Aggregated reviews for Your Mom's House with Christina P. and Tom Segura

Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura are comedians who are also married. They are the Mommies and they welcome you to join them. Dental updates! Dudes! Stories! Wiping!

Stop (4/5)

Can we stop with the Tik Tok pieces

Dear Tom and Christina, (5/5)

Our next door neighbor is the spitting image of STEVIE (of the renowned documentary). In closing: he’s my father and asks we call him SNAKE 🐍🕯 🕯PEOPLE CHANGES🕯 -Les Couchon- 💄🐷🍒👠

Regular listener (4/5)

Great show overall. Although, I think I speak for a lot of people when I say that the RPC and TikTok obsession (obsession being an understatement) is a little weird and troubling. Other than that love the show.

One of the best podcasts out there (5/5)

Hilarious. These two can talk about a whole lot of nothing for hours and still keep me entertained.

Basic (1/5)

Tom (husband) is your average sociopath and Christina (wife) likes to make fun of tic tok and people who are experiencing intellectual disabilities for a laugh and money. I have to say it used to be a lot funnier and the inside joke humor was fantastic. Lately, it’s become very douché. If you find making fun of intellectually disabled people fun and like that sort of thing this is for you. I might check back in a few months after they get new material. I used to laugh my balls off. I hope Tim and Christine don’t have retarded kids.

10 ⭐️ (5/5)

Killing it Jeans!!

Try it out (5/5)

I’ve been into this podcast for a good while now. These jeans have stayed high and tight. Give the water champs the congrats they deserve, and rate and sub to this masterpiece!!

Big words (5/5)

These mommies are so ready for hardcore fun, I'm not sure which one of them is the podcast champ but I almost don't even care.

Mommy jeans 2020 (5/5)

This podcast is definitely for a very specific form of humor. If you get it, there’s never a dull moment with these 2. I am fortunate enough to be apart of that, what seems like, 1% who know comedy and can take a joke. Ya ta there haters.

Soowoo! (5/5)

Got my red jeans on, high and tight!

Awesome pod (5/5)

Really love this show. But, I will unsubscribe if you keep peddling CBD products.

You’re a great team (5/5)

You can clearly see the incels that hate Christina for no reason . You’re just mad because you’ll never be touched by a woman willingly you stupid dorks .

How is Tom so fat? (4/5)

I don’t understand how Tom is so fat with Christina constantly riding his coattails. The show is often funny when Tom is in control, but as soon as Christine starts screeching about how that’s not funny or stop I can’t take it, or her annoying fake laughing, or her signature mispronunciations of cities and other words, it’s apparent who the talented one in the family is. Here’s a would you rather. Would you rather listen to the show with Christine or would you rather bleed from your ears?

Tremendous (5/5)

So silly and so funny!

Christina stay home (1/5)

This podcast is half funny thanks to Tom. The wife is not funny at all and kills the show all the time. All she talks about is her dead mom and her dad abusing her or something. STOP with the Tik tok is not funny. One more fart mic joke and I’ll unsubscribe and just watch two bears one cave.

Hilarious (5/5)

Funny duo with great guests!

Why would anyone listen to a podcast of people watching video??? (1/5)

Ever heard of YouTube ya marOOns?

So good (5/5)

The dynamic these two have is awesome. Consistently hilarious.

High n tight (5/5)


Ep 67 (5/5)

The one about Stevie was epic!

Works wreck (5/5)

This podcast has suwu written all over it, nothin false about it.

Easily the best thing that’s happened to my life (5/5)

This show has given me something to live for atleast once a week. Piss on me beat me I’m home here now. You can have a lease and a key but I don’t want no Rec suwoo. Best 2.5 hours of my week. Charro and top dog are amazing. The support staff in the back absolutely losing it makes me smile. Josh potter is my spirit animal. Expect the being blind part. The guests are always the FGTRTD type. BIKES.

The best! (5/5)

Whenever I see a new episode has dropped I make brown in my drawers.

Greatness (5/5)

What a fun and entertaining setup for a podcast! Always loved good stand up, but apparently the audio can be just as hilarious as long as Christina and Tom are on air. Quality content with quality people. Thanks guys!

Terrible show (1/5)

The fart humor is old and dated, and the belching on camera is f’ng disgusting.

Where did my moms go?! (1/5)

What happened to Your Moms House?? Ever since you started spreading your juices all over town the podcast has been suffering. Put your jeans back on! High and tight not low and loose.

What happened to the mommies? (2/5)

Steady decline since the new studio. Every guest has told the story of their life on all other shows. No clips anymore and delayed episodes! Haven't laughed in months and no comedy it seems. Comedians talking about the comedian grind. What a hard life . Now I have to respectfully unsubscribe

Well it’s like listening to Joe Rogan (4/5)

Well listening to Christina and Leeann is like listening to someone try to podcast with Joe Rogan. When Leeann is Joe Rogan. Christina tries to be funny but Leeann is Naturally funny. Crazy thing is Christina is a comedian and Leeann is a Natural. Sorry Jean but Leeann made you sound annoying.

Do it (3/5)

Take your Uver’s!! On the so over October episode someone was banging the mic/getting pop feedback the whole time. Oh Jesus. Many of us listen on an earpiece/headphones and it became a thing. I’m assuming someone is running a board hearing this (i.e.producer) maybe next time they need to speak up or find someone that will.

Great chemistry (5/5)

Love these two. Belly laughs galore!

When I see new episode notifications (5/5)

I turn into a telescope

SooWoo if you bang this pod (5/5)

Suwoo ain’t no false bloods wanna work no rep, get at Tom fo ya mans he nice wit tha strap!

Love everything!! (5/5)

Love ymh and all the other podcast they have on their channel!!!! The first episode of Christina and liane’s podcast was great!

Mommies (5/5)

Scrum. Laughs. TikToks. Farts. Burps. Comedians. Love. Love. Love.

if you don't listen... (5/5)

to your moms house, you might be a tik-tok.

Black Try it out guy decoded (5/5)

Wassup up Mr.&Mrs.Genes I’ve been listening since late last year and mostly caught up with most episodes n insiders but I believe I have the Correct Threat From Mr.BigBlood‼️ I agree with Mrs.Genes he says “ Y’all *BigWord* don’t want no wreck* as in like you Mf’s don’t wanna get wrecked” Or it could Be *Rec* like the Rec yard in jails where most of the shenanigans go down aka gang brawls‼️ But that’s my take on it Keep them high n Tight and i believe your B-hole should only be this big 👌🏾...

Try it out (5/5)


Try it out. (5/5)

You just have to try it out.

Try it out (5/5)

Piss on me, beat me.

Great podcast (5/5)

I look forward to the show every week.

Try it out (5/5)

Good morning Julia. I just want you to know that It only took me foor thtrokes. tata fgtrtd

Piss on me and beat me more (5/5)

I think Christina can sit through a little nip play because we all have to deal with tik toks

Dude... (5/5)

I guess I’m a dinosaur when it comes to pod casts. I only recently started listening to them, and only because I have now been interviewed on 2 of them. As a fan of both Christina, and Toms comedy I’ve heard about your podcast but never made an effort to listen until now. Every year I travel to Pennsylvania from California for the most amazing camp for glass blowers (pipe makers) East Coast Melt. I have a lot of equipment and luggage to travel with for the event so I for the last 4 years drive rather than fly. Each way is about 2.5-3 days and with so many Your Moms House episodes available I figured it was time to dive in. Before pulling out of my driveway I plugged my phone in and went balls deep. From the second I left my house, your podcast was playing, until I pulled back into my driveway post trip. It may not be much to some but I put 6000 miles and 90 hours of drive time in on this trip with you guys as 100% of my travel entertainment. I owe you at minimum a thank you for the laughs and keeping me awake but would love to make and send you a custom your moms house glass pipe for the studio if you’re into it. Maybe your toking guests could use it or it could just be a nice shelf piece, or maybe even a fancy glass dildo to laugh at. Take a look at my glass work on Instagram and just message me there if you’d like to discus any preferences for the glass piece. Again. Thanks for all the laughs. You guys are pretty rad. Steve @StellerGlass @butt_ception

Home here now (5/5)

Home here now

Ta ta there Tic Toc? (5/5)

I’m a little concerned where the tic tocs went. My morning needs to start with a good tic toc to simplify my day. Did she find her sister down the mountain?

Best Podcast Ever (5/5)

Funniest couple in america. Love these guys

Jeans are too short. (5/5)

Jeans are too short. They need to be extra long, but also high and tight. You should not be able to wear shoes with the jeans.

Longer intro (5/5)

Needs a longer intro it’s wayyyyy too short

Funny show but (4/5)

the anti-bald advertisements are a put-off. The funniest people in comedy are bald! I only trust bald people. Why ya gotta be selling hair pills so brothers be looking like anti testosterone creeps?

Tik Tok h8rs to the left (5/5)

I can’t believe people don’t like Christina’s tik tok curations. MORE TIK TOK!!!

