.

Host talks over guests (2/5)

So many interesting and amazing guests. It’s just so annoying when the host doesn’t ever let the guest (Scott Avett) open up. We get it. You’re a comedian with a cool and interesting life too - but I came here to hear the guests uninterrupted.

Happy for Pete but miss the old days (4/5)

I have enjoyed this podcast for years, and I’m very happy to see Pete succeed with his own show on HBO, which I enjoy watching. I’m sure it was inevitable that he would make fewer and less frequent podcast episodes, given his more demanding work schedule. What saddens me, however, is that the proportion of guests on the podcast who are comedians has also decreased dramatically. I’ll be honest, if I see that a guest isn’t a comedian, I’ll almost always skip that episode. I wish there were some way of including a notification in the podcast title that a particular podcast includes laughs and comedy riffs, because that’s the reason I was listening to this podcast in the first place, and what I found brilliant about it. To quote Josh Ruben on the show, “we were due for a silly one, man!” I’d hate to see Pete go the route of the Nerdist podcast (more recently ID10T), which started out with more comedy and gradually became mostly interviews of celebrities about how they got rich and successful and how they manage their multiple priorities. That said, I still love you, Pete and wish you the best!!

Easy listen, funny, interesting, but... (4/5)

It is a wonderful podcast. I don’t even know who Pete Holmes is, which basically shows how little I know about this guy. Nevertheless he is a funny guy, he asks good questions, it’s such an easy listen! BUT, I wish he would just stop interrupting guests with that laugh. I honestly can’t tell if he’s fake laughing because it just sounds so loud, with the slapping of the table and the theatrical sound of it. Is he actually laughing? Or is he just entertaining his guest by fake laughing? I can never tell. Especially when at times he does sound legitimately entertained by the jokes and other times he does that crazy laugh. Other than that, great podcast, great guests.

Life changing (5/5)

This podcast literally changed my life! It’s super funny, entertaining and spiritually open and articulate.

Enjoying every minute! (5/5)

Thanks for the insights and making commuting more tolerable 👍🏻

A definite go to. (5/5)

One of my go to podcasts when I need to relax and laugh. Love Pete’s transparency and connect in with his spiritual journey on so many levels.

I really love this podcast but... (3/5)

Please please please stop interrupting your guests and leading their thought processes. It is so hard to focus and not get irate. It seems like you mean to make your thoughts and experiences superior.

Do yourself a favor (5/5)

Go to the beginning and listen to everything; every episode. Easily the best conversations between this generation of comics that would have ever been put together. Thank you for this gift Pete.

Sometimes you just need some Pete (5/5)

I love this show, and I love you, Pete. You giant, ridiculous weirdo. Thank you for the cooling blanket of smarmy gooberishness that gently covers the fiery, screaming chaos that is my life.

Honest and hilarious (5/5)

I love that Pete talks about EVERYTHING with his impressive array of guests, from fart jokes to spirituality (sometimes in the same sentence)!

👌🏻 (5/5)

So good. Huge fan of Pete, and this podcast just gets the grey matter flowing.

Suprisingly Pleasant (5/5)

I never had heard of him before coming upon his podcast and deciding to listen to it but I really really enjoy his view on life. He has such a interesting and funny perspective on things that we can all relate to at times and he talks/asks about things that is not usually spoken of. I recommend a listen!

Very Pete-Holmes-y (5/5)

You like a steaming Plate o’ Pete? The ol’ Blue Petey Special? Then you’ll enjoy this as much—maybe even more—than me.

Not worth it. (2/5)

Pete has a great list of guests, so I picked a handful of episodes featuring guests whose work I enjoy. It didn’t matter. Pete is equally unfunny, obsessed with religion, and terrible at interviews. I gave him 2 stars because of the great guest list, but I’m probably being too generous.

Thought Provoking Subjects with Humor Mixed In (3/5)

Very entertaining and thought provoking. The conversations on faith are intriguing. Could do without all the F-Bombs from Pete, though. The profanity is unnecessary.

Fantastic (5/5)

Awesome podcast. Very sincere, interesting, and funny. Quality and quantity. Pete Holmes asks great questions and even though he interrupts the guest quite a bit, it’s still a fantastic podcast.

What?!! How long has this has been going on? (5/5)

Can’t believe I just found this podcast. LOVE Pete and his choice of guests and topics — especially the episode with New Yorker Cartoonists Matt Diffee and Alex Gregory. Please don’t stop!

My favorite podcast (5/5)

Pete is into things I’m into and his guests are always interesting. Favorite podcast to date.

Lifts the life load (5/5)

I love this podcast!! Pete Holmes is one of my favorite comedians and his honesty about life is refreshing. Especially if you’re having a rough day, Pete’s there to lighten the mood!! I have most enjoyed how open Pete is with his guests, so human, so real.

That’s weird but good (5/5)

It’s Pete Holmes, aka John Ritter, talking with some comedians about life. Some times it’s funny and sometimes it’s.. hilarious.

I want to love it (2/5)

I want to love Pete Holmes’ podcast: the premise, the host and the guests who show up all seem to point to something entertaining for us quirky types. However I find it difficult to follow along as guests are rarely allowed to finish a story. Pete’s stream-of-consciousnesses style of interview is a great concept but, in my opinion, seldom successful. As one question is being answered, Pete interrupts with more ideas, questions or philosophical detours that are less about eliciting anything interesting from the guests as they are about Pete just sharing more about himself. Don’t get me wrong, I think he’s great. I just also want to find out what these incredibly funny people have to say.

Gary Shandling (5/5)

Awesome episode. Legend. RIP.

Eh (3/5)

It’s not a bad show, and there’s some really great guests, but the host needs to learn that while interviewing people, they are the focus. It’s a conversational format and he’s constantly talking. It doesn’t seem like his guests can get a word in. He’s terrible at interrupting the guest and constantly focusing the conversation on himself. If I’m listening to a show featuring Ben Gibbard, I wanna hear from Ben, not just the host.

it's worthy (5/5)

This is the first time I'm hearing Pete Holmes and I really like him. It's funny stuff. The Podcasts always remided me of the old Fanzines and this definitely catches the spirit of long ago era, or maybe because I'm still suffering frm daylight saving shock and the pain of lost time? Excellent show Pete.

I love Pete (5/5)

I love the vulnerability and human-ness of this show. BUT PLEASE HAVE A GD JAZZ MUSICIAN ON YOUR SHOW! Are you famous enough to get Esperanza Spalding? Kidding/not kidding; love everything you’re putting into the universe.

Hilarious (5/5)


Two Stars (2/5)

Squandered opportunity by host to make these interviews interesting. Worth checking out though because there are many other reviews of higher stars.

Awesome Commute Podcast (5/5)

This is such an awesome podcast for while you're working (if you can do work while listening to something) or while you're in the car! Pete allows for such an open, comfortable environment where he and his guests can get - wait for it - weird, and profound and deep all while being lighthearted enough to keep things from feeling too heavy. It is so brilliant to hear from comedians, musicians, etc. whom I love so dearly and to hear them get so vulnerable and open. Pete is such a brilliant host - he does talk a lot, but he has a lot of lovely things to say and is so genuine and so passionate. His sincere and honest passion is so beautiful to hear, and it is only heightened by how much love and respect he has for his guests.

Too long (3/5)

I love you Pete but the Podcast is too long.

Pete Holmes feels like my real friend. (5/5)

I enjoy listening to him so much. Comedy + spirituality = gold.

G (5/5)

Love the pod.

It all depends.... (3/5)

I've been a fan of this podcast for a number of years but this week I was listening to the Bobby Lee podcast and I wanted to reach through my earbuds and scream at Pete to shut up. He was constantly interrupting and man-splaining to Bobby. It was like Bobby coudnlt get a word in edgewise for a half hour. I understand if a guest is not pulling their weight and you have to jump in, but Bobby was willing to talk and probably would've shared more if he wasn't interrupted so much. On the flip side, both recent Duplass Brothers interviews were great. Note to Pete -- eveything does not have ot be a bit and thanks for all the good laughs

LOVE (5/5)

YMIW is awesome because it's almost always feel good even when it's sad or tackeling important issues. This most recent episode with Jackie Kashian was DELIGHTFUL and unseated the one with Tig Notaro for my most favoritiest feel goodest episode ever. Listen to this, watch Crashing, Pete Holmes surrounds himself with quality. edit: I get so excited when i see 2+ hours of conversation with a celebrity i'm a fan of, it's really like having a mom chat, cannot wait to listen to tom lennon

Love (5/5)

Pete Holmes makes me heart happy!