They should do an occasional live audience ! (5/5)


High and tight (5/5)

High and tight

Meh (1/5)

I used to be a big fan. Thought it was really funny. But for people that have children, they are so ignorantly pro-choice it’s ridiculous. Have fun advocating baby murder🤷‍♂️

Decent (3/5)

The interviews are good but the hour of trying to make YouTube clips funny is annoying. The little sound bites are terrible. And the fags in the background laughs at anything they say likes it’s the funniest thing ever.

Wow (5/5)

Wayyy downgrade..if your trying a new podcast don’t pick this one

My jeans were so low and loose... (5/5)

I had denimtis for years. Thanks to YMH I am on the road to recovery. I was going to die of low and loose jeans. Thanks for making mine high and tight again. You’ve saved lives.

Repeats the same clips every episode (has become repetitive) (3/5)

Used to be one of my favorite podcasts but recently my interest has been waning. All they do now is have guests on and play the same 5 clips of them making fun of retarded people to see how their guest responds. As of now, this podcast has become a weekly pass for me... unless they have a good comedian guest then I may listen to see how they react to the same 5 clips

Tik Tok (5/5)

Stop with the TIK TOK please!!!

Uhhg (1/5)

Good lord, what is happening to this palmcast?!

Are you guys Scientologist?? (5/5)

What’s the deal man?

What happened??! (1/5)

This was my favorite podcast and I keep trying give them the benefit of doubt and it seems every week it keeps going down. Tom and Christina’s chemistry is no where and the guest have been horrible. I’m ready to unsubscribe.

Have you ever wondered (5/5)

Love this podcast been a fan for years every episode is hilarious except the Grant Cardone one not sure if that was a troll or what but why would YMH fans want to hear that jackass for an hour?

What happened? (3/5)

This used to be my absolute favorite podcast. I looked forward to listening every Wednesday but since they moved into the new studio this is just another interview pod. Everything that made this show great is gone now

Longer Intro Song (5/5)

Great show, I just wish the intro was longer

LOLs for days (5/5)

They are the best. Bert is fat and Tom’s mom can fart like no other.

Funny but... (4/5)

The burping and the long ads out of nowhere are V annoying

Laughing for days (5/5)

This podcast is great. When are you going to have Brandt Tobler on again?

Try it out (5/5)

Try it out.

Nipples (5/5)

Does this shirt make my nipples look huge?

I’m a tik tok (5/5)

I love everything about this show I learn so much hearing the tik toks it makes my imagination roar wondering who those scholars are. Only thing i complain about is I wish there was a warning before the show on how much brown/white/yellow I make while listening to the pod. All fans should get a free MeUndies subscription.

I have abs now (5/5)

Laughing at this podcast until I’m crying, and then suffocating is a common occurrence. Luckily all the muscle tearing had given me washboard abs. Thanks Tom and Christina!

luckyihavenothingbettertodo (5/5)

every time these two have any kind of music involved i tell myself im gonna unsubscribe

Love (5/5)

Love this pomcast. Only wish we could get more of Mommy Tina’s curations from Tic Tok. Also would appreciate a longer intro 🤷🏼‍♀️

try it out (5/5)

despite the obnoxiously brief intro song this is a great podcast. better on YouTube, but still a worthy listen. try it out.

Amaze (5/5)

Absolutely love this podcast, Tim and Kierstena are so freaking hilarious! This show definitely helps me get through the work week but the tic toks need to stop!

Drop tik tok (5/5)

Get rid of this. It brings the quality down.

Ridiculous (5/5)

Please please make the tic toks stop sooo dumb if I had hair I would pull it out

Annoying guy in background laughing at inside jokes (2/5)

Some funny moments but full of inside jokes with some annoying producer or whatever constantly laughing in the background.

Umm (1/5)

I tried my hardest to sit through a podcast, and the first 10 minutes was a combination of ads and a very Caucasian and very awkward, and I’m assuming fake argument to try and get laughs. I couldn’t even listen to this podcast in the background while cleaning it’s just so boring.

Disappointed (1/5)

Been listening for awhile. This a vlog not a podcast. I can’t follow 90% what is going on unless I’m on YouTube. You have been around awhile and progressed but this has continually frustrated me. I sit on 12-15 hour flights excited to listen to jeans and I can’t get any of the jokes because you rely entirely on media. Rethink your platform

Good (4/5)

Two bears is better,lets get one a week


A great in depth investigation into the savage life of Garth Brooks and all the murders of innocent women he has committed. Best podcast of all time.

Mmhmm (5/5)

This is my long work trip podcast. Both are funny and the guests are great.

Tom being rude to Christina P in 509 (4/5)

Tom was so rude to his wife in 509 it really made me uncomfortable. He could have at least had a little fun with his wife while going over her Tiktoks. Felt bad for Christina. Anyways I’m a mommy I just didn’t have a good time this episode :/

Jeans up! (5/5)

My jeans were low and loose before I found Tom and Christina, thanks for helping me keep them high and tight for years.

Todd coughing (5/5)

I’d give them six stars but Todd can’t seem to wrap his head around the fact that he should leave the room if he is going to cough. Unreal.

Intro (5/5)

you are tick touched if you dont want a 12 minute intro. Piss on me beat me longer intro please

This podcast is like Mary Poppins for yard work (5/5)

Try it out!

No tik Tok (5/5)

I’d rather drink my own piss than listen to anymore tik tok clips.

Do you ever wonder if you’re retarded? (5/5)

Well... you are! Subscribe now and you’ll find out why.

intro (4/5)

longer intro would get 5 stars

Go back a year (3/5)

This was easily my favorite podcast for years. Been on the decline since Josh Potter, the new studio, and especially TikTok. Unsubscribed after Alyssa Milano episode. Why did you ruin a great thing?

Try it out. (5/5)

How come the intro is so short? Piss on me, beat me. Jeans up.

Great show, better intro (5/5)

The show is great but I mostly listen for the intro. Please make the intro AT LEAST 10 minutes longer. Try it out.

Hoeamanout (5/5)

Sexually adventurous tips, Ceiling fans galore, both high and tight, try it out

To the Mommies (5/5)

Great show. Only complaint I have is is the intro seems oddly short.

Ads (5/5)

I see too many complaints about the ads, there is a fast forward button. Best podcast out there.

Ruined (1/5)

Alyssa milano seriously? Unsubscribed

I took 12 Benadryl (5/5)

This podcast only took me 4 strokes.

Oh no (5/5)

Have we gone to the nut bag left for guests now?

Usually awesome (1/5)

Was looking forward to a new episode only to find that they had that whack job chick from who's the boss on. 👎🏻

Best. Podcast. Hands. Down. (5/5)

This show is the best. Love listening to these mommy’s every week. Keep it up!

She Steals jokes (1/5)

She steals jokes and no one talks about it and JRE keeps saying she is so funny but she is not boooo don’t listen

El Oh El (5/5)

I live for the guy laughing in the background.

Killer podcast (5/5)

Keep up the good work.

Library blocked my password (5/5)

Love this podcast! I would have rated and wrote a review sooner but the library blocked my password, now does that make any sense to you?

Helpful advice for those loosing their job (5/5)

Guys if you’re on the verge of becoming jobless or have already lost your jobs buy vitamins trust me guys it will help you in the long run

Not as funny as before (1/5)

I’ve listened since day 1 and now they have the employees do all the work so there’s a disconnect with the content and it’s not nearly as funny.

Poor quality, hard to listen to, needlessly long (1/5)

I usually enjoy Tom Segura but I’m currently stuck listening to this on a road trip and I can’t imagine ever voluntarily listening to this podcast again.

Try It Out (5/5)

This podcast is very high and very tight. I tried it out a while ago and now I can come in 4 strokes, without taking 10-12 Benadryl. You’ll see a lot of cool guys on this podcast so try it out.

Sawoo sawoo (5/5)

Piss on me beat me I’m home here now

You might be a tiktok (5/5)

If you think you like this your tiktouched

I subscribed to RPC (5/5)

He post like 20 videos a day lol

You are The best (5/5)

Piss on me.... beat me!!!!

Ur tik toked if you don’t like dis pomcast (5/5)

Jeans up

we want more tiktok (5/5)

more tiktok

Tik tok (5/5)

The people want more tik tok AND more intro.

Good podcast. (5/5)


Keep em high and tight. (5/5)

Wish the intro was 12 mins longer

Hitler (5/5)

Hitler is a Gemini.

Your Mom’s House (5/5)

Try it out. Intro could be longer, but these tik toks know how to party.

Give the people what they want (5/5)

High and tight content and very tik-touched guests. However needs a longer intro.

Love it. But. (4/5)

Christina is easily the worst part of the show.

No more tik tok (1/5)

Tik tok has ruined this once great show! I’m considering unsubscribing, but maybe I’ll just skip a couple episodes this tik tok nonsense dies down. Also get rid of the fart mic and make the intro atleast 20 minutes long.

Thanks mommy (5/5)

Podcast is fine, needs a longer intro though

Subscribe, you’ll thank me when you’re high n tight (5/5)

These Jeans are the real deal. I started out as a big fan of Bill Burr’s MM podcast and eventually found this beautiful gem. YMH has given me so much joy over the past few years, I had to give them this review. If you’re hesitant, just do yourself a favor - subscribe, listen, and watch. You’ll be unable to resist being a diehard fan. Shout out to McDonald’s for realizing they messed up & wanting to be apart of the 4-strokes gang. Love you two. Xx

Thanks mommy (5/5)

It hurts my heart that they don’t have all 5 star reviews. Love you guys.