The Most Likable Narcissist Around. (5/5)

I have been a huge fan of this podcast for years now and I hope he continues it for more to come. I learn something new every episode and I really enjoy Pete's welcoming and entertaining interview style. He shows such positive regard for his guests and invites them into very thought provoking and often relatable subject matter. It is very cool to have the opportunity to hear about the more personal and genuine sides of well known personalities. I especially love the episodes with Bo Burnham, Mike Birbiglia, Jen Kirkman, Adam Carolla, and Kyle Dunnigan. I REALLY hope that he has Eric Andre on again soon, as well as Kumail! I feel like they only scratched the surface in Eric's episode. GET INTO IT.

Straight up soul fuel (5/5)

You’re in a constant state of “I have to write this down.”

Love Pete! (5/5)

I’ve liked his comedy for awhile now. I just found his podcast (yes I live in a cave). I had no idea he was such a great interviewer!!

Pete Holmes Ruined this Interview for Me (3/5)

I would have loved to have listened to the entire podcast with Penn Jillette. The man is well-spoken and fascinating. Unfortunately, the host felt the need to interrupt constantly, try to finish Mr. Jillette's sentences (usually incorrectly), disagree with Mr. Jillette, then laugh and say "just kidding", interject his own stories that didn't have anything to do with the point Mr. Jillette was trying to make, and this was all in the first hour, because I couldn't stand it any longer and turned it off. I do enjoy Chris Hardwick's interviews because they make me feel like I'm hanging out with him and his guest enjoying a cocktail and just shooting the breeze. I'll stick with Mr. Hardwick's interviews from now on.

Drivel (1/5)

I’m not sure this guy knows that he’s on the air and that he’s supposed to be talking to an audience...It’s like he’s on something and isn’t aware of where he is. He doesn’t talk clearly and doesn’t enunciate his words. I have no idea what he’s saying or what he’s talking about. I think random thoughts are just coming out disjointed. Was he a radio shock jock at some point in time? He and his show come across that way. I listened to 10 minutes of an episode to hear his guest and gave up all hope after he interrupted her several times with incoherent drivel. Useless.

like a college hang with your stoner philosophy major friends, but if that was Church (5/5)

Pete can be silly and sublime, often simultaneously. Not all episodes are for me. But some conversations connect me to the Oneness as much as meditation or a sermon. Listening to Pete and Myq Kaplan just now is like a college hang with your stoner philosophy major friends, but if that was Church. At moments I wanted to shout and cry with joy at the beauty of life. At other moments they play around, so they take it all with a light touch. Also, the last time you laughed the hardest is a great conversation starter. Thanks, Pete!

Prozac or personality ? (5/5)

Usually I hate people who laugh too much and seem happy for no apparent reason, but Pete is the exception, comes off very genuine and the laughter becomes infectious. Also very curious when it comes to his guests and steers the conversation into a lot of different areas.

I'M INTO IT! (5/5)

can't believe it's free

Petey is My Homeboy! (5/5)

I love this podcast and Pete Holmes so so much. I love how open and honest he is and how he’s able to get his guests to open up with him. The “why are we here and what’s this all about?” portion of the podcast is fascinating and comforting because the answers he gets vary so much and it shows that none of us really have the answers. It proves that we are all, celebrities or not, comedians or not, completely full of 💩 but we’re full of 💩 together 😆 Keep it Crispy! 🤓 Side note: Pete’s stand up specials are hilarious and Crashing on HBO is one of my faves so check those out too people!

Louie Anderson episode (5/5)

Overall great podcast. Been catching up, bouncing around episodes. The Louie Anderson one has been the best so. Encourage everyone to check it out to get some good feels for the day.

Stop Interrupting (3/5)

That’s all I want to say.

The best long form discussions you'll ever hear (5/5)

Interestingly, I've never been a big fan of Pete's standup, but I absolutely positively love his podcast. He's a lovable teddy bear of a guy who people just open up to, and the depth they get into with religion and death and relationships and careers is unparalleled. Best 2+ hour podcast out there.

Solid Podcast (5/5)

Funny, but also with it's serious moments at times. Had no idea Sinbad got into Spiritual things like that, that was one of my favorites. D. Chopra was a wild conversation--I really appreciate both Holmes' and Chopra's being in awe of the universe. Love how the latter portion of the podcast focuses on beliefs about God, The Universe, The Ultimate, etc. Great balance of humor and thought-provoking discussions.

Takes a while and then...bam! (4/5)

I wasn't a huge fan of Pete's HBO show, but then a friend asked me to listen his podcasts. I found myself really enjoying them, and even going back to the HBO series and really enjoying it more. I guess Pete's comedy is an acquired taste -- I'm glad my palate finally caught up.

Always good (5/5)

I originally only downloaded episodes with people who’s names I recognized, but I have since gone back and downloaded every episode to listen to from the beginning because Pete is such an interesting person to listen to and I surprisingly find myself relating to him frequently. Good job Pete! Don’t stop!

One of my favorites (5/5)

I listen to A LOT of podcasts, but I don’t think I ever recommend or reference one as much as I do You Made it Weird. It’s funny (like, REALLY funny), informative, and makes you think about things in a different way.

Incredibly funny from one of the best (5/5)

Love this show. Pete Holmes is one of the best comedians of our time. A well done show.

why is this itunes page black (5/5)

i came here to leave a glowing and favorable review but was jarred with a suddenly blackened background and let me say now i am very upset someone should do something about this pete can you hear me fix it. good show, fun show, 6 stars ******

BFFs (5/5)

Pete Holmes brings me so much joy every week. His curiosity and love for life help me remember I’m not on this journey alone. You Made it Weird is my favorite podcast of all time. I hope someday I can meet Pete, because we would be instant best friends.

I'm Into It! (5/5)

Pete is by far one of my favorite comedians. Out of all the podcasts I listen to, this one is my absolute favorite. I don't even have to be familiar with the guest to enjoy listening. Pete makes each episode exciting.

Lube up that fun dial (5/5)

This is the best podcast out there. Pete is such a genuine and interesting guy. Even when he repeats stuff (we all do, and after 7 billion episodes he can’t have only original thoughts) it’s still very interesting hearing an old thought applied to a new situation. His guests are great! I have found many new comics and musicians from this podcast. I am now an avid Glen Hansard fan and fell in love with Hasan Minhaj. The familiar names are amazing as well because Pete has a unique way of bringing out candid truth from his guests. If you can't get over Pete's happiness then just lube up that fun dial a little.

Great podcast, disappointing episode (4/5)

I like the podcast in general, typically great guests, but a 2.5 house interview with Kate Micucci and “Don’t Think Twice” only gets barely referenced a few times?

Hey... (5/5)

I like it.

Thank u! (5/5)

This podcast has made me laugh, made me cry and brought me closer to an understanding of my own religious and life issues. Thank you so much and please keep going forever!

molly-ap (5/5)


Great comedy podcast (5/5)

Great conversation and laughs

Amazing podcast (5/5)

What a joy

I love this podcast! (5/5)

So funny and intellectual

Insiders talking - boring (1/5)

Incredibly self satisfied people talking amongst themselves. Inside jokes. And not funny.

Deep dives into the minds of interesting people. (4/5)

Pete Holmes is a talented conversationalist, and his friends and guests range from comedians to musicians to spiritual leaders to scientists and eveywhere in between. He explores not only comedy, but religion, psychology, & more. 4 stars because occasionally he tends to hijack the conversation away from the guests (but not typically, most of these conversations are phenomenal).

Pete is the best (5/5)

always hilarious. and fresh. Guests are great. just a perfect show.

Love comedy but don't care how the sausage is made (4/5)

Love the silliness and thought-provoking nature of the podcast. I could deal without over an hour about joke construction and honing your craft for the 98% of us that are not stand up comedians

Laugh until I cry (5/5)

I absolutely love this podcast!! It's one of my favorite podcasts and I absolutely love Pete's laugh and find myself laughing along with him. I feel like I'm just hanging out with my really funny friends while listening and laugh until I cry most days. I love how deep it gets, and the questions at the end he asks everyone. This podcast has made me see more live comedy. Love it

Laughing so much! (5/5)

Hilarious and amazingly deep. Thank you for both!

Only my favorite podcast ever... (5/5)

Thanks for what you do Pete ✌🏼

Awesome and funny (4/5)

I love this show and the amazing people on the podcast and pete Holmes is lovely. Something that is extremely irritating at times is when the person being interviewed is about to get into a story and pete interjects with a one liner and throws off where the story is going. Just wait until the end to add your side bar comments.

My favorite podcast out there (5/5)

Seriously, this podcast has kept delivering for so long. Now that I've caught up I really look forward to a new episode on Wednesdays. Never stop, Pete.

only interviews men??? (3/5)

I generally like the interviews but the lack of women guests is almost disturbing. They are peppered throughout the many episodes but lately have been severely lacking. Is more diversity possible?

Nananananananana Nanananananananana BATMAN (5/5)

Pete, I hope to meet you someday. You seem really down to Earth for a celeb. You're funny, light hearted, never too serious, and I really enjoy the end segment about what faith means to the guest. Your laugh is insane, and I love it.

Self-absorbed Pete ruins what could be great. (3/5)

I listen in to hear from the cool guests that are on the show, but Pete invariably tries to turn every bit of conversation back to himself. (Don't believe me play the Aziz Ansari episode.) Or he's kissing asses so much he is almost impossible to endure. He consistently talks over his guests and talks as if he is an equal to the interviewee. (Just because you name-drop doesn't mean anyone likes you.) Sadly he is just isn't funny enough to listen to and isn't half as intellectually interesting as he thinks he his. Listen for the guest stars, just know it's like listening to a real-life Kenny Bania from Seinfeld, trying to act chummy with A-listers so he can feel like he's one, too. All three stars are for the guests that are chosen for the show.

Don't listen to this (1/5)

Pete Holmes and this podcast are insufferable.

My ex-gf's favorite podcast (5/5)

I had listened to a little bit of YMIW a while back, but it was my girlfriend's total love for this podcast that made me listen to a bunch of episodes and really get into it. Now I love Pete, too! And my gf and I are no longer dating. So I guess you could say I lost a love and gained a friend (two friends, actually; we still keep in touch). Sorry if I made it weird ;)

I want Pete's laughing to be my ringtone (5/5)

Pete, why are your jokes on this show so much funnier than your standup?! I guess I'm only referencing your standup that is on Spotify... But still. Anyways, some people hate your laughing and your humor. That's a shame. Laughter is contagious and I find myself laughing more from how funny you found the joke than the joke itself. Pete is like one of those friends you want to keep around because they laugh at all of your jokes.

Lady Pete (5/5)

I didn't know there was a boy version of me until I met Pete Holmes. So real and so funny.

Holmes is insufferable (2/5)

Holmes just goes on and on with painfully unfunny jokes/bits. Often has interesting guests, but you rarely get to hear from them. I've tried listening to several different episodes, always having a similar experience.

Religion (5/5)

When pete says he's not a theologian, that's funny.

Pete Rocks (5/5)

Love this podcast. Funny, introspective, relatable... don't mind at all when they go long! Rock on, Pete!

Petey is my main Holmboy (5/5)

I love Pete Holmes. He's hilarious, he's an insightful and delightful host, and his guests are always entertaining and educational. It's always weird, it's always funny and it's always awesome. Thanks for everything Pete, I love your show and look forward to it every week! 💚💚💚

An absolute favorite. (5/5)

Pete's a great comic but he's also a fantastic interviewer. He's genuinely curious, giving with his guests, and of course, affable and quick witted, which keeps the conversations interesting an free-flowing. I love his open ended and nonconfrontational interest in the spiritual side of life, too. The guests are as diverse as the subject matter. An essential subscription.

Must listen (5/5)

Funny, enlightening, intriguing and you learn something new every episode. Pete is infectiously genuine.

Very close to unsubscribing (3/5)

Getting really tired of Petes fake sounding laugh at times. Sometimes it seems like he tries way too hard. I like him most of the time but not lately. Especially how he constantly walks on egg shells trying not to offend people. You're a comedian!!! This is a comedy show!!! You can laugh at people and each other without having hate in hour heart. Our differences are very funny and laughing at it brings us together.

Yay! (5/5)

I heart Pete and all his guests. So honest and real and thoughtful and silly. It helps me make it through a bad day and keeps my good days great! ❤️

Hilariously sincere (5/5)

I've been listening to YMIW for years and I feel like Ol' Petey Pants is a dear friend. Besides being very funny his show has documented his spiritual enlightenment over the years. This isn't a show about religion but Petes deep curiosity and constant quest for truth has him asking poignant and thought provoking questions to all of his guests - be them a stand up comedian or a Franciscan monk. He is sincere and open to every guests point of view on the world. The show is at the same time light hearted and enlightening. Pete is a happy golden retriever who wants you to be as happy as he is.

One of my all time favorites! (5/5)

I love Pete's style, his awesome guests and willingness to get into the deep, awkward moments. The podcast has been a support in more ways than one. Medium soup!!!

Great insights into the mind and soul (5/5)

I love the depth but these interviews go to. Deep down into career, mental state, spiritual state, sexual state all of it!

Different thinker (4/5)

I started listening to this podcast after hearing Pete interviewed by Kevin Pollak. During that interview there were a few points where a political or social topic would come up and I would cringe waiting for the guest's response to go where many guests would (divisive, treating opinions as facts, etc.) ... but Pete would provide a thoughtful, insightful response, in some cases leading me to think, "huh, I never thought of it that way." I've found this podcast to be much the same. I enjoy the episodes I listen to. Some are more humorous, others more thoughtful. The only downside for me is that I don't know many of the guests relative to other podcasts I'm subscribed to and with limited time I end up passing on episodes more often than not.

I love Pete's laugh (5/5)

Every time he laughs I can't help but laugh 😂

Peteypants is the best (5/5)

Though it's not necessarily the funniest podcast out there, it offers a wide variety of feels. So happy to support this podcast. :)

Great! (5/5)

It feels like I'm sitting around with some friends having a conversation. The laughs are infectious. One of the very few podcasts where I laugh heartily while by myself.

Immortal (5/5)

Pete is love. Pete is life.

Big fan (5/5)

Pete Holmes can always make laugh.

Great Interviews (5/5)

Pete is a great combo of a nutcase and great interviewer. Love the show!

ugh (3/5)

Honestly Pete is the worst but you just gotta get through it.

YES (3/5)


My jammy jam (5/5)

This podcast has been a mix of all of my favorite things since I began listening in 2015. Sex, food, psychology, growth, comedy, and psychedelics. GET INTO IT.

Great (5/5)


You so killa (5/5)

Dude the Stanley Bros interview was the best. Love you Pete, I'm so glad you didn't drown them out with your laughing out loudness

#1 comedian hosted podcast (5/5)

This is #1 comedy podcast. WOW great job. Double snakes

Inspires me to keep going (5/5)

Pete has been through it in the comedy industry - success has not been easy. As an artist, listening to his positive view on those ups and downs of the industry and life in general, is inspiring. I just love listening to the connection and laughs he shares with all of his guests. You have got to get into it!

Hard to understand (1/5)

I keep trying to listen to the podcast, I was a very big fan, but recently he has become hard to understand with Judd Apatow's balls in his mouth.

Great conversation (5/5)

Even if you're not a fan of Pete Holmes' comedy, he is a great conversationalist. He respects his guests and is very generous in offering support for whatever topics they discuss. Personally, I like Holmes a lot and always end up laughing and learning more about some fascinating people.

Deep, trippy, awesome (5/5)

Great show- really in depth and funny.

Yeah Pete! (5/5)

Listened for years, finally rating the show! Sorry it took so long, love you Pete and good luck with everything!

Love! (5/5)

First podcast that I've listened to every episode of and wish there were more! Pete is a great host and I love his sense of humor as well as his willingness to explore different philosophies and ideas through his guests. Every episode leaves you with something memorable. I found that some of my favorite episodes were with guests I had never heard of (which doesn't matter obviously) I just highly recommend listening to all of them! And I do like that they run a little "long" :)

You listen it so good (5/5)

Pete rides the line between therapeutic and humor, getting listeners to process their own sadness, mortality, joy and vulnerability all while infusing the episodes with hilarious conversations. Guests are always great, Pete knows how to get authenticity from each one.

Really? (5/5)

Don't take this the wrong way, but how the F*ck can you have a conversation with someone for 3 hours and 8 minutes? There is nothing, short of a marathon, I'd do for that long without taking a break. I would take a nap in the middle of a three-hour, eight-minute fest of making love. Really.

Should be more than 5 stars... (5/5)

This podcast helps get me through the work week. Bravo, Pete, bravo.