Amazing podcast (5/5)

Might as well try it out

This is a fantastic podcast in so many ways. (5/5)

I was slow to hop onto this podcast despite hearing Ryan on YMH several times. After listening to his “new” standup albums, I gave it a chance and am very pleased. Besides being hilarious, it is therapeutic. So well balanced and Sickler is a phenomenal host. Y’all need to be listening to The Honeydew if you’re not. Try it out.

👖 (5/5)

The funniest podcast ever!

Intro (5/5)

Love the podcast. Could use a longer into

Love this! (5/5)

Listen habitually at work using my headphones. Last month we had a new “no headphones” policy. Listened to the last episode using my Bluetooth speaker. This week we have a new policy “ no radios allowed” thanks guys!

Go back about a year (2/5)

This show was funnier before Tom and Christina started acting like morning radio hosts. I always liked how naturally funny they were but now they put on these fake enthusiastic voices the entire show almost as if they were reading ads for 2 hours. They’ve also gotten an almost “holier than thou” attitude toward any differing view point from their own that started mildly funny and has since grown annoying.

Try it out (5/5)

Cool show but there’s barely any intro

Disappointing (1/5)

Are you and Bert having a competition to see how many ads you can cram into one podcast I really wish joe would stop telling you guys to make podcast that cant compete or even come close

Favorite podcast (5/5)

Wish this podcast was on more than once a week. Can’t get enough.

Tim Allen (5/5)

Longer intros with more Tim Allen please

Great interviews! (5/5)

As a life long hip hop fan, the DMC interview was amazing.

Love it (5/5)

Love the podcast... but in all seriousness, who is the guy losing his mind in the background. The podcast is hilarious but I cannot stand the homeboy in the back howling at the content. Oh and by the way... more intro music. I’m talking like an hour of intro before any content is shared. 💎😂💝💯🤠🤯🍀🤜🏼🤩

Intro longer (5/5)

Make intro longer, needs more Tim Allen too

Great podcast (5/5)

Great pod. More josh!

It’s not sexual, it’s just a lifestyle (5/5)

This podcast gave me not only a community, but gave me my life back. I used to be so afraid of who I was, but now I know. I AM A MOMMY. We dress up in latex costumes of Tom and Christina and pretend to be the main Mommies T-buns and Christine. It’s not sexual, all we do is dress up in full body latex costumes and meet up in groups of other like minded people. Basil nothing sexual. It feels so freeing to finally come out as a Mommy, I can’t wait to hear so many more amazing podcast from these two.

If you miss the old show (1/5)

Go listen to Cumtown. It’s a much funnier podcast with hosts that haven’t resorted to using a sound board to say words they’re too scared to say.

Intro (5/5)

The intro could use more Tim Allen.

Try it out (5/5)

If you like jeans and you like moms, take 10 or 12 Benadryl and try it out! Guaranteed to only take four strokes. Keep em high and tight.

Thought you guys were cool (2/5)

Tom is getting to be a real diva. Jumping on the Theo Von wave.

Ads (1/5)

My ADD kicked in before I could even get to the actual podcast- 10 mins of ad to start the program I’m out

Pomcast Champs (5/5)

Intro song could be longer. Christine could drink more water. Besides that, YMH is the best. Keep it high and tight.

Give the people what they want (5/5)

I only wish the intro was at least 47 minutes.

Try it out (5/5)

A lovely collection of misadventures of truly cool people. If you want some wishes granted time to get some rub rub rubbing, and push past those neuropathy issues to come on down for some moose soupy goodness in just four strokes. Try it out

Intro champ (5/5)

The best intro in the biz. Rub rub rub

Great show! (5/5)

I just wish the intro was longer. Try it out, Christina, you might like it!

Ok but not as funny as I thought it would be (3/5)

Too many inside jokes as a new listener it was boring.

Tom is the Fan champ/ Longer intro (5/5)

Tom thank you for being not only the Water Champ but The People’s Champ. The people smell what you’re cooking and Christina I’m sad to say is Being a Bad Mommy wearing some low and loose Jeans. Smh Chris P SHAKE MY HEAD. #10minIntro P.S. We want a ten min intro not a fart mic 🎤👋🏻 Thank you again Tom “our main mommy with the highest and tightest jeans” for fighting for the fans! *takes bite of McNuggets

Hesitated to give this podcast a 5 because of the intro (5/5)

I love this podcast but I wish the intro was longer. Normally I don’t care about the length on other podcasts but this intro is very well made. It’s like elevator music. I like elevators. Please make it longer. Please. Make it longer

You should try it out (5/5)

Hands down best pod cast out there. If you don’t laugh your clearly not a personality champ.

Why is the intro song so short? (5/5)

Really disappointed, we want a longer intro. Add all the cool guys from the show into it. All of them.

Tom is the fan champ (5/5)

Tommy Bunz is by an far the fan champ.

Intro too short (5/5)

Love the show but the intro should be way longer

All Intro Episode (5/5)


Longer intro (5/5)

This show would be better with a half hour into song

Intro should be longer (5/5)

Much longer

The only thing I want (5/5)

Is a longer intro please Tom. Kill your wife for ever cutting off that intro

Trump occupies so much space in their head (1/5)

Insert trump being orange joke here.

Good but tough to listen to (3/5)

Lots of internet clips they try to describe to you, lots of pooping topics and farts. Often have to skip through completely unlistenable parts of the podcast because they go into a 6 minute talk about pooping and farting or 3 minutes of trying to describe an internet clip through a podcast platform. It seem like they should just do 2 separate shows one for YouTube then one for the podcast. Also the ads are waaaaaaaay too long. I’d rather listen to the intro song for 12 minutes in the beginning than the 10 minutes of ads. Piss on me beat me

Jeans up! Wipe down! (5/5)

Mommy buns and mommy chrisjeana provide the best lessons and insight into life and better living. On par with Plato and Aristotle their philosophy’s impact on the the mommyverse can be glassed from jeans to Top Dog’s khakis.

Sellout (5/5)

Long time fan, new studio is when quality started to go away. The amount of advertising before and during is ridiculous. Now being Re sponsored by McDonald’s it’s all down hill from here. I will no longer be trying it out. Sad

Paul Robert Champagne is my Father (5/5)

It’s all an act.

Mommy eyes only (5/5)

Such a great show, glad they partnered with McDonalds and made the 2.3 mil. Kind of hard to focus due to literally no intro, but otherwise content is incredible. If I had a nickel for every time I thought, “This intro is dope”, I wouldn’t have many nickels. This is due to the fact that the length of the intro is pretty much non-existent. They could probably put RPCh clips in the new intro, maybe a couple Joey Diaz quotes, absolutely no Joe Rogan at all - nobody likes that guy. Very unpopular, very rude, very strong. Joe Rogan is also funny. I do not want a short intro at all.

Bluebird (5/5)

Where can I listen to old episodes? Love the pomcast, piss on me beat me

Way longer intro (5/5)

I would like a 20 minute intro please!

Intro? (5/5)

Almost gave this a 4 star rating because the intro song is so short.

Theo gate closed (5/5)


I demand a longer intro (5/5)

I came here to enjoy myself and have a few laughs but the intro is just so short that I just couldn’t get into the mood.

GET IN THERE!!!!!!!!! (5/5)


Longer intro please. (5/5)

15 minute intro!!!

Intro (5/5)

Tim, Christine the intro is to short. Please extended Thanks Mommies

#1 Podcast (5/5)

My favorite podcast by far and it’s not even close.

Thanks Jeans (5/5)

For everything. You brighten my little mommy heart with every episode.

Use to be a lot better (3/5)

I use to LOVE YMH. Now it is all Advertising for a good portion of the show. I still love them, just not where it use to be...

Not as good as it used to be (1/5)

Ever since they got the new studio I don’t know what it is but it’s just not the same. It feels like they’re trying too hard and it’s just not funny anymore.

Address it (5/5)

Would be so much more enjoyable if they would just #AddressTheogate already

What you will hear (5/5)

This could be, the greatest thing I’ve ever heard... and I’ve had a double pipe classic today. If you feel like you’re living a 2-stroke life, and you want an upgrade? Well this podcast can give you an introduction into the 4 stroke gang, where you can rub-rub-rub your way to the OS club. Take it eaze.

Almost perfect. (4/5)

The intro in just about 45 min short for my taste. Once that’s fixed then it’s 5 stars.

Intro (5/5)

Good morning Gloria, this show makes me come in 4 strokes. Just wish the intro was longer.


Theme songs the best theme song ever

Amaze (5/5)

Hardcore fun every week! Keepin it OS with Tina the Water Champ Tim the serial killer

504!!! Thank you YMH! (5/5)

Tigerbelly has opened an cornucopia of comedians and podcast which I absolutely love. And YMH is another beautiful and hilariously funny podcast. Thank you YMH for having my King and Queen on your show. Btw! When Tom said he would break Bobby’s arm if he broke mic stand arm. I’m pretty sure Tom meant it! And I think Bobby did too. The YouTube video of this episode is so wonderful. I’m pretty sure Bobby would’ve been okay if Tom broke his arm. Because he did warn him! Tom and Christina! You’re the best! Nostros papaya! Forever!