Pete Holmes is my favorite sauce (5/5)

I don't know what that means but I like this podcast a real lot

Yes (5/5)

Love it

Please consider the audience and guest (1/5)

"ME! ME! ME! ME!" -Pete

Comfortable Rambling Real (5/5)

I love this podcast. I didn't know I wanted a podcast like this until I found it. I pick and choose what episodes to listen to depending on the guest. The length and frequency of the episodes would be too much of a commitment for me to listen to every episode. But I love Pete as a host. For example: in his episodes with Bo Burnham, Pete encourages really interesting conversations and asks great questions. I wouldn't consider it a philosophy podcast but it's a podcast that encourages thinking and self-analyzing. I love it. Pete feels like an old weird friend. The podcast usually stays on the lighter comedic side and sometimes has a lot of self-referential LA show business stuff but that's usually okay by me. Most of his guests are comedians, I think, but Pete's not afraid to ask serious questions. He says a lot of stuff and he often seems to embarrass himself or contradict himself but he explained in at least one episode that a good way to find out what what you think and how firmly you believe it is to say it aloud in a safe environment and see how you feel about it and how people react. I found that to be an interesting idea.

Pete Holmes is the Best! (5/5)

That is all.

So good (5/5)

I didn't originally like this man, but he grew on me, and is an admirable person

Love Me Some You Made It Weird (5/5)

Keep on keepin on PHo :) all the best to you and Sweet Lady Val! Peace

I Love This Podcast (5/5)

Pete Holmes is a beautiful, beautiful man and I love his podcast.

My favorite podcast (5/5)

I have been listening for years and embarrassed to say that I have never reviewed it. I've probably been listening since 2012. This is one of the few podcasts I will listen to all the episodes of, even if I'm not familiar with the guest, because I know it will be an interesting conversation. It could be goofy, it could be philosophical, it could be both. One thing is consistent: Pete will make it weird in the best way possible. Pete is such a joyful personality that you can't help but be in a good mood listening to this podcast. Dare I say he's the anti-Maron?

Thanks for making it wired! (5/5)

Thank you for creating such a great form and style of conversation! This podcast has been amazing and I wish I would have found it sooner. The one benefit of finding it late is I have so many to catch up on. Anyone who likes comedy should listen to this podcast. Anyone who enjoys weird conversations that can become sentimental and loving should listen to this podcast. Anyone who has a heart should listen to this podcast! Pete, thank you for making it weird.

Love It (5/5)

My new go to Podcast very well conducted props to Pete he's great at directing the conversation.

Makes work go by fast! (5/5)

Really great Podcast PETAHHH! Thanks for all the laughs and new thoughts! Much love, Nate

Get ready for joy! (5/5)

How's your joy quota doin'? Listen to Pete and laugh, cry, play, and ponder the universe! Best podcast ever! I've listened to every episode and it's changed my life! Get into it!!

Petey is my Holmboy (5/5)

Pete is my favorite comedian and getting to hear long freeform conversations with him involved has honestly changed my view on a lot of things in life. Keep it Crispy!

Phoney phoebe (1/5)

Why would you have this racist on your show?

Looking In The Prism (5/5)

Listening and now watching! You're talented and consciously aware of the spiritual parts of comedy and how it can effect the human condition. Keep up the good work!

Decent guests (2/5)

PETE MAKES IT WEIRD with Stupid Banter

Good stuff (5/5)

I just want to give Pete 5 stars

Still my Favorite (5/5)

Pete makes me laugh. First podcast I listen to and after hearing Pete and his guest laugh, I was hooked.

Mostly great (4/5)

I've listened to a ton of Pete's podcasts and they are always engaging and entertaining. Sometime Pete gets too excited though and is on interuupting overdrive. The Andy Richter episode could've been so great but Pete's constant build ons by the end were becoming too distracting. I'll keep listening but I hope Pete can find the joy inthe guest's story vs trying to constantly compare them to himself.

Big fan. (5/5)

I've listened to every episode. It feels a little bit like taping someone's phone, it's 400 hours of them talking to their mom about her best friend's sister-in-law's breast enhancement surgery or the dog's worm medicine, 200 hours of pocket dials and 100 hours of pure, unadulterated gold. Over all, I think it was worth it. It's difficult to explain to my friends and family that there's a random guy who I know more about than any of them. If anyone else is in my shoes, I'd warmly accept camaraderie. Congrats Pete on all the goodness in front of you!

Nice and long (5/5)


Too much self-promotion (1/5)

If your podcast begins with 5 minutes of self-promotion and waffle about subscription services I'm going to listen to a different podcast.

Perfect!!! (5/5)

I have listened to You Made It Weird for quite a while. I absolutely Love the interaction between Pete and his guests. It’s very refreshing to hear a conversation between people who are no t watching their words. This is a real conversation and I really enjoy listening because it feels like real life. I love the openness towards religion or the lack there of. I love the longer episodes and have NEVER turned one off because it too long. Keep it up Brother. You’re Awesome!

Look forward to Wednesdays (5/5)

I love this podcast and I listen every week. Pete is not your average host so expect something new. It took a few listens. Start with the episodes with your favorite guests.

Joy, laughs and heart. (5/5)

Love Pete Holmes! He's thoughtful, kind, funny and seems like a genuinely good guy. The discussions are always a combo of humorous, touching, enlightening and heart-warming. I highly recommend!

Too Many Ads (1/5)

I couldn't even make it to the episode because there was almost 7 MINUTES of ads. If I want to listen to a podcast on a commute, I'm not interested in listening to a 7 minute commercial. No thank you. Not the podcast for me.

interest and yet funny podcast (4/5)

great guests

Hours of thought-provoking fun (5/5)

YMIW is my favorite! Especially Peter Rollins episode 12/14. I don't usually re-listen/re-watch much, but some of these have become comfort food. It's like eavesdropping on the best conversations ever.

The best!!! (5/5)

This is my absolute favorite podcast!!! Pete Holmes is so great. His guests are fantastic. I was late to the podcast game and this podcast in particular. I have since, over the past few years, gone back and listened to a majority of his shows and absolutely love it! I love the format, I love that he front loads all the ads so it's not clunky with weird breaks. I especially love that it is conversational and not just a straight interview. Pete gets his guests to open up and really engage in the conversation. But, the best part is he is just looking for the best conversation and not a bunch of gossip. As silly as it sounds I get so excited for Wednesday's because a new episode comes on. I have been brought to tears several times just with how touching and wonderful the conversations are. I listen to many other podcasts now, but this one stays as my top and not many have really come close to Pete Holmes!

Annoying (1/5) is annoying and not funny.

Best show ever! (5/5)

'Nuff said.

OK (3/5)

The podcast has a lot of potential, but Pete's psychoanalysis and narcissism can make it hard to listen to at times.

Very clever! (5/5)

I enjoy the depth that this show has over others!

I'm obsessed (5/5)

I'm dying laughing this is so good now I have to listen to EVERY episode!

Fun Show (5/5)

This is one of my favorite podcasts. It usually has me laughing out loud at the gym. Pete Holmes is funny and has a great interview style that is entertaining and informative.

Worst pod I've listened to (1/5)

I suppose this podcast would be appreciated if you're a flaming liberal. I listened to Pete, Norman Lear and Judd Apatow rave on about how great 8 years of Hillary followed by 8 years of Elizabeth Warren would be and it made me sick to my stomach! And Pete's forced, over the top laughing at the least funny thing a guest says makes it extremely uncomfortable. I gave it 4 episodes and I just can't do it anymore. I'm sticking with Adam Carrola's podcast, it's brilliant! If I could give this a negative star rating, I would.

Hey (5/5)


Bad (1/5)

Pete Holmes is a funny stand up but is an awful host. His forced laughter is embarrassing. This podcast made me sad. How does he get guests? Zero stars. Deuche.

Love it (5/5)

Very entertaining

ehh (1/5)

Gets old hearing pete laugh at himself and drown out the guest.

Weird? (5/5)

Not that weird, but really like it (& how long avg ep is) a lot.

Great podcast (5/5)

Simply a great podcast

Always skips to top of the list... (5/5)

whenever a new episode arrives, I listen immediately. I prefer the entertainers, but I always end up enjoying them all. If I find out anybody I know wants to get into any sort of performing, I tell them to listen to this podcast. The advice, stories of struggle, and hearing all the different ways people got where they found themselves at their level - it's inspiring.

Yes (5/5)

Only Pete Holmes could make a consistently 3 hour long podcast filled with content more entertaining than most podcasts. Never want to miss a moment. Get into it!