LOVE it! (5/5)

You guys are one of my comfort podcasts that get me through my work day! I’ve been a fan of Christina’s forever! My husband and I love all of Tom and Christina’s stand up specials! And Josh, I live in Buffalo, NY!

Intro Intro Intro (5/5)

I would be really nice if the intro was at least twice as long. I am waiting everyday for you to put out the intro episode that would be presented by the cool guys of McDonald’s.

Theo is amaze! (5/5)

I’m so very sorry for you guys’ loss. Theo brought joy to all of us. Thanks for sharing him with us.

Highest and tightest (5/5)

Intro definitely needs to be longer but also needs to feature a section dedicated to Christine and her H2O skills

Best show (5/5)

The show is amazing just wish the into was longer

504 (5/5)

Why is #504 unable to play?

Into (5/5)

I wish the into was longer!

Longer Intro Please (5/5)

The intro needs to be a little longer. Getting right into things after the brief 25 minute current intro is just way to quick

Where’s the longer intro? (5/5)

My main mommy Tommy said we would get the hour shi* , what gives blue ban?!

Beat me (5/5)

Yo flat out if you don’t have at least an hour intro soon I’m going down to 4 stars. Keep it high and tight, toms the water champ and Christina is a snitch. Love you hitlers

You guys are doing good! (5/5)

Ever since listening to this podcast, I have no neuropathy issues at all.

Burnt Crunchler is racist (4/5)

shoutout to the Rat King, Try it out

YMH (5/5)

9.9/10 - if only the intro was longer.....

Intro episode (5/5)

I love YMH it’s a lot of hardcore fun and I love that they lengthened the intro music. Just wish they’d release the hour long intro music episode.. impatiently waiting. ✈️

Way too many commercials (2/5)

Tom and Christina are hilarious but this podcast has a 10 minute intro of commercials, and then mid podcast commercial reads (yes plural) as well. They joke about the intro music being too long but that’s not what’s long. It’s almost unbearable and the only time I listen to this podcast is when I have listened to all my other podcasts. It’s borderline disrespectful the amount of commercials they have.

T.Branch's Rhyme Review - Try it Out (5/5)

Sit back, relax, Your Mom's House is packin', a pomcast with FGTRTD magic. Whose blastin' out that massive fart? It's Tom's mom, making Insta-art. Jeans, keep 'em high and tight, you know that's right or get your life. Your doing good! Come over for moose soup! Keep the door closed when your taking a poop. From just glassin' to always laughin'... Your Mom's House Podcast is a double-pipe classic. T.Branch

Good but there is one thing (5/5)

Great podcast but the theme song isn’t long enough!!

Gotta thicken up that hot intro (5/5)

Show is usually pretty high and tight, but that intro is gonna have double in length ATLEAST if I’m gonna make it through the day.

Finally fixed the intro! (5/5)

Long time fan, but was always annoyed by the short intro so I’m super delighted Still about half as long as I want tho P!$$ on me Be@t me

Longer intro please (5/5)

The mommies don’t play the intro long enough.

Josh owes you his life (5/5)

The saga of Josh’s ultimate release has made this podcast appointment listening.

Best podcast (5/5)

I love YMH, keep it high and tight.

Love the pomcast (5/5)

Love the pomcast so much but....WHY IS THE INTRO SO SHORT!?

5 star intro (5/5)

With and intro that long I wish I could give it 10 stars.

meh (3/5)

used be hilarious and fresh. but for the last few years i guess they have just be berating their listeners with the same content over and over. also it amazes me how they can constantly upgrade studios but have worse audio. turn your output volume up. 40inutes of ads upfront with a few jokes mixed in isnt good content. if the intro music gets any longer im out. just came back from a year off because of the piss on me beat me guy being the focus of every single episode for over a year.

Intro? (5/5)

Whats with the short intro...

The intro is an all time great !!! (5/5)

This hilarious time will be had by all! Christina and Toms banter back and forth will keep you rolling through out the day! The only issue is the intro needs to be a minimum of 7-10 min long because it’s a banger

R-worded (5/5)

I guess it’s an OK podcast I just wish the intro music went on a bit longer. Feels a little lacking...

Thank you sooo much. (5/5)

I’m so glad the intro is finally longer. Great show.

Great Podcast (5/5)

Such a great show!

Theogate!!! (5/5)

Stop hating Tom! Bring on the rat king!

Done fell off (1/5)

They just fell off , used to be good but now they are just phoning it in , Tom is too full of himself due to his increased success as a stand-up, which will subside unless he changes, getting less funnies each Tour..They think they are being funnier than they actually are, so brittle they have to have everyone laugh in the background like they just told the Greatest Joke ever n CHRISTINA is supposed to be a professional comedian yet she does the same things kindergarteners would do & that is Fart into a mic & become obsessed with her “Fart Mic”, sure Farts are Funny but any1 can do it better than her cuz farts are funny except hers cuz they just sound deflated, & like she is trying too hard, at best she got Cat Farts which are so weak ..poof(in a whisper low voice)

Fart Microphone (5/5)

So much hardcore fun! Keep it up Mt. Psycopath, and the WATER CHAMP(Kristy Patshitskeys)!!!!! 🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊

3 min of BS... (2/5)

After 4 min of advertising and no show in sight, I turned this crap off.

Simply Glassin’! (5/5)

Tim and Crystal, aka the Double Pipe Classic, are fantastic. A must listen.

Here’s the deal man... (5/5)

Always funny, always enjoyable. Try it out

Hey hitler! 🤪 (5/5)

I have come to the conclusion that if you don’t like this so you take yourself way too seriously. And if I just described you are you never listen to it before try it out!! Keep em high and tight mommies

Need longer into for my tic tok (5/5)

This podcast is amazing I just feel that mommy’s need a longer intro so we can use it in our tic tok videos I always start to jam to it but four strokes in its over love you guys

Try it out!!!! (5/5)

My jeans used to be low and loose...that was before I married my mom. Any cool guys out there just glassing for a solid pod...try it out!!

10-12 Benadryl (5/5)

When are they going to Dark Brookes on the palm cast? Is he too busy hiding all the bodies under the stadiums? I feel a conspiracy with him and Robert Paul Shampeg...

Can I ask you a funny question? (5/5)

Here’s the deal man, this pomcast keeps the jeans high and tight. I just wish the intro was 10-12 minutes longer than it already is.

Ride. Or. Die. (5/5)

If you don’t like this podcast, you’re definitely the problem. The mommies keep their jeans high and tight, and you don’t. Try it out.

I like that. (5/5)

Christina is the water champ.

Hi Julia (5/5)

Episode 500 is by far the best I have ever heard. And Robert Paul Champagne will forever be memorialized by Brendon Urie. Keep it high and TIGHT!

5 star content 2 star COMERCIAL FILLED podcast (3/5)

The amount of adds the mommies have added in the past 8 months makes me sad and feel like they’re selling out. I’m a mommy for life but man it’s disappointing

Try it out (5/5)

The girl’s a snitch though.

Mommy time (5/5)

Mommy up mommy down mommy all da way da fawk around!

Great show (5/5)

Imagine being so entitled that you complain about the ads on a free podcast. People who do that are low and loose. Definitely not real mommies.

Laugh out loud funny (5/5)

I look forward to listening to these two every week. This is one of the most entertaining podcasts out there, never a dull moment. Love it!

Show is getting stale. Reminds me over what happened to the Stern show (1/5)

Too many ads. Christina uses the same jokes every episode. Hey did you know she’s in therapy, everyone foreign is her “tribe”, and she gets gross out at everything? You prob do because she mentions it every episode

Stop the ads in the middle of the show (5/5)

Nothing is more annoying than ads in the middle of the show and quip. I ain’t buying anything advertised in the middle of a show.

Ads (1/5)

Too many commercials. Bye

3 hours? (1/5)

I am looking for a new podcast, three hours?

Sad decline (1/5)

I used to love this show but now it is most commercials with two boring interviews at the end. Hey Tim and Chrystal? No one listening to your show wants to hear about Hollywood or its inner workings. Bring back more videos, 86 the idiot industry guests.

Missing my moms for reals. (2/5)

This show has really gone downhill in the last few months. They seem like they’re getting way too into the whole Hollywood thing and they just don’t relate anymore. The guests are mostly good but the show just isn’t what it used to be.

Yeesh (5/5)

Love you two, let’s go easy on the female guests. Yikes.

Great Pod! (4/5)

This podcast and the 'Filter Free Amerika' podcast are my two favorites!

Yes!!!! (5/5)

So many different aspects of funny.

Greatest podcast there will ever be (5/5)

The title says enough. Try it out.

Love it (5/5)

Good comedy, fun to listen to.

Downhill (1/5)

The show is getting worse. The jokes feel forced- the guys in the background laughing constantly make it feel like a tacky sitcom.

you use the R word! (5/5)

hardcore fun

Luster Lost (3/5)

Used to be a really funny podcast, now it seems to be all about Tom Segura making money. Multiple interviews where Tom asks guests how to make more money from our attention. Got really weird after a new studio purchase which seems to take a lot of the comedian’s podcasts down. Disappointing.

Best Podcast Ever - Calling Corporate Sponsors (5/5)

I trust Tom and Christina, and the products they recommend (I’m talking to you, Saatva Luxury Mattress). It’s a shame they don’t have more corporate sponsors. You’d think more businesses would look at YMH as an avenue to tap into the LARGE market of Americans who enjoy unabashed humor. (Proof that corporate america keeps their jeans low and loose.)

Keep those jeans high and tight (5/5)



I’m home here now.

Scott Thompson 💛 (5/5)

Enjoyed listening, most of the time. When I saw THE Scott Thompson was featured, it is a MUST listen. Endearingly candid, sagacious and funny. Thank you.

Try it out (5/5)

I love this show and look forward to it every week for years now Their other shows are great too try it out


Midroll ads ruin the flow of podcasts. Please keep them to the beginning or end of the show. You lost a longtime listener. I hope the money makes it worthwhile. Bye.

Amaze (5/5)

I really love this show. Tom and Christina’s dynamic is great, and the guests are always interesting. Makes the middle of my week exponentially better.

Less guests please! (1/5)

This show is turning into JRE2. We don’t want to hear about life on the road every single week please!!!

Theogate (1/5)

Tom seems super insecure about Theo Von. If you listen, you should know about Theogate. Don’t get me wrong, Tom’s stand up is top notch, but this podcast is the same old, same old every time.

I still listen, but... (4/5)

I still listen, but only because I got into it 2 years ago. Then, it was 5 stars easy with the fun loving hijinks, inside jokes, and general bathroom humor. Now, i'm just chasing that old high with little snippets of satisfaction in between the insufferable group of Potter, Redban and co. who unfortunately are a part of the new low, and dare I say loose pomcast. I know other mommies are with me on wanting the old way back, until then i'm just glassin' for something better.

High and tight (4/5)

I love this pomcast. It used to be so much better tho... playing funny clips and the laughter made me laugh. I love the guests, and the stories the guests tell are great as is the conversation, but I’d love more clips again and also please bring back Top Dog. The time they called Top Dog and told him dad jokes was probably my favorite ever. PS- Am I the only one who doesn’t find Christina funny? Tom needs a new co host.

Give the mommies what they want (4/5)

Love you guys but maybe tone down the marital annoyances. Let’s keep it professional. Clips and farts over “head scratchies!” I’d like that.

That monkey (5/5)

Joey Diaz had me and the jeans howling!

Ep 494 (5/5)

This is the greatest episode to date.

What Happened? (2/5)

the first 32 minutes are commercials and everytime a slight joke is made someone in the background loses their mind laughing. a little overkill on both.

It took a turn... (2/5)

Since the new studio happened, meh. They have a more interview-based format now. Us cube monkeys hear that on every other podcast. I miss the clips and calls to Top Dog.

Hard Rock Nick disapproves of 1 Star Momos (5/5)

Love the show, but can't stand when Burnt Crisper is on the show. It's like an orangutan with less brain function. Blimp Chrysler needs some serious help

Brown Town (5/5)

This show is awesome. Takes me to Brown Town every time.

High and Tight (5/5)

Best Podcast 👖

Too long (3/5)

Would give five stars but they are just way too long.

Try It Out! (5/5)

Great pomcast. They keep their jeans high and tight in Studio Jeans. Christina is a real personality champ and really knows how to stay hydrated. Thanks Jeans!

Hi mommy (5/5)

Thanks jeans

Medio medio (4/5)

Sometimes the podcast is a 5 and sometimes it’s meh.

Sorry mommy (5/5)

Didn’t realize I didn’t leave you a review yet. Thanks for keeping me entertained in China. Really feel like I’ve still got my finger on the pulse of the nation because of u.

❤️ (5/5)

I love my mommies

Hi mommy!! (5/5)

Thanks Jeans ❤️

Ehh (3/5)


Literally the opposite of cancer (5/5)

If laughter is the best way to heal then your moms house is your first and only stop love you guys so much keep them jeans high and tight

Try it out 👍🏻 (5/5)

I love you jeans 👖

Four Stroke Club (5/5)

Piss on me. Beat me. Try it out, Julia. Keep it high and tight if you want that moose soup. The water champ and tour bus champ deliver great pomcast every week.

Freeeeeeeeeee (5/5)

Episodes 1-44 Thank you, Brian Redbane. Episode 45-present Scroll backwards on Pandora or Spotify.

the farts (5/5)

good farts

Funniest podcast there is. (5/5)

That’s all I can say. The title speaks for itself. Try it out.

Fuckimg funny bro (5/5)

Hard rock nick for life !!!!

Bart Crystals is fat (5/5)

Bort Chortle might be fat, but Tom is THICC

Hey, Hitlers! (5/5)

I heard some guy named Todd is giving out blow jobs for a five star rating.. So yeah.. <3 you Mommies. - Cool Guy.

Good morning Julia (5/5)

So so so so so so so good.

Try it out! (5/5)

Quite possibly the funnies podcast of all time!

Amazing (5/5)

Hilarious, the banter between these two is priceless

Volume (5/5)

Tom and Christina, absolutely love the podcast. I listen to podcasts through my headphones at work where I am using/around a lot of loud machinery. I noticed that when I can put JRE on full volume and hear everything clearly over all the noise pollution but YMH is inaudible. I am sure this is a specific circumstance that not many people face and i am certainly not an audio engineer but if there’s any way that you can somehow turn up the mic volume or something? Thanks


Go back as far as you can and start listening. There are a lot of inside jokes and you’ll enjoy knowing the references. This is one of the best podcasts in the world. Take it all in and enjoy.

Hardcore Fun (1/5)

Try it out.

One of my favorite podcasts (5/5)

Tom and Christina are amazing! You have to listen to a few episodes to understand the inside jokes and know who the cool guys are but once you’re a mommy you gotta keep those jeans high and tight...try it out!

Mommies are the best (5/5)

Hilarious Pomcast way funnier than Brudf Crooples

Should be called Your Mom’s Face (5/5)

Then they could say to all of their guests, “thanks for coming on your moms face.”

Guests (5/5)

Put Spears on! Love you guys

Funniest podcast there is. (5/5)

Literally the funniest podcast that exists. Also the most informative, ever. You will learn how to laugh, you will learn how to love, you will learn Christina is not a ride or die. Try it out. Love you Tom, MUAH!

Yo know what I’m saying (5/5)

Try it out listen to it while eating They need to bring back tom or black

Mommy Jeans (5/5)

Good morning mommies! I love that they keep their jeans high and tight. I love listening to the mommies every week! Christina is the water champ! #bertisfat Thanks for making my week, every week! Definitely try it out...

Love this podcast! (5/5)

Learned about it from Bert! Now I love Toms podcast and comedy shows!! So funny. Also love Christina and her special! She’s hilarious. Adds a great balance.

High and Tight 👖 (5/5)

Try it out

Makes me LOL when I’m alone (5/5)

This show is the funniest show. Poo poo pee pee jokes, dives into some parts of society that would otherwise stay lurking in the dark corners of the world, but Todd and Kirsty do their damndest to make sure the people know all the coolest guys! Highly recommend. For the misphonic: somehow, even though they burp and fart and eat and drink all over their mic, it doesn’t bother me. I’ve screamed and thrown my ear buds across the room listening to WWII podcasts because some veteran clears his throat one time (I suffer from extreme misphonia and cannot stand incidental mouth noise even the slightest) but for some reason I’m fine with Tim and Kaleigh’s gross noises. So you may be too!

Favorite podcast (5/5)

I’m home here now McDonald’s try it out if you have a steak house you should sponsor the mommies. Garth seriously where are you hiding the bodies? Favorite Podcast FIVE STARS

G'Mornin Julia (5/5)

Lemme build you a house.

The best (5/5)


The highest and tightest pomcast (5/5)

This pomcast is emaculate and should be 5 stars across the board. If you've never listened... Try it out. The mommies will make you laugh, cry, poo, pee and throw up from laughter. Mommy Tom will even blow you if you like it enough to leave a review. Love you, Jean

Extra hight extra tight! (5/5)

Easily the best part of my week. Love you jeans!!!

It’s great (5/5)

But they don’t have internet

Big FAN (5/5)

This podcast is high and tight! The mommies always take it full trottle. Only for the coolest of guys, members of the cool guy club recommended. The mommies also think it’s neat if you’re done in four strokes. Good idea to listen while wearing jeans.

Great Silly podcast (5/5)

They’re the best

Thanks jeans (5/5)

This cool guy doesn’t have the STANima to laugh this hard.

Makes Tuesday an event (5/5)

Honestly I got into this podcast by way of Rogan. Now it has surpassed Rogan as my favorite podcast. Todd and Christine never fail to make me laugh and inform me about the dangers of racists such as Brent Crystals.

Cool guy club (5/5)

I joined the cool guy club by subscribing to, rating, and reviewing this podcast. Go full trottle and try it out.

YMH review (5/5)

I used to wear my jeans low and loose before listening to this podcast but I’m glad to say that know I can wear them high and tight. I’m no longer afraid of making brown and I know I’m not alone in my no-washcloth-lifestyle.