Love! (5/5)

My favorite podcast by far. Love love love Pete! Please don't ever stop doing this podcast.

Weekly (5/5)

Of all of my weekly podcast subscriptions this is one that I have to listen to as soon as it is released! From actors, fellow comedians, authors, writers, philosophers, and scientists every week you can get a serious heart warming and nearly tearful show and others just a goofy hilarious good time. And maybe even both. I found this podcast 3 years ago, immediately subscribed and have been listening since.

Things I've Learned (5/5)

Love this podcast, hate snow.

Important Work (5/5)

This podcast further cements the truth that everyone is interesting. Pete Holmes and this podcast have made an amazing and meaningful impact on my life.

Def feelin it (5/5)

I often fantasize about sitting next to Pete Holmes on a plane ride. The way he talks about life with his guests is so dynamic. I imagine that an hour long conversation with him would be profound. Come for the laughs, stay for the philosophy.

Guilty (5/5)

Okay I'm guilty. I've been listening to this podcast for months & am only now writing a review (TIP: remind people to write reviews! Or maybe 2,525 reviews is enough for you). I have to admit that I wrote one a few months earlier for Michael Ian Black's "How to Be Amazing" because he comically reminds listeners to do so in every episode. Anyhoo I started diving into podcasts about a year ago because of frequent long drives to care for my mother in another city. So I've listened to a ton of Pete's episodes & while I've dropped other podcasts by the wayside, I've stuck with Pete's because he's such a good host. He has a natural style (good-natured, self-effacing, open-minded) with a genuine desire to understand and connect with his guests. And while he always asks about God/religion/spirituality at the end (unless it comes up earlier) his most recent episodes (Oct/Nov/Dec 2016) have somehow taken it up a notch in depth. I might be off about those dates & I don't have time to analyze it, but I just noticed how the more recent episodes I've listened to have a deeper feel (and this may or may not have something to do with his own deeper dive into this area with his tour with Rob Bell ... can't remember the name of the tour). Or maybe with his newish relationship with girlfriend Valerie. Or maybe that his guests are coming from a wider array of professions (not as comedian-centric). I don't know & don't have time to assess further ... I just know that it noticeably FEELS deeper to me & while I was entertained & enjoyed it before, I now find myself wanting to *save* more recent episodes in iTunes to listen to a 2nd time. Bravo! And thank you.

Pete is my favorite human. Period. (5/5)

You Made it Weird is literally my #1 fav podcast. And Pete is Bae.

My favorite podcast (5/5)

This is my absolute favorite podcast. Pete Holmes always has interesting, and funny conversations with really cool guests. This podcast really changed me in a lot of ways, as cheesy as that sounds. I recommend this podcast to anyone that will listen!

So addicted, thanks Pete! (5/5)

This podcast has been such a bright light in my days. Hilarious and so quick witted while hitting deep topics on the realest level. There's a reason Conan O'Brien wanted to work with Pete. Best Podcast everrrrrrrrr!!

Would rate higher if possible. (5/5)

This podcast is a cosmic issue. A playfully masterful blend of imagination, conversation and seeking. Am I dying? Yes, I am living, therefore I am dying and this podcast is providing good company. Bless up.

Proud to be a weirdo. (5/5)

Pete is a truly genuine human being who is strong enough to be vulnerable in these podcasts. It has changed my life for the better. Listen to Duncan and Moshes episodes for sure. There is one podcast better than this. Its called Calling Chelsea Peretti. Jk Pete.

Thank you for the weirdness (5/5)

Pete, you are wonderful (*hug*) - thank you for the funnies and the cries and the wisdom. Love the discussion and silly weirdness, all round.

Pete Holmes (5/5)

I laughed, I cried, it was all so truly McDonald's.

Insightful (5/5)

It doesn't matter what walk of life you come from anybody could listen and relate to this podcast.

Endearing Pete! (5/5)

I stumbled across this podcast a few months ago and have been surprised at how much I've enjoyed it. It's a great pick me up on days when I just need a good laugh - it never fails to deliver on that front. I appreciate the type of conversation Pete is trying to have and find his personality to be so endearing. Hope I can meet him in person some day for a 20-second hug. :)

Another comedian using a comedy platform to push their political agenda. (1/5)

Trump bashing gets old, especially when you fail to mention that your preferred candidate is just as dirty. Unsubscribed and will take note of any future productions with the associated names so as to avoid supporting your revenue streams.

This Is My Favorite Podcast (5/5)

I have been an avid listener for many years now. I love everything about this podcast! I love the host, the guests, and all the weirdness! I am a huge comedy nerd, and YMIW hits the spot for all things comedy! Highly recommend it :)

The best (5/5)

This podcast is great on so many levels. Funny and thought provoking! Keep it up Pete!

Pete For Prez! (5/5)

You are guaranteed at least 12 solid laughs each episode and there's no telling what topic might come up. Thanks for making people happy! Keep up the great work!

Best interview podcast (5/5)

This is pretty much the only podcast I will listen to that is over two hours long and not edited in any way. Pete is such a great interviewer and his upbeat personality is infectious! This is one of the five podcasts that I will absolutely listen to the minute it hits the airways. So good!

Dude (5/5)

I've been listening all to this podcast for years. It's super intelligent and always funny. I STRONGLY RECOMMEND!!!

Punk Rock Pete! (5/5)

Long time listener, first time reviewer! I wanted to wholeheartedly echo Bo Burnham's shout out to you in this weeks discussion as being "punk rock" Pete! Having the audacity to be both joyful and vulnerable while discussing the big and some not so big questions is truly radical and incredibly refreshing in an increasingly cynical world. I'm grateful for and look forward to the beacon of light (too much?) that is YMIW every week. Shouldn't you guys start charging for this stuff?!! KimH

That laugh (2/5)

His laugh makes me want to dig my eardrums out

The best (5/5)

The best podcast. Open-minded, positive, and out of the ordinary. Pete asks questions that make you see a different side of his guests. It's the best.

Used to Love (3/5)

Seems like Petes changed, not feeling it right now.. Taking a break and hoping to fall in love again

Love it (5/5)

Pete's a great host and he gets great guests. Awesome show, I love it!

Amazing (5/5)

So funny and so deep. I laugh out loud all the time and at times it has truly changed the way I think of things. I love this podcast.

So Much Love (5/5)

The thing about this show is that it's balanced. It's laugh out loud funny, but more fascinating and thought-provoking than you could ever imagine.

The host can't stop talking about himself (2/5)

I want to love this because I love many of the guests. Pete Holmes just cannot stop talking about himself though and it's painful. It's far from an interview and really not even a conversation because the host is constantly interrupting the guests to talk about his own issues - the same issues and stories over and over.

Every thing I look for in a Podcast (5/5)

Funny, Intresting, long form, honest

Fun, cool teacher! (5/5)

Pete was born to interview and shares an incredibly well-articulated amount of knowledge and creative advice that the listener gleans (his ideas are not shoved down your throat as he is very open-minded). His endearing personality comes through as authentic, bubbly and kind. The comedy is much different from his stand-up because you get a lot of quick and clever, esoteric jokes that make you think (and feel).

Comedy sex God (5/5)

Favorite show of all time. Been listing to it for years. Pete is a genuine and awesome guy who really Puts himself out there on the show. Keep it up!

Pete Holmes - what a great guy (5/5)

Oh Petey- I first discovered you on Doug Loves Movies, and I've been a fan ever since. Highly recommend the Aaron Rodgers episode - as a sports fan, you could follow a player his entire career and not get to know them as well as you would in the single episode. Pete Holmes, existential goofball extraordinaire!!! Keep up the great work!

Amazing (5/5)

Brilliant podcast, one of my favorites

Was good, kind of tired of it now (4/5)

I really enjoyed this at first. I listened to all of the episodes with my favorite comedians. After that, I kind of burned out. Pete is a pretty good host, but I just got tired of it. Maybe I'll come back to it at some point.

Perfectly Crispy 👌 (5/5)

This is a fabulous podcast if you want to get to know some of your favorite comedians/personalities better on a more personal level, and see what makes them tick. For myself, I love hearing them do bits, talk about daily life, and discuss deeper topics of relationships and spirituality. This podcast keeps me endlessly entertained on long car trips too! Pete comes off as a great guy who loves to connect with others. He treats each guest as someone special, and though some reviews complain about his plethora of laughter, I think it is genuine and endearing. Sheesh, I'd love to hang out with the guy. All in all, a fun, creative, enlightening experience. Thanks Pete! (and Katie!)

Funny, insightful and challenging! (5/5)

Love this show!

Early episodes were special (4/5)

Many of the earlier episodes of this podcast were the most poignant and engaging hours I've ever listened to. Pete, you meandered along with guests though dark, deep, and/or personal stories. You were their guide, gently allowing their story to unfold in its on time to its full glory. You also brought your own authentic vulnerability to the show and the guest's fed off that. It was intimate, unscripted, and understated. We listened as the guest unpacked or reflected on a personal journey. You also shared openly your process in doing the work and it all inspired us to do our work. Nowadays Pete, I can't listen to a full episode. It's changed. It feels loud and full of interruptions. Guests have their own agenda and Pete, you talk/push sooo much. I'm not sure if it can go back to charming, understated conversation of earlier episodes. It's work to be proud of, but maybe time for a new format or some soul searching. My best wishes to you and the team that makes it weird.

Love it (5/5)

Late bloomer, but I'm all in now. I love that Pete was a punk.

Wednesday is the best day of the week (5/5)

This podcast literally changed my life. My perspective on so many things. It's a huge cartoon syringe injecting joy into my day. 5 stars.

My hero (5/5)

Pete Holmes is my hero, being brave enough to share with us his truest fears and prodding his guests to see how they feel about it gives me overall hope. Wouldn't miss an episode if my life depended on it !

Awesome (5/5)

Check out the Danish and O'neill Podcast

Funny+Interesting (5/5)

Pete is a great interviewer. Great people talking about interesting things, heck, even when it's a person I've never heard of Pete makes it interesting. Plus, many laugh out loud moments. 5 stars

Petey is my homeboy (5/5)

Fun, thoughtful, and often times silly; this pod is sure to leave you with a smile on your face come time to make it crispy.

Funny, yes. Life changing, yes. (5/5)

I started listening to the show after the Harris Wittels interview. That interview honestly deserves a Peabody. Subsequently, I've gone back and listened to almost every episode. Pete's positive outlook on life has creeped into me through this podcast and I'm so thankful. The world needs much more of this kind of joy.

Dammit Pete. (5/5)

Why are these so good. It's eating my life. Keep em coming PH, they are long loud and glorious. Keeping it special crispy.

Love it (5/5)

This podcast sets itself apart from the rest. Sweetie Petey will make you smile and improve your day, even if it was already great. Thanks Pete!

Favorite Podcast Ever! (5/5)

Forget homeboy, Pete Holmes is my guru!

Cringe (1/5)

I really tried.. Really. Actually listened to 10 complete episodes...

Hilarious! (5/5)

One of the funniest podcast out there!

Keeping it crispy for Pete! (5/5)

Thanks for being so great! Really looking forward to your HBO show!

Pete Holmes is just the best (5/5)

Every ep is fantastic!

Love it (5/5)

Great podcast!

Excellent (5/5)

The depth of many of these conversations is what attracts me to this show. I'm not even a huge comedy fan, although of course I like to laugh and enjoy some comedy now and then. Pete's ongoing exploration of spirituality through these interviews (absolutely loved the Peter Rollins episode) and the questions of life, done in a way that is disarming, often funny, and aware of the absurd, is what keeps my interest. And, while many reviewers seem to find Pete's laugh and its frequency obnoxious, I have to admit that I like his laughing - and the fact that he can be a bit dopey in conversation. That's the point, isn't it, of a show called "you made it weird"?

Can't go negative stars (1/5)

What a cancerous host

Listened to all (5/5)

Found out how great Pete Holmes is a little over year ago. Hooked from the first episode and haven't stopped listening nearly every day trying to catch up and finally have. Such wonderful insight and joyful personality. Feel like I've learned a lot on top of all of the heaps of laughter!

Recently discovered (4/5)

The best one I've heard by far was with June Raphael. Please bring her back!! You should do Justin Bieber or perhaps Bill Nye of Dane Cook again!

Favorite of all time (5/5)

Just about always does it for me

Pete is Awsome (5/5)

Thanks for the great show.

Pete! (5/5)

The universe gave us Pete Holmes! This podcast has made me laugh, cry, and even change my own thoughts on things. Pete's the ultimate fun dad/ cool uncle. This podcast is McDonalds. Keep it Crispy.

Hear Ye, Hear Ye (5/5)

Great podcast. Great Podcast. Pete Holmes crushes it. (bell). Horses here to stay.

Conversation at it's Finest! - Get Maria Bamford (5/5)

Yes a real conversation with a brave interviewer and wonderful guests! Also How have you done this show for so long without Maria Bamford ? Her stand up is basically an abridged version of this show C-mon ! lol talking about her new show lady dynamite could fill 12 hrs between these two and I would love every minute of it. Love ya pete!

The funniest, most honest comedian on ITunes (5/5)

If you have any questions just YouTube Pete Holmes batman. THE BEST!

Love it! (5/5)

I really enjoy these thought provoking and fun conversations. They have caused me to think differently about my opinions and about choices. Plus they are a bunch of fun and funny!!

Love Pete's Laugh (5/5)

Been listening since this podcast began and can't get enough. I learn something new every time. And PS I love Pete's laugh.

Fuuuuuuuuun (5/5)

So fuuuuuuuuuun

People are so easily set off (4/5)

It's called "YMIW with Pete Holmes" because Pete Holmes is the host. Why would anybody in their right mind listen to a podcast if they didn't like the host? That's the equivalent of watching Fallon's opening monologue every night and complaining that you think his voice sounds weird.

Your Laughter (1/5)

Please stop with obnoxious AHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Half of the time you can't even hear the guest because you're obnoxiously screaming into the mic.

Adam wade!! (5/5)

Just finished the fantastic Adam wade episode and I have to say it's a contender for my new favorite. The lady at the laundromat was a perfect story

Unique, genuine and 100% Pete (5/5)

I love Pete's enthusiasm and energy. He has REAL conversations with his guests, that never feel staged or rehearsed. Every episode makes me laugh, and think. Great job, Pete!

Sauce-some (5/5)

Awesome Possum Sauce-some Podcast.

Hmmm... Feelin it! (Imagine a chicken) (5/5)

Ok. I didn't make it weird. Pete and his guests did, and it was awesome. One of my favorite podcasts. Some interviews sound nearly the same no matter who conducts it. Not Pete's interviews!! Pete takes the convo to Funtown by way of a dirt road through neighboring Weirdsville, and it's always a blast. ❤️♥️❤️♥️❤️♥️❤️😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Hell yea (5/5)

Heeeeeeeell yea

Funny, interesting, weird! (5/5)

Love Pete's loose interview style. Easy to laugh along with him and his guests. Even better, when 'non-comedic' guests either bring their interesting perspectives, or surprise you with their own wit and playfulness. Just fun.

What do you call "alternative medicine" that works? Medicine. (2/5)

Pete used to be good, but then he seemed to get too far into drugs and “alternative” thinking? Once he started featuring “spiritual gurus” that are clearly idiots, I gave up on him. Sorry, Pete, but you’ve turned into a bit of a tool.

This guys laugh is infectious! (5/5)

I dare you to listen any of these and not get in trouble for laughing out loud! I look forward to his podcast every week. Check out the best of 2015 and you will not stop laughing!!!!!

The BEST. (5/5)

Dear Pete Holmes, Thank you for being a wonderful human being.

fast food interviews (2/5)

I'm really hoping the podcast form changes somehow. Guys talking to guys about guy stuff has just gotten old. Pete Holmes is at least quick-witted and funny, but the content itself leaves something to be desired.

So much fun! (5/5)

I love the fact that Pete talks about God, relationships and Death. By making it weird he is looking for answers to the questions that keep us all up at night. But, ya know, in a fun way! Ps my new band name is The Cosmic 69

If you love comedy... (5/5)

than this is a great podcast for you. Pete and guests get deep "inside baseball" and for me that scratches the itch Maron left behind when he moved away from interviewing comedians.

Supreme (5/5)

Great for awkward moments. Insightful and fun. The format has become a bit tired but Pete makes it new and refreshing. The awkward moments and philosophical drops are awesome. Drinking game: - Pete references a conversation he had - Pete acknowledges he has or may have said something previously -Pete laughs

Fantastic (5/5)

I’m reading some negative reviews, and I get it: Pete’s not for everyone. But I happen to think he’s hilarious, and it’s admirable how open he is about his life, to the point where most Weirdos know more about him than his family. Furthermore, he’s so great at coaxing personal information from his guests and getting into some truly meaningful conversations (get into it!). The hours fly by listening to this podcast, and with unexpected shifts from “gabbin’ like gals" to thought-provoking conversation, essentially every episode is a gem.