Jeans Up (5/5)

Fantastic podcast by two fantastic comics.

Congratulations (1/5)

You made it to 40 ads per episode!

Favorite Podcast (5/5)

Ted and Kristin are very funny, if you’re not a listener you should try it out

Tom would be better off without co-host wife (1/5)

She really drains all the funny from this podcast. I really don’t find her funny at all.

Meh... (1/5)

I really wanted to enjoy this podcast...after getting thru the first 30 minutes all made up of ads the babbling never got any better.

Best Pomcast to glass (5/5)

Try it out, you can even move in and get a lease and a key!

Review (5/5)

High and tight

Fart mic (5/5)

Why? Because. That's why.

Absolute favorite jeans. (5/5)

This is by far my absolute favorite podcast ever. Tod and Christine are incredible talented and absolutely hysterical to listen to. It’s impossible to not laugh listening to these 2. They know how to keep their jeans high and tight. If you haven’t checked out this podcast yet, try it out.

Great podcast (5/5)

I’m new to listening to YMH, but I am so glad that I have found this podcast. These two are very funny, and the guests they have on their show are great as well. I like how they can just talk about whatever they want, it is so great not having to listen to bleeps or them having to tone down their content. I will say though, it is a lot more fun to watch their videos on YouTube. I feel like you miss out on some things cause your missing the visual. But other then that love these two!!!!!

Annoying (1/5)

Trash podcast with ridiculous amount of commercials at start. Comedians? No. Generic unoriginal self righteous ego driven trash units.

Mommies unite. (5/5)

I’m a mommy. You’re a mommy. Tom is the water champ. Let’s have hardcore fun.

The Best. (5/5)


Wednesday is my favorite day. (5/5)

Look forward to new episodes every week. Can’t sleep on Tuesday. Love love love. Rub rub rub.

👎🏻 (2/5)

Segura’s stand up is amazing ,however his podcast is bleh. It mostly consists of pornography sound bites and references to or about pornography. The show usually peaks at about 45 mins to 2 hours when someone like Ryan Sickler shows up ; because they have a good repore , a really good back and fourth thing. If Sickler co-hosted the show and it had less porn references and fart jokes it could be amazing.

Blessing in the skies! (5/5)

Hey jeans, if you’re thinking about trying it out, what you wanna do is take about 14 Benadryl, listen to me, it’s great for multi-tasking if you have to work on your crown molding or install some ceiling fans. My brother didn’t believe me but after listening his knowledge of the Bristol stool chart is bigger than ever!! So if you wanna be a true ball hog, tune in to Todd and kristas every week. Thanks mommy!

Hilarious! If you like is vulgar, baby (5/5)

Belly-laugh, snorting in the middle of work funny. Extremely vulgar, but come on, you know you love it! Tim and Christy have a great on-air chemistry.

Love the show! But... (5/5)

Pete is easily the worst guest you've ever had. Such a draggggg. And he dogs out Tom constantly about the stuff he loves. He's also seems like such a "holier than though" kinda guy. Rip

Always high and tight! (5/5)

Lease and a key!

Try it out (5/5)

The worlds highest and tightest podcast. Try it out.

Boycotting McDonalds now. Funniest podcast ever (5/5)

Wow. Funniest couple on earth, these 2 have a direct line to my funnybone. Not lying when I say that they are 2 of the most talented comedians active today. Thanks for the laughs mommies!

What happened? (4/5)

I CAN’T HEAR YOU! Since the switch to the new studio, the overall audio is significantly reduced. If there happens to be a ridiculously lifted diesel truck driving anywhere within 300 feet of me(happens quite often her in Florida) I can’t hear a single word from you guys. I’ve had to give up multiple NPR podcasts for this same reason and I don’t want to do that to the mami’s

Not a fan of anti-white bigots or fart/poop jokes. (1/5)

Joe Rogan’s friend and his wife have a podcast.. They’re just not funny or creative in this format, Tom’s wife is mediocre on stage to begin with. At least Tom has a few funny bits in his stand up specials. This podcast just isn’t funny at all though.. If you haven’t noticed, all of Joe Rogan’s friends have podcasts now, regardless of talent or aptitude. If you’re friends with Joe Rogan, you can latch onto his coat tails like a parasitic lamprey and start your own podcast. No matter how unfunny or talentless you are, you can ride Rogan’s coat tails to moderate success. Maybe it’s that I’m just not a fan of fart/poop jokes and super “edgy” anti-white bigotry. The new studio and format are worse than ever before. This show would fit in perfectly in the movie Idiocracy. I used to be a fan of Tom but that was a long time ago. Tom and his wife are full on anti-white bigots, because I guess that’s trendy now. Keep in mind that when he’s bashing an entire group of people based on the color of their skin, that Tom isn’t white. He’ll claim he is, the same way Italians or Jewish people like to claim they are but they just aren’t. Joe Rogan, not white. Ari Shaffir, not white. If that’s your thing, you’ll probably love this podcast.


It’s funny!

Funniest podcast with two cool mommies! You guys are the best ❤️ (5/5)

Best podcast evaaaahhh!!

Hilarious (5/5)

Hey hitlers, this is a hilarious podcast. Ciao!

Audio (5/5)

Audio is still to low

Volume (5/5)

Love the show but the volume is to low it was louder at the other studio

Adjust the volume (3/5)

Please guys adjust the volume I can barely hear you. Come on guys, come on Julia i’m here now.

Inappropriate in the best way (5/5)

I sometimes find myself asking what am I listening to? These two make me laugh so hard and it’s like no other podcast I listen to.

Personal best (5/5)

A great way I pass the time at work.

Hey Mommy (5/5)

This show is amazeballs

i love my parents (5/5)

much love to both of you mommies

Good Morning Julia (5/5)

These two, have so much chemistry mixed with their sick dirty comedy and inside jokes. You guys have to your together soon, one of my favorite podcasts.

Look forward to it each week (5/5)

Favorite podcast by far. Always look forward to listening to the mommies each week. The best hosts, the best guests, try it out.

Baby boomer radio (1/5)

This podcast is for out of it boomers.

Best podcast out there (5/5)

Tom and Kristina are one of the best teams out there...

H & T (5/5)

Next stop, Studio Jeans! Tolman & Crustina keep me high and tight on the reg. Congrats on the fart mic. Let me get a taste.

Hilarious (5/5)


Great podcast (5/5)

They always keep it high and tight.

Try it out ! (5/5)

In as little as 4 strokes you could be at your moms house with the shoulder family try it out

High and tight! (5/5)

Good morning Julia! I just wanted to say, when I heard this podcast for the first time a few months ago it was the best day of my life! Except for the fact I came in four strokes for the entirety of the day. While convenient in a way, my girlfriend wasn’t overly happy as far as her pleasure was concerned. Anyways, stay united and lick scrum.....everybody’s doing it (c’mon)

Funniest stuff ever (5/5)

That last 20 minutes with santino , was maybe the funniest riffing ever. Thanks for the Amazing entertaining stuff. Grats on the fart mic

Matt Blackburn (5/5)

Good morning Julia!! Love blowing up Gs ig page! Love you guys to death! Lookin forward to continue going full trottle wit you! In the studio jeans! High and tight 4 life!

Volume! (4/5)

What happened to the volume it’s lower than usual

Here’s your reward. (5/5)

I’m proud of myself.

My Favorite Comedy Podcast (5/5)

I laugh hard every time I listen to an episode!

I love my jeans (5/5)

Todd and Karen keep the podcast high and tight. They have cool stuff, slick stuff, AND neat stuff. Well worth a listen.

Thank you Tim and Christine (5/5)

For keepin it high and tight

sad because (4/5)

Toms standup is amazing. this is so hacky.

Hey Hitler (5/5)

Best podcast on today. The main mommies know how to keep everyone’s jeans high and tight.

Fart Simpson calls Hardware store. (5/5)

Too funny with the call to the hardware store which by the way is the one owned by my ex wife’s family and coincidently they’re big listeners or your show. Imagine listening to your podcast and your business is being pranked called by Tom and Nicki...and the go to guy for job applications is my son, Ian. So funny, we all loved it.

Great podcast!! (5/5)

Love listing to the Main Mommies. They always go full throttle.

Great podcast (5/5)

Dear Todd and Christine Thanks for introducing me to Payton Lafferty, dad boners, and taking 10-14 Benadryl. Thanks to you guys I have seen the Garth brooks is a raging serial killer. Thanks again guys and if your thinking of downloading this podcast try it out. Your my flower mwah

More fun than a Garth Brooks concert (5/5)

Seriously, these mommies have the best show. It’s fun, silly, goofy, and the best part is that listeners get to interact and feed the beast, so to speak. From the cold stare of Tommy Bunz (aka the Water Champ), to the impish cackle of Christina P., they have a wonderful way of taking terribly grotesque things and turning them into family friendly jokes.

Try it out! (5/5)

When will Theo Von be on the show? Aren’t Christina and him pals?

Why the move. (4/5)

Love the show but be honest the content doesn’t warrant a better studio. I would say the real reason is they want it out of the house so people will quit stalking them. Crazy people are part of the game.