Great show (5/5)

A comedy show about philosophy.

Great guests, terrible Pete. (1/5)

Stop talking. Like some other guy said... You made it Annoying.

daasbunnies (5/5)

Very warmhearted, inspirational and genuine. This podcast reveals the power behind comedic minds who "do the work”. I was surprised and delighted to find that it’s the same work we should all be doing to improve as humans. Excellent, thank you.

All your bad morning drive-time radio DJ tropes... (1/5)

...all in one easy to shut off place. He might have interesting guests but you'll never know because of the host's inane DJ's laughter over absolutely nothing.

Excellent in all circumstances (5/5)

These conversations are a belly laugh wrapped in a warm guffaw with smooth layer of meaning. This is the podcast that will have you thinking, laughing, imagining, and questioning.

Download this podcast! (5/5)

Incredible podcasting! Pete is hilarious and very relatable, I can't believe it's free!

Love this podcast! (5/5)

Pete Holmes makes everything weird in the best way. Really love listening to this podcast about more than comedy but life, love, religious views and how weird it all is!

Me like (5/5)


Thanks, Pete (5/5)

I’m not a comic, and I know basically nothing about comedy. But, I am a designer, so hearing about creativity, empathy, and living well from another perspective has been really meaningful. I’m a new listener (just a few episodes in), but already it’s helped me see in a new way that different disciplines share the same motivations, fears, and spirituality – from comedians to designers to NFL quarterbacks to business people. Thanks, Pete!

YMIW Hits the Sweet Spot (5/5)

You Made It Weird always seems to hit the sweet spot for me - engaging and intelligent conversation, then out of nowhere, a hysterical riff or tangent, followed by another deep/heady moment. It’s often unpredictable, but Pete is a tremendous host and gifted interviewer and makes every single guest open up (whether it’s about religion, comedy, soap preferences, or funny moments.) I often find myself choking back both laughter and tears in public, or find myself contemplating the universe as I stand and do the dishes. Keep it up, Pete!!!

I'm a devout Catholic (5/5)

It's good to hear from people who think differently than you do. Pete Holmes is the perfect guide into ideals that contradict mine. He makes sure nobody gets hurt as we all learn from each other. Thank you, Peter.

The Guest is Always Pete Holmes (2/5)

If you love Pete Holmes, you will love this podcast. If you love one of the guests he's "interviewing," you will hate this podcast. Pete constantly interupts his guests to talk about himself. If you are a fan of the guest, you will get nothing out of this podcast. I don't like leaving negative reviews, but it really irked me the way he interviewed people.

it's great! (5/5)

it's great!

Very unique podcast (5/5)

I love this podcast because it’s unlike any other podcast I listen to. I really enjoy listening to guests like Ray Romano and Aaron Rodgers have conversations I never thought I’d get to hear them have. Really good stuff!

Move Along! (1/5)

This podcast is all about Pete preaching, speaking over and interrupting guests, laughing obnoxiously, being loud, and telling dumb stories about himself and the way he sees the world. I've never written a bad review about a podcast but this was recommended to me and I couldn't stand it. Great list of guests which is unfortunate. It ends up that the guest is just listening to Pete preach. The one or two funny minutes do not make 2.5 hrs worth it. Ugh.

I wanted so badly to like it... (2/5)

Incredible list of guests but you never get to hear much from them. Pete mostly talks about his issues and then agrees with everything the guest says very insincerely to hurry them through their story and back to his. I may have been able to get through that but his fake and weirdly long laugh wouldn't allow me to.

Thee Fishsticks (5/5)

The Aaron Rogers episode surprised me since I didn’t know who he was. It was inspiring and I listened to it many times since it came out. Another favorite is the Ian Karmel interview, whom I also never heard of. I hyperventilated a few times from laughter. Thanks, Pete. I’m glad you exist.

Annoying host good guests (1/5)

How does this annoying-laughing outburst-"man" get such good guests?! This is NOT a comedy.

Funny guy, bad host (3/5)

I find Pete to be very funny and very insightful. And that would be awesome if this podcast was supposed to be about Pete. He has great guests but he talks far too much for a host. It becomes clear often that he is just waiting to jump in and speak rather than listening to his guest or letting them get through answers to the first question. It's incredibly frustrating, and distracting. At this point, I only listen to guests that I really like, or that I can't find interviews of elsewhere.

Swain Hunt (5/5)

Love you, Pete! Great show. ;-)

Like joe rogan without all the Bro-ness (5/5)

I highly enjoy the Podcast . Every episode is a surprise

The bestest (5/5)

Binge listened to every episode. Quite the evolution. Still a big fan.

Life-Changing (5/5)

This podcast is seriously life-changing. It has made me a (hopefully) better person. So, clearly, I love it!

Bravo (5/5)

Variety is what defines this podcast. Good job.

An interesting premise turned into obnoxious therapy sessions (1/5)

I originally enjoyed this podcast, and I liked the concept of it. If Pete had stuck to the concept of talking about three "weird" things he knows about the guest, that would have been great. Instead, it has turned into excessively long therapy sessions where he talks at the guest about his own experiences. Whether or not the guest gets any valuable speaking time depends on their own ability to speak up in conversation. Too often the conversation is dominated by Pete talking about his own issues. Downgrading from 3 to 1 stars and unsubscribing.

Pete's laugh is jarring. (5/5)

He has a tendency to interrupt and needs to listen more than talk. Nonetheless, I love this podcast. Not every episode is gold but in general the good ones are SO GOOD. I love hearing life philosophies from lots of people and I always get a good laugh. The casual nature is much easier to listen to than traditional interviews. Highly recommended (once you get used to Pete).

Great interviews (5/5)

Truly great, never boring.

I Like Pete (5/5)

You can tell his soul is pure or at least I'm fooled into believing that. It gets deep and weird. It's far outside my world, but Pete gives me a clear view of his world with my podcast telescope of Comedy Nirvana.

I like it sometimes (2/5)

I have a really hard time getting through some interviews because of Pete's obnoxious laugh. Also he interrupts his guests very often to relate to the question he just asked. I'd much rather hear what his guest has to say rather than him.

Great (5/5)

We followed Pete's TV show and now are delighted to listen to his podcast.

Thank You, Pete! (5/5)

Thanks for making such a wonderful show. Being open, honest and kind to so many wonderful creative people makes for a great time. This show keeps me inspired and has helped me immeasurably in keeping an open mind, being understanding of others and staying sane. Keep it up!

Sweetie Petie (5/5)

I love Pete. I could binge listen all day. Especially the episode with Bert Kreisher from Feb 2016. One of the best podcasts I've ever heard.

Yikes (1/5)

The host of this show is beyond insufferable. Don't be fooled by the good guests, this podcast is boring and pretentious, which is a perfect reflection of Pete Holmes.

LSD (5/5)

Great talk with the Jolly Lama, many, many thanks!!! Your honesty and in the moment realizations are beautiful.

One of my favorites (5/5)

Pete is the best. I love their discussions of the inner-workings of comedy.

Feelin it (5/5)

I listen to YMIW almost daily and it brings me so much joy - Whether it's a silly one or a hippy dippy spiritual episode, it always seems to hit me in the right spot. The Kulap episode had me straight cackling

One of my favorite podcasts (5/5)

I can't believe all the negative reviews I've seen! Pete is hilarious an coaxes incredibly funny conversations out of his guests! He has a real gift for chemistry (interpersonal). My only word of advice is that not all of the episodes are great. I tend to only enjoy the ones where he interviews comedians (the live shows are usually pretty great too). What is unique about this podcast that you don't get from other podcasts is this incredible mix of genius humor and really deep intellectual explorations of the meaning of life. Just don't try to finish an episode of it hasn't grabbed your attention in the first hour. If you follow my advice you will be a happy listener!

Listen to it! (5/5)

One of the best podcasts ever!

Well o well (5/5)

This podcast is entertaining, of course one or two made me feel like I had to ask myself why I am listening to this, but for the most there is always something interesting about it, one thing I feel about the host Pete Holmes though, is that when I tell a joke , I have a line of comedians in my head and I ask myself how would they react, I see Pete's reaction in my head as a gay guy when reacting to my conversation, idk why or what it is but I feel he sounds so gay with his voice , no disrespect though, it's a nice pod

Thanks (5/5)

Thank you Pete Holmes. Thank you for giving yourself a platform to explore your own thoughts, frustrations, joys and laughters. What I love most about Pete's discussions (which unfortunately seems to be a turn off for many) is that he is willing to open up extensively about himself. This in turn allows most guests to do the same and it helps bring out an open discussion on every nuance of experience we collectively partake in during our brief period on this silly rock hurling through space. As I, like him, have had to deconstruct the dogmatic grip of a Christian upbringing, I appreciate his willingness to open up and listen to others but also process vocally everything he experiences. God, sex, drugs, doubt, fear and comedy...this podcast has it all.

Insightful and funny (5/5)

Pete Holmes can be a bit weird. But that's where the heart and humor lie in this podcast. Always interesting. Definitely weird.

Im feeling it! (5/5)

This podcast is the opposite of “not feeling it!”, its like a “nice little chunk of change”.

A solid listen (4/5)

When there's a interesting guest this is the best best podcast. When the guest is meh it's still a pretty good listen... Love the FORBS series. More, please!

Crazy laughter (2/5)

Host loves to laugh uncontrollably at things that are seemingly not funny and the guest seems surprised by the laughter. Good content but can't get over the crazy laugh.


Wow, I am blown away by this guy. Had no idea about him. Just attended a retreat with him in Maui, but sadly never met him! Smart, funny as hell, my new fave. The Gary Shandling episode is PURE GOLD.

Crispy! (5/5)

Awesome podcast! Great questions and interacting with the guests! My favorite so far is the Henry Rollins interview! Right on! Keep it crispy!

Very funny (5/5)


I love Ramcasts! (5/5)

Enjoyable host, enjoyable guests, an air of openness and friendliness...I love all these things. :-)

Pete Holmes is cool (5/5)

Great conversations

Great! (5/5)

A great balance of silly witty humor and insight.

Who wouldn’t love Petey-Pants? (5/5)

This is a great podcast! I love Pete’s positive personality and hilarious riffing with guests. The people he brings on are interesting and dynamic and open me up to new comedians, musicians and actors! Pete is so open about his life and struggles and I feel like I know him! Excellent podcast!

Keep it crispy (5/5)

Been listening since the very beginning & don't anticipate ever stopping as long as Pete keeps going. New listeners: Start with the Patrick Walsh episode. You'll know pretty quickly if this is right for you or not.

Love you Pete! (5/5)

This podcast is therapy.

My worlds collide! (5/5)

I love Pete's humor and deep questions. Great mix of guests!

Tuning out. (1/5)

You know, I like Pete Holmes. I like many, many of his guests. However, this podcast is just weird and uncomfortable. Most of the guests outshine Pete, and true to the title, he does "make it weird", but not in a good or interesting way. Pushes awkward questions, pushes touchy subjects like religion that the guests often don't seem eager to talk about. Interviews people whose content he clearly isn't familiar with... This isn't an enjoyable listen. Every single episode I heard made me feel uneasy, and made me like Pete less. Unsubscribing.

Long winded (5/5)

But very funny!

Always great (5/5)

Love seeing the evolution of his outlook change over the years.

the poor man’s Jerry Lewis (1/5)

If you like Jerry Lewis at his most self-congratulatory, self-absorbed, egomaniacal worst… you’ll love Pete Holmes.

Prepare to Look Within (5/5)

This podcast is fantastic and will make you think about everyday things in completely different ways. Huge fan!

My favorite thing (5/5)

My #1 recommendation for life improvement is to listen to as many episodes of You Made It Weird with Pete Holmes as you possibly can.

Challenge to the ears (1/5)

Pete has diarrhea of the mouth!!

Good heart, blathering mouth (3/5)

When Pete is good he is great. He is not afraid of going deep with his guests. I loved the Elizabeth Gilbert episode and the Judd Apatow episode. However, sometimes Pete runs his mouth so much that his guest isn't able to speak. I got so annoyed with the Ellie Kemper episode that I had to turn it off after 15 minutes. Pete never let her talk and she was too nice to say anything. It was like listening to teenage girls talk about their Instagram accounts.

Greatest (5/5)

In the world

Paradigm shifting (5/5)

If you think this show is about Pete's guests, it's super not. But it's still interesting to see him work through his issues with some of the funniest comedians ever. The most recent episodes are a little meh because he seems to be focusing more on his pilot, which I'm looking forward to.

YMIW... (5/5)

... Saved my marriage. That good...

Pete Holmes makes my ears bleed (2/5)

Great guests till Pete Holmes screeches in an Octave that makes your ears explode, and you contemplate swerving your car into a tree to end the pain

Pete is the best! (5/5)

One of my favorite podcasts. It's awkward, funny, and thought provoking. Keep up the good work Petey H.

Ugh. Dumb questions. (2/5)

This guy laughs at nothing.

Get into it! (5/5)

Pete is a genuine and hilarious host. Big fan.

Changing My Life (5/5)

Pete Holmes' deep dives into the minds and emotions of his guests is beyond refreshing. I love that nothing is surface level funny, and he has some of the most interesting guests on. Love it.

Has Pete stopped talking yet? (2/5)

Wow this guy can talk about himself to no end. The problem is, he is interviewing someone...

Meh (3/5)

Guests are great, Pete is not


Pete being pete on pete's podcast makes for some pretty petey moments with petty talk and not so petty talk and a lot of petey talk

Free Podcast (5/5)

Comedy Podcast. You should try it.

Woooo! (5/5)

I love this weird little podcast. Pete Holmes is such a great host! L

Kills it! (5/5)

If you like Maron’s interviews, but hate his cranky attitude and annoying yelling way of speaking, than Pete might be the dude your looking for. Awesomely candid loose and revelatory interviews with some of comedies best.

Amazing (5/5)

Such a hilarious, insightful show. It inspires me to ask better questions so I can have the conversations I enjoy so much.

Please repost episode (5/5)

Please re post the episode with David Wain. For some reason, it was only a few seconds long. Thank you and keep it crispy!

Couldn’t listen anymore (2/5)

I love the guests he has, I only wish I could hear them talk. Most of the time I feel like i’m just listening to some of my favorite people in comedy be made uncomfortable by this guy. The interviews with Aziz Ansari and Sarah Silverman left an especially bad impression on me. His insecurity, sell absorption and name dropping got to be too much and I had to unsubscribe. I hate to leave a bad review, but I really hope that some criticism will help him to take a look at his interview style.

Pick me up podcast (3/5)

Love pete's laugh and great guests

sweetie peetie (5/5)

thank you, sir. you fill my solitary daily tasks with a wonderful backdrop of conversation, ranging from the absurd to the deeply spiritual to the spiritually absurd. and I love every second of it. I have about two dozen favorites that I replay over and over like I did with favorite albums in my teens. keep it crispy, brother.

Perfect (5/5)

Perfect podcast so so good

You made it worth listening (5/5)

Pete is a friend I haven't had the pleasure of meeting. Thanks for the talks!

You Made It Weird is great! (5/5)

Pete's disarming charm and boisterous laugh make any conversation he has a wonderful event to eavesdrop. Covering a breadth of interesting topics and always delivering plenty of laughs "You Made It Weird" is a pleasure to listen to.

Save your stories for the monologue (2/5)

Drives me crazy how much he interrupts guest stories to talk about himself. Why ask a question if your not listening?

This is a spirituality podcast not a comedy podcast (5/5)

I love this podcast with Pete Holmes. Talks about life and learning and thinking about self and cracks jokes. "That how you f*<king do it"

Pete keeps all the windows open (5/5)

One of the most honest and transparent voices in podcasting. Pete is completely unfiltered and has mastered the art of conversation. Wonderfully intriguing guests as well.

Can't Get Enough (5/5)

It's a LOT of Pete, that's true. But I find him "delightful", and he knows how to get his guests to open up to him. Each episode is mostly about comedy, love and God, but Pete and his guests make sure to follow wherever the conversation goes. It doesn't play like a talk show or interview and that's very refreshing. I hope it never ends!

The host is faker than jimmy fallon (1/5)

The guests are top notch but I can never last longer than 5 minutes due to the host inserting his fake over the top scream-laugh and interrupting everything. Completely ruins everything, is it that hard to be authentic?

Fun and a dash of philosophy (5/5)

Pete Holmes is funny, yet surprisingly sweet and deep. Keep it crispy.

Love it (5/5)

Great podcast, get to hear my favorite comedians get deep at times and really chop it up with Pete.

Love the show!! (5/5)

Absolutely, absolutely fantastic!!

Riff Train!!! (5/5)

Non stop laughs that spurs my own creativity!