Best Podcast Online (5/5)

The mommies stay glassin and keep it high and tight

Rub, Rub, Rub (5/5)

Amazing Pomcast, it’s really changed my life. If you listen to this your jeans will go from low and loose to high and tight. Try it out, just glassin, scrum, F.A.R.T, brown talk. Would you ever date your mom? Mommy Tina and The water champ T buns use big words. Don’t forget to say good morning to Julia & 50 rubs on each side

Episode 471 (5/5)

I love you mommy and jean. With that being said very disappointed you guys didn’t go full throttle and missed a very crucial part in the pup play video the wife is a man. Piss on me beat and keep those jeans high and tight ❤️

Give me back my jeans (5/5)

What happened to all the older episodes?! This is so low and loose...

High & Tight (5/5)

The mommies keep it high and tight and fresh af every week. christina is the og mommy and water champ. by far my favorite pompast of all time. try it out.

Full Trottle (5/5)

I just love going full throttle with Tim and Cassie. They keep my jeans high and tight. Try it out! It will keep your neck like a periscope.

The advertisements are never ending (3/5)

I love the content, it kills. 10-15 minutes at the beginning fine but chhhhhrrriiissst all though the show too?? Please for the love of Julia just take it back a bit

Mommy (5/5)


Bombing on Netflix (2/5)

You need to skip thru the 10 minutes of ads and then you might hear about the same poo story. One episode about buying sunglasses for an hour truly enlightened me. Hearing tom and Christine discuss how hard parenting is with their 2 kids and nanny is funny. Christina tried pulling out some Trump jokes on her recent special.....miss. You can see and hear on her highly edited special the gaff.

Oh my gosh (5/5)

Oh my gosh

Bad (1/5)

I listen to anything but I don’t listen to this. Format: bad Not funny Sorry

High and Tight (5/5)

This podcast helps me keep my jeans up high and tight! Bert is a fat racist. If you prefer to wear your jeans low and loose, this isn’t the podcast for you.

Your pants have fallen down (5/5)

I don’t care about other comedians or other guests. I only love you mommies. I don’t want to see how high and tight other people’s jeans are or are not. Go back to how it used to be. More puke vids.

Good morning, Christine. (5/5)

I just wanted to say hi and tell you to have a great day. Christine, you are so beautiful. You don’t know how beautiful you are to me. I mean just... you’re gorgeous, you’re precious. Open up your heart to me. And your arms. Let’s go full trottle!

Can’t listen (5/5)

Having a problem listening to episode 477. Is anyone else having this problem

High & Tight (5/5)

Thank you Jeans.

Fat Bert (5/5)

Bert is fat

The Best (5/5)

No need to say more

Best Comedy Podcast...try it out! (5/5)

Tom and Christina are absolutely hilarious! My wife and I listen to this podcast together every week and look forward to their newest shenanigans. They have great comedy guests and we absolutely love the episodes they do with Dr. Drew. In all seriousness, this podcast will brighten your day and help you escape from the stress of life for at least a few hours each week. Try it out!

Very High And Tight (5/5)

I’ve been addicted to this podcast for the last year. Highest and tightest jeans in the game.

Hi mommies (5/5)

The jeans of Todd and Christine are always hoisted as high as possible, and constantly tailored as to remain impeccably tight.

Try it out (5/5)

Good Morning Julia.The highest and tightest jeans in the podcast world. Piss on me beat me try it out.

JEANS UP (5/5)

My jeans are so High and tight I don't know if I'll be able to take them off!

Fun (5/5)

Fun times with awesome comedians

Good (3/5)

They’re hilarious...but wayyyyy too many ads


Main mother Trastina Prowntowski sneezed and it blew my tight denims straight down to my mushy purple ankles. Super loose at that point. Other than that the personality champ and Payton Lafferty keep it real high and moose Souper tight. Try it out, in four strokes you'll experience no neuropathy problems. Bert's fat and racist.

Try It Out (5/5)

High AND tight!

Love it (1/5)

Great podcast, these two are hilarious. So why the one star rating? Because nobody is 5 star funny, come on.

Great Show!! (5/5)

Such a great show! Tom and Christina definitely keep their jeans high and tight and are hilarious about dirty subjects you never considered before. Definitely binge worthy!

A very poignant and genuine review (5/5)

Mommy mommy jeans mommy mommy mommy high mommy mommy tight mommy mommy mommy mommy try it out!

Try it Out (5/5)

Are you a fellow aficionado of denim? Do you want to learn the worlds coolest and most intimate hug? Do you want to belong to a family of, I don’t know, let’s say four people, who practice healthy strokes and have no neuropathy problems? Well, if so then have I got news for you. Ladies and gentleman, pull them jeans up high and tight and come on down to Brown Town! Your two new favorite mommy’s: TommyBuns, the water champ and MommyTina, the ball hog! Quit glassin’ and join them on their journey to become denim sommeliers as they provide you with endless laughter, fascinating conversations, and genuine human connection. The Mommy’s never fail to make me really really laugh and feel good. You won’t regret it, Jeans. Try it out!

Happy Wife.. (5/5)

Happy life 😂😂 And that’s how patchouli is made. . . Christina P. 🙌🏽 You’re doing it right Jean!!

This show is amazing (5/5)

This show has me cracking up every time I listen. Tom and Christina are both amazing stand up comedians and their show is even better. I look forward to listening Evey week. Check it out you won’t be disappointed

Hi (5/5)

I have my jeans high and tight, mommy’s

Best podcast around (5/5)

Quality high and tight content.

Pretty great (5/5)

Todd and the lady voice put on a pretty great show

FORVER MY FAVORITE PODCAST, They are my mommies now. (5/5)

Great podcast to poop to. Nothing better out there.

Silly Smart (5/5)

I love this show - once you get in on the meta aspects, it's a joy to live in the YMH world with these two and their guests. A fave while I'm driving in traffic, or heck, I've even watched the YouTube stream on my couch in lieu of Netflix! Thanks TBunz & Main Mommy!

Straight fun (5/5)

If you’re looking to brighten up your day with just silliness, get your jeans high and tight bc you’re in for a good time.

No (1/5)

Can tell they have been doing this too long.. 12 mins of ads in the beginning. Low energy. Was excited after hearing Samantha on JRE

Try it out. (5/5)

If you want to listen to some cool stuff, some nice stuff, some slick stuff, Try it out.

A solid 4 on the Bristol stool chart (5/5)

I came in 4 strokes!

Try it out (5/5)

Thanks mommies

was the best (1/5)

was my#1 podcast. I can't stand with these two never Trumpers, Glad they live in Cali

Mushy Purple People Eaters (5/5)

This show follows a serial killer and his future ex-wife. You really get to see the darkness that’s within her. She slowly turns this hilarious, lovable, teddy bear of a man into a psycopathic murderer by constantly reminding him of how dehydrated he is. Sometime they make fun of Barney Cryer together and you can see why they were married, but mostly it’s just this maniacal forced transformation from comic to criminal via this hilarious woman.

They were better before they started breeding (5/5)

But still, try it out

Love the Mommies! (5/5)

My jeans have never been higher or tighter - try it out rightnowrightnowrightnow

WEIRD (5/5)

Took me a few episodes to get into it. And to be honest, if I hadn't taken a liking to Tom and Christina's stand up, I probably wouldn't have bothered. This is a weird show, but once you get into it, its good. I gave it five stars, but I wish I could give it 4 strokes.

Good podcast but (3/5)

Christina’s laugh is the most annoying thing to listen to.

Rise of the Jeans (5/5)

Todd and Christine are a hilarious even though Christine is not a ride-or-die wife. Maybe she should try it out. Hope your new dalmation wife works out better, Todd. Burnt Chrysler "The Machine" is fat and racist.

Try it out (5/5)

5 Stars!

Hey mommy (5/5)

Try it out...

Denim Lovebucket (5/5)

Love the mommies, I always finish to completion during the episode.

13 minutes into an episode (1/5)

and so far it's nothing but ads. unsubscribing.

Mommies (5/5)

Podcast champs!


Stay hydrated

Great podcast! (5/5)

I’m ride or die with YMH! Tommy Bunns is hilarious even though he kills woodpeckers, hates Cajun people, and may or may not kill a poor person that makes his coffee wrong. High and tight kids!

Changed my life (5/5)

I’m proud of myself for discovering this pomcast years ago. My jeans are so high and so tight these days. Try it out.

I wish my mom’s house was this awesome. (5/5)

Here’s the deal man. This podcast is done by comedian couple Todd Segura and Christina Ponline. They are avid jean and denim enthusiasts and can ALWAYS be counted on to keep them high and tight. If FGT RTD’s are your thing, then I highly suggest you try it out and join the 4 stroke gang. Who knows, you might even get a lease and a key. I showed my brother and even he couldn’t believe how hard it not listen every week. So if you want to try it out, try it out.

Try it out! (5/5)

Best listened to after taking 12 Benadryl.

Inside jokes galore (5/5)

Fun podcast with constant prior show references, that make you feel like a conversation with a life long friend. The content is specific, if your butt is stick free, then you will enjoy this show.

Try it out (5/5)

Piss on me beat me , try it out

Scrumlicious (5/5)

Do you like your bhole eaten but are afraid to ask your girlfriend? Just introduce her to this podcast and the conversation will come naturally. Afraid your bhole might not be clean enough to be eaten? This podcast is the reason I bought a bidet, and now my bhole is clean enough to eat off of! Try it out. Would you like to have the best sex if your life? Try Benadryl and crystal meth. Todd and Christine saved my relationship with my poly bi sex partner! Thanks, Jeans!

Try it out! (5/5)

Pull your jeans up high and tight and enjoy.

Hey hitler (5/5)

Ive been listening to the YMH podcast on the reg for a little over a year now. I couldn’t be happier to call myself a Mommy. If you like keeping it high and tight and enjoy a good brown story then this is podcast for you. The husband and wife banter makes for enjoyable up best listen. I guarantee if you try it out you won’t be disappointed.

Try it out (5/5)

I don’t know your name or your pronoun, but come on down for moose soup cuz this podcast is the best podcast to ever exist.

My favorite pomcast (5/5)

I can honestly say that the only negative thing about this show is that my fiancée rolls her eyes when I introduce myself to someone I think I’ll likely never see again . I ask “hey how ya doin, what’s your pronoun?” As a joke to myself.

Relatably hilarious. Not for the skeewmish (5/5)

If you love fart jokes and you are a fun non-binary-jeans-wearin human who loves to chuckle at silly and sometimes gross things on the internet... you have found the right podcast. Wish I had the ability to watch it on YouTube more often to get the visual aspect, but its still hilarious in audio only. Highly recommend. Keep em high and tight.

Way too many ads (3/5)

Skip 20 minutes into the show to avoid ads. Then 20 minutes later they do a 6 minute bra ad. It’s a good show but I don’t think they need so many sponsors.

Try it out. (5/5)

Sick and twisted...I've never laughed harder.

Try it out (5/5)

Can’t stop listening. This podcast is awesome!

Try it out. (5/5)

4stroke gang, keep them jeans high and tight mommies. Eat the scrum Jeans, try it out.

Just started listening to your moms house (5/5)


Start with the old episodes (2/5)

When they got the new house with the studio and turned it into a guest show it became lazy and more repetitive

Yo! (5/5)

So I haven’t been listening long but I’ve noticed y’all are a fan of prank calls. Your boy Bert is a fan of a certain Dj in Cincinnati currently...Kiddchris. He’s been on quite a few times and every time it’s been a huge pleasure to listen to. Chris is a huge prank call aficionado from OJ Simpson to George Takei. Strong ties to Howard stern as well. Worth a shot? Or at least a listen

🤣 (5/5)

Ur doin good!

Jeans up! (5/5)

Highest and the tightest! I love my mommies!

Very racist. (1/5)

Constantly making jokes using the “N”. Creepy obsession with human feces.

Amazing (5/5)

These mommies are amazing. I spent years trying to find the podcast that I could binge listen to all day. These two married comedians talk about the real questions. And critique videos that has changed the way I choose my words. I can no longer say something super simple like “Try it out” without laughing historically. Do yourself a favor, listen to an episode and judge for yourself, unless of course you are a snowflake. Stay far away from this podcast if you are that. No safe space here, keep up the great work mommies!

Try it out! (5/5)

Five stars for four pumps

Best podcast (5/5)

The best podcast

Try it out (5/5)

Here’s the deal man, the Water Champ and Christine have a great show and if you’re glassin for some entertainment this show is more exciting than the Trans-Canada highway.

Breh, yall are dope (5/5)

Nasty as hell, but as funny as a guy breaking both of his legs. Try it out

make me cry long time (5/5)

This Podcast makes me cry tears of laughter. With DJ dad mouth with his border line serial killer ways and Christine with those big mushy sloppers really brings joy into my life. Thank you guys. You are awesome.

Best pomcast there is! (5/5)

Naw mean, feel me, naw wut I’m sayin?

Kyle (5/5)

After listening to episode 461 with the most awesome Brad Williams, you need to connect with Kyle Dunningan. You’re girl voice is very similar to his interpretations of the Kardashian’s. Spot on my water champ friend!!!!

Try It Out (5/5)

Since I started my company 6 months back, I’ve listened to over 200 episodes. This show gives me fuel I need to really get after my work of smuggling babies across the border. The seriousness of this show really keeps me level. Thanks jeans, Pat

Hilarious (5/5)

Funniest podcast on here!

Hey mommies (5/5)

I look like an idiot walking around listening to this podcast and laughing out loud. Love it. Is Bert fat anymore?

Mommy Nation (5/5)

YMH is the best! Their jeans are super high and tight and so are mine when I listen.

Hey Mommy! (5/5)

Four strokes, five stars.

Premium jeans (5/5)


Try it out (5/5)

Try it out

Im in love and i dont care who knows it (5/5)

epfjeopfjdklvnaegndbvfjv dcbaiwofnaiscnsiv slcnapdnaognisegb

Mommies (5/5)

Shows pretty good... if you like droopy milkers

Snore (1/5)

Got bored before it even got through the ridiculous ads so I clicked off.

Try it out! (5/5)

Jeans and Mom keep it high and tight, Tom is splitting bones and clearing wings because he’s a man of the people and viewers respect that and Christina is a personality and water champ you can rely on. Put on some moose soup and you’re doing good!

I’m home right now (5/5)

Just try it out

Snooze (1/5)

This podcast deserves its own category for ' not everybody is entitled to start a podcast ' they are normal folks. Not funny or quick on their feet to keep a conversation going.

Keep em high and tight (5/5)

Frickin hysterical

5 stars for Jeans (5/5)

Thanks for bringing light to so many of the worlds finest talent. Obviously these previously unknowns keep it high and tight. And congrats on the newest baby jean

Hey Hitler (5/5)

I may be cis gender male but I keep these Jeans high and tight!!

Jeans! (5/5)

Mommies unite to keep em high and tight

These mommy’s are high and tight (5/5)

I definitely would try this podcast out these guys are doing good

Hi mommy thanks jeans (5/5)

Hilarious podcast. Try it out.

Mommies! (5/5)

Taught me how to wipe down...

I love Thumb Segura (5/5)

Mad Gak great time

try it out (5/5)

free food free rent everything else man here’s the deal man

This Podcast is a necessity for a happy life!!! (5/5)

Your moms house is on my top 2 all time greatest podcast list. Listening to this podcast can bring balance to life when it’s got you down, you can just listen and laugh and enjoy!!!!

Word to the wise about the “marijuana is racist af” person (5/5)

Marijuana was not smoked by immigrants after the Mexican revolution... Marijuana is a similar plant that grows in Mexico Marijuana is racist in that the word was propagated to slander cannabis to halt Hemp’s popularity damaging the Paper industry’s hold. They call cannabis marijuana because in coincided with the politically driven slander/propaganda to weaken hemp (far cheaper and superior to paper in every way)in America’s market. Anyone who has dared hang out with a “dangerous” person of another “country” speaking a language of Latin decent knows they don’t call weed marijuana, they call it MOLTA. Keep taking everyone else’s word as gospel, go find out the truth for yourselves. Cause ya’ll been lied to for the past 700 years.

Try it out (5/5)

Worth the try

Hi Mommy (5/5)

Thanks Jeans 👫 👖

Thank (3/5)


hey hitler (5/5)

5 stars.

Try it out (5/5)

I love how great you two are together chemistry wise and I love hearing about/from comedic couples.

Love It (5/5)

Everything about this show is hilarious.

Too Funny to pass up (5/5)

Take two insanely popular stand up comedians, marry them and put them on a pod. What you end up with is nothing short of pure jeans-infused magic. Tom is a water drinking maniac with an all-world personality. Christina P has Eastern European roots and mushy purples. Enough said.

(: (5/5)

Try it out.

Great Pod (5/5)

I actually get disappointed when I have the “You’re all caught up” message on my pod catcher. Try it out.

Perfect for my morning commute (5/5)

As I ready for my workday. I stand on the train with my book in hand and get to enjoy the highly intellectual discussions these two Mommies host. The Ari episode is nothing short of perfect.

First we feast (5/5)

Cut to rolling tear,....followed by beautiful anguish, fulls hearts cry “ Try It Out.”

Tremendous! (5/5)

My life has become consumed by anything denim related. love this dynamic duo.

Disgusting (5/5)

This has to be the grossest podcast of all time. I can’t stop listening!

Always great content (5/5)

If you’re a grown adult, you’ll love this couple

Home here now (5/5)

Favorite podcast of all time.

Try it out (5/5)

These guys are really doing their thing all over the world and stuff like that. The jeans on this podcast are so high and tight it'll make your real mom's denim look extremely low and loose by comparison ya know what I mean know what I'm sayin know what I'm talkin about? If you haven't listened you need to try it out right now right now right now right now right now right now right now....

Important answers, to all the important questions. This palmcast has it all. (5/5)

Unravel all the mystery of the universe. Unlock all achievements. Educate yourself. Tommy B. and Christina P. have everything you need right here. Join the revolution.

Big Review (5/5)

I like my podcasts high and tight and this one delivers. They bring the heat. They’re not afraid of big words. They’re fully aware that there’s no need to bring anyone’s mother into this. They rule